Marriages from Moore's Rural New-Yorker, Rochester, NY
January to December 1854


These marriages came from the newspaper Moore's Rural New-Yorker. That was an agricultural newspaper that was published in Rochester, NY from 1860 to 1869. Then it moved the publishing to New York City where it was published until 1878.

Morre's line

In Broadalbin, Dec. 15, 1853, Miss Alida A. Burr, . dau. of E. Burr and Mr. John P. Casey, Merchant of Fowlerville by Rev. Mr. Dudley.

In Lakeville, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1853, Mary A. Case and Mr. J. N. Milliman by Rev. B. G. Riley.

In Carlton on the 18th of Jan. 1854, by the Rev. J. McCreery, Mr. E. S. Simpson and Miss Mary A. Thompson, daughter of Syrus Thompson of Carlton, N. Y.

In Yates, Orleans Co., N. Y. Dec. 23, 1853, Mr. Charles Ward of Yates and Miss Hannah Dyball of Carlton, N. Y. by Elder Stephen Salsbury

In Yates, Orleans Co., N. Y., Jan. 2, 1854, Mr. Benjaman West of Yates and Miss Maranda Lewis of Ridgway, N. Y.

In Hornby, Dec. 30, 1853, Mr. Jutson Stanton and Miss Mary Miller by Rev. James Parker, all of Hornby, N. Y.

In Middleport, N. Y., by Rev. J. Timmerman on Jan. 11, 1854, Mr. Hebbard of Pembrook, N. Y. and Miss Alida A. VanBrocklin or Middleport, Niagara Co., N. Y.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 25, 1854 by Rev. F. H. Brown, Mr. L. K. Bowdish and Miss Sophia A. Phillips, both of Rochester, N. Y.

In Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1854 by the Rev. Thiebou, Mr. V. C. Riche of California and Miss Amelia D. Magee of Hornellsville, N. Y.

In Rush on the 8th of Feb. 1854 by the Rev. A. W. Valentine, Mr. A. D. Webster of West Henrietta, N. Y. and Cornelia Jeffords of Rush, N. Y.

In Cander, N. Y. on the 22 of February 1854 by the Rev. A. Wilcoxen, Mr. Philip Hubbard of Caton, Steuben Co. and Miss Susan M. Mulks of Caroline, Tompkins County, N. Y.

In Andover, Mass., Feb. 22, 1854 by Rev. M. G. Pratt, Thompson C. Maxwell Esq. of Geneva, N. Y. and Miss. Carrie E. Pratt of Andover.

At Rochester N. Y., March 7, 1854 by the Rev. Mr. Hickok, Mr. Reuben E. French and Helen Maria Sage, both of East Bloomfield N. Y.

In Sweden N. Y., Mar. 15, 1854 by Rev. J. W. Fox, Elisha Locke and Sarah Way. dau. of S. V. Way of Sweden, N. Y.

In Buffalo, on the 23rd of Mar. by Rev. Dr. Thompson, Mr. Charles Kettinger and Miss Sarah E. Boswell, dau. of William Boswell of Chili.

In Riga Feb. 28, 1854 by Rev. J. W. Fox, Z. P. Beetle of Sweden, N. Y. and Emily O. Davis, dau. of Horatio Davis of Riga.

In Sparta N. Y. on the 22 of April 1854 by the Rev. Thomas Aitken, Mr. John F. Gray and Miss Catherine Coleman, both of Conesus N. Y.

At Brockport, N. Y. Mar. 27, 1854 by Rev. A. Palmer, Joseph Gardener of Clarendon N. Y. and Margaret Summer of Brockport N. Y.

On the 27th Mar. 1854 in Alabama N. Y. by Rev. J. Hager, William R. Thomas Jr. of Penfield, N. Y. and Mary E. Peirce of Allen, Mich.

March 29, 1854 by Rev. S. W. Streeter, Mr. Homer Gorton of LeRoy, Genesee Co., N. Y. and Miss Cynthia A. Smith, of Henrietta N. Y.

In Naples, N. Y. Jan. 18, 1854 by Rev. Randolph Pennell, Mr. G. W. Bundy of Avon, N. Y. and Miss Mary J. Johnson of Naples, N. Y.

In South Bristol, March 25, 1854 by Rev. Randolph Pennell, Ezra Daniels of Lima N. Y. and Miss Minerva A. Crandall of South Bristol, N. Y.

In Bristol, N. Y. on the 26th of Mar. 1854 by Rev. Randolph Pennell, D. D., T. Cole of Richmond and Harriet E. Naracong of Bristol, N. Y.

In South Bristol on Mar. 29, 1854 by Rev. Randolph Pennell, Mr. Denison B. Davis of Canandaigua, N. Y. and Miss Nancy Carpenter of South Bristol, N. Y.

At Honeoye Falls, N. Y. April 11, 1854 by Rev. O. C. Beardsley, Horace W. Sheldon and Maria C. Bickford.

In Rochester N. Y. on Monday April 10, 1854 by W. C. Storrs, Esq., J. T. Mercer and Anna E. Stephenson of Benton. Yates Co. N. Y.

In Portland, Mich. April 24, 1854 by the Rev. J. Bartlett, D. E. Millard of West Bloomfield, N. Y. and Miss E. E. Andrews of the former place.

In Sa1isbury, Herk. Co., N. Y. May 1, 1854 by Rev. W. L. James, George S. Bowen of Chicago and Julia E. Byington of Salisbury, Herk. Co., N. Y.

At Barre Center April 8, 1554 by the Rev. B. Fancher, Mr Moses Hall Esq. of Battle Creek, Mich. and Mrs. Betsey R. Bigelow of Barre Center N. Y.

In Weavesville, Northampton Co., Pa. April 17, 1854 by Rev. Leslie Irwin, Mr Hiram B. Warner of Lima, N. Y. and Miss Harriet Horner, dau. of Hugh Horner of Weavesville, Pa.

At Churchville, N. Y. on the 11th of May 1854, by the Rev. J. Butler, Mr. John W. Riehmand and Miss Julia A. Moore, dau. of M. Moore Esq.

In LeRoy May 17, 1854 by the Rev. I. Farise, Peter McEwen of Rochester, N. Y. and Miss Margaret C. McPherson of LeRoy N. Y.

At Ossian Center June lst l854 by Rev. W. L. Andrews, Mr. William L. Pierce of Livonia, Liv. Co., N. Y. and Miss Isadore M. Brockett of Ossian Centre, N. Y.

At Logansport, Ind. May 11, 1854, Mr. Samuel Van Schuyver and Miss Emi1y C. Mabley.

In Brighton, N. Y. June 6, 1654 by Rev. G. W. Howard, J. T. Barnum of Walworth, N. Y. and Miss Julia A. Oliver, dau. of John Oliver.

In Manheim, Herkimer Co., N. Y. on June 8, 1854 by Rev. Paul Weidman, Nelson Garlock and Catharine Toran, dau, of Jacob Toran of Manheim.

In Livonia, N. Y. June 21, 1854 by the Rev. B. G. Riley, George C. Beecher and Miss Helen M. Gibbs, dau. of George B. Gibbs.

In Victor, N. Y. June 18, 1854 at the residence of Peter S. Bonesteel, by Silas Richardson Esq., Mr. Tunis Brizee of Pittsford, Monroe Co., N. Y. to Miss Lucinda Woodard of Victor, N. Y.

In church at Oran, N. Y. by Rev. N. C1arke on the 11th of June 1854, Prof. Henry F. Baker of "2 Baker Vocalists" and Miss Martha B. Loomis, eldest dau. of Dr. E. Loomis of Oran, N. Y.

In Church at Oran, N. Y. by Rev. N. Clarke on the 11th of June 1854, John W. Murray of Jefferson, Ohio and Miss Josephine S. Loomis, dau. of Dr. Loomis.

In Victor, Aug. 16, 1854, Col. G. W. Torrence of Philadelphia and California and Miss H. S. Conover of Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y.

In the Village of Canoga, N. Y. on the evening of the 20th of August 1854 at the Methodist Church, by Rev. T. J. Wooden, Rev. John H. Blades of the East Genesee Conference and Miss Helen A. Wooden.

In Kendall, N. Y. on the 8th of September 1854 by Rev. John Davis, Mr. H. T. Whittier and Miss Sarah A. Thomas both of Kendall, N. Y.

In Honeoye, Ontario Co. on the 14th September 1854, by Rev. C. H. Baldwin, Mr. Myron Blackmar of Livonia and Miss Hattie N. Pennell, dau, of John Pennell of Honeoye, N. Y.

In Wheatville, Genesee Co., N. Y. on the 17th of Sept. 1854 by the Rev. Horace Perry, Mr. Charles Gill of Batavia, N. Y. and Miss Martha Lanckton of Wheatville, N. Y.

In East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. Sapt. 12, 1854 by the Rev. Henry Kendall, George C. Goss and Miss Ellen E. Post of Pittsford, Monroe Co. N. Y.

In Ballston, N. Y. on Sept. 20, 1854 by the Rev. T. Benedict, Mr. John B. Sherwood and Miss Juliaette Jones, all of Ballston, N. Y.

In Livonia, H.Y. on the 27th of September 1854 by Rev. B. G. Riley, Mr. Robert B. Patterson and Miss Lydia Elizabeth, daughter of Jos. VanSlyk.

In Caledonia, N. Y. Oct. 3, 1854 by the Rev. D. G. McCall of Scottsville, N. Y., Mr. Isaac Budlong of Perinton, H. Y. to Miss Helen S. Cox of Caledonia.

In Parma, Sept. 27, 1854 by the Rev. Jonas Woodward, Mr. Edward H. Davis M.D. and Miss Genevieve Cole dau. of Dr. M. S. Cole, ail of Parma.

In Ontario, Wayne County, N. Y. on Oct. 4, 1854 by J. Ramsdell Esq., Mr. John Arnold, of Maoedon, N. Y. and Miss Luoy L. Jeunnes of Ontario, N. Y.

In Groveland, by the Rev. Thomas Aitken of Sparta, N. Y. Oct. 4, 1854, Mr. Azel D. Galbraith to Miss Catherine A. Miller, both of Groveland, N. Y.

In Grove1and, Oot. 3d. 1854 by the Rev. Thomas Aitkes of Sparta, N. Y., Mr. G. Washington Frank of Warsaw, to Miss Pbebe T. McNair of Groveland, N. Y.

In Parma, N. Y. on Oot. 3, 1854 by Rev. C. Bates, Mr. Cbauncey D. Allen of Westfield, Mass. and France1ia R. Norton of Soouthampton, Mass.

Thursday morning Oct. 12, 1854 in St. Paul's Church by Rev. Mr. VanRensselser, Hobert F. Atkinson and Miss Louise Sibley, dau. of Hiram Sibley of Rochester, N. Y.

In Orleans, Jefferson Co., N. Y. Oct. 12, 1854 by the Rev. D. W. Roney of Clayton, N. Y., Mr Sylvester Greene and Miss Harriet H. Mitchel, both of Orleans, N. Y.

On Oct. 17, 1854 at Carmel, N. Y., the Rev. Miss Antoinette L. Brown to Dr. James H. Merritt (Married)

In Parma, N. Y. Oct. 17, 1854 by the Rev. Jonas Woodward, Mr. Henry S. Pomeroy of York, Livingston Co., N. Y. and Miss Anna R. Roberts of Parma, N. Y.

In Canaan, N. Y. Oct. 24, 1854 by the Rev. Lewis Selleck, Mr. Samuel G. Gorsline of Ontario Co., N. Y. and Miss Louisa B. Griswold of Columbia Co., N. Y.

In Hartford, Ct. Oct. 23, 1854 by the Rev. Wm. W. Patton, Russel M. Perry of Knowlesv1l1e, N. Y. and Mary H. Fenton, dau. of Marv1n Fenton of Knowlesville, N. Y.

In North Barton, Oct. 22, 1854 by Mr. Emery, Mr. George N. Bruster and Miss Rosannah N. Ellison, all of Barton, N. Y.

At the house of I. W. Briggs on Thursday Oct. 26, 1854 by Rev. Gideon Osband, Mr. John Whitehead and Miss MaryAnn Horne, all of Macedon, N. Y.

In Camillus, N.Y Oct. 3l, 1854 by the Rev. Wm. D. Hedden, Rev. A. L. Freeman and Miss Margaret E. Bingham.

In Charlotte on Nov. 8, 1854 by the Rev. J. B. Shaw D.D., Mr. C. S. Benjamin of Rochester, N. Y. and Miss Elmira Newcomb of Charlotte, N. Y.

In East Henrietta, N. Y. Nov. l, 1854 by Rev. S. W. Streeter, Mr. Andrew S. Wadsworth of New York City and Miss Carrie L. Kirby, dau. of Elihu Kirby of Henrietta, N. Y.

In Pittsford, N. Y. Nov. 13, 1854 by the Rev. M. Tooker, Mr. Saymour Stone and Miss Hannah C. Andrus, all of Pittsford, N. Y.

In Holley, N. Y. Nov. 11, 1854 by Rev. J. Copeland, Mr. Henry F. Carpenter of New York City, formerly of Rochester N. Y. and Miss Elizabeth R. Dutcher of Holley, N. Y.

On Nov. 15, 1854 by Rev. Olney Place, Mr. James M. Wi1tsie of South Marcellus, N. Y. and Miss Julia H. Veazie, only daughter of Alfred Veazie of Otisco, N. Y.

In Durham, Conn. Nov. 15, 1854 by Rev. Mr. Page, Prof. B. Wilcox, Principal of the Wilson Co11. Institute and Carrie E. Parmilee, dau. of P. Parmlee.

In Wilson, N. Y. Nov. 6, 1854 by Rev. G. E. Delevann, Mr. John F. Hyde of Youngstown and Miss Ruth F. Parmele of Wilson N. Y.

Nov. 20, 1854 by Rev. W. Huckle, Mr. Orlow Beebee of Henrietta, N. Y. and Miss Emma Boulton, eldest dau. of Mr. Giles Boulton.

On the evening of Nov. 23, 1854 at the residence of their father Orlow Beebee of Henrietta, by the Rev. S. W. Streeter, Mr. Benjamin F. Titus and Miss Maria A. Beebee.
At the same time and place, Mr. Elijah Quinby Cox of Mendon, N. Y. and Miss Elizabeth Beebee.

In Henrietta, N.Y Nov. 23, 1854 by the Rev. S. W. Streeter, Mr. Arthur F. Nackey and Miss Sarah Perrin.

In Bath, Monday Morning Nov. 27, 1854 by Rev. Almon Gregory, Carl Wolf of Bruchsal, Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany, to Anna Clement, dau. of Mr. Schuyler Strong.

At Green Bay, Nov. 16, 1854 by Rev. Jeremiah Porter, Myron F. Lindsley and Miss Francis A. Ingalls, dau. of Jonathan Ingalls of Green Bay.

In Eagle, N. Y. on on Dec. 16, 1854 by Rev. R. Hart, Mr. W. W. Mason of Pavilion, N. Y. and Miss Mary E. Ward.

In Bergen on Dec. 9, 1854 by Rev. N. Hurd, Mr. William Cox of Elba, N. Y. and Miss Antoinette Hull of Bergen, N. Y.



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