Master Index to Interments
1871 thru 1883

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
Rochester, Monroe County, New York

Copied from Microfilm
Charlene Freundlich
Henrietta, Monroe County, New York
1991 - 1994

Combined into Master Index
Kenneth L. Veneron
Henrietta, Monroe County, New York



Holy Sepulchre Roman Catholic Cemetery with an official address of2461 Lake Avenue is sited about one half mile North of Ridge Roadand goes from almost the Genesee River on the East, intersected byLake Avenue, to Dewey Avenue on the West. Interment number oneaccording to the record book was on September 18, 1871. Thecemetery is still in use today. Interments from St. Patrick's, St.Joseph's, Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Bonafice and Holy Familycemeteries have been moved to this cemetery.

There were 7670 interment records entered from 1871 through theend of 1883. The count by year 137 in 1871, 596 in 1872, 543 in1873, 543 in 1874, 769 in 1875, 592 in 1876, 536 in 1877, 484 in1878, 562 in 1879, 694 in 1880, 765 in 1881, 739 in 1882 and 739in 1883.

The Interment Record spans two pages. Each record consists of:

on Left page;

on Right page;

The Interment Record books were probably microfilmed by acommercial microfilm company. The diocesan records weremicrofilmed in 1986 by a crew from The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-Day Saints at the Wilmot Library on the Nazareth College ofRochester campus. This microfilming project included filming allavailable parish records of the diocese of Rochester through theend of 1910. The interment film is available for viewing atNazareth Library or at any of the LDS Family History Centers. TheLDS Film Number is 1,430,999. The film is in the 16mm format.

The combined index records consist of: Surname, Given name(s),Record number and Year of interment. Miscellaneous records arefound before the A's. Clergy and Nuns are found both in the A - Zsection and ahead of the A's under their respective categories.There are a few records that are duplicated under dual surnamelistings.

The thirteen typewritten annual indexes provided by CharleneFreundlich were eventually merged into one master interment index.To get there it was necessary to transfer the documents thruseveral computer manipulations.

The annual indexes were sent from a Sharp UX-184 Fax machinewhich was connected to my 386 DX-40 computer using a SVAFAXSCANNER S22-1022 as the local innerconnection. In thecomputer the modem was accessed by Bitfax/Bitcom for windowsversion 2.12/1.05D Easy by Cheyenne Software, Inc which hadCaere's Any Fax OCR built into it. This converted the Faxes intoASCII text files.

Alpha4 version 3.3 database program was used to merge and convertthe ASCII text files into a usable database.

WordPerfect version 6.1 for Windows was used to edit the Alpha4database output.


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