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East Henrietta, Henrietta - Historic Marker

East Henrietta, Henrietta

On this crossroads of East Henrietta and Lehigh Station Roads
arose an early settlement known as the East Henrietta Village.
It was critical to development of town.
Early Buildings
1824 - Brick general store built at 3118 East Henrietta Road
David Deming, Lehigh Station Road supplied bricks.
1826 - First incorporated secondary school built west of
Canandaigua, NY known as the Monroe Academy
1826 - Headmasters house built for the Monroe Academy
1830s - Early U.S. Post Offices were located in area buildings
1860s - Congregational and Methodist/Episcopal Churches built
1907 - Town's first fire house built on East Henrietta Road.

Located near the southeastern corner of East Henrietta and Lehigh Station Roads
Placed by: Town of Henrietta, 2009

Photo dated: Aug. 27, 2015
Photo by: Dick Halsey


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