Roster of Company A of the New York 8th Cavalry Regiment
Civil War


soldiersoldierThe regiment was formed November 14, 1861 at Rochester, NY. Company A was principally recruited from: Rochester, Penn Yan, Penfield, Webster and Canandaigua.

The 8th witnessed the surrender of Lee at Appomattox.


8th Regiment Field and StaffOfficers
Samuel J CrooksColonel
Charles R. BabbittLieutenant Colonel
William L. MarkellMajor
William H. BenjaminMajor
James ChapmanSurgeon
Winfield S. FullerAssistant Surgeon
Albert L. FordAdjutant
Frederick H. BarryQuartermaster
Frederick W. ClemonsBattalion Adjutant
Theodore B. HamiltonBattalion Quartermaster
Frederick ScovilleBattalion Adjutant
William H. WebsterBattalion Quartermaster
William RossBrevet Sergeant


Company A Officers
Edmond M. Pope Captain
Alfred LeggettFirst Lieutenant
Alfred E. MillerSecond Lieutenant


Company A Enlisted Men
Andrew T. Leggett
Northrop Needham
Peter Brewer
Almond P. Strowger
Edward P. Follett
Charles Harrison
William H. Norton
H. Orson Pope
William Hector
Edwin A. Slocum
Jerome M. Doubleday
William C. Lathrop
Frank A. Thompson
James Brown

George Oscar Hale
Edward M. Voorhees
William H. Steigelmaier
Wm. H. Anderson
George W. Clark
Harmon Peleg Burroughs
Horace A. Ackley
Harvey H. Brown
Michael Blake
Edward Bushler
Samuel Burnett
George L. Blanvet
Charles M. Booth
Addison Clark
Marcenus H. Cole
Luther F. Corbin
Andrew J Cook
Lawrence Cullen
George W. Clark
Albert Cooper
Horace W. Daggett
Jacob DeKubber
Peter J. DeMaille
Chester J. Desmond
Robert B. Dikeman
Abraham Downing
Samuel H. Duell
Edward W. Dimock
Edward Easling
Albert H. Edson
John Futherer
Farrel Gallagher
John Gallagher
Andrew J. Gouldswardt
Peter Hallings
John Hendricks
Bart Hallings
Wm. Hill
Gotlieb Konath
John Lassen
Henry Light
John A. Miller
Charles F. Merrick
Alexander Mitchell
John McCormac
James Nichil
John O. Neil
Wm B. Olmsted
Horace Peet
George Reeder
Georgr Ritz
George Reas
Wm. Smith
Nelson Smith
Jacob Schillinger
John Schulick
Charles Stevens
John Schroeder
Issac Scout
John Shehan
James W. Tailor
Jav Van Alstine
John R. Vontana
Charles Viergever
Matthew Vontana
John Van Horn
August Wagner
Squire Worden
Oliver Weyburn


Copied from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, JUNE 28,1865

The Eighth New York Cavalry arrived at the fair grounds around 9 last evening. The Train stopped in the rear of the grounds, and the regiment marched to the rendezvous in the enclosure. It was dark and difficult to see how the soldiers looked. Their movements could only be detected by the tramp of men and the clank of sabres which they wore.

The Eighth was so numerous, being over 800 men, that no arrangements could be made in the short time allowed to give them a reception and supper in the city. The most that could be done was to give a hearty welcome to such as the government had provided at the rendezvous. This was plan soldier fare.

Mayor Moore and the Alderman went to the Fair Grounds to receive the regiment. The Mayor made a breif address of welcome from the top of a back, but it was so dark that he could not see a man before him. His remarks were apropriate (sic), and were received with cheers by the regiment.

The men took their supper and such quarters as the ground afforded. The officers came to the city and were entertained at the Brackett House.

The Eighth returns under command of Col. Pope, having been in the service since Oct. 1861. Col. Pope went out then as Captain. One colonel, eleven captains, two lieutenants and a color bearer have been killed. Of the 940 men who first went out, only 190 return with it now. There are 850 enlisted men, most of whom went in this year.

The Eighth has done noble service in the field, and has passed through much hardship. Its early trials were sufficient to dishearten officers and men. Its battle flags are badly tattered, but on them are inscribed sixty-four actions in which the regiment has participated - a long roll of fame of which the veterans of the 8th may justly be proud.

The following is the list of present officers: Col. E.M. Pope, Brevet Col. James Bliss, Major H.B. Compson, Major H.B. Burroughs, Major William Downey, Lieut. R. Gardner R.C.S., Lieut. H.C. Munn, Adjutant Lieut. E.A. Bardwell Q.M., Captain D. Hamilton, Captain C.T. VanDusen, Captain George Mathews, Captain J.N. Reeves, Captain J.W. Davock, Captain S.E. Graves, Captain R.E. Brewster, Captain A. Rudet.



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