Registered Voters in the Town of Greece
1917 - 1918

This list of registered voters came from a small booklet with the title; "Enrollment List." This is dated before the ratification of the Nineteen Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, so it includes only men.

Some of the streets that were in the Town of Greece in 1917 are now in the City of Rochester. That is because the City was still increasing in size at that time.

The spellings on this page are exactly as they are in the booklet. It is noted that spellings of streets vary in the book so it is very possible that names may also be misspelled.

ENROLLMENT LIST - First District
NameAddressPolitical Party
Andrem, JohnLatta Rd.Republican
Amos, John T.Beach Ave.Democrat
Armstrong, JamesLittle Pond Rd.Democrat
Armstrong, JohnLittle Pond Rd.Republican
Burns, MichelBeattie Rd.Democrat
Brayer, William212 Grand ViewRepublican
Bauer, Henry J.Grand View BeachDemocrat
Brinkerhoff, JohnLatta Rd.Republican
Bickford, Addison E.240 Grand View BeachRepublican
Beattie, RayIsland CottageDemocrat
Chamberlin, WillisBeattie Rd.Republican
Carter, MiltonLatta Rd.Republican
Connelly, JamesBeattie Rd.Republican
Clark, JohnLatta Rd.Republican
Connelly, JohnBeattie Rd.Republican
Connelly, FrancisBeattie Rd.Republican
Cox, GeorgeBeach Ave.Republican
Dunbar, CharleyLittle PondRepublican
Eckstein, ChristLatta Rd.Socialist
Fleming, JohnLatta Rd.Democrat
Fleming, William C.Beattie Rd.Republican
Fleming, JosephLatta Rd.Democrat
Fassett, A. D.Latta Rd.Socialist
Fassett, L. B.Latta Rd.Socialist
Fich, Fred232 Grand View BeachDemocrat
Fricke, Wiliiam H.Beach Ave.Socialist
Fang, JohnBeach Ave.Republican
Goodwin, WalterBeattie Rd.Democrat
Goodwin, WilliamBeattie Rd.Democrat
Goodwin, JosephBeattie Rd.Democrat
Glass, WillardGrand ViewRepublican
Gronman, AdolphIsland CottageDemocrat
Hare, Frederick T.Latta Rd.Republican
Houck, FlorenzCrescent BeachRepublican
Hopkins, Henry C.Latta Rd.Republican
Holmes, WilliamEast ManutoRepublican
Harvy, ChaunceyLatta Rd.Republican
Howard, Henry R.28 Grand View BeachRepublican
Holm, Harold J.Little Pond Rd.Republican
Holm, HansLittle Pond Rd.Republican
Heileg, CharlesGrand View BeachRepublican
Kintz, NewcombLatta Rd.Republican
Kauffman, AugustRigney BluffRepublican
Klien, CharlesEast ManitouRepublican
Karle, William188 Grand ViewRepublican
Lunt, Clarence S.Grand ViewRepublican
Lunt, PrescottBeach Ave.Republican
Leavitt, WilliamLatta Rd.Republican
Long, ConradLatta Rd.Democrat
Ling, ArthurLittle Pond Rd.Republican
Lewis, Winford K.Charlotte, N. Y.Republican
McCabe, JamesBeattie Rd.Democrat
MeCaffery, Thomas E.Latta Rd.Democrat
McShea, Edward P.Dewey Ave.Democrat
McGregor, GeorgeBeattie Rd.Republican
McCabe, DanielBeattie Rd.Republican
McCabe, FrankBeattie Rd.Democrat
McShea, John P.Dewey Ave.Democrat
McCabe, ThomasLatta Rd.Democrat
McShae, JohnDewey Ave.Democrat
McShae, FrancisDewey Ave.Democrat
McShae, JamesDewey Ave.Democrat
Messerschmitt, CharlesCrescent BeachRepublican
Mithel, SteavanLatta Rd.Democrat
Mullen, GeorgeLatta Rd.Republican
Mullen, JamesLatta Rd.Republican
Pfahl, Adam E.Latta Rd.Republican
Pfahl, Julius A.Latta Rd.Republican
Picket, EdwardCharlotteRepublican
Pearson, Frederick T.Beattie Rd.Democrat
Pickens, Wiliiam R.Island CottageDemocrat
Patterson, William H.Island CottageRepublican
Quinn, Joseph E.East ManitouDemocrat
Rigney, Fatrick J.Latta Rd.Republican
Reiss, JohnLatta Rd.Democrat
Slater, LouisLatta Rd.Democrat
Slater, FredickLatta Rd.Democrat
Stanton, JamesBeach Ave.Republican
Shannon, DanialCharlotte, R. F.Democrat
Sonnenfroh, GeorgeBeach Ave.Republican
Scheler, WalterEast ManitouRepublican
Stearn, WilliamLatta Rd.Republican
Sandle, L. A.Latta Rd.Republican
Southsoukt, WilliamGrand View BeachRepublican
Terry, WilllamCrescent BeachRepublican
Truesdale, Samuel M.Grand View BeachRepublican
Traves, Frank T.Latta Rd.Democrat
Williams, Bernard E.Crescent BeachRepublican
Whelehan, William J.3 Beattie Rd.Democrat
Wolff, John C.Latta Rd.Republican
Whelehan, Leo M.Latta Rd.Republican
Weiss, John G.Grand View BeachDemocrat
Whelehan, Thomas F.Beattie Rd.Democrat
Whelehan, Charles T.Latta Rd.Republican
Yorkey, CharlesIsland CottageRepublican
Ziers, GeorgeGrand ViewRepublican


ENROLLMENT LIST - Second District
NameAddress Political Party
Adams, ThomasNorth GreeceRepublican
Anderson, CharlesHiltonRepublican
Boyer, Charles F.BarnardsRepublican
Barons, EdwardHiltonRepublican
Bagley, FayHiltonRepublican
Bagley, HenryHiltonRepublican
Beaty, RobertCharlotteRepublican
Burger, AveryHiltonRepublican
Burger, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Bradford, GeorgeNorth GreeceRepublican
Burger, ChariesHiltonRepublican
Burger, FrankHiltonRepublican
Beaty, WilliamCharlotteDemocrat
Beaty, LeoCharlotteDemocrat
Bauman, DanielCharlotteRepublican
Barringer, JohnHiltonRepublican
Bailey, Lewis J.CharlotteDemocrat
Beaty, FrankCharlotteDemocrat
Babcock, FredNorth GreeceRepublican
Bulger, I. F.HiltonRepublican
Bridgeman, JohnNorth GreeceRepublican
Bemish, JohnCharlotteRepublican
Beattie, Frank M.CharlotteDemocrat
Bemish, DwightCharlotteRepublican
Bemish, RichardCharlotteRepublican
Beaty, John E.CharlotteDemocrat
Bridgeman, GeorgeNorth GreeceRepublican
Badge, JosephCharlotteDemocrat
Beaty, EdwardCharlotteRepublican
Beaty, CharlesCharlotteDemocrat
Boos, ChristianHiltonRepublican
Bowen, M. L.CharlotteDemocrat
Bemish, FrankCharlotteRepublican
Combs, JeromeNorth GreeceRepublican
Curry, ThomasCharlotteDemocrat
Conterman, JohnHiltonRepublican
Cope, ClarenceBarnardRepublican
Carroll, WilliamNorth GreeceDemocrat
Cabic, EdwardNorth GreeceRepublican
Craft, FredNorth GreeceRepublican
Carpenter, ClarenceNorth GreeceRepublican
Chamberlain, GeorgeCharlotteRepublican
Conrad, CharlesCharlotteRepublican
Clark, StephenNorth GreeceRepublican
Clum, A.North GreeceSocialist
Clark, John 3.North GreeceRepublican
Crook, JesseHiltonRepublican
Combs, FrankNorth Greeceblank
Cooper, GeorgeCharlotteblank
Cooper, JamesCharlotteRepublican
Clark, Edward H.North GreeceDemocrat
Dahlheim, CharlesNorth GreeceRepublican
Doerr, JacobCharlotteRepublican
DeLong, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Ducoln, JohnHiltonDemocrat
Doroboli, PeterNorth GreeceRepublican
Ebert, GeorgeNorth GreeceImp. Ballot
Elliott, William, Jr.North GreeceRepublican
Elliott, WilliamNorth GreeceImp. Ballot
Elliott, JohnHiltonRepublican
Frisbee, James G.HiltonDemocrat
Fleming, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Frisbee, EmmetHiltonRepublican
Frisbee, GeorgeHiltonRepublican
Fleming, RobertCharlotteRepublican
Fleming, Louis V.CharlotteRepublican
Ford, Ira E.BarnardRepublican
Fusco, JohnCharlotteRepublican
Frisbee, LewisHiltonRepublican
Fernays, FernaysBarnardblank
Fritz, ErnestBarnardProhibition
Fritz, JosephBarnardRepublican
Fleming, EugeneCharlotteRepublican
Garrett, AaronHiltonRepublican
Galentine, WilliamBarnardRepublican
Guth, CharlesBarnardRepublican
Goodell, MelvilNo. GreeceRepublican
Garrison, RoyHiltonRepublican
Gould, ElmerNo. GreeceRepublican
Grubman, FrankCharlotteImp. Ballot
Hadlock, ThomasNo. GreeceRepublican
Herbstsommer, WilliamNo. GreeceRepublican
Holtz, CharlesHiltonRepublican
Holmes, Willard J.HiltonRepublican
Hogan, WalterCharlotteRepublican
Hogan, FrancisCharlotteRepublican
Haslip, JohnHiltonRepublican
Hincher, FrederickHiltonRepublican
Hogan, JohnCharlotteDemocrat
Hincher, ChesterHiltonRepublican
Hogan, JamesCharlotteDemocrat
Hogan, DavidCharlotteDemocrat
Hogan, MatthewCharlotteblank
Howard, AlfredNo. GreeceRepublican
Herbstsommer, FrankNo. GreeceRepublican
Hogle, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Hadlock, WilliamNo. GreeceRepublican
Haskens, LorenHiltonDemocrat
Holtz, John, Jr.HiltonRepublican
Harmer, WilliamHiltonSocialist
Harmer, ArthurHiltonSocialist
Haslip, GeorgeHiltonRepublican
Haslip, ArthurHiltonRepublican
Hogan, MatthewCharlotteDemocrat
Hogan, MartinCharlotteRepublican
Hammond, StephenCharlotteRepublican
Hicks, E. I.HiltonRepublican
Hicks, RoyHiltonRepublican
Johnson, PatrickHiltonDemocrat
Jannejahn, JoeBarnardRepublican
Jannejahn, HenryBarnardRepublican
Justice, GeorgeBarnardRepublican
Jenkins, CharlesHiltonRepublican
Janes, Warham E.CharlotteRepublican
Janes, EnosCharlotteRepublican
Kirk, Herbert M.Charlotte Democrat
Knapp, Walter C.Charlotte Republican
Kuhn, ChristopherCharlotteDemocrat
Kenyon, Judson S.BarnardRepublican
Kelly, RoyNo. GreeceRepublican
Kirk, I. W.No. GreeceDemocrat
Kuhn, WilliamNo. GreeceRepublican
Kettenburg, John C.HiltonRepublican
Kelly, EarlNo. GreeceRepublican
Kintz, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Kirk, John FredCharlotteDemocrat
Krause, GeorgeNo. GreeceRepublican
Kane, Fred C.No. GreeceRepublican
Klafehn, JohnCharlotteRepublican
Lewis, HowardCharlotte Democrat
Lowden, J. GardnerHiltonDemocrat
Lowden, HarryHiltonDemocrat
Luckett, FredHiltonRepublican
Lawson, LeoBarnardRepublican
Lemcke, ArthurCharlotteRepublican
Lowden, FrankCharlotteDemocrat
LeFrois, GeorgeNo. GreeceRepublican
Lockner, AlbertNo. GreeceProhibition
Lewis, FrederickCharlotteDemocrat
Lankton, HerbertCharlotteRepublican
Miller, John A.CharlotteRepublican
Miller, HelmethNo. GreeceRepublican
Miller, FredNo. GreeceRepublican
Miller, FritzNorth GreeceRepublican
Moroney, JamesHiltonDemocrat
Miller, HenryCharlotteRepublican
Marshall, HomerCharlotteDemocrat
Melme, GeorgeBarnardRepublican
Melme, JakeBarnardRepublican
Moroney, MichaelHiltonDemocrat
Moss, JamesHiltonRepublican
Martin, JosephCharlotteRepublican
Marburger, JacobHiltonRepublican
Markham, S. W.No. GreeceRepublican
Murphy, JohnHiltonRepublican
Mackenzie, DonaldCharlotteRepublican
Meyer, LouieCharlotteDemocrat
Marshall, PierceCharlotteDemocrat
Martin, JohnCharlotteDemocrat
Moore, JosephHiltonDemocrat
Merritt, ErnestCharlotteRepublican
McBride, PatrickCharlotteDemocrat
McAvinney, AndyHiltonRepublican
McAvinney, Wm. J.HiltonRepublican
MeQuirk, TomCharlotteRepublican
Nash, MartinHiltonDemocrat
Nash, MarkHiltonDemocrat
Nolan, Geo.No. GreeceRepublican
Northrup, GeorgeHiltonRepublican
O'Loughlin, MichaelHilton Republican
Parr, BurtonNo. Greece Republican
Pickens, GeorgeNo. Greece Republican
Palmer, HarryNo. Greece Republican
Popp, WilliamHilton Republican
Post, HenryNo. Greece Democrat
Post, JohnNorth Greece Democrat
Phelps, HenryNo. Greece blank
Pickens, AlfredNo. Greece Republican
Pickens, WilliamCharlotteRepublican
Purcell, MichaelCharlotte Democrat
Parrish, CharlesBarnard Republican
Post, AlbertCharlotte Republican
Quinn, GeorgeCharlotteDemocrat
Quinn, NicholsCharlotteDemocrat
Rigney, EdwardCharlotteDemocrat
Rickman, GilbertCharlotteRepublican
Rigney, JamesCharlotteDemocrat
Reinegal, MichaelBarnardDemocrat
Reinegal, LawrenceBarnardDemocrat
Rickman, ArthurCharlotteRepublican
Reynolds, FrankHiltonblank
Reinhart, FrederickNo. GreeceDemocrat
Rigney, RayCharlotteDemocrat
Rendsland, GeorgeNo. GreeceDemocrat
Rowley, MiltonNo. GreeceDemocrat
Roberts, JohnBarnardRepublican
Rheinhart, GeorgeNo. GreeceDemocrat
Rigney, MatthewNo. GreeceDemocrat
Ritchey, W. J.No. GreeceDemocrat
Rieger, FredBarnardRepublican
Smith, CharlesNo. GreeceRepublican
Schneiter, GottfridNo. GreeceRepublican
Smith, JohnNo. GreeceRepublican
Schneider, GeorgeCharlotteRepublican
Scheel, AlbertHiltonRepublican
Seibert, FrederickHiltonRepublican
Skinner, AlbertHiltonRepublican
Sullivan, TimCharlotteDemocrat
Skinner, FaldingHiltonRepublican
Southcott, WilburCharlotteImp. Ballot
Southcott, HerbertCharlotteRepublican
Southcott, HarryCharlotteRepublican
Sheehan, DennisCharlotteDemocrat
Sparks, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Sheehan, JohnCharlotteDemocrat
Schmitt, GeorgeNo. GreeceDemocrat
Slater, ElmerBarnardRepublican
Staines, EarnestHiltonProhibition
Speer, AllenNo. GreeceImp. Ballot
Speer, CharlesNo. GreeceProhibition
Schultz, HenryCharlotteRepublican
Schult, LudwigHiltonRepublican
Schult, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Slater, AugustBarnardRepublican
Speers, EmeryNo. GreeceRepublican
Snell, RubenCharlotteDemocrat
Schneider, AugustNo. GreeceRepublican
Schmitt, WilliamNo. GreeceRepublican
Schmitt, FredNo. GreeceDemocrat
Snell, HarryCharlotteDemocrat
Toal, ThomasNo. GreeceDemocrat
Toal, FrankNo. GreeceDemocrat
Truesdale, GeorgeBarnardDemocrat
Tennyson, MiltonCharlotteRepublican
Tennyson, A. J.CharlotteRepublican
Turney, JamesHiltonRepublican
Tennyson, JohnHiltonblank
Toal, MarkNo. GreeceDemocrat
Thompson, Eli G.No. GreeceRepublican
Utter, EdwardHiltonRepublican
Urbansky, AnthonyHiltonblank
Vangieson, ElmerHiltonRepublican
Worboys, ArthurNo. GreeceRepublican
Wake, WilburNo. GreeceRepublican
Wake, JesseNo. GreeceRepublican
Weitz, ChristianHiltonDemocrat
Williams, William T.Hiltonblank
Wietz, FrankNo. GreeceRepublican
Weidman, GeorgeHiltonRepublican
Wheeler, WallaceNo. GreeceRepublican
Walter, LouisHiltonRepublican
Wake, SidneyNo. GreeceRepublican
Welch, MichaelHiltonRepublican
Weiss, GeorgeCharlotteblank
Wagner, WilliamHiltonRepublican
Wolff, FrankBarnardRepublican
Worboys, FredHiltonRepublican
Weitz, Fred K.No. GreeceRepublican


ENROLLMENT LIST - Third District
NameAddress Political Party
Aman, William G. Ridge Rd.Democrat
Aucther, William So. Greece Rd.Democrat
Ashton, James So. Greece Rd.Republican
Auberger, Fred, Sr.Long Pond Rd.Democrat
Auberger, Albert Long Pond Rd.Democrat
Adams, Fred Ridge Rd.Republican
Ahrus, Fred So. Greece Rd.Republican
Anderson, W. H. Ridge Rd.Republican
Auberger, Fred, Jr. Long Pond Rd.Republican
Adams, Fred C. Maiden Lane Rd.Republican
Bacon, HarloRidge Rd.Republican
Buell, CharlesRidge Rd.Republican
Bayer, FrankStraub Rd.Democrat
Burdett, Ben.Ridge Rd.Republican
Beach, Fred H.Ridge Rd.blank
Buckman, FrankBuckman Rd.Republican
Boylin, JohnRidge Rd.Democrat
Buckman, GeorgeRidge Rd.Republican
Brown, CharlesRidge Rd.Republican
Brennen, JamesRidge Rd.Republican
Brown, WilliamEnglish Rd.Republican
Buckman, HomerRidge Rd.Republican
Brown, KarlRidge Rd.Republican
Barton, HarryBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Barton, WalterBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Bayer, GeorgeRidge Rd.Republican
Bittiker, LouisBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Bartholamay, A. S.Maiden Lane Rd.Republican
Behins, CharlesStone Rd.Republican
Britton, A. O.Ridge Rd.Republican
Bittiker, AbeBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Bell, William R.Lexington Ave.Republican
Bauman, WilliamRidge Rd.Democrat
Baker, FrankStone Rd.Democrat
Baxter, AlbertTown Line Rd.Republican
Combs, GeorgeLong Pond Rd.Republican
Clarke, CliffordRidge Rd.Republican
Combs, ClarenceLong Pond Rd.Republican
Callican, JohnRidge Rd.Republican
Copeland, GeorgeRidge Rd.Republican
Carter, George A.Stone Rd.Republican
Clarke, GeorgeNorth Ave. Rd.Republican
Casburn, AlfredRidge Rd.Republican
Cole, AbramSouth Greece Rd.Prohibition
Cole, RoySouth Greece Rd.Republican
Cole, EarlSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Clark, GeorgeMaiden LaneRepublican
Clarke, HerbertRidge Rd.Republican
Craft, NormanRidge Rd.blank
Cottrell, Frank W.Big Ridge Rd.Democrat
Corbett, ThomasRidge Rd.Republican
Clarke, W. H.North Ave. Rd.Republican
Croft, HerbertNorth Ave. Rd.Republican
Corbet, JosephRidge Rd.Republican
Card, WarrenSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Clarke, HarmonStone Rd.Republican
Clark, EdwardRidge Rd.Republican
Craft, WalterRidge Rd.Republican
Deitz, JacobLong Pond Rd.Democrat
Dean, George O.Town Line Rd.Republican
Davis, AbnerFetznerRepublican
Dodge, Lester J.Maiden Lane Rd.Republican
Dodge, Geo.Maiden Lane Rd.blank
Desmond, WilliamMaiden Lane Rd.Democrat
Davis, P. J.Weiland Rd.Republican
Dean, EdwardTown Line Rd.Republican
De Peapel, C.Ridge Rd.Republican
Darrow, WilliamSouth Greece Rd.Republican
DeBunker, CarnielMaiden Lane RdDemocrat
Dragt, SamuelMaiden Lane Rd.Republican
Egginburg, ArnoldMitchell Rd.Republican
Erath, JosephLong Pond Rd.Democrat
Easton, John C.Ridge Rd.Republican
Englerth, S. B.Ridge Rd.blank
Ettsberger, HenryRidge Rd.Republican
Earl, BurdineBig Ridge Rd.Democrat
Fairbanks, MathewRidge Rd.Republican
Faseer, JohnStone RoadRepublican
Feil, JudsonTown Line Rd.Republican
Ford, EdwardRidge Rd.Republican
Frederick, JosephSouth Greece Rd.Democrat
Flaherty, JamesRidge Rd.Republican
Fredens, JosephRidge Rd.Republican
Fetzner, FrankRidge Rd.Democrat
Fisher, WinthropTown Line Rd.Republican
Fisher, HarryTown Line Rd.Republican
Fetzner, WendellRidge Rd.Democrat
Ford, S. A.Fetzner Rd.Republican
Ford, Henry T.Fetzner Rd.Republican
Ford, ClarenceMaiden LaneRepublican
French, JohnRidge Rd.Socialist
Frey, AlbertFetzner Rd.Republican
Fetzner, JohnRidge Rd.Democrat
Fiege, AlfredRidge Rd.Republican
Flannigan, JohnStone Rd.Republican
Gray, ThomasEnglish Rd.Republican
Green, WalterTown Line Rd.Republican
Gross, OttoBig Ridge Rd.Democrat
Gates, LinwoodSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Gross, AdolfBig Ridge RoadDemocrat
Henchim, FlorainTown Line Rd.Democrat
Hackett, EdwardRidge Rd.Republican
Howard, JamesBig Ridge Rd.Democrat
Hayck, LewisSouth Greece Rd.Democrat
Howe. AlfredBuckman Rd.Republican
Hogan, MortimerTown Line Rd.Democrat
Harper, A. J.Lee Rd.Republican
Henchim, WilliamTown Line Rd.Democrat
Happ, AlfredMaiden LaneRepublican
Hertle, EdwardMitchell Rd.Democrat
Hartman, GeorgeNorth Ave. Rd.Republican
Herman. FrankLong Pond Rd.Republican
Hart, FrankSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Hart, GeorgeSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Haight, WalterRidge Rd.Republican
Hillman, W. B.Ridge Rd.Republican
Hewes, George N.Ridge Rd.Republican
Havil, ThomasMaiden LaneRepublican
Harris, CharlesNorth Greece Rd.Republican
Harris, RichardRidge Rd.Republican
Hill, RowlandSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Hutson, GabrielLong Pond Rd.Republican
Herman, FredLong Pond Rd.Republican
Harper, GeovgeSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Hobbie, GeorgeBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Haight, ElmerRidge Rd.Republican
Hart, JamesSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Heberecht, CharlesMaiden Lane Rd.Democrat
Hugaboom, N. W.North Greece Rd.Republican
Johnson, RaymondStone Rd.Democrat
Josh, GeorgeRidge Rd.Socialist
Josh, LewisRidge Rd.Republican
Justice, ClarenceLong Pond Rd.Republican
Johnson, John T.Ridge Rd.Democrat
James, JohnSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Justice, RaymondMaiden Lane Rd.Republican
Justice, ElmerNorth Ave. Rd.Republican
Johnson, EverettStone Rd.Democrat
Jones, BertNorth Greece Rd.Republican
Jones, JohnNorth Greece Rd.Republican
James, RichardSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Kaerhart, JosephLong Pond Rd.blank
Koch, WilliamRidge Rd.Socialist
Knipper, PeterRidge Rd.Democrat
Kemp, HaroldRidge Rd.Democrat
Kemp, FrankRidge Rd.Democrat
Koch, Charles Ridge Rd.Republican
Klem, CharlesMitchell Rd.Republican
Kestler, Harry Ridge Rd.Republican
Kellmann, A. E. Big Ridge Rd.Republican
Lark, JohnRidge Rd.Imp. Ballot
Larkin, MichaelRidge Rd.Democrat
Lyon, ChanningSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Leibeck, FrankWeiland Rd.Democrat
Lovell, HarryNorth Ave. Rd.Republican
Lambert, James G.Ridge Rd.Democrat
Lee, Frederick S.English Rd.Republican
Lewis, GilbertRidge Rd.Republican
Lawson, ArthurTown Line Rd.Democrat
Lansing, GeorgeMitchell Rd.Republican
Lebeck, JohnMitchell Rd.Democrat
Lankton, J. H.English Rd.Republican
Lankton, WalterEnglish Rd.Republican
Liebeck, BlaixisWeiland Rd.Democrat
Linder, HenryBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Lockner, HarryTown Line Rd.Republican
Lade, HenryBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Longville, HenryNorth Ave. Rd.Imp. Ballot
Maurer, Henry Ridge Rd.Republican
Mitchell, Alta North Ave. Rd.Republican
Mitchell, WalterNorth Ave. Rd.Republican
Merlau, Fred Mitchell Rd.Republican
Meisenthal, EugeneSouth Greece Rd.Democrat
Meisenthal, GeorgeSouth Greece Rd.Democrat
Meisenthal, Willet South Greece Rd.Democrat
Martin, Peter Ridge Rd.Democrat
Miller, Harry Long Pond Rd.Democrat
Meyer, JacobRidge Rd.Republican
Mason, Rohert Ridge Rd.Republican
Markee, John Long Pond Rd.Democrat
Mitchell, Charles Mitchell Rd.Republican
Mitchell, Alfred North Ave. Rd.Republican
Mitchell, William Mitchell Rd.Republican
Mitchell, Harry J. Mitchell Rd.Republican
Mitchell, Henry, Jr. Mitchell Rd.Republican
Mitchell, Henry, Sr. Mitchell Rd.Republican
Mitchell, Frank J. Straub Rd.Republican
Mehne, George P. Town Line Rd.Republican
Moore, Steward Maiden Lane Rd.Republican
Millspaugh, Frank E. Stone Rd.Republican
Meier, Ed. Weiland Rd.Republican
Morgan, John H. Maiden Lane Rd.Republican
Neidham, John Ridge Rd.Republican
Noyes, Ben Anderson Rd.Republican
O'Connor, U. J.Maiden Lane Rd.Democrat
O'Leir, JohnLong Pond Rd.Republican
Perkins, WordenBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Perrin, GeorgeMitchell Rd.Democrat
Payne, ManleySouth Greece Rd.Republican
Paine, WillisRidge Rd.Republican
Pearson, MorleyRidge Rd.Republican
Pennel, ThomasRidge Rd.Republican
Peters, JohnStone Rd.Republican
Payne, William A.South Greece Rd.Republican
Perrin, JohnRidge Rd.Democrat
Paille, FrankRidge Rd.Democrat
Perkins, ClaudeWeiland Rd.Republican
Paine, HerbertRidge Rd.Republican
Perkins, LeslieRidge Rd.Republican
Pawlick, JohnRidge Rd.Republican
Parrish, PhiloRidge Rd.Republican
Pendergast, JohnSouth Greeceblank
Pearson, HaroldRidge Rd.Republican
Presley, SamuelRidge Rd.Republican
Preston, CharlesLong Pond Rd.Republican
Peters, NormanRidge Rd.Republican
Quackenbush, HarleyTown Line Rd.Republican
Reniff, AlmonLong Pond Rd.Republican
Reinhart, AdamMitchell Rd.Democrat
Roller, MathewCharlotteRepublican
Reilly, ArthurMaiden Lane Rd.Democrat
Raab, J. A.Town Line Rd.Republican
Reilly, EdwardBuckman Rd.Democrat
Reniff, AugustLong PondRepublican
Ryan, MathewsPodunk Rd.Democrat
Raibell, Charles L.Ridge Rd.Republican
Rausch, ThomasRidge Rd.Democrat
Ranech, AlfredRidge Rd.Republican
Roob, JohnMitchell Rd.Republican
Richardson, EdwardBig Ridge Rd.Democrat
Ryan, CharlesPodunk Rd.Democrat
Reuter, JosephLexington Ave.Socialist
Renno, WilliamRidge Rd.Republican
Street, George S.BarnardRepublican
Street, William S.BarnardRepublican
Sleys, WilliamMaiden Lane Rd.Republican
Smallwood, LewisRidge Rd.Democrat
Slater, ArthurLong Pond Rd.Republican
Sutherland, CharlesTown Line Rd.Democrat
Stoldt, GeorgeBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Steele, F. L.Ridge Rd.Republican
Scorse, AlfredMaiden Lane Rd.Republican
Shempp, WilliamLong Pond Rd.Socialist
Smith, PeterNorth Greece Rd.Republican
Streb, ThomasRidge Rd.blank
Scherff, JohnPodunk Rd.Republican
Streb, RaymondRidge Rd.blank
Scherff, CharlesPodunk Rd.Imp. Ballot
Spencer, AlbertMaiden Lane Rd.Imp. Ballot
Snell, WalterLong Pond Rd.Republican
Stearns, ClarenceBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Stearns, George Big Ridge Rd.Republican
Statt, Al South Greece Rd.Democrat
Scott, Frank Maiden Lane Rd.Republican
Statt, Lawrence South Greece Rd.Democrat
Smith, James E. Ridge Rd.Republican
Sigler, Louis Ridge Rd.Republican
Seel, Frank Fetzner Rd.Republican
Scorse, Edwin Stone Rd.Democrat
Scorse, William Stone Rd.Republican
Seeley, James Ridge Rd.Republican
Schleicher, Frank Mitchell Rd.Democrat
Schiman, Edward Ridge Rd.Republican
Smith, Abram North Greece Rd.Republican
Shaver, Bert Ridge Rd.Democrat
Seibert, Frank Mitchell Rd.Republican
Smith, Albert T. Ridge Rd.Republican
Sheldon, L. G. Ridge Rd.Republican
Shempp, Howard Long Pond Rd.Republican
Stoldt, Charles Big Ridge Rd.Republican
Straub, George Straub Rd.Democrat
Saunders, Howard Ridge Rd.Republican
Strong, Homer Ridge Rd.Republican
Strong, L. W. Ridge Rd.Republican
Sorg, Frank Weiland Rd.Republican
Stackman, Herman Town Line Rd.Imp. Ballot
Theim, CharlesRidge Rd.Democrat
Tucker, ErwinTown Line Rd.Republican
Tucker, BannerTown Line Rd.Republican
Travers, WilliamSouth Greece Rd.Democrat
Thorpe, RichardEnglish Rd.Democrat
Trabold, UrbanRidge Rd.Democrat
Thomas, WilliamStone Rd.Imp. Ballot
Thorpe, PatrickEnglish Rd.Democrat
Trabold, IraStraub Rd.Democrat
Tallinger, John F.Ridge Rd.blank
Twombley, PeterStone Rd.Democrat
Van Lear, JohnRidge Rd.Republican
Volkmar, JosephMitchell Rd.Republican
Van Roo, PeterRidge Rd.Republican
VanHyft, FrankStone Rd.Republican
Van Hake, PeterMitchell Rd.Democrat
Vanderbeck, JohnMaiden Lane Rd.Republican
Wehner, Fred Big Ridge Rd.Democrat
Wilcox, William Town Line Rd.Republican
Warner, Frank South Greece Rd.Democrat
Witzel, George Lee Rd.Democrat
Weiland, William Anderson Rd.Democrat
Wendell, Ed. R. South Greece Rd.Republican
Weichbrodt, Albert South Greece Rd.Republican
Wilkenson, ElonRidge Rd.Republican
Wagner, GustaveWeiland Rd.Republican
Wagner, JostWeiland Rd.Imp. Ballot
Wagner, CharlesWeiland Rd.Republican
Wallace, HaroldBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Warner, HarrySouth Greece Rd.Republican
Weiland, AugustRidge Rd.Republican
Wink, WilliamSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Wolff, John, Sr.Long Pond Rd.Republican
Wetzell, WilliamRidge Rd.Republican
Wehner, Geo.Mitchell Rd.Democrat
Whittlesey, HarryStone Rd.Republican
Warren, B. O.Weiland Rd.Republican
Wendt, CharlesMaiden Lane Rd.Republican
Wolff, Charles F.Ridge Rd.Republican
Webber, JosephTown Line Rd.Democrat
Warner, CliffordSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Woodams, WalterBig Ridge Rd.Republican
Webber, AlisWeiland Rd.Democrat
White, EdwardWeiland Rd.Democrat
Wignall, FredRidge Rd.Republican
Zwolinski, JohnRidge Rd.Democrat
Zorustoeff, John, Jr.Town Line Rd.Republican
Zornstoeff, JohnTown Line Rd.Republican
Zornstoeff, CharlesNorth Greece Rd.Republican
Zahn, GeorgeTown Line Rd.Republican
Zornstoeff, FrankNorth Greece Rd.Republican
Zarpentine, CarlSouth Greece Rd.Republican
Zornstoeff, CharlesPodunk Rd.Republican
Zarpentine, FredBig Ridge Rd.Republican


ENROLLMENT LIST - Fourth District
NameAddress Political Party
Adams, John W.130 Steko Ave.Republican
Arlidge William Stone Rd.Republican
Aylesworth, J. B.51 BennettRepublican
Atkinson, E. W.29 BennettRepublican
Adams, Alexander283 EastmanRepublican
Ament, Chester724 RidgewayRepublican
Allen, R. D.39 WiltonRepublican
Anderson, Leonard42 TruesdaleRepublican
Adsit, Fred38 Wilton Ave.Republican
Armstrong, F. W.432 PullmanRepublican
Archer, L. G.144 EastmanRepublican
Allen, Geo. T.80 WiltonRepublican
Allen, William78 BennettRepublican
Brooks, Geo. A.264 Avis St.Republican
Berry, H. W.208 Avis St.Republican
Burns, JamesLewiston Ave.Democrat
Bach, Richard800 RidgewayProhibition
Burr, Geo.71 BennettRepublican
Burgdorf, Allen44 StekoDemocrat
Bartlett, Ed.2054 DeweySocialist
Bidwell, Joseph241 EastmanSocialist
Bennett, FrankMcCall Rd.Republican
Bodin, Joseph T.1938 Lake Ave.Republican
Butts, F. A.Lewiston Ave.Republican
Brill, H. C.DeweyRepublican
Beleher, J. E.2020 DeweyRepublican
Burns, FrankEddy Rd.Democrat
Baitinger, Leonard20 Truesdaleblank
Boothby, C. L.Eddy Rd.Republican
Berry, W. H.208 AvisRepublican
Backer, Dwight235 AvisRepublican
Beard, B. K.9 BennettRepublican
Baetzel, F. W.348 Knickerbockerblank
Barthoef, Geo. E.DeweyRepublican
Bower, RobertDeweyRepublican
Burke, George S.DeweyRepublican
Burke, George C.DeweyRepublican
Blomer, William114 EastmanRepublican
Bonine, Louis126 EastmanDemocrat
Boice, Fred3 Bennett Republican
Brizie, Charles1789 LakeDemocrat
Boothby, I. O.Eddy Rd.Republican
Bohrer, E. J.102 EastmanRepublican
Bruce, Nelson T.2141 LakeRepublican
Bills, Charles26 MayflowerRepublican
Boyington, Thomas40 BennettRepublican
Barringer, Bert464 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Callaghan, Frank S.92 Bennett St.Democrat
Corrigan, James V.721 Ridgeway AveRepublican
Crane, Alexander276 EastmanRepublican
Clark, Charles18 BennettDemocrat
Coleman, George T.371 PullmanRepublican
Clifford, W. P.501 LewistonRepublican
Cleary, J. J.2139 LakeDemocrat
Chase, Geo. A.Lake Ave.Republican
Compton, John1 AzoRepublican
Clifford, AlfredMcCall Rd.Republican
Colligan, ThomasLewistonDemocrat
Coombs, Herbert197 EastmanRepublican
Caring, William1 BennettRepublican
Colgan, F. J.1565 DeweyRepublican
Connors, JamesEddy Rd.Democrat
Close, Chss. F.39 WiltonRepublican
Close, Elmer65 WiltonRepublican
Connors, WilliamLewistonRepublican
Cleary, L. J.2139 LakeRepublican
Christian, JohnDeweyRepublican
Collin, J. Q.440 KnickerbockerRepublican
Cowen, W. E.St. Bernard's SeminaryRepublican
Conole, James76 BennettRepublican
Chase, Harry F.378 PullmanRepublican
Carwardine, C.1860 DeweyRepublican
Coakley, Ward42 WiltonRepublican
Curran, WilliamWebster St.Republican
Cole, EdwardCole St.Democrat
Coapman, E. A.411 PullmanRepublican
Collins, Chas.Lake Ave.Republican
Connel, Leo78 StekoDemocrat
Davis, W. H.474 Knickerbocker St.Republican
Downs, John W.120 Eastman Ave.Republican
Duffy, William6 EastmanRepublican
Darling, A. W.472 LewistonRepublican
Defendorf, EmmettBarnardsRepublican
Darrow, LaVernerVelox St.Republican
Dhaenens, CamilleBonesteele Ave.Republican
Defendorf, FredDeweyRepublican
Defendorf, IrvingCole St.Republican
Duffy, Michael6 EastmanRepublican
DeVisser, James J.227 Avis St.Republican
Defendorf, Ray339 Avis St.Republican
Doyle, William193 EastmanDemocrat
DeForrest, JamesBanker P1.Republican
Deshan, FrancisLewistonDemocrat
DeBratt, C.271 LewistonRepublican
Dennis, J.2 Azo St.Republican
Davis, WilliamLewistonDemocrat
Defendorf, RalphDewey Ave.Republican
Demmint, Jack16 VeloxRepublican
Engle, Henry5 Stratford Ave.Republican
Emmens, Harry4 Moose St.Republican
Eppinger, H. J.24 BennettRepublican
Egan, Daniel W.2147 LakeRepublican
Evans, H. H.98 BennettDemocrat
Fox, Charles490 KnickerbockerRepublican
Fleming, Justice270 EastmanRepublican
Fiege, GeorgeWhyndham Rd.Socialist
Fleming, Harry L.145 EastmanRepublican
Fetter, Elias238 AvisRepublican
Farnan, WilliamMcCall Rd.Republican
Fry, Charles E.McCall Rd.Republican
Frear, ErnestStone Rd.blank
Frear, Ernest J.Stone Rd.Socialist
Fenessey, W. D.43 EastmanRepublican
Farman, IsaacBanker P1.Republican
Fleming, W. J.450 LewistonDemocrat
Filmore, Addison1925 DeweyRepublican
Ford, Andrew357 AvisRepublican
Forbes, ThomasElk St.Republican
French, Howard E.39 BennettRepublican
Freas, FredStone Rd.Republican
Farrell, Christopher J.15 BennettDemocrat
Greaves, Samuel2149 Lake Ave.Socialist
Gordon, Ben157 EastmanDemocrat
Gallup, WalterDewey Ave.Democrat
Gillgunn, John734 RidgewayRepublican
Gallagher, James V.LewistonRepublican
Gorton, John H.1574 DeweyRepublican
Ganz, Conrad1760 Ridgeway Ave.Republican
Gallagher, Thomas96 EastmanDemocrat
Gallagher, RayLewistonRepublican
Gallup, John214 AvisDemocrat
Green, George31 EastmanRepublican
Galbraith, James66 EastmanRepublican
Garrison, John A.Stone Rd.Republican
Gallagher, EmmetLewistonRepublican
Gorden, Michael96 Wilton Ave.Republican
Garrison, Geo.63 BennettProhibition
Goggin, J. T.St. Bernard's SeminaryRepublican
Gallagher, John H.LewistonDemocrat
Greenfogel, WilliamEddy Rd.Democrat
Garlic, William371 AvisRepublican
Gallantine, HerbertBanker P1.Republican
Grifford, Fred501 AvisDemocrat
Gilbert, E. D.390 KnickerbockerRepublican
Gallagher, James96 EastmanRepublican
Hyland, Raylond740 Ridgeway Ave.Democrat
Hasner, Edward12 Bennett St. Republican
Hill, Charles48 Eastman Republican
Haefler, F. C.414 Pullman Republican
Holmes, Arthur98 Bennett Democrat
Howard, Patrick42 Wilton Democrat
Hartman, George32 Wilton Republican
Hackett, Ralph28 Steko Democrat
Harding, George H.Bonesteele Ave. Republican
Heaney, John C.St. Ann's Democrat
Hendrick, A. M.460 LewistonRepublican
Hartman, VictorRidgeway Republican
Halpin, A.205 Eastman Republican
Hutchinson, Lyell504 Lewiston Republican
Hilfiker, Theo. 790 Ridgewayblank
Hornbick, Frank J. 150 EastmanRepublican
Hamlin, T. A. 420 PullmanRepublican
Hartman, Rhoderick RidgewayRepublican
Horswell, Alfred LewistonRepublican
Howley, D. R. 306 EastmanRepublican
Hightree, Raymond 36 EastmanRepublican
Hill, Fred 353 AvisRepublican
Hopkins, Walter 69 BennettRepublican
Hill, Edward A. 61 EastmanDemocrat
Izard, William61 AzoRepublican
Izard, Alberd Perrington Ave.Republican
Jarvis, Alphred 220 Avis St.Republican
Johnstone, Edward 22 Velox St.Republican
Johnston, Axel 175 Eastman Ave.Democrat
Justine, Andrew Ridge Rd.blank
Jones, William 27 BennettRepublican
Jeffers, Robt. B. Beachwood Pk.Republican
Jones, H. H. 1863 DeweyRepublican
Jostmeir, William H.1875 DeweyRepublican
Jardine, A. F. 20 Velox St.Republican
Krewtber, Fred36 Eastman Ave.Republican
Kallusch, Herman F.Wyndham Rd.Socialist
Kirnan, James1680 DeweyDemocrat
Kimmell, August301 EastmanRepublican
Kirk, Arthur J.7 MayflowerRepublican
Poppin, EdwardStone Rd.Prohibition
Kuhn, George J.96 BennettRepublican
Knoll, AdolphStratford Ave.Republican
King, R. D.484 KnickerbockerRepublican
Kettell, Geo. F.St. Bernard's SeminaryRepublican
Koerner, Arthur5 Goodwell St.Republican
King, Joseph84 BennettDemocrat
Kane, Thomas276 EastmanDemocrat
King, Howard84 BennettRepublican
Kleinknecht, William J.501 LewistonDemocrat
Keene, HenryLewiston Ave.Republican
Koerner, ChristianEddy Rd.Democrat
Kelly, E. J.LewistonRepublican
Kirk, Burton90 StekoRepublican
Koerner, Richard21 VeloxDemocrat
Kummer, Geo.2 WiltonRepublican
Kaelbreun, John199 EastmanRepublican
Kelly, B. F.348 KnickerbockerDemocrat
Lane, Edward1816 Dewey Ave.Democrat
Little, Theo.250 AvisRepublican
Light, Charles72 BennettDemocrat
Lear, J.87½ BennettRepublican
Lane, Byron P.LewistonRepublican
Lappla, Lewis68 Bennett St.Republican
Loughlin, Albert428 KnickerbockerRepublican
Lochner, John F.38 AdrianRepublican
Lerch, John M.6 BenedictDemocrat
Leary, J. J.1552 DeweyRepublican
Lafler, Chas.36 EastmanRepublican
Lee, L. J. LewistonRepublican
Lerkin, C. B.61 BennettRepublican
Lay, Chester LewistonRepublican
Lutes, George C. LewistonRepublican
L. Hineler, Clarence462 KnickerbockerRepublican
Lloyd, James495 LewistonRepublican
Lyncb, Joseph Eddy Rd.Democrat
Moore, W. P.4 GoodwellRepublican
Markle, R. G.55 EastmanRepublican
Merrill, Ralph2132 Lake Ave.Republican
Maynard, WheelerRidge Rd.Republican
Miller, Lorenzo330 AvisRepublican
Mullen, J. J.20 VeloxRepublican
Murphy, Martin210 EastmanDemocrat
Murphy, Joseph343 AvisDemocrat
Minder, William258 AvisRepublican
Maloney, John F.St. Ann'sRepublican
Mater, JosephStone Rd.Republican
Miner, Charles7 Wilton Ave.Republican
Moore, Thos. B.8 Velox St.Republican
Mortier, Chas.McCall Rd.Republican
Merkel, Anton366 KnickerbockerDemocrat
Morgan, Patrick265 Avis St.Democrat
Mann, Richard M.247 Avis St.Republican
Meilie, AlbertStratford Ave.Republican
Marchand, T. C.414 PullmanRepublican
Murrell, Frank1800 Lake Ave.Republican
Maskill, Frank H.81 BennettDemocrat
Misner, Andrew487 PullmanRepublican
Marcille, Victor F.Ridge Rd.Republican
Martin, Geo. L.1793 LakeDemocrat
MeMaster, John 336 Avis Republican
McCann, P. D. Pennington Ave. Socialist
McCleary, Robert1560 Dewey Republican
McAuliffe, W. G.20 Bennett Republican
McEwen, Kenneth Dewey Ave.Republican
McKillip, Ray49 Bennett Republican
McPhillips, Michael74 Steko Republican
McCall, John Banker P1. Imp. Ballot
McCall, Frank Banker P1. Republican
McArthur, James384 Pullman Republican
McCollouch, James62 Bennett Democrat
McMurdy, William30 Steko Republican
Nurden, James58 BennettRepublican
Nix, Fred359 AvisRepublican
Niblack, Fred1915 DeweyRepublican
O'Reilly, JohnBarnardDemocrat
O'Cain, Frank11 BennettRepublican
Oughterson, Joseph17 MayflowerSocialist
Ofschlager, Geo.Stone Rd.Republican
Phalin, William397 Pulman Ave.Democrat
Parmale, Berton O.52 Steko Ave.Republican
Peachey, Levi8 Bennett St.Socialist
Parsons, John H.396 PullmanRepublican
Piloe, Dirk22 MayflowerRepublican
Perry, John A.79 WiltonDemocrat
Paul, Albert307 EastmanRepublican
Parmalee, B. F.52 StekoRepublican
Palmer, Oliver78 EastmanRepublican
Petter, John M.St. Bernard's SeminaryRepublican
Pendergast, F.7 Adrian St.Democrat
Peters, James88 Bennett St.Prohibition
Parsons, Edward J.Stone Rd.Republican
Pringle, FredLewistonRepublican
Preston, Byron138 EastmanRepublican
Pettingill, Reuben382 PullmanRepublican
Parcells, Charles748 RidgewayRepublican
Peachy, Irving8 BennettSocialist
Pattee, R. W.2773 LakeRepublican
Purdy, R. A.Dewey Ave.Republican
Purcell, Patrick1893 DeweyRepublican
Priester, Louis229 EastmanRepublican
Quinn, James244 Avis St.Democrat
Robinson, Chas. R. 441 Pullman Ave.Republican
Requa, Edward 1713 Dewey Awe.Democrat
Raysor, D. T. Duffern DriveRepublican
Rotbenberger, Fred, Sr. 1717 DeweyDemocrat
Roycraft, T. W. 1902 DeweyDemocrat
Rockweel, John 5. 1220 DeweyRepublican
Rist, Thomas W. 87 WiltonRepublican
Ross, F. W. 1990 DeweyRepublican
Rex, John C. 336 KnickerbockerRepublican
Rogers, Geo. F. Perrington Ave.Republican
Richards, Ralph 15 EastmanSocialist
Roth, Joseph 2135 LakeRepublican
Ritchlin, E. W. Eddy Rd.Democrat
Raynsford, James A. LewistonRepublican
Regan, James 501 AvisDemocrat
Richards, C. D. Dewey Ave.Republican
Ryan, George B. 76 Bennett.St.Republican
Reilly, Joseph T. 375 PullmanDemocrat
Rogers, P. J. 79 BennettRepublican
Richens, J. E. McCall Rd.Republican
Robinson, Joseph B. 754 RidgewayRepublican
Reilly, Raymond 350 AvisRepublican
Sherman, John A.Ridge Rd.Republican
Smith, Chas. E.Lewiston Ave.Republican
Smith, Francis4 Wilton Ave.Democrat
Smith, James O.Lewiston Ave.Republican
Simpson, EdwinLewiston Ave.Republican
Seuffert, Elmer696 Ridgeway Democrat
Smith, Wilford347 Avis Prohinition
Schulenberg, FrankLewiston Ave.Republican
Schroeder, W.Driving Pk. Ave.Republican
Soules, Ray40 Mayflower St.Repuolican
Stymus, W. A.1862 Dewey St. Republican
Smith, Bert C.211 Eastman Republican
Slocum, GeorgeDeweyDemocrat
Schuth, Clearance241 Avis Democrat
Sparling, Arthur725 RidgewayRepublican
Spears, Herbert W.Dewey Ave.Republican
Sommer, Thomas C.Lewiston Ave.Republican
Sexton, David62 BennettDemocrat
Schuyler, Frank E.LewistonImp. Ballot
Sommers, A. C.Lewiston Ave.Republican
Smith, Fred C.32 BennettRepublican
Sweeney, Ambrose1851 DeweyDemocrat
Schuyler, JohnLewistonDemocrat
Scherman, D. B.Perrington Ave.Socialist
Scott, Arthur Henry42 AdrianProhibition
Schutte, Robert1796 LakeRepublican
Schwartz, Jacob, Sr.Eddy Rd.Democrat
Sommers, PhillipLewistonRepublican
Schuler, Frank7 MayflowerRepublican
Sullivan, George A.Wyndam Rd.Republican
Smith, William495 PullmanRepublican
Salisbury, Fax.86~ Bennett Republican
Smith, M. K.357 AvisRepublican
Schwartz, Jacob, Jr.1 GoodwellRepublican
Sullivan, T. J.42 EastmanRepublican
Snyder, F. J.1798 Lake Ave. Republican
Sheard, Frank2650 LakeRepublican
Stock, Nicholos J.41 WilsonRepublican
Thomas, Henry M.478 KnickerbockerRepublican
Thomas, Harry L.478 KnickerbockerRepublican
Turnbull, Charles236 Avis St. Republican
Thorpe, James G.Eddy Rd. Democrat
Treusdale, Edgar C.740 Ridgeway Democrat
Thompson, E. S.79 Eastman Republican
Terrherr, Leo M.342 KnickerbockerDemocrat
Tolhurst, Horace56 Bennett Republican
Tanner, George E.2811 Lake Ave. Republican
Tyler, Aaron458 KnickerbockerProhibition
Terrherr, Leo S.1560 DeweyDemocrat
Treusdale, J. W.790 Ridgeway blank
Taylor, B. L.380 Pullman Republican
Tenney, Edwin A.Benedict Republican
Tracey, A.94 Bennett Republican
Thiel, John6 Mayflower Socialist
Utter, Charles690 RidgewayDemocrat
Unger, Lawrence5 BennettRepublican
Underwood, W. H.288 EastmanRepublican
Verstreet, LeoStone RoadRepublican
Verhoeven, MichaelWhyndam Rd.Socialist
VanAlmkirk, Fred249 EastmanRepublican
Wicks, Frank C.16 MayflowerRepublican
Warder, CharlesDewey Ave.Republican
Wally, Martin730 RidgewayDemocrat
Wake, Charles390 PullmanRepublican
Wally, Martin P.5 BennettRepublican
Wahl, Albert26 BennettRepublican
Ward, H. W.2143 LakeRepublican
Wendell, H. H.RidgewayRepublican
Wirth, E. J.Lake Ave.Republican
Warboy, Milo232 AvisRepublican
Wilcox, Walter C.DeweyDemocrat
Wicks, H. E.Lewiston Ave.blank
Wright, SilasLewistonRepublican
Weiss, PeterBenedict St.Republican
Wess, WilliamLewistonRepublican
Wing, R. A.6 Velox St.Republican
Wooden, James O.300 EastmanRepublican
Woods, F. W.330 EastmanRepublican
Woods, Thomas E.37 EastmanDemocrat
Yockel, Oliver446 KnickerbockerRepublican
Zick, Vincent1566 Dewey AveRepublican
Zimmer, Herbert W.14 Velox St.Republican


ENROLLMENT LIST - Fifth District
NameAddress Political Party
Avery, Elies236 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Aubell, Harry69 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Acker, Darwin W.86 Pullman Ave.Republican
Archer, Isaac20 Laphanblank
Applebaun, Samuel36 Lauterdale Pk.Republican
Anderson, Fred A.59 LaphamDemocrat
Acker, W. H.86 PullmanDemocrat
Auten, Roy S.7 River View CourtDemocrat
Berry, Charles Elmer38 Lauderdale Pk.Republican
Bailey, Fred J.57 LaphamRepublican
Bircher, Harold H.361 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Brown, Fred M.63 Palm St.Republican
Blodgett, John25 PullmanRepublican
Baurbaun, Bernard20 LauderdaleRepublican
Brice, Henry D.348 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Birdsey, Thomas W.3 WoodsideDemocrat
Brasser, Elmer C.179 PrimroseRepublican
Bittard, Fred38 KeihlDemocrat
Birge, Craig757 Maplewood Blvd.Republican
Berry, Chas. E.38 LauterdaleRepublican
Brunner, George B.18 AvisDemocrat
Bergerin, Fred A.35 LewistonDemocrat
Burton, Leon12 BardinRepublican
Brown, J. J.24 LaphanRepublican
Brown, E. H.4 PalmRepublican
Brosius, Thos. B.76 PullmanRepublican
Brass, Frank16 KiehlRepublican
Belcher, A. E.1706 Lake Ave.Republican
Blinshi, Peter14 Seneca Park CircleDemocrat
Bliss, Lestw186 Dayton Pk.Republican
Burns, Michael J.12 Seneca Park CircleDemocrat
Bathrick, Andrew R.807 Maplewood Blvd.Prohibition
Boylin, John E.73 AvisDemocrat
Carmichael, John G.157 Avis St.Republican
Cass, William Henry Seward316 Pullman Ave.Republican
Curtis, Fred D.16 Avis St.Republican
Coleman, George F.95 Dayton Pk.Republican
Croll, William J.20 Seneca Park CircleRepublican
Cluff, Roy74 PullmanRepublican
Combs, Henry93 LewistonRepublican
Cushing, Thomas J.185 LewistonDemocrat
Cooper, George G.53 LapanDemocrat
Cole, Fred M.224 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Crawford, Chas. W.14 WoodsideRepublican
Cookson, Walter250 PullmanRepublican
Canavan, Edward240 LewistonRepublican
Clark, Fred E.1710 Lake Ave.Republican
Canavan, John J.240 LewistonDemocrat
Cook, Arnold B.1690 Lake Ave.Republican
Cronise, Harold305 PullmanRepublican
Campbell, Chas. S.6 Seneca Park CircleRepublican
Clark, Raymold L.37 LaphamDemocrat
Cummings, S. W.26 LaphamDemocrat
Caine, Robt.Kodak Pk.Republican
Covney, George4 KeihlRepublican
Cuhane, Michael J.36 LaphanRepublican
Clark, Chas. H.23 LaphanRepublican
Christian, George D.124 AvisRepublican
Coakley, E. D.133 PalmRepublican
Courlin, Alvin79 PullmanRepublican
Carson, G. W.63 LewistonRepublican
Cantwell, Wm.24 WoodsideRepublican
Congdon, Marvin22 KehlRepublican
Cooper, George155 LewistonRepublican
Crawley, James147 PrimroseRepublican
Coakley, Daniel133 PalmDemocrat
Creighton, T. M.350 LewistonDemocrat
DeForest, James8 Woodside St.Republican
DeYoung, William235 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Dinger, Harry30 Keehl St.Republican
Denmead, Robert C.70 MenderRepublican
Denmead, Wallace70 MenderRepublican
Dierdorf, Fred, Sr.75 Palm St.Socialist
Davis, Wilbur178 Dayton Pk.Republican
Dorsehell, Fred42 LaphamRepublican
Dean, John H.124 AvisRepublican
Desnado, Michael23 Seneca Park CircleRepublican
Deberger, Eugene29 Seneca Park CircleRepublican
DeBrine, JamesKodak ParkRepublican
Diver, Walter E.145 LewistonRepublican
Dalton, Francis A.41 LaphamDemocrat
DeMarse, Chas. D.12 BardinRepublican
DeVanny, Ed. B.64 LaphamRepublican
Donovan, Thomas57 Palm St.Republican
Dietrich, Charles239 LewistonDemocrat
Davis, Albert B.91 PullmanDemocrat
Durkin, Wm. F.301 LewistonDemocrat
Davis, Chas. A.91 PullmanDemocrat
Dickow, Arthur F.31 LaphamDemocrat
Dierdorf, Fred, Jr.75 PalmDemocrat
Driscoll, John95 PullmanDemocrat
Earnst, Emmil69 Palm St.Republican
Ellison, William1636 Lake Ave.Republican
Everitt, John757 MaplewoodRepublican
English, Fred'k1706 Lake Ave.Republican
Edwards, John H.38 KeihlRepublican
Enfield, Elston S.76 PullmanRepublican
Frost, William E.47 Keehl St.Republican
Ford, Michael14 Lapham St.Republican
Farrell, Michael30 Lapham St.Democrat
Farrell, George E.32 LaphamRepublican
Forbes, Carl Kodak Pk.Republican
Farren, G. W.15 PullmanRepublican
Freiburger, Jacob86 PullmanRepublican
Finlayson, Walter205 Pullman Ave.Republican
Fink, Chas. L.23 LaphamDemocrat
Fisher, Bert23 WoodsideRepublican
Farron, Frank C.20 AvisRepublican
Farnau, John C.47 LaphamRepublican
Goehringer, F. Geo.229 Pullman Ave.Republican
Guyatt, Arthur J.757 Maplewood Blvd.Republican
Glenny, James25 Lapham St.Republican
Gelder, Geo. H.54 Lapham St.Republican
Gates, William43 PalmDemocrat
Gershefski, August96 Palm St.Republican
Greenwood, Wm. A.2 Hanford LandingRepublican
Gasser, Chas. S.40 LaphamRepublican
Greenwood, Wm. F.151 AvisRepublican
Greenfield, Eddie21 LaphamRepublican
Groth, Henry119 AvisRepublican
Groh, Otto142 AvisRepublican
Hinman, Burt16 Woodeide St.Socialist
Hoffmeier, Frank24 Avis St.Republican
Hardwick, Thomas10 Hanford Rd.Republican
Hachendall, Frank O.805 MaplewoodDemocrat
Huff, Geo. N.55 Lapham St.Republican
Henderson, Henry A. Kodak Pk.Democrat
Hogan, Mathew2 KeihlDemocrat
Holm, Edw. W.156 AvisRepublican
Habel, Fred19 WoodsideRepublican
Heberger, Henry J.21 WoodsidcRepublican
Hogan, Frank75 PullmanDemocrat
Hanselman, Merrill E.67 MenderRepublican
Howard, James E.235 Pullmanblank
Happinger, C. L.266 LewistonRepublican
Hutchins, John A.29 Lapham St.Republican
Haidt, August81 LewistonRepublican
Huff, W. H.113 PrimroseDemocrat
Habel, Edward19 WoodsideRepublican
Hanna, Harold E.150 AvisRepublican
Hanriston, Horace N.25 PalmRepublican
Hasswell, Adelbert128 Primrose Republican
Howard, John E.1648 Lake Ave.Democrat
Herod, Herbert W.8 BardinRepublican
Hoffmeir, Frank A.24 AvisRepublican
Howard, Raymond205 Pullman Ave.Republican
Jopson, Nelson E.273 Pullman Ave.Republican
Jopson, Ben273 Pullman Ave.Republican
Jopson, Luke273 Pullman Ave.Republican
James, Clarence1632 Lake Ave.Republican
Jewell, Louis E.1560 Lake Ave.Republican
Johnson, Carl10 BardinRepublican
Kingston, Charles241 Pullman Ave.Republican
King, John A.50 Lauterdale Pk.Republican
Kear, William E.67 Mender St.Republican
Kinmel, Fred16 Seneca Park CircleRepublican
Kannan, Edward H.61 LaphamRepublican
Kennedy, Edwin245 LewistonRepublican
Krauss, Roy55 LaphamDemocrat
Kearns, James F.105 AvisDemocrat
Kaufman, August J.115 PrimroseDemocrat
Levin, Abraham7 Keehl St.Republican
Levin, Bennie7 Keehl St.Republican
Lahey, John149 Palm St.Republican
Lusink, Richard15 Avis St.Republican
Lee, John W.10 Lapham St.Republican
Lawrence, Abraham12 Lapham St.Republican
Luckman, Louis52 Lapham St.Republican
Lehnen, John H.15 Seneca Pk. CircleRepublican
Lockwood, William J.1690 Lake Ave.Republican
Larish, Herl K.45 LaphamDemocrat
Lane, Robt. H.73 PulmanRepublican
Lockwood, Ed. D.1698 Lake Ave.Republican
Lay, Frank H.147 Avis St.Republican
Lane, Thomas199 PullmanRepublican
Lynch, Wm.29 PalmDemocrat
Leistman, Wm90 PalmProhibition
Linton, Walter C.140 AvisProhibition
Laube, G. Fred695 Maplewood Pk.Republican
Lincoln, Ed. E.2 WoodsideProhibition
Mumby, Homer H.305 Pullman Ave.Republican
Murray, Wm.229 Lewiston Ave.Republican
Merrill, Geo. D.14 Keehl St.Prohibition
Murphy, Will A., Jr.17 Lapham St.Democrat
Moran, Mathew11 Lapham St.Imp. Ballot
Mitchell, Ruben185 PullmanRepublican
Mahar, Llewellyn320 LewistonRepublican
Meagher, James D.6 LaphamDemocrat
Murphy, Wm. A., Sr.17 LaphamDemocrat
Marte, John86 AvisDemocrat
Meiseh, Nicolas J.12 WoodsideRepublican
Morgan, J. W.331 PullmanRepublican
Michell, John M.8 KiehlRepublican
Menzies, Harry154 AvisRepublican
Morgan, Wm. J., Sr.325 PullmanRepublican
Martin, W. G.39 LaphamRepublican
Murphy, Joseph22 Keehl St.Democrat
McMahon, Thomas J.286 Lewiston Ave.Democrat
McCabe, John171 Pullman Ave.Democrat
McMehon, Fred4 Woodsidemissing
McElheny, Fred136 PalmDemocrat
McGroarty, Neil86 PulmanRepublican
McCall, John192 Pulmanblank
MeCulloch, F. L.206 PulmanDemocrat
McMaster, Donald54 LaphamRepublican
McDonald, A. F.261 PulmanRepublican
MacKennia, George M.11 Lapham St.Republican
Nitsch, Emil1692 Lake Ave.Missing
Nelson, Homer J.151 AvisRepublican
Nolte, Elmer G.127 PalmRepublican
Ohl, John H.22 WoodsideRepublican
Oyer, Chas.111 AvisRepublican
O'Connor, Thos. F.4 Seneca Park CircleDemocrat
Ororke, R. C.103 PullmanDemocrat
Peckham, E. Elmer20 Seneca Pk. Circle Republican
Pittard, Fred38 Keehl Republican
Potter, G. W.1540 Lake Ave. Republican
Parker, Evan167 Avis Republican
Plaisted, Ernest375 Lewiston Republican
Peppers, Joseph290 Knickerbocker Ave. Socialist
Puffer, Merld278½ Lewiston Democrat
Peckham, Elbert20 Seneca Pk. Circle Republican
Page, George T.74 Pullman Republican
Pell, W. H.53 Lauterdale Republican
Quigley, Thomas104 PalmRepublican
Rothenberg, Fred56 Primrose St.Democrat
Richardson, Walter127 Lewiston Ave.Socialist
Rishor, Sheldon J.101 Pullman Ave.Republican
Russell, Fred92 Pullman Ave.Democrat
Richardson, Malcolm127 Lewiston AveImp. Ballot
Rivers, Oliver144 Lewiston Ave.Democrat
Robbins, Elwin E.1638 Lake Ave.Republican
Richardson, W.144 PalmRepublican
Rodwell, Edward183 PrimroseDemocrat
Raetz, Wm.10 Hanford LandingSocialist
Roberts, George W.252 LewistonRepublican
Rockwood, Lester1650 Lake Ave.Republican
Ruoff, Edward103 PullmanRepublican
Robinson, Edwin S.35 LewistonRepublican
Stalker, Alfred W.82 Pullman Ave.Republican
Schicker, John E.162 Avis St.Democrat
Stout, Orrin22 Lapham St.Republican
Sperry, Burton E.365 Lewiston Ave.Democrat
Sexton, Wm. H.1692 Lake Ave.Democrat
Swart, Homer M.835 Maplewood Ave.Republican
Shearer, John E.93 PullmanRepublican
Spears, Henry J.51 LewistonRepublican
Susat, Walter1650 LakeRepublican
Stoll, Frank C.66 AvisRepublican
Stubenrod, Frank110 AvisRepublican
Smith, Arthur124 Palm St.Republican
Statt, Urban G. 55 LewistonDemocrat
Saunders, Geo. C. 244 PullmanRepublican
Shannon, Lawrence 16 LaphamDemocrat
Suhr, Frank 360 LewistonRepublican
Smith, George 339 PulmanRepublican
Streber, George 5 KeihlRepublican
Seely, Hector W. 143 PrimroseDemocrat
Sutton, Harry M. 165 AvisDemocrat
Saunders, Charles W. 156 Lewiston Ave.Democrat
Spindler, George 8 Seneca Pk. CircleDemocrat
Shellenbaum, John 175 PrimroseDemocrat
Sutton, Robt. 18 KeihlDemocrat
Shelp, Roy C. 101 PulmanRepublican
Scanlan, Cornealius 260 LewistonRepublican
Shippy, Vernon 119 Lewiston Republican
Spingler, Albert15 Seneca ParkRepublican
Seaton, Rufus825 Maplewood Blvd.Republican
Smith, D. W.7 PalmRepublican
Salter, Walter J.152 AvisRepublican
Shannon, Leary16 LaphamDemocrat
Stutz, Henry C.Kodak ParkRepublican
Schicher, John162 AvisDemocrat
Sengle, Wm.255 PullmanSocialist
Statt, Edward187 Dayton ParkRepublican
Say, WalterSmith PlaceRepublican
Tienn, Sydney T.10 Woodside St.Democrat
Thomson, W. Austin139 Avis St.Republican
Towriss, H. Oliver25 Pullman Ave.Republican
Towriss, Wm. E.88 Pullman AveSocialist
Towriss, John R.132 Primrose St.Socialist
Tower, Charles1638½ Lake Ave.Democrat
Tyne, John D.24 Lapham St. Republican
Trusedale, Frank W.801 LewistonDemocrat
Thibault, Victor J.152 AvisProhibition
Toomey, George C.46 LaphamDemocrat
Thompson, Frank K.1706 Lake Ave.Republican
Thomas, John43 LaphamRepublican
Taylor, Walter E.29 AvisRepublican
Townsend, George W. 11 PalmRepublican
Towriss, Wm. H.88 PullmanRepublican
Ulrich, Herman A.27 WoodsideRepublican
Van Lare, Isaac366 LewistonRepublican
Vosburgh, Harold E.12 LauterdaleRepublican
Van Allen, James A.56 LaphamRepublican
Vincent, Fred17 PulmanRepublican
Van Lare, John230 PulmanRepublican
Vanbouren, Emil   Republican
Weiland, Geo. E.9 Lapham St.Democrat
Wilson, James M.660 Lake Ave.Republican
Wehner, Frank P.78 AvisRepublican
Welch, Mathias249 PullmanRepublican
Wager, Chas. W.101 Lewiston Republican
Welch, J. W.51 Lapham Imp. Ballot
Warboy, Chester J.186 Pulman Republican
Wilson, John J.2 Bardin Republican
Webb, Wm. F.14 Bardin Republican
Wagg, Gilbert J.44 Lapham Republican
Winn, Henry M.21 Woodside Republican
Wehner, Joseph78 Avis Republican
Wehner, Frank78 Avis Republican
Warren, Clarence A.165 Lewiston Republican
Wright, Thomas J.81 Avis Republican
Wilhelm, Geo. E.67 Mender Republican
Weigand, James6 Hanford Landing Republican
Wells, El.1692 Lake Ave. Democrat
Wilson, Joe1690 Lake Ave.Republican
Witter, Oliver37 Seneca Park Circle Republican
White, Reginald M.55 Lapham Republican
Weren, Carl A.24 Bardin Republican
Warboys, Chas. S.186 Pullman Republican
Yoder, Lee M.30 Lauderdale Pk.Republican
Young, Frank1560 Lake Ave. Republican
Yeares, George18 LaphamProhibition
Yeager, Joseph121 Palm St.missing
Young, Henry25 WoodsideRepublican
Yerkes, Edw. A.8 Avis Republican
Young, Albert1560 Lake Ave.Republican
Yockel, John268 PulmanRepublican


ENROLLMENT LIST - Sixth District
NameAddress Political Party
Adaman, Erwin J. Stone Rd.Republican
Ashton, Wm. C. Stone Rd.Republican
Alpeter, V. H. Mathews St.Republican
Anhier, Geo. Frey St.Republican
Armstrong, Homer Denise Rd.Republican
Aldrige, Robert Wynans Terr.Republican
Ames, R. WynokeRepublican
Attridge, Walter Lake Ave.Republican
Bagley, Burton D.Pierson St.Republican
Butler, H. H.LakeRepublican
Bsnker, CarlLocustRepublican
Bache, J. E.Stone RoadRepublican
Block, EmilLake Ave.Republican
Beirley, HenryFreyRepublican
Baker, ConradStone Rd.Republican
Burley, OwenCherryRepublican
Brockway, Geo. M.Stone Rd.blank
Brockway, JamesStone Rd.blank
Baker, Albert E.Stone Rd.Republican
Boskey, R. W.Britton Rd.Republican
Boslian, TheronLake Ave.Republican
Buckley, KeronEddy Rd.Democrat
Bates, ClarenceStoneRepublican
Baker, StallmanStoneRepublican
Baker, GeodfreyElizabeth Ave.Republican
Butler, John D.Lake Ave.Prohibition
Beirley, JohnFreyRepublican
Bailey, Wm. J.Wynans Ter.Republican
Clarke, R.Locust Ave.Republican
Culp, HarryStone RoadRepublican
Cook, ArthurCherryRepublican
Cragg, T.Stone Rd.Republican
Cottrell, Chas. J.Lake Ave.Republican
Clinton, C.Forest Ave.Republican
Capsey, Albert V.Lake Ave.Republican
Clarke, Wm. G.Dorsey Rd.Republican
Cosgrove, Thos. E.Lake Ave.Democrat
Croft, James H.Eddy Rd.Republican
Crouch, WalkerStone Rd.Republican
Chaunchey, NielLake Ave.Republican
Coger, Wm. I.Lake Ave.Republican
Dorsey, Herbert Lake Ave.Republican
Donnelly, Patrick C. FreyDemocrat
Darsey, W. H. Denise RoadDemocrat
Donnelly, Josepb FreyDemocrat
Dunk, Harold Stone and BondRepublican
Dobson, Frank DeniseRepublican
Donavon, W.Denise Rd.Democrat
Denise, Delout Denise Rd.Republican
Dobson, JohnDenise Rd.Republican
Dobson, JamesDenise Rd.Republican
Denise, Bert Denise Rd.Republican
Doescher, C. A. WynokeSocialist
Dunk, Wm.FreyRepublican
Ereth, Simon .Denise Rd.Republican
Engel, ReinholdWynokeRepublican
Freckelton, W. J.Lake Ave.Republican
Fisher, L. L.FreyRepublican
Fullington, J.Stone RoadRepublican
Fuhrman, W. F.Winans Ter.Republican
Fox, J. S.Elizabeth Ave.Republican
Fuhrman, W. F.CherrySocialist
Forgham, JamesBritton Rd.Republican
Falt, J. J.Dewey Ave.Democrat
Fallesen, PeterEddy Rd.Republican
Fredenburg, Wm.Lake Ave.Democrat
Fulton, Geo.Elizabeth Ave.Republican
Graham, R. H. LocustRepublican
Gomminginger, Roman LocustRepublican
Graham, E. Mathews St.Republican
Groth, Julius Denise RoadRepublican
Gomminginger, Andrew LocustRepublican
Glanzel, C. A. Stone RoadRepublican
Glendrow, W. B. Cherry St.Republican
Gilbert, Chas. WynokeRepublican
Gouger, Geo. Winans Ter.Republican
Greenwell, E. R. Eddy Rd.Republican
Hughes, PatrickWyanokeRepublican
Hughes, HughLocustRepublican
Humphrey, G. P.Stone Rd.Republican
Hyand, RoyalBritton Rd.Prohibition
Haskell, M. H.Lake Ave.Republican
Hopp, J. J.Eddy Rd.Republican
Hopp, Charles W.Eddy Rd.Republican
Hutchison, J. W.Stone Rd.Republican
Jacobs, L.Lake Ave.Republican
Johnson, Warren E.Stone Rd.Democrat
Kelso, James E.Lake Ave. Republican
Kehrig, MathewWynoke Republican
Kinty, IvanDenise Republican
Kallmeier, L. F.Elizabeth Ave. Republican
Keeler, JamesEnglish Rd. Republican
Krebs, FredDorsey Republican
Kogle, AlbertFrey Republican
Kelsoe, C. E.Lake Ave. Democrat
Ledrthiel, Paul E. Britton Rd. Republican
Lott, John W. Stone Road Republican
Latta, M. H. Lake Ave. Republican
LaSalle, Raymond Lake Ave. Republican
Leggett, Albert Lake Ave. Republican
LaSalle, Walter Elizabeth Ave. Republican
LaSalle, Harry Elizabeth Ave. Republican
Lawson, Herbert Britton Republican
Lawson, Geo. Britton Republican
Lawson, FrankBritton Republican
LaSalle, Joshua Lake Ave. Republican
Martin, John B.Stone Road. Democrat
Meggs, E. J.Winans Ter. Republican
Mabee, Geo. E.Denise Rd. Republican
MacMillan, W. C.Locust Ave. Republican
Meagher, R.Denise Rd. Republican
MacMullen, L. L.Frey Republican
Mater, O. J.Lake Ave. Republican
Madison, FreemanLake Ave. Republican
Meggs, C. F., Jr.Lake Ave. Republican
McVean, Jno. C.Dewey Ave. Republican
McGuire, FredDewey Ave. Democrat
McGuire, JohnDewey Ave. Democrat
McGuire, EdwardDewey Ave. Democrat
McGuire, DanielDewey Am Democrat
McKehri, Wm.Wynoke Republican
Norton, H.Wynans TerraceRepublican
Noble, JohnFreyRepublican
Pusey, Wm. H.Britton Road Republican
Pierson, EugeneLake Ave. Republican
Peer, Benj.Lake Ave. Republican
Pusey, W. H.Britton Rd. Republican
Parker, C.Engelside Ave. Republican
Pegg, HenryWynoke Republican
Pierson, H. M.Lake Ave. Republican
Pillon, HermanLake Ave. Republican
Reichel, ErhartDenise RoadSocialist
Raymond, HarlowLake Ave.Republican
Robinson, F. J.FreyRepublican
Robinson, E. F.FreyRepublican
Raucuski, J. M.Mathews St.Republican
Rogers, Geo.Britton Rd.Republican
Reichmuth, AugustDeniseSocialist
Rose, Chas.EnglishRepublican
Rich, Geo.Wynan Ter.Republican
Reed, G. L.BrittonRepublican
Ryan, LesterLocustRepublican
Rosecratz, W. J.Redfield St.Republican
Stafford, Clinton N.Winans Ter.Republican
Schroth, John U.Lake Ave.Republican
Starken, Richard A.Lake Ave.Republican
Stiengraver, HenryLake Ave.Republican
Saulimon, B.   Republican
Scheer, G. F.Mathews St.Republican
Schmidt, OttoMathews St.Republican
Stephen, Jas.Lake Ave.Republican
Sherry, JamesEnglish Rd.Democrat
Schooley, Edward M.Wynans Ter.Republican
Sprague, ArthurDewey Ave.Republican
Sage, HenryEngelsideDemocrat
Sheehan, JohnDewey Ave.Democrat
Schuman, LouisLake Ave.Republican
Smith, Chas.WynokeRepublican
Stone, Ceo.Stone Rd.Republican
Sexton, JohnLocustRepublican
Schumchs, JohnMathews St.Republican
Truesdale, Ralph E.WynokeRepublican
Tiernan, Thos.Lake Ave.Democrat
Tiernan, JohnLake Ave.Democrat
Tiernan, ChrisDenise Rd.Democrat
Utter, FrankDorsey Rd.Republican
Vick, HenryDewey Ave.Republican
Veness, H.Dewey Ave.Republican
Veness, M.Dewey Ave.Republican
Veness, Wm.Dewey Ave.Republican
Vandevoort, EdwardDenise Rd.Republican
Woodward, Henry V.Denise Rd.Republican
Whunsett, BruceMathews St.Republican
Wagner, Winfield M.EngelsideRepublican
Wirth, AntonFupperRepublican
Williamson, G. H.Stone Rd.Republican
Wharily, Frank G.Lake Ave. Democrat
Wright, John S.Stone Rd. Republican
Wendt, JohnStone Rd.Republican
Woodward, E. A.Stone Rd.Republican
Walters, FrankDorcy Rd.Republican
Ward, GilesStone Rd.Republican
Wagner, JohnStone Rd.Republican
Wagner, JosephStone Rd.Republican
White, PerryLake Ave.Republican
Wendt, Geo.Stone Rd.Republican
Wells, FrankBritton Rd.blank
Weis, HenryDewey Ave.Democrat
Wagner, AugustDewey Ave.Republican
Whunsett, FrankMathews St.Republican
Whitney, G. T.Lake Ave.Republican
Ward, Erwin J.Denise Rd.Republican
Weiss, Jos. E.DeweyRepublican
Yarker, FrankLake Ave.Prohibition
Zimber, T. J.Britton Rd.Republican



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