Thomas Cemetery
Rush, New York


This cemetery is also known as the Fishell Cemetery, Warnick Cemetery and Wolf Bridge Cemetery. It is located on the north side of Fishell Road across from Delia Trail. It is purported that in the 1920s the owner of the land threw some of the tombstones into the nearby creek. The only stones visible in 1992 were the ones for Catharine Hart, Lorada Daily and Barbary Thomas. Also parts of tombstones remain that are probably for Sarah Fishell and Anna Thomas.

This list of inscriptions was made by combining a list made in 1929 by Mrs. Celia Green Larkin and Dr. Frances M. Witmer (with assistance by Harold Warner Scott) and also a list made in Aug. 1939 by Mary Moulthrop and Myrte Rice Haynes, along with a visit to the cemetery by Richard Halsey in July 1992.


CLARKNER Frances E., dau. of William H. & C.; d May 7, 1811
DAILY Lorada, wife of Arthur; d March 27, 1841 æ 28y
FISHELL Henry; d Nov. 15, 1815 æ 90y
Ann Maria, wife of Henry; d March 20, 1847 æ 82y
Sarah, wife of John; d Aug. 12, 18441 æ 36y
HART Catharine, wife of John; d March 13, 1849 æ 35y
Mary, wife of Henry; d Sept. 12, 1816 æ 32y; "Thou art gone to the grave, But we will not deplore thee."
Mary, dau. of Henry & Mary; d Feb. 8, 1829 æ 22y
STIMEL? B.; 1831

Christle; d Feb. 21, 1844 æ 85y

Barbary, wife of Christle; d Sept. 1, 1826 æ 69y

Anna, dau. of Christle & Barbary; d May 16, 1842 æ 55y

Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth; d July 10, 1831 æ 2d

Matilda, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth; d Feb. 4, 1831 æ 2y 3m 17d

Daniel, son of Daniel & Elizabeth; d March 15, 1851 æ 13y or May 15, 1854 æ 15y



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