Burial records from the Town of Henrietta, NY

Compiled by
Ken Veneron


This is the database compilation of 3,604 burials in the Town of Henrietta. (Alphabetical by Last, First, MI) Not all are buried in Henrietta, in fact some are deaths of people from the Town of Henrietta that are buried in other Towns.

The data is a compilation of submissions by one or more of the following: Mrs. Kalsbeck's 3 by 5 file cards she made while Town Historian, Richard Halsey, Charlene (Guyer) Freundlich, 1928 D.A.R. microfilming, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dow's records and some Henrietta death records.

This listing does not contain all the headstone information.

PS. I'll not guarantee my typing (spellings) of names.

Surnames beginning with letters E - K
Surnames beginning with letters L - P
Surnames beginning with letters Q - T
Surnames beginning with letters U - Z


Last First Middle Initial Died Related To Maiden Cemetery
(foot stones) (Baldwin) C. A. L.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Baldwin) C. D. J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Baldwin) J. T.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Baldwin) N. S.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Baldwin) P. T.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Baldwin) W. H.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Beckwith) A. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Beckwith)A. A. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Beckwith)C. L. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Beckwith)E. E. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Beckwith)S. W. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Carter) Edward           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Carter) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Carter) Frederick           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Carter) Joseph           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Carter) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg)C. A. F           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg)J. P. F           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg)M. A. K           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg)M. H. F           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg)M. L. F           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Flansburg)M. M. K           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Frasier) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Frasier) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Gorke) E. P.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Gorke) L. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Gorke) M. E. P.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Gorke) M. M. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Gorke) Mrs E. S.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Groat) C. A. R.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Groat) C. W. J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Groat) E. V. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Groat) I. J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Groat) J. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Groat) T. W. B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Hanshaw) P. A. C.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Jackson) Byron           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Jackson) Charles           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Jackson) George           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Jackson) Hellen           Maplewood
(foot stones) (King) Daughter   16 Mar 1881 daughter Albert & Betsey   Maplewood
(foot stones) (Lincoln) Abram           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Lincoln) Eliza           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Lincoln) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Lincoln) George           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Lincoln) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Maxfield) C.D.J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Maxfield) J. T.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Mellows) J.B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Muhs) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Muhs) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Quinby)Jennie Or?           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Rogers) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Rogers) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Senn) B.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Senn) S.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stillman)           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stillman)           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stone)C. W. J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stone)I. J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stone)Illegib #1           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stone)Illegib #2           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stone)Illegib #3           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Stone)M. H. C.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Tillotson) A.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Titus) M. T.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Titus) W. S.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Vail) A. J.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Vail) C. W.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Vail) E. M.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Vail) L. R. P.           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Winslow) Belle           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Winslow) Father           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Winslow) Floyd           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Winslow) Mother           Maplewood
(foot stones) (Winslow) Susan           Maplewood
(foot stones) C. P.   ????       Brown Cem
(foot stones) Lillian M 1954       Maplewood
(foot stones) M. S.   ????       Brown Cem
(foot stones) N. P.   ????       Brown Cem
(foot stones) P. S. B.   ????       Brown Cem
(foot stones) Sarah   1913 wife   ? Maplewood
? ?   ????       Brown Cem

Last First Middle Initial Died Related To Maiden Cemetery
Abbott Alice   1954 wife Frank? Chase Maplewood
Abbott Frank N   husband Alice   Maplewood
Abeel Verta, Mrs.   30 Aug 1970 wife ? ? Out Of Town
Abell Alice M 6 Feb 1914 widow ? Cromwell Maplewood
Adams Michael Kevin   1980 son   "single" Maplewood
Alderson Edith L 20 May 1973       Mt Hope Cem
Aldrich Wm. D 00 Jun 1881       Mt Hope Cem
Alexsa Paul J 25 Oct 1964       Maplewood
Allen George S ????       Riverview
Allen Gerald Walter   1978       Maplewood
Allen Marjorie M 1982     ? Riverview
Alling Abby   1917 wife Lewis Wakelee Mt Hope Cem
Alling Jacob P 7 Oct 1891 husband Martha Lastine   Maplewood
Alling L. H 28 Mar 1899       Mt Hope Cem
Alling Louise   1912       Mt Hope Cem
Alling Maria   00 Feb 1875       Mt Hope Cem
Alling Sarah Ann   1849 wife Lewis Alling ? Mt Hope Cem
Allyn Nelson T 21 Aug 1882       Tinker
Amsden Frank J 9 Jul 1909 husband ?   Mt Hope Cem
Anderson Andrew A 1965       Maplewood
Anderson Isabel Irene   1937 daughter M. & G. "single" Maplewood
Anderson Johanne S Jan 1980       Maplewood
Anderson Raymond P         Maplewood
Anthony Deborah   18 Jul 1844 widow Jacob Anthony ? Riverview
Anthony Jacob   4 May 1838 husband Deborah   Riverview
Ash Velma   15 Aug 1966 wife Ralph Adam(s) Maplewood
Auburn "Stillbirth"   23 Oct 1911 child Arthur J & Clara "infant" Unknown
Autovino Giuseppa   1 Dec 1971       Holy Sepulchre
Avery Judson B 1963       Maplewood
Ayers Mary H 20 Apr 1857 wife William Lewis Maplewood

Last First Middle Initial Died Related To Maiden Cemetery
Babcock J. C 11 Sep 1836 son Jonathan C.& Lucinda "infant" Riverview
Babcock John C ????       Riverview
Babcock Jonathan G 24 Feb 1858 husband Lucinda   Riverview
Babcock Jonathan, Pvt. C 26 Feb 1863 son Jonathan & Lucinda "single" Riverview
Babcock Lucinda A 9 Mar 1858 wife Jonathan ? Riverview
Babcock Orlando   3 Feb 1833 son Jonathan C.& Lucinda   Riverview
Babcock Rosetta     daughter William & Almira "infant" Riverview
Bailey Brainard T 1926       Maplewood
Bailey Caroline   1 Sep 1912 widow   Hinds Falls Cem
Bailey Charles H 1931       Maplewood
Bailey Chester   1849     "infant" Maplewood
Bailey Cynthia   1835       Maplewood
Bailey David L 1900       Maplewood
Bailey Elizabeth A 1939       Maplewood
Bailey Hannah   1849       Maplewood
Bailey Harriet   1905       Maplewood
Bailey Helen C 6 Feb 1974       Unknown
Bailey Hester R 1849     "infant" Maplewood
Bailey J. R. M.   1863       Maplewood
Bailey Laura A 3 Jul 1907 widow ? Bra*** Maplewood
Bailey Lillian D ????       Maplewood
Bailey Sarah   1832       Maplewood
Bailey William E 1979       Maplewood
Baker Asa   ????     (1) Bushman
Baker Asa, Jr.   18 Oct 1865 husband Margaret (3) Bushman
Baker Asa, Sr.   1 Sep 1864 husband Phebe (2) Bushman
Baker Belle   2 Jun 1861 daughter Justus & Elmina "Infant" Bushman
Baker Belle   1947     Keyes Maplewood
Baker Charlie   12 Sep 1865 son Asa, Jr & Margaret "Infant" Bushman
Baker Clarence E 24 Sep 1865 son Asa, Jr & Margaret "Single" Bushman
Baker Edward   13 Apr 1846 son Leander & Marilla   Bushman
Baker George M 26 Apr 1862 son Asa, J & Margaret "Infant" Bushman
Baker Homer   5 Nov 1851 son Leander & Marilla   Bushman
Baker John S 10 Mar 1973       Unknown
Baker Louis Danforth   1947 husband Rita Gordon   Maplewood
Baker Margaret   16 Sep 1865 wife Asa Jr (3) ? Bushman
Baker Marilla   29 Mar 1869 wife Leander ? Bushman
Baker Phebe   22 Aug 1877 wife Asa Sr. (2) ? Bushman
Baker Rita   1961 widow Louis Danforth Gordon Maplewood
Baker Tyler T 31 Jan 1871       Bushman
Baker Zillah   ???? wife Asa-1,Jesse Pangb.-2 ? Bushman
Baldwin Basil G May 1969 husband Beatrice De Witt   Maplewood
Baldwin Beatrice   Dec 1977 widow Basil G De Witt Maplewood
Baldwin Bertha L 1966       Maplewood
Baldwin Charles   30 May 1871 husband Sophia   Tinker
Baldwin Charles A 1905 husband 1-Cora R 2-Louise S   Maplewood
Baldwin Cora M 1940       Maplewood
Baldwin Cora R 1885 wife-1 Charles A ? Maplewood
Baldwin Cyrus W 21 Mar 1893       Maplewood
Baldwin Elizabeth B 29 Oct 1909 widow ? Walling Mt Hope Cem
Baldwin Frank C 21 May 1970 widower Lorena G   Maplewood
Baldwin George H 1939 husband ?   Maplewood
Baldwin Ira O 1950       Maplewood
Baldwin Lorena G 1946 wife Frank C ? Maplewood
Baldwin Louise S 1930 wife-2 Charles A ? Maplewood
Baldwin Sophia   28 Feb 1847 wife Charles ? Tinker
Baldwin Tillie May   1973       Maplewood
Baldwin Vincent E 1959       Maplewood
Banker Josina A 20 Jan 1900 widow Timothy W ? Maplewood
Banker Timothy W 23 Jan 1879 husband Josina A   Maplewood
Barlow Theadore   25 Jun 1907       Unknown
Barnes Ann L 1889       Maplewood
Barnes Isaac L 1891       Maplewood
Barnes Lois B 1896     Still Maplewood
Bartash Edythe L 1967 wife Stanley L ? Maplewood
Bartash James L 1968 son Stanley L & Edythe   Maplewood
Bartash Stanley L Jun 1977 widower Edythe L   Maplewood
Bartholomay Agnes M 1947 widow William ? Maplewood
Bartholomay Edna Marguerite   Feb 1980 widow Howard M ? Maplewood
Bartholomay Harry J 1962 husband Martha   Maplewood
Bartholomay Howard, Pvt. M 15 Jan 1937 husband Edna Gutschow   Maplewood
Bartholomay Jennie   1959 wife Karl B Buyck Maplewood
Bartholomay Karl B 19?? husband Jennie Buyck   Maplewood
Bartholomay Martha     wife Harry ? Maplewood
Bartholomay Robert   02 MAr 1903 son William & Agnes "Infant" Maplewood
Bartholomay William (Bart) N 1944 husband Agnes M   Maplewood
Bates John     husband Mary M   Maplewood
Bates Mary M 9 Nov 1865 wife John ? Maplewood
Batterson Zosia N 5 Oct 1975       White Haven
Batzing Augusta G 1934 wife Charles W Wickham Maplewood
Batzing Carl W 2 Jul 1910 husband Christianna   Maplewood
Batzing Carl W 1954 husband Helen   Maplewood
Batzing Charles W 1960 widower Augusta G   Maplewood
Batzing Charles W 1928 son   "infant" Maplewood
Batzing Christianna G 1924 widow Carl W.   Maplewood
Batzing David Hiram   1951       Maplewood
Batzing Dewitt C 7 Sep 1908 son Charles W & Augusta "single" Maplewood
Batzing Helen M Aug 1975 wife Carl W ? Maplewood
Batzing Paul   Oct 1971       Maplewood
Bauchle Adam T 1961 husband Lucy M   Maplewood
Bauchle Lucy M 1962 widow Adam T ? Maplewood
Bauerschmidt Maude Martha   28 Jul 1982 widow Raymond Theodore Radley Maplewood
Bauerschmidt Raymond Theodore   1 Dec 1981 husband Maude Martha R   Maplewood
Baughman Jerry A 27 Nov 1969       White Haven
Baumer Franklin C 7 Sep 1968       White Haven
Baumgartner Anastasia   16 Nov 1958     Becker Mt Hope Cem
Beach Harold L 27 Apr 1981       Maplewood
Beach Mabel M 19?? widow Raymond W ? Maplewood
Beach Mary E ????       Maplewood
Beach Raymond W 1962 husband Mabel M   Maplewood
Beagle Elizabeth H 25 Mar 1866 wife Noble E ? Maplewood
Bean Charles, Sr. J 29 Mar 1978       Maplewood
Bean Kathrine C 1980     ? Maplewood
Bean Mary A Mar 1975 widow William J, Sr. ? Maplewood
Bean Mary Ann   14 Mar 1975       Holy Angels
Bean William, Sr. J 1957 husband Mary A   Maplewood
Bebee Eliphalet   30 Sep 1850       Brininstool
Beck Henry   19 Sep 1965       Mt Hope Cem
Beckwith Adolphus, Pvt. A 1862       Maplewood
Beckwith Antoinette   1878       Maplewood
Beckwith Edward Everett,Cpl   1863       Maplewood
Beckwith Elizabeth   1855 daughter   "single" Maplewood
Beckwith George   1842 son   "single" Maplewood
Beckwith George L 1883 husband Sarah Winslow   Maplewood
Beckwith Hester Ann   4 Jul 1853 wife Samuel Chase Riverview
Beckwith Matilda A 1873     Talcott Maplewood
Beckwith Sally Jane   1842 daughter ? "infant" Maplewood
Beckwith Sarah   1885 widow George L. Winslow Maplewood
Beebe Clarissa           Maplewood
Beebe Daniel           Maplewood
Beebee Bert E       "infant" Maplewood
Beebee C. P. F.           Maplewood
Beebee Elisha   1891 husband Harriet M S   Maplewood
Beebee Elisha Snider   11 Feb 1864 son Elisha & Harriet M "single" Maplewood
Beebee Emma   1 Feb 1866 wife-2 Orlo ? Maplewood
Beebee Harriet M. S.   16 Jun 1864 wife Elisha Snider Maplewood
Beebee John           Maplewood
Beebee Laura   31 Dec 1853 wife-1 Orlo ? Maplewood
Beebee Orlo   27 Jan 1877 widower 1-Laura, 2-Emma   Maplewood
Beechner Leontine   12 Jan 1975       Mt Hope Cem
Behage Abraham   1963 husband Elizabeth   Maplewood
Behage Anne E Jun 1972       Maplewood
Behage Cornelius   ????       Maplewood
Behage Elizabeth   1954 wife Abraham ? Maplewood
Beiter Patricia A 10 Nov 1968     Davies Maplewood
Belluscio Peter S 28 Feb 1969       Unknown
Benedict Bertie   1878 daughter   "single" Maplewood
Benedict Celia   1898 daughter Homer E. & M. "infant" Maplewood
Benedict Emma Jane   1 Apr 1911 wife Oliver ? (Father) Banker Maplewood
Benedict Homer E 1951 husband M   Maplewood
Benedict Jack A 6 Mar 1975       Pittsford
Benedict Mary B 1956       Maplewood
Benedict Maude B 1959       Maplewood
Benedict Oliver ? (Father)   1925 widower Emma ? (Mother)   Maplewood
Bennett Flossie E 1983 mon   ? Riverview
Bennett Theodore   1974 dad     Riverview
Bennion William R 4 Apr 1966 husband Gertrude   Mt Hope Cem
Benwith Anna   13 Apr 1912 widow ? Loke Mt Hope Cem
Berg Gordon H 17 Apr 1972       Holy Sepulchre
Bergner Carl   1939       Maplewood
Bergner Lena   1961       Maplewood
Berkes Grace K 1 Oct 1969       Holy Sepulchre
Bert Celia   2 Aug 1961       Maplewood
Bethman Ralph R 19 Oct 1969       White Haven
Bianchi Nicholas   13 May 1972 husband Betty   Holy Sepulchre
Bieber Kathryne   1973       Riverview
Bieber William C 1978       Riverview
Billy Joseph, Jr. M 1976       Maplewood
Billy Mildred A ????       Maplewood
Birdsey Katherine   1935       Maplewood
Blatchley Charlotte A 16 Sep 1882 wife John W ? Maplewood
Blatchley John W 28 May 1936 husband Charlotte A   Maplewood
Blodgett Mary   1924     Little Mt Hope Cem
Blodgett Samuel   1951       Mt Hope Cem
Blohm Burton E 4 Jul 1975       Maplewood
Blohm Mildred   1957 wife   Feasel Maplewood
Bloom Barney   6 Jan 1968       Mt Hope Cem
Bly Daniel   12 Dec 1867 husband Phebe   Riverview
Bly Daniel G 27 Feb 1843       Riverview
Bly John E 1899       Riverview
Bly Phebe A 13 Oct 1877 wife Daniel ? Riverview
Bly Rosetta C ???? daughter William & Almira M "infant" Riverview
Blythe William George   Jun 1978       Maplewood
Boise Jacob   27 Oct 1970       Sunnyside Ce
Bolding George   22 Nov 1916 widower Maria Rise   Maplewood
Bolding Louisa D 6 Jan 1912 wife George Rice Maplewood
Bollinger Frances E 26 Dec 1969 wife Rev. Charles ? Unknown
Bond Francis   ????       Out Of Town
Bond Rachel   ????       Out Of Town
Bossa Christ   31 Jul 1911       Maplewood
Bouton Irene   18 Feb 1974       Unknown
Bower Jeffrey A 25 Aug 1974       Maplewood
Bowman Florence M 14 May 1969       Holy Sepulchre
Brady Lydia   1855     Gordon Maplewood
Brakeman Esther, Mrs.   10 Jul 1817 wife Jacob ? Bushman
Brakeman Moses   27 May 1813 son Jacob & Esther "Infant" Bushman
Brandt George   8 Oct 1965       Maplewood
Breiding Carrie   1894 widow Frederick ? Maplewood
Breiding Fredrick   09 Mar 1892 husband Carrie   Maplewood
Brennan James E Jan 1972       Maplewood
Brennan Timothy J 19 Apr 1970 son   "single" Maplewood
Brew Minnie B 1962 widow Raymond J ? Maplewood
Brew Raymond J 1943 husband Minnie B   Maplewood
Brice Rachel   1921 wife William Brice ? Brininstool
Brice William   1839 husband Rachel Brice   Brininstool
Briggs Ruth   25 Sep 1910 widow ? Scott Unknown
Brininstool Alfred   1902 husband Mattie Elizabeth   Maplewood
Brininstool Catherine   9 Oct 1861 wife-2 Michael ? Brininstool
Brininstool Catherine   16 Feb 1850 wife-1 Michael ? Brininstool
Brininstool Charles Legget   23 Oct 1934       Maplewood
Brininstool Harriet   30 Jan 1889 wife Jacob Hitchcock Brininstool
Brininstool Jacob   31 Oct 1881 husband Harriet   Brininstool
Brininstool John   22 Dec 1820       Brininstool
Brininstool Margaret   14 Mar 1929     Humphrey Maplewood
Brininstool Mattie Elizabeth   1953 widow Alfred Leggett Maplewood
Brininstool Michael   21 Apr 1851       Brininstool
Brininstool Sarah J 31 Jul 1812 daughter James & Henrietta "Infant" Brininstool
Bristol Bethel   30 Aug 1830       Brininstool
Bristow Susan S 1919 wife William ? Maplewood
Bristow William C   husband Susan S   Maplewood
Brogan Lottie   29 May 1950 wife Andrew Porter Unknown
Brooks Harvey A 12 Sep 1970       Mt Hope Cem
Brooks J. Milton   4 May 1883 son Milton & Charlotte E   Maplewood
Brooks Viola Estelle   1 Apr 1911 daughter Milton & Eliza "single" Maplewood
Brown "Son"   23 Jul 1843 son ? "infant" Tinker
Brown Abby F 24 Apr 1813 daughter Joseph & Abby M "single" Maplewood
Brown Abby M 30 Aug 1873 wife Joseph ? Maplewood
Brown Adaline   5 Sep 1810 daughter Miner & Chasity   Tinker
Brown Adelia A 1905 wife Cyrus Allen Maplewood
Brown Adeline N 5 Sep 1846       Tinker
Brown Agnes   1950       Maplewood
Brown Alfred   8 Dec 1852       Tinker
Brown Alfred   1874       Tinker
Brown Alfred, III E 7 Jan 1975       Webster Rural
Brown Alva D 1 Jun 1864 son L. W. & M. J. "Single" Maplewood
Brown Anna O 26 Oct 1813 daughter Joseph & Abby M "single" Maplewood
Brown Annie E 1 Dec 1911 wife Harry J Reeves Maplewood
Brown Austin A 1952 husband Mary J.   Maplewood
Brown Charity   19 Aug 1847 wife-1 Miner ? Tinker
Brown Cyrus E 1904 husband Delia A   Maplewood
Brown Edward R Jul 1975       Maplewood
Brown Elizabeth   19 Jul 1835 wife Joseph ? Maplewood
Brown Elizabeth   17 Apr 1836 daughter Joseph & Abby Brown "single" Maplewood
Brown Elwyn   20 Mar 1939 widower Ada M Harwick   Pittsford
Brown Esther   7 Jul 1971 wife   Meister Maplewood
Brown Francis E 21 Mar 1846 daughter   "Infant" Tinker
Brown Frank J 1935 husband Theresa S   Maplewood
Brown Franklin A 29 Sep 1850 son Alfred & Catherine E "Infant" Tinker
Brown Harry J 1941 widower Annie E   Maplewood
Brown Joni A 27 Oct 1970       Out Of Town
Brown Joseph   7 Mar 1877 widower Abby   Maplewood
Brown Joyce B ????       Maplewood
Brown Mary J Dec 1976 widow Austin A ? Maplewood
Brown Miner   11 Aug 1861       Tinker
Brown Nelson   12 Feb 1864       Tinker
Brown Rebecca     wife Emmet Dikeman Maplewood
Brown Rhoda   21 Oct 1865 wife-2 Miner Phillips Tinker
Brown Samuel G 25 May 1813 son Joseph & Abby "single" Maplewood
Brown Sarah Ann   1905 wife Thomas J ? Maplewood
Brown Sidney Raymond   19 Jun 1981 widower Esther Meister   Maplewood
Brown Susie B 1924 daughter Harry J & Annie E   Maplewood
Brown Theresa S 1952 widow Frank J ? Maplewood
Brown Thomas J 1923 widower Sarah Ann   Maplewood
Brownell Dale M 15 Oct 1969       Out Of State
Brownell Rhea L 4 Jan 1969       Out Of State
Buck Robert   11 Mar 1966       Mt Hope Cem
Buckley Catherine   1929 daughter Timothy & Mary   Maplewood
Buckley Ella H ????       Maplewood
Buckley Mary   1890 wife Timothy ? Maplewood
Buckley William J 1979       Maplewood
Bullard Almira   9 Apr 1892 wife William ? Brininstool
Bullard George F 1935       Riverview
Bullard Jennie Q 1943     Quirk Riverview
Bullard Leonard   9 Aug 1829       Bushman
Bullard William   26 Sep 1889 wife Almira   Brininstool
Bumpus Alice S 1937     ? Mt Hope Cem
Bumpus Delorah   13 Oct 1850 daughter Alexander & Lucy P. "Infant" E Bapt. Ch.
Bumpus George   1943       Mt Hope Cem
Bumpus Mary E 21 Nov 1851 daughter Alexander & Lucy P. "Single" E Bapt. Ch.
Bundy Alascoe   13 Feb 1849 daughter   "Infant" E Bapt. Ch.
Bundy Barna B 24 Oct 1866 husband? Mary J.   Mt Hope Cem
Bundy Mary J 29 Jul 1886 wife? Barna B. ? Mt Hope Cem
Bundy S. Jennie   1919       Maplewood
Bunion William H 29 May 1832     "infant" Tinker
Bunnell Lucy   8 Sep 1860       Maplewood
Burch Edna R 12 Jan 1970 husband Robert E.   Mt Hope Cem
Burch Gary   Jul 1957     "Infant" Maplewood
Burg Cora   ????     Spence Mt Hope Cem
Burg Robert   27 Jan 1913 husband ?   Mt Hope Cem
Burg William   ????       Mt Hope Cem
Burger Alvin C 1 Jan 1969       Maplewood
Burger Harriet A 1931 widow Jacob D Quick Maplewood
Burger Henry V 1957       Maplewood
Burger Jacob, Cpl. D 31 May 1913 husband Harriet A   Maplewood
Burger Nellie   1953 wife Henry V. Williams Maplewood
Burger Pauline M ????       Maplewood
Burger Veda(Voveda) Grace   Aug 1971 sister Henry   Maplewood
Burhans Harriet A 1931 widow Jacob D ? Maplewood
Burhans Mildred   1970     Remington Riverview
Burke Lucille S 10 Nov 1970       Holy Sepulchre
Burling Thankful   7 Apr 1844 daughter Elijah & Mercy Littl Little Mt Hope Cem
Burnell Harry (Jimmy)   26 Apr 1974       Unknown
Burns Lois   ????     Strassenburgh Unknown
Burr Adelaide   4 May 1853 daughter S. H. & Eliza "Infant" Riverview
Burr Asa   18 Nov 1838 husband Polly   Riverview
Burr Ella A 27 May 1862 daughter S. H. & Eliza "infant" Riverview
Burr Harriet C 11 Mar 1833 daughter Asa & Polly   Riverview
Burr Polly   7 Mar 1873 wife Asa ? Riverview
Burroughs Marshall, Sr. J 13 Mar 1975       White Haven
Bush Joseph H 1920 husband Sarah Ann   Maplewood
Bush Sarah Ann   1922 widow Joseph H ? Maplewood
Bushman Andrew   28 Feb 1858 husband Sarah   Bushman
Bushman Clarence E 24 Sep 1865 son     Bushman
Bushman Cynthia   4 Sep 1818 daughter Andrew & Sarah "Infant" Bushman
Bushman Cynthia M 1897 wife John Bushman ? Brininstool
Bushman David S Aug 1829 son John & Nancy "Infant" Bushman
Bushman Elbridge   1920 widower Jennie   Brininstool
Bushman Henry   Aug 1829 son John & Nancy "Infant" Bushman
Bushman Huberd K 1 May 1851 son Abner & Phebe "Infant" Bushman
Bushman Ina   ???? wife Leland S Smith Maplewood
Bushman Jane C 1915       Brininstool
Bushman Jennie   5 Jul 1876 wife Elbridge Mc Nall Riverview
Bushman John   1 Apr 1855       Bushman
Bushman John   20 Jan 1866       Bushman
Bushman John   1890       Brininstool
Bushman Leland S 9 Sep 1981 husband Ina Smith   Maplewood
Bushman Martha   14 Dec 1879 wife Andrew ? Bushman
Bushman Minnie W 1888 wife Elbridge Bushman Shillinger Brininstool
Bushman Nancy   10 Nov 1830 wife John Stocksleger Bushman
Buske George M 1955       Riverview
Buske Laura L ????       Riverview
Butler Carey   22 Jun 1970       Mt Hope Cem
Butrum Adam   29 Sep 1911 husband     Holy Sepulchre
Buyck Abram I 1919 husband Jennie   Maplewood
Buyck Aziel (Pete) A 11 Apr 1967 widower Bertha J Miller   Maplewood
Buyck Bertha J 1955 wife Aziel A Miller Maplewood
Buyck Edward W 15 Jun 1894 son William & Susanna "single" Maplewood
Buyck Florence   Feb 1980     Short Maplewood
Buyck Jennie   1937 wife Abram De Young Maplewood
Buyck Jennie   Feb 1980     Jones Maplewood
Buyck Julia A 1923 wife Leonard W Howlett Maplewood
Buyck Leonard W 25 Apr 1966 widower Julia A   Maplewood
Buyck Lydia Jane   1944 daughter     Maplewood
Buyck Nellie M 15 Jun 1894 daughter William & Susanna "single" Maplewood
Buyck William H 15 Nov 1968       Maplewood

Last First Middle Initial Died Related To Maiden Cemetery
Caldwell Abigail R ???? wife D. M. Post Maplewood
Caldwell Sada Abigail   5 Nov 1832 daughter D. M. & Abigail "infant" Maplewood
Calkins Albert B 1928 husband Frances M Soper   Maplewood
Calkins Elizabeth J 1925 wife Ira B Fisher Maplewood
Calkins Esther   24 Jul 1883       Maplewood
Calkins Ethel M 16 May 1966 widow John Welt Maplewood
Calkins Francis M 1963 widow Albert B Soper Maplewood
Calkins George   3 Oct 1839 son Hiram & Esther "Infant" Tinker
Calkins George M 23 Oct 1864 son Hiram M & Sarah A "infant" Maplewood
Calkins George N 5 Oct 1859 son Hiram & Esther "infant" Maplewood
Calkins Hiram   12 Apr 1864       Maplewood
Calkins Hiram W 21 May 1892 widower Sarah A   Maplewood
Calkins Hiram W 1935 widower Nellie Ocumpaugh   Maplewood
Calkins Ira B 1925 widower Elizabeth J Fisher   Maplewood
Calkins John   30 Dec 1961 husband Ethel M   Maplewood
Calkins Mary E 1918 widow Samuel Kirby Maplewood
Calkins Nellie   1931 wife Hiram W Ocumpaugh Maplewood
Calkins Samuel U 1904 husband Mary E. Kirby   Maplewood
Calkins Sara Ann   26 Mar 1845 wife William H Calkins Colvin Quaker Cem
Calkins Sarah   12 Apr 186?       Maplewood
Calkins Sarah A 18 Mar 1892 wife Hiram W ? Maplewood
Campbell Hazel A Jan 1980 wife   ? Maplewood
Cappon John P 20 Dec 1981       Maplewood
Capron Jacob   25 Aug 1826       Whitaker Cem
Carlton Richard A 13 Sep 1974       Maplewood
Carmichael Victor E 23 Oct 1907 son Edward & Lizzie "infant" Unknown
Carpenter Ida P 16 Sep 1969       Maplewood
Carpenter Ida P 16 Sep 1969       Maplewood
Carr John Bernard   5 Apr 1969       Holy Sepulchre
Carroll Eleanor Celia   Apr 1976       Maplewood
Carroll Frank H ????       Maplewood
Carsley Sarah   May 1972       Maplewood
Carter Alice S 1958 wife Edward Fishbeck Maplewood
Carter Alice S 1958       Maplewood
Carter Edward   1919       Maplewood
Carter Edward   1962 widower Alice S   Maplewood
Carter Edward   1962       Maplewood
Carter Edward   1919       Maplewood
Carter Elizabeth   1910 widow William ? Maplewood
Carter Elizabeth   1910 widow William ? Maplewood
Carter Frederick   1933       Maplewood
Carter Frederick   1933       Maplewood
Carter Harold E 1 Oct 1980       Maplewood
Carter Joseph   1905       Maplewood
Carter Marjorie T ???? husband     Maplewood
Carter William   1900 husband Elizabeth   Maplewood
Carter William   1900 husband Elizabeth   Maplewood
Caruso Lucille J 1965 wife   ? Maplewood
Cassady Howard, Sr., PFC. G 20 Jun 1969       Maplewood
Cassady Lavern G 1940       Maplewood
Castre Helen M 1964     Ficarro Maplewood
Caswell Edward   14 Oct 1886       Brininstool
Caswell Grace E 1955 wife Warren Jr ? Brininstool
Caswell Marion L ????       Maplewood
Caswell Mary   1917 widow Warren Caswell Mc Nall Brininstool
Caswell Mattie   11 Feb 1954 wife Jas.McNall Caswell ?Dykeman? Mt Hope Cem
Caswell Paul D Sep 1978       Maplewood
Caswell Samuel S 1906       Brininstool
Caswell Warren   1906 husband Mary McNall   Brininstool
Caswell Warren, Jr.   1958       Brininstool
Chalmers Florence E 25 Dec 1968       Maplewood
Chalmers George   1961       Maplewood
Chalmers Rachel   ???? daughter   "Infant" Maplewood
Chamberlain Oscar W ????       Maplewood
Chamberlain Thelma B 1977       Maplewood
Champlin Neva   1976     Cassady Maplewood
Chandler Henry   1881       Maplewood
Chapman Chauncey   1895 husband 1-Elizabeth 2-Lucind   Maplewood
Chapman Elizabeth   1835 wife Chanucey Barnum Maplewood
Chapman Eunice   1834       Maplewood
Chapman Ezra, Pvt. K 26 Mar 1906       Maplewood
Chapman Henry   1832       Maplewood
Chapman Henry, Cpl. B 1900       Maplewood
Chapman Kezia   1862       Maplewood
Chapman Lamyrie   1824       Maplewood
Chapman Lucinda   1901 wife Chauncey Tillotson Maplewood
Chappell Cassius M 6 May 1850 son Maynard & Maria M "Infant" Maplewood
Chappell Elizabeth A 1921       Maplewood
Chappell Eugene N 1843 son Maynard & Maria M "Infant" Maplewood
Chappell Isabella   1935       Maplewood
Chappell Maria   1901 widow Maynard Mawney Maplewood
Chappell Maynard   1892 husband Maria Mawney   Maplewood
Chase Amelia W 1914 wife Oscar B. ? Mt Hope Cem
Chase Carrie   1870 wife Oscar B. Stone Mt Hope Cem
Chase Charles D 30 Dec 1913 husband ?   Mt Hope Cem
Chase Charles E 15 Mar 1862 son Daniel & Lydia "Single" Mt Hope Cem
Chase Daniel W 26 May 1888 husband Lydia M.   Mt Hope Cem
Chase Dora L 1945     ? Maplewood
Chase Earl L 1980       Maplewood
Chase Edward S 13 Mar 1852       Riverview
Chase Elizabeth   11 Oct 1839       Bushman
Chase Emerson A 1952 husband Mabel A   Maplewood
Chase Emily Ann   22 May 1835 daughter Edward S. & Isabel "infant" Riverview
Chase Frank L 12 Dec 1970 son Earl & Ora   Maplewood
Chase Frank M 1916       Maplewood
Chase Harvey W 6 Oct 1892 husband Sarah Ann   Riverview
Chase Helen           Maplewood
Chase Isabel   19 Jun 1883 wife Edward S. ? Riverview
Chase James J 21 Dec 1853       Riverview
Chase Jennie   1929 wife William ? Maplewood
Chase Kash R 9 Feb 1966       Mt Hope Cem
Chase Lawrence   1925       Maplewood
Chase Lydia M 23 Feb 1869 wife Daniel W. ? Mt Hope Cem
Chase Mabel A 1962 wife Emerson A ? Maplewood
Chase Ora L 1980       Maplewood
Chase Oscar   14 Dec 1928       Mt Hope Cem
Chase Ruth   26 Dec 1910 wife Harvey W. ? Riverview
Chase Sarah Ann   23 Jul 1865 wife Harvey W. ? Riverview
Chase Willet E         Maplewood
Chase William E 1934 husband     Maplewood
Christman Caroline I 1959 wife Phillip R.,Sr. ? Maplewood
Christman Philip, Sr. R 1971 husband Caroline I   Maplewood
Chrysler Mathias   1922       Maplewood
Churcher Leona M 26 Nov 1981       Maplewood
Cigler Anthony Joseph   30 Apr 1971       Holy Sepulchre
Clark Alan P 1979       Maplewood
Clark Benjamine Frank   1958       Maplewood
Clark Carrie   1963 wife Dr. Frank Holcombe Maplewood
Clark Chester Roy   ????       Maplewood
Clark Cora Lucille   1926 daughter Dr. Frank & Carrie H "single" Maplewood
Clark Edna   1943 widow G Merrill Stone Maplewood
Clark Electa S 1895 wife Herbert M. Clark French Maplewood
Clark Florence   ????     Benz Maplewood
Clark G. Merrill   1933 husband Edna Stone Clark   Maplewood
Clark Harriet   1956 wife   Post Maplewood
Clark Herbert M 1920       Maplewood
Clark Herbert M 1955 husband Viola   Maplewood
Clark J. Wilber   1956 widower Barrett Nina Clark   Maplewood
Clark Joel   8 Nov 1847 husband Susannah   Mt Hope Cem
Clark Judith Ann   Aug 1945 daughter   "infant" Maplewood
Clark Louis M 1 Jun 1963       Mt Hope Cem
Clark Marguerite V 1970        
Clark Nina   1942 wife Wilber Barrett Maplewood
Clark Ruth   1979 husband   Campbell Maplewood
Clark Susannah   18 Sep 1851 wife Joel Clark ? Mt Hope Cem
Clark Viola M 19?? wife Herbert Clark ? Maplewood
Clark Walter A 1942       Maplewood
Cleveland Raymond F 30 Dec 1971       White Haven
Clyne Jacob O 1967 husband Jennie L   Maplewood
Clyne Jennie L 1976 widow Jacob O ? Maplewood
Coakley John, Jr. J ?? Dec 1967       Grove Place
Coats Charles W 1976 widower Ruth S Coats   Maplewood
Coats Ruth S 1949 wife Charles W ? Maplewood
Coax Frank   1963 husband Ruby B Street   Maplewood
Coax Ruby B 1951 wife Frank Coax Street Maplewood
Coker Charles E 20 Jan 1969 husband Marla   Mt Hope Cem
Cole Warren E 14 Apr 1973       Mt Hope Cem
Collins Catharine Elizbth.   12 Oct 1913 widow Aldred Brown & John Whipple Pittsford
Collins Edward J 9 Feb 1970       Out Of Town
Colvin Clarissa   25 May 1878 widow Isaac Colvin ? Quaker Cem
Colvin Isaac   6 Jan 1872 husband Clarissa Colvin   Quaker Cem
Compton Robert Eugene, Pvt   15 Dec 1974       Maplewood
Conderman Cora   1946 wife Roy F Search Maplewood
Conderman Frederick   1952 widower Phebe E   Maplewood
Conderman Hiram W 1919 son   "infant" Maplewood
Conderman Phebe E 1924 wife Frederick ? Maplewood
Conderman Roy F 1958 widower Cora Search   Maplewood
Cone Mary   1917     ? Mt Hope Cem
Connor Shawn Patrick   15 Apr 1981 son     Maplewood
Connors Frederick Allen   4 May 1972 son   "single" Maplewood
Connors Michael T 3 Mar 1962       Unknown
Constas Elizabeth   10 Nov 1968       Mt Hope Cem
Conterman George H 1928 widower Mattie M   Maplewood
Conterman Mattie M 1921 wife George H ? Maplewood
Cook Steven G 29 Aug 1973 son   "infant" Maplewood
Cook Susie B 1906       Maplewood
Coolidge Clarence C 1961       Maplewood
Coolidge Harriet   1958       Maplewood
Coolidge Rodman T 30 Dec 1893       Maplewood
Coon Edna   1947 wife George ? Maplewood
Coon George N 18 Jan 1964 husband Edna   Maplewood
Coon Mary   1940 daughter George & Edna   Maplewood
Coons Joanell   5 Dec 1970       Unknown
Cooper Clara M 1915 wife Oliver P ? Maplewood
Cooper Matilda   1950       Maplewood
Cooper Oliver P ???? husband Clara M   Maplewood
Cooper Richard   1955       Maplewood
Corbin Amasa   7 Jan 1829 husband Rebecca Corbin ? Brown Cem
Corbin Civil   14 Jan 1835       Brown Cem
Corbin Eliza   12 Oct 1829 daughter William & Mercy   Brown Cem
Corbin Howard V 9 Nov 1964       Brininstool
Corbin Lathrop   7 Oct 1825       Brown Cem
Corbin Lois   1962 wife   Williams Maplewood
Corbin Rebecca   3 Sep 1821 wife Amasa Corbin ? Brown Cem
Corcoran James Francis   6 Oct 1975       Unknown
Cordaro Josephine   15 Oct 1969       Holy Sepulchre
Cornwell Ambrose   14 Oct 1866 husband Sara Cornwell   Quaker Cem
Cornwell Daniel F 11 Feb 1885 husband Fannie P   Mt Hope Cem
Cornwell E. M ????       Mt Hope Cem
Cornwell Edward M 7 May 1841 son   "Infant" Mt Hope Cem
Cornwell Fannie P 21 Dec 1885 wife Daniel ? Mt Hope Cem
Cornwell Ida M 1919 widower Robert L Abell Maplewood
Cornwell Naomi   6 Oct 1925 daughter     Mt Hope Cem
Cornwell Rebecca   1898       Mt Hope Cem
Cornwell Robert L 3 Feb 1913 husband Ida M Abell   Maplewood
Cornwell Sara   12 Sep 1861 wife Ambrose Cornwell ? Quaker Cem
Cornwell Sarah J 11 Sep 1913 daughter Daniel & Fanny P "single" Mt Hope Cem
Corrigan Anna M 7 Sep 1974       Holy Sepulchre
Corrigan James Clayton   20 Aug 1975       Holy Sepulchre
Cosad Charles C 1972       Maplewood
Cosad Clifford N 20 May 1960       Maplewood
Cosad Mary G ????       Maplewood
Cosgriff John Edward   24 Oct 1973       Out Of Town
Cosier Oliver   18 Nov 1913 son Ernest & Mary "infant" Riverside
Covey Ansel, Pvt. C 31 Oct 1961 husband Emma Briggs   Maplewood
Covey Emma   ???? wife Ansel C Briggs Maplewood
Cowan Harry J 14 Dec 1969       Holy Sepulchre
Cowles Annnette S 1937 wife Joseph W Mc Leod Maplewood
Cox Herbert           Maplewood
Cox Mary F 20 Jan 1913 daughter Isaac & Lucy "single" North Rush
Cox Miriam E 23 Oct 1912 daughter Isaac & Lucilia "infant" North Rush
Coykendall Allen (Corky)   30 Mar 1965       Mt Hope Cem
Craft Harriet   26 Feb 1911 widow ? Preston Riverside
Craft Mary L 6 Feb 1909 wife Wallace J. Craft Getchow Quaker Cem
Craft Wallace J 1949 husband Mary L Craft   Quaker Cem
Crane Cornelia (Kate)   20 Jul 1947 wife William Harris Crane Brasser Mt Hope Cem
Crane Johanna C 1917     ? E Bapt. Ch.
Crane John   10 Nov 1881       E Bapt. Ch.
Cranston Clarence   No da te husband Mary E Titus   Maplewood
Cranston Mary E 1921 wife Clarence Titus Maplewood
Crebbin Emma C 24 May 1965       Maplewood
Crebbin Thomas C 11 May 1954       Maplewood
Crippen Olive E 21 Mar 1909 wife ? Sampson Penfield
Crosby Owen D 2 May 1859       Maplewood
Crout Margaret M 12 Jan 1974     Burton White Haven
Crown Carrie E 1918 wife John Sodaman Maplewood
Crown John D 19?? husband Carrie   Maplewood
Culver Arline   3 Jul 1968 wife Leslie E Mc Nall Maplewood
Culver Leslie E ???? husband Arline Mc Nall   Maplewood
Curtis Elizabeth   1961       Maplewood
Curtis Lewis H 12 Oct 1920 widower Ruth M   Maplewood
Curtis Ruth M 25 Apr 1919 wife Lewis H ? Maplewood
Curtis William Henry   1949       Maplewood

Last First Middle Initial Died Related To Maiden Cemetery
D'Augustino Dominic J 1979 son     Riverview
Dack James   22 Jan 1877 widower Elizabeth   Riverview
Dack Mary Ann   17 Nov 1865 wife James ? Riverview
Dack Mary Elizabeth   4 May 1875 daughter James & Elizabeth "Infant" Riverview
Dack William   9 Mar 1861       Riverview
Daehne Robert H 4 Apr 1964       Mt Hope Cem
Dallaire Damien   1968       Maplewood
Dallaire Eleanor A ????       Maplewood
Dambrowski Stanley   26 Sep 1974       Holy Sepulchre
Darling Gertrude, Mrs. B 21 Aug 1969 wife ? ? Sodus Rural
Dauphinee Myrtle (Julia)   9 Sep 1974       White Haven
Davie Madeline   23 Oct 1965     Stewart Mt Hope Cem
Davies Grace K ????       Maplewood
Davies Walter L 1974       Maplewood
Davis Calista P 22 Apr 1851 wife Anson ? Bushman
Davis Eunice M 23 Mar 1864 wife Benjamin D ? Maplewood
Davis Iola A 18 Jun 1865 daughter Benjamin & Eunice "infant" Maplewood
Daw Daniel W 11 mar 1904       Maplewood
Daw Mary E 21 Dec 1907 widow ? Wood Honeoye Falls
Daw Mary M 10 Aug 1893 daughter Daniel & Mary   Maplewood
Daw Myra M 1911       Maplewood
Daw Nellie J 14 Feb 1894 wife Solomon ? Maplewood
Day Frank H 15 Jul 1970       Mt Hope Cem
Dayton Caleb   25 Apr 1857       Brown Cem
Dayton Cynthia   15 Jun 1856 wife 1-Grove Maltby 1-Isa ? Brown Cem
Dayton Hannah   18 Sep 1829 wife Isaac Dayton ? Brown Cem
Dayton Isaac Noble   14 Oct 1857 husband 1-Hannah 2-Cynthia   Brown Cem
Dayton Maltby   26 Jun 1856       Brown Cem
Dayton Parthena   12 Mar 1859     ? Brown Cem
De Freest Laura F 10 Aug 1970       Mt Hope Cem
De Maria Joseph   25 Mar 1970       Holy Sepulchre
De Vos Mary   28 Sep 1965       Mt Hope Cem
De Witt Adelah L 1865 daughter   "single" Mt Hope Cem
De Witt Alice   1927       Maplewood
De Witt Arthur   5 Oct 1851 son Sherman & Susan "Infant" E Bapt. Ch.
De Witt Azro W 15 Sep 1816 son Sherman & Susan "Single" E Bapt. Ch.
De Witt Byron G 1944       Maplewood
De Witt Clarence   1881 son William P & Sarah A "Infant" Maplewood
De Witt Claribel H 31 Jul 1971       Mt Hope Cem
De Witt Cornelius   6 Dec 1853 husband Lois   E Bapt. Ch.
De Witt Frederick A 17 May 1907 husband ?   Mt Hope Cem
De Witt George A 29 Sep 1912 husband ?   Mt Hope Cem
De Witt Harley   1881 son William P & Sarah A "Single" Maplewood
De Witt Lois   14 Dec 1860 wife Cornelius ? E Bapt. Ch.
De Witt Mary C 1865 daughter   "single" Mt Hope Cem
De Witt Russell   1883 son William P & Sarah A "Infant" Maplewood
De Witt Sara A Sep 1875       Mt Hope Cem
De Witt Sarah A 1930 widow William P ? Maplewood
De Witt Sherman W 22 Jun 1970       Unknown
De Witt William C 1872       Mt Hope Cem
De Witt William P 1917 husband Sarah A   Maplewood
Dean Abram P 1936       Maplewood
Dean Barbara Lynn   7 Sep 1974 daughter     Maplewood
Dean Emma H 1929       Maplewood
Dean Flordyce Orlando   16 Sep 1910 husband Almira Hanse   Knowlesville
Dean Florence W 19 Feb 1975       Mt Hope Cem
Dean Fordyce H 1953       Maplewood
Dean Harriet M 1972       Maplewood
Dean Lydia M 6 Feb 1889 wife   Lake Maplewood
Decker Anthony M 16 Jul 1970       Unknown
Deeley Albert F 26 Feb 1980       Maplewood
Deignan Marilyn C 31 Oct 1966       Maplewood
Dell "Baby Boy"   2 Oct 1911 son Chris & Martha "infant" N Rush Cem
Dell ?   22 Jan 1913 child Chris & Martha "single" N Rush Cem
Dell Augusta S 1958 wife John F ? Maplewood
Dell Carl G 1980       Maplewood
Dell Charles P 1948 son Paul & Ruth "single" Maplewood
Dell Emma L 1980       Maplewood
Dell John F 20 Mar 1972 widower Augusta S   Maplewood
Dembroski Celia   12 Dec 1969 wife Vincent J? ? Holy Sepulchre
Dembroski Vincent J 6 Aug 1969 husband Celia?   Holy Sepulchre
Demcovich John Charles   1 Oct 1980 husband     Maplewood
Deming A. J.           Maplewood
Deming E. M. C. W.           Maplewood
Deming L. R. P.           Maplewood
Deming Titus   11 Aug 1833       Maplewood
Deroller June M ???? wife Leo H ? Maplewood
Deroller Leo, Pfc. H 14 Jun 1978 husband June M   Maplewood
Deschler Carrie   1956       Maplewood
Deutschbein Hazel   14 Oct 1974 wife Herman Cooper W Webster
Deutschbein Herman G 5 Jul 1974 wife Hazel   W Webster
Dewitte Charlie   20 Jun 1875 son Daniel & Sarah L {Only} Maplewood
Di Orio Anthony   ????       Mt Hope Cem
Dickerman Stephen   1978       Maplewood
Dieffenbacher Clarence E 1956       Maplewood
Dieffenbacher Monica F 19??       Maplewood
Dikeman Almira   18 May 1863       E Bapt. Ch.
Dikeman Charlotte   18 Jan 1842 wife Enoch Dikeman ? E Bapt. Ch.
Dikeman Emily   1916 daughter Alfred Williams Williams Mt Hope Cem
Dikeman Emmit E 1898 husband Rebecca M   Maplewood
Dikeman Enoch   11 May 1849       E Bapt. Ch.
Dikeman Herbert, Dr. C 1945       Maplewood
Dikeman John   ????       Mt Hope Cem
Dikeman Rebecca M 26 Feb 1898 wife Emmit E Brown Maplewood
Dikeman Vernita   5 Nov 1913 daughter Herbert & Lillie "single" Pine Hill
Dillabough Edward H 1934       Maplewood
Diver Charles   16 Jan 1972       N Rush Cem
Diver D. M 5 Sep 1909 husband Polly A. Diver   Brininstool
Diver Daniel   24 Apr 1851 husband Eleanor   Bushman
Diver Eleanor   18 Nov 1857 wife Daniel ? Bushman
Diver Eunice   1897     Fishbeck Maplewood
Diver Orpha   2 Oct 1878 wife Bingham Tillotson Maplewood
Diver Polly A 13 Aug 1894 wife D. M. Diver Brininstool Brininstool
Dixon Earl J 1976       Maplewood
Dixon Fred J 1931 husband     Maplewood
Dixon Frederick A 10 Dec 1974       Maplewood
Donaldson Cyril   25 Apr 1975       Unknown
Donnals ?, Mr.   ???? father Mabel Donnals   Mt Hope Cem
Donnelly Sarah   15 Jul 1840       Tinker
Dorscheid Joseph, Pvt. T 25 Jul 1979       Maplewood
Dorscheid Pearl (Johnson)   1979 wife 1-Ralph,2-Joseph T Baldwin Maplewood
Dowling Francis J 26 Feb 1966 husband Lois R   Maplewood
Dowling Lois R 10 Mar 1976 widow Francis J ? Maplewood
Down Joseph   19 Jul 1829       Brown Cem
Downey Evelyn L ???? wife William H ? Maplewood
Downey William H 1962 husband Evelyn   Maplewood
Dreher Henry   2 Dec 1910 husband ?   Mt Hope Cem
Dreher Marie A 20 Feb 1959       Mt Hope Cem
Drummond Kevin G 20 Jul 1974     "Infant" Unknown
Druselmann Caroline   1907 wife Frank ? Maplewood
Druselmann Frank   19?? husband Caroline   Maplewood
Du Prey Robert J 27 Aug 1975       Pine Ridge
Du Vall Della   11 Jan 1973       Holy Sepulchre
Duclos Albert (Duke) J 10 Jan 1974       Holy Sepulchre
Dumphy Howard   1957       Maplewood
Dunham Bernard J 22 Jul 1972       Cremated
Dunmire Richard L 3 Oct 1967       Tinker
Dunmire Richard, Sgt. L 2 Oct 1967       Maplewood
Dunn Bertha C 1964 widow Fred Loren Calkins Maplewood
Dunn Blanche   1949 wife Leroy T Haley Maplewood
Dunn Byron   27 Feb 1873       Maplewood
Dunn Caroline   1928       Maplewood
Dunn Clara J 12 Jan 1873 daughter   "infant" Maplewood
Dunn Frank W 1922 widower Jennie E Crosby   Maplewood
Dunn Fred L 1950 husband Bertha Calkins   Maplewood
Dunn Harriet E 1927 widow Hiram Reed Maplewood
Dunn Hiram   1916 husband Harriet E   Maplewood
Dunn Isabella   1935 wife William S Hanks Maplewood
Dunn James   1875 husband Rebecca Dunn   Maplewood
Dunn Jennie E 1905 wife Frank W Dunn Crosby Maplewood
Dunn Leroy T 16 Sep 1966 widower Blanche Haley   Maplewood
Dunn Lila B 1964 widow Romeyn S ? Maplewood
Dunn Matilda   1905 widow William Search Maplewood
Dunn Rebecca   1886 widow James Dunn ? Maplewood
Dunn Robert   1877 son James & Rebecca "single" Maplewood
Dunn Robert   1926       Maplewood
Dunn Romeyn, 1st Lt. S 30 Aug 1959 husband Lila B   Maplewood
Dunn Twin 1   10 Mar 1911 son Leroy F & Blanche "infant" Maplewood
Dunn Twin 2   10 Mar 1911 son Leroy F & Blanche "infant" Maplewood
Dunn Wesley   1898       Maplewood
Dunn Wilbur, Sgt. R 25 May 1941       Maplewood
Dunn William   1887 husband Matilda Search   Maplewood
Dunn William S 1942 widower Isabella Hanks   Maplewood
Dunphy Jessie P 1977       Maplewood
Durfee Fannie, Mrs.   4 Apr 1826 wife B.W.Durfee ? Brown Cem
Durfee Phebe Maria   5 Jul 1829 daughter B.W & Fannie "Infant" Brown Cem
Durvill Alexander, Sgt.   10 Apr 1877       Maplewood



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