Bushman Cemetery
Henrietta, New York


This cemetery is located on the east side of Telephone Road in the Town of Henrietta. It was established about the year 1812.

A list of tombstone inscriptions for this cemetery was published in the Rochester Post-Express of June 10, 1911 by Anah B. Yates. Another list of tombstone inscriptions was published in Aug. 1980 by Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Dows and Mr. & Mrs. William Souve of the Irondequoit Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. This list was made by taking these two previous lists and making a master list. Then a visit to the cemetery was made by Richard T. Halsey on Oct. 4, 1991 and some minor corrections were made to the master list.



Asa; a Rev. War soldier, is said to be buried here by family tradition but no tombstone has ever been recorded

Asa Sr.; b 1794; d Sept. 1, 1864 aged 70y

Asa Jr.; d Oct. 18, 1865 aged 36y

Belle, dau. of Justus & Elmina; d June 2, 1861 aged 7y 5m 18d

Charlie, son of Asa & Margaret; d Sept. 12, 1865 aged 2y

Clarence E., son of Asa & Margaret; d Sept. 24, 1865 aged 11y

Edward, son of Leander & Marilla; d Apr. 13, 1846 aged 19y 3m

George M., son of Asa & Margaret; d April 26, 1862 aged 10m 1d

Homer, son of Leander & Marilla; d Nov. 5, 1851 aged 21y

Margaret, wife of Asa; d Sept. 16, 1865 aged 33y

Marilla; mother; d March 29, 1869 aged 69y 7m

Phebe, wife of Asa Sr.; d Aug. 22, 1877 aged 82y 5m

Tyler T.; d Jan. 31, 1871 aged 28y 10m

Zillah; see → Zillah PANGBURN


Mrs. Esther, wife of Jacob; d July 10, 1817 aged 50y

Moses, son of Jacob; d May 27, 1813 aged 3y


Leonard; d Aug. 9, 1829 aged 34y 10m 27d


Andrew; d Feb. 28, 1858 aged 68y 12d

Cynthia, dau. of Andrew & Sarah; d Sept. 4, 1818 aged 2y 6m 9d

David S., son of John & Nancy; d Aug. 1829 aged 3y

Henry, son of John & Nancy; d Aug. 1829 aged 5y

Huberd K., son of Abner & Phebe; d May 1, 1851 aged 1y 8d

John; d Apr. 1, 1855 aged 87y

John; d Jan. 20, 1866 aged 75y 5m

Martha, wife of Andrew; d Dec. 14, 1879 aged 80y 2m

Nancy Stocksleger, wife of John; d Nov. 10, 1830 aged 34y 7m


Elizabeth; d Oct. 11, 1839 aged 82y 9m 10d


Calista P., wife of Anson; d April 22, 1851 aged 18y 9m 16d


Daniel; d April 24, 1851 aged 73y

Eleanor, wife of Daniel; d Nov. 18, 1857 aged 77y 9m


Irvin R.; d Sept. 18, 1837 aged 21y 1m 10d

John; d Aug. 7, 1847 aged 63y 7m

Louisa; see → Louisa KELSEY

Mercy, wife of Thomas; d Sept. 13, 1833 aged 52y


Jacob; d Aug. 16, 1823 aged 52y

Kezia; d Sept. 23, 1849 aged 66y


Anna, wife of Phillipp; b Nov. 11, 1848; d Dec. 7, 1882

Henry, son of Phillipp & Anna; b Nov. 16, 1873; d April 2, 1882

Phillipp; b March 10, 1838; d Jan. 21, 1882


Caroline; d 1820

George; d April 30, 1829 aged 80y

Jared; d June 9, 1858 aged 78y

Louisa, dau. of Jared & Sarah; d Nov. 5, 1845 aged 23y

Lovina, dau. of Jared & Sarah; d Jan. 4, 1843 aged 31y

Lydia, wife of George; d Sept. 19, 1833 aged 83y 8m

Mary; d 1819 aged 10y

Sarah, wife of Jared; d Dec. 28, 1845 aged 66y

Sarah; d Sept. 6, 1825 aged 1y

Sarah, dau. of S. & E.; d March 6, 1835 aged 7m

Steward; d July 25, 1836 aged 30y

Thomas; d May 10 1835 aged 31y


David; d Aug. 30, 1829 aged 70y

Vashti, wife of David; d Dec. 18, 1838 aged 77y


Oliver; d Aug. 19, 1848 aged 29y


Charlotte, wife of Daniel; d June 22, 1912 aged 96y

Daniel; Co. D, 89th Regt. NY; d June 9, 1885 aged 71y


Joseph; d Oct. 2, 1820 aged 68y

Phebe; d Nov. 21, 1834 aged 69y


Amy, wife of Enoch; d Oct. 23, 1846 aged 57y

Catharine, wife of Enoch; d Oct. 26, 1859 aged 63y

Enoch; d Sept. 30, 1866 aged 84y


Amos; d Feb. 1, 1840 aged 70y

Elizabeth, wife of Amos; d Oct. 14, 1844 aged 65y


Daniel; d Aug. 21, 1841 aged 70y 5m 10d


Louisa, wife of L. L. and dau. of Thomas & Mercy FENNER; d Aug. 26, 1831 aged 26y


Dency; d Feb. 12, 1894 aged 79y

Ebenezar; d March 30, 1870 aged 73y

Elisha, son of Matthew & Pamelia; d [illegible]

Maria, wife of Ebenezer; mother; d Nov. 5, 1861 aged 64y 4m 25d

Matthew; d Jan. 31, 1832 aged 31y 7m 29d

Pamelia, wife of Matthew; d July 13, 1832 aged 24y 6m

Reuben, son of Matthew & Pamelia; d [illegible]

Reuben E., son of Oliver H. & Henrietta; d June 14, 1863 aged 2m 4d

Sally, wife of Matthew; d Oct. 1838 aged 69y


Betsey, wife of Edward S.; d Oct. 10, 1838 aged 21y

Betsey, dau. of Solomon & Sophia; d Apr. 21, 1833 aged 7m

Esther; d May 27, 1853

infant dau. of I. & J.; d Nov. 4, 1831 aged 1d

infant son of I. & J.; d April 21, 1834 aged 10d

Isaiah; d Sept. 16, 1865 aged [illegible]

Jerome; d 1861 aged 27y

Jerusha Wood, wife of Isaiah; d May 25, 1880 aged 79y

Lorenzo, son of Solomon & Sophia; d May 20, 1818 aged 9y

Mary Melissa, wife of Jerome; d April 25, 1861 aged 27y 4m

Percy; d Jan. 25, 1847 aged 60y

Perry I.; d July 28, 1874 aged 37y 3m 17d

Solomon; d Sept. 4, 1839 aged 46y

Sophia, wife of Solomon; d Sept. 7, 1865 aged 67y

William P., son of Isaiah & Jerusha; d Aug. 21, 1832 aged 6y 10m

Willie Jerome, son of Jerome & Mary M.; d Jan. 27, 1863 aged 5y 5m 22d


infant son of George & Phebe; d July 28, 1817 aged 4d

Phebe, wife of George; d July 28, 1817 aged 33y


Edgar L., son of Jonathan G. & Almira; d March 5, 1833 aged 7y 6m 18d

Hannah D., wife of Jonathan G.; d Dec. 27, 1873 aged 65y

Jonathan G.; b Feb. 19, 1792, Maine; d July 1, 1878 aged 80y

Stephen F.; d March 18, 1855 aged 22y 7m 6d


Joh.; b March 21, 1873; d May 29, 1873


Elizabeth Keyes, wife of James H.; d June 19, 1889 aged 64y

James H.; b Ashford, Conn.; d April 17, 1895 aged 65y


Varnum G., son of [illegible] & L. M.; d Sept. 28, 1848 aged 2y 8m


Charles D., son of Orasmus M. & Ruth; d July 3, 1829 aged 4m 13d


Orin O.; b Sept. 11, 1834; d June 17, 1852


Zillah, wife of Jesse and formerly wife of Asa BAKER; d Dec. 24, 1846 aged 81y


Catherine, wife of Merit; 1824 - 1846

Merit; 1819 - 1896


Carrie Francelia, dau. of Edward & Harriet E.;d Nov. 16, 1880 aged 22y 7m 1d

Harriet E., wife of Edward; d Nov. 25, 1882 aged 53y 7m 19d

Lillie Adell, dau. of Edward & Harriet E.; d Nov. 18, 1856 aged 1y 6m 5d

Willard James, son of Edward & Harriet E.; d July 7, 1880 aged 20y 11m 16d


Christina, wife of John; d July 17, 18o8 aged 59y

Christina; d Oct. 1, 1863 aged 6y 10m 5d


Mary; d Nov. 12, 1863 aged 8y 6m 13d


Silvester, son of William & Eliza; d June 13, 1837 aged 1y 2m 15d


Anna J. Keyes, wife of C. J.; d Jan. 25, 1878 aged 38y


Charlie, son of Alfred A. & Jane E.; d Feb. 15, 1864 aged 6y 8m 24d


Charles, son of B. & C. E.; d May 11, 1843 aged 11m 24d

Emily, dau. of B. & C. E.; d May 5, 1843 aged 3y 15d

George, son of B. & C. E.; d Feb. 28, 1846 aged 1y

Samuel B., son of B. & C. E.; d March 21, 1844 aged 4m 1d


Catharine; mother; b in Northampton, PA; d in Henrietta, NY, July 31, 1829 aged 59y

Jacob; father; b in Northampton, PA; d in Henrietta, NY, Nov. 29, 1849 aged 82y


Harriet M., dau. of Calvin & Sally; d Apr. 23, 1839 aged 13y 2m 5d

Mary G., dau. of William H. & Philanda; d March 17, 1858 aged 6m

Sally Ketchum, wife of Calvin; d Nov. 9, 1839 aged 46y 3m 17d



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