Pioneer Hill Cemetery
Rush, New York


This cemetery is located in some woods between 1115 and 1139 Rush - West Rush Road in the Town of Rush, New York. The cemetery is very overgrown and many of the tombstones had fallen over.

In the July 8, 1911 issue of the Rochester Post-Express a combined list of tombstone inscriptions for this and two other cemeteries in Rush (Davis Cem. and Thomas Cem.) was pushlished by Anah B. Yates. This has confused people for these many years as to which persons are buried in which cemetery. This list should help to end the confusion. Another list of inscriptions was compiled by Mrs. Celia Green Larkin and Dr. Frances M. Witmer of the Te-car-na-wun-na Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, LeRoy, NY. This list was compiled by Richard T. Halsey from a visit to the cemetery on June 6, 1992.



Nathan S.; d July 12, 1816 æ 28y


Alonzo, son of John & Abigail; d (Feb. or March) 17, 1841 æ 3m 6d


Lucy Smith, relict of Benajah; d Oct. 15, 1835 æ 74y


Jesse; {a field stone}; [no dates]

Hezekiah A.; d Aug. 21, 1847 æ 46y

Laury M. wife of Hezekiah A.; d Dec. 24, 1835 æ 38y 1m

Homer W., son of Hezekiah A. & Laury M.; d Nov. 14, 1828 æ 3m 28d

Joshua; d Aug. 17, 1810 æ 23y

Eli; d March 7, 1817 æ 50y

Silas; d Jan. 25, 1823 æ 14y


Clark; d Jan. 4, 1850 æ 75y 1m 15d

Hannah, wife of Clark; d May 25, 1837 æ 59y

Dorcas, wife of Elder Joseph; d Apr. 23, 1814 æ 73y


Miss Eliza Ann; d Oct. 22, 1842 æ 24y

Sarah Maria; d Dec. 31, 1840 æ 18y


Lucein, wife of Timothy; d May 27, 1835 æ 27y


Katharine, wife of Jonathan; d Aug. 25, 1845 æ 64y


Dimis, wife of Elisha; d Feb. 28, 1855 æ 62y

Elisha; d Dec. 13, 1845 æ 59y


William; d Apr. 27, 1837 æ 60y 2m 24d

Sarah Lyon, widow of William; d Oct. 11, 1838


Robert b 1764, Ireland; d in Rush, Feb. 15, 1856 æ 92y; {erected by T. J. Jeffords}


Wilson; d Oct. 30, 1850 æ 61y 11m 21d

Polly, wife of Wilson; d Sept. 24, 1853 æ 73y 10m

Ira; d Feb. 14, 1827 æ 1y

Oran?; d 1833

Othniel; d May 10, 1853 æ 43y or 48y

Harriet C., wife of Harvey; d Apr. 13, 1849 æ 22y



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