Business Directory of Greece, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Greece are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


GREECE was formed from Gates, March 22, 1822. It lies near the center, on the north border of the County. Genesee River forms its east boundary and Lake Ontario the north. The surface is gently rolling with a slight inclination towards the lake. It is drained by several small streams which flow into the bays that indent the shore. There are six of these bays, and their names, beginning at the west, are Braddocks Bay, and Cranberry, Long, Buck, Round and Little Ponds. They are of little importance in a commercial view on account of the changing sandbars at their mouths. The soil of the town is a clay loam with large tracts of drift sand along the lake shore.

Charlotte, (p. v.) in the north-east corner, near the mouth of the river, is a U. S. port of entry in the Genesee District, and the lake port for Rochester, seven miles above. It contains two churches, a light house, a ship yard, a steam mill for sawing and dressing lumber, a large establishment for the manufacture of iron and a population of about 500. The Royal Mail Line of Steamers, running from Montreal to Hamilton, stop at this place. Steamers also run from this place to Colborne, Coburg, Port Hope and other Canadian ports.

West Greece, (p. v.) on the line of Parma, contains two churches, a store, a hotel and about 30 dwellings.

North Greece (p. v.) contains a church, a hotel, a carriage shop and about 20 dwellings.

South Greece (p. v.) contains a church, a store, a wire weaving establishment and about 25 dwellings.

Greece (p. v.) contains a church, a hotel, a carriage shop and 20 houses.

Hanford's Landing, (p. v.) in the south-east comer, at the head of navigation on Genesee River, contains two hotels, several mechanic shops and 25 dwellings.

Greece Center and Read's Corners are hamlets.

The first settlement was made at the mouth of the Genesee, by William Hencher and family, in 1792. Mr. Hencher was a native of Brookfield, Mass. He was engaged in "Shay's Rebellion," and took refuge from the authorities in the wilds of Western New York. He first located at Newtown Point, but in 1791, with his son William, he went to the mouth of the Genesee River, where he found Walker, the Ranger, living in a log hut on the east side of the river. Having decided to settle at the mouth of the river he erected a log cabin on the west side, cut wild grass at Long Pond for the stock which they intended to bring on, and returned for the family, having in the meantime laid in a stock of fever and ague which lasted most of the following winter. In February, 1792, upon ox sleds, he and his family started for their new home. They came via Seneca Lake and Catharine's Town to Irondequoit, where the road terminated. From this point they cut their own road to the Genesee Falls, and thence down the river on the east side to Walker's, where the family remained until the last of March, when they crossed over and took possession of the first house erected upon the lake Shore between the Genesee and Fort Niagara. The family consisted of the parents, one son and seven daughters. Mr. Hencher cleared a few acres and soon commenced a brisk traffic with boatmen, emigrants and Indians, who frequented this region. He carried on quite an extensive trade in fish and other articles, upon which he made large profits. He purchased 600 acres of land which he paid for twice, the first title proving defective, and supported a large family. Some of the hogs brought here by Mr. Hencher became wild and were a match for all other animals wild or tame that inhabited the country. One boar became so powerful that he was alone more than a match for a bear or for all the dogs in the settlement. Dens of rattle snakes were all along the banks of the river below the Falls. In the spring, when warm weather first commenced, they would come out and lie in the sun so torpid that multitudes of them could be killed in a very few hours. They would go upon their summer rambles and return on the approach of cold weather. On one occasion several settlers assembled together and went up the river on a hunt, killing 300 rattlesnakes in one day.

John Love settled here in 1793. Messrs. Hencher and Love, on one occasion, went to Shaeffer's, near Scottsville, and purchased some corn, took it to the old Allan mill, ground it themselves, carried it on their backs to a point a short distance above Hanford's Landing, where they made ropes of bark and let it down into a canoe. Game was very abundant. Braddock's Bay was a famous place for trapping otter, mink and muskrats, while geese and ducks were so abundant that their eggs could be procured in any desirable quantity.

Zadoc Granger and Gideon King settled at the Lower Falls in 1796. The place was formerly called King's Landing, now Hanford's Landing. In 1796-7 there was quite an accession to the population, consisting of Eli Granger, Thomas King, Simon King, Elijah Kent, Frederic Bushnell and Samuel Latta. In 1799 Eli Granger and Abner Migells built a schooner at the Landing; it was the first merchant vessel built by Americans on Lake Ontario. Frederic Hanford kept the first store in 1810, it was the first one on the river between Avon and the lake. Silas O. Smith opened a store at the Landing the same year, but in 1813 removed to the village of Rochester, which was just attracting the attention of settlers.

In 1810 DeWitt Clinton passed through this town, with others, looking for a route for a canal He says in his journal: "We dined and slept at Hanford's tavern, who is also a merchant and carries on a considerable trade with Canada. There is a great trade between this country and Montreal in staves, potash and flour." He says the exports this season (1810) were 1,000 barrels of flour, 1,000 barrels of pork, 1,000 barrels of potash and over 100,000 staves.

In 1798 Bradford and Moses King, Dr. Stone, ____ Graham, and four brothers by the name of Rowe, settled in the neighborhood. The country was very sickly, and many deaths occurred. Asa Rowe died soon after coming in and his brothers were so sick at the time as to be unable to go for help to lay him out and bury him until he had been dead twenty-four hours. After recovering from their sickness they returned to Oneida County. The first settlers procured their first boards by repairing the old Allan saw mill at the Falls, but within a few years Nathaniel Jones built a saw mill on a small stream that flows into the river near the Landing. Dr. Zacheus Colby and Dr. Sylvester Atchinson were early physicians in this town. The first marriage was that of Thomas Lee and a daughter of William Hencher.

The Atchinsons, from Connecticut, settled at Braddock's Bay at a very early period. Bezaleel, Stephen and John, were there as early as March, 1796. They came from Naples, via Canawagus, crossing the river on the ice. At the Allan mill they found a hunter whom they hired to pilot them to the Bay, not having the benefit of marked trees. They were three days in making their journey. On their arrival they made a shelter of the boards from their sleds and some blankets, in which they lived six weeks until they could build a log cabin without boards, nails or glass. They started from Naples with four oxen, lost one on the way and two soon after their arrival, leaving only one ox for all their team work. With this ox they logged eight acres and preĀ­ pared it for summer crops. Michael Beach had settled there the previous year. George Goodhue, Silas Leonard, Timothy Madden and their families, settled in the town within a few years after the Atchinsons. Mr. Leonard went to the salt works in Onondaga Co. the next winter to chop, and was killed by the fall of a tree. Jonathan Leonard, his son, afterwards married a daughter of William Hencher. Like other early settlers in this region they suffered greatly from sickness. Money was scarce and nothing but cattle could be sold for cash. Mrs. Bezaleel Atchinson lived eight months without seeing a white woman. Indians often came to the Bay to hunt, trap and pick cranberries. Salmon were abundant and large quantities of them could be taken in a short time. Beavers were here when the settlement commenced but soon disappeared.

The population of this town in 1865 was 4,400; its area is 30,559 acres.

There are 17 school districts, employing 19 teachers. The number of the school population is 1,535; the number atĀ­ending school, 1,138; the average attendance, 543, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $6,290.00.

Achilles, Henry L. Jr., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 6, farmer 42.

ADAMS, CHAUNCEY, (Greece,) lot 13, farmer 24½.

ADAMS, JOEL, (Greece,) lot 113, farmer 50.

Aldit, James, (Greece,) blacksmith.

Allen, John. W., (Charlotte,) carpenter, contractor and farmer 18.

Allen, Simon, (Charlotte,) farmer 15.

Allen, Stephern N., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 59, farmer 77.

AMERICAN HOTEL, (Charlotte,) Chas. Crete, prop.

ANDREWS, HILEY A. MRS., (West Greece,) farmer 22.

Andrews, William, (Charlotte), lot 24, carpenter and farmer 10.

ANER, GEORGE, (Greece,) lot 3, wagon maker and farmer 12.

Anther, David, (West Greece,) lot 51, farmer 25.

ATWELL, LYMAN, (Spencerport,) lot 52, farmer 49.

Austin, Sidney L., (North Greece,) carpenter.


Bagley, Lucius, (North Greece,) lot 40, farmer 100.

Bagley, Oliver P., (North Parma,) (Hiscock & Bagley.)

Bailey, Henry, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 1, farmer 30.

Baldwin, Addison R., (Charlotte,) lot 20, farmer 46.

Banker, Timothy W., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 58, farmer 47.

Barker, Milo, (Hanford's Landing,) toll gate keeper.

BARRETT, MARTIN, (South Greece,) farmer leases of O. Barrett, 84.

Barrett, Oliver, (Spencerport,) lot 141, farmer 84;

BARTHOLF, STEPHEN, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 58, farmer 150.

Bartholf, Stephen Jr., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 58, farmer leases of S. Bartholf, 150.

Batie, Ann Mrs., (Mount Reed,) lot 36, farmer 25

Beach House, (Charlotte,) Martin McIntire, prop.

Beattie, Martin, (Hanford's Landing,) prop. Half Way House and farmer 66.

Beattie, Patrick C., (North Greece,) lot 43, farmer 100.

Beaty, James M., (Mount Reed.) (with Martin and Mary,) lot 52, farmer 180.

Beaty, James R., (Mount Reed,) lot 52, farmer 100.

Beaty, Martin, (Mount Reed,) (with James M. and Mary,) lot 52, farmer 180.

Beaty, Mary Mrs., (Mount Reed,) (with James M and Martin,) lot 52, farmer 180.

Beaty, Peter, (Mount Reed,) lot 34, farmer 50.

BEATY, THOMAS, (Mount Reed,) lot 26, farmer 100.

BECK, GEORGE, (Charlotte,) manuf. of native wines.

BEMIS, RICHARD, (Mount Reed,) lot 25, farmer 105.

Benedick, Frederick, (Charlotte,) lot 23, farmer 50.

BENEDICT, ERASTUS S., (Greece,) lot 113, farmer 204.

Benedict, Homer, (West Greece,) lot 2, farmer 50.

Benner, Jacob, (Rochester,) wagon shop.

Berend, John, (Greece,) stone mason and farmer 10.

BICE, HIREM, (North Greece,) lot 1, farmer 80.

Bilger, Joseph, (Rochester,) farmer 24.

Black, Mathew, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 10 farmer 23½.

Blackford, Matilda Miss, (Charlotte,) music teacher.

Blackford, Samuel, (Charlotte,) justice of the peace.

Boid, John, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 56, farmer 38.

BONESTEEL, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 69, farmer 70.

Bowen, Stewart, (North Greece,) wood worker.

Bowman, Anthony, (Greece,) lot 97, farmer 120.

Bows, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) farmer 3.

Bradford, Eli, (North Greece,] lot 48, farmer 75.

Bradford, George W., (North Greece,) lot 98, farmer 95.

BRADFORD, IRA, (North Greece,) lot 53, farmer 32.

Bradley, Samuel B., (West Greece,) lot 149, allop. physician and farmer 22.

Briar, Charles A., (South Greece,) farmer leases of A. Smith 186.

Bridgeman, George, (North Greece,) (with William Hogan,) lot 42, farmer leases of D. Butts, 220.

Bridgman, Frederick, (North Greece,) lot 19, farmer leases of Mrs. O. Bridgman, 100.

Bridgman, Olive Mrs., (North Greece,) lot 19, farmer 100.

Britton, Alanson P., (Greece,) lot 7, fruit grower and farmer 80.

Britton, Alexander, (Greece,) lot 7, farmer 58.

Brotherston, Joseph, (West Greece,) blacksmith,

Brown, Dennis P., (North Greece,) lot 22, farmer 65.

BROWN, R. C., (Charlotte,) lot 9, farmer leases of R. H. Brown, 98.

Brown, Robert H., (Charlotte,) lot 9, farmer 98.

Bnckley, Keron, (Mount Reed,) lot 16, farmer 85½.

BUDD, DANIEL, (Greece,) lot 86, farmer 110.

BUDD, JOHN G., (Greece,) lot 96, farmer 84.

BUDD, WILLlAM, (Greece,) lot 96, farrner 87.

BUELL, ADIEL S. (South Greece,) lot 143, homeop. physician and farmer 7½.

Buell, Elmsley S., (South Greece,) lot 143, homeop. physician.

Bulger, Micliael, (North Greece,) lot 41, farmer 100.

BULL, JACOB A., (Hanford's Landing,) 1ot 18, farmer 37½.

Bull, Samuel, (Rochester,) lot 15, farmer 100.

Buoekenduch, David, (Greece,) farmer 6.

Burger, John, (North Greece,) lot 48, farmer 65.

BURLING, SUSAN MRS., (Greece,) lot 77, farmer 10.

Burnett, William S., (Charlotte,) lot 59, farmer 50.

Burns, John, (Mount Reed,) lot 8, farmer 30.

BURNS, JOHN, (Mount Reed,) lot 34, farmer 50.

Burns, John, (Mount Reed,) lot 25, farmer 50.

Burns, John, (Mount Reed,) (with James McGuire,) lot 24, farmer leases of Francis McGee, Boston p. o., 50.

Burns, Joseph, (Mount Reed,) lot 36, farmer 50.

Burns, Tery, (Mount Reed,) lot 35, farmer 100.

Burrow, Henry, (Greece,) lot 3, farmer 14.

Bush, John F., (Rochester,) prop. stave factory.

BUTTON, LYMAN, (West Greece,) lot 140. farmer 134.

Butts, Christian, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 59, farmer 48.

Butts, Daniel, (North Greece,) lot 42, farmer 220.

BUTTS, SIMON, (Greece,) lot 13, farmer 200.

Butts, Simon, (Greece,) farmer 187.

Byrnes, William, (Mount Reed,) lot 35, farmer 100.


CANADA HOUSE, (Charlotte,) James P, Tucker prop.

CARD, WAKREN L., (South Greece,) laborer.

CARPENTER, ABDIEL B., (North Greece,) lot 22, allop. physician and farmer 129.

CARPENTER, ABDlEL M., (North Greece,) allop. physician.

Carrington, Henry, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 8, farmer 45½.

CASEY, HENRY S., (Charlotte,) (H. N. Casey & Son.)

CASEY, H. N. & SON, (Charlotte,) (Henry S,) lumber dealers.

H. N. Casey

Cassel, John, (North Greece) farmer 9.

CASTLE, EDWARD 8., (West Greece,) lot 141, farmer 107.

CASTLE, JAMES B., (West Greece.)

Chain, ---- Mrs., (Unionville,) lot 61, farmer 20.

Champon, Aristochus, (Rochester,) lot 89, farmer 500.

Chandler, George V., (Charlotte,) lot 23, carpenter and joiner and farmer 14.

Chase, James E., (North Greece,) lot 31, prop. grist mill and saw mill and farmer 115.

CHASE, WILLIAM H., (West Greece,) lot 149, farmer 94½.

Chisholm, Mary, (South Greece,) lot 126, farmer 93.

Christin, John, (Hanford's Landing,) farmer 25.

Clark, James S., (Greece,) lot 2, farmer 46.

Clement, James, (North Parma,) lot 63, farmer 60.

Coffey, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) lot 15, farmer leases of S. Bull 100.

COLBY, ZACHEUS, (Greece,) lot 87, farmer 106.

Cole, Abram, (South Greece,) lot 142, farmer 60.

Cole, Alfred H., (West Greece,) lot 11, farmer 50.

COLGEN, BERNERD, (Mount Reed,) lot 11, farmer 58.

Collins, Alphonzo, (Rochester,) lot 18, conductor and farmer 139.

Collins, Calvin, (Rochester.) lot 18, farmer leases of A. Collins, 139.

Combs, George, (Greece,) lot 14, farmer 55.

Combs, George S., (Greece,) lot 14, farmer 75.

COMBS, LEWIS, (North Greece,) carriage maker.

Conklin, Oliver P. Rev., (Charlotte,) Presbyterian clergyman and farmer 10.

Conlay, William, (Mount Reed,) lot 52, farmer 54.

Conway, Peter Mrs., (North Greece,) lot 22 farmer 61.

COONS, JOHN, (West Greece,) lot 140, carpenter and farmer 25.

CORBY, NELSON, (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 52.

Corey, Alonzo J., (Charlotte,) boot and shoemaker.

Cottrell, Hammond A., (Charlotte,) lot 23, farmer 30.

Covert, Joshua B., (West Greece,) lot 9, farmer 106.

Covert, Samuel F., (West Greece,) farmer 6.

COVERT, WILLIAM R., (South Greece,) lot 113, farmer 113.

CRAIG, CHARLES, (Charlotte,) prop. of American Hotel.

Critchow, Henry, (Hanford's Landing,) butcher and farmer 19.

CRONK, WILLIAM, (South Greece,) lot 144, farmer 78.

Crook, John, (North Greece,) lot 61, farmer 119.

Culross, David, (Rochester,) (with John,) lot 6, boot and shoe maker and farmer 30.

Colross, James, (Rochester,) bakery and farmer 10.

Culross, John, (Rochester,) (with David,) lot 15, boot and shoe maker and farmer 30.

Curie, Sarah Mrs., (Mount Reed,) farmer 25.


Danley, D., (Charlotte,) carpenter.

DAVEY, DANIEL, (Hanford's Landing,) butcher and farmer 5.

Davis, Ethen W., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 59, farmer 35.

Davis, Frederick, (Charlotte,) barber.

Davis, George G., (Charlotte,) farmer 2.

DAVIS, JOSEPH M., (West Greece,) farmer teases of Mrs. H. Wright, 36.

Davis, Thomas J., (Greece,) lot 8, farmer 22.

Defendorf, Elijah, (Hanford's Landiug,) lot 56, carpenter and farmer 9.

DEMOTT, JOHN P., (Hanford's Landing,) house and sign painter.

DENISE, DANIEL S., (Charlotte,) (Jones & Denise.)

DENISE, JOHN, (Charlotte,) lot 20, farmer 42½.

Dennis, Barnard, (Mount Reed.) lot 26, farmer 8½.

Deyo, Ella Miss, (Charlotte,) dress maker.

DEYO, LEVI, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

Doane, Philip, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

Donnelly, Robert J., (Rochesfer,) nurseryman.

DORSET, PATRICK, Jr., (Mount Reed,) lot 4, farmer 50.

Doty, Josiah, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 5, farmer 56.

Downing, Francis, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

Drumgoold, Thomas, (Charlotte.] lot 20, farmer 14½.

Ducolon, Stephen, (North Greece,) farmer 3.

Duffy, Hugh, (Mount Reed,) lot 1, farmer 25.

Dunn, E. Mrs., (Mount Reed, lot 44, farmer 8.


EAST, THOMAS, (Hanford's Landing,) butcher, drover and farmer 8.

EATON, JOSHUA, (Charlotte,) (Eaton & Upton)

EATON & UPTON (Charlotte,) (Joshua Eaton and Eli Upton,) forwarding and commission merchants, freight agents for N. Y. C. R. R. and Royal Mail Line of steamers, also for steamer Norseman, running from Charlotte to Colborne, Cobourg, Port Hope and other Canada ports.

Eddy, Thomas, (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 132.

Ellis, William M., (Charlotte,) cartman.

Elston; William M., (Charlotte,) farmer 22.

English, Nathan, (Greece,) lot 16, farmer 200.

Erwin, Michael, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 77, harness maker and farmer 12.

EXCHANGE HOTEL, (North Greece,) Arkurious Johnson prop.


FALL, WILLIAM, (Greece,) prop. of Fall's Hotel and post master.

Fannen John, (Rochester,) farmer 10.

Faran, John, (Charlotte,) prop. of saw mill.

Farnan, Patrick, (Mount Reed.) farmer 64.

FARNAN, PATRICK JR., (Mount Reed,) lot 14, collector and farmer 20.

FECHER, JOSEPH, (Hanford's Landing,) carriage maker and farmer 9.

Fetenar, Frances, (Greece,) lot 4, farmer 67.

Filer, Charles, (Greece,) lot 78, farmer 80.

FILER, PHlLIP, (Greece,) lot 69, farmer 25.

FILER, WILLIAM T., (North Greece,) general merchant, harness maker and post master.

Findley, George B., (South Greece,) lot 135, farmer 25.

Foos, Adam (Greece,) farmer 39.

FOSTER, OZIAS (Greece,) lot 8 farmer 35.

Flanigan, Patrick, (Greece,) lot 77, farmer 16.

Flanigne, John, (Greece,) farmer 91.

FLEMING, JAMES, (Mount Reed,) post master.

FLEMING, JAMES I. JR., (Mount Reed,) lot 1, farmer 25.

Fleming, Joseph, (Charlotte,) lot 15, farmer 90.

Fleming, Patrick, (Charlotte,) lot 18, farmer 150.

Fleming, Robert, (Mount Reed,) lot 24, farmer 25.

Flood, Terry, (Unionville,) farmer 700.

Flynn, Mathew, (North Greece,) lot 32, farmer 100.

Flynn, Owen, (North Greece,} lot 38, farmer 118.

Freidman, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 124, farmer 60.

Frey, John, (Charlotte,) prop. of meat market.

Frisbee, George L., (North Greece,) lot 62, farmer 260.

Frisbee, James G., (North Greece,) lot 49, farmer 130.

Frisbee, James O., (North Greece,) lot 49, farmer 80.

Frisbee, Mark C., (North Greece,) lot 49, farmer 45.

Froom, Abijah, (Charlotte,) farmer 4.

Fry, John, (Hanford's Landing,) gardener and farmer 20.

Fry, Thomas J., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 5, farmer 25.

Fulton, Elisha, (West Greece,) lot 10, farmer 18.


Galentine, Henry, (Greece,) lot 6, farmer 102.

GALENTINE, NATHAN, (Greece,) lot 13, carpenter and farmer 14½.

Gallery, Francis, (Mount Reed,) (with Michael,) lot 25, farmer 175.

Gallery, Mlchael, (Mount Reed,) (with Francis,) lot 25 farmer 175.

GALLUP, PELEG, (North Greece,). lot 22, farmer 35.

Garbutt, Volney J., (Greece,) lot 15, farmer 105.

Garlock, Andrew, (North Parma,) lot 60, farmer 20.

GARRETY, LAWRENCE, (Mount Reed,) lot 11, farmer 50.

GARRISON, WILLIAM, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 56, farmer 37½.

Gault, Elias R., (North Greece,) lot 30, prop. of saw mill and farmer 260.

George, Jonathan, (Greece,) lot 3; farmer 5.

Glass, George W., (Hanford's Landing,) farmer 2.

GLASS, HEMAN, (Hanford's Landing) lot 25, farmer 108.

GLOBE HOTEL, (Hanford's Landing,) Erastus H. Hanchett, prop.

Goodwin, James, (Mount Reed,) lot 26, farmer 41.

Goodwin, John, (Mount Reed,) prop. of Amencan Hotel.

Goonough, William, (Greece,) lot 4, farmer 56.

Griffing, Charles, (North Greece,) lot 20, farmer 43.

GRIFFING, I. A. (North Greece,) farmer.

Grinnan, Owen, (Mount Reed,) lot 39, farmer 24.

Guinn, John, (Mount Reed,) lot 36, farmer 50.


Hadlock, Julia, (Mount Reed,) lot 24, farmer 11½.

HAMMOND, HUGH, (Charlotte,) lot 13, farmer 116½.

HANCHETT, DERASTUS H., (Hanford's Landing,) prop. G1obe Hotel.

Hannahs, Noah, (West Greece,) lot 151, farmer 80.

Hardison, George, (Charlotte,) ship builder.

Harodine, A., (North Greece,) lot 29, farmer leases of Jesse Townsend 84.

Harrison, James, (South Greece,) lot 126, farmer leases of Mary Chisholm, 93.

HART, MARY A. Miss, (South Greece,) lot 143, farmer 28.

Hartman, David, (West Greece,) lot 10, farmer 71.

Hartmon, Simon. (West Greece,) lot 11, farmer leases of P. Rose, 40.

Haskin, Thomas W., (Greece,) lot 4, farmer 10.

Haslep, John, (Unionville,) lot 61, farmer 75.

HasIip, William, (North Greece,) lot 61, farmer 56.

Hatwell, Williain H., (Greece,) lot 113, farmer 75.

Hayford, Charles W., (Greece,) lot 8, farmer 40.

HENCHEN, JOSEPH, (West Greece,) lot 141, barrel manuf. and farmer 75.

Henchen, Joseph Jr., (Rochester,) lot 124, cooper and farmer leases of A. Friedman, 60.

Henderson, John, (Charlotte,) carpenter and first mate of steamer Athenia.

Herman, George F., (Greece,) lot 86, farmer 19.

Herman, Jacob, (Greece,) lot 86, farmer 50.

Hees, Fraacis, (Hanford's Landing,) teamster.

Hickok, James F., (Spencerport,) lot 153, farmer 62½.

Hiett, Thomas D., (Greece,) farmer 144.

Hillman, George, (Greece,) farmer 64.

HlLLMAN, LOVINUS L., (Greece,) allop. physIcian and farmer 10.

Hillman, William. (Greeoe,) farmer 26.

Hincher, Irvin, (North Parma,) lot 53, farmer 50.

Hincher, Lucy Mrs., (North Greece,) lot 53, farmer 96.

Hincher, Wheeler, (North Greece,) lot 53, farmer 150.

HlNDS, RICHARD, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 72, farmer 88.

Hiscock & Bagley {North Parma.) (James O. Hiscock and Oliver P. Bagley,) props. of steam saw mill.

Hiscock, James O., (North Parma,) (Hiscock & Bagley.)

Hishlar, James J., (Greece,) lot 104, farmer 95.

HOBBS, SlLAS W., (South Greece,) lot 143, wire weaver and fermer 21.

Hogan, Andrew, (North Greece,) lot 53, farmer 25.

HOGAN, MARTIN, (Mount Reed,) lot 7, farmer 172½.

Hogan, Mathew, (Mount Reed,) lot 37, farmer 127.

Hogan, William, (North Greece,) (with George Bridgeman,) lot 42, farmer, leases of D. Butts, 220.

Hogle, Isaac, (South Greece,) lot 142, farmer 35.

Hogli, John, (North Greece,) lot 39, farmer 73.

HOLMES, EDMUND B., (South Greece,) lot 142, farmer 69½.

HONDORF, HENRY, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 79. farmer 85.

Horren, Thomas, (Greece,) blacksmith.

Horton, John, (Obarlotte,) superintendent Rochester Iron Manuf. Co.

HOUDIN, WILLIAM H., (North Greece,) lot 31, farmer 110.

Howe, Eliza A. Mrs., (North Greece,) lot 31, farmer 80.

Hox, William, (North Greece,) farmer leases of A. H. Frisbee, Ovid, Michigan, 200.

Hurd, Asa, (Rochester,) lot 90, farmer 50.


Ivins, George, (North Greece,) blacksmith.


JANES, WARHAM W., (Greece,) lot 34, farmer 56.

Jeirison, Charles, (Charlotte.) carpenter.

JOHNSSON, ARKURIOUS, (North Greece,) prop. Exchange Hotel.

JONES, AMBROSE, (Charlotte,) (Jones & Son.)

JONES & DENISE, (Charlotte,) (Ambrose Jones and Daniel S. Denise,) lot 20, props. of brick yard and farmers 67.

JONES, FRANK A., (Charlotte,) (Jones & Son.)

JONES & SON, (Charlotte,) (Ambrose and Frank A.,) allo. physicians.

Justice, Henry, (Greece,) lot 3, farmer 105.


Keehl, Casper, (Hanford's Landing,) shoemaker.

Keel, Casper, (Hanford's Landing,) shoemaker and farmer 6.

Keen, Henry, (Hanford's Landing,) farmer 25.

Keiser, Daniel, (Charlotte,) stone and brick mason.

Kellogg, Green, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

KELLOGG, JAMES A., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 7, farmer 25.

Keon, Patrick, (Charlotte,) dealer in dry goods and groceries.

Kernan, Mary A. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 51, farmer 120.

Keyser, Daniel L., (Charlotte,) mason.

KIMBERLY, LUCIUS, (Greece,) lot 8, farmer 17.

KING, BRADFORD, (Rochester.) lot 72, farmer 50.

Kintez, Anthony, (Greece,) (with Henry J,) lot 42 farmer 176.

Kintez, Henry J., (Greece,) (with Anthony,) lot 42, farmer 176.

Kintez, John (Greece,) farmer 200.

KlNTZ, ANTHONY, Jr., (Charlotte,) lot 24, farmer 50.

Kinyon, Charles B., (South Greece,) lot 132, farmer 86.

Kirk, Myron B., (Mount Reed,) lot 87, farmer 50.

KIRK, JOHN M., (Mount Reed.) farmer.

KIRK, WILLIAM F., (Greece,) lot 36, farmer 100.

KISHLER, GILBERT L., (Greece,) lot 18, farmer 25.

Klock, Peter, (Charlotte,) house painter.


Lane, George, (Greece,) lot 13, farmer 30.

Lane, Samuel, (North Greece,) lot 49, farmer 75.

LANE, THEODORE, (North Greece,) lot 42, farmer 80.

LARKIN, PETER, (Greece,) lot 33, farmer 237.

Larkin, John, (Mount Reed,) lot 23, farmer 50.

Latta, George C., (Charlotte,) lot 27, farmer 260.

LATTA, GEORGE C, Jr., (Charlotte,) groceries and provisions, also postmaster.

LAY, FREDERICK W., (Greece,) lot 78, fruit grower and farmer 185.

Leadley, Levi, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

Lee, John, (Greece,) lot 86, gardener and farmer 11.

LEMOTT, JOHN P., (Charlotte,) house painter.

Lewis, Bennett F., (Rochester,) lot 7, nurseryman and farmer 12.

Lewis, Deloss, (Greece,) farmer 115.

LEWIS, EZRA, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 6, farmer 95.

Lewis, John, (North Greece,) lot 38, farmer 60.

Lewis, Nelson, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 7, supervisor and farmer 56.

Logan, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) lot 26, farmer 50.

Long, Conrad, (Charlotte,) farmer leases from E. F. Holden, Syracuse, 70.

Lotz, John, (Fairport,) lot 67, farmer 230.

Lowden, John, (North Greece,) lot 49; farmer 130.

Lowden, William H., (North Greece,) lot 49, farmer 115.

Lowe, Samuel H. Rev., (Charlorte.) pastor of M. E. church.


Magee, Christopher, (Charlotte,) lot 22, farmer 20.

Mahon, Alderman, (Greece,) lot 19, printer and farmer 5.

Manchester, J. W. Mrs., (West Greece,) lot 2, prop. West Greece Hotel and farmer 12.

Markee, Joseph, (Greece,) lot 8, farmer 21.

Markham, Willard, (North Greece,) lot 39, farmer 147.

MARRION, PETER, (Greece,) carriage maker and farmer 10.

Martin, Arthur, (Mount Reed,) lot 26, farmer 75.

Martin, John, (Mount Reed,) lot 52, farmer 62.

Mason, John, (Rochester,) farmer 150.

Maurice, John M., Rev., (Charlotte,) pastor of Catholic church.

McAllister, Archibald, (Charlotte,) lot 11, farmer 50.

McCall, Thomas, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 56, farmer 120.

McDowel, E., (Greece,) lot 3, farmer 5.

McDowel, Philip, (Greece,) lot 3, farmer 5.

McENTIRE, MARTIN, (Charlotte,) prop. of Beach House.

McEWEN, PETER, (Rochester,) lot 58, farmer 50.

McFay, George, (North Greece,) lot 53, farmer 108.

McGahan, Patrick, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 57, farmer 49.

McGuin, Barney, (Mount Reed,) lot 44, farmer 50.

McGuire, James, (Mount Reed.) (with John Burns,) lot 24, farmer leases of Francis McGee, Boston P. O., 50.

McGUIRE, MICHAEL, (Mount Reed,) lot 1, farmer 25.

McGuire, Owen, (Mount Reed,) lot 6, farmer 50.

McGuire, Philip, (Mount Reed,) lot 24, farmer 8.

McGuire, William J., (Mount Reed,) lot 3, farmer 50.

McKay, Lucinda Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 80, farmer 56.

McKENNT, GEORGE, (South Greece,) farmer leases of G. W. Willcox, 307.

McLean, James, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

McMahon, Lydia Miss, (South Greece,) farmer 21.

McMAINES, JAMES, (Charlotte,) lot 25; farmer leases of Thomas McMainie, 50.

McMAINIE, THOMAS, (Charlotte,) lot 25, farmer 50.

McMANIS, MICHAEL, (Mount Reed,) lot 1, farmer 90.

McShea, John, (Mount Reed.) lot 44, farmer 50.

McSHEA, ROSANNA Mrs., (Mount Reed,) lot 44, farmer 136.

Miers, William, (North Greece,) lot 21, farmer 50.

Miles, George, (Greece,) farmer 3.

MILLER, HENRY, (North Greece,) lot 22, farmer 135.

Miller, John, (Charlotte,) farmer 22.

Miller, John, (West Greece,) lot 51, farmer 25.

Mills, Charles J., (Rochester,) lot 58, nurseryman and farmer 150.

Mitchel, Thomas, (Greece,) lot 8, farmer 70.

MITCHELL, HENRY, (Greece,) lot 106, farmer 96.

Mitchell, Henry, (Greece,) farmer 46.

MITCHELL, WILLIAM, (Greece,) lot 105, farmer 30.

Moall, James, (Greece,) lot 13, farmer 20.

MOORE, HENRY, (Charlotte,) lot 23, farmer 51½.

Moul, John, (West Greece,) carriage maker.

Muligan, Hugh, (Charlotte,) telegrapb operator.

Mullan, Arthur, (Charlotte,) farmer leases of Ralph Tenneson, 100.

Mullen, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) lot 38, farmer 55.

Mulligan, Andrew, (Charlotte,) cooper shop.

Muner, Peter, (Greece,) lot 3, farmer 25.

Murray, William, (South Greece,) lot 152, farmer 80.


Nickels, Daniel, (Greece,) farmer 15.

NORTHRUP, GEORGE W., (North Greece,) lot 62, prop. of saw mill and farmer 63.

NORTHUP, JOSEPH, (North Greece,) lot 40, farmer 165.

Northup, Philip C, (North Greece,) lot 89, farmer 127.


O'Conner, Cornelius, (Charlotte,) prop. of Steamboat Hotel.

O'CONNOR, JOHN, (Greece,) lot 4, farmer 75.

Odell, Rodney P., (North Greece,) lot 32, farmer 64.

Odell, Simeon K., (North Greece,) lot 32, farmer 47.

Olds, Almon, (South Greece,) lot 142, farmer leases of I. Hogle, 86.

O'Neil, James, (Mount Reed,) lot 77, farmer 14.

O'Neil, Lawrence, (Mount Reed,) lot 3, farmer 60.

Oniel, William Jr., (Rochester,) lot 97, farmer 110.

O'Reilly, John, (Hanford's Landing,) farmer 12½.

Ougerkirk, Valentine, (Hanford's Landing,) hotel proprietor.


Parrish, E. Mrs., (North Greece,) lot 11, farmer 252.

Parrish, Levi H., (West Greece,) lot 131, farmer 208.

PARRISH, LEVI H., Jr., (West Greece,) lot 149 farmer 40.

Parrish, Philo, (West Greece,) farmer 20.

Patterson, Emeline Mrs., (Charlotte,) lot 24, farmer 60.

Patterson, John, (Charlotte,) foreman of stave factory.

Patterson, William, (Charlotte,) lot 87, farmer 50.

Payne, Seth P., (South Greece,) lot 133, farmer 64.

Peachy, Thomas, (Greece,) farmer 6.

PEACHEY, THOMAS, (Rochester,) farmer leases 7.

PEACOCK, JOHN, (South Greece,) lot 162, farmer 49.

Pearsall, John, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

PERKINS, JAMES H., (Greece,) lot 117, farmer 60.

PERRIN, JOHN, (Greece,) lot 3, farmer 124.

Peterson, Julius, (Rochester,) lot 81, farmer 50.

Phelps, Henry C, (North Greece,) dealer in dry goods and groceriea.

Pierce, Sherman, (North Greece,) lot 33, farmer 70.

Poley, Bonaparte, (North Creece.) farmer 6.

Pollard, Henry, (Charlotte,) blacksmith.

POMEROY, ALEGAND, (Rochester,) lot 39, farmer 250.

PORTER. JOHN D., (Greece,) lot 98, farmer 20.

Potter, Abraham, (West Greece) farmer 15.

Preston, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) lot 25, farmer 75.

Prine, John, (Rochester,) farmer 8.

Pulls, Henry, (West Greece,) dealer in dry goods and groceries, postmaster and farmer 41.

Pulis, John, (West Greece,) farmer 5.


QUINN, GEORGE, (Mount Reed,) lot 17, farmer 200.


RAYNSFORD, JAMES B. (North Greece,) lot 11, fruit grower and farmer 110.

Ready, John, (Greece,) farmer 6.

Redman, James, (Greece,) lot 87, farmer 51½.

Reinnagle, Anthony, (Greece,) lot 13, farmer 135.

RENlFF, DUTY S., (Greece,) lot 4, prop. of two saw mills and farmer 72.

Rhoads, Charles, (North Greece,) lot 62, farmer 74.

Richardson, William H., (Hanford's Landing,) harness maker.

Richmond, George H., (North Greece,) wood worker.

Rickman, Arthur E., (Greece,) lot 18, farmer 130.

Rigney, James, (Mount Reed,) lot 27, farmer 180.

Rigney, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) lot 8, farmer 207.

Riley, Jobn, (Hanford's Landing;) lot 57, farmer 28.

Robbins, James H., (West Greece,) lot 10, farmer 38.

Robinson, Daniel K., (Rochellter.) farmer 58.

Rochester Iron Manufacturing Co., (Rochester,) James Brackett, president; B. Spencer, vice president; George Dana, secretary and treasurer; John Horton, superintendent; office 90 Mill St., Rochester furnace at Charlotte.

Roe, Henry, (South Greece,) farmer 14.

ROGERS, AMBROSE, (Greece,) lot 2, farmer 48.

Roraback, Thomas, (South Greece,) lot 133, farmer 55.

Rose, Philo, (West Greece,) lot 11, farmer 40.

Rothenberger, John, (Hanford's Landing,) blacksmith.

Rowe, Lucian, (Greece,) lot 13, farmer 106.

ROWE, LUCIAN A., (Greece,) lot 19, farmer 100.

Rowland, George, (West Greece,) farmer 31.

Rowley, Samuel S., (North Greece,) lot 21, justice of the peace and farmer 85.

Rudock, E. N. Rev., (West Greece,) Congregational clergvman.

Ryan, James, (Charlotte,) lot 51, farmer 30.

RYAN, WILLIAM, (Mount Reed,) lot 16, farmer 45.

Ryne, Daniel, (Mount Reed.) lot 6, farmer 40.

Ryran, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) farmer 7.


Schmeitt, George, (North Greece,) lot 22, farmer 23.

Schuyler, John, (Hanford's Landing.) lot 58, farmer 83½.

SCOTT, SAMUEL W., (Rochester,) lot 81, farmer 80.

Seibel, Joseph, (Hanford's Landing,) baker and grocer.

SERVIS, JOHN J., (South Greece,) general merchant and postmaster.

Sexton, Geo., (Hanford's Landing) manager of John Williams' farm, 180.

Sexton, Julia Miss, (Charlotte,) dress maker.

SHANLY, I. H., (Rochester,) tree agent.

Sharp, Jacob A., (South Greece,) lot 143, carpenter and farmer 65.

SHARPE, DANIEL, (Rochester.) lot 108, farmer 210.

Shearman, Robert, (Greece,) lot 113, farmer 40.

Sheehan, Cornelius, (Hanford's Landing,) farmer 7.

Sherer, Stephen, (Hanford's Landing,) blacksmith.

Shurden, Bridgett Mrs., (Charlotte,) farmer 15.

Simmons, Jacob, (Hanford's Landing,) teamster.

Slater, James, (North Greece,) lot 28, farmer 225.

SMITH, ALLEN, (South Greece;) lot 133, farmer 186.

SMITH, JACOB, (Hanford's Landing) lot 5, tollgate keeper, postmaster and farmer 62.

Smith, Mark, (Mount Reed,) farmer 3.

Smith, Merit S., (North Parma,) lot 61, farmer 140.

Snell, William, (Greece,) lot 3, butcher and farmer 58.

Sornborger, George A., (West Greece,) lot 10 farmer 27.

Spaulding, Silas W., (Charlotte,) lot 58, farmer 20.

SPEER, FERRIN, (Greece,) lot 116, farmer 72.

Spencer, Henry T., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 57, farmer 56.

SPERRY, ALFRED C., (North Greece,) lot 32, farmer 85.

STACE, STEPHEN, (Charlotte,) (with William R.,) farmer 167.

STACE, WILLIAM R., (Charlotte) (with Steven,) farmer 167.

Stanp, John, (North Greece,) carriage ironer.

STONE, ENOS G., (Charlotte,) lot 58, farmer 64.

Stone, James S., (Charlotte,) lot 13, farmer 100.

Stone, William T., (Greece,) lot 88, farmer 45.

Stowell, Benjamin, (Greece,) lot 14, farmer leases of A. N. Whiting, 98.

Strickland, Joseph, (Charlotte,) carpenter and notary public.

Studley, John, (Hanford's Landing,) hotel proprietor.

Stutson, James A., (Charlotte,) (James Stutson & Son.)

Stutson, James & Son, (Charlotte,) (James A.,) props. of Stutson House and farmers 30.

Sulivan, Charles, (Rochester,) farmer 16.

Sweet, Warren, (Greeee,) lot 28, farmer 65.


Taft, Horace, (Rocbester,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 16.

Tenneson, Ralph, (Charlotte,) farmer 100.

Tennison, David, (Mount Reed,) (with Ralph,) farmer 200.

Tery, Moses, (North Greece,) blacksmith.

Thomas, Samuel, (Rochester,) farmer 20.

THOMPSON. DAVID K., (Charlotte,) blacksmith..

D K Thompson

Thompson, Edgar, (Charlotte,) carpenter.

Thompson, Eli D., (North Greece,) farmer leases of J. Lotz, 230.

Thompson, William, (West Greece,) lot 1, farmer 28.

TlERNAN, CHRISTOPHER, (Charlotte,) lot 10, farmer 47½.

TIERNAN, PATRICK, (Charlotte) lot 22, farmer 25.

Tivdietts, Charles, (Rochester,) farmer leases of Aristochus Cbampon.

TOATES, JOSEPH K., (South Greece,) (with Robert J.,) farmer 207.

TOATES, ROBERT J., (South Greece,) (with Joseph K.,) farmer 207.

Todd, David, (Greece,) farmer 270.

TODD, JOHN, (Greece;) lot 79, nurseryman and farmer 182.

TODD, ORIN, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 71, farmer 80.

Tompkins, Prof., (Charrotte,) muscle teacher.

Townsend, Jesse, (North Greece,) lot 29, farmer 84.

TRUESDALE, JAMES D., (West Greece,) lot 20, farmer 100.

Truesdale, Samuel, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 70, farmer 75.

Truesdale, William E., (West Greece,) lot 10, farmer 79½.

TUCKER, JAMES P., (Charlotte,) prop. of Canada House.

Turner, A1vira Miss, (West Greece,) lot 10, farmer 25.


Union House

UNION HOUSE, (Charlotte,) Chas. G. Wolf, prop.

UPTON, ELI, (Charlotte,) (Eaton, & Upton.)

Upton, Mary Mrs., (West Greece,) lot 131, farmer 220.


VANCE, FRANCIS, (Mount Reed,) lot 9, farmer 70.

Vanderbeck, John, (Charlotte) lot 37, farmer 39.

Vandressen, Washington, (Charlotte,) farmer 23.

Vansil, Frank, (North Greece,) farmer 60.

Vanverbeck, Andrew A., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 30 farmer 154.

VEEDER, DAVID A., (North Greece,) lot 22, farmer 97.

Veness, Edward, (Hanford's Landing,) lot 57, farmer 100.

VICE, JOSEPH H., (Hanford's Landing,) lot 57, seed grower and farmer 50.

Volcel, Philip, (Greece,) lot 5, farmer 52.

VOLKMAR, ADAM, (Greece;) lot 152, farmer 78.

VROOMAN, ABRAHAM J., (North Greece,) prop. of stage route from North Greece to Rochester.


Walker, Erastus, (Greece,) lot 104, farmer 50.


WALL, STEPHEN, (West Greece,) lot 9, fruit grower and farmer 7½.

Walters, William B., (Charlotte,) dealer in dry goods, grain, &c.

WARNER, ARSINO B., (Rochester,) lot 117, farmer 50.

Warner, Curtis H., (West Greece,) lot 150, farmer 55.

Waters, Elijah H. (Charlotte,) farmer 8.

Webster, Frank M., (Rochester,) lot 50, farmer 86.

Weiland, Henry, (Greece,) farmer 61.

WELCH, GEORGE R., (Rocbester,) general insurance agent.

WHEELER, BARUCH C, (North Greece,) lot 19, farmer 165.

Wheeler, Hiram D., (West Greece) lot 10, farmer 40.

Whelahan, Thomas, (Mount Reed,) lot 8, farmer 70.

Whelehan, Patrick, (Mount Reed,) lot 44, farmer 50.

Whelehan, William, (Mount Reed,) lot 8, farmer 49.

Whitbeck, James H., (Greece,) house painter,

WHITE, THOMAS, (South Greece,) (with Thomas H.,) wire weaver.

WHlTE, THOMAS H., (South Greece,) {with Thomas,) wire weaver.

Whiteing, Addison N., (Rochester,) lot 14, farmer 98.

Wight, Harriet H. Mrs., (West Greece,) farmer 36.

WILCOX, JAMES C., (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 146.

WILDE, IRA, (North Greece,) lot 49, farmer 15.

WILKINSON, HORACE, (West Greece,) lot 2, farmer 50.

Wilkinson, Elon G., (Weat Greeec,) lot 1, farmer 25.

Willcox, Garrett W., (Spencerport,) farmer 307.

William, John, (Rochester,) farmer 180.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM B., (Greece,) lot 14, farmer leases of Wm. Williams, 60.

Williams, William Rev., (Greece,) lot 14, farmer 60.

Williard, John S.,(Rochester,) farmer leases of A. Champon.

Wisner, John, {North Greece,) farmer 20.

Wolf, Augustus, (Charlotte,) tailor.

WOLF, CHARLES G., (Charlotte,) prop. of Union House.

Wolf, John, (Greece,) farmer 30.

WOOD, FRANCIS L., (Greece,) lot 2, auctioneer and farmer 50.

WOODHAMS, JAMES (Hanford's Landing) lot 5, former 35.

Woolfron, Adaline, (North Greece,) lot 39, farmer 18½.

Worden, Erastus, (North Greece,) lot 42, farmer 50.

Worden, Norman, (Unionville,) lot 69, farmer 17½.




AUER, GEORGE, (Greece,) lot 3, wagon maker and farmer 12.

Martin, D. M., (Greece,) agent for Buckeye Mower.

Wilber, B. W., (Charlotte,) deputy collector of customs.



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