Business Directory of Perinton, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Perinton are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


PERINTON, named in honor of Glover Perrin, the first settler, was formed from Boyle May 26, 1812. It is the south town on the east line of the County. Its surface is uneven, a ridge from the south-east terminating near the center. Turk Hill, in the south part, is the highest land in the County. The town is drained by the head waters of Irondequoit Creek and its branches. The soil is a sandy loam.

Fairport (p. v.) is situated a little north-west of the center of the town, on the Erie Canal and the N. Y. C. R. R., and contains five churches, a hotel, a saleratus factory, a sash, door and blind factory, a grist mill, several other mills and mechanic shops and about 1,000 inhabitants.

Bushnell's Basin, (p. v.) in the western part, on the canal, contains a church, a hotel, a grocery an about 200 inhabitants.

Egypt, (p. v.) in the east part, contains a church and about 20 houses.

Fullam's Basin is a hamlet on the canal.

The first settlement was made in 1793, by Glover Perrin. Jesse Perrin came in and located in 1794; Abner "Wright in 1795. William Walker, the local agent for Phelps and Gorham, purchased this township, and his brother, Caleb Walker, moved in and erected a log cabin; Perrin accompanied him. Asa and Edward Perrin, Levi Treadwell, Major Norton, John Scott, John Peters and Gideon Ramsdell came in soon after.

The first birth was that of Asa Wright, in 1797. Glover Perrin kept the first inn; Gregory and Dean the first store, and Richard Lincoln built the first grist mill. Rev. -­-- Crane preached the first sermon.

The population of the town in 1865 was 3,209; its area is 20,827 acres.

There are twelve school districts, employing thirteen teachers. The number of the school population is 997; the number attending school, 782; the average attendance, 382, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $3,659.68.


Ackley, Wm., (Pittsford,) lot 62, farmer 142.

ADAMS, WILLIAM W., (Egypt,) lot 24, farmer 96.

Adamson, Thomas, (Fairport,) baggageman N. Y. C. R. R.

ALDRICH, DAVID B., (Egypt,) lot 14, stencil cutter and farmer l½.

Aldrich, George, (Egypt,) lot 10, farmer 138½.

Aldrich, Josiah G., (Egypt,) lot 11, farmer leases of George Aldrich, 30.

Aldrich, Newel P., (Egypt,) lot 10, farmer leases of George A1dricb, 50.

Aldrich, Solomon A., (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 3, farmer 110.

Arnold, Thos. H., (Fairport,) lot 45, street supt. and farmer 1½.

Austin, A. J., (Fairport,) produce dealer.

AUSTIN, E. E., (Fairport,) lot 32, dealer in fruit trees and farmer 6.

Ayrault, Allen, (Fairport,) (with Warren,) lot 28, farmer 300.

Ayrault, Warren, (Fairport,) (with Allen,) lot 28, farmer 300.


BABCOCK, AMBROSE L., (Fairport,) lot 57, carpenter and joiner and farmer 3.

Babcock, Henry, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 25½.

BAIRD, BYRON, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 178.

Baker, Henry, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 5.

Baker, Noah, (Egypt,) lot 36, farmer 300.

Baker, William, (Fairport,) lot 47, farmer 83.

Barnard, John J., (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer leases of Mrs. C. Rowell, 6.

Barnhart, Lewis, (Fairport,) lot 47, farmer 80.

Barnhart, Orin, (Fairport,) lot 42, farmer 40.

Barringer, William, (Fairport,) carpenter and joiner.

Batt, John, (Egypt,) shoemaker.

Bawn, George G., Fairport,) blacksmith.

Bayler, Michael, (Fairport,) lot 60, farmer 90.

Beardsley, Susan Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 21, farmer 140.

Becker, William, (Egypt,) lot 26, farmer 90.

Beilby, Samuel, (Fairport,) farmer leases 4½.

BEILBY, T. F., (Fairport,) barber shop.

Beittner, Thomas, (Bushnell's Basin,) blacksmith.

Benedict, Chas., (Fairport,) lot 43, farmer leases of Mrs. Baird, 100.

Benedict, Chas. J., (Egypt,) lot 25, farmer 75.

Benedict, E. D., (Pittsford,) lot 62, farmer 55.

Benedict, Jacob, (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 115.

Benjamin, Daniel, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, farmer 15.

Bingham, A. G. Miss, (Fairport,) telegraph operator, N. Y. C. R. R.

Biracree, John, (Fairport,) canal grocery and farmer l.

Bishop, Cornelius M., (Fairport,) lot 41, farmer 5.

Blood, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 74½.

Bly & Simmons, (Fairport,) (Wm. Bly and Abram Simmons,) manufs. of sash doors and blinds.

B1y, Wm. (Fairport,) (Bly & Simmons.)

Bortle, Edward, (Egypt,) lot 26. farmer 1.

Bortle, Philip, (Egypt,) lot 26, farmer 76.

Bortle, Spencer, (Egypt,) lot 26, farmer 100.

Bortles, Francis, (Egypt,) grocery.

Bosworth, Myron H., (Fairport,) lot 20, farmer 130.

Bowerman, Edwin, (Victor, Ontario Co.,) lot 13, farmer 160.

BOYSON, WM., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, shoemaker.

Blazee, John, (Egypt,) lot 12, farmer l.

Bloomfleld, D. C, (Fairport,) prop. of grist mill and farmer 16.

Braman, Dennison, (Fairport,) lot 43, farmer leases of F. Andrus, Penfield p.o., 50.

Bridges, Henry, (Fairport,) (with John,) lot 5, farmer 130.

Bridges, John, (Fairport,) (with Henry,) lot 5, farmer 130.

Brizee, Wm. H., (Fairport,) lot 36, farmer 5½.

Brothers, Peter, (Fairport,) lot 18, farmer 50.

Brothers, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 5.

Brown, Daniel, (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 75.

Brown, Jas., (Fairport,) lot 33, farmer 9.

Brown, John (Fairport,) lot 60, farmer 61.

Brown, J. P., (Fairport) (Jefferson & Brown.)

Brown, L. Miss, (Fairport,) millinery rooms.

Brown, Otis, (Egypt,) lot 12, farmer 59.

Brownell, Clinton D., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 48, farmer 347.

Brownell, Kingsley, (Pittsford,) lot 61, farmer leases of C. Brownell, 136.

Bucher, Thomas, (Fairport,) cooper.

Budlong, Milton, (Fairport,) lot 9, farmer 400.

Buell, John K., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, farmer 100.

Bulger, Patrick, (Egypt,) lot 27, farmer 10.

Burleigh, Gardiner, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 65, farmer 114.

Burleigh, Wm. A., (Bushnell's Basin,) grocer.

Burlingame, Theodore Mrs., (Fairport,) dress and cloak making.

Burns, James, (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 2.

Burr, Zerah, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer 60.

Burroughs, F. R., (Fairport,) dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry, Main.

BUTCHER, ELIAS, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 5.

Butler, Jeremiah Rev., (Fairport,) congregational minister.

BUTLER, MATHEW E., (Fairport,) farmer leases of T. Butler 30.

Butler, Stephen P., (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 2½.

Butler, Tabathy, (Fairport,) lot 42, farmer 30.

Butts, Mulford, (Fairport,) lot 33, farmer 50.


Cady. E. F., (Fairport,) lot 8, farmer 100.

Cameron, ----- Rev., (Fairport,) Free Will Baptist minister.

Carl, Richard, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 1½.

Carney, Leander A., estate of, (Fairport,) lot 10, farmer 80.

Carney, Volney, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 4, farmer 21.

Carpenter, Stephen C, (Penfield,) lot 55, farmer 18.

Carroll, Richard, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 3.

Carter, Miles, (Fairport,) lot 19, farmer 63.

Case, Nathan, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 178.

Chadwick, Jeremiah, (Fairport,) dealer in coal, produce &c.

Chadwick, Jeremiah, (Fairport,) lot 21, farmer 98.

Chaffee, D. J., (Fairport,) (Chaffee & Thompson.)

Chaffee & Thompson (Fairport,) (D. J. Chaffee and C. H. Thompson,) homeo. physicians and surgeons.

Childs, Edgar, (Fairport,) carriage maker.

CHILDS, GLLBERT C, (Fairport,) carriage maker and canvassing agent for Lloyd's map.

Christ, John, (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 2.

CLAPP, OTIS, (Fairport,) dealer in pure drugs, medicines, proprietary articles and groceries.

Clark, Elias A., (Fairport,) allo. physician and surgeon.

Clark, Robert E., (Bushnell's Basin,) farmer leases of Mrs. S. E. Hughes 125.

Cline, Richard, (Victor, Ontario Co.,) lot 24, farmer 92.

Collins, G. C., (Bushnell's Basin,) (with Seymour,) lot 64, farmer leases of H. Collins, 180.

COLLINS, GEO. S., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 50, farmer 62½.

Collins, Harskaline, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 64, farmer 180.

Collins, Seymour, (Bushnell's Basin,) (with G. C.,) lot 64, farmer leases of J. Collins, 180.

Collins, William M., (Bushnell's Basin,) farmer leases of Geo. W. Collins 62½.

Conant, Alvarado, (Fairport,) lot 35, farmer 60.

Conant, Jason, (Fairport,) lot 19, farmer 100.

Conant, Robert, (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer 20.

Conklin, Jacob, (Fairport,) lot 19, farmer 100.

Conner, Edward, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 14.

Conover, Van Rensselaer, (Egypt,) lot 22, farmer 3.

Conover, V. R., (Egypt,) lot 36, farmer 135.

Cook, Alonzo, (Fairport,) lot 57, produce dealer and farmer 30.

Cornell, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 52, farmer 10.

CROOKER, NEWELL, (Fairport,) confectionery, saloon, &c.


Dake, Elisha, (Fairport,) lot 42, farmer 34.

Damon, Barnard H. Rev., (Fairport,) lot 18, Free Will Baptist minister.

Dancy, Jesse, (Penfield,) lot 55, farmer 5.

Davis, Gilbert W., (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer l02.

DeLand, C. J., (Fairport,) bakery and confectionery.

DELAND, D. B., (Fairport,) (D. B. DeLand & Co.)

DELAND, D. B. & CO., (Fairport,) (D. B. and H. H. DeLand, and J. Y. Parce,) manufs. of saleratus, bi. carb. and sal coda.

DELAND, H. H., (Fairport,) (D. B. DeLand & Co.)

DeLong, Lorena, (Egypt,) lot 1, farmer 2.

Dickens, Hurlbut, [Fairport.) lot 19, farmer 7.

Doberty, Patrick M., (Fairport.)

Dolan, Thomas, (Egypt,) lot 27, farmer 23.

Dolan, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 4.

Downer, George W., (Fairport,) lot 9, farmer 110.

DOWNING, THOMAS, (Fairport,) carriage ironer and machine forger.

Doyle, Owen. (Fairport,) lot 29, farmer 43.

DRYER, JOHN, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 6.

DUNBAR. FKANK, (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 86.

Dunn, John, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, farmer 90.

DURAND, THOMAS B. V., (Fairport,) physician and surgeon and coroner.

Dwyer, Jobn, (Egypt,) lot 27, farmer 34.

Dwyre, Dennis, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 4, farmer 20.


EATON, ORTUS C, (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 80.

Eddy, Jarvis, (Fairport,) station agent N. Y. C. R. R.

EGAN, THOMAS, (Fairport,) lot 52, farmer 27.

Eldridge, Collins, estate of, (Fairport,) lot 45, 122 acres.

Ellsworth, D. H., (Fairport,) lot 38, farmer 107.

Elsworth, Wm. P., (Fairport,) lot 34, farmer 110.

Emley, Chas., (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 40½.

Erstin, George W., (Fairport,) lot 18, farmer 66.

Etts, Egbert, (Fairport,) lot 37, farmer 90.


FAIRPORT HOTEL, (Fairport,) T. R. Prichard, prop.

Finnegan, John, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 3.

Fishbeck, John, (Fairport,) lot 55, farmer 43.

Fitzgerald, James, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 3, farmer 58.

Fitzsimmons, Michael, (Fairport,) lot 39, farmer 8.

Flanagan, Jas., (Fairport,) blacksmith in N. Y. C. R. R. repair shop.

Flanngan, Martin, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 2½.

Foley, John, (Fairport,) lot 17, stone mason.

Foley, Michael, (Fairport,) lot 52, farmer 7.

Foley, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 37, farmer leases of A. N. Bumpus, Irondequoit, farmer 174.

Fry, Mary Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 56, farmer 70.

Fuller, Polly Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 50.

FULLER, WINFIELD L., (Fairport,) allo. physician and surgeon.

Furman, Benjamin, (Fairport,) lot 7, farmer 80.

Furman, Clark, (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer 31.

Furman, Garray, (Fairport,) lot 7, farmer leases of B. Furman, 80.


Gage, Walter T., (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer 107.

Garrity, John, (Fairport,) lot 45, farmer 16.

Gillett, Charles, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 1.

GOSS, GEORGE, (Fairport,) (Vanderhoof, Goss & Co.)

GOVE, SAMUEL C., (Fairport,) lot 30, dealer in fruit trees and farmer 2.

Grace, John, (Fairport,) lot 85, farmer 2.

Green, Mercy Mrs., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, farmer 53.

GUILE, DAVID, (Fairport,) lot 35, farmer 98.


Hall, Wm. J., (Fairport,) lot 45, farmer 28.

Hallett, Ann Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 47, farmer 100.

Hamilton, Bruce, (Fairport,) (Hill & Hamilton,) lot 40, farmer 80.

Hamilton, H. B., (Fairport,) (Hill & Hamilton.)

Hamilton, Leander H., (Fairport,) (with T. D. Walker.)

HANNAN, JESSE B., (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 205.

Hard, L. W., (Bushnell's Basin.) lot 36, farmer 100.

HARRIS, WM. H., (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 2, farmer 110.

HARROUN, H. V., (Fairport,) flour and feed, groceries and provisions.

Hart, Alexander, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 7.

Hart, Catharine T. Mrs., (Fairport,) farmer 7½

Hart, Isaac N., (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 20.

Hartley, Edmund, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer 24.

HARTLEY, PHILIP, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer 42.

Havens, Sigmond, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 3.

Hawkins, E. J., (Fairport,) lot 51, farmer 50.

Hawkins, J. B., (Fairport,) lot 44, farmer 25.

Hayes, Hiram, (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 30.

Haygreen, Chas., (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer 5.

Hefron, Pat, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 3.

Henry, R. W., (Egypt,) lot 1, farmer 77.

Henry, William, (Fairport,) lot 35, farmer 80.

Hickey, Mathew, (Fairport,) lot 48, farmer 19.

Hill, A. C., (Fairport,) (Hill & Hamilton.)

Hill, B. Frank, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 58.

Hill, Emeline Mrs., (Fairport,) milliner, Main.

Hill, Francis, (Fairport,) boot and shoe store.

Hill & Hamilton, (Fairport,) (A. C. Hill and H. B. Hamilton,) general merchants.

Hill, Judson R., (Fairport,) lot 34, farmer 182.

Hill, Robert, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, retired blacksmith.

Hine, David, (Fairport,) harness maker.

Hitchcock, John B., (Fairport,) lot 58, gardener, small fruits, &c, and farmer 31.

Hodskin, E. L., (Fairport,) (Morey & Hodskin.)

Hodskin, Perin, (Fairport,) lot 43, farmer 50.

Hogan, Mike, (Egypt.) lot 27, farmer 11.

Hogeboom, Jas. Y., (Fairport,) lot 37, farmer 135.

HOGOBOOM, A. C.,(Penfield,) lot 55, supt. of Penfield Paper Mill and farmer 1.

HOLLISTER, E. H., (Fairport,) (Jones, Newman & Hollister.)

HOLLISTER, M. M., (Fairport,) (Jones, Newman & Hollister.)

Hook, John, (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 43.

Howard, J. R. & W. W., (Fairport,) general merchants.

Howard, L. T., (Fairport,) (L. T. & J. E. Howard,) farmer 200.

Howard, L. T. & J. E., (Fairport,) manufs. of carriages, lumber wagons, sleighs, cutters, also blacksmithing and jobbing.

Howard, Marshall F., (Fairport,) lot 29, farmer 151.

HOWE, C. H., (Fairport,) (Newman, Kellogg & Co.)

Howe, Charles, (Fairport,) lot 39, farmer 111.

Howell, Henry H., (Fairport,) (with John B.,) lot 17, farmer 100.

HOWELL, JACOB W., (Fairport,) lot 17, farmer 80.

Howell, John H., (Fairport,) (with Henry B.,) lot 17, farmer 100.

John W HowlandHOWLAND, JOHN W., (Fairport,) manuf. of staves, apple, flour and tight barrels.

Howland, Richard, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 3½.

Huber, Gottleib John, (Fairport,) lot 30, farmer 23.

Hubert, Isaac, (Fairport,) lot 61, farmer 30.

Hughes, Susan S. Mrs., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, farmer 125.

Hulbert, Lewis B., (Fairport,) lot 59, farmer 28.

HULBURT, T. L., (Fairport,) attorney and counselor at law.

Hutchinson, Lewis, (Fairport,) lot 18, farmer 4.


Ives, John H., (Fairport,) jewelry and boot and shoe store.


Jackson, John. (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 4, farmer 4.

Jefferson & Brown, (Fairport,) (Francis Jefferson and J. P. Brown,) props. of custom and grist mill.

Jefferson, Francis, (Fairport,) (Jefferson & Brown.)

Jerrells, Wm. H., (Fairport,) lot 20, farmer 48½.

Jones, Charles, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 1.

JONES, LEWIS, (Fairport,) (Jones, Newman & Hollister.)

Jones Neman HollisterJONES, NEWMAN & HOLLISTER, (Fairport,) (Lewis Jones, W. M. Newman, M. M. and E. H. Hollister,) manufs. and wholesale and retail dealers in lumber, lath, shingles, doors, sash, blinds, mouldings, shutters, ceiling, siding &c, props. saw and shingle mills.

Jones, Thompson G., (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer 95.

JORDAN, MICHAEL, (Fairport,) harness maker, rear of Howard Bros. store.


Kane, Patrick, (Fairport,) lot 46, farmer 12.

KELLOGG, EDWARD, (Fairport,) (Newman, Kellogg & Co.)

KELLY, THOMAS, (Fairport,) wagon and carriage manuf.

Kennedy, Patrick, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 2½.

Kenney, Cairn, (Egypt,) lot 27, farmer 10.

KERSHAW, W1LLIAM, (Fairport,) harness maker.

Ketcham, Andrew R., (Bushnell's Basin.) (with Cornelius K.,) farmer 60.

Ketcham, Cornelius, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 49, farmer 190.

KETCHAM, JOHN V. N., (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 65, farmer 98.

Ketcham, Seymour, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 66, farmer 120.

Kimball, Jarrod, (Fairport,) farmer leases of L. Talman, 150.

King, Ebenezer, (Fairport,) lot 59, farmer 20.

KINNE, MICHAEL, (Fairport,) lot 52, farmer 16.

KLOUSE, JOHN, (Egypt,) blacksmith.

Knickerbocker, John M., (Fairport,) lot 33, farmer 75.

Knight, Joseph, (Fairport,) lot 44, farmer 8½.

Kurtz, David C, (Pittsford,) lot 61, farmer 79.

Kurtz, Joseph Jr., (Plttsford.) lot 61, farmer 78.


Lapham, Fayette, (Egypt,) lot 23, farmer 50.

Larwond, Lorenzo, (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer l.

Larwood, Samuel, (Egypt,) lot 23, farmer 2¼.

Lawrence, Jas.F., (Bushnell's Basin.) postmaster.

LAWRENCE, M. B., (Bushnell's Basin,) eclectic physician and surgeon.

Leary, John, (Fairport,) blacksmith.

Leobold, John, (Egypt,) lot 27, farmer 40.

LINCOLN, ANDREW W., (Penfteld,) (Lincoln Bros.,) lot 55, farmer 90.

LICOLN BROS., (Penfield,) {Andrew W., C. N. and Josiah K.,) props. of Lincoln flouring and saw mills.

LINCOLN, C. N., (Penfield,) (Lincoln Bros.,) lot 55, farmer 70.

Lincoln, Charles, (Fairport,) lot 56, farmer.

LINCOLN, JOSIAH K., (Penfield,) (Lincoln Bros.,) lot 55, farmer 140.

Little, E. L. Rev., (Fairport,) Baptist minister.

Lobdell, J. H. Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 45, farmer 7.

LOCKWOOD, GEORGE W., (Fairport,) lot 39, farmer 110.

Long, Laura Mrs., (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 9, farmer 10.

Lott, John, (Fairport,) lot 17, farmer 80.

LOUD, CULLEN, (Egypt,) lot 23, post master, mechanical genius and farmer 18.

Loud, John, (Egypt,j lot 23, farmer 50.

Loud, Wm. P., (Egypt,) grape grower and farmer 35.

Lown, Wm., (Bushnell's Basin,) prop. of Exchange Hotel.

Lucas, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 10.

Lukeweather, John, (Fairport,) painter.

Lynden, Joshua, (Egypt,) lot 10, farmer 126.


Maloney, Edward, (Fairport,) lot 10, farmer 10.

Maloy, Thomas, (Pittsford,) lot 51, farmer 24.

Marlett, Monroe, (Fairport,) lot 43, farmer 35.

Mars, Robert, (Fairport,) foreman in N. Y. C. R. R. repair shop.

MARX, NICHOLAS, (Egypt,) wagon maker.

Mason, George, (Egypt,) lot 22, farmer 202.

McANANEY, WILLIAM, (Fairport,) boot and shoe store, Main.

McCaffry, Philip, (Fairport,) grocer and liquor dealer.

McCord, Joseph, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 64, farmer 75.

McGraw, Hugh, (Egypt,) lot 27, farmer 9.

McMillen, James, (Fairport,) patent right agent.

McMillen, John A., (Fairport,) farmer leases of J. B. Hannan, 205.

McNeal, FRANCIS, (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 2¾.

McNElL, JAMES, (Fairport,) house and carriage painter and farmer leases of C. Fuller, 3.

McRea, Adam, (Pittsford,) lot 51, farmer 90.

Miles, Samuel, (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 20.

Millard, Samuel, (Egypt,) lot 23, farmer l.

Miller, L. J. Rev., (Fairport,) Catholic priest.

MOERZ, CHAS., (Fairport,) farmer leases of Mrs. M. Fry, 70.

Mooney, James, (Egypt,) lot 38, farmer 4.

Mooney, Philetus D., (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 6.

Moore., Ira, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 9, farmer 3.

MOORE, WILLlAM, (Fairport,) merchant tailor.

Moran, John, (Egypt,) lot 23, farmer 13.

Morarty, Jeremiah, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 4.

Morey & Hodskin (Fairport,) (S. Morey and E. L. Hodskin,) dealers in drugs, medicines, chemicals, perfumery, &c.

Morey, S., (Fairport,) (Morey & Hodskin.)

Morrison, Nathaniel, (Fairport,) lot 38, farmer 2½.

Moseley, A. D., (Fairport,) (Moseley & Perrin.)

MOSELEY, LEANDER P., (Fairport,) lot 47, farmer 78½.

MOSELEY, LEANDER P. Mrs., (Fairport,)

Moseley & Perrin, (Fairport,) (A. D. Moseley and Jas. Perrin, Jr.,) props. of meat market, Main.

Mott, John, (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 45.

Mullen, Patrick, (Fairport,) lot 6, farmer 26.

Murphy, John G., (Fairport,) lot 34, farmer 18.

Murphy, Richard, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer 105½

Murphy, Thomas, (Fairport,) lot 33, farmer 2.


Neiss, Barney, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 52, farmer 60.

Neiss, George, (Fairport,) lot 54, farmer 50.

NEWMAN, JARED, (Fairport,) (Newman, Kellogg & Co.)

NEWMAN, KELLOGG & CO. (Fairport,) (Jared Newman, Edward Kellogg and C. H. Howe,) manufs. of furniture and undertakers.

Newman, Wm., (Fairport,) lot 43, (Jones, Newman & Co.,) farmer 44.

NEWMAN W. M., (Fairport,) (Jones, Newman & Hollister.)

Nickils, Frederick, (Fairport,) lot 64, farmer leases of Mrs. Stubbs, 6.

NIESZ, GEORGE Jr., (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer leases of E. B. Strong, 100.

Norman, H. H., (Fairport,) blacksmith.

Northrup, Fanny Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 2.

Northrup, Jared, (Egypt,) lot 23, farmer.

Northrup, M. S., (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 1.


O'Brien, Bridget Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 5.

O'BRIEN, JEREMIAH, (Fairport,) farmer leases of Mrs. B. O'Brien, 5.

O'Brien. Wm., (Fairport,) lot 17, farmer 61½.

O'Brien, William, (Fairport,) lot 16, farmer 20.

Olney, Franklin, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 8.

OLNEY, JOHN, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 49, farmer 93.


Palmer, Albert L., (Fairport,) lot 19, farmer 40.

Palmer, Harvey, (Fairport,) lot 19, farmer 10.

Palmer, Ira M., (Fairport,) (with Orin E.)

Palmer, John G., (Fairport,) lot 41. farmer 5.

PALMER, MYRON, (Fairport,) lot 30, excise commissioner, justice of the peace and farmer 30.

Palmer, Orin E., (Fairport,) lot 30, farmer 51½.

Palmer, Seymour, (Fairport,) lot 33, carpenter and joiner and farmer 12.

Pannel, John, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 2, farmer 100.

PARCE, J. Y., (Fairport,) (D. B. DeLand & Co.)

Parker, Albert B., (Fairport,) grocery store and warehouse.

PARKER, JOHN, (Fairport,) barber.

PARKHURST, C. D., (Fairport,) carpenter and joiner.

Patterson, Henry J., (Fairport,) lot 40, cooper and farmer 11.

Peck, Thomas A., (Egypt,) lot 24, farmer 11.

Peets, James, (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 20.

Perkins, Asa F., (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 84½.

Perrin, James, (Fairport,) cooper shop.

Perrin, Jas. Jr., (Fairport,) (Moseley & Perrin.}

Plumb, Chas. S., (Fairport,) lot 30, farmer 68.

Plumb, George, (Fairport,) lot 29, farmer 50.

Pound, Asher, (Egypt,) lot 12, farmer 50.

PRICHARD, T. R., (Fairport,) prop. of Fairport Hotel.

Pringle, William B., (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 40.

Pursell, Mary Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 9.


RAND, D. C, (Pittsford,) (Rand & Wadhams.)

RAND & WADHAMS, (Pittsford,) (D. C. Rand and M. Wadhams,) props. of powder mill and farmers 160.

Ranney, Hiram, (Egypt,) lot 22, farmer 124.

Rapp, Philip, (Fairport,) lot 18, farmer 100.

Raymond, -----, (Pittsford,) lot 66, farmer 47.

Reed, George, (Fairport,) lot 30, farmer 31.

Reeves, -----, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer leases of B. Hamilton, 80.

Reilley, E. S., (Bushnell's Basin,) wagon maker, blacksmith, carpenter and joiner and painter.

Retenger, George, (Fairport,) lot 56, farmer 15.

Richard, Jacob, (Fairport,) butcher.

Richberg, Henry, heirs of, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer 5.

Richburg, John, (Fairport,) lot 17, farmer 35.

ROBINSON, E., (Fairport,) eclectic physician.

Robinson, Elizabeth M., (Fairport,) artist.

Rogers, Michael, (Egypt,) lot 23, farmer 63.

ROUNDS, BENJAMIN F., (Fairport,) prop. of billiard hall.

Rourke, Lawrence, (Fairport,) lot 52, farmer 6.

Rowell, Charlotte Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 6.

Rowell, Ephraim B., (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 5.

Rufer, Jacob, (Fairport,) batcher.

Rulison, C, heirs of, (Egypt,) lot 24, farmer 10.

Ryan, David, (Fairport,) lot 96, farmer 19.

Ryan, Hannah Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 34, farmer 4.

Ryan, Patrick Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 24.


Sands, Patrick, (Pittsford,) lot 51, farmer 56.

SANFORD, GEORGE R., (Fairport,) lot 44 farmer 120.

SARNEKOV, JOHN, (Fairport,) farmer leases of ----- Reet, 53.

SCHELL, JOSEPH, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 63, farmer 80.

Schlegel, George, (Fairport,) lot 55, farmer 52.

Scott, John, (Fairport,) lot 53, retired surveyor and farmer 80.

Scovil, Harry, (Fairport,) lot 42, farmer 48½.

Seely, G. L. G., (Fairport,) dealer in stoves, hardware, tinware, paints, oils, glass, &c, supervisor, Main.

Shaw, Edward, (Fairport,) livery stable.

Shea, Peter, (Fairport,) lot 69, farmer 47.

SHEA, WM., (Fairport,) lot 66, farmer 36.

Shults, Edwin, (Fairport,) (Storms & Shults.)

Simmons, Abram, (Fairport,) (Bly & Simmons.)

Simmons, O. P., (Fairport,) police justice and justice of sessions.

Sines, Peter, heirs of, (Pittsford,)( lot 66, props. saw mill, grist mill and farmers 175.

Sivinerton, Antoinette, (Fairport,) (with John and Elmaette,) lot 48, farmer 100.

Sivinerton, Elmaette, (Fairport.) {with John and Antoinette,) lot 48, farmer 100.

Sivinerton, John, (Fairport,) (with Antoinette and Elmaette,) lot 48, farmer 100.

Sivinerton, John M., (Fairport,) produce dealer.

SLOCUM, THOMAS A., (Fairport,) lot 39, fruit grower and farmer 130.

Smith, Abel W., (Fairport,) lot 7, farmer 68.

Smith, Geo. H., (Fairport,) (Smith & Sperback.)

Smith, Gordon, (Bushnell's Basin.) canal boat captain.

Smith & Sperback, (Fairport,) (Geo. H. Smith and D. J. Sperback,) clothing and furnishing goods.

SMITH, WM. E., (Fairport,) lot 44, grower of small fruits, gardener and farmer 55.

Spaulding, Abel, (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 18.

Spencer, George, (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 45.

Sperback, D. J., (Fairport,) (Smith & Sperback.)

Sperbeck, Andrew, (Fairport,) lot 45, farmer 52.

STAPLES, W. S., (Fairport,) attorney and counselor at law.

Stiles, Martin J., (Fairport,) lot 60, farmer 1.

STILL, SUMNER, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 4, farmer 31.

Stone, E. M. & A. A. Misses, (Fairport,) dress makers.

Stone, Hanford R., (Pittsford,) lot 51, farmer 88½.

Storms and Shults, (Fairport,) (Wm. S. Storms and Edwin Shults,) merchant tailors, dealers in ready made clothing, gents' furnishing goods, &c., Main.

Storms, Wm. S., (Fairport,) (Storms & Shults.)

Strong, E. Benedict, (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 100.


TALMAN, DARIUS, (Fairport,) lot 5, farmer 191.

Talman, Isaac, (Fairport,) (with Luther,) lot 5, farmer 125.

Talman, Luther, (Fairport,) (with Isaac,) lot 5, farmer 125.

Taylor, George C., (Fairport,) patent medicines and cigar manuf.

Terrell, Letty Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 32.

Thayer, Giles G., (Egypt,) lot 26, farmer 128.

Thompson, C. H., (Fairport,) (Chaffee & Thompson.)

Thrasher, John, (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 8.

Tillon, William a., (Fairport,) lot 29, farmer 100.

Titus, Ai B., (Fairport,) (with Charles D.,) lot 16, farmer 138.

TITUS, CHARLES D., (Fairport,) lot 16, surveyor, hop grower, farmer 50 and (with Ai B. Titus,) 138.

Tobin, Edward, (Fairport,) lot 31, farmer 12.

Toby, Arthur, (Pittsford,) lot 61, farmer 59.

Tooley, Lawrence, (Fairport,) lot 33, farmer 51.

Tooley, Michael, (Fairport,) lot 17, farmer leases of John Howell, 15.

Traw, Frank, (Fairport,) lot 33, farmer 64.

Treat, James P., (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 28.

Tremmel, Mathew, (Fairport,) lot 51, farmer 3.


Unholz, Albert, (Fairport,) Evangelical Association minister.


Wm VanceVANCE, WILLIAM A., (Fairport,) prop. of Fairport Marble Works, first door east of Main.

VANDERHOOF, GOSS & CO., (Fairport,) (Remson Vanderhoof, George Goss and Alexander Van Orman,) commission merchants, dealers in coal and lumber.

VANDERHOOF, REMSON, (Fairport,) (Vanderhoof, Goss & Co.)

Van Dusen, Franklin, (Fairport,) lot 59, farmer 1.

Van Ness, Albert H., (Bushnell's Basin.) lot 63, farmer 100.

Vanness, Henry, (Bushnell's Basin,) lot 64, farmer 100.

VanNess, John H., (Victor, Ontario Co.,) lot 48, farmer 130.

VANNESS, L. W., (Fairport,) lot 65, farmer 90.

VANORMAN, ALEXANDER, (Fairport,) (Vanderhoof, Goss & Co.)


WADHAMS, M., (Pittsford,) (Rand & Wadhams.)

Wakeman, Walter D., (Fairport,) lot 19, farmer 45½.

Waldron, James T., (Fairport,) lot 57, pump maker and farmer 3.

WALKER, J. W., (Fairport,) (with Thomas D.)

Walker, Sylvanus, (Fairport,) lot 8, farmer 84½.

Walker, Thomas D., (Fairport,) lot 20, farmer 143.

Wanner, Fred., (Fairport,) lot 7, farmer leases 50.

Waters, Chauncey L., (Egypt,) lot 14, farmer 150.

Watson, John M., (Fairport,) lot 32, farmer 96.

Welch, Pat., (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 8.

WELLS, ISAAC S., (Egypt,) (with Jacob J.,) farmer.

Wells, Jacob J., (Egypt,) lot 1, farmer 100.

Wells, John M. (Egypt,) lot 1, farmer 185.

Wesley, Mary Ann, (Fairport,) lot 40, farmer 6.

Westerman, Frederick J., (Penfield,) lot 55. farmer 130.

WHEELER, WM. H., (Egypt,) lot 13, farmer leases of O. A. Wheeler, Union Vale, Dutchess Co., 160.

White, Robert, (Fairport,) lot 53, farmer 30.

Whitney, Jesse, (Fairport.) lot 42, farmer 140.

Wilber, H. P., (Fairport,) speculator and farmer 50.

Wilcox, Glezen F., (Fairport,) associate editor of Moores Rural New Yorker, and farmer leases of Wm. Wilcox, 132.

WILCOX, MORTIMER R., (Fairport,) post master.

WILCOX, OMER, (Fairport,) house painter.

Wilcox, William, (Fairport,) lot 35, farmer 132.

Wilkinson, Robert G. L., (Egypt,) lot 1, farmer 96.

Williams, Esther Mrs., (Fairport,) lot 31, farmer 33.

Williams, Samuel, (Fairport,) lot 36, farmer 85.

Willit, Levi S., (Egypt,) lot 1, farmer 85.

WILSON, WILLIAM, (West Macedon, Wayne Co.,) lot 2, nurseryman and farmer 162.

WILTSE, THOMAS, (Pittsford,) lot 61, prop. of Wiltse's warehouse and farmer 95.

Wiltsie, J. T. Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 61, farmer 2.

Winn, Simon, (Fairport,) lot 52. farmer 5.

Winne, Christopher, (Fairport,) lot 38, dealer in coal, plaster and produce, hop grower and farmer 211.

Wood, C. J., (Fairport,) lot 51, farmer 76.

Wood David, (Egypt,) lot 15, farmer 30.

WOOD, JOHN, (Egypt,) (with David,) farmer.

Wood, Jonathan, (Egypt,) lot 15, farmer 13.

WOOLSEY, L. JEROME (Egypt,) lot 2, justice of the peace and farmer 165.

Woolsey, Lorenzo, (Egypt,) lot 13, farmer 190.

Woolsey, Richard, (Fairport,) lot 18, farmer 75.

Worthing, Evan, (Fairport,) lot 57, farmer 57.

Wright, ----- (Pittsford,) farmer leases P. Sines' estate, grist and saw mill and 175 acres.

Wygant, Harvey (Egypt,) lot 15, farmer 95.


Yale, Chas. E., (Fairport,) insurance agent.


Zollman, Wm., (Fairport,) lot 58, farmer 90.



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