Business Directory of Gates, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Gates are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


Ace, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Child.
Ackerman, Wilfred, (Rochester,) lot 66, blacksmith, Child.
Adel, Barney, (Rochester,) lot 66 cooper and farmer 1, Jay.
Allen, Wm., (Gates,) lot 127, farmer 29.
Allmann, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 75, cooper and farmer 2.
Annett, Hugh, (Rochester,) milk dealer, foreman in Cunningham's carriage factory and farmer leases 50.
Anthony, Asa, (Rochester,) lot 22, raiser of smail fruits and gardener 44.
Anton, August, (Rochester,) lot 166, farmer 2.
Appel, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 166, butcher and farmer leases 10.
ARMSTRONG, JAMES, (Rochester,) lot 167. small fruit grower 30
AVERY, E, R., (Cold Water,) station agent N. Y. C. R. R. and postmaster.
Ayerstein, C. J., (Rochester,) lot 67, mason, Ames.

Babbage, Simon, (Rochester,) lot 94, farmer 28.
Baker, John, (Gates,) lot 101, farmer leases 55.
Baker, Lawrence, (Rochester,) lot 9, farmer 16.
Barry, Dennis, (Gates,) lot 6, farmer 12.
Barsdale, Carlisle, (Rochester,) lot 103, farmer 33.
Bates, Lewis, (Rochester,) lot 60, teamster, Ames
Baur, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 67, mason, Maple.
Baxter, James, (Rochester,) lot 112, farmer 20.
Beaham, James, (Rochester,) lot 42, physician and farmer 40.
BEAMAN, JOSHUA, (Cold Water,) lot 2, farmer 90,
BEARTH, JOHN, (Gates,) lot 156, tailor and farmer 7.
Belaw, Francis, (Rochester,) lot 55, foreman on R. R., Lyell.
Belegar, Farland D., (Rochester,) lot 67, cooper, Maple.
BENHAM, AUGUSTUS C., (box 622, Rochester,) lot 100, dairymsn and farmer leases 184.
BENHAM. A. W., (Rochester,) lot 45, traveling agent for W. M. Raymond & Co., 348 Pearl St., New York city, and farmer 42,
Berger, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 3, Murray.
Bessing, Hammond, (Rochester,) lot 60, cooper, Child.
Bisnette, ---- Miss, (Rochester,) at Rapids.
BLIM, JACOB, (Cold Water,) lot 38, farmer 47.
BLINN, VALENTINE, (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 37.
Bohm, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Maple.
Bole, Constant, (Rochester,) lot 65, blacksmith, Child.
Boleman, John, (Cold Water,) lot 25, farmer 40.
Booth, J. Ansel, (box 35, Rochester,) lot 28, dairyman and farmer 92.
BOOTH, MYRON N., (Rochester,) lot 118, milk dealer and farmer 2.
Booth, Wm., (Rochester,) lot 91, milk dealer and farmer 47.
BOOTH, WM. R., (Rochester,) Gates Center, Buffalo road, farmer 64.
BOSOLT, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 66, meat market, corner Jay and Child.
Boss Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 2, Maple.
Boyan, James, (Rochester,) lot 65, farmer 200, Lyell.
Brayer, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 66, machinist and farmer 2, Jay.
Brian, T. O., (Rochester,) lot 91, farmer 20.
BROOKS, CALVIN, (Rochester,) lot 35, grocer and farmer 21.
BROWN, E. S., (box 343, Rochester,) lot 168, raiser of small fruits, gardener 10 and 16 acres on Rapids Road.
Brown, Orson S., (Rochester,) lot 19, market gardner 5.
Bruce, Wm., (Gates,) lot 109, farmer 5.
Buck, George, (Rochester,) lot 65, farmer 1.
Buckley, Thos., (Rochester,) lot 65, picture dealer, Cameron.
Buell, John, (Rochester,) lot 65, fruit raiser and farmer leases 125.
Buff, Michael, (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Child.
Burns, Michael, (Rochester,) lot 65, brass founder, Myrtle.
Burns, Percy, (Rochester,) teamster, at Rapids.
Bushnell, R, J., (Cold Water,) lot 1, insurance agent and farmer 50.
Butts, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 67, cooper, Hicks.

Cadwell, Friend, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 10.
CAIN, MICHAEL, (Cold Water,) lot 26, farmer 56.
Cane, Perry, (Rochester,) at Rapids, farmer 1.
Candle, Wm., (Rochester,) lot 163, milk dealer and farmer 105.
CHAMBERLIN, E. E., (Rochester) lot 162, grower of small fruits, 44.
CHANDLER, JOHN H., (Rochester,) lot 35, small fruit dealer and farmer 24.
Chapman, Robert M, (Rochester,) lot 103, engineer on N. Y. C. R. R. and farmer 27.
Chappell, James, (Gates,) lot 110, farmer 54.
Chatterton, Win., (Gates,) lot 91, milkman.
Chanucey, Amelia B., (Gates,) lot 98, farmer 90.
Chauncey, Wm. G., (Gates,) lot 98, farmer leases 90.
Cheever, Geo. W., (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer leases 10.
Christian, Wm., (South Greece,) lot 154, farmer 1.
Cobic, Jacob, (Spencerport,) lot 155, farmer 4.
Cobic, Peter, (Spencerport,) lot l55, farmer 2.
COLE, PETER, (in care of J. Osborn, 22 S. St. Paul St., Rochester,) lot 20, farmer leases 87.
Colet, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, iron molder, Child.
COLLINS, ISAAC J., (Rochester,) lot 112, farmer 65.
Condolf, Henry, (Rochester,) saloon keeper.
Conklin, James F., (Rochester,) lot 19, fruit raiser and farmer 14.
Contswestimer, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 1, Ames.
Coon, Henry, (Rochester,) (with Anthony Englert,) lot 34, farmer 68.
Corser, L. H., (Spencerport,) lot 154, farmer 41.
Cowley, Catherine Mrs., (South Greece,) lot 154, farmer 20.
Cowley, Edward, (Rochester,) lot 44, farmer 40.
COWLEY, JOHN, (South Greece,) lot 145, farmer leases 72½.
CURRY, JOHN C., (Rochester,) lot 165, farmer leases 180.
CURRY ROBERT, (Gates,) lot 102, prop. and breeder of Jacks, hotel proprietor and farmer 70.
Curry, Robert J., (Rochester,) lot 165, farmer 180.
Curtis, Geo. M., (box 272, Rochester,) lot 138, farmer 90.

Dalles, Anna M., (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 1, Child.
Dalles, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 56, butcher, Child.
DANZER, STEPHEN, (Rochester,) lot 67, baker, 4 Child.
Davis, Wm. E., (South Greece,) lot 136, farmer 15.
DE GARMO, ELIAS, (Rochester,) lot 45, farmer 50.
DENIO, H. B., (box 380, Rochester,) lot 167, raiser of small fruits, 4.
DERLETH JOHN, (Cold Water,) lot 38, farmer 108.
DEWEY, CHAS. P., (Rochester,) lot 94, berry grower and farmer leases 42.
Dewey, D. P., (Rochester,) (with H. R.,) lot 121, farmer 84.
Dewey, H. R., (Rochester,) (with D. P.,) lot 121, farmer 84.
Dewey, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 130, farmer 85.
Diedrick, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 2, Maple.
Dillon, T. (Gates,) lot 164, farmer 10.
DREXELINS, PETER, (Rochester,) lot 66, molder, Child.
DUNCAN, GEO. W., (Rochester,) lot 32, (of B. Ocompaugh, Rochester, box 104,) farmer leases 50.
Dunning, Egbert B., (Rochester,) lot 42, prop. wagon and blacksmith shop.

Eagan, John, (Gates,) lot 164, farmer 11.
Earin, John R., (Rochester,) lot 82, farmer 14.
EDSON, DAN, (Spencerport,) lot 157, farmer 76.
Eeffer, Bonny, (Rochester,) lot 66, Child.
Eldredge, Lucy Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 76, farmer 7.
Emiel, Joseph, (RochestEr,) lot 66, cooper, Jay.
Emmy, Gust, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 6.
Enerick, Conrad, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 9.
Enery, Conrad, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 2.
Englert, Anthony, (Rochester,) (with Henry Coon,) lot 84, farmer 68.
Ent, ----, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 5.
Evans, David, Mrs., (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 30.
Evart, Casper, (Gates,) lot 119 farmer 5.

Farwick, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 2, Maple.
Fegene, John, (Rochester,) lot 74, farmer 4½.
FIELD, CHESTER, (Rochester,) lot 76, supervisor and (with Reuben L.,) farmer 52.
FIELD, REUBEN L., (Rochester,) lot 76, assessor and (with Chester,) farmer 52.
FISH, A. C., (Rochester,) lot 103, prop. of West Avenue Nurseries 35, vines and currants specialties.
FISH, GEO. T., (Rochester,) lot 103, nurseryman.
FOGEL, SEBASTIAN, (Cold Water,) lot 162, farmer leases 135.
Fogle, Wm., (Cold Water,) lot 14, farmer 38.
Foose, Casper, (Gates,) lot 109, farmer 49.
Foote, Ira, (Gates,) lot 146, farmer 130.
Fountain, Martin, (Gates,) lot 128, farmer 48.
Frank, Edward, (Rochester,) lot 65, blacksmith, Child.
Frazer, Wm., (Rochester,) lot 65, cooper, Lyell.
Frederick, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, Child.
Freetman, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 74, carpenter and farmer 2.
French, Ebenezer, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 6.
FRENCH, O. J., (Gates,) lot 164, farmer leases 116.
French, Rinaldo, (Spencerport,) lot 155, farmer 2½.
Friday, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Jay.
Fromm, Casper, (Rochester,) lot 66, butcher, Jay.
FULLAGAR, CHAS., (Gates.) lot 129, milkman and farmer 59.

Gage, ----, (Rochester,) lot. 44, farmer leases 30.
Gallitzderfer, Conrad, (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Child.
GARDNER, BYRON, (Rochester,) lot 161, farmer leases 115.
GARDNER, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 161, farmer 115.
Gardner, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 157, farmer 10.
GATES, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 83, farmer 64.
Gates, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 65, boat captain, Lyell.
Geares, Jacob, (Gates,) lot l37, farmer leases 45.
Gereld, Carley, (Rochester,) lot 75, hop raiser and farmer leases 50.
Gerig, Lorens, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Jay.
Gerinod, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, shoemaker, Jay.
Gier, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 74. farmer 2.
Gill, Wm., (Rochester) lot 100, farmer 12.
Gillette, L. H., (Cold Water,) telegraph operator.
Glass, John A. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 2.
Glass, ----, (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 30.
Glener, James, (Cold Water,) lot 139, farmer 45.
GORDON, ELY, (Rochester,) lot 20, fruit raiser and farmer 22.
Gould, Jane Mrs.. (Gates,) lot 92, farmer 49.
Grady, Jeremiah O., (Rochester,) lot 65, boiler maker, Otis.
Grahl, Frederick, (Gates,) lot 129, farmer leases 18.
Graimer, John, (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 10.
Graves, Chas., (Cold Water,) lot 16, farmer 185.
Gray, Joseph S., (Rochester,) lot 67, gardener 3, Ames.
Green, Charles, (Gates,) lot 92, farmer 10.
Guyott, John, (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 10.

HAITE, JOHN, (Cold Water,) lot 13, farmer leases of H. Ives, of Ogden, 96.
Halfar, John, (Rochester,) lot 157, farmer 60.
Hammill, John, (Rochester,) lot 65, carpenter and farmer 2.
HANDY, ALONZO, (Cold Water,) lot 16, farmer leases of Chas. Graves, 185.
Hansen, Nicholas, (Rochester,) lot 66, mason, Jay.
Harder, Mary J. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 18, farmer 150.
Harder, Russell A., (Rochester,) lot 30, farmer 50.
Harris, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 1, farmer 258.
Harrison, Geo., (Rochester,) blacksmith, at Rapids.
Hart, Job, (Gates,) lot 17, farmer 48.
Hart, Nelson L., (Rochester,) lot 45, teamster and farmer 48.
HART, SETH, (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 47.
Heath, Frank, (Rochester,) lot 67, cooper, Maple.
Hebard, Chas. Vt., (Rochester,) lot 94, fruit raiser and gardener 80.
Hensel, John (Rochester,) lot 66, watchman N. Y. C. R. R., Moulton.
Hensing, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 66, carpenter, Child.
Hickok, Isaac, (Spencerport,) lot 154, farmer 180.
Hinchey, Franklin, (Rochester,) lot 6, tax agent for N. Y. C. R. R., and farmer 105.
Hinckly, Lucy Mrs., (Gates,) lot 156, farmer 72.
Hoag, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 1, Jay.
Hofschneider, Leopold Rev., (Rochester,) lot 66, pastor of the Holy Family Church, Jay.
Hotto, Christian, (Gates,) lot 109, farmer 1.
Holtz, Catherine, (Rochester,) lot 66, meat market, Child.
Hovey, Luther, (Rochester,) lot 22, retired farmer 2.
HOWE, SAMUEL H., (South Greece,) lot 145, prop. cider mill and farmer 50.
Hubachek, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 66, cap maker, constable and farmer 3, Jay.
Hulin, Truman, (Rochester,) lot 35, prop. American Hotel at Rapids.
Hundolph, John, (Rochester,) lot 82, farmer 10.
Hussey, John, (Rochester,) lot 75, farmer 2.
Hyde, ----, (Rocheeter,) lot 73, farmer 130.
Hyland, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer leases 84.

Iademaker, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, blacksmith, Child.
Immil, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Jay.

Jacobs, John R., (Rochester,) lot 161, farmer 99.
Jeary, Thos., (Rochester,) lot 30, farmer leases 150.
JONES, EDWIN A., (Rochester,) lot 20, fruit raiser and farmer 44½.
JONES, REUBEN, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 55.
JOSLIN, THOS. M., (Rochester,) lot 120, milk dealer and farmer 21.

Kaet, Raenhart, (Rochester,) lot 139, farmer leases of H. Redfield, of Rochester.
Kallar, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 76, farmer 4.
Keeler, Edward, (Spencerport,) lot 156, farmer leases 72.
Keeler, Rola, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1,
Keitzler, Lewis, (Rochester,) lot 92, farmer leases 60.
Kellogg, Robert D., (Rochester,) lot 167, tobacconist, North Water St., Rochester, and farmer 42.
Kelly, Patrick, (Rochester,) lot 9, farmer 42.
Kiser, Michael, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 1, Moulton.
Kitts, G. F., (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 12.
Kleinhenz, John, (Gates,) lot 147, farmer 99.
KLIEN, WM., (Gates,) lot 164, prop. wagon and blacksmith shop and farmer 6.
Knapp, Frank, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 2, Moulton.
Kneal, Thos., (South Greece,) lot 136, farmer 20.
KOUDOLF, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 68, prop. Strasburg Casseno, Ames.
Kutcher, Wm., (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 2.

Lambert, Justus, (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Maple.
Lamberton, Alex., (Rochester,) lot 84, farmer 120, Lyell.
Lesch, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1, Maple.
Lintz, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, boat builder, Child.
Lintz, John, Jr., (Rochester,) lot 66, shoemaker, Child.
Lochmund, Julius, (Rochester,) lot 67, glove manuf., Child.
Lohmiller, ,John, (Rochester,) lot 67, cabinet maker, Maple.
Loomis, John F., (Rochester,) lot 92, wagon maker and farmer 56.
Lovelace, Nelson, (Gates,) lot 147, farmer 56.
Lucree, Morris, (Rochester,) lot 66, wood turner, Ames.
Luis, Fred, (Rochester,) lot 67, blacksmith, Maple.
Lyons, Manoma, (Rochester,) lot, 66, watchman, N. Y. C. R. R., Child.

Macauley, Catherine Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 65, grocer, Lyell.
MACAULEY, EDWIN, (Gates,) lot 110, farmer 76.
Macrelay, Emanuel, (Gates,) lot 101, farmer 116.
Maeser, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 66, watchman, Jay.
MAIER, FERDINAND, (Rochester,) lot 67, grocer and saloon keeper, corner Ames and Maple.
Maisch, Charles, (Rochester,) lot 67, harness maker, Maple.
Maltbie, Henry M., (Rochester,) lot 4, hop raiser, milk dealer and farmer leases 170, Lyell
Maltbie, Seth M., (Rochester,) lot 84, farmer 50, Lyell.
Marshall, David, (Rochester,) lot 47, justice of the peace.
Martin, Frederick, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1, Hicks.
Martin, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, stone mounter, Maple.
McCALL, IRA N., (Rochester,) lot 167, Buffalo road, grower of small fruits and plants, 30 acres.
McCanty. F, Mrs., (Gates,) lot 100, farmer 50.
McCartney, Archy, (Gates,) lot 146, farmer 56.
McCartney, Wm., (South Greece,) lot 127, farmer 8.
McConnick, Pat., (Rochester,) lot 76, farmer 4.
McDole, Benjamin, (South Greece,) lot 127, farmer 15.
McMullan, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, gardener leases 4, Ames..
Meider, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, stone mason, Child.
Meismer, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1, Hicks.
Merrick, W. D., (box 485, Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 32.
METCALF, ARNOLD, (Rochester,) lot 169, farmer 4, Buffalo road.
Metsinger, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Jay.
Metzer, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 66, stone cutter, Child.
Metzer, Paul, (Rochester,) lot 68, stone cutter, Chili
Metzger, Augustus, (Rochester,) lot 74, farmer 56.
Mewlayer, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, wagon maker, Ames.
Miller, F. G., (Rochester,) lot 169, foreman of Frost & Co's nurseries and farmer 6.
Miller, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 66, joiner, Ames.
Miller,John, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 17.
Miller, Osella Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 66, former 1, Jay.
Miller, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 75, farmer 2.
MILLER, RANSOM, (Rochester,) lot 85, raiser of small fruits and farmer 117.
Mimm, Wm., (Rochester,) lot 163, farmer 38.
Morgan, John E., (Rochester,) lot 74, milk dealer and farmer 60, address 83 Lyell.
Moulson, S., (Rochester,) lot 82, prop. Moulson's Nurseries.
MUNN, E. G. Dr., estate of, (Rochester,) lot 4, farmer 115.
Murphy, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 166, flagman N. Y. C. R. R., and farmer 5.
Myer, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 148, farmer leases 140 of H. Redfield, Rochester.
Myers, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 66, machinist, Ames.

Naylor, Thos., (Rochester,) lot 61, blacksmith, 9 Ely St., Rochester, and farmer 20.
Nese, Burnet, (Gates,) lot 147, farmer 6.
Nivens, David, (Rochester,) lot 10, farmer 93.
Nivens, John S., (Rochester,) lot 10, dairyman and farmer leases 93.
Noble, Lewis, (Rochester,) lot 43, farmer.
Nobles, Anthony, (Rochester,) lot 66, tanner and farmer 2, Murray.
Nunn, Joseph (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Jay.

Oakly, S. H., (Rochester,) at Rapids.
Olmsted, Geo. F., (South Greece,) lot 136, farmer leases of G. D. Walbridge, Rochester, 80.
Olrich, John, (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 10.
Otenpach, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 66, shoemaker.
Otis, Wm., (Rochester,) lot 74, grape raiser and farmer 285.

PAGE, M. L., (Gates,) lot 110, produce dealer and farmer 70, corner of Spencerport and Lyell roads.
Palmer, Nathan, (Rochester,) lot 85, (Wilber & Palmer,) owns livery in city and farmer 88.
Park, John, (Gates,) lot 102, fruit raiser and farmer 65.
Patten, Edward S., (Gates,) lot 110, milk dealer and farmer 7.
PATTEN, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 9, milkman and farmer 6.
Patten, Orrin, (Rochester,) lot 9, milkman.
Paul, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 66, joiner, Jay.
Pease, Chas., (Gates,) lot 65, farmer leases 100.
Perry, Wm. S., (Rochester,) lot 118, milk dealer and farmer 14.
PHIM, JOHN, (Rochester,) (Phim & Timerman.)
PHIM & TIMERMAN, (Rochester,) (John Phim and Geo. Timerman,) lot 67, brewery, Maple.
Piur, Peter Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 1.
PIXLEY, JOHN L., (Rochester,) lot 4, vineyard and farmer leases 115.
Player, Harry, (Rochester,) (with Wm. Redman,) lot 83, milkman and farmer 60.
Plume, Dedrich, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 2, corner Ames and Maple.
Poole, John, (Rochester,) Lot 67, iron molder, Hicks.
POPP, MICHAEL, (Rochester,) lot 167, small fruit grower and farmer 17.
Popp, O. C., (Rochester,) (with Michael.)
POST, ISAAC, (Rochester,) lot 169, gardener and farmer 14.
POST, WM., (Rochester,) lot 33, gardener and farmer 28.
Potomon, Lawrence, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1, Hicks.
Pratt, Asabel, (Rochester,) lot 93, farmer 80.
Pratt, Henry, (Gates,) lot 111, farmer 75.

Radcliff, John, (Gates,) lot 109, farmer 80.
Raush, ----, (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Maple.
Ray, Thos., (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1, Hicks.
Reatzantalar, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1, Ames.
Rebold, Henry, (Cold Water,) lot 38, farmer 50.
Redfield, Chas. M., (Rochester,) lot 169, gardener leases 12.
Redman, Wm., (Rochester,) (with Henry Player,) lot 83, milkman and farmer 60.
Reinfeld, Christopher, (Rochester,) lot 67. grocer, Maple.
Renouf, Benjamin, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 50.
Rordan, Dennis, (Rochester,) lot 73, farmer 32.
Resh, Remick, (Cold Water,) lot 37, farmer 10.
Rhodes, Daniel, (Gates,) lot 92, farmer 84.
Rider, Chas. E., (Rochester,) lot 169, physician office 82 State St., Rochester.
RIES, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 66, grocer and prop. Strasburg House, Child St., city limits.
Rivers, Edward A. (Rochester,) lot 74, carpenter and builder and farmer 4.
Robinson, John D., (Gates,) lot 92, farmer 30.
Roe, Thos., (Gates,) let 120, farmer 60.
Roofe, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 67, blacksmith, Ames.
ROWE, FREDERICK A., (Rochester,) lot 160, farmer 105.
Rowe, Henry C., (Rochester,) lot 160, farmer 31.
ROWE, I. G., (Rochester,) lot 1, farmer 100.
Rudolph, Solomon, (Rochester,) lot 82, milk dealer.
Rudolph, Valentine, (Rochester,) lot 91. farmer 10.
RUGROFF, JOSEPH, (Rochester,) lot 65, cooper shop.
RYAN BROS., (Rochester,) (Geo. R. & John,) lot 76, Buffalo road, props. Ryan's Hotel.
RYAN, GEO. R., (Rochester,) (Ryan Bros.)
RYAN, JOHN, (Rochester,) (Ryan Bros.)
RYANS' HOTEL, (Rochester,) lot 76, Buffalo road, Ryan Bros., props.
Ryder, A. E., (Gates,) lot 120, postmaster.

SAFFRAN, CONRAD, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper shop, Jay.
Samson, A. S,, (Rochester,) lot 46, farmer 60.
Saner, Gottfriet, (Gates,) lot 128, farmer 13.
Savage, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 76, painter and farmer 12.
Sax, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, tanner, Maple.
Schafer, Gao., (Gates,) lot 92, farmer leases 84.
Scheck, Fred,, (Rochester,) lot 156, farmer leases 90 of Wm. Crippen, Bochester.
SCRERER, FRANK, (Rochestar,) lot 66, dealer in groceries and provisions, and saloon keeper, Child St., city limits.
Schlger, Van Hert, (Gates,) lot 155, farmer 31.
Schomer, Prank, (Rochester,) lot 66, teamster, Jay.
Schrur, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, corner Child and Maple.
Servis, John, (Rochester,) lot 10, gardener 4 and farmer leases 45.
Shaffer, Nicholas, (Rochester,) lot 67, atone mason, Maple.
Sherman, Hiram, (Rochester,) lot 112, farmer 90.
Shue, John (Gates,) lot 92, farmer 10.
Simmons, David D., (Gates,) lot 120, raiser of small fruits and farmer 55.
Simmons, Isaac H., (Gates,) lot 164, farmer 10.
Slusser, Chauncy, (Rochester,) lot 82, farmer 32.
Smeirbeck, Lawrence, (Rochester,) foreman Moulson's Nurseries.
Smith, Alva, (Rochester,) retired, at Rapids.
Smith, Maria Mrs., (Gates,) lot 5, farmer 100.
Smith, Warren, (Gates,) lot 127, farmer 28.
Smith, Wm. J., (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer leases 56.
Snow, John, (Rocbester,) (J. & J. Snow, 95 State St., Rochester,) farmer 274.
SOMMER, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 66, stone mason, Jay.
Sommers, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, gardener, Ames.
Soulder, Frank, (Rochester,) lot 67, tanner, Maple.
SPENCER,, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 65, dealer in produce, sheep pelts, &c., and commission merchant, Lyell St.
Sperry, Calvin, (Rochester) lot 110, farmer 65.
Sperry, Theodore (Rochester,) lot 110, (with Calvin,) farmer.
Spiesbirger, John, (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 2, Jay.
Spruce, James and John, (Rochester,) lot 31, farmers 103.
Spruce, Stephen, (Gates,) lot 127, farmer 70.
Statt, Adam J., (Gates,) lot 118, farmer 159.
Steikohl, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, farmer 1. Ames.
Steinkamp, Wm., (Rochester,) lot 45, farmer 18 and leases 47.
Stienheister, Adam, (Gates,) lot 110, blacksmith.
STIMER, PHILIP S., (Rochester,) lot 65, fruit raiser and farmer 32.
Stoat, John, (Rochester,) lot 139, farmer leases of H. Redfield.
Stock, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, cooper, Ames.
STOWELL, ZELAH, (Rochester,) lot 137, farmer 75.
Stowell, ---- Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 14, farmer 1.
SPRASBURG CASSENO, (Rochester,) lot 66, Henry Kondolf, prop., Ames.
STRASBURG HOUSE, (Rochester,) lot 66, corner Child and Jay, John Ries, prop.
Swentzer, John, (Rochester,) lot 76, farmer 8.
Symson, Benjamin, (Gates.) lot 137, farmer 78.

Thoma, John (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Child.
Thurston, Asa K., (Rochester,) lot 7, farmer 32.
THURSTON, MOSES M, (Rochester,) lot 22, milk dealer and farmer 28.
TIMERMAN, GEORGE, (Rochester,) (Phim & Timerman.)
Todd, Allen D., (South Greece,) lot 145, farmer 64.
Tries, John, (Rochester,) lot 67, cooper, Maple.
Turner, Barney, (Rochester,) lot 74, cooper and farmer 7.
TURNER, CHAS., (Rochester,) lot 9, farmer 30.
Turner, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 168, carpenter and builder and farmer 3.
Turner, M. E., (Rochester,) lot 47, farmer 4.
Turner, Nehemiah, (Rochester,) lot 9, carpenter and joiner.
Tushong, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 67, tailor, Ames.
Tuttle, A. J., (Rochester,) lot 66, farmer 2, Lyell.
TUTTLE, A. J. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 66, eclectic physician, Lyell.
Twamley, Parrick, (Rochester,) lot 65, farmer 9, Cameron.

Vahm, Stephen (Gates,) lot 155. farmer 3.
VANDERHAYDEN, ABRAM, (Rochester,) lot 162, fruit raiser and farmer leases 108 of Chas. Armstrong, Rochester.
VeNovery, Anthony, (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 1.
Voelkl, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 67, shoemaker, Maple.
Voelkl, Theres, (Rochester,) lot 57, farmer 1, Maple.
Voiel, John, (Gates,) lot 155, tailor and farmer 11.

Wackerman John, (Rochester,) lot 65, farmer 7, Child.
Waffle, Richard, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 2.
Wahle, Gregory. (Rochester,) lot 76, tailor and farmer 10.
Waite, Jeremiah, (Cold Water,) lot 26, farmer leases 30.
WALKER, G. J., (Spencerport,) lot 154, carriage maker and wheelwright.
Ware, Walter, (Rochester,) lot 76, baggage man N. Y. C. R. R. depot.
WARING, ELLIS W., (Rochester,) lot 119, farmer 105.
Warner James, (Rochester,) lot 109, justice of the peace and farmer 50.
Watkin, Valentine, (Rochester,) lot 66, engineer, Jay.
WELDNER, GEO., (Rochester,) lot 40, milkman and farmer leases 100.
WELKER, CONRAD, (Rochester,) lot 66, small fruit grower, Jay.
Westfall, Chas., (Rochester,) lot 45, farmer leases 7.
Wetmore, M. C., (Rochester,) lot 75, hop raiser and farmer 35.
White, Arthur, (Cold Water,) lot 27, farmer 30.
White, Geo. E., (Rochester,) lot 119, farmer leases 75.
White, Joseph, (Rochester,) 1ot 22, gardener 10.
White, Orrin C., (Rochester,) lot 119, miller, justice of the peace and farmer 75.
Whitman,John, (Rochester,) lot 67, saloon keeper, Maple.
Widener, Hannah, (Rochester,) at Rapids, farmer 1.
Wies, Julia Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 67.
Williams, David, (Rochester,) lot 66, dealer in flour and feed in city, Lyell.
Williams, Joseph, (Cold Water,) lot 14, farmer 6.
Wilsenbeck, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 66, cooper, Child.
Wilson, Harry L., (box 154, Rochester,) lot 130, farmer leases of J. Snow, 106.
WOFFLE, GEO.,(Rochester,) lot 29, manuf. of lumber and farmer 90.
Wolf, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 66, variety store, Jay.
Woodin, W. B., (Rochester,) lot 43, stone mason.
WOODWORTH, CLARK, (Rochester,) lot 7, fruit raiser and farmer 96.
Worthy, Geo., (Rochester,) lot 46, farmer 3 and leases 30.
Wright, Frederick, (Gates,) lot 138, farmer 110.

Youngs, John, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer.

Zieres, Peter, (Gates,) lot 156, well digger and farmer 17.
Zounds, ----, (Rochester,) lot 67, cooper, Ames.



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