Business Directory of Riga, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Riga are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


RIGA was formed from Northampton, April 8, 1808. Chili was taken off in 1822. It lies on the west border of the County, near the south-west comer. The surface is level or gently undulating. Black Creek, a dull, sluggish stream, flows east, in a tortuous course, through near the center. The soil is a clayey loam.

Churchville, (p. v.) incorporated in 1867, situated on Black Creek, in the west part of the town, is a station on the N. Y. C. R. R. and contains four churches, viz., Congregational, Methodist, Baptist and Universalist; two hotels, a manufactory of agricultural implements, a grist mill, a saw mill, several stores and shops, and about 500 inhabitants.

Riga Center (Riga p. o.) is situated near the center and contains a church, an academy, and about 25 dwellings.

The first settlement was commenced in 1806, under the auspices of James Wadsworth. Many of the early settlers were from Berkshire Co., Mass. Elihu Church settled on lot 94, in 1806; Amasa Frost on lot 82, where his descendants still reside, and Wm. Parker the same year. Nehemiah Frost, Richard and Samuel Church moved in the same year. Richard Church was the father of Elihu and Samuel Church; he settled on lot 53, and Samuel Church on lot 84; Samuel Baldwin settled on lot 81, and Henry Brewster on lot 90. The last two came on in 1806, but did not move their famiies until the next year. Among the other early settlers were Samuel Shepard, Ezekiel Barnes, James Knowles, Thomas Bingham, Joseph Tucker, Enos Morse, George Richmond, Joseph Emerson, and Eber and Chester Orcutt. Nehemiah Frost settled on lot 114, and Samuel Shepard on lot 113.

The first birth in the town was that of a daughter of Samuel Church; the first male child born was Hiram Shepard, son of Samuel Shepard, in 1806. The first marriage was that of Joseph Sibley and Clarissa Church, daughter of Richard Church. The first death was that of Richard Church, in 1807. Samuel Church built the first saw mill, in 1808, and the first grist mill, in 1811, at Churchille. The first school was taught by Thomas Gay. Joseph Thompson opened the first inn, and Thompson and Tuttle the first store, in 1808.

Previous to the construction of the Erie Canal the means of transportation were so limited that only a very low price was realized for the products of the soil. Mr. Brewster in one year raised 3,000 bushels of wheat; the price was very low and he tried the experiment of transporting it to an eastern market. For this purpose he had enough ground to make seventy barrels of flour. with four sleds, to which were attached six yoke of oxen and four horses, he carried this to Northampton, Mass., where he sold it for six dollars per barrel. The oxen were also sold at a profit and the enterprise proved successful. In 1808 wheat sold in Geneva for 12½ cents a bushel. One man purchased a barrel of whisky, paying for it six bushels of wheat for a gallon.

Among the mishaps of pioneer life the following is related: Elihu and Samuel Church, Amasa Frost, Samuel Shepard and their wives, with an ox sled, started on a visit to Jehiel Barnes. As they were ascending the bank, after crossing Black Creek, the rear end board came out, letting them into the water. The nearest house was two miles distant and thither they were compelled to go before any change of clothing or fire could be procured.

The first church (Congregational) was organized in the fall of 1809. Rev. Allen Hollister was the first pastor. He was ordained and installed by an ecclesiastical council two or three years after the organization of the Church, and continued pastor until sickness prevented his performing its duties.

The population of the town in 1865 was 2,141; its area is 21,009 acres.

There are twelve school districts, employing thirteen teachers. The number of the school population is 767; the number attending school, 616; the average attendance, 316, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $4,138.65.


Adams, Aretas, (Churchville,) lot 36, farmer 27.

Adams, Aretas E., (Churchville,) lot 57, West Pultney Tract, farmer.

ADAMS, GEORGE, (Churchville,) lot 53, hop grower and farmer 101.

Adams, Henry, (Churchville,) lot 56, West Pultney Tract, hop grower and farmer 75.

ADAMS, JAMES, (Churchville,) lot 55, West Pultney Tract, hop grower and farmer 77½.

Adams, Reuben A., (Churchville,) homeo. physician and surgeon, Main.

Adams, Thomas, (Riga,) lot 93, farmer 67.

Allis, Asa, (North Chili,) lot 63, farmer 50.

Amesbury, John K., (Riga,) lot 75, farmer leases of M. E. Little, Rochester, 126.

Anderson, John, (Riga,) lot 90, farmer 154.

APTHORP, I. G., (Riga,) lot 134, farmer 103.

Apthorp, Ira, (Bergen, Geneeee Co.,) lot 69, farmer 85.

Apthorp, James E., (Riga,) lot 81, speculator and farmer leases of Mrs. E. W. Baldwin, Canandaigua, 102.

Atwater, Alonzo E., (Riga,) lot 122, farmer leases of Wm. D. Bingham, 140.

Atwater, Bethiel Mrs., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 68, farmer 100.

Atwater, John R., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 68, farmer leases 100.

Atwood, John, (Clifton,) subdivision 3 of lot 12, carpenter and joiner and farmer 1½.

Ayers, P. J., (Churchville,) lot 53, farmer 41.


BABCOCK, LORENZO, (Churchville,) lot 27, grape grower and farmer 162.

BAIRD, ZACHARIAH, (Churchville,) lot 87, cooper, hop grower and farmer 7½.

Baker, John, (North Chili,) lot 65, farmer 115.

BALDWIN, LOREN, (Riga,) lot 92, farmer 175.

Bangs, Lorenzo D., (Churchville,) lot 4, farmer 171.

Bell, John, (Riga,) lot 89, farmer 8.

Betteridge, George, (Clifton,) subdivision 4 of lot 10, farmer 140.

Betteridge, Job, (Clifton,) subdivision I of lot 10, farmer 100.

BETTERIDGE, WM.,(Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 10, farmer 60.

Bingham, Kleber, (Churchville,) painter, Buffalo St.

BINGHAM, WM. D., (Riga,) lot 121, farmer 140.

BLISS, JOHN F. REV., (Churchville,) lot 14, farmer 51.

Blue, Donald, (Riga,) president of Riga Cheese Manuf. Co.

Blue, Donald, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 141, farmer 160.

Bodett, Nelson, (Churchville,) boots and shoes, corner Main and Buffalo.

Bogardus, George C., (Churchville,) lot 42, farmer 165.

Bond, William, (Churchville,) lot 14, farmer 187.

BOVEE JACOB L., (Stone Church, Genesee Co.,) lot 138, farmer leases estate of late A. Bovee, 220.

BOWEN, CHARLES H., (Churchville,) (Bowen & Matoon.)

Bowen, Guy S., (Churchville,) lot 50, farmer 10.

BOWEN & MATOON, (Churchville,) (Charles H. Bowen and H. C. Matoon,) saddle and harness makers, Buffalo St.

Bower, E. L., (North Chili,) lot 103, farmer leases 103.

Bower, Isaac, (North Chili,) lot 103, farmer 263.

BRIDGEMAN, JOSEPH, (Churchville,) lot 60, farmer leases of D. Church, 330.

Bridgeman, Joseph, (Riga,) lot 131, farmer 165 and leases of Mrs. M. Menzie, 106.

Brodie, Thomas, (North Chili,) S. 9, East Pultney Tract, farmer 129 and leases 139.

BROMLEY, ALEXANDER, (North Chili,) lot 103, breeder of thorough bred American Merino sheep and farmer 95.

BROMLEY, GEORGE W., (Churchville,) agent for Dodge, Stephenson & Co., reaper and mower manufs., Auburn, also commission merchant, deputy sheriff, and on lot 27, farmer 50.

Bromley, Harriet Mrs., (Churchville,) lot 52, farmer 35.

BROMLEY, JAMES R., (Churchville,) lot 118, wool buyer and farmer 90, residence Buffalo St.

Brooks, Lemuel, (Churchville,) retired minister.

Brown, Geo., (Churchville,) lot 36, farmer 15.

Brown, J. Emery, (Churchville,) lot 51, farmer 157.

BROWN, WARNER, (Riga,) lot 125, farmer 80.

Budlong, John Q., (Riga,) lot 118, farmer leases late B. P. Shepard's estate, 140.

Burns, Patrick, (Riga,) lot 144, farmer 10.

Burnside, John, (Riga,) lot 60, farmer 13.

Buahnell, James H., (Churchville,) (Little, Foster & Bushnell.)

Bushnell, S. H., (Churchville,) prop. of agricultural works.

Butterly, Michael, (Churchville,) lot 39, farmer 5.


Cain, Daniel, (Riga,) lot 121, farmer 2.

Capstick, Henry, (Riga,) lot 89, farmer 5.

Card, Nancy Mrs., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 68, farmer 100.

Carver, Lyman, (Churchville,) lot 18, farmer 152.

Chappell, Thomas, (Churchville,) lot 52, farmer 26.

Chittenden, Horace, (Churchville,) lot 50, farmer 56.

CHURCH, DENNIS, (Riga,) lot 84, farmer 900.

Clemnes, Robert, (North Chili,) lot 48, farmer 120.

CLINE, ST. JOHN, (Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 12, farmer 111.

Coffrain, Edward S., (Churchville,) lot 51, farmer 12.

COLLESTER, ALLEN P., (North Chili,) lots 59, 60 and 63, farmer 45 and leases from H. Fuller, 175.

COLLESTER, CHAS. J., (Riga,) lot 144, farmer 142.

Collister, Lucian, (Riga,) lot 112, farmer 2.

Collister, R. R., (Riga,) lot 145, farmer 115.

Condlon, Mathew, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 77, farmer leases 96.

CONEY, EDWIN, (Clifton,) subdivision 1 of lot 11, farmer 80.

CRAIG, JAMES W., (Churchville,) physician and surgeon, Main.

Cram, Hewett G., (Churchville,) farmer 240.

Cram, H. H., (Churchville,) billiards and cigars, corner Main and Buffalo.

Cunningham, Andrew, (Riga,) lot 112, farmer 5.

Cunningham, Thomas, (Churchville,) blacksmith.


DABELL, EDWIN, (Churchville,) boots and shoes, Buffalo St.

DARMODY, THOMAS, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 117, farmer leases of D. McPherson, 117.

DAVIS, ANDREW N., (North Chili,) lot 64, East Pultney Tract, farmer 70 and leases of H. Davis, 216.

Davis, Calvin C., (Churchville,) lot 49, farmer leases of Thos. Hilliard, 75.

DAVIS, GEORGE H., (North Chili,) lot 119, farmer 132.

Davis, Henry, (North Chili,) lot 64, East Pultney Tract, farmer 216.

Davis, Henry W., (Churchville,) lots 53 and 54, farmer 150.

Davis, Walter D., (North Chili,) lot 35, hop grower and farmer 192.

Dawson, John, (Riga,) lot 112, farmer 3.

DEVILLERS, JOHN B. B., (North Chili,) lot 120, physician and surgeon, prop. of Aseatt Homeopathy Springs, grape grower and farmer 10.

Dewey, David, (Churchville,) lot 4, farmer 35.

Dewey, T. H., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 45, farmer leases 200.

DICK, THOMAS, (Churchville,) lot 66, farmer 122½.

Dole, M. R., (Churchville,) lots 48 and 49, farmer 138½.

DORN, JOHN, (Churchville,) lot 38, carpenter and joiner and farmer 5.

DOXTATER, G. W., (Churchville,) prop. of Smith House, corner Main and Buffalo.

DUNN, HIRAM, (Riga,) lot 83, farmer 216.

Dunn, John A., (Riga,) lot 105, farmer 106.


Easton, James, (Churchville,) lot 67, West Pultney Tract, carpenter and joiner, hop grower and farmer 19.

Easton, William, (Churchville,) lot 36, farmer 1.

Ellery, Edward, (Churchville,) lot 57. West Pultney Tract, farmer 56.

Elliot, Jesse Rev., (Churchville,) pastor of Baptist Church.

EMBLING, GEO. F., (Churchville,) lot 11, farmer leases of E. Hopkins, 102.

Embling, Richard, (Churchville,) lot 58, farmer 6.

Emens, Edwin, (Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 10, farmer 130.

Emens, Henry, (Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 12, farmer 170.

EMENS, WM. H., (Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 11, farmer 100.

Emens, Wm. W., (Clifton,) subdivision 4 of lot 10, retired.

Emerson, Erastus, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 44, farmer 60.

Emerson. George, (Churchville,) lot 63, assistant internal revenue assessor and farmer 92.

Emerson, J. M., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 45, farmer 200.

English, Margaret, (Stone Church, Genesee Co.,) lot 139, farmer 2.


FITCH, ALFRED, (Riga,) lot 102, farmer 125.

Fitch, Edward, (Riga,) secretary and treasurer of Riga Cheese Mannf. Co.

Fitch, Edward G., (Riga,) lot 92, farmer leases of Alfred Fitch, 125.

FORD, THOMAS, (Churchville,) lot 50, farmer 77.

FORWARD, DANIEL, (Churchville,) lot 37, hop grower and farmer 45.

Foster, T. N., (Churchville,) (Litle, Foster & Bushnell.)

Foster, Wales, (Churchville,) lot 8, farmer 48½.

Fowler, Nelson S., (Churchville,) lot 6, farmer 107.

FRANKLIN, ROBERT, (Riga,) lot 11, farmer 10.

FROST, N. JEROME, (Riga,) lot 82, farmer 118.

Fuller, Edson, (Riga,) lot 92, farmer.

Fuller, Harry, (North Chili,) lot 59, farmer 175.


Galpin, Geo. P., (Riga,) wagon maker.

Gilman, Horace, (Churchville,) lot 37, turning shop and farmer 47.

GILMAN, JAMES H., (Churchville,) lot 3, wool dealer and farmer 120.

Goodrich, Adolphus S., (Churchvllle,) lot 46, farmer leases 63.

Goodrich, Maria Mrs., (Churchville,) lot 46, farmer 63.

Gordon, W. R., (Churchville,) lot 19, farmer 42.

GOUGH, PATRICK, (Churchville,) (with William,) lot 47, farmer 85.

GOUGH, WILLIAM, (Churchville,) (with Patrick,) lot 47, farmer 85.

GRIFFIN, EDWIN, (Clifton,) lot 106, farmer 170.

Griffin, George, (Clifton,) lot 106, farmer 380.

Griffin, J. R, (Clifton,) subdivision 4 of lot 11, farmer 108.


Hadley, Willis, (Churchville,) farmer 140.

HALL, MILO, (Churchville,) lots 34 and 35, agent for the Kirby Reaper and Mower and farmer 140.

Hammann, Theodore, (North Chili,) lot 119, farmer 3.

Hand, H. W., (Churchville,) prop. of meat market, provision dealer and town clerk.

HANLON, FELIX, (Riga,) lot 100, farmer 18.

Harford, Charles, (Churchville,) prop. of Rail Road House.

Harkness, James, (Churchville,) lot 20, carpenter and joiner and farmer 9.

HARMON, GEO. E., (Churchville,) prop. of Churchville Mills, merchant and custom miller and manuf. of lumber, on Buffalo Road, also on lots 107 and 117, farmer 103.

HARRISON, ALFRED, (Churchville,) hardware dealer, Main.

HARRISON, EDMUND, (Churchville,) lot 45, farmer leases of Mrs. Brown, Mumford p. o., 108.

HAWLEY. P. V., (Churchville,) ticket agent N. Y. C. R. R., agent for A. M. U. Express, and telegraph operator.

Hebbard, Wm. B., (Clifton,) subdivision 3 of lot 13, farmer 189.

Hiscock, Wm., (Chnrchville,) lot 37, hop grower and farmer 60.

HOEY, JOHN, (Churchville,) lot 4, farmer 38½.

HOLDRIDGE, CHARLES S., (Clifton,) subdivision 1 of lot 12, farmer 89 and leases of H. A. Palmer, 134.

Holyer, George, (Churchville,) lot 67, West Pultney Tract, hop grower and farmer 91.

Hopkins, Elizabeth, (Churchville,) lot 11, farmer 102.

Hosmer, Willard S., (Clifton,) subdivision 4 of lot 12, farmer 228.

Howard, James, (Churchville,) lot 37, owns cider mill and farmer 95.


Ide Oliver, (Riga,) lot 92, farmer 56.


Jenkins, Richard, (Clifton,) lot 158, farmer 50.

Johnson, Horace, (Riga,) lot 110, farmer 59.

JOHNSON, IRA, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 77, farmer leases of H. J. Bovee, 165.

JOHNSON, SPENCER, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 98, farmer 145.

JONES, JOHN, (Stone Church, Geseeee Co.,) lot 139, farmer 10.


Keenan, Edward, (Bergen, Geneeee Co.,) lot 117, farmer 15.

Keenan, Patrick, (Riga,) lot 100, farmer 10.

Kelly, Wm., (Churchville,) lot 20, farmer 20.

Kelsey, Benj., (Churchville,) lot 31, farmer 150.

KELSEY, JOHN I., (Clifton,) lot 147, farmer 106.

Kendall, Linus, (Churchville,) lot 33, farmer 82.

KING, NELSON, (Riga,) lot 90, farmer 240.

KNOWLES, JAMES, (Riga,) lot 103, farmer leases of Paul Knowlse, 160.

Knowles, Paul, (Riga,) lots 113 and 103, farmer 160.


Laar, Michael, (Riga,) (with Thomas,) lot 112, farmer 46.

Laar, Thomas, (Riga,) (with Michael,) lot 112, farmer 45.

Langmade, Wm., (Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 10, farmer 104.

Leago, Frank R., (Chnrchville,) barber.

Lehman, Wm., (Churchville,) lot 37, farmer 10.

LEMMONS, LORENZO, (Riga,) blacksmith.

LILES, ABRAHAM C., (Churchville,) lot 28, farmer 255.

Litle, Albert S., (Churchville,) (Litle, Foster & Bushnell.)

Litle, Foster & Bushnell (Churchville,) (Albert S. Litle, T. N. Foster and James H. Bushnell,) general merchants, Main.

LITTLE, JAMES E., (Riga,) lot 80, farmer 137.

LOVERIDGE, GEORGE, (Churchville,) lots 20 and 21, farmer 140.


MAGIVERN, HUGH, (Churchville,) lot 27, farmer 3.

Magivern, Hugh 2d, (North Chili,) lot 120, farmer 4.

Maher, John, (Stone Church, Genesee Co.,) lot 139, farmer 58.

Malloch, John, (Riga,) lot 154, farmer 158.

Mulloch, John Jr., (Riga,) lot 132, farmer 107.

Mathews, John, (Churchville,) lot 38, farmer 13.

MATOON, H. C, (Churchville,) (Bowen & Matoon.)

McGivern, William, (North Chili,) lot 36, farmer 1½.

McGrayan, Richard, (Bergen,Genesee Co.,) lot 45, farmer 17.

McIntosh, Angus, (Churchville,) (with John,) lot 10, farmer 157.

McIntosh, John, (Churchville,) (with Angus,) lot 10, farmer 157.

McMASTER, DANIEL, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 107, farmer 215.

McPherson, Wm. D., (Riga,) lot 156, farmer 210.

McVean, Alexander, (Riga,) lot 142, farmer 190.

McVEAN, DANIEL, (Stone Church, Genesee Co.,) lot 128, farmer 198.

McVean, Hugh, (Riga,) lot 142, farmer 144.

Meeker, David, (Churchville,) lot 36, millwright and farmer 13.

Menzie, David, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 140, auctioneer and farmer 60.

Menzie, John, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 130, farmer 156.

Menzie, Martha Mrs., (Riga,) lot 101, farmer 106.

Menzie, Peter, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 129, farmer 107.

Mills, Richard, (Riga,) lot 121, farmer 1.

Morgan, Lyman, (Churchville,) lot 63, carpenter and farmer 1.

Moule, Jonathan A., (Riga,) lot 82, farmer 74.

Moultrup, Samuel W., (Riga,) lot 122, farmer leases 100.

Mulkern, Peter, (Churchville,) lot 14, farmer 1.

MURRAY, JAMES, (Churchville,) lot 56, farmer 66.


Nichols, Geo. R., (Riga,) lot 85, building mover and farmer 5.


Oathout, Niles H., (Riga,) dealer in dry goods and groceries, stock broker and post master.

O' Brian, John, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 108, farmer 47.

Oliver, John, (Churchville,) tailor, Main.


Palmer, Charles A., (Churchville,) lots 25 and 26, farmer 313.

Palmer, Cyrus W., (Riga,) lot 135, farmer 163.

Palmer, Daniel M., (Riga,) lot 135, farmer 104 and leases of J. I. Kelsey, 106.

PALMER, HENRY A., (Churchville,) lot 52, farmer 243½.

Palmer, Martin, (Churchville,) lot 36, farmer 5.

PALMER, WM. L., (Riga,) lot 82, farmer 25.

Palmeter, Joseph, (Riga,) lot 110, farmer 1.

Parish, F. N., (Churchville,) grain elevator, wholesale dealer in produce and prop. of coal yard.

Parish, Franklin, (Bergen, Cenesee Co.,) lot 46, farmer 57.

PARNELL, MARY E., (Churchville,) (with Sarah E.,) milliner and dress maker, corner Main and Buffalo.

PARNELL, SARAH E., (Churchville,) (with Mary E.,) milliner and dress maker, corner Main and Buffalo.

Parson, Cornelius, (Churchville,) S. 9, East Pultney Tract, agent for Anna M. Parsons, 382.

PARSONS, ALBION T., (Churchville,) lot 43, West Pultney Tract, farmer 115.

Parsons, Anna M., (North Chili,) S. 9, East Pultney Tract, farmer 382.

Parsons, William, (North Chili,) S. 9, East Pultney Tract, carpenter and joiner.

Pechy, Jacob, (Riga,) lot 89, farmer 8.

PERKY, DAVID, (Churchville,) lot 7, farmer 180, also leases estate of late Joshua Richmond, 190.

Perry, Miles W., (Churchville,) lot 60, West Pultney Tract, farmer 1.

PHILLIPS, ZEBULON, (Churchville,) retired farmer.

Pierson, Edward D., (Churchville,) lot 37. insurance agent, farmer 5 and leases 15.

Potter, John R., (Churchville,) stamp cutter and die sinker.

Price, James, (Churchville,) lot 57, West Pultney Tract, farmer 5.


Randall, Ira M., (Churchville,) surveyor, justice of the peace, and on lot 52, farmer 8.

REDFERN, SAVILL, (Churchville,) lot 13, farmer 100.

Richards, I. D., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 88, farmer 130

Richards, John H., (Bergen, Cenesee Co.,) lot 109, farmer 200.

Richards, Billings, (Churchville,) lot 58, farmer 38.

RICHMOND H. E., (Chnrchville,) lot 52, justice of the peace, dealer in fruit and ornamental trees and farmer 23.

RIDER, HIRAM, (Churchville,) (Rider & Stone,) farmer 40.

RIDER & STONE, (Churchville,) (Hiram Rider and Albert D. 8tone,) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, paints, oils, &c., Main.

Riga Cheese Manufacturing Co., (Riga,) Donald Blue, president; Edward Fitch, secretary and treasurer; trustees, Wm. D. Bingham, Wm. D. McPherson, Nelson King, C. M. Palmer and ---- Valence.

Robertson, John, (Churchville,) lot 55, West Pultney Tract, farmer 100.

ROBERTSON, THOMAS, (Churchville,) lot 54, West Pultney Tract, farmer 105.

Rogers, Arthur, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 141, farmer leases 160.

Rossman, Dexter, (Riga,) lot 121, farmer 75.

Royston, Benjamin, (Churchville,) lot 58, West Pultney Tract, farmer 100.

Royston, Henry, (Churchville,) lot 65, farmer 71.

RUGG, HEMAN, (Churchville,) allo. physician and surgeon, dealer in drugs, and post master, Main.

Russell, Levi, (Churchville,) lot 17, farmer 82½.

RYAN, SARAH Mrs., (Churchville,) lot 30, farmer 65.


SAGE, HIRAM N., (Churchville,) lots 41 and 42, West Pultney Tract, farmer leases estate of H. Sprague, 260.

SANFORD, ERI, (Churchville,) (with Justin,) lot 71, farmer 104.

SANFORD, JUSTIN, (Churchville,) (with Eri,) lot 71, farmer 104.

Savage, George, (Churchville,) lot 37, West Pultney Tract, farmer leases of N. Savage, 190.

Savage, Norman, (Churchville,) lot 37, farmer 185.

Schott, John, (Churchville,) blacksmith, Buffalo St.

SEDGWICK, ALFRED P., (Riga,) lot 146, farmer 100.

Sheffer, Newell M., (Clifton,) lot 157, farmer 81.

Shepard, B. F., estate of, (Riga,) lot 113, farmer 140.

SHEPARD, OLIVER, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 118, farmer 54.

Smith, F. W., (Churchville,) miller, Churchville Mills.

Smith, George, (Riga,) lot 58, West Pultney Tract, farmer 17½.

Smith, Hart, (North Chili,) lot 36, farmer 156.

SMITH HOUSE, (Churchville,) G. W. Doxtater, prop., corner Main and Buffalo.

Smith, Melvin L., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 46, farmer 60.

SMITH, OLIVER, (Churchville,) lot 24, farmer 53½.

SNYDER, JACOB, (Churchville,) lot 6, farmer 62.

Southmayd, Sidney, (Clifton,) lot 137, farmer 205.

SOUTHWORTH, HUMPHREY, (Churchville.) lot 47, farmer 58.

Spitzer, Joseph, (Riga,) lot 88, farmer 3.

Spitzmesser, Joseph, (Churchville,) cooper, and owns cider mill.

Sprague, Hiram, estate of, (Churchville,) lots 41 and 42, farmer 260.

SPRAGUE, WILLIAM R., (Churchville,) lot 40, West Pultney Tract, farmer 215.

Spross, Joseph, (Churchville,) lot 67, mason and farmer 1.

Squires, William P., (Churchville,) lot 39, West Pultney Tract, farmer 168.

STEARNS, NELSON W., (Clifton,) subdivision 1 of lot 12, farmer 372½.

Steiner, Benedict, (Churchville,) (with Christian,) lot 30, farmer 63.

Steiner, Christian, (Churchville,) (with Benedict,) lot 30, farmer 63.

Steiner, Gottlieb, (Churchville,) lot 18, farmer 51½.

Steiner, Nicholas, (Riga,) lot 79, farmer 34.

STEINER, SAMUEL, (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 79, hop grower and farmer 84.

Stevens, Harvey K, (Churchville,) lot 7, farmer leases of H. E. Stevens, 215.

STEVENS, HORACE E., (Churchville,) lot 7, farmer 215.

STONE, ALBERT D., (Churchville,) (Rider & Stone.)

Stone, Philander, (Churchville,) carriage maker and painter, Main.

Stottle, George, (Clifton,) subdivision 4 of lot 10 farmer 70.


Taylor, Geo., (Riga,) lot 112, farmer 1.

TENNY. CHARLES, (Clifton,) subdivision 6 of lot 11, farmer 101.

Tenny, Philetus, (Clifton,) subdivision 6 of lot 11, mason and farmer 4.

Tenny, Silas, (Clifton,) subdivision 5 of lot 11, farmer 130.

Texbo, Theodore, (Chnrchville,) harness maker, Buffalo St.

Thompson, Adam, (Riga,) lot 111, farmer 1.

Timmon, James, (Churchville,) wagon maker.

Towle, J. C., (Bergen, Genesee Co.,) lot 119, farmer 30.

Tupper, Myron Rev., (Churchville,) lot 50, Free Will Baptist minister and farmer 70.


Walker, Wm. C, (Bergen. Genesee Co.,) lot 45, hop grower and farmer 127.

WARREN, HENRY, (Churchville,) town clerk, dealer in stoves, tin, sheet iron and copper ware, Main.

Warren, Wm., (Riga,) lot 132, farmer leases 107

Wayne, Geo. W., (Riga,) lot 114 farmer leases of S. Kingsley, Clifton Springs, Ontario Co., 254.

Welch, Thomas, (Churchville,) lot 38, West Pultney Tract, farmer 23½.

Weldon, John, (Churchville,) lot 51, farmer 13.

Wheeler, Alfred, (Churchville,) prop. of meat market and produce dealer, corner Main and Buffalo.

WHIPPLE, MILTON, (Churchville,) retired farmer.

WIDGER, HENRY, (Churchville,) lot 53, farmer 30.

Widger, James, (Churchville,) lot 37, farmer 31.

Widger, John B., (Churchville,) lot 37, farmer 7.

Widner, D., (Clifton,) subdivision 2 of lot 11, farmer 44.

WILKINSON, JAMES, (Riga,) lot 95, farmer 197.

Wright, J. D., [Churchville,) lot 53, mechanic and farmer leases of B. Richmond, 28.



RICHMOND, H. E., (Churchville,) lot 52, assistant assessor internal revenue, 7th Division, justice of the peace, dealer in fruit and ornamental trees and farmer 23.




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