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City of Rochester

Henrietta, NY

Born in Log Cabin
on this site in 1825,
Antoinette Brown Blackwell
was first ordained woman
Minister in United States.
This house her early home.
Log cabin House in the trees
1099 Pinnacle Road

Monroe Academy
Boarding school erected in
1826, one of the earliest
for advanced education in
Western New York. Became
Union Free School in 1871.
Not found in 2001
3044 East Henrietta Road

Carriage Shop
Built in mid-1830's for ox
and horse shoeing, wagon and
carriage making; later used
for foundry, steam sawmill and
farm implement factory.
Carriage Shop
5375 West Henrietta Road

Richardson Farm
Former underground
railroad station, owner
Dave Richardson was known
by blacks for his booming
voice, 250 lb, 6 ft frame.
Richardson Farm
2500 West Henrietta Road

Irondequoit, NY

Built in 1839
Home of Isaac Butts
born 1816, died 1874
founder, Rochester Daily Union
Editor, Rochester Advertiser
and Union Advertiser.
Not found in 2001
1571 Ridge Road East

Swayne's Corners
Town of Irondequoit organized
April 2, 1839 at this early
crossroad settlement. Here
later were Swayne's Hotel and,
until 1957, Forest House.
Swayne's Corners
2100 Ridge Road East

Fort Des Sables
A French trading Post
built by Joncaire near
this site in 1717 as a
Seneca link to New France,
aroused British ire.
Fort Des Sables
Culver Road at Sea Breeze

Hosea Rogers
Pioneer and Lake Captain
Born at Carthage 1812.
Settled here 1832.
Built this home 1852.
Died here in 1904.
Hosea Rogers Roger's house
2689 St. Paul Blvd.

Blacksmith Shop

The Oldest building
in Irondequoit.
Built in 1830
by Ransford Perrin.
Cobblestone Blacksmith shop
2025 East Ridge Road

Pioneer home
Built about 1830 on Ridge
Road just west of Culver,
this sturdy New England
"Salt Box" style home has
been moved twice.
Pioneer home 1830 home
1280 Titus Ave.,
behind Irondequoit Town Hall

Mendon, NY

Mendon Academy
Incorporated 1836,
acquired by Mendon School
District No. 2, Jan. 3, 1839.
Closed as school and sold
to Fire District, 1959.
Not found in 2001
Mendon-Pittsford Road

Camp Site
Of primitive Algonkins
who fished here ages ago
driven out by the Iroquois
who occupied this region.
Not found in 2001
Canfield Road
Mendon Ponds Park

Brigham Young
lived here in the rear
wing of this house
when he joined the
Mormons in 1832.
Not found in 2001
Cheese-Factory and Ionia-Mendon Roads

Seneca Town of 120 cabins
was located here
burned by Denonville, 1687
Jesuit Mission, 1668 - 1683.
Not found in 2001
Plains Road

War Site
Denonville's Army of 3000
French and Indian allies
camped here 23 July 1687
returning to Irondequoit.
Not found in 2001
Mendon Ponds Park, north of Pond Road

"In the Great Bend"
July 1687 French victors
over Senecas lifted their
standards and claimed this
country for Louis XIV.
Plains Road

Site of Mill
Built by Zebulon Norton of
Vermont, first pioneer in
Village of Honeoye Falls.
Site of Mill
16 W. Main Street
Honeoye Falls

Ogden, NY

Site of Home
of Alexander Milliner
drummer boy in Bodyguard
of George Washington.
Later, soldier in
Revolutionary War.
A. Milliner
Canal and Adams Basin Roads

Indian Hill
Indian encampment when
whites entered region.
Grandparents of Frances E.
Willard settlement here in
1816 as pioneers on this land.
Indian hill
287 Dewey Road

Birthplace of
John T. Trowbridge
1827 - 1916
Poet; Author of "Darius
Green and His Flying Machine"
and other stories.
John Trowbridge
2726 Nichols Street

Parma, NY

Little White

Erected 1844, oldest house of
worship now standing in Parma.
Post - and - beam construction,
built entirely of labor of
members of First Presbyterian
Society of Parma, organized
March 24, 1829.
Its 13 charter members included
State Senator John E. Patterson,
advisor to President Abraham
Acquired by Town of Parma, 1978.
Meetinghouse Meetinghouse
Parma Center Road

First settlement in the
Town of Parma
Bezaleel Atchinson and
family came in 1796. He
erected a log house and
first schoolhouse nearby.
Town of Parma
Hill Road, south of Burritt Road

Surveyed 1796
by Joseph Colt and named
Braddocks Bay Township.
Five families led by Benj.
Weeks survived extreme
hardships that first year.
Surveyed 1796
Curtis Road near Manitou Road

Pioneer Site
Jonathan Underwood of
Vermont settled here in
1805. The First Baptist
Church was erected
nearby in 1830.
Not found in 2001
286 South Avenue,

Hojack Railroad
opened as Rome, Watertown
& Ogdensburg R.R., 1876.
Fruit shipments by rail
made Hilton prosper & grow.
Last train ran March 31, 1978.
Corner of East Ave. & Railroad Ave.,

Methodist Church
Oldest west of Genesee.
First sermon preached 1804;
class organized 1811.
Church built 1830.
Not found in 2001
Parma Center Road at Parma Center

Penfield, NY

Denonville Trail Not found in 2001
Creek St. at Embury Road


Denonville Trail
Five Mile Line Road, south of Whalen Road

Penfield - 1810
Named for Daniel Penfield
original proprietor.
First town meeting
was held April 2, 1811
in early schoolhouse here.
1821 Penfield Road

Camp Site 1687
Denonville's Army of about
2600 Frenchman and Indians
camped here overnight
July 12 on the way to
attack the Seneca Indians.
Camp site
1891 Clark Road

The Falls
of Irondequoit Creek
dropped 90 feet in a mile.
Called "Sgoh-sa-is-thah"
by the Indians, later
gave power to many mills.
The falls
In Linear Park off Penfield Road

Perinton, NY

Hannan Homestead
Occupied since 1810 by
Hannan family. James
Hannan, pioneer and 1812
soldier; son and grandson
Perinton Supervisors.
Not found in 2001
6653 Pittsford-Palmyra Road

Fullam's Basin
Early rival of Fairport
named for Elisha Fullam.
From this settlment Erie
Canal passengers often
took stage to Rochester.
Fullam's Basin
185 W. Church Street, Fairport

Richardson Tavern
beside old Erie towpath
at Hartwell's, now Bushnell's
Basin, near Great Embankment
western canal terminal 1821-23
shipping port until after 1850.
Richardson Tavern Tavern - 2001
1474 Marsh Road, Bushnells Basin

Glover Perrin
built Perinton's first
log cabin here in 1790.
His brother Jesse in 1791
cleared land to the west
used for cemetery.
Glover Perrin
723 Ayrault Road

Denonville Trail Not found in 2001
Linden Road at Irondequoit Creek

Abner Wight Home
built by Abner Wight 1794.
Moved here from Wight farm
across road - first white
child to survive bron here.
Later home of Col. Howard.
Not found in 2001
234 N. Main Street, Fairport

LaSalle Road
Route used by the French
Army of Denonville to
destroy Seneca Indians at
town south of Victor, N.Y.
July 13, 1687.
Not found in 1965
nor in 2001
Pittsford-Victor Road, east of Bushnells Basin

Seneca Trail
traversed by French Army
of Denonville, 1687. Here
were Seneca lodges where
friendly Indian followers
of trail were welcomed.
Not found in 2001
Pittsford-Bushnells Basin Road, 2miles east of Pittsford

Staples Inn
First stop west of Palmyra
on Genesee Turnpike to change
stage horses. Built by Captain
Onley Staples, 1820. Egypt's
third tavern.
Not found in 2001
7056 Pittsford-Palmyra Road

De Land Chemical Co.
Site of Saleratus Works
established 1852 by the
De Land family. The product
which sold internationally
helped develop Fairport.
DeLand Chem. Co.
4 N. Main Street, Fairport

Bushnell's Basin
Historical District

Western terminus Erie Canal
1822 - 1825
1800's farming community
Trolley stop R&E Railroad
Bushnell's Basin
Corner of Marsh Road and Victor Road

D. Marsh Field
site of town's first
little league baseball
field. Dedicated to
P. David Marsh
June 8, 1953.
D. Marsh Field
Corner of Fairport Road and O'Connor Road
in Perinton Park

Spice Mill
Near this site in 1883,
the R. T. French Co. began
milling spices. A fire in
1885 destroyed the plant
causing move to Rochester.
Spice mill
Corner of N. Main St. and Railroad St.

Town of Perinton
early burial ground
1817 - 1928
established on a one-acre
tract of land given to the
town by the Northrup family.
Schummer Cem.
Northeast corner of Dell Road and Fairport Road
in Schummer Cemetery

Center Cemetery
early burial ground
on land given by
Lyman Barker.
Center Cem.
Ayrault Road
at Perinton Center Cemetery

Town of Perinton
early burial plot
established on a one-acre
tract of land given to the
town by the Ramsdell family.
Egypt Cem.
Mason Road in Egypt Cemetery

Historic Landmark
early burial ground
1832 - 1950
established on a one-acre
tract of land given to the
town by Joshua Scryver.
Bushnell Basin Cem.
Pittsford-Victor Road
at Bushnell Basin Cemetery

Historic Church
South Perinton United
Methodist Church
Oldest Church in
Founded in 1837.
Historic Church S. Perinton Chu.
291 Wilkinson Road

Hamlet of Egypt
Historic District
Site of 1st Town Meeting
Stagecoach & Trolley Stop
Farming & Canning Center
Across from 7725 Palmyra Road