Castle Family Pioneer Cemetery
Parma, New York


This cemetery is located on the south side of Peck Roadin the Town of Parma, New York, about ¼ mile east of Route 259.

This list was made by taking a list made by Mary T. Douglas and Myrte Rice Haynes on Aug. 19, 1931 and correcting it and adding to it by a visit to the cemetery by Richard T. Halsey on June 17, 1989.



Lucinda, wife of Rev. E.; d Oct. 10, 1826 in her 28th yr.


Nicholas; d Jan. 25, 1838 æ 38y
Rest lovely saint in Jesus rest,
From toils thou now are free,
We that are left will call thee blest,
And soon will meet with thee.


R. S.; [no more]


Abraham; d Aug. 27, 1812 in his 60th yr.

Abraham; d Apr. 20, 1850 æ 75y

Althea A., dau. of D. S. & E. R.; d May 18, 1848 æ 5m

Hannah, wife of Abraham; d Apr. 15, 1834 in her 54th yr.

Henry P., son of D. S. & E. R.; d Apr. 4, 1846 æ 3m

Joanna, wife of Abraham; d Sept. 14, 1817 in her 65th yr.

Lorenzo; d Jan. 17, 1864 æ 48y

Maria, wife of William C.; d Dec. 2, 1848 æ 25

Ruby F., dau. of Jehiel & Nancy; d Sept. 5, 1838 æ 14

Wm. C.; d Apr. 16, 1854 æ 32y 10m

William H., son of Jehiel & Nancy; d June 15, 1838 æ 21y


John Scott; d Aug. 17, 1831 æ 31y 7m


Rebecca, wife of Josiah; d June 14, 1821 æ 19y


Ruth S., wife of James B.; d May 5, 1837 æ 34y 23d


Eliza Ann, dau. of William & Hannah; d June 23, 1834 æ 6

Ellen Sophia, dau. of Elisha & Lucy; d May 31, 1837 æ 5m 18d

Joanna, wife of Elisha; d May 16, 1833 æ 42

Lucy, wife of Dea. Elisha; d Jan. 5, 1844 æ 37


John; d May 2, 1842 æ 73


Catharine, wife of Asa; d [dates buried]


Mandana E., dau. of J. & Elizabeth; d Sept. 15, 1852 æ 21


Thomas H.; d Aug. 23, 1828 æ 24y 2m 28d


Diantha, dau. of L. & E. M.; d Sept. 7, 1823 æ 3y 1m


Major; d June 17, 1833 æ 59y

Dorus W.; d Sept. 3, 1829 in her 32nd yr.


Rachel, wife of William; d June 11, 1840 æ 64y 8m 27d


Charles W.; d July 17, 1851 æ 24y 6m 13d

Patrick; d Jan. 9, 1850 in his 70th yr.

Phebe, wife of Patrick; d Sept. 23, 1857 æ 70y 6m


Lucy, wife of Joel; d Dec. 2, 1834 æ 59y


Oliver; d May 22, 1852 æ 73y

Sibyl, relict of Oliver; d Jan. 22, 1862 æ 77y 10m


Frances E., dau. of Asa C. or G. & Marietta F.; d Sept. 23, 1846 æ 9y

Jonathan; d Oct. 12, 1846 æ 77y


Betsey, wife of Lorin; d Dec. 27, 1838 æ 42y 11m


Hiram S., son of Charles & Mary Ann; d Oct. 2, 1841 æ 1y 5m 21d


Asher C., son of Joseph & Louisa; d May 25, 1862 æ 3y 7m 5d

Edward O., son of Joseph & Louisa; d Jan. 11, 1853 æ 9y


Margera, wife of Gabriel; d July 22, 1860 æ 79y 8m 3d


Benjamin; d Feb. 16, 1841 æ 69y 8m 13d


Conrad; d Mar. 23, 1855 in his 77th yr.

Cornelia L., wife of George A.; d July 11, 1838 in her 31st yr.

George A.; d April 24, 1878 æ 73y

Hiram W., son of George A. & Cornelia; d Sept. 8, 1857 æ 26y 25d

Sally, wife of Dunbar; d July 8, 1863 æ 81y 9m 22d

Sarah Maria, dau. of Edwin; d May 31, 1841 æ 29


Almedia, wife of Rev. H. K.; d Nov. 10, 1836 æ 28y


Aldina, dau. of Humphrey D. & Thurza; d June 14, 1847

Eunice J., dau. of Humphrey D. & Lydia; d July 2, 1839 æ 5y 9m 3d

Horatio, son of Humphrey D. & Lydia; d Apr. 6, 1830 æ 2y 1m 2d

Humphrey, son of Humphrey D. & Thirza; d Apr. 15, 1836 æ 14y 7m 17d

Humphrey D.; d April 1, 1863 æ 67y 6m 22d

Lucy M., dau. of Humphrey D. & Lydia; d Jan. 20, 1848 æ 12y 5m 27d

Thirza, wife of Humphrey; d Apr. 28, 1830 æ 30y 11m 10d


Alva; d July 7, 1834 æ 28y

Deby Ann, dau. of John & Elizabeth; d May 3, 1838


Peter V., son of Ralph & Elizabeth; d Sept. 28, 1850 æ 22y 10m 3d


Phebe L., wife of James; d Sept. 20, 1854 æ 32y 9m 9d


Elisha M., son of Andrew & Jemima; d May 21, 1843 æ 10d


B.; [next to Esther WHEELER]


John C., son of Moses Y. & Eliza; d Sept. 2, 1841 æ 5m 6d

Moses Y.; d Aug. 3, 1850 æ 38y 4m 21d


Esther; d Feb. 10, 1831 æ 59y 15d


Luther, son of [illegible] & Harriet; d March 30, 182* in his 3rd yr.



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