Baxter Cemetery
Hamlin, New York


This cemetery is located in the Town of Hamlin on the east side of Walker-Lake Ontario Road, north of Church Road.

On Oct. 27, 1888 Stephen Baxter Jr. sold to Roswell Baxter, James H. Baxter and George C. Baxter a parcel 3 rods (49.5 ft.) by 4 rods (66 ft.) to be used as a family cemetery. The cemetery has the remains of an iron fence around it. All the tombstones that are readable in the cemetery date from before the sale date.

There are also some field stones which probably mark graves for persons unknown. Also a right of way to the cemetery was to be provided but no pathway is still in existence. It is also very overgrown with many weeds.

The original deed was recorded March 19, 1890, in Monroe County Deeds, Liber 464, page 281, as follows:

[Stephen Baxter] "conveys land in the Town of Hamlin, (formerly a part of Clarkson) known and distinguished as a part of Lot no. 12 in Section 11 of Town 5 in the Triangular Tract, so called, as laid down on a map thereof made by Richard M. Stoddard, surveyor, filed in Genesee County Clerk's Office, bounded as follows:

Beginning at an oak stake set in a hole 2 feet in depth and filled with ashes, at a point 26 rods 21 links north-easterly from the intersection of the south line of Lot No. 12 with the center of the highway at the south-west corner of said Lot. Said north-easterly line being run at such an angle with the south line of said Lot No. 12 that it will intersected at a distance of 26 rods 21 links from the said south-west corner by another line 16 rods 15 links in length produced north from a point on said south line of Lot No. 12, 24 rods, 23 links east of the center of said highway, running thence north 3 rods; thence east 4 rods at right angles; thence south at right angles 3 rods; thence west 4 rods to the place of beginning, including a right of way over and across the lands surrounding the plot above conveyed to be laid out from said highway to said Lot conveyed, between the south line of said plot continued to the highway and the site of the swelling now occupied by first party as his residence, and if a suitable and convenient road across said part of Lot No. 12 shall not be laid out and maintained by first party, his heirs and assigns, (such road to be not less than 2 rods in width) then, said right of way to be over any part of the land, intervening between the premises conveyed and said highway."

"This conveyance is to become parties and their successors forever, in trust, for the use of said lands for a family cemetery or burial place for the dead of the family of the first party including all his descendants to the most remote generation and those related or to become related to them or any of them by consanguinity or marriage."

"Second parties are constituted and appointed trustees to manage the affairs of said cemetery and provision is made for their incorporation into a burial association and for their succession."



Abigail, wife of John; d Nov. 4, 1846 aged 26y
[Inscription reads "Facing this mournful marble side.
A friend, a wife, a mother sleeps. In faith she died,
in dust she lies. When Jesus calls that dust shall arise."]

Effie, dau. of J. H. & E. A.; died Aug. 26, 1865 aged 10m

Willie, son of J. H. & E. A.; died Feb. 3, 1860 aged 3m
[Heart shaped stone with inscription upside down on bottom which reads:
"But angels soon shall _____. And
heaven one angel more"]


Marinda, second daughter of Alanson & Permelia; died in Clarkson, Dec. 30, 1822 aged 2y [Erected by Mrs. Simond]


John; died Sept. 19, 1852 aged 89y 5m 27d

Dolly, wife of John; died March 24, 1853 aged 78y


David; died Aug. 16, 1834 aged 40y


Polly, wife of Aller; died Jan. 6, 1851 aged 53y



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