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Headmaster House and Monroe Academy, Henrietta - Historic Marker

Headmaster House and Monroe Academy, Henrietta

This brick building at 3045 East Henrietta Road was built in
1826 for the Headmaster of "The Monroe Academy" a secondary
boarding school located across the street.

The Academy built 1826 of brick from the Deming brickyard,
was an impressive building of three floors, cupola & large bell.
David B. Crane was first principal; Miss Mary Allen was Preceotress.
All students studied the classics.

Located near the southeastern corner of Headmaster House and Monroe Academy
and Lehigh Station Roads
The school building served students for 126 years. Fire destroyed
it in 1974.

Located at: 3045 East Henrietta Road Placed by: Town of Henrietta, 2009

Photo dated: Aug. 27, 2015
Photo by: Dick Halsey

Note: Also see a photo of Headmaster's House

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