Davis Cemetery
Rush, New York


This cemetery is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of West Henrietta Rd. and Rush-West Rush Road in the Town of Rush, Monroe County, New York.

Inscriptions copied June 6, 1992 by Richard T. Halsey.



Emily; d Feb. 21, 1898 æ 69y

Clarence H., son of E. H. & F. D.; d Aug. 23, 1853 æ 7m


Asa R.; d Oct.17, 1847 æ 24y; {new stone says 1823 - 1847}

Sarah C., Brown, his wife; 1826 - 1903

COOKINGHAM Egbert S.; 1826 - 1901
Adeline Davis, wife of Egbert S.; 1830 - 1910

Ethan; d Nov. 17, 1850 æ 73y 1m

B. Hazard, his wife; d June 18, 1816 æ 39y

P. Hubard, his 2nd wife; d Oct. 16, 1822 æ 29y

P. Webster, his 3rd wife; d Oct. 9, 1824 æ 41y

P. Hageboon, his 4th wife; d March 6, 1846 æ 48y

Delilah, child of Ethan & B. Hazard; d Feb. 24, 1817 æ 17y

Havilah, child of Ethan & B. Hazard; d Oct. 9, 1824 æ 20y

George R., son of Ethan & P. Hageboon; d Aug. 15, 1832 æ 2m

Hiram, son of Ethan & P. Hageboon; d Feb. 16, 1833 æ 3m

Joseph, son of Ethan & P. Hageboon; d Sept. 24, 1838 æ 8m


George; d Apr. 28, 1896 æ 69y 10m

Betsey M.; d Feb. 24, 1906 æ 70y

Minnie A., only dau. of George & Betsey M.; d March 1, 1875 æ 13y 3m

NORTH Charles, son of James & Jane; d May 18, 1853 æ 9m

Peter; a native of Germany; d Nov. 13, 1851 æ 28y 1m 20d



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