Business Directory of Irondequoit, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Irondequoit are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


IRONDEQUOIT named from the Bay which the Indians called Neo-da-on-da-quat, was formed from Brighton, March 27, 1839. It lies upon the north border of the County, east of the center. Irondequoit Bay lies upon the east, Lake Ontario on the north and Genesee River on the west. Its surface is rolling, with an inclination towards the lake in the north part and towards the deep valley of Irondequoit Bay in the east. The streams are small and flow into the lake and the bay. The soil in the north is sandy and in the south a clay loam.

Irondequoit, (p. v.) near the center of the town, contains about a dozen houses. A thickly settled suburb of Rochester, in the south-west part of the town, contains about 50 houses.

The first settlement was made by William Walker, in 1791. He was one of Butler's Rangers and settled at the mouth of the Genesee, where he remained until his departure for Canada. He hunted, fished and carried on a considerable traffic with boatmen. John Parks, and a mulatto family by the name of Dunbar, were among the first after Walker. Dr. Hosmer, Elisha Scudder, Emmer Reynolds, Jesse Case and Adonijah Green came in and settled here at an early day. Oliver Culver, who spent a few weeks here in 1796, speaks of Dunbar as the only settler in the place.

On the shore of the lake, near Irondequoit Bay, the high bank caved off, revealing a large quantity of human bones, much larger than those of our own race. Mr. Culver also speaks of finding a large quantity of lead balls and flints, while excavating for a storehouse, The remains of a battery were also found on a knoll on the bank of the creek.

Elisha B. Strong settled at Carthage, in 1817. The year previous he and Elisha Beech purchased 1,000 acres of land in that vicinity. Caleb Lyon had commenced operations here and a few shanties had been erected. It was destined to become the city of Western New York, but, like a great many others, its projectors failed to realize their anticipations. The best lands in the region were valued at five dollars an acre, and the prices ran from that down to half a dollar. Mr. Strong was one of the company who erected the Carthage bridge in 1819. It consisted of a single arch, the chord of which was 352 feet, the versed sine 54 feet and the summit of the arch above the water 196 feet. The length of the bridge was 718 feet, its width 30 feet and it contained about 70,000 feet of timber running measure, besides 64,620 feet board measure. This immense structure across the Genesee River was warranted by the builders to stand one year; it stood one day over the time. The immense weight, pressing unequally upon the arch, threw up the center, and the whole structure fell into the river. It was seen by only one person. A suspension bridge at the same place, erected in 1856, stood less than a year.

Among the early adventures of the pioneers of this region, the following instance of cool impudence on the part of a bear is rarely equaled, even by man: Mr. Scudder was crossing the bay in a canoe, when he discovered a bear swimming towards him; not caring to take a passenger of that kind he aimed a blow at Bruin's head, missed, and the ax went overboard. The bear took no offense at the rudeness of the boatman, but got aboard and remained until the canoe reached the shore, when she marched off without even thanking the ferryman for his kindness.

John Parks, on one occasion, wounded a bear, which beĀ­ came so enraged as to attack him. They clinched, and after a desperate struggle, Parks killed the beast with his knife, though he was severely bitten and scratched in the encounter. He crawled several miles to the house of Mr. Hencher, where Dr. Hosmer dressed his wounds.

The population of the town in 1865 was 3,420; its area is 13,192 acres.

There are six school districts, employing seven teachers. The number of the school population is 1,615; the number attending school, 562; the average attendance, 236, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30th, 1868, was $3,214.65.

Abram, Christopher, (Rochester,) lot 13, farmer 5.

Achilles, Henry L., (Rochester,) lot 37, farmer 157.

Aman, Benedict Jr., (Rochester,) (with Benedict, Sen.)

Anthony, Gideon, (Rochester,) (Anthony & Wilcox.)

Anthony & Wilcox, (Rochester,) (Gideon Anthony and Horton Wilcox,) lot 16, nurserymen, gardeners and farmers 18.

Ariss, Thomas, (Rochester,) lot 29, farmer 14.

Arnan, Benedict, Sen., (Rochester,) lot 26, farmer 72.


Bailey, Alfred, (Rochester,) (with Henry,) lot 32, gardener and farmer 6.

Baily, Henry, (Rochester,) (with Alfred,) lot 32, gardener and farmer 6.

Baird, Henry, (Rochester,) (with John.)

Baird, James, (Rochester,) (with John.)

Baird, John, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 140.

Baird, William, (Rochester,) (with John.)

Bark, Chris. John, (Rochester,) farmer 4¼.

BARONS, JAMES H., (Rochester,) lot 3, farmer 140.

Barons, John, (Rochester,) (with Samuel H.,) lot 7, farmer 200.

Barons, Samuel H., (Rochester,) (with John,) lot 7, farmer 200.

BARRETT, DOMINICK, (Rochester,) lot 11, farmer 43.

Barrett, Edward, (Rochester,) (with Dominick.)

Barry, Patrick, (Rochester,) lot 11,, farmer 50.

BARTHALMAS, BARTHOLOMEW, (Rochester.) lot 9, farmer 62.

Baumann, Henry, (Rochester,) (with William.)

Baumann, William, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 108.

Beachner, George, (Rochester,) lot 42, sboemaker and farmer 5.

Benedict, Alfred, (Rochester,) lot 16, farmer 70.

Bensnyder, Charles, (Rochester,) lot 28, farmer leases 95.

Benton, Reuben P., (Rochester,) lot 23, farmer 70.

Biertry, Joseph, (Charlotte,) lot 2, farmer 100.

Billow, William, (Rochester,) lot 16, farmer 6.

BLANCHARD, JOSIAH A., (Rochester,) lot 17, fruitgrower, propagator of vines and farmer 53.

BLOSSOM, WLLLlAM, (Rochester,) lot 29, farmer 80.

Bodenstein, Conrad, (Rochester,) lot 37, machinist and farmer 6.

Book, George, (Rochester,) lot 49, prop. of Half Way Home.

Book, Leonard, (Rochester,) lot 38, milk peddler and farmer 25.

Booth, Charles M., (Rochester,) lot 33, fruit grower and farmer 12.

Borcbard, Frederick, (Rochester,) foreman of S. Wilson's nursery.

Bowman, Frederick, (Rochester,) lot 49, farmer 18.

Bradley, Alonzo, (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 1.

BRADSTREET, ADDISON W., (Rochester,) (with Mrs. Lavina W.)

Bradstreet, Cleveland, (Rochester,) lot 23, farmer 36.

Bradstreet, Lavina W. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 24, farmer 50.

Braser, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 19.

Briggs, Charles W., (Rochester,) (Briggs & Snyder.)

Briggs & Snyder, (Rochester,) (Charles W. Briggs and Myron T. Snyder,) lot 25, grower of garden seeds and farmers 64.

Brown, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 42, carpenter and farmer 16.

BROWER, JOHN, Jr., (Rochester,) lot 42, wagon maker, carpenter and farmer 16.

Brown, Anson C., (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 20.

BROWNYARD, GEORGE H., (Rochester,) lot 27, farmer 25.

Brownyard, Nicholas, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 12.

Brunson, Alfred, (Rochester,) lot 7, farmer 76.

Buckland, Lewis M., (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 30.

Buckland, Stephen, (Rochester,) lot 24, farmer 50.

Bumpus, Alexander N., (Rochester,) lot 26, farmer 130.

Bumpus, William H., (Rochester,) {with Alexander N.}

Bundy, John, (Rochester,) lot 39, carpenter and farmer 5.

Button, Alexander, (Rochester,) toll gate keeper and farmer 40.

Butts, Jonathan (Rochester,) lot 40, farmer 65.


Campane, John, (Rochester,) lot 16, farmer 16.

Campbell, Charles S., (Rochester,) {with Joseph B.}

Campbell, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 50.

Campbell, J. C., (Rochester,) (with. Joseph B.)

Campbell, Joseph B., (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 55.

Carpenter, Lafayette, (Rochester,) lot 49, farmer 21.

Carter, Archibald C., (Rochester,) lot 46, farmer 20.

Case, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 61.

Case, Truman, (Rochester.) lot 50, gardener 5.

CAUDLE, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 50.

Cheesebrough, David A., (Rochester,) lot 38. farmer 8.

CLARK, JEREMIAH, (Rochester,) prop. of Walton House, Irondequoit Bay.

Cobb, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 1, farmer 6.

Colbeck, O., (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 6.

Cole, Jay, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer leases 200.

COLE, JOHN H., (Charlotte,) lot 1, farmer 85.

Cole, Josiah H., (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 218.

Cole, Mason. (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 200.

COLE, RICHARD D., (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 116.

Colt, Silas B., (Rochester,) lot 13, farmer 141½.

Conklin, L. Rev., (Rochester,) lot 33, Presbyterian c1ergyman and farmer 26.

Cook, Frederick A., (Rochester,) carriage and sleigh manuf.

Cook, Luzern, (Rochester,) (with William.)

Cook, William, (Rochester,) lot 24, farmer 110.

Coon, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 11, farmer 21.

COOPER, GEORGE, (Rochester,) nurseryman, gardener and farmer 40.

COSTICK, FRANCIS, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 35.

Costich, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 42, milkman and farmer 44.

COY, EGBERT N., (Rochester,) lot 16, fruit grower and propagator of vines.

Coy, H. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 60.

Coy, Henry E., (Rochester,) (with Mrs. H.)

Coy, James, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 26.

Craft, John, (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 2.

CRAFT, JOHN M., (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer 50.

CRIPPEN, DANlEL W., (Rochester,) foreman in W. S. Little's nursery.

Culross, William, (Rochester,) lot 40, milkman and farmer 122½.

Cumings, Whitney, (Rochester,) lot 49, farmer 105.

Curren, Conrad, (Rochester,) lot 25, farmer 3.

Curtis, Alfred P., (Rochester,) lot 29, farmer 54½.


Dake, Charles A., (Rochester,) lot 16, physician, fruit grower and farmer 24.

DAKE, CHAUNCEY M., (Rochester,) lot 17, physician, fruit grower and farmer 28½ .

DAKE, L. EMBURY, (Rochester,) lot 16, prop. of Rochester grape nurseries and farmer 45.

DAKE, REUBEN A., (Rochester,) (with Charles A.)

Daniels, Eli H., (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 53.

Daring, William, (Rochester,) lot 33, stone mason and farmer 4.

Davis, Thomas, (Rochester,) lot 46, farmer 7.

DELAP, THOMAS. (Rochester,) (with Michael Dobbs,) lot 11, farmer 50.

Demesy, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 1.

DENSMORE, ABEL, (Rochester,) lot 50, farmer 30.

Dentinger, Xavier, (Rochester,) saloon keeper and farmer 3¾.

Deyo, Jeremiah M., (Rochester,) carpenter and attorney.

DICKINSON, ALFRED L., (Rochester,) lot 49, farmer 80

Dickinson, Levi A., (Rochester,) (with Alfred L.)

Dickinson, Oliver P., (Rochester,) (with Alfred L.)

Dinsmore, Randolph, (Rochester,) lot 43, cooper and farmer 6.

Dobbs, Michael, (Rochester,) (with Thomas Delop,) lot 11, farmer 50.

Douglass, Clark, (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer leases 86.

Downey, Michael, (Rochester,) lot 11, farmer 16.

Dubelbeiss, Mathias, (Rochester,) lot 57, farmer 10.


Ely, Wilmer M., (Rochester,) gardener.

ERBLAND, PAUL, (Rochester,) lot 6, nurseryman and farmer 24.

ERNISSE, ABRAM, (Rochester,) lot 31, farmer 5.

Ernisse, Isaac, (Rochester,) (with Abram.)

Ernisse, Peter J., (Rochester,) (with Abram.)

Evershed, John, Sen., (Rochester,) lot 18, farmer 100.

Evershed, John T., Jr., (Rochester,) lot 18, farmer leases 100.

Ewer, Daniel Q., (Rochester,) (with Miss Rhoda.)

Ewer, Rhoda Miss, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 60.

Ewer, Watson, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 52.


Farry, Andrew, (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 2.

Ford, Thomas, (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 60.

Fritz, Eli, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 5.


GANYARD, ENOS, (Rochester,) lot 48, farmer 53.

GEOSH, GODLIB, (Rochester,) lot 36, farmer 9½.

Gifford, Elizabeth, (Rochester,) lot 15, farmer 26.

Gilbert, Moses H., (Rochester,) lot 37, farmer 30.

GOETZMAN, CHARLES, (Rochester,) prop. of Sea Breeze House.

Grant, Edward F., (Rochester,) (with Sidney B.)

Grant, Sidney B., (Rochester,) lot 14, farmer 80.

Graveroot, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 4.

Grifford, Charles J., (Rochester,) lot 15, farmer leases 26.


Hahhn, Charles, (Rochester.) blacksmith.

HALLANER, JOHN J., (Rochester,) lot 29, gardener and farmer 32.

Hart, James, (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 20½.

Hastings, Francis H., (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 24.

Heberle, Joseph, (Rochester,) (with Peter.)

Heberle, Peter, (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 24¾.

Herick, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 1¾.

HERMAN, HENRY S., (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 36.

Herman, Lewis, (Rochester,) lot 51, farmer 22.

Herman, Philip, (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 4.

Hickok, Henry N., (Rochester,) lot 38, farmer 6.

HILL, ROBERT, (Rochester,) lot 33, gardener and farmer 22.

Hill, William, (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer 10.

Hirdrick. George, (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 10.

Hobbie, Albert C, (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer 124½.

Hoffman, Mathias, (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 173.

Hoffman, Willis M., (Rochester,) (with Mathias.)

Holland, Frederick M., (Rochester,) lot 34, clergyman and farmer 20.

Houdrof, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 7.

Howard, Charles D., (Rochester,) (with John.)

HOWARD, JOHN C. Jr.; (Rochester,) lot 19, gardener and farmer l3½.

Howard, John, Sen., (Rochester,) lot 33, gardener and farmer 5.

Hoyt, Harris, (Rochester,) (Hoyt & Sons.)

Hoyt, Horace, (Rochester,) (Hoyt & Sons.)

Hoyt & Sons, (Rochester,) (Horace, Harris and Thomas,) manufs. of morocco colored roans, &c., 321 N. St. Paul St.

Hoyt, Thomas, (Rochester,) (Hoyt & Sons.)


Jackson, Joel, (Rochester,) lot 47, farmer 45.

Jenkinson, John, (Rochester,) lot 28, fruit grower and farmer 65.

JENNINGS, ABNER D., (Rochester,) lot 47, farmer 51½.

Johnson, Cornelius, (Rochester,) prop. of Union House and race course.

Jones, David, (Rochester,) lot 36, farmer 8.


Kella, Lawrence, (Rochester,) lot I2, farmer

KILLICK, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 29, gardner and farmer 20.

King, John, (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer 10½.

Koehler, John L., (Rochester,) lot 5, fruit grower and farmer 56.

Kusterer, Martin, (Rochester,) butcher.


Lacore, John (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 15.

Langman, William, (Rochester,) gardener.

Larkin, Michael, (Rochester,) lot 10, farmer 10.

LAUDERBACK, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 4, farmer 10.

LEAK, ANDREW J., (Rochester,) lot 14, farmer leases 62½.

Leake, Daniel, (Rochester,) lot 14, farmer 62½.

Leake, Henry T., (Rochester,) lot 14, farmer 25.

Leggett, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 49, farmer 20.

Leutherback, George, (Rochester,) lot 3, farmer 9.

Livingston, Emily Miss, (Rochester,) lot 43, farmer 21.

Livingston, Silas, (Rochester,) (with Miss E.)

Luce, Christopher, (Rochester,) lot 50, farmer 9.

Lyon, James, (Rochester,) (with Wm. A.,) lot 43, farmer 103.

Lyon, William A., (Rochester,) (with James,) lot 43, farmer 103.


Malle, Martin, (Rochester,) lot 48, milkman and farmer leases 40.

MANNING, JEROME B., (Charlotte,) lot 4, horse farrier and farmer 76.

Markle, Barney, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 8.

Markle, John M., (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 2.

Mason, John, (Rochester,) lot 20, farmer 25.

McAlus, Nicnolas, (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 8.

McArty, Alexander, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 94½.

McBridge, ----, (Rochester,) (J. Warren & Co.)

McGONEGAL, GEORGE E., (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 52.

McGONEGAL, HENRY B., (Rochester,) lot 41, justice of the peace and farmer 25.

McKinster, G. G., (Rochester,) nurseryman.

Meissancahl, Charles, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 65.

Meyer, Joseph, (Rochester,) lot 29, farmer leases 80.

Michael, William, (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer 6.

Mire, Albert (Rochester,) lot 12, farmer 6.

Moser, Jacob, (Rochester,) tailor and farmer 8½.


Nabar, Urban, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer leases 45.

Nadd, George, (Rochester,) lot 1, farmer 5½.

Newcomb, Jerome B., (Rochester,) lot 47, farmer 50.

NEWPORT HOUSE, (Rochester,) at Irondequoit Bay, Henry Walzer, prop.


PARDEE, EDWIN B., (Rochester,) lot 51, farmer 15 and leases 110.

PARDEE, HIRAM, (Rochester,) lot 51, farmer 110.

PAYNE, ALONZO L., (Rochester,) lot 19, former 26.

Peeling, Robert, (Rochester,) lot 41, gardener and farmer 6½.

Perkins, Alfred, (Rochester,) lot 36, farmer 55.

PERRIN, EDWARD M., (Rochester,) lot 33, milkman and farmer 40.

Perrin, Ransford, Sen., (Rochester,) lot 27, farmer 110.

Perrin, Ransford W., Jr., (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 56.

Perrin, William H., (Rochester,) lot 43, farmer 50.

PIRA, PETER, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 10.

Porter, William H., (Rochester,) lot 19, gardener and farmer 8¾.

Preston, Joseph, (Rochester,) prop. of bone factory, and farmer 11.


QUINBY, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 15, gardener and farmer 105.


Ratt, Francis C, (Rochester,) (with William.)

Ratt, George, (Rochester,) (with William.)

RATT, WlLLlAM, (Rocnester,) lot 36, carpenter and joiner and farmer 20.

Ratt, William H., (Rochester,) (with William.)

RAYTON, GEORGE, (Rochester;) lot 31, gardener and farmer 13.

Rayton, Tbomas, (Rochester,) lot 31, gardener and farmer 10.

Readfutt, John, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 4.

Rogers, Ezra, (Rochester,) lot 28, farmer 85.

ROGERS, HOSEA, (Rochester,) lot 28, ship builder and farmer 225.

Rose, Nicholas, (Rochester,) lot 10, farmer 10.

Rowley, Nicholas D., (Rochester,) lot 12, gardener and farmer 50.

RUDMAN, DAVlD, (Rochester,) lot 31, gardener and farmer 13½.

Rudman, George H., (Rochester,) lot 31, gardener and 52½.

Rudman, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 32, gardener and farmer 2.


SAWYER, ELISHA J., (Rochester,) lot 22, farmer 74.

Sawyer, William E., (Rochester,) (with Elisha J.)

Schneeberger, Rudolph, (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 50.

Scboolly, Edward, (Rochester,) (with James.)

Schoolly, James, (Rochester,) lot 39, farmer 25.

Schum, Martin, (Rochester,) lot 49, nurseryman and farmer 2.

SEA BREEZE HOUSE, (Rochester,) Charles Goetzman, prop.

Shaneardt, Christian, (Rochester,) farmer 3.

SHAW, SAPHREN, (Rochester,) lot 35, milkman and farmer 50.

SHERRY, JAMES, (Rochester,) lot 10, justice of the peace and farmer 160.

Sherry, John, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 20.

Shriner, George, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 37.

Simpson, Daniel, (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 12½.

SLATER, CHARLES, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 35.

Smith, Longinus, (Rocheeter,) lot 2, farmer 3¾.

SMYLES, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 5, physician and farmer 50.

Snyder, Anthony, (Rochester,) baker.

SNYDER, MYRON T., (Rochester,) (Briggs & Snyder,) toll gate tender.

Southwith, Edwin M., (Rochester,) (with Geo. Wright.}

Sowers, Jane Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 5.

Stanton, Charles H., (Rochester,) lot 8, farmer 110.

Stanton, Ezra, (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 29.

Stanton, George W., (Rochester,) lot 31, gardener and farmer 7.

STANTON, HENRY, (Rochester,) lot 31, farmer 65.

Steimer, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 25, farmer 5.

Stimers, Edward J., (Rochester,) horse dealer.

Storts, John, (Rochester,) lot 37, farmer 4.

Stranahan, Mary A., (Rochester,) lot 30, farmer 104.

Strowger, William D., (Rochester,) inventor of Strowger'e subsoiler and ditcher.

SUTTON, MELANCTHON, (Rochester,) lot 38, gardener, seed grower, farmer 24½ and leases 190.

Swaregar, George, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 30.

SWAYNE'S HOTEL, (Rochester,) Ridge Road, Geo. Weber, prop.


TITUS, GEORGE W., (Rochester,) lot 16, gardener and farmer 10.

TITUS, GERMAN, (Rochester,) lot 15, gardener and farmer 10.

Titus, Stephen B., (Rochester,) lot 16, farmer 22.

Triebel, Gustavus, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 55.

Trougott, Jacob, (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 39.


WAGMAN, SIMEON, (Rochester,) lot 33, farmer 11¼.

Wagner, Adam, (Rochester,) lot 1, blacksmith and farmer 7.

WAKELEE, ABNER, (Rochester,) lot 57, farmer 110.

WALTON HOUSE, (Rochester,) at lrondequoit Bay, Jeremiah Clark, prop.

WALZER, HENRY, (Rochester,) prop. of Newport House, Irondequoit Bay.

Walzer, John, (Rochester,) lot 27, farmer 85.

WALZER, JOSEPH, (Rochester,) lot 25, farmer 185.

Waring, Isaac, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 68.

WARING. JAMES, (Rochester,) lot 33, milkman, nurseryman and farmer 106.

Waring, John, (Rochester,) (with James.)

Warren, J. & Co., (Rochester,) (Josiah Warren and ---- McBride,) lot 25, grape growers, wine manufs. and farmers 59 .

Warren, Josiah, (Rochester,) (J. Warren & Co.)

WEBER, GEORGE, (Rochester,) prop. of Swayne's Hotel, Ridge Road.

Weeks, John R., (Rochester,) lot 41, farmer l.

WELLS, PHILEMON, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 62.

Werdell, William, (Rochester,) lot 48, farmer leases 28.

West, James, (Rochester,) lot 31, market gardener and farmer 17.

WHIPPLE, JOHN D., (Rochester,) lot 34, produce dealer and farmer 11.

White, Perry G., (Rochester,) milk dealer.

WHITE, STEPHEN C., (Rochester,) (with Jedediah.)

White, Willet K., (Rochester,) {with Jedediah.}

Whitley, John, (Rochester,) lot 57, farmer 8.

Wiesner, Adam, (Rochester,) lot 3, farmer 88.

Wight, Jedediah, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 170.

Wilcox, Horton, {Rochester,) (Anthony & Wilcox.)

Wilson, John S., (Rochester,) lot 44, farmer 26.

Wilson, Mary Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 20, farmer 75.

Winhaver, George, (Rochester,) lot 22, farmer 20.

Wittman, John, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 23½.

Wood, Eliza Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 5, farmer 100.

WOOD, WINFIELD R., (Rochester,) lot 51, farmer leases 100.

Wordan, James H., (Rochester,) foreman for T. B. Yale & Co.

WRIGHT, GEORGE, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 50.


Ziegler, John, (Rochester,) lot 46, farmer 6.

Zimmerman, George, (Rochester,) lot 25, farmer l¾.



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