Burial records of the old section of North Chili Rural Cemetery
Chili, New York


This cemetery is located on the north side of Buffalo Road just to the east of the intersection with Union Street. These are the burial record from the North Chili Rural Cemetery Association for the old section of the cemetery. The Association refers to this section by the old name of Evergreen Cemetery.

Also see burials in the new section of this cemetery and a list of tombstones.

The row and section in the last column of the tables refer to sections on this map.


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Ackerman Mary Ackerman 75yr-1843 w / James 5-C19
Adams Newton B.Adams 1855-1931   19-L23
Adams Ella 1857-1914 w / Newton B. Adams 19-L23
Adams Minnie M. 1866-1957 w / Newton B. Adams 19-L23
Adams Harold Adams 1890-1979   19-L23
Adams Ida Adams 1890-1970 w / Harold Adams 19-L23
Adams John R. Adams, Rev. 1859-1942   21-M5
Adams Marion B. Adams 1863-1932 w / Rev. John Adams 21-M5
Alexander Ruth 1912-1924   21-M10
Alexander William Alexander 1887-1928   21-M10
Alexander Ethel M.Alexander 1890-1977   21-M10
Allis Asa Allis 72yr-1877   11-F27
Allis Amalia Allis 1814-1892   11-F27
Allis Madison 07mo-1841 s / Asa & Amalia 11-F27
Allis Mellissa? ____-1850 d / Asa & Amalia 1l-F27
Amish George Amish 1863-1944 father 21-N5
Amish Emma Sink Amish 1869-1927 mother 21-N5
Amish Edward H. Amish* 1891-1952 *ww-l 21-N5
Amish Florence C. Amish 1896-1986   21-N5
Amish Chester R. Amish 1909-1944   21-N5
Angell Marrietta Angell Wheeler 1834-1919 w / Geo. Wheeler--d / Steven & Sally Angell 4-B23
Angell Steven Angell 88yr-1888   4-B23
Angell Sally Archer Angell 72yr-1875 w / Steven Angell 4-B23
Angell Steven A. Angell 28yr-1869 s / Steven & Sally 4-B23
Angell Sarah L. Angell 27yr-1873 w / Steven A. Angell 4-B23
Anthony Charles H. Anthony 1886-1970   21-M25
Anthony Bertha G. 1888-1968   21-M25
Archer Lillis 57yr-1837 w / John ?
Arms Emeline 56yr-1872 w / Alonzo (?) 5-C6


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Babcock Asa Babcock* 83yr-1869 *war-1812 11-F25
Babcock Mary 69yr-1851 w / Asa Babcock 11-F25
Babcock Lorenzo Babcock 1814-1890   11-F25
Babcock Lydia P. 1819-1892 w / Lorenzo Babcock 11-F25
Babcock Mortimer De Witt Babcock 07yr-188_? s / Lorenzo & Lydia 11-F25
Babcock George G . Babcock 50yr-1867   12-F14
Babcock Jane 80yr-1898 w / George G. Babcock 12-F14
Babcock Ida. Estell Babcock 06yr-1861 d / George & Jane Babcock 12-F14
Babcock George Burdett ____-____   12-F14
Babcock Luran 88yr-? _/____Babcock 12-F14
Bacon Mary 36yr -1848 w / James Bacon 11-H15
Bacon Charles L. Bacon, Rev . 1858-1926 RWC 12-F26
Bacon Mary Hooper ( Hoover) ? 1869-1964 w / Charles Bacon 12-F26
Bacon Otis O. Bacon, Rev. 68yr -1896   12-F26
Bailey William Bailey 1847-1938   17-L16
Bailey Elizabeth Bailey 1847-1933   17-L16
Baker Lucy Baker 70yr-1832 w / Nathan Baker, Esq. 7-C40
Baldwin Mary Jane 26yr-1852 w / Truman Baldwin  
Baldwin Mary J. Baldwin "Jennie" 15yr-1867 d / T. E.& M. J. (Truman & Mary Jane) 3-A28
Baldwin Timothy G. Baldwin* 83yr-1872 *war-1812 5-B24
Baldwin Amanda Baldwin 66yr-1858 w / Timothy Baldwin 5-B24
Baldwin George H. Baldwin 1831-1908   5-B24
Baldwin Mary E. 1833-1914 w / George Baldwin 5-B24
Baldwin Joel Baldwin 62yr-1859   13-H3
Baldwin Susan 46yr-1837 w / Joel Baldwin 13-H3
Baldwin Susan S. 06yr-1838 d / Joel & Aman ? (Susan) 13-H3
Baldwin Peter Baldwin 28yr-1834   15-F32
Baldwin M . E. Hesketh 1857-1917 mother 6-B7
Ballou Albert Stephen Ballou 08yr-1879 s / Rev. S. S. & A. M. Ballou 13-F8
Barnes Abigail Campbell 23yr-1857 w / Freeman Barnes 13-F20
Barrett John R. Barrett 1820-1908   4-B12
Barrett Mary W. Barrett 1823-1888 w / John R. Barrett 4-B12
Barrett John Barrett* 1790-1869 *war-1812 4-B12
Barrett Martha R. Barrett 1799-1869   4-B12
Barrett Ella Warner Barrett 1847-1902 ww / Lewis Barrett 4-D10
Barron William W . 19da-1874 s / G. & E. Barron 1-B9
Barron Emily E. 27yr-1875 w / G. Barron 1-B9
Bassett Earl Bassett 1906-1929   19-N18B
Baxter ?? Keith, George? ____-____ ?   15-E24
Beaman Edwin T. Beaman 1902-1942   4-B23
Beaman H ilda L. 1906-1969   4-B24
Beaman Burton C. Beaman 1927-1992 s / Edwin & Hilda Beaman 4-B25
Beaman James E. Beaman 1939-1979 s / Edwin & Hilda Beaman 6-B22
Beaman Allen H. Beaman 1908-1991   5-B22
Beaman Ruth 1909-1977   5-B22
Beaman Charles A Beaman 1867-1933   7-B22
Beaman Sarah J. 1868-1943   7-B22
Beaman Andrew J. Beaman 1898-1950   6-B22
Beardsley Anna G. Beardsley 1855-1924   18-M17
Beardsley Edward S. Beardsley 03rno-1880 s / Wm. & Anna Beardsley 18-M17
Belknapp Abel Belknapp* 84yr-1838 war 1776 5-B24
Belknapp Bathiah Belknapp 78yr-1833 w / Abel Belknapp 5-B24
Belknapp John Belknapp 41yr-1831   14-K11
Belknapp Olive Belknapp 27yr-1825   14-K11
Benedict Delos E. Benedict 1858-1942   4-B4
Benedict Emily Benedict 1858-1915   4-B4
Benedict Norman A 1863-1890   4-B4
Benedict Frederick 1816-1886   4-B4
Benedict Sarah Maneville 1822-1896 w / Frederick Benedict 4-B4
Benedict Norman R. 1891-1971   4-B4
Benton Kendrick Benton 1838-1923   4-D19
Benton Freelove Angell Benton   w / Kendrick 4-D19
Bickford Allen Fay 07yr-1865 s / ____ Bickford 14-E16
Bickford Olivia Bickford 14yr-1865 d / Joseph & Rhoda Bickford 16-E26
Bickford Solon E. Bickford 08yr-1865 s / Joseph & Rhoda Bickford 16-E26
Bittle Joseph Bittle 84yr-1913   4-D10
Bittle Julia Layne 57yr-1893 w / Joseph Bittle 4-D10
Blim Albert E. Blim 1867-1948   19-N3
Blim Grace M. Blim 1872-1969   19-N3
Blowers Hasson Andrew Blowers 1860-1926   20-M14
Blowers Lucia Slocum Blowers 1850-1928   20-M14
Blowers Charles J. Blowers 1890-1853   21-M15
Blowers Myrtle N. Blowers 1897-1990   21-M15
Blowers Newell A Blowers 1889-1983   21-M15
Blowers Bessie M. Blowers 1891-1857   21-M15
Bolland Arthur Lewis Bolland 1929-1933   15-H19
Bond AbeI T. Bond 1859-1927   20-M9
Bond Carrie 1860-1919 w / Abel T. Bond 20-M9
Bond John F. Bond 1891-1934   20-M9
Bond Harry O. Bond 1899-1966   20-M9
Bond Lucy H. 1898-1978 w / Harry O. Bond 20-M9
Bovee William L. Bovee 1865-1925   20-L9
Bovee Lotta M. Bovee 1872-1920   20-L9
Brace Eunice Brace 58yr-1829 w / Asa 6-D30
Bradford John B. Bradford 75yr-1921   3-B11
Brainard Calvin Brainard 1778-1863   16-F12
Brainard Sarah 1775-1858 w / Calvin Brainard 16-F12
Brainard Claudius Brainard, Rev. 1804-1891   16-F12
Brainard Nancy S. 1810-1901 w / Rev. Claudius Brainard 16-F12
Brainard Roswell 1839-1902   16-F12
Brainard Julia 1844-1857   16-F12
Brainard Emma C. Brainard 1846-1929   17-M1
Brainard Harry C. Brainard 1875-1939   17-M1
Brainard Anna C. Brainard 1874-1948   17-M1
Brainard Laura?     17-M1
Brainard Chauncey Brainard 1849-1920   17-M1
Brainard Emily 1850-1923 w / Chauncey Brainard 17-M1
Brainard Chauncey Brainard baby-1905   17-M1
Brizius Daniel W. Brizius 1854-1927   5-C7
Brizius Dora Brizius 1861-1944   5-C7
Brizius Jessie Alma Brizius 1885-1964   5-C7
Brizius Elsie D. Brizius 1892-1975   5-C7
Brodie Emily L. 37yr-1861 w / Thomas Brodie 2-B20
Bromley Alexander 1817-1900 father 7-B15
Bromley Amelia 1820-1890 w / Alexander 7-B15
Bromley Julia A 1842-1918   7-B15
Bromley Walter C. 1852-1928   7-B15
Bromley Martin Bromley 65yr-1856 father 14-F22
Bromley Fanny 81yr-1875 w / Martin Bromley 14-F22
Bromley Lucinda 48yr-1879 d / Martin & Fanny Bromley 14-F22
Bromley George W. Bromley ____-____ ?   14-F22
Bromley Lucy 62yr-1884 w / George Bromley 14-F22
Brown James Brown* 75yr-1867 *war-1812 12-H2
Brown Mary 39yr-1844 w / James Brown 12-H2
Brown Jennie G. Gundry 1870-1898 w / Albert L. Brown 14-E16
Brown Nettie M. Brown 1869-1955 sister of Mary Decker 18-N12
Brown Bert A, Brown 1866-1957   19-M8
Brown Emaline A Brown 1870-1943   19-M8
Buckwell Ramona A. Buckwell 74yr-2002 d / Ed. & Florence Amish 19-N5
Burke B. B. Burke, Miss 1831-1899   3-B21
Burritt Julia Burritt 1887-1946   13-K4
Butcher Anna L. 1907-1992   1-A13
Butcher Samuel J. Butcher 1850-1928 father 5-C21
Butcher Anna L. Butcher 1851-1947 mother 5-C21
Butcher John Butcher 1883-1946   5-C21
Butcher Gertrude I. Butcher 1886-1952   5-C21
Butcher Ernest 92yr-2009 s / John & Gertrude Butcher *ww-II 5-C21
Butcher Oliver L. Butcher 1904-2000   18-N22
Butcher Josephine N. Butcher 1908-1965 w / Oliver Butcher 18-N22
Butcher Amanda H. Butcher 1857-1937   19-N13
Butcher Stanley W. Butcher 1859-1938   20-M24
Butcher Anna Anthony 1885-1920 w / Stanley Butcher 20-M24
Butcher Mary E. 1867-1921   20-M24
Butcher Veva Gardner Tholin Butcher 1901-1989   21-M20


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Cady Charles H. Cady 1874-1955   3-A8
Cady Clifford M. Cady 1897-1981   4-A9
Cady Ethel G. Cady 1897-1972   4-A9
Cady Jeremiah B. 1863-1920   4-A9
Cady Lulu Sprague 1866-1926 w / Jeremiah B. 4-A9
Cady Ellen R. 01yr-1862? d / A. H. & C. M. Cady 4-A9
Cady Anson H. Cady 1833-1906 father 5-A10
Cady Catherine M. 1834-1905 mother 5-AI0
Cady Irving? 1861-1868 brother 5-A10
Cady Simeon S. Cady 34mo-1880 s / A. H. & C. M. 5-A10
Cady Vettie 06yr-1871 s / A. H. & C. M. 5-A10
Campbell William 01yr-1820 s / Wm. & Sarah Campbell 14-F29
Campbell Loanni I. 07yr-1826 s / Roswell & Abigail Campbell 14-F29
Campbell Phebe Campbell 73yr-1826   14-F29
Campbell Susan S. 14yr-1835 d / Levi & Mary Campbell 14-F29
Campbell Salina S. 02yr-1857 d / Wm. & Caroline Buzzell 14-F29
Campbell Mary 56yr-1815 w / Levi Campbell 14-F29
Carmel Levi E. Carmel* 63yr-1902 *NY Infantry, 1861 15-E24
Carver Victor E. Carver 1899-1990   19-N3
Carver Marie G. Carver 1898-1978   19-N3
Case Helen S. ____-1875 w / Norman Case 4-A16
Case Jane 20yr-1833 w / James S. Case 11-H25
Case Raymond J. Case 1882-1969   20-N9
Cate John Cate 84yr-1848   12-H2
Cate Mary Cate 79yr-1844.   12-H2
Cate Charles H. 19yr-1835 s / Franklin & Hannah M. 12-H2
Chamberlain Florence Chamberlain 1902-1943   l-C24
Chamberlain Joseph Chamberlain 1871-1942   1-C25
Chamberlain Rosa A. 1872-1937   1-C26
Chamberlain Stanley F. 1910-1975 ashes 1-C27
Chase Sawka Chase 1906-1991   19-N23
Chase Daria 1913-1977   19-N23
Clark Lucius B. Clark 42yr-1843   13-H28
Clark Calinda ? (Celinda) 83yr-1889 w / Lucius Clark 13-H28
Clark Cynthia 05mo-1838 d / Lucius & Celinda Clark 13-H28
Clark Sarah Ellen 03mo-1840 d / Lucius & Celinda Clark 13-H28
Clark Ellen S. 22yr-1849 w / Roswell Clark 13-H28
Clark Nathan Clark* 82yr-1872 *war-1812 14-E10
Clark Ame 46yr-1839 w / Nathan F. Clark 14-E10
Clark Sophia 87yr-1887 w / Nathan F. Clark 14-E10
Clark Eliphalet Clark* 79yr-1840 *war-1776 14-E10
Clark John L. Clark 79yr-1896   14-E16
Clark Ellen Jane 65yr-1889 w / John L. Clark 14-E16
Clark Lucius W. 06yr-1864 s / John & Jane M. Clark 14-E16
Clark Harvey Clark 1828-1900   6-A24
Clark Alice 1836-1914 w / Harvey Clark 6-A24
Clark Frankie ____-1875 s / Harvey & Alice Clark 6-A24
Clark L. Franklin Clark. Rev. 1857-1926   14-H29
Clark Annette M. Lyon 1867-1938 w / Franklin L. Clark 14-H29
Clark Charles F. Clark 1891-1972   14-H29
Clark Iva Mc Kinney 1895-1989   14-H29
Clay Lillie Clay 04yr-1874 d / H. & A. Clay 4-A16
Cole Willet F. Cole 1874-1949   19-M18
Cole Katherine I. Flanigan Cole 1883-1962 w / Willet F. Cole 19-M18
Coleman Jane Coleman 1846-1902 mother 13-H18
Coleman James Coleman 1868-1960   13-H20
Coleman Marion Taylor Coleman 1871-1932   13-H20
Collier John Willard ____-____??   14-H10
Collier Sophia 24yr-1834 w /Thomas 14-H10
Collier James Collier 30yr-1827   14-H10
Collier Lizzie E. 15yr-1853 d / John & Mary Collier 14-H10
Collister A. F. Collister* 1834-1902 *war-1861 2-B27
Collister Jane Tullar 1840-1908 w / A. F. Collister 2-B27
Collister Harry Tullar Collister 1867-1924   2-B27
Collister Royce R. Collister 1873-1932   2-B27
Collister Mary L. 1880-1934 w / Edwin? 2-B27
Collister Charlotte P. Kingsbury 1830-1904 w / Charles P. Collister 19-M8
Collister Ida Collister 1860-1917   19-M8
Collister Annie K Collister 1866-1946   19-M8
Conklin Smith Conklin 67yr-1866   4-D4
Conklin Susan Eliza 33yr-1836 w / Smith Conklin 4-D4
Cooper Cora C. Cooper 1861-1941   2-A14
Cranston James W. Cranston 1855-1889 (Cranstone ) ? 14-H4
Cranston Sarah T. Cranston 1844-1903   14-H4
Cranston William H. Cranston 20yr-1880 our brother 14-H4
Cranston George Cranston 44yr-1865   14-H4
Cranston Euphemia Cranston 1821-1885   14-H4
Cranston our Libbie (Mary)? ____-1865 d / Geo. & Euphemia Cranston 14-H4
Cummings Lavenia Cummings 81yr-1897   3-C17
Cummings H. Francis Cummings 51yr-1899   3-C17
Cummings B. T. Cummings 1846-1908   3-C17


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Davis Mary 25yr-1844 w / Wm. Davis- d / J. &M, Hadley 2-C25
Davis Fredrick Norman Davis 1874-1964 moved from lot #403 in 1985 3-A8
Davis Harriet M. Stone Davis 1874-1985 w / Fredrick 3-A8
Davis Dallas D. Davis ____-1997   3-A15
Davis Norman Davis 71yr-1876 father 7-A19
Davis Elizabeth C. 1807-1889 w / Norman Davis - mother 7-A19
Davis Edwin Davis 16yr-1865 s / Norman & Elizabeth 7-A19
Davis Hiram 1808-1883   7-A25
Davis Caroline 1822-1898   7-A25
Davis Arthur S. 1862-1924   7-A25
Davis Frankie M. 1862-1952 w / Arthur S. Davis 7-A25
Davis Henry Davis 1791-1872   13-F15
Davis Ruth C. Davis 1799-1853 w / Henry Davis 13-F15
Davis Albert A. 1833-1908   13-F15
Davis Rowena M. 1836-1885   13-F15
Davis B. Franklin* 1839-1864 *war-1861 13-F15
Davis Ruby E. Davis 1867-1875   13-F15
Davis Carrie R. Davis 1862-1883   13-F15
Davis Ruby Rowe Davis 1830-1893   13-F15
Davis George H. Davis 1829-1893   13-F15
Davis Albert Arthur Davis 1859-1894   13-F15
Davis Frank Davis 1858-1934 father 17-M11
Davis Harriet Davis 1856-1938 mother 17-M11
Davis John L. Davis 1832-1883   17-M11
Davis Elizabeth 1833-1911 w / John L. Davis 17-M11
Decker George W. Decker 1864-1933   18-N12
Decker Mary B. Decker 1865-1936   18-N12
Decker George C. Decker, Jr. ____-1908   18-N12
Decker Charles A Decker 1905-1922   18-N12
Decker Helen S. Decker 1903-1986   18-N12
Deuel Cornelia Deuel 1832-1867   5-A17
Deuel Clarence Deuel 1856-1917   5-A17
Deuel Fannie Deuel 1858-1907   5-A17
Deuel Viola Deuel 1860-1925   5-A17
Deuel Clare J. Deuel 1879-1970   5-A17
Deuel William H. Deuel 1839-1881   14-F22
Deuel Frances A Deuel 1850-1921   14-F22
Deuel Louise Gundry Deuel 1881-1925   19-N8A
DeWitt Charles Robert DeWitt 1876-1957   17-N16
DeWitt Cora Sellew De Witt 1880-1958   17-N16
Dunbar Bela Dunbar 1804-1885   13-F9
Dunbar Calista Potter Dunbar 1808-1850 w / Bela Dunbar 13-F9
Dunbar Sarah Ellen 02yr-1854 d / Bela & Calista Dunbar 13-F9
Dunning Thomas Dunning 1848-1924   4-B23
Dunning Augusta Angell Dunning 1838-1919 w / Thomas Dunning 4-B23
Dye Nettie ____-____?   8-L18


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Embling George F. Embling 1911 -1962 father 21-L15
Embling Helen S. Embling 1915-1946 mother 21-L15
Embling Louise E. Embling 1916-2006 w / George Embling 21-L15
Emmons B. F. Emmons 38yr-1823   16-F33
Emmons Emily Emmons 1817-1900 w / B.F. Emmons 16 -F33
Emmons Henry F . Emmons 23yr-1869 s / B. F. & E .C. Emmons 16-F33
Emmons Lousia F. Emmons 15yr-1867 d / B. F. & E.C. Emmons 16-F33
Erickson Conrad Erickson * 79yr-2003 *ww-II 3-K09
Erickson Lili R. 87yr-2009 w / Conrad Erickson 3 -K09
Evans John Evans* 82yr-1833 *war-1776 15-F32
Evans Martha 66yr-1820 w / John Evans 15-F32
Evans Hannah 91yr-1840 w / John Evans 15-F32
Evans Carter Evans 82yr-1873   15-F32
Evans Thankful Evans 61yr-1854 w / Carter E.-d / Joel & Sarah (Susan?) Baldwin 15-F32
Evans Lyman Evans 38yr-1823   16-F33
Evans Robert Evans 73yr-1848   16-F33
Evans Sally Evans 74yr-1858 w / Robert Evans 16-F33


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Fairbanks Ray Fairbanks 1884-1936   7-A12
Fairbanks Jessie J. Fairbanks 1890-1963   7-A12
Farwell George W. Farwell 1809-1893   11-E19
Farwell Betsy M . 1813-1883 w / George Farwell 11-E19
Farwell G. Selwyn Farwell* 1839-1893 *war-1861 11-E19
Farwell Cynthia A. 1838-1902 w / G. Selwyn Farwell 11-EI9
Fenton Mark V . Fenton* 1893-1970 *ww-1 21-N10
Fenton Florence E. Fenton 1894-1927   21-N10
Fitzsimmons Helen Anne ____-____? w / Fitzsimmons-d / Layfette & ____? 12-F7
Flanigan Frank Flanigan 1848-1933   19-M18
Flanigan Katherine Hatz 1860-1908 w / Frank Flanigan 19-M18
Floyd Susie Floyd 71yr-1974   20-L9
Fox Joseph Fox 73yr-1881   7-C11
Fox Esther Wilcox Fox 63yr-1860 w / Joseph Fox 7-C11
Fox C. Albert Fox 1874-1959   20-N14
Fox Hattie M . Austin Fox 1871-1927   20-N14
Fox E. Albert Fox 01mo-1906   20-N14
Francis Edward 1819-1903 s / ____ 5-D5
Fuller Edison W. Fuller 1849-1929   15-E11
Fuller Fannie M . 1849-1924 w / Edison W. Fuller 15-E11
Fulton R. O. Fulton 1822-1893   4-C27
Fulton Sarah R. Fulton 1822-1899 w / R. O. Fulton 4-C27
Fulton Robert Fulton 1785-1867   7-C29
Fulton Rhoda G. Fulton 51yr-1850 w / Robert Fulton 7-C29


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Gascoigne Frances M.Gascoigne 41yr-1862 w / William Gasciogne 15-E24
Getman William Getman 1878-1920   19-M18
Getman Anna Flanigan Getman 1885-1947   19-M18
Gorrill I. H. Gorrill, Rev. 1854-1928   21-M25
Gorrill Olive 1865-1925 w / Rev. Gorrill 21-M25
Gould Edgar L. Gould 1897-1961   4-C5
Gould Lida M. Gould 1896-1972   4-C5
Gould Edgar Orville Gould 1963-1943 father 4-C5
Gridley Thomas H.* 1775-1857 *war 1812 1-C31
Gridley Lucilla Kirtland 1781-1826 w / Thomas Gridley 1-C31
Gridley Mary Beaman 1783-1831 w / Thomas Gridley 1-C31
Gridley Giles F. Gridley 1806-1886   1-C31
Gridley Rebecca L. Stevens 1808-1882 w / Giles F. Gridley 1-C31
Gridley Albert H. Gridley 1846-1927   1-C31
Gridley Mary J. 1839-1917   1-C31
Gridley Caroline E. 1834-1923   1-C31
Gridley William K Gridley 54yr-1868   12-F28
Gridley Wealthy A Gridley 42yr-1864 w / William K Gridley 12-F28
Gridley Stephen Gridley 77yr-1861   16-H6
Gridley Sarah 82yr-1870 w / Stephen Gridley 16-H6
Gridley Julia Adaline Gridley 88yr-1909   16-H6
Gridley Clarinda J. 04yr-1820 d / Stephen & Sarah Gridley 16-H6
Gridley Jennette 01yr-1823 d / Stephen & Sarah Gridley 16-H6
Gridley Oliver baby-1824 s / Stephen & Sarah Gridley 16-H6
Groves Electa L. Groves 32yr-1867 w / John Groves? 15-F23
Gundry Milton Gundry 1876-1948   11-F19
Gundry Rilla 35yr-1949   11-F19
Gundry Milton V. Gundry 1876-1948   14-E10
Gundry Frances E. Gundry 1873-1935   14-EI0
Gundry Delbert W. Gundry 1910-1910   14-E10
Gundry Harriet E. Clark 1844-1927 w / Robert Gundry 14-E16
Gundry JonnyW. 01yr-1875 s / Robert & Harriet Gundry 14-E16
Gundry Flora E. 07yr-1875 d / Robert & Harriet Gundry 14-E16


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Hadley Jacob Hadley 1775-1851   2-C25
Hadley Mary Cunningham Hadley 1776-1835   2-C25
Hadley Willis Hadley 1798-1881   2-C25
Haight John Haight 61yr-1879   7-C12
Haight Aurelia Haight 42yr-1855 w / John Haight 7-C12
Haight Fredrick Haight 21yr-1856 s / John & Aurelia 7-C12
Haight John H. Haight 1839-1908   11-E7
Haight Helen A. 39yr-1880 w / John Haight 11-E7
Haight H. Lulu (N. Lulu)? 02mo-1873 d / John & Helen Haight 11-E7
Haight Albert H. Haight 1876-1966   11-E7
Haight Ruth M. 1879-1963   11-E7
Harford Charles Harford 60yr-1881   5-A23
Harford Lutia A. 71yr-1893 w / Charles 5-A23
Harford Lucy? 73yr-1865 w / Benedict 5-A23
Harmon John H. Harmon, Rev. 1852-1928   16-E25
Harmon Elizabeth 1858-1920 w / Rev. John Harmon 16-E25
Harmon William Harmon 1864-1916   19-L18
Harmon Hattie A. 1869-1940 w / William Harmon 19-L18
Harriman John Harriman* 80yr-1871 *war-1812 1-BI9
Harriman Sarah 74yr-1868 w / John Harriman l-B19
Harris Henry Harris 1787-1850   16-F18
Harris Ann 1801-1885 w / Henry Harris 16-F18
Harris Mary 11yr-1850 d / Henry & Ann Harris 16-F18
Harris James 07yr-1850 s / Henry & Ann Harris 16-F18
Hart Ansel Hart 66yr-1861   11-K1
Hart Esther 79yr-1879 w / Ansel hart 11-K1
Hart Betsey 84yr-18__ w / Noah Hart? 13-H3
Hart Elijah M. Hart 42yr-1867   15-F5
Hart Eliza J. 1827-1916 w / Elijah Hart 15-F5
Hart James Hart 1856-1931   15-F5
Hart Emma 1856-1933   15-F5
Hart Harry R. Hart 1900-1917   15-F5
Hart Fred E. Hart 1886-1855   19-M13
Hart Mabel R. 1895-1939   19-M13
Hawkins Anne 38yr-1860? w / Ebenezer Hawkins 2-D2
Hawkins Sarah 35yr-1854 w / James Hawkins 2-D2
Hawkins Hellen   d / James & Sarah 2-D2
Hawkins John Hawkins 85yr-1860   2-D2
Hawkins Elizabeth Mary 1781-1849 w / John 2-D2
Hawkins Elizabeth Hawkins 76yr-1876   2-D2
Hawkins Thomas 29yr-1849 s / John & Eliszbeth Mary 2-D2
Hawkins Charles Matt? (Felt)? 03yr-1848? s / John & Aurelia Hopkins 2-D2
Hawkins Mary 04yr-1848 d / John & Aurelia Hopkins 2-D2
Hawkins John 02yr-1848 s / John & Aurelia Hopkins 2-D2
Hawley Frank. Hawley 1852-1919   20-L14
Hawley Ward Hawley 1854-1929   20-L14
Hawley Emma Hawley 1859-1942   20-L14
Hazen Elihu S. Hazen 1804-1890   15-E17
Hazen Mary E. 1818-1891 w / Elihu S. Hazen 15-El7
Hazen M. Theoda 1856-1864   15-E17
Hazen John F. 1842-1881   15-E17
Hendershott T. H.     1-A26
Hendershott W.     1-A26
Herriman Fred W. Herriman 1870-1878 (Herriman) ? 1-C31
Herriman Mary C. Herriman 1876-1878   1-C31
Herriman Caroline E. Herriman 1834-1923   1-C31
Herriman Harriet L. 1842-1878 w / F. E. Herrman 1-C31
Hibbard Richard P. Hibbard 1854-1944   17-L6
Hibbard Cara M. 1854-1941   17-L6
Hibbard Henry Dean 1886-1907   17-L7
Hibbard Dick, 3rd. 1888-1920 our boy 17-L7
Hibbard Della 1888-1911 our boy 17-LB
Higbie Sidney C. Higbie 1885-1966   17-M16
Higbie Lucy W. 1884-1959   17-M16
Higbie Helen L. 1909-1984   17-M16
Higbie Frank P. Higbie 1854-192?   18-M17
Higbie Nellie King Higbie 1858-1894   18-M17
Hill (William P.) ?     07-B16
Hill M. Adeliade 18yr-1864 d / Wm. & Maria Hill 07-B16
Hill Maria 49yr-1864 w / Wm. P. Hill 07-B16
Hill M. A. H.   (broken) 07-B16
Hill Jennie E. Hill 1874-1927 mother 21-N15A
Hill William C. Hill 1868-1928   21-N15B
Hill Mary Elizabeth Hill 1865-1855   21-N15B
Hilton David Hilton 67yr-1822 *war-1776 12-H17
Hilton Mary Hilton 61yr-1822 w / David Hilton 12-H17
Hilton Erastus 23yr-1830 s / Levi & Eunice 12-H17
Hilton Lovina 22yr-1830 d / Levi & Eunice 12-H17
Hilton Faron 23yr-1822 s / Levi & Eunice 12-H17
Hilton Anna 15yr-1835 d / Levi & Eunice 12-H17
Hitchcock Amy Hitchcock 56yr-1860 w / David A Hitchcock 14-F21
Hitchcock Harriet Hitchcock ? 08yr-1860 d / David & Amy Hitchcock 14-F21
Hoare Edwin 68yr-1893 *Civil war 3-B28
Hoare Kezia 1827-1916 w / Edwin Hoare 3-B28
Hogle Martha Hogle 1841-1923   2-A14
Holly Amzi L. Holly     11-FI9
Holly Marcia Stillson Holly 1807-1881 ( Marcia Stillman )? 11-FI9
Holly Sarah Winans Holly 1832-1855 d / Amzi & Marcia Holly 11-F19
Hopkins Emeline T. Tullar 19yr-1885 w / L. D. C. Hopkins-d / Harry & Cath. Tullar 2-B27
Houston Ward Emerson Houston, Sr.     16-H22
Houston Jennie Hill 1861-1946   16-H22
Houston Ward Emerson Houston, Jr. 69yr-1959   16-H22
Houston Lucy E. 1868-1935   16-H22
Hovey Charles M. Hovey 1820-1903   14-F4
Hovey Eliza P. Hovey 1819-1901   14-F4
Hovey Wellington Hovey 1846-1900   14-F4
Hovey Sarah Jane Hovey 1848-1913   14-F4
Hovey Willis 03mo-1868 s / Wellington & Jennie Hovey 14-F4
Hovey Fred Hovey 1877-1914 brother 14-F4
Hovey Nellie 1872-1915 sister 14-F4
Howell Josiah Howell 59yr-1847   4-C35
Howell Mary 55yr-1843 w / Josiah Howell 4-C35
Howell Carrie (Nellie I. McGregor)? 1863-1907 mother 4-C35
Howell C. B. Howell 38yr-1860   4-C35
Howell ____Albert? 04yr-   4-C35
Howell Edmund W. Howell 1816-1890   18-M7
Howell Jane O. 1817-1904 w / Edmund W. Howell 18-M7
Howell (baby) Ruth?     18-M7
Howell J. Allen Howell 1846-1924   19-L13
Howell Valeda A Howell 1848-1924 w / J. Allen Howell 19-L13
Howell Selwyn F. Howell 1871-1927 s / James & Valeda Howell 19-L13
Hubbard Richard P. Hubbard 1813-1895   17-L12
Hubbard Lousia L. 1820-18894 w / Richard P. Hubbard 17-L12
Hubbard Wallace P. 03mo-1843 s / Richard & Louisa Hubbard 17-L12
Hubbard Elsie L. 06mo-1856 d / Richard & Louisa Hubbard 17-L12
Hubbard Etta L. 03mo-1866 d / Richard & Louisa Hubbard 17-L12
Hubbard Richard, 3rd* 1888-1920 *ww-I  
Hughes Raymond E. Hughes 1911-1990   6-D12
Hughes Willeta Spotts Hughes 1910-1950   6-D12
Hulbert Edith Hulbert 1842-1925   4-D34
Hurry Thomas S. Hurry 49yr-1866   2-B2
Hurry Mary 66yr-1886 w / Thomas Hurry 2-B2
Hurry Louiasa 1857-1894 _ / Thomas Hurry 2-B2
Hutchings William Hutchings 1801-1885   7-A30
Hutchings Martha Hutchings 67yr-1875 w / William Hutchings 7-A30
Hutchings John Bradfield Hutchings 1829-1900   7-B8
Hutchings Susan Shepard Hutchings 1835-1924   7-B8
Hutchings Helen 1861-1888   7-B8
Hutchings Albert 1863-1926   7-B8
Hutchings Alice M. 1868-1949   7-88
Hutchings Harriet 1870-1955   7-88
Hutchings William 1864-1950   7-88
Hutchings Fred B. Hutchings 1865-1949   21-LI0
Hutchings Mary E. 1875-1947   21-LI0
Hutchings Thelda 1909-1963   21-L10
Hutchings Donald J. Hutchings 1903-1984   21-L10
Hutchings Stella M. 1911-1999 w / Donald Hutchings 21-L10
Hutton James Hutton 1830-1908   16-E18
Hutton Susannah 40yr-1873 w / James Hutton 16-E18
Hutton Thriza Sparks Hutton 1847-1894 w ! James Hutton 16-E18
Hutton Edward Hutton 1861-1940   19-N8B
Hutton Lillie Hubbard 1866-1959 w / Edward Hutton 19-N8B
Hutton Charles N. Hutton 1887-1954   19-N8B
Hutton Lucy A 1888-1973   19-N8B
Hutton Fred K. Hutton     19-N13
Hutton Nettie Smith 1866-1939 w / Fredrick Hutton 19-N13


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Irvine Edney ( Eoney) ? 1849-1899 w / Robert Irvine 15-E24
Johnson Bessie 83yr-1970   l-A01
Johnson Lily E. L. Johnson ____-1944   2-C41
Johnson Francis Johnson 45yr-1945 d / Rufus & Hannah Johnson 2-C13
Johnson Jennie Johnson 1853-1936   3-A8
Johnson Seldon A. Johnson 1856-1934   4-B23
Johnson Mary Barham ____ -1859 w / Seldon A. Johnson 4-B23
Johnston John Bradford 75yr-1914   3-B11
Johnston Margaret B. Johnston 72yr-1921   3-B11
Johnston Elizabeth J. Johnston ____-1930   3-B11
Johnston William B. Johnston 68yr-1870   3-B11
Johnston Margaret P. Johnston 60yr-1867 w / Wm. Johnston 3-B11
Johnston James Johnston* 45yr-1888 *war-1861 3-B11
Johnston David R. Johnston 30yr-1874   3-B11
Johnston Alexander Johnston 87yr-1890   4-A16
Johnston Anna Johnston 1841-1926   4-D33
Jones Hattie 16yr-1875 d / Philow & Sarah Jones 1-BI7


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Keith Luella A. Decker Keith 1891-1957   18-N12
King Albert H. King 1823-1892   17-M16
King Dorinda H. Hawley 1825-1907 w / Albert H. King 17-M16
King Jennie D. 02yr-1868 d / Albert & Dorinda King 17-M16
Kingsbury Adaline M. ____-1848 d / John & Fanny 3-C4
Kingsbury Harlow Kingsbury* 1822-1904 *Mex/Am war 3-C4
Kingsbury Mary A. 1841-1907 w / Harlow Kingsbury 3-C4
Kingsbury Fanny 86yr-1886 w / John Kingsbury 3-C4
Kingsbury John 81yr-1877   3-C4
Kingsley Wm. Kingsley 44yr-1865   5-B5
Kinnear John 1862-1924   3-B33
Kinnear Matilda 1858-1929 w / John 3-B33
Kinnear Andrew Kinnear 1837-1925 ?   3-B33
Kinnear Jane 1832-1902 w / Andrew 3-B33


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
LaBelle Charles W. 44yr-1989 moved from 1004   8/2004 17-L21
LaBelle Laura B. 93yr-2004 moved from 1004  8/2004 17-L21
Lane Nancy Miller Lane 1847-1935 m / __ Hughes 1-D23
Langloss Elijah Langloss 53yr-1859   3-B29
Langloss Mary Langlosa 43yr-1859 w / Elijah 3-B29
Langmead John B. Langmead 1868-1935   19-L18
Langmead Louise Pitts 1873-1940 w / John Langmead 19-L18
Langmead Marie Edna Langmead baby-____?   19-L18
Lauer Emily Rose Lauer 1865-1932   4-B22
Lawton Celia M. Lawton 1888-1969   19-L8
Leaky Ruth Fox Leaky 1902-1963   20-N14
Leaky Albert Fox Leaky 1928-1974   20-N14
Leaky William Leakey 47yr-2002 s / Albert & Margaret Leakey (ashes) 20-N14
Leonard Eugene G. Leonard 1889-1929   19-N18A
Leonard Jennie I. Leonard 1893-1974   19-N18A
Leonard Lovena J. 1913-1929 d / Eugenr & Jennie Leonard 19-N18A
Leonard Delta J. 1923-1929 d / Eugenr & Jennie Leonard 19-N18A
Leonard Laddie G. 1925-1929 s / Eugene & Jennie Leonard 19-N18A
Lock Elizabeth 76yr-1876 w / Thomas Lock 2-D2
Lowe George S. Lowe 1800-1868   3-B21
Lowe Amelia E. Lowe 1804-1886   3-B21
Lowe S. H.     3-B21
Lynde Burdette J. Lynde, Dr. 33yr-1851   6-C8
Lynde Mary Lynde 43yr-1840 w / John Lynde 6-C8
Lyon Frederick L. Lyon* 1911-1949 *pvt. 3rd Inf., war-1918 21-M25


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
McConnell Willie 1872-1886   2-A27
McConnell Carrie 1865-1937   2-A27
McFee James McFee 1860-1943   7-C9
McFee Marion F. 1866-1948   7-C9
McFee ?? 67yr-____   7-C9
McFee James McFee 1830-1915   14-E23
McFee Elizabeth 1828-1903 w / James McFee 14-E23
McFee Martha 1858-1864 d / James & Elizabeth McFee 14-E23
McFee John McFee 1858-1931   20-L19
McFee Ida McFee 1859-1944   20-L19
McFee E. Arlene McFee 1893-1918   20-L19
McFee Raymond McFee 1895-1984   20-L19
McFee Ruth McFee 1898-1987   20-L19
McFee William McFee 1864-1929   21-L20
McFee Catherine Cady McFee 1879-1963   21-L20
McFee John McFee 1910-1960   21-L20
McFee F. Reginald McFee 1913-1988   21-L20
McFee Helen G. 1919-1990   21-L20
McGregor Nellie I. (Howell)? 1863-1907 mother 17-M21
McGregor Pan ? (Daniel?) ____-____?   17-M21
McGregor Jane ____-____?   17-M21
McKinney George McKinney 71yr-1903 father 19-M13
McKinney George McKinney 1855-1944   19-M13
McKinney Ida Hart 1863-1944   19-M13
McNulty Daniel McNulty 58yr-1832   17-N6
McNulty Lydia 44yr-1820 w / Daniel McNulty 17-N6
McNulty Lousia 22yr-1822 d / Daniel & Lydia McNulty 17-N6
Marshall Paulina G. Marshall 48yr-1885 w / Daniel Marshall 5-B6
Marvin Jesse Marvin 89yr-1856   3-B3
Marvin Irene Marvin   w / Jesse 3-B3
Marvin Jesse Jr.   s / Jesse & Irene 3-B3
Marvin Azor S. Marvin 10yr-1840 s / Jesse & Irene 3-B3
Marvin Delia C. 12yr-1845 d / Jesse & Irene 3-B3
Marvin Silas Marvin 1805-1867   3-B3
Marvin Clarinda J. Marvin 1820-1889 w / Silas Marvin 3-B3
Marvin Charles Marvin infant-1850 s / Silas & Clarinda 3-B3
Marvin Maria 1855-1866 d / Silas & Clarinda 3-B3
Marvin Emma J. 1853-1867 d / Silas & Clarinda 3-B3
Marvin Martha Marvin 02yr-1826 d / Stephen & Sarah Marvin 17-N6
Mathews Lois Mathews 63yr-1974   20-M24
Mattison Lyman O. Mattison ____-1981   2-B10
Mattison Florence S. 1882-1923   2-B10
Mattison J. H. ?     2-B10
Mattison Florence S. Mattison 1882-1927   18-L17
Mellen Miner P. Mellen 76yr-1892   12-E8
Mellen Hester A.   w / Miner Mellen 12-E8
Mellen Seneca J. 09yr-1865 s / Miner & Hester Mellen 12-E8
Merriman Josiah Merriman 85yr-1867   11-E19
Merriman Polly 87yr-1874 w / Josiah Merriman 11-E19
Meyers Margery C. Meyers (Myers)? 1888-1967 (Myers) ? 2-A14
Meyers Harry E. Meyers 1890-1935   2-A14
Miles George A Miles* 67yr-2002 *Korea --h / Karen A. Miles 12-K9-2
Miller Monica 1819-1903   5-D5
Miller William Miller 1850-1935   5-D11
Miller Ashley A. 1881-1896   5-D5
Miller Sarah Stageman Miller ____-1949   5-D5
Miller Jason W. Miller 01yr-1873 s / James & Sarah A. Miller 11-F1
Miller Henry J. Miller 48yr-1883 s / James & Sarah A. Miller 11-F1
Millican H.. A. (B)     16-H06
Miner F. Paul Miner ____-1988   20-N4
Miner Beulah Miner ____-1995   20-N4
Morey Ralph J. Morey 1891-1960   20-L24
Morey Blanche R. Morey 78yr-1973   20-L24
Morey Winifred Bixby Morey 1864-1935 mother 20-L24
Morey Cecil Morey ____-1918 s / Ralph & Blanche Morey 20-M4
Morrison Nancy Morrison 32yr-1821 w / Dr. Orville M.-d / John & Delight Sargeant 15-H13
Moyer Jacob M. Moyer 1867-1926   17-N16
Moyer Elizabeth C. Moyer 1878-1956   17-N16
Muar Bertha Dye 1877-1906 w / Irving L. Muar 18-L17
Mullar Mary F. Mullar 1854-1930   18-M17


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Naylor Walter Naylor 1883-1978   20-L24
Naylor Electa F. 1879-1972   20-L24
Naylor Delbert W. Naylor 1915-2008   20-L24
Naylor Mina H. Naylor 1917-1993 w / Delbert Naylor 20-L24
Newell Maria B. Newell 35yr-1871   4-A16
Nochols Gordon W. 84yr-2013 * U S Army, Korea I-D-25A
Northrup Calvin Northrup 40yr-1846   12-F20
Nurse Jonathon* 1787-1871 *war-1812 6-B14
Nurse Sylvester N. 70yr-1886   6-B14
Nurse Louisa Douglass Nurse 60yr-1879   6-B14
Nurse Roswell D. Nurse 16yr-1861 s / R. D. & Amy Nurse 11-K7
Nurse Alta 1. 16yr-1875   6-B14
Nurse Burdett N. Nurse 1851-1919   6-B14
Nurse Mary Tullar Nurse 1857-1950   6-B14


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
O'Brien Horace E. O'Brien 1875-1954   2-D24
O'Brien Grace 1876-1966   2-D24
O'Brien Lois O'Brien 1894-1975   2-D24
O'Brien Walter O'Brien 1904-1944   2-D24
O'Brien Mildred C. O'Brien 1910-1982   2-D24
Olcott Jennie A Hazen 1840-1912 w / Leman S. Olcott 15-E17
Olin Ell M. Olin 1843-1921 Layman? 2-A21
Orcutt Eber Orcutt 67yr-1857   2-B20
Osman Isreal 1800-1889   6-B25
Osman Amy 1802-1876 w / Isreal Osman 6-B25
Osman Richard 38yr-1859   6-B25
Osman Mary 53yr-1878 w / Richard Osman 6-B25
Osman Jacob S. 1823-1838   6-B25
Osman Eliza Jane 1829-1839   6-B25
Osman Nancy L. 1830-1848   6-B25
Osman George L. 1840-1843   6-B25
Osman George R. 1846-1848   6-B25
Osman Georgia Harris 11da-1853   6-B25
Osman William M. 1836-1891   7-B25
Osman Charlotte A 1838-1922 w / William M. Osman 7-B25
Osman Willis H. Osman 1856-1936   7-B25
Osman Hattie C. Osman 1859-1950   7-B25
Osman George A 1858-____   7-B25
Osman Carlotta L. Widner Osman 1861-1895 w / George A Osman 7-B25
Osman Charlotte S. Osman 1891-1922   7-B25
Owen ( Warren)? 45yr-1918   4-C18


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Pandel Louis G. Pandel 1867-1922   20-M4
Pandel Lena B. 1870-1939 w / Louis Pandel 20-M4
Parker Martha A Parker ____-1897 d / Pelos? & Mary 3-A28
Parker Lucius Parker 82yr-1879   13-H9
Parker Annie 57yr-1871 w / Lucius Parker 13-H9
Parker Amos Parker* 32yr-1862 *Civil War 13-H9
Parker James Parker 87yr-1851   13-H9
Parker Mary ____-1845 w / ? (James) 13-H9
Peachey Robert H.     1-A20
Peachey Sarah D.     1-A20
Peachey B. F. E.     1-A20
Peachey Judy (?)     1-A20
Pearce Alma K. Pearce 1869-1908 w / Rev. William Pearce 19-M23
Pengally James Pengally 1865-1952   19-M3
Pengally Martha Hill 1863-1954   19-M3
Pengally Edith Pengally 1894-1907   19-M3
Pengally Carol B. baby-____?   19-M3
Pengally William J. Pengally 1891-1970   19-M3
Pengally Grace D. Pengally 1891-1987   19-M3
Perry Oliver H. Perry 1853-1897   7-A12
Perry Rosella I. Perry 1854-1892 w / Oliver Perry 7-A12
Perry Mertie E. 04mo-1884 d / Oliver & Rosella 7-A12
Perry Little Olive 1885-1892   7-A12
Perry Olive Nellie 1892-1946   7-A12
Pettengill Mary Ann Pettengill 38yr-1850 d / Cornelius & Hannah Rumsey 3-D3
Phillips Zebulon Phillips* 1795-1883 *war-1812 5-C36
Phillips Sophia 21yr-1827 w / Zebulon Phillips 5-C36
Phillips Martha Ann 28yr-1836 w / Zebulon Phillips 5-C36
Phillips Rebecca 57yr-1862 w / Zebulon Phillips 5-C36
Phillips Emerson Phillips 1896-1972   21-M5
Phillips Geraldine Adams Phillips 1900-1967   21-M5
Phillips Ruth Phillips 1912-1924   21-M5
Pillsbury Harry D. Pillsbury 1870-1957   11-E13
Pillsbury Mary B. 1874-1961   11-E13
Porter William Porter 50yr-1865   15-F17
Porter Elizabeth 77yr-1893 w / William Porter 15-F17
Potter Emma Potter   w / Lemuel Potter 5-B13
Potter G. Romain Potter     5-B13
Potter Daniel W. Potter*   *war-1812 5-B13
Potter Sarah 73yr-1872 w / DanielPotter 5-B13
Potter Lyman Potter 68yr-1861   13-E22
Potter Finette R. Candee Potter 1804-1888 w / Lyman Potter 13-E22
Potter Lyman R. Potter* 21yr-1862 * Civil war-s / Lyman & Finette Potter 13-E22
Prior John S. Prior 1854-1945   2-D24
Pritchard L. H. Pritchard (Lafayette M.)? 28yr-1860   12-F7
Pritchard Mary M. ____-1905 w / Lafayette Pritchard 12-F7
Pritchard Helen Anne 04yr-1855 d / Lafayette & Mary Pritchard 12-F7
Prue John Prue 65yr-1865   15-F11
Prue Sarah?     15-F11
Prue Charles 28yr-1854 s / John & Sarah Prue 15-F11
Pulaski John 21yr-1861   16-H12
PuIs Harry PuIs 1893-1907 our baby 1-B1
Puls Henry Puls 1867-1947   2-A7
Puls Genieveve McConnel 1876-1942   2-A7
Puls Charlotte La Monch 1836-1910 w / William Puis 6-A11
Puls Frank 1871-1889   6-A11
Puls Charles 1860-1941 husband 6-A11
PuIs Adella Puis 1854-1910 w / Charles PuIs 6-A11
Puls William Puls ( Pultz) ? 1834-1877   6-A11


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Ramsey Charles Ramsey 1862-1943   2-C3
Ramsey Elizabeth Ramsey 1866-1952   2-C3
Ranous? Elmer Ranous (Hill ?) 1899-1931   21-N15A
Reddick John Reddick 1852-1930   3-C33
Reddick AnnaM. 1850-1930 w / John Reddick 3-C33
Reed Daniel Reed 92yr-1867   11-H16
Reed Maria P. 63yr-1859 w / Daniel Reed 11-H16
Robbins Rufus E. Robbins 1866-1956   6-C38
Robbins Ida J. Wood Robbins 1859-1946   6-C38
Robbins Ena L. Robbins 1873-1931   6-C38
Roberts Benson Howard Roberts 1853-1930   3-D27
Roberts Emma Sellew Roberts 1856-1931 w / Benson H. Roberts 3-D27
Roberts A Sellow Roberts 1888-1968   3-D27
Roberts Ruth Roberts 1887-1973   3-D27
Roberts Benjamin Titus Roberts 1824-1893   4-D28
Roberts Ellen Stowe Roberts 1825-190S   4-D29
Roberts George L. Roberts 1852-1924   4-D30
Roberts Winfred G. Roberts 1860-1902 w / George Roberts 4-D31
Roberts Howard P. Roberts 1878-1881   4-D32
Roberts Charles S. Roberts 1856-1923   5-D29
Roberts Susan I. Roberts 1862-1917   5-D29
Robinson John Robinson, Rev. 69yr-1906 father 18-M22
Robinson Mary M. Robinson 90yr-1926 mother 18-M22
Ronsvalle Nana Southworth Ronsvalle 1904-1987   17-N1
Roushey James L. Roushey 51yr-1993 moved from 909-4 on 07/22/2005 N20-2
Roushey William H., Sr. 69yr-2005   K10b-2
Roys James Roys 82yr-1865   6-A18
Roys Mary B. Waite Roys 1797-1888 w / James Roys 6-AIS
Roys Jimmie ____-____   6-A18
Rumsey Cornelius O. Rumsey 71yr-1849   3-D3
Rumsey Hannah 78yr-1865 w / Cornelius Rumsey 3-D3
Rumsey James L. Rumsey 33yr-1847 s / Cornelius & Hannah 3-D3
Rumsey George W. 25yr-1846 s / Cornelius & Hannah 3-D3
Rumsey Elizabeth C. 19yr-1845 d / Cornelius & Hannah Rumsey 3-D3
Rumsey DeWitt C. 24yr-1843 s / Cornelius & Hannah 3-D3
Rumsey Catherine 61yr-1870 d / Cornelius & Hannah Rumsey 3-D3
Rumsey Martha A 48yr-1873 d / Cornelius & Hannah Rumsey 3-D3
Rumsey Samuel 33yr-1857 s / Cornelius & Hannah 3-D3
Rumsey Thomas O. 40yr-1850   3-D3
Rumsey Alexander S. 29yr-1857 s / Cornelius & Hannah 3-03
Rumsey John? 55yr-1873   3-D3


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Schrier Carl R. Schrier* 1911-1969 *staff Sgt-WWII 7-C22
Schrier Pearl J. Schrier 1906-1907 d / John & Susie 7-C22
Schroder George H. Schroder, Rev. 1900-1985   20-N11B
Shroder Catherine W. 1897-1972   20-N19B
Schutt Lewis Schutt 1853-1925   15-H24
Schutt Mary 1864-1956   15-H24
Schutt Jesse Schutt 1883-1970   15-H24
Schutt Emma Schutt 1883-1981 w / Jesse Schutt 15-H24
Sciortino Lina Sciortino 1946-2003 w / Giuseppe Sciortino 14-KI4-1
Sciortino Giuseppe 1944-2014   14-KI4-1
Seager Lydia Seager 65yr-1857 w / Rev. Micah Seager 3-D26
Seeger Mildred Hill Seeger 1907-1979   21-N15B
Sellew Walter A Sellew, Rev. 1844-1929 Bishop, FM Church 17-N11
Sellew Jennie Peters 1852-1895 w / Rev. Walter Sellew 17-N11
Sellew Rebecca E. 1856-1954 w / Rev. Walter Sellew 17-N11
Sheets James K Sheets baby-2000 s / James & Stephanie Sheets  
Shepard Anson N. Shepard 54yr-1857   16-F24
Shepard Charlotte C. 30yr-1848 w / Anson Shepard 16-F24
Shepard Eunice 64yr-1875 w / Anson Shepard 16-F24
Shepard William N. 22yr-1866 s / Charlotte & Anson Shepard 16-F24
Sherman Martha Hutton Sherman 1867-1951   19-N13
Shibley William S. Shibley 1862-1948   18-L7
Shibley Helen Lawton 1865-1956   18-L7
Shibley Alfred Morley Shibley 1877-1951   18-L7
Shibley Leila Hubbard Shibley 1884-1974   18-L7
Shibley Alfred M. Shibley, Jr.* 1911-1974 *ww-II 18-L7
Shibley Jane P. ____-2006   18-L7-2
Silvernail Clarence L. Silvernail, Rev. 1874-1950   1-D9
Silvernail Ella 1877-1967   1-D9
Simmons Rosella Fairbanks Simmons 1910-2003 d / Ray & Jessie Fairbanks 7-A12
Sink Herman Sink 1842-1926   18-M2
Sink Caroline 1848-1926 w / Herman Sink 18-M2
Sink Edward H. Sink 1870-1892   18-M2
Sirianni William F. 86yr-20ll *ww-II 11-H26
Sirianni Delaphine 86yr-20ll w / William Sirianni 11-H26
Smith Sameul C. Smith 1875-1957   2-C3
Smith Mabel 1883-1953   2-C3
Smith Ephrim Smith 83yr-1866   11-H1
Smith Lola Stephens Smith 1800-1876   11-H1
Smith Amandes S. (Amander)? 16yr-1847 s / Ephrim & Lola Smith 11-H1
Smith George B. 1810-1887   11-H16
Smith Sophia 1819-1900 w / George Smith 11-H16
Smith Sophia Allis Smith 1837-1902 w / Chauncey Smith 12-E21
Smith Henry Smith 77yr-1896   13-E9
Smith Paulina Smith 72yr-1895 w / Henry Smith 13-E9
Smith Manley T.Smith 15yr-1865 s / Henry & Paulina 13-E9
Smith Alice A Smith 47yr-1915 w / William L. Smith 13-E9
Smith Oliver Smith 1832-1906   14-F16
Smith Lonson Smith 73yr-1890   15-E11
Smith Maryann 62yr-1881 w / Lonson Smith 15-E11
Smith Albert T. Smith 1849-1925   15-E11
Smith Jennie Wright 1858-1929 w / Albert T. Smith 15-E11
Smith D. Dwight Smith 51yr-1901   18-L22
Smith Lockie E. Smith 53yr-1909 w / D. Dwight Smith 18-L22
Southworth L. D. Southworth, Rev. 1845-1895   17-N1
Southworth Marcia Whitman 1851-1919   17-N1
Southworth Lewis Southworth, Rev. 1874-1929   17-N1
Southworth Lena 1877-1962   17-N1
Spencer Sylvester Spencer 1813-1877   11-F6
Spencer Sabra M. Crotsley Spencer 1816-1882 w / Sylvester Spencer 11-F6
Spencer Darius W. Spencer 1844-1930   11-F6
Spencer Elizabeth Angell Spencer 1844-1933 w / Darius Spencer 11-F6
Spotts Sherman L. Spotts 1865-1951   6-D12
Spotts Dora G. Spotts 1862-1936   6-D12
St. Helens Mary I. St. Helens 1868-1935   19-M8
Stageman John Stageman 1833-1910   16-E12
Stageman Mary Stageman 1836-1915   16-E12
Stageman Clarence W. Stageman 1858-1925   16-E12
Stageman Clara M. Stageman 1858-____?   16-E12
Stageman Mamie Stageman 1877-1879   16-E12
Stamp Christopher W. Stamp, Rev. 1857-1929   3-D17
Stamp Blanch Adams Stamp 1862-1945 w / Christopher Stamp 3-D17
Stamp Ada M. Stamp 1892-1941 d / Christopher & Blanch 3-D17
Stettner Christian Stettner 1854-1909   18-N7
Stettner Catherine 1861-1974   18-N7
Stettner Esther Stettner 1900-1923   18-N7
Stevens Horace E.Stevens 1801-1883   13-E15
Stevens Maria Stevens 1803-1885 w / Horace E. Stevens 13-E15
Stevens Harvey K Stevens 1828-1899   13-E15
Stevens Maria C. Stevens 1825-1894 w / Harvey K 13-E15
Stevens Henry C. 1865-1869 s / Harvey & Maria 13-E15
Stevens Horace C. 18mo-1863 s / Harvey & Maria 13-E15
Stevens infant 01da-1863 s / Harvey & Maria 13-E15
Stokoe Seviah Campbell 26yr-1827 w / George Stokoe 13-F20
Stone Vernon M. Stone 1877-1947   18-N2
Stone Josephine Louise 1878-1910 w / Vernon M. Stone 18-N2
Stone Edith Ann 1880-1958 w / Vernon M. Stone 18-N2
Stuart George W. Stuart 1876-1944   17-L16
Stuart Sarah M. Stuart 1876-1955   17-L16


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Taylor James Taylor 1866-1960   13-H20
Taylor Marion 1870-1939   13-H20
Tholin John G. Tholin 1867-1947   21-M20
Tholin Lila G. Tholin 1864-1928   21-M20
Thrasher John E. Thrasher ____-1851   15-H5
Thrasher Joswphine C. Thrasher 1870-1931   15-H5
Thurber Charles W. Thurber, Rev. 1855-1939   20-M14
Thurber Adda Blowers 1859-1943   20-M14
Thurber Lowell Thurber ____-1955   20-M14
Thurley William G. Thurley 1881-1954   2-C13
Thurley John Thurley 1838-1919?   3-B31
Thurley Barbara Kinnear Thurley 38yr-1896 w / John Thurley 3-B31
Tisdale Henry Tisdale 68yr-1851   I1-H7
Tisdale Nancy 59yr-1847 w / Henry Tisdale 11-H7
Tisdale George P. Tisdale 67yr-1888   11-H7
Tisdale Abagail Tisdale 74yr-1888   11-H7
Tisdale Catherine Tisdale 68yr-1893   11-H7
Trick Percy E. Trick 1884-1964   12-K13
Trick Jessie L. Trick 1878-1964   12-K13
Tripp Milo Tripp 53yr-1863   16-F32
Tullar Harry Tullar 69yr-1877   2-B27
Tullar Catherine Harriet 81yr-1892 w / Harry Tullar 2-B27
Tullar Betsy 29yr-1853 w / Sears M. Tullar 2-B27


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Vanderveer John Vanderveer 70yr-1863   4-A29
Vanderveer Elvira M. 79yr-1881 w / John Vanderveer 4-A29
Vincent Lewis Vincent?     3-A15
Voorheis James L. Voorheis 1894-1953   20-M19
Voorheis Lucy E. 1896-1958   20-M19


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Waite Andrew Waite 1840-1905   6-A18
Waite Elizabeth J. Waite 1840-1900 w / Andrew Waite 6-A18
Waite Clara Waite 1867-1923   6-A18
Walker Harvey I. Walker 1829-1915   12-E14
Walker Hannah J. 1837-190S   12-E14
Walker Darwin H. Walker 1857-1S64 s / Harvey & Hannah Walker 12-E14
Walker Elvie I. 1859-1B65 d / Harvey & Hannah Walker 12-E14
Walker Nelson L. ____-1912   12-E14
Walker Dudley D. Walker 1865-1930   12-E20
Walker Edna M. 1876-1935   12-E20
Warner Harriet E. Warner 47yr-____   4-D10
Warner Phylancy 63yr-1887 w /David 4-D10
Warren ?? 45yr-1918   4-C18
Watson Jacob D. 1893-1983   1-A13
Watson Myrtle A. 1897-1973 w / Jacob D. 1-A13
Webster Harry Webster 1817-1901   18-M12
Webster Hannah O. 1822-1895 w / Harry Webster 18-M12
Webster Alonzo D. Webster     18-M12
Webster Anna B. 1875-1941 w / Alonzo Webster 18-M12
Wermuth Fredrick Wermuth 1870-1940   16-H30
Wermuth Ida 1870-_____?   16-H30
Wermuth Loretta Pearl Wermuth 65yr-1960   16-H30
Westerfield Abram P. 53yr-1S63   11-E13
Westerfield Milo B. 15yr-1864 s / Abram P. & M. Westerfield 11-E13
Wetmore Thomas A. Wetmore ____-1827   5-B32
Wetmore John Wetmore 76yr-1836   5-B32
Wheeler Newton J. Wheeler 1877-1955   3-C26
Wheeler Grace E. Worbois Wheeler 1877-1947   3-C26
Wheeler Marrietta Angell Wheeler 1834-1922 w / Geo. Wheeler 4-B23
Wheeler James H. Wheeler. Rev. 1866-1936   6-D6
Wheeler Susie Hutton 1870-1965 w / Rev. Wheeler 6-D6
White William H. White. Rev 1859-1850   13-F3
White Eda Morley White 1861-1917 w / William White 13-F3
Whitton Maurice W. Whitton 1865-1950   1-D15
Whitton Margaret I. Whitton 1860-1946   1-D15
Whitton O. Wendell Whitton 1897-1985   1-D15
Whitton Harriet W. 1894-1981   1-D15
Whitton Margaret I. Whitton 1919-1947   1-D15
Wilcox Emaline 56yr-1872 w / Alonzo Arms? 5-C6
Wilcox Caroline Wilcox 22yr-lB39 w / Julius Wilcox 6-C10
Wilcox Harriet E. Wilcox 08mo-1839 d / Julius & Caroline 6-C10
Wilcox Elizabeth B. Wilcox 33yr-1846 w / John Wilcox 6-C10
Wilcox Sophia S. 69yr-1861   6-C10
Wilder Mary Clark Wilder 1889-1973   14-H29
Wilson Flora E. Wilson 1885-1937   1-C31
Wilson Thomas J. Wilson 1850-1927   7-A19
Wilson Ella F. Davis Wilson 1851-1939 w / Thomas Wilson 7-A19
Wilzen Leonid Wilzen* ____ -1925? *ww-1 3-A15
Wood Benoni Ives Wood 1859-1937   18-N17
Wood Effie M. Wood 1860-1920 w / Benoni Ives Wood 18-N17
Wood Evelyn A Wood 1899-1918 d / Benoni & Effie Wood 18-N17
Woods Robert Woods 1892-1977   6-D6
Woods Thirza Wheeler Woods 1895-1978   6-D6
Woodward Hartle Augustus Woodward ____-1939   6-CI0
Woodward Delia Sophia Woodward 20yr-1854 d / Henry & Julia Woodward 6-C10
Woodward Julia 35yr-1874 w / Rollin Woodward 16-F13
Worbois Charles G. Worbois 1868-1927   20-N9
Worbois Addie F. Worbois 1870-1934   20-N9
Worbois Jesse Worbois 1881-1966   20-N4
Worbois Myrtle Bush 1882-1976   20-N4
Worbois Wallace E. Worbois* 1895-1957 *ww-1 20-N9
Worbois Grace L. Worbois 1900-1984   20-N9
Worbois Evelyn L. Worbois 1907-1923   20-N4
Worbois J. Milton Worbois 1882-1974   20-N19A
Worbois Ada B. Worbois 1885-1963   20-N19A


Family Name Person Born/Age-Died Notes Row-Sec./Lot
Young Esther 22yr-1837 w / Fredrick Young 2-C16
Zader Damaris 20yr-1812 w / Henry Zader-d / Stephen & Lydia Marvin 17-N6
Zahniser Clarence Zahniser Dr. 1902-1972   1-D23-5
Zahniser Fannie Elizabeth Zahniser 04/13/2007 w / Clarence Zahniser 1-D23-4



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