Tomlinson's Corners Cemetery
Mendon, New York


Tomlinson's Corner Cemetery is located on the south side of Boughton Hill Road about ½ mile east of the Mendon-Ionia Road in the Town of Mendon, New York. This list takes into account two previous lists of inscrptions. One list by Anah B. Yates was in the Honeoye Falls Times on March 31, 1921. The other list was made by Mary T. Douglas of the Irondequoit Chapter of the D. A. R. in November 1930. This list was compiled by Richard T. Halsey in August 1988 with corrections sent by Diane Ham, Mendon Historian, in 2005.

Tomlinson Cem

The following was in the Honeoye Falls Times on March 31, 1921:

At Tomlinson's Corners is a small burying ground containing 65 stones. Standing alone is an old field stone with the initials "M. Y." This old stone marks the grave of Brigham Young's first wife. It has been desecrated by relic hunters to such an extant that the letters are now nearly obliterated.

On what was known years ago as the Dunshee farm, in the south-east corner of the township there is a little range of hills that form a water shed for the creeks and brooks that flow into the larger streams that empty into Irondequoit Bay. Near the source of one of these streams is an opening formed like the letter V with the open end to the west, and at one end, covered now with willows, are 5 natural springs, that feed a brook that eventually reaches Irondequoit Creek. On this creek Brigham Young who came originally from Vermont, built a house and then a saw mill. He belonged to the Baptist Church before he joined the "Latter Day Saints" or Mormons, and the V on his farm with the opening towards the west, and the "living springs" were all regarded as "signs" after he became the successful conqueror of the Utah desert. He was a painter and glazier by trade and when the lumber business was dull he plied his trades and also manufactured chairs and baskets which he peddled thru the country.

Benjamin and Rufus Park, from Berkshire Co., Mass., purchased land from Wm. Wadsworth in 1793 and became actual settlers in 1794, and John Park before 1801. Amaziah Park made his will March 14, 1822 and his wife's name was Mary. His heirs mentioned in the will are "heirs of eldest daughter, deceased, viz, Amaziah, Alvin, Hannah, and Ruth (no surname given)." "My son Benjamin's heirs, viz: Amaziah, Thomas and Calvin. My sons John, Amaziah, daughters, Hannah, Molly and Jemima." There was a Lt. Amaziah Park in Col. Douglass' Co. who joined the American Army in the State of New York in 1776. (From Conn. Men in the Am. Rev.)



Amarita, dau. of William; d June (7 or 20), 1824 aged 15y


Philander; d Oct. 29, 1814 aged 43y 6m 5d


Joseph; d July 9, 1859 aged 59y


Malina, wife of P.; d May 27, 1844 aged 59y


Dea. Belamy; d Feb. 17, 1837 aged 42y

George S.; d Aug. (2 or 12), 1853 aged 60y

Henrietta, wife of John; d Feb. 7, 1841 aged 83y


Henrietta, dau. of Belamy & Esther; d Nov. 27, 1828 aged 2y


John; Cpl., Capt. Miller's Co., Col. Beard's Mass. Regt., Rev. War; b Apr. 8, 1754; d Mar. 17, 1822 aged 69y

John Jr.; d Oct. 9, 1837 aged 52y


George, son of Orace; d Oct. 13, 1836 in his 14th yr.


Lansing; d June 17, 1827 aged 35y [stone missing in 2004]


Abigail, wife of Edward; d Oct. 21, 1821 in her 59th yr.

Candria; d July 26, 1806 in her 11th yr.


Lucy Ann, wife of Job L.; d July 22, 1837 aged 35y


Cutter; d Sept. 10, 1846 aged 77y 6m

Eli; d Apr. 29, 1859 aged 59y 10m 26d

Hellen Jemima, dau. of Charles & Bulah Ann; d Apr. 30, 1849 aged 1y 22d

infant dau. of John & Polly; d Apr. 1807

Jemima, wife of Cutter; d Apr. 12, 1846 aged 72y 7m

John; d Nov. 7, 1838 in his 73rd yr.

John C., son of Eli & Laura; ; d Jan. 25, 1829 aged 1y 6m

Polly, wife of John; d Nov. 4, 1825 in her 55th yr.

Polly, dau. of John & Polly; d 1827 aged 20y


Phebe Southard, wife of Isaac G.; d Jan. (3 or 13), 1871


Daniel L.; d Aug. 17, 1853 aged 62y 6m


Charlotte M., wife of George; d June 20, 1878 aged 57y 1m 21d

George; father; d Nov. 28, 1878 aged 56y 1m 20d

John; d Apr. 6, 1858 aged 65y


Liza; d Mar. 7, 1885 aged 11y


Anna, consort of Solomon F.; d Feb. 25, 1825 aged 51y

Charles S.; d Jan. 16, 1830 aged 36y

Judith P., consort of Charles S. and dau. of James MARVIN; d June 20, 1824 aged 24y

Lydia, infant dau. of Charles & Judith; d Jan. 20, 1822

Ruel Marvin, infant son of Charles & Judith; d in 1822

Solomon F.; d July 9, 1825 in his 51st yr. Also a new stone that says father of Heber C. and great-grandfather of Spencer W. KIMBALL, the 12th President of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Betsey, wife of Amos and formerly wife of Lansing DAVIS; d May 15, 18**


Margaret, wife of Michael; d July 17, 1842 aged 78y 2m

Michael; d July 4, 1837 aged 78y 15d


Ann, wife of Peter; d June 2, 1840

Peter; d Oct. 15, 1857 aged 56y


Abner M., son of John & Mary; d July 4, 1819 in his 4th yr.

Amaziah; d May 10, 1824 in his 86th yr.

Amos D., son of Thomas & Almira; d Mar. 19, 1851 aged 2y

Benjamin; d Jan. 16, 1810 in his 44th yr.

Charlotte, dau. of John & Experience; d Aug. 20, 1815 in her 13th yr.

Esther Smith, 3rd wife of Capt. John; d Feb. 15, 1855 aged 69y

Esther S., dau. of John & Experience; d June 8, 1836 aged 8y 13d

Experience W., 1st wife of Capt. John; d Apr. 5, 1813 in her 32nd yr.

Hannah, wife of Amaziah; d Jan. 10, 1811 in her 79th yr.

infant dau. of John & Esther; d Mar. 14, 1823

Capt. John; War of 1812; d Feb. 26, 1861 aged 84y

Mary M., 2nd wife of Capt. John; d June 17, 1821 in her 35th yr.

Polly, dau. of John & Experience; d Dec. 2, 1805 aged 11m

Polly S., dau. of John & Experience; d June 12, 1810 aged 3y 7m

Samuel, son of John & Mary; d July 2, 1819 aged 14m

twin dau. of John & Esther; d Nov. 2, 1821


Mercy, wife of Thomas and formerly wife of Benjamin PARK; d Jan. 28, 1838 in her 53rd yr.

Thomas; d Aug. 21, 1855 aged 51

William; d Feb. 2, 1825 aged 86y


Ann, wife of Frost; d June 20, 1847 aged 34y 6m 8d


Jacob; d Apr. 1, 1863 aged 90y 9m 17d

Maria, wife of Jacob; d 1850 aged 23y

Sarah, wife of Jacob; d Mar. 27, 1853 aged 66y


Olive, 2nd wife of Stutley B.; [dates buried]

Polly. 1st wife of Stutley B.; [dates buried]


George, son of John E. & Martha; d June 9, 1825 aged 1y

John E.; d Mar. 29, 1845 aged 52y

M. Euretta, dau. of Edwin H. & Mary; d Apr. 17, 1852 aged 10m

Maria, wife of John E.; mother; Aug. 15, 1802 - Aug. 15, 1875


Dan; d Sept. 9, 1824 aged 58y

Lydia, wife of Nathaniel; [erected by her son Joseph]; d Feb. 28, 1818 aged 74y

Nathaniel; [erected by his son Joseph]; d Apr. 7, 1814 aged 72y

Seth; d Apr. 10, 1828 in his 45th yr.


William; Co. H, 140th NY Vol.; d Apr. 14, 1888 aged 65y


Miriam Works, 1st wife of Brigham; b June 7, 1806, Aurelius, NY; d Sept. 8, 1832, Mendon, NY; This stone placed by Genevieve Curtis, great-granddaughter, and her husband Alexander R. Curtis in Sept. 1948.

Miriam Young



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