Atchinson Cemetery
Parma, New York


This cemetery is the oldest in the Town of Parma. It is located on Hill Road. The tombstones in this cemetery have been copied a least three times before this. In June 1931 Mary T. Douglas of the Irondequoit Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution make a two page list. Another one page list of tombstone inscriptions was made by an unknown person in the 1930s. Finally, another one page list was made on March 22, 1948 by Theta Hakes Brown and Belle Eldredge LaMont. This list combines the three previous lists and then a check of the cemetery was made in August 1984 by Richard T. Halsey to make corrections and additions.



Adaline P., dau. of Samuel M. & Philura; d May 20, 1844 æ 20y 25d

Elisha; d May 5, 1852 æ 88y

Emily L., dau. of Samuel M. & Philura; d March 2, 1835 æ 16y 6m 8d

Esther, wife of Elisha, d Nov. 11, 1850 æ 86y

Mary J., dau. of George W. & Wealthy E.; d March 5, 1844 æ 2y 11m

Philura, wife of Sam'l M.; d Nov. 23, 1859 æ 72y


Erastus; d Oct. 21, 1821 in his 39th yr.


Anna, wife of Stephen; d May 25, 1828 in her 40th yr.

Bezabel; d Sept. 25, 1813 in his 75th yr.

Bezaleel; b Dec. 14, 1762, Tolland, Tolland Co., CT; d in Parma, Oct. 20, 1828 in his 66th yr. He was one of the first settlers in the town where he died.

Mrs. Clarinda, wife of John; d May 28, 1820 in her 37th yr.

Danford, son of Anna & Stephen; d Aug. 12, 1820 in his 5th yr.

Esther, wife of Jacob; d Dec. 4, 1820 in her 31st yr.

Eunice, dau. of Anna & Stephen; d Aug. 28, 1819 in her 1st yr.

Horace, d Jan. 27, 1817 in his 18th yr.

Stephen, son of Anna & Stephen; d Apr. 28, 1813 in his 1st yr.


Philo J., son of M. L. & Elizabeth; d March 19, 1839 æ 20d


Lydia, wife of Cyrus; d Nov. 21, 1833 æ 22y


Phebe C., dau. of Betsy & Asa N.; d Sept. 9, 1820 in her 3rd yr.

Rachel C., dau. of Betsy & Asa N.; d Feb. 18, 1815 in her 1st yr.


John; d May 24, 1851 æ 55

William, son of John & Asenath; d Feb. 8, 1844 æ 17y 9m


Mary, dau. of Harriot & Daniel; d Sept. 27, 1825 in her 6th yr.


Lucy, wife of Daniel; d Nov. 6, 1852 æ 66 [Note: this stone could not be found in 1984.]

Moses Jr., son of Moses; d Jan. 9, 1813 in his 25th yr. A brother of W. H. Fulton


Amos; d July 1, 1835 æ 37y

Grace B., dau. of Amos & Melinda; d May 10, 1835 æ 2y 6m

Henry J., son of Amos & Melinda; d July 8, 1835 æ 3m

Daniel; d Oct. 24, 1838 æ 55y

J. Pratt; July 4, 1814 - Jan. 22, 1839

Phebe; d Aug. 16, 1830 æ 35y


Martha, wife of James; d Feb. 17, 1841 æ 40y


Mary, dau. of John & Elener; d March 17, 1845 æ 17m 5d


Oskar, son of Seneca & Polly M.; d May 1, 1850 æ 8m


Asa Jr., son of Asa & Mary S.; d July 17, 1836 æ 4m

Laura, wife of Lewis; d Oct. 5, 1836 æ 41y

Lewis; d Apr. 11, 1851 æ 67y

Lilan, dau. of Horace & Martha; Dec. 5, 1855 - Aug. 7, 1858

Madison, son of Lewis & Laura; d May 8, 1831 æ 4y

Mary, wife of Silas; d Sept. 23, 1833 æ 75y

Mary E., dau. of Asa & Mary S.; d March 14, 1841 æ 1y 3m

Silas, son of Seth Leonard & Debora Hall of Lyme, CT; 1746 - 1796; A soldier of the American Revolution under Gen. Gates.


Laura S., dau. of Peter B. & Lucinda; d July 5, 1843 æ 2m 13d


Asa, son of Sophia & Asa; d July 3, 1814 in his 2nd yr.

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