Union Society
Sweden and Ogden, New York


This Church was formed on Dec. 21, 1830 at the district #8 schoolhouse in the Town of Ogden for the inhabitants of the southwest part of Ogden and the southeast part of Sweden. It was incorporated on Jan. 10, 1831. The Trustees at the time of the formation were Nathaniel Bangs of Sweden, Josiah F. Willard of Ogden and Ezra B. True of Ogden with James Hill serving as clerk. In about 1835 this society built a stone Church which served as their meeting place. The church was truly interdenominational although the ministers were usually either Free-Will Baptists or Congregationalists. The Society prospered for a time but many of the founding members either died or move west and by 1880 the Society passed out of existence.

The following list of founding members off from the original church records. In many cases after the name was a note stating that the person had either died or "removed" to points west. Deceased members usually were buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Ogden, NY.

Elder Samuel Gillmanremoved
Joshua Bangsdeceased
Nathaniel Bangsdeceased
Calvin Whicherremoved
John Hilldeceased
James Hilldeceased
Hosea Towndeceased
Josiah F. Willardremoved
Edward Covelldeceased
James Cateremoved
Elias Truedeceased
Ezra B. Truedeceased
Levi Truedeceased
Aaron Robinsonremoved
Joshua Bangs Jr.removed
Goodnough Townsendremoved
Sila Scribnerremoved
John Hill 3rddeceased
Abel Fowlerdeceased
John Hill Jr.removed
Rinaldo B. Laneremoved
Josiah Lane Jr.
Minzo Lambertremoved
Josiah Laneremoved
John Hortonremoved
David Bangs
Lorenzo Bangs
Jeremiah Osborn
Ward P. Hall
Jersey Dewey
Josiah Bangs
Sheldon Hill
Henry D. Way
Henry Dusenberry



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