Brighton Chili Clarkson E. Rochester Gates
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Ogden Parma Penfield Perinton Pittsford
Riga Rush Sweden Webster Wheatland
City of Rochester

Brighton, NY

Denonville Trail
French forces returned to
Irondequoit Bay along this
route July 25, 1687, ending
a 14 - day campaign to break
the power of the Senecas.
Not found in 2001
Clover Street, south of Monroe Avenue.

Seminary - 1845
Built for Celestia Bloss
Author, teacher-principal
of Clover Street Seminary.
It reopened in 1868 as
St. Mark's School for Boys.
Seminary - 1845
1550 Clover Street

Warrant Homestead
Settled in 1819 by Thomas
Warrant, coppersmith and
abolitionist. This home
used as station on the
underground Railroad.
Warrant Homestead Warrant home
1956 West Henrietta Road

City of Tryon
First white settlement
west of Cananadaigua
founded 1797, abandoned
1818. John Lusk was the
first settler 1789.
200 N. Landing Rd.

Site of a Large
Algonkin town.
The Senecas lingered
here until 1845.
Not found in 1965
nor 2001
1800 Blossom Rd.

The Meadows north of this stone form the site of
The Indian Landing.
Famous in the early history of this country.
It was the beginning of the Ohio Trail
from Canada to the Mississippi Valley.
From this point the portage ran west to the mouth of
Red Creek in Genesee Valley Park.
Skirting the southern base of the
Pinnacle and Mt. Hope.
Rochester Centennial 1912.
Indian Landings
Blossom and Landing Road, on boulder.

Chili, NY

Joseph Morgan
Revolutionary War Captain
First settler in Chili in
1792. Supplied seed grain
to whole region and set
out one of first orchards.
Joseph Morgan
Scottsville Road, one mile south of Morgan Road.

B. T. Roberts
Founded Chili Seminary in
1866. His life of service
is honored in the name of
Roberts Wesleyan College
Chartered in 1949.
B. T. Roberts
4291 Buffalo Road

Harmon Mill - 1834
Flour ground here by
Anan Harmon took
1st prize at first
international exhibition
London, 1851.
Harmon Mill
Village Square, Clifton

Chili Cobblestone
School Museum

The Chili District No. 4 school was
built in 1848 and operated as such
until 1952. On September 19, 1965,
it was dedicated as a museum.
Established by legislation passed
February 22, 1822 the Township of
Chili is believed to have been
named after the South American
Republic of Chile. It was formerly
part of the Town of Riga and earlier
known as East Pulteney. Old deeds
called it "Black Creek Township."
School Museum
Scottsville Rd., north of Morgan Rd.

Early Stage Stop
Here in 1867, the old tavern, stage
stop and post office on historic
Buffalo Road became the location
of Chili Seminary, a school founded
in 1866 by Benjamin Titus Roberts
as the first educational institu
tion for the Free Methodist Church
of North America. Later named
Chesbrough Seminary (1885) and
Roberts Junior College (1945). The
school was chartered as Roberts
Wesleyan College in 1949.
Early Stage Stop
Northeast corner of Buffalo Rd. and Union St.,
North Chili

Clarkson, NY

Lewis Swift
Widely known astronomer,
discoverer of 12 comets,
and over 1200 nebulae,
was born here in 1820.
Lewis Swift
8265 Ridge Road West

Henry R. Selden
1805 - 1885
Lieut. Gov. and Judge lived
here. George B. Selden,
inventor of "Selden Patent" for
automobiles, was born here.
Henry Selden
8402 Ridge Road

Houston Tavern
A popular stopping place in
stage coach days. Built soon
after 1825 for Isaac Houston
who was the sole proprietor
for many years.
Houston Tavern Houston
7089 Ridge Road West

Philip Boss
Artist and cabinet maker
lived here from 1820 to 1830,
moving to Rochester. Then, he
achieved great popularity
as a painter of portraits.
Philip Boss
8412 Ridge Road

Home of
Simeon B. Jewett
1801 - 1869
Political Leader, Jurist,
Partner of Henry R. Selden,
U.S. Marshal, Northern N.Y.
under President Buchanan.
Simeon Jewett
3779 Lake Road

East Rochester, NY

School District No. 9
formed 1822
in towns Perinton & Pittsford.
First school built 1835
later brick and stone school
was used 1856 - 1898.
Southwest corner of N. Washington and Monroe Streets

Gates, NY

Harris Seed Farm
Founded by Joseph Harris
Editor and Owner of the
"Genesee Farmer" 1856 - 1865.
Harris seed
3670 Buffalo Road

Town of Gates
Named in 1813.
Last remnant of old
Town of Northampton
Town of Gates
1605 Buffalo Road,
in front of the Gates Town Hall

Greece, NY

Long Pond Site
An Iroquois group camped
here around 1400 A.D.
Ash beds excavated in 1912
yielded artifacts of bone,
stone and pottery.
Long Pond
28 Kuhn Road

Old Ridge Road
Molded by the great glacier
and long an Indian trail.
Traveled by pioneers' oxcarts,
covered wagons, stagecoaches.
Town of Greece founded 1822.
Old Ridge Rd.
2505 Ridge Road West

Old Trolley Route
1891 - 1925
Rochester - Grand View Beach
and later Rochester - Manitou
Railroad linked resorts
of a gay era at the lakeside.
Trolley Rt.
2000 Edgemere Drive

Mt. Read & Paddy Hill
The first rural Roman Catholic
Church in New York State. Known as
"The Church in the Woods." Dedicated
to St. Ambrose, was established
here in 1829 at Read's Corners,
where Nicholas Read was an 1823
pioneer. Mt. Read bares his name.
Devout Irish settlers led by
Felix McGuire constructed the first
church, a wooden structure. A new
brick building was dedicated in
1860. (Present church erected in
1966.) The 1860 structure became
a library in 1969.

Erected by the
County of Monroe

Mt. Read - Paddy Hill
Southeast corner of Mt. Read Blvd. and Latta Road

The port of South Greece
with the "8 mile grocery" and
post office, school no. 12,
apple dryhouse, 25 houses,
and 2 doctors' offices was a
busy Erie Canal stop in the 1800's.
Ridgeway Avenue near the junction with North Greece Road

Hamlin, NY

Hamlin No. 14
The last common school
district in the county to
operate a one-room school.
Annexed to Hilton Central
School District, Sept. 1956.
Not found in 2001
Lake Road at Hamlin Road

Town of Hamlin
Renamed Hamlin in 1861
for Vice President
Hannibal Hamlin.
Not found in 2001
Lake Road, south of Rt. 18