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Here are links to on-line books, magazines, brochures, etc. dealing with history and genealogy of Monroe County, NY. The links with a dark blue graphic shaped like Monroe County are on this website. The links with a light blue globe are elsewhere on the web. Most of these books are in PDF format. Some of the books on Google Books are also in ePUB format. The Internet Archive has their books available in many formats including PDF, ePUB, Kindle and other formats. Finally, links are added to books on the LDS Family Search website.

You also can get some Monroe County books on-line at Heritage Quest. You need to log into the Monroe County Library System or through another library with access.

There is a Kodak page of magazines, newspapers and books related to Eastman Kodak Company.

Theater Programs have a separate page.

School Yearbooks also have a separate page.

Rochester and Monroe County Histories

Town and Village Histories


Military History and Veterans

Religious Histories and Records


Television Listings

Other Books

Other Magazines, Brochures, etc.

There a Kodak page for items related to Eastman Kodak Company.

Theater Programs also have a separate page.


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