Valley View Cemetery
Rush, New York


This cemetery is located on a path that runs north from the western end of Five Nations Road in the Town of Rush, New York. The cemetery is now on private property.

This cemetery was used by the School of Industry from 1909 to 1940. The School dates back to 1846 when it was created as the Western House of Refuge (in Rochester) to house juvenile criminals. Then in 1850 it was decided to also send juveniles to W. H. of R. for crimes as minor as vagrancy. By 1855 there was a capacity for 400 boys. In 1886 the name was changed to State Industrial School. In 1902 1,000 acres of land were bought in the Town of Rush. By 1907 the move to Rush was complete and the name changed to State Agricultural and Industrial School. In 1993 NY State sold the property including the cemetery.

All the names of the boys interred here and data on them came from an article in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle on July 13, 2014 by David Andreatta, Staff writer.



Wesley, son of Henry LeRicheany; b 1895, Watertown, NY; d Nov. 7, 1909 of complications of measles


Samuel, son of Norman Rice and Alma Toomer; b April 24, 1916, Ithaca, NY; d March 19, 1933 of heart disease at the school hospital; buried March 20


Wesley; b May 15, 1910; d Dec. 24, 1926 of heart disease; buried Dec. 27


Verne, son of Bertha Cardinal; b April 7, 1908; d Oct. 10, 1924 of an enlarged heart at the school hospital; buried Oct. 11


Vincent, son of Dominick Celano and Providence Disteffano; b Nov. 14, 1911, Buffalo, NY; drowned May 27, 1927 in the Genesee River while trying to escape; body found June 4; buried June 6


Lawrence, son of John Chenofsky; b Feb. 6, 1906, Glen Cove, NY; drown Sept. 28, 1923 in the Genesee River while trying to escape; buried Oct. 4


Julius; b Oct. 2, 1910, Virginia; d March 2, 1926 of tuberculosis; buried March 3


Richard, son of Paul Dawley and Blanche Kelly; b Feb. 16, 1926, Eastwood, NY; d June 18, 1940 of kidney disease at Rochester General Hospital; buried June 19


William, son of John; b April 1896, Watertown, NY; d June 17, 1915 of tuberculosis


Steven (also as Stephen), son of Stanley Metski; b Feb. 26, 1909; d April 9, 1926 of infection of appendix at Highland Hospital in Rochester; buried April 11


Frank; b Aug. 4, 1913; killed Jan. 23, 1930 by a rolling log which crushed his chest; buried June 24


Oliver; b Sept. 15, 1916; d May 26, 1930 of tuberculosis at Rochester General Hospital; buried May 27


Earl, son of Lawrence and Mary Wessing; b Jan. 16, 1902, Utica, NY; d Feb. 8, 1919 of influenza; buried Feb. 11


Norman F. (or he may be Forrest Warner Young; b May 22, 1905; d Feb. 11, 1919 of influenza



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