Number Six Cemetery
Rush, New York


This cemetery is located on the north side of Number Six Honeoye Falls Road about ¼ mile east of the intersection with Five Points Road. This cemetery is also known as the Sibleyville Cemetery, Palmer Cemetery and the McFarlan Cemetery.

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied twice before. About 1930 a list of inscriptions was made by Mary C. Douglas with help from Anna B. Yates, both of the Irondequoit Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Another list of inscriptions was made in 1939 by Mary Moulthrop and Myrte Rice Haynes, also of the same D.A.R. Chapter. A combined list was made from these earlier records and a visit to the cemetery was made on September 25, 1992 by Richard T. Halsey and corrections and four additions were made to the master list.


Number 5 Cem.



Jacob; d Nov. 8, 1844 aged 43y

Samuel, son of Jacob & Anna; d Aug. 13, 1844 aged 7y


Amasa; d Aug. 8, 1820 aged 18y

Richard; d Sept. 8, 1820 aged 52y

Peggy, wife of Richard; d Apr. 4, 1843 aged 74y


Harriet, wife of Tyler; d Nov. 4, 1824 aged 37y

Betsey, wife of Tyler; d May 21, 1850 aged 29y


Zephaniah; d July 25, 1822 aged 62y 11m


John D.; d Feb. 28, 1842 aged 80y


Isabel; d March 4, 1829 aged 58y


Mary, wife of William; d Apr. 16, 1855 aged 37y 6m 5d


David; d Feb. 6, 1835 aged 55y 5m

Anna Mere, wife of David; d July 21, 1849 aged 65y


Caroline J., wife of Sellick; d Feb. 7, 1845 aged 27y

Jabez; d Apr. 28, 1808 aged 23y

Sarah, relict of Selleck; d Nov. 20, 1836 aged 69y

Nathaniel; d Aug. 29, 1832 aged 45y

Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel; d Oct. 6, 1859 aged 69y

Phebe, dau. of Nathaniel & Elizabeth; d Apr. 16, 1837 aged 24y

Rebecca, dau. of Nathaniel & Elizabeth; d Dec. 10, 1857 aged 46y

Underhill; d March 19, 1816 aged 54y 8m 7d

Underhill, son of Floyd & Mary; d June 20, 1826 aged 2y


Martin L.; d Feb. 7, 1835 [Note: this inscription is on the opposite end of a "footstone" for Sarah Ann McFarlen and was buried for over a hundred years. It probably was a stone carver's reject and it is very likely that Martin is not buried here.]


Joseph; d Nov. 9, 1839 aged 68y

Deborah Roberts, wife of James; d Feb. 13, 1837 aged 21y 5m 25d

infant son of James L. & Deborah; d Nov. 27, 1836 aged 3d

Eliza Ann, dau. of John & Maria; d March 12, 1838 aged 5 weeks


John; d Sept. 8, 1832 aged 71y

Mercy; d Feb. 5, 1826 aged 63y

Thomas; d Oct. 15, 1863 aged 78y

Samantha, wife of Thomas; d Feb. 25, 1863 aged 70y 9m

Amanda M., dau. of Thomas & Samantha; d Apr. 9, 1842 aged 26y


Arthur; Phebe Ann; Josiah; Margaret A. all young children of Joseph & Mary; all died Apr. 1858

Mary Jane, dau. of Joseph & Mary; d 1859 aged 12

[Note: no tombstones for the Hill family could be found during the 1992 visit.]


Charles; d Aug. 21, 1872 aged 69y

Phila, wife of Charles; d May 13, 1856 aged 55y


Elizabeth, wife of James; d Oct. 16, 1853 aged 36y

Elizabeth, dau. of James & Elizabeth; d Oct. 18, 1852 aged 8m


Polly, wife of Andrew; d Oct. 14, 1836 aged 51y 5m


Mary; d Nov. 7, 1801 aged 59y

Joseph; d Sept. 9, 1848 aged 78y

Joseph Seignior [Sr.]; d May 14, 1814 aged 94y

Sarah, wife of Joseph; d May 28, 1841 aged 71y

John; d Nov. 7, 1823 aged 26y 8m

Deborah Ann, dau. of Peter & Elizabeth; d Apr. 1, 1854 in her 15th yr.

Julia M., dau. of Peter & Elizabeth; d Oct. 17, 1836 aged 3m

Esther; d Apr. 15, 1815 aged 18y 1m

Sarah Ann; d March 22, 1835 aged 8y


Esther; d May 5, 1823 aged 95y


George M., son of John & Julia; d June 9, 1845 aged 19y 10m


Hannah E., wife of Horatio N.; d Apr. 10, 1835 aged 23y 6m 15d [Note: this tombstone could not be found during the 1992 visit.]


William; d Oct. 30, 1830 aged 64y

Deborah; d Jan. 9, 1831 aged 62y


Thomas; d May 14, 1842 aged 91y 4m

Richard; d Sept. 11, 1852 aged 66y

Betsey, wife of Richard; d Apr. 8, 1846 aged 55y 8m

Lucinda P., dau. of Richard & Betsey; d July 20, 1839 aged 23y 6m 21d

Lacy, son of Richard & Betsey; d Dec. 8, 1840 aged 18y 1m 18d


William; d Aug. 15, 1805 aged 25y

Delecta, dau. of John & Esther; d Apr. 4, 1814 aged 6y 2m


Nathaniel R.; d Feb. 27, 1837 aged 50y


Eliza, wife & consort of Andrew J. of Avon; d Jan. 6, 1849 aged 38y



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