Walker Cemetery
Hamlin, New York


The following article describing this cemetery was inthe Brockport Republic in 1890.

Sometime ago in giving a list of the cemeteries established at an early date in the town of Clarkson, years before the town was divided, no mention was made of the cemetery established at Kane's Corners, now East Hamlin [also called Walker]. There is a small cemetery, including only about half an acre of land. It is shaded by a few pine trees, and the rank growth of golden rod, milk weed and grass indicates that the soil of that locality is very fertile. The trees have so blackened some of the headstones that their inscriptions are illegible.

In obtaining a list of the principal persons buried in this cemetery, as shown by the inscriptions, the earliest burial found was that of Florilla, wife of Joshua Ryder, who died Mar. 31, 1844. There were perhaps earlier interments under the hillocks having no memorial stones.

This is a composite list of burials extracted from:

  1. a list published in the Brockport Republic in 1890;
  2. a July 1928 survey compiled by D.A.R. member, Mary T. Douglas;
  3. a May 1939 survey compiled by D.A.R. members, Lula Smith and Myrte Rice Haynes;
  4. a survey by Hamlin Historical Society members, Peg Ryan, Linda Ryan & Nancy Martin in 1972;
  5. a survey compiled by Marjorie S. Dows on July 16, 1978.



John R.; d June 18, 1862 æ 65y


Margaret E., wife of Edward and dau. of Ira B. & C.; April 27, 1851 - Oct. 7, 1881

Mary Jane, wife of Wright; d Aug. 1, 1848 in her 24th yr.


Rachel, wife of Frederic; d Oct. 7, 1867 æ 38y 1m 8d


Julia A., dau. of George & Mary A.; d May 18, 1860 æ 1y 1m


Anna, wife of James; d May 10, 1844 æ 57y


Margarett, wife of W. H.; d Feb. 28, 1853 æ 85y


Lucy Jane, dau. of Whitman & Clarissa C.; d April 15, 1849 æ 1y 7m

Whitman; d Sept. 7, 1853 æ 46y

Zenas, son of Whitman & Clarissa C.; d April 10, 1845 æ 11y


George, son of Jacob & Catharine E.; d Feb. 28, 1850 æ 2

Jacob; d Oct. 25, 1851 æ 39y


Alice A., dau. of Ira B. & Caroline; Apr. 12, 1849 - March 9, 1872

Anna Delphine, dau. of Ira B. & Caroline; b Jan. 2, 1847; d Jan. 1, 1850 æ 2y 11m 4d

Caroline Coons, wife of Ira B.; March 16, 1826 - June 13, 1861

Ira B.; [no dates]

Margaret; see → Margaret BARTON

Wingrove E., son of Ira B. & Caroline; b Dec. 17, 1845; d Feb. 13, 1846 æ 2m


Nelson; d March 29, 1850 æ 40y 6m 10d


William S., son of Levi H. & Phebe; d Jan. 5, 1864 æ 16y 2m 16d


Emeline, wife of Jacob; d Oct. 11, 1859 æ 60y

Jacob; Feb. 16, 1798 - Feb. 18, 1861


Thomas Wingrove; [on Gates monument]; d Feb. 26, 1847 æ 71y


Rosaline E., dau. of William & Samantha; d May 11, 1848 æ 7y 1m 25d

Sarah J., dau. of William & Samantha; d March 20, 1847 æ 2y 3m 21d


Henry, son of C. B. & M. E.; d Apr. 29, 1862 æ 22y 10m 15d

infant dau. of C. B. & M. E.; d Sept. 6, 1858

infant dau. of C. B. & M. E.; d Sept. 17, 1856 æ 12d

Margaret E., wife of C. B.; d Aug. 12, 1858 æ 40y 3m 29d


Anna Mariah, dau. of John & Sarah; d Apr. 9, [rest of stone is buried]


Adeline, wife of John; d March 9, 1849 æ 23y


Edwin L., son of David W. & Fanny J.; d Jan. 12, 1859 æ 3y 9m 17d

Leroy T., son of David W. & Fanny J.; d Jan. 14, 1859 æ 1y 11m 29d

W. Lester, son of David W. & Fanny J.; d Jan. 11, 1859 æ 5y 10m 21d


Sarah, widow of Charles; d Sept. 10, 1857 æ 41y 4m 4d


Leonard L., son of G. W. & Sharlott; d Sept. 4, 1854 æ 1y 1m

Mary A., dau. of G. W. & Sharlott; d Feb. 28, 1852 æ 2y


Francis, son of Henry & Alvira; d Sept. 7, 1843 æ 10m 17d

Merrit, son of Henry & Elvira; d March 9, 1852 æ 1y 23d


Ferdinand; June 15, 1821 - Nov. 8, 1919

Frederika, wife of Ferdinand; d Aug. 20, 1890 æ 61y


Florilla, wife of Joshua; d March 31, 1844 æ 24y


Robert; d Aug. 29, 1853 æ 45y 4m 29d


Frances Jane, dau. of William G. & Sarah; d Aug. 8, 1845 æ 11m 6d

Franklin P. C., son of William G. & Sarah; d Feb. 21, 1855 æ 2y 3m

William G., son of William G. & Sarah; d Apr. 28, 1847 æ 6m


Albertus; father; d May 10, 1879 æ 81y 2m 7d

Eve, wif eof Marcus; d March 1, 1851 æ 77y

George, son of William & Sarah; [dates gone]

Lydia, wife of Philip; d Aug. 25, 1843 æ 50y 7m

Margaret, wife of Albertus; d May 19, 1876 æ 78y 8m 6d

Myron, son of Daniel & Catherine; d Feb. 16, 1846 æ 5m 1d


Frankie J., son of Jeremiah & Catharine; d Jan. 13, 1857 æ 3m 4d

William H., son of Henry J. & Elizabeth; d Sept. 13, 1848 æ 25y 11m


Mary, wife of Thomas; d Oct. 4, 1852 æ 32y 6m 20d


Eveline, wife of Joseph; d Sept. 13, 1846 æ 20y


Hannah, wife of Lawrence; d March 30, 1866 æ 76y 3m

Lawrence; d Oct. 21, 1848 æ 54y

Lawrence, son of Lawrence; d March 31, 1845 æ 24y 3m

Mary, wife of Charles L.; d Nov. 11, 1846 æ 24y


Alonzo Franklin; d Dec. 31, 1846 æ 36y 1m 13d


George Franklin; son of Joseph & Sarah; d May 16, 1851 æ 13y 13d


Fitzwillie, son of F. W. & Martha; d May 21, 1843 æ 10m 24d

Frankfort William; d Jan. 2, 1846 æ 32y

Henry C., son of F. W. & Martha S.; d Sept. 3, 1846 æ 2y

Martha S., wife of Frankfort W.; d Feb. 8, 1847 æ 25y



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