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Irondequoit Bay, Penfield - Historic Marker

Irondequoit Bay, Penfield


From Irondequoit Bay, Indian trails led southward to Seneca villages
and on to the Ohio country. LaSalle and French missionaries arrived in 1669
and 1687. Marquis de Denonville, governor of New France, landed with soldiers
and Indian allies to subdue the Irondequois. The expedition devastated Seneca
villages but had no permanent effect. The French in 1717 established Fort
des Sables, and in 1721 the English built Fort Schuyler to keep watch over
their rivals. During the French and Indian War and at later times troops
camped temporarily at the bay.
In 1797, Salmon Tryon, a land speculator, established the City of Tryon.
Hopes of developing it into a thriving port and metropolis were thwarted
by superior facilities on the Genesee River, leaving a ghost town after 1818.
Steam vessels once cruised on Irondequoit Bay, and the bay's waters,
marshes and coves attracted fisherman, hunters and ice cutters. Railroad
trains in the 19th century and trolley cars in the 20th brought vacationers
from Rochester to resorts on the bay. These flourishing summer retreats
had declined by 1930. Expanding suburbs, with homes, clubs and parks,
now surround the bay.

Located at: about 1350 Empire Blvd., Penfield, NY 14609
Placed by: NY Education Department, 1963

Photo dated: July 24, 2015
Photo by: Dick Halsey

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