Calkins Cemetery
Henrietta, New York

Eleanor Crane Kalsbeck,
Town Historian
July 21, 1964.


The following is a list of the known burials in the Cemetery located at the southeast corner of East Henrietta and Calkins Roads, Henrietta, N. Y.

This list submitted after carefully going over stones, cleaning some with steel brush. Also checked against fifty year old list, which was in Post Express in 1920.

"And left to us who now remain
A legacy - an honored name;
And sacred to his resting place
Where sleep these others of his race."

Written by former Henrietta-an 1895.


Jacob CAPRON, Minister of the Gospel. Died August 25, 1826, aged 42 years.
He acknowledged no creed but his Bible,
He worshipped all saints as his brethren;
Was a believer in one God and one Mediator
and a zealous promotor of liberal Christianity.
The Holy doctrine he preached,
scaled his death in triumph.
The central Christian Conference in testimony of love tohim created this stone.

John E. FARGO. Died February 5, 1854 aged 81 years (further inscription unreadable)

Keturah, wife of John Fargo; died June 7, 1851 aged 74 years.

In memory of Ann Eliza and George, daughter and son of Comstock and Julia Ann Hanford. They died January 1, 1832. Ann Eliza aged 5 years, 2 mos. and George 13 yrs. 6 mos.
Stay, fond parents, stay thy tears
And weep not o'er our tomb.
Think not thy children fate severed
Since God has called us home.

Lucretia W. KIRBY aged 38 years wife of Micajah W. Kirby. Died August 7, 1852

Esther LEWIS late consort of James Lewis. Died November 11, 1829 aged 27 yrs. 6 mos. 24 days

Esther Maria, daughter of James and Esther Lewis diedDecember 21, 1829, aged 8 weeks

Lucy, wife of James Lewis died February 7, 1845 aged 49 years.

Ann, wife of John Davis died September 4, 1852 aged 53years

In memory of Lyman PIKE who died May 5, 1832 in his 23rd year. He was a student at law his religious sentiments though deistical were liberal he was respected in life and lamented in death.

PIKE, John (the rest gone)

Our Father, Deacon Isaac SEELEY died May 17, 1858 aged 70years & 11 months. "My peace I leave with thee."

In memory of Mercy SEELEY, wife of Isaac Seeley who died July 28, 1825 aged 39 years & 16 days.
"Sweet sleeps the dust of all the just.
Beneath the silent sod. Her body is at rest
Her soul has gone to God
To be forever blest.

Charlotte, daughter of Isaac and Mercy Seeley.Died December 5, 1832 aged 18 years and 22 days

Rhoda, wife of Nathaniel Seeley died May 18, 1841 aged 90 years.

To the memory of Thomas TAYLER died March 24, 1841, from the Isle of Wight.

To the memory of Jane Tayler, wife of Thomas Tayler late of the Isle of Wight died November 15, 1828 aged 51 years
Bereft of thee my partner dear
Life was no charm for me;
A few short years will bring me near
To heavenly bliss and thee.

Reverend Jonathan WHITAKER died November 19, 1835 aged 66 years.
Note: Principal at Monroe Academy: history in genealogy file H.H.F. Outstanding Daughters of 1812 Chapter in Kansas named for him.

Mary, wife of Jonathan Whitaker died January 31, 1836 aged 61 years

Sacred to the memory of Frederic WILCOX died November 10th, 1830 aged 38 years.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Lonett, daughter of FredericWilcox (rest unreadable)



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