1869 - 1910
St. Vincent de Paul Church
Churchville, NY


Transcribed by
Marcena Thompson


These baptismal records come from a film of the church records done by the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints (aka the Mormons). The film containing these records is number 1420498 (items 24-30) and it may be borrowed from any of the Family History Centers run by the Mormons around the world. Also on that film are other records of the church including; confirmations (1886 - 1910), marriages (1870 - 1910) and deaths (1874 - 1910).

St. Vincent de Paul Church has their own web site with a history of the church, some pictures and other information for someone that has an interest in this church.


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
Allman Josephina RosaF9 Oct 190811 Oct 1908Josephina HessJosaephus AllmanFranciscus HessFrancisaus HessJ.J. Bresnihan
AmesAnna VeronicaF31 Dec 190226 Jan 1903Margarita MulheronEduardus AmesMaria MulheronPetrus MulheronJ.J. Bresnihan
AmesJoannes HomerusM6 June190123 June 1901Maria MulheronEduardus AmesD. P. MulheronPetrus MulheronJ.J. Bresnihan
AmesMargarita KathelenaF10 Dec 190524 Dec 1905Margarita MulheronEduardus AmesD. Pertus MulheronPetrus MulheronJ.J. Bresnihan
ArmstrongAnna TheresaF30 March 18719 June 1875Julia BlackDavid ArmstrongBrigitta CunninghamAndreas CunninghamG. Morrin
ArmstrongMargarita SophiaF10 Dec 18749 Jan 1875Margarita MulhairnAlbertus ArmstrongSophia Teresa BerleFranciscus Z. GoldenG. Morrin
ArmstrongMaria AgnesF14 Feb 18689 June 175Julia BlackDavid ArmstrongMarcella GoffPatritius GoffG. Morrin
AshleyElizabetha CatharinaF21 July 188629 Aug 1886Helen McDonnellJosephus AshleyI McInteeM. McInteeD.J. Curran
AspenleilerCarolina IrenaF15 July 188322 July 1883Margarita MetzgerGeorgius AspenleilerBarbara KisselGeorgius MetzgerD.J. Curran
AspenleiterAnna BellaF26 Nov 187815 Dec 1878Margarita MetzzerGeorgius AspenleiterAnna SpruceJacobus WallG. Morrin
AspenleiterFredericus GeorgiusM6 May 188030 May 1880Maria Anna BrienbugerAntonius AspenleiterBarbara AspenleiterFredericus AspenleiterGulielmus Morrin
AspenleiterMaria AnnaF26 Nov 187512 Dec 1875Maria MetzzerGeorgius AspenleiterMaria BrandinburgesAntonius AspenleiterG. Morrin


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
Bailey Georgius Gulielmus M 1 Feb 1897 21 Feb 1897 Maria Aspenleiter Georgius Bailey Anna Aspenleiter Lorenzo Keenan D.J. Curran
BarnacuttFranciscusM26 Jan 187718 March 1877Elizabertha FaganJoannes BarnacuttMaria CunninghamLorenzo LemmonG. Morrin
BarnicoltMalinda MariaF18 May 187431 May 1874Elizabetha FaginJoannes BarnicoltMargarita HinesJoannes KeenanGulielmus
BergerLeo LesterM19 Oct 188926 Nov 1889Catharina GreenGeorgius BergerJoanna CunninghamFrdericus AspenleiterD.J. Curran
BerleDonaldusM1 April 190918 April 1909Adelaide BradyJosephus H. BerleFrancisca H. BerleJoannes P. BradyJ.J. Bresnihan
BerleDonaldusM1 April 190918 April 1909Adelaide BradyJosephus H. BerleFranciscus H. BerleJoannes P. BradyJ.J. Bresnihan
BerleFranciscaF13 June 18772 July 1877Maria McInernyJosephus BerleMaria RatiganMichael RatiganG. Morrin
BerleJoanna SophiaF24 Dec 187928 Dec 1879Maria McInnernyJosephus BerleMaria Joanna GoughCarolus KatesG. Morrin
BerleJosephusM5 Dec 18818 Jan 1882Maria McInernyJosephusMaria FoleyJosephus ShaferAngelo Lugers
BerleRosannaF8 April 187516 May 1875 Maria McInirnyJosephus BerleRachel BerleGeorgius Berle G. Morrin
BlacketJulia Maria Armstrong RaereticaF8 March 18341 April 1875 David Blacket(maritus)Catharina McInteePatritius McInteeG. Morrin
BodetteAgnes Emine ChristinaF26 Jan 188417 Feb 1884Rosa BodetteVeloris BodetteAgnes SpitzmerserFredericus StronyD.J. Curran
BodetteEugenius JosephusM26 Feb 189016 March 1890Lydia CunninghamElijah BodetteJoanna CunninghamJoannes CunninghamD.J. Curran
BodetteLulu LydiaF7 March 188529 March 1885Lydia CunninghamElijah BodetteMaria FoleyGulielmus FoleyD.J. Curran
BodetteNelson Franciseus ValorisM4 April 188526 April 1885Rosa BodetteValoris BodetteLydia CunninghamAndreas CunninghamD.J. Curran
BradyAdelaideF6 Nov 188420 Nov 1884Julca ConroyFarrell BradyJoanna CunninghamJoannes WattersD.J. Curran
BradyBirgitta AgnesF2 March 188025 March 1880Julia ConroyFarrell BradyAnna DoreyJacobus DoreyGulielmus Morrin
BradyJoannesM2 July 188223 July 1882Julia ConroyFarrell BradyMaria McDermottJacobus McDermottAngelo Lugers
Bradythomas JosephusM9 March 187820 March 1878Julia ConroyFarrell BradyMaria WattersThomas WattersG. Morrin
BradyCatharinaF15 April 187424 April 1874Elizabetha WierPhilippus BradyD P. McDermottGulielmus CotterGulielmus
BrutonCarolus JosephusM13 Oct 18909 Nov 1890Ella BradyMichael BrutonMaria KeenanJacobus BradyD.J. Curran
BrutonJoannes VernerM1 Sept 189726 Sept 1897Ella BradyMichael BrutonMaria BrutonJoannes BrutonD.J. Curran
BrutonRobertus LesleyM25 Feb 189629 March 1896Ella BradyMichael BrutonJoanna BrutonFerdinandus Smith D.J. Curran
BurgerFranciscus GeorginusM19 Sept 188611 Oct 1886Catharina GreenGeorgius Joannes BurgerMaria McMannisThomas GreenD.J. Curran


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
CaseElmer GeorgiusM19 Nov 19009 Dec 1900Margarita AspenleiterJosephus CaseAnna AspenleiterJoannes DeBergerJ.J. BresnihanTwins. One boy and one girl. Girl's name is Hazel.
CaseHaroldus JosephusM24 Nov 19069 Dec 1906Margarita EspenlieterJosephus CaseCarolina EspenleiterHenricus FitzsimmonsJ.J. Bresnihan  
CaseHazelF19 Nov 19009 Dec 1900Margarita AspenleiterJosephus CaseCarolina AspenleiterGeorgius MetzerJ.J. BresnihanTwins. One boy and one girl. Boy's name Elmer.
CettaPatricius PasqualeM19 April 190617 June 1906Philomina Londini LaurisiaPetrus CettaD. RogersFredericus RogersJ.J. Bresnihan  
ChiapponiAngeloM1 Sept 190924 Oct 1909Rosalia LibestiJoannes ChiapponiMaria PringiJosephus PringiJ.J. Bresnihan  
CodyAnnaF5 May 187614 May 1876Margarita RatiganJoannes CodyBirgitta McDonaldGulielmus GarganG. Morrin  
CodyBirgitta AgnesF13 Aug 187914 Sept 1879Margarita RatiganJoannis CodyMaria LynchThomas LawlessG. Morrin  
CodyCarolina ElizabethaF15 Feb 187810 March 1878Margarita RatiganJoannes CodyMaria Anna McDonaldJacobus KeenanG. Morrin  
CodyCatharinaF17 June 188225 June 1882Margarita RatiganJoannes CodyMaria McDonaldJacobus GarraghanAngelo Lugers  
CodyLucasM16 July 187426 July 1874Margarita RatiganJoannes CodyMaria Elizabetha McConvillCarolus McConvillGulielmus  
CodyMargaritaF22 March 187313 April 1873Margarita RatiganJoannes CodyBrigitta DruryGulielmus RatiganM.M. Meagher  
CodyMargarita AnnaF18 Oct 18787 Dec 1878Maria McKennaPetrus CodyMargarita CodyJoannes CodyG. Morrin  
CodyMaria ElizabethaF17 June 190812 July 1908Josephina HerbertPetrus W. CodyMaria HerbertThomas CodyJ. J. Bresnihan  
CodyMaria ElizabethaF17 June 190812 July 1908Josephina HerkertPetrus W. Cody Maria Herkert Thomas Cody J.J. Bresnihan Married to Raymond S??? Feb. 8, 1969 St. Helen's Rochester, NY
CodyPetrusM20 Jan 188417 Feb 1884Margarita RatiganJoannes CodyAnna McGivernHugo RatiganD.J. Curran  
CodyThomasM1 Jan 187023 Jan 1870Margarita RatiganJames CodyMaria ConnellyHugo RatiganWilliam Purcell  
CodyWillis PetrusM28 Aug 190919 Sept 1909Josephina HerbertPetrus W. CodyAnna HerbertJoannes CodyJ.J. Bresnihan  
CoffeyHelena MariaF27 May 18846 June 1884Maria DurkinJoannes CoffeyElizabetha CoffeyGulielmus CoffeyD.J. Curran  
ConsedineHelena GratiaF8 Oct 188828 Oct 1888Brigitta AgnesLaurentius ConsedineMaria ConsedineMarcus HaiveD.J. Curran  
ConwayJoannesM9 May 190024 May 1900Maria LawlerPetrus ConwayMaia HolmesJoannes LawlerJ.J. Bresnihan Can not read notes on microfilm
ConwayMaria JosephinaF20 March 19035 April 1903Maria LawlerPetrus ConwayMaria J. ConwayCornelius ConwayJ.J. Bresnihan  
CooleyLilliana AugustaFNov 188612 Dec 1886Eliza SheanCarolus CooleyCatharina McDonnellgulielmus McDonnellD.J. Curran  
CrissyVerny IreneaF18 Jan 188628 March 1886Elizabetha SnyderBurt Joannes CrissyHarietta DalyJacobus DalyD.J. Curran  
CunninghamAnna StellaF22 Oct 187711 Nov 1877Anna McDermottThomas CunninghamMaria SeanlonMarcus CunninghamG. Morrin  
CunninghamElizabetha AgnesF26 Feb 18829 April 1882Anna McDermottThomas CunninghamAgnes McDermottPatritius McDermottAngelo Lugers  
CunninghamEmmaF??? 18732 Nov 1873Brigitta FinneganAndrea CunninghamMaria DowdMichael LawerMulheron  
CunninghamFranciscus GualteriusM8 Jan 188712 Feb 1887Emma McDermottThoas CunninghamMaria Green Franciscus KerwinD.J. Curran  
CunninghamGulielmusM15 May 187223 June 1872Brigida FinneganAndrea CunninghamMaria LemmonJacobus KeenanCarolus J. Tully  
CunninghamJacobus AlfredM21 Sept 188413 Oct 1884Anna McDermottThomas CunninghamElizabetha McDermottMartinus GrahamD.J. Curran  
CunninghamLudovicus ThomasM27 Jan 18806 March 1880Anna McDermottThomas CunninghamMaria McDermottPatritius McDermottG. Morrin  
CunninghamMaria IsabellaF26 Dec 187416 Jan 1875Anna McDermottThomasMargarita BrownFranciscus McDermottG. Morrin  
CunninghamMichaelM8 May 187012 Jun 1870Birgitta FinneganAndrea CunninghamMaria BrideMichael FaheyWilliam Purcell  
CunninghamPercy LudovicusM5 Aug 188913 Oct 1889Emma KarneyMartimus CunninghamBelle CunninghamFranciscus KevinD.J. Curran  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
De BergerCarolusM30 Aug 18846 Sept 1884Lena HarmonWendell De BergerMaria De BergerGeorgius De BergerD.J. Curran  
De BergerWendallMUnknown 18805 Sept 1880Lena HarmonWendell De BergerJosephur De BergerMario De BergerW. Trumper  
DeBergerAnna LouisaF9 Oct 188630 Oct 1886Joanna HarmonWendel DeBergerD KatesDavid KatesD.J. Curran  
DeBergerFlorentia BirgittaF5 Nov 18951 Dec 1895Maria HendricksJoannes DeBergerD. PetersCarous PetersD.J. Curran  
DebergerGeorgiusM23 Oct 187629 Oct 1876Maria LaneyWendall DebergerMaria Anna DebergerPetrus De BergerG. Morrin  
DeBergerGeorgius LeoM10 March 189531 March 1895Joanna HarmonPetrus DeBergerJoanna DeBergerGeorgius DeBergerD.J. Curran  
DebergerIsabella JoannaF11 Nov 187817 Nov 1878Lena HarmonWendell DebergerElizabetha KaessCarolus PetersG. Morrin  
DeBergerMaria JosephinaF24 Nov 189014 Dec 1890Maria HendricksJoannes DeBergerMargarita BradyDionipius HendricksD.J. Curran  
DermiodyMariannaF5 March 187217 March 1872Maria CarcanenThomas DermiodyMaria DermiodyPhilippus WellA. Bariff  
DermodyCarolus EdwinM28 July 190210 Aug 1902Martha WeldonRicardus DermodyJoanna MartinCarolus WeldonJ.J. Bresnihan Married July 27, 1950 to, can not read, at St. Joe, Spencerport, NY
DermodyFranciscus JoannesM5 Jan 19004 Feb 1900Martha WeldonRicardus DermodyRosa LeeJoannes WeldonJ.J. Bresnihan  
DermodyJosephus PaulusM16 Oct 19097 Nov 1909Theresa McDermottRicardus P. DermodyAnna McDermottMathaeus RellyJ.J. Bresnihan  
DermodyLeo MichaelM3 June 190526 June 1905Martha WeldonRicardus DermodyMargarita DermodyThomas GreenJ.J. Bresnihan  
DermodyMargarita RuthF3 March 18992 April 1899Carolina KellyMathaeus DermodyAnna KellyThomas DermodyD.J. Curran  
DermodyMathaeusM24 Feb 187428 Feb 1874Maria CorcoranThomas DermodyMargarita KellyPatricius CorcoranGulielmus  
DeryAlexander AugustusM28 Jan 188515 Jan 1887Euplelia FrazierHubert DeryMaria GreenNoneD.J. Curran  
DeryMaria EvalinaF28 May 188115 Jan 1887Euplelia FrazierHubert DeryCatharina O'BrienNoneD.J. Curran  
DiebergerClevelandMUnknownUnknownJoanna HarrisonPetrus DiebergerNoneNoneD.J. Curran  
DiskinMariaF6 Aug 186929 Aug 1869Birgitta WeldonMichael Diskinmaria BodettePatritius WeldonWilliam Purcell  
DiskinNo name?11 Aug 1874`23 Aug 1874Brigitta WeldonMichael DiskinMarcella WeldonMichael SheridanGulielmus Morrin  
DobbinAgnesF29 Dec 18782 June 1879Rosa DuffyHenricus DobbinCatharina DuffyAlbertus KatesG. Morrin  
DoreyJacobus GulielmusM12 May 188030 May 1880Anna McCourtJacobus Dorey Joannes McCormackGulielmus Morrin  
DornCatharinaF8 Jun 18695 Dec 1869Catharina ErbackDaniel DornCatharina GilweilerBaltazzar DornWilliam Purcell  
DornMichael JacobusM24 March 188014 April 1880Joanna GoughMichael DornRosa GoughJacobus GoughGulielmus Morrin  
DoxtaterClara IrenaF25 July 188228 July 1882Catharina LynchAdelbertus DoxtaterJulis O.ConnellEduardus KinnedAngelo Lugers  
DoxtaterEugeniusM25 March 188625 April 1886Catharina LynchAdebbertius DoxtaterChristina BreartonNoneD.J. Curran  
DoxtaterGregoriusMNo month 18971897Catharina LynchAdelbertus DoxtaterLulu BodetteEugenius DoxtaterD.J. Curran  
DuffCatharina RuthF5 Sept 190722 Sept 1907Maria BrutonEdwinus DuffRosa KennedyHenricus DuffJ.J. Bresnihan  
DuffFranciscus HaroldusM26 Aug 190510 Sept 1905Maria BrutonEdwin DuffHelena Rosa BradyJoannes BrutonJ.J. Bresnihan Must see notes on microfilm, I can not read.
DuffGeorgius B,.M15 Oct 19081 Nov 1908Maria BrutonEdwinus DuffDuff Joannes DuffJ.J. Bresnihan  
DuffGeorgius B.M15 Oct 19081 Nov 1908Maria BrutonEduinus DuffDa J. DuffJoannes DuffJ.J. Bresnihan  
DuffMargaritaF14 Dec 19092 Jan 1910Maria BrutonEdwinus DuffD J. LawrenceMichael J. BrutonJ.J. Bresnihan  
DuffMargarita Agnes MaryF7 Sept 190614 Oct 1906Maria BrutonEdwiners DuffCatharina DuffJacobus DuffJ.J. Bresnihan  
Duffy Julia RosaF27 June 188911 Aug 1889Birgitta PurcellJacobus DuffyCatharina Kelly None D.J. Curran  
DuffyMaria BrigittaF24 Feb 187426 April 1874Catharina ComptonJoannes DuffyCatharina DuffyMilus WardGulielmus  
DuffyCarolus HenricusM17 Nov 18755 Dec 1875Catharina ComptonJoannes DuffyAnna DuffyPatricius DuffyG. Morrin  
DunlayAnna ElizabethaF9 March 18804 April 1880Rosanna SteeleGulielmus DunlayMargarita KainThomas KeenanGulielmus Morrin  
DunlayGulielmus FranciscusM6 May 188628 June 1886Rosanna SteeleGulielmus DunlayMaria Anna KaneDanielis KaneD.J. Curran  
DunlayMariaF4 April 188425 May 1884Maria KinehGulielmus DunlayAbbey GreenFranciscus DowdD.J. Curran  
DunleyEugenius BennettM18 Oct 18888 Dec 1888Rosanna SteeleGulielmus DunleyMaria KeenanMichael MorrisonD.J. Curran  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
EllisJoannesM2 Oct 18754 Dec 1875Maria BerryGilbertius EllisMaria McGivernHugo McGivernG. Morrin
EllisMariaF11 March 18786 April 1878Maria BerryJoannes Gilbert EllisMargarita GlynnGulielmus GlynnG. Morrin
EvansJoannes?2 Oct 187210 Nov 1872Margaret CalleryDavid EvansMaria CalleryJacobus CalleryMiller


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
FaileyGulielmusF16 Feb 188113 March 1881Maria HoakDionysius FaileyMaria Eliza SheehanGulielmus FaileyGulielmus Morrin  
FayCarolus NelsonM21 Jan 188529 March 1885Maria BodetteGulielmus FayLydia BodetteElijah BodetteD.J. Curran  
FoleyJacobusM25 April 1897May 1899Maria KeenanJacobusMaria BradyThomas DermodyD.J. Curran Can not read notes on microfilm
FoleyPaulus ElmerM29 July 188920 Jan 1884Maria HoakDionysius FoleyDa SheanPaulus SheanD.J. Curran  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
GarraghanFranciscusM6 Nov 187612 Nov 1876Ellena DruryGulielmus GarraghanMargarita DruryPatritius DruryG. Morrin
GermanMariaF15 Aug 188125 Sept 1881Margaret DoreyChristopherus GermanEllena KeenanHomer GermanAngelo Lugers
GilbertAnna EllisF16 Oct 18736 Dec 1873Maria BerryJoannes GilbertAnna McGivernHugo GarrighanMulheron
GilbertMargarita HelenaF17 Sept 18808 Oct 1880Maria BerryJoannes GilbertMaria GlynnGulielmus McgivernGulielmus Morrin
GileveilerGeorgiusM23 Jul 186929 Aug 1869Margarita MilhausMichael GileveilerCatharina DornGeorgius BerleWilliam Purcell
GilyeilerMagdalina CatharinaF12 March 187313 April 1873Margarita MuhehanMichael GilyeilerDomina DornBalthazar DornM.M. Meagher
GoffEmma ElizabethaF25 April 189018 May 1890Margarita McIntyreJoannes GoffD. McIntyreJacobus McIntyreD.J.Curran
GoffMaria ElizabethaF1 Nov 188430 Nov 1884Elizabetha HaleyJacobus GoffD Patritius GoffPatritius GoffD.J. Curran
GoffAnna DeliaF25 April 189018 May 1890Margarita McIntyreJoannes GoffD., SheridanSheridanD.J. Curran
Goffno name 3 Dec 188221 Jan 1883Rosa FarnamJacobus GoffMarcella FarnamPatritius GoffD. J. Curran
GooughCarolina AgnesF30 May 18868 June 1886rosanna FarnamJacobus GoughEmma JarmanJacobus TimmonsD.J. Curran
GoughFranciscus CarrollM3 June 189621 June 1896Maria StonePatritius GoughMargarita TraversEduardus GoughD.J. Curran
GoughRosa HelenaF29 Sept 18876 Nov 1887Rosa FarnamJacobus GoughElizabetha CunninghamGeorgius GahanD.J. Curran
GraneyMaria CatharinaF10 April 190121 April 1901Maria E. FruitePatritius GraneyD. CatharinaKinsellaJ.J. Bresnihan
GrearLillian AgnesF6 Oct 19082 Oct 1910Hannah DunlayJacobus GrearRosa DunlayGulielmus DunlayJ.J. Bresnihan
GrearRosannaF5 Nov 191024 Dec 1910Hannah DunlayJacobus GrearD Rosa DunlayEugenius DunlayJ.J. Bresnihan
GreenCatharina MargaritaF4 Feb 190215 Feb 1902Margarita DermodyThomas GreenNoneThomas CareyJ.J. Bresnihan
GreenMaria CatharinaF21 April 19048 May 1904Margarita DermodyThomas GreenMartha WeldonRicardus DermodyJ.J. Bresnihan
GreenNorman FranciscusM5 Aug 189727 Aug 1897Margarita DemodyThomas GreenMaria DermodyMathaeus Dermody D.J. Curran
GreenDorris TheresaF1 Feb 190025 Feb 1900Margarita DermodyThomas F. GreenCatharina DermodyThomas DermodyJ.J. Bresnihan
GrowneyJoannes H.M10 Nov 190423 Nov 1904Julia HartThomas GrowneyMaria HartPatritius GrowneyJ.J. Bresnihan


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
HahnFranicseus HuronymusM12 May 188627 June 1886Maria McDonaldJoannes HahnCatharina McDonaldGulielmus McDonaldD.J. Curran
HarmanJoannaFn/l 185919 Feb 1882Not listedNot listedMaria De BergerGeorgius De BergerAngelo Lugers
HassittRicardus MartinusM8 Nov 188823 Nov 1888Maria CodyJoannes HassittMargarita CodyThomas CodyD.J. Curran


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
JachettaPetrusM22 Feb 190611 March 1906Maria MignonaJosephus JachettaA. May PalmerTimotheus SextonJ.J. Bresnihan
JacobsAbigail AnnF17 July 188615 Aug 1886Maria GeeringMarcus JacobsLibbie ErnishFranciscus ErnishD.J. Curran
JacobsAndreas ChristopherusM26 July 18849 Nov 1884Maria GeeringMarcus JacobsAbbey GeeringChristopherus GeeringD.J. Curran
JacobsBertha HelenaF6 June 18878 Oct 1887Margarita LongFranciscus JacobsHelena SmithJoannes LongD. J. Curran
JacobsFranciscusM2 Feb 188427 April 1884Maria KinchAdam JacobsAbbey GreenGeorgius KinchD.J. Curran
JacobsLouisa IdaF23 May 18791 June 1879Maria GearingMarcus JacobsElizabetha GearingHenricus GearingG. Morrin
JacobsEduardusM26 April 188214 May 1882Maria GearingMarcus JacobsMaria JacobsAdam JacobsAngelo Lugers
JacobusGeorgiusM19 Sept 18819 Oct 1881Maria KelshAdam JacobsMaria JacobsMarcus JacobsAngelo Lugers
JonesEduardusM25 July 189715 Aug 1897Hanna MeagherEduardus JonesAnna KellyChristopherus MeagherD.J. Curran
JonesGualterius EduardusM24 July 189528 July 1895Hannah MaherEduardus JonesMaria KellyGualterius MaherD.J. Curran
JonesJoannesM23 Feb 190131 March 1901Hanna MeagherEduardus JonesMaria McBurneyCarolus McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan
JonesAnnaF19 March 189916 April 1899Hannah MaherEduardus JonesMaria GrowneyThomas GrowneyD.J. Curran
JonesFlorentia CatharinaF16 March 190819 April 1908Hanora MeagherEduardus JonesMaria M. O'BrienJoannes F. SheridanJ.J. Bresnihan
JonesMaria J.F18 Sept 19055 Oct 1905Hanorah MaherEduardus JonesAnna GrowneyFelix GrowneyJ.J. Bresnihan
JoslynSusanna Maria AnnaF7 Nov 188223 Jan 1883Maria DuffGulielmus JoslynFrancisca BerleThomas DuffD.J. Curran
JoslynTheresa MariaF1 Nov 18807 Feb 1881Maria Anna DuffGulielmus Henricus JoslynMaria WardJoannes WardGulielmus Morrin


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
KatesAgnes EvalinaF29 Jan 189919 Feb 1899Maria BradyFredericus KatesAgnes BradyJosephus McQuireD.J. Curran  
KatesAnna BerniciaF24 Oct 189615 Nov 1896Maria BradyFredericus KatesAdelaida BradyJoannes BradyD.J. Curran  
KatesCarolus DavidM9 Sept 188012 Sept 1880Anna Gough Carolus KatesLouisa GoughAlbertus KatesGulielmus Morrin  
KatesDorine AdelaideF10 Aug 19002 Sept 1900Maria BradyFredericus KatesD. J. BradyJacobus BradyJ.J. Bresnihan  
KatesEdna CaeciliaF30 March 18902 April 1890Maria SheanDavid KatesMaria KatesFredericus KatesD.J. Curran  
KatesElizabetha DeliaF11 Sept 188322 Sept 1883Maria De BergerCarolus KatesElizabetha KaersGeorgiusD.J. Curran  
KatesEmmett JosephusM8 July 190431 July 1904Maria BradyFredericus KatesMaria BradyAndreas CunninghamJ.J. BresnihanSufflevi caeremonias
KatesJulia CarlottaF28 May 190617 June 1906Maria BradyFredericus KatesAgnes BradyDavid KatesJ.J. Bresnihan Must see notes on microfilm
KatesMonicaF28 Dec 190817 Jan 1909Maria BradyFedericusH. CunninghamAndrea CunninghamJ.J. Bresnihan  
KatesMonicaF28 Dec 190817 Jan 1909Maria BradyFredericus V. KatesH. CunninghamAndreas Cunningham J.J. Bresnihan  
KatesFredericus HulbertusM29 Dec 190218 Jan 1903Maria BradyFredericus KatesEdna KatesCarolus BrutonJ.J. Bresnihan  
KatesRhea MargaritaF19 May 189112 July 1891Maria BradyFredericus KatesAnna BradyJoannes BradyD.J. Curran  
KeefeHelenaF1 April 18713 Sept 1871Maria DukeGulielmus KeefeMargarita HanlyEduardus HanlyJacobus F. O'Hare  
KeenanAndrea EdwinusM24 Nocv 188823 Dec 1888Maria CunnninghamJacobus KeenanEmma CunninghamThomas KeenanD.J. Curran  
KeenanAnna BellaF1 Oct 18909 Nov 1890Maria LemmonJoannes KeenanD. KeenanGeorgius KeenanD.J. Curran  
KeenanCarolus Eduardusm14 Oct 187916 Nov 1879Maria LemmonJoannes KeenanCatharina CunninghamLorenzo LemmonG. Morrin  
KeenanCatharinaF15 Dec 188531 Jan 1886Ellena DunlayGeorgius KeenanMargarita DuffLorenzo Lemmon Sr.D.J. Curran  
KeenanCatharina AnnaF3 March 18838 April 1883Maria LanserPatritius KeenanAnna LanserJacobus BrownD.J. Curran  
KeenanEduardusM14 Jan 187719 Feb 1877Maria LancerPatritius KeenanCatharina LancerJoannes JonesG. Morrin  
KeenanEduardus StephanusM2 Jan 18789 Feb 1878Helena DunlayGeorgius KeenanRosanna DunlayFelix HanlonG. Morrin  
KeenanEvalina MargaritaF3 March 188430 March 1884Ellena DunlayGeorgius KeenanEliza SheanJoannes BrutonD.J. Curran  
KeenanFranciscus JacobusM14 Sept 188010 Oct 1880Helena DunlayGeorgius KeenanJoanna RobinsonMathaeus GlennGulielmus Morrin  
KeenanFredericiusM7 July 188312 Aug 1883MariaJacobus KeenanBrigittaJoannes CunninghamD.J. Curran  
KeenanGeorgiusM14 July 18748 Aug 1874Helena DunlayGeorgius KeenanElizabetha RobisonJacobu BrittonGulielmus  
KeenanGulielmus FranciscusM20 Dec 1878 27 Jan 1879Maria LancerPatritius KeenanJoanna Brownthomas LancerG. Morrin  
KeenanGulielmus PatritiusM16 Sept 18786 Oct 1878Maria CunninghamJacobus KeenanLydia CunninghamAndreas CunninghamG. Morrin  
KeenanHelenaF3 Nov 18757 Nov 1875Helena DunlayGeorgius KeenanMari CunninghamJacobus KeenanG. Morrin  
KeenanJoannaF2 Jan 18876 Mar 1887Maria LancerPatricius KeenanElloena KeenanGeorgius KeenanD.J. Curran  
KeenanJoannes AlbertusM11 Jan 188917 Feb 1889Maria LemmonJoannes KeenanCatherina KeenanFelix HanlonD.J. Curran  
KeenanJoannes FranciscusM4 Jan 18786 Feb 1878Maria LemmonJoannes KeenanHarmah DuganThomas KeenanG. Morrin  
KeenanKathalena HelenaF15 Sept 19102 Oct 1910Susana ClarkGeorgius KeenanCatharina I. KeenanJacobus F. BradyJ.J. Bresnihan  
KeenanLea GeorgiusM20 June 1891July 1891Maria CunninghamJacobus KeenanKeenanThomas KeenanD.J. Curran  
KeenanLorenzoM29 Aug 18766 Sept 1876Maia LemmonJoannes KeenanCharlotta LemmonJoannes LemmonG. Morrin  
KeenanLudovicus AllenM19 Aug 189916 Sept 1899Maria CunninghamJacobus KeenanJoanna CunninghamAndreas CunninghamJ.J. Bresnihan  
KeenanLudovicus VincentiusM28 March 18913 May 1891Maria GreenThomas KeenanMargarita GreenGeorgius HanlonD.J. Curran  
KeenanMariaF12 March 188110 April 1881Maria LemmonJoannes KeenanMaria DowdFranciscus DowdG. Morrin  
KeenanMariaF8 April 187116 April 1871Helena DunlayGeorgius KeenanSara DunlayJoannes KeenanJacobus F. O'Hare  
KeenanMaria ElizabethaF24 Oct 188021 Nov 1880Maria CunninghamJacobus KeenanMaria HendrickStephanus ConnorGulielmus Morrin  
KeenanMaria EllenaF15 May 187527 May 1875Maria LancerPatritius KeenanJoanna McCormadJoannes McCormadG. Morrin  
KeenanPatritiusM22 Feb 188127 March 1881Maria LancerPatritius KeenanCatharina MarionEduardus MarionGuilielmus Morrin  
KeenanAgnesF11 July 18906 Aug 1890Maria LancerPatricius KeenanMaria Keenanthomas KeenanD.J. Curran  
KeenanThomas FranciscusM5 Oct 189615 Nov 1896Maria GreenThomas KeenanD. J. KeenanGeorgius KeenanD.J. Curran  
KellyAnna AdelaideF14 April 188517 May 1885Catherina DuffyBenjamin KellyMaria BradyPatricius Duffy D.J. Curran  
KellyAnna CarolinaF25 Jan 18741 Feb 1874Margarita ReillyGulielmus KellyCatharina KellyBernardus KellyMulheron  
KellyBenjamin JoannesM14 July 189010 Aug 1890Catharina Duffybenjamin KellyAnna DuffyJacobus TaylorD.J. Curran  
KellyCatharinaF29 Sept 18876 Nov 1887Catharina DuffyBenjmin KellyJoanna EdwardsJacobus Duffy D.J. Curran  
KellyCatharina MargaitaF21 Nov 190827 Dec 1908Anna McDermottMathaeus KellyElizabetha McDermottFaurentius McDermottJ.J. BresnihanMust see microfilm for notes
KellyCatharina MargaritaF21 Nov 190827 Dec 1908Anna McDermottMathaeus KellyElizabetha McDermottLaurentius McDermottJ.J. Bresnihan  
KellyGulielmus EduardusM15 April 19072 Masy 1907Anna McDermottMathaeus KellyTeresa C. McDermottFranciscus McDermottJ.J. BresnihanMust see notes on microfilm
KellyMargaritaF14 Feb 187218 Feb 1872Margarita ReillyGulielmus KellyEllena reillyJacobus McDermottA. Bariff  
KellyMariaF17 Sept 18711 Oct 1871Catharina DermodyBernardus KellyMargarita McCartneyMichael ConlanJacobus F. O'Hare  
KellyMaria ElizabethaF10 Oct 190530 Oct 1905Anna McDermottMathaeus KellyNoneNoneJ.J. Bresnihan  
KellyRaymundus FarrelM15 Aug 187131 Aug 1879Margarita ReillyGulielmus KellyCatharina KellyThomas KellyG. Morrin  
KellyRosa HarriettaF14 April 188517 May 1885Catherina DuffyBenjamin KellyRosa DuffyJoannes DuffyD.J. Curran  
KressLavina MagdalenaF8 Oct 188413 Oct 1884Lena De BergerJacobus KressMaria CaseJoannes KressD.J. Curran  
KrigelJoannes CasparM15 May 187925 May 1879Elizabetha KaeesPhikippus KrigelMaria Anna DebergerJosephus KaeesG. Morrin  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
LawlerHelena MariaF31 Jan 19015 Feb 1901Maria JonesJacobus LawlerElizabetha LawlerJoannes LawlerJ.J. Bresnihan  
LawlerJosephus AlbertusM29 Aug 18909 Nov 1890Maria JonesJacobus LawlerRosa Dunlaygulielmus DunlayD.J. Curran  
LawlerLeslie RobertusM5 June 189826 June 1898Maria JonesJacobus LawlerElizabetha SheanJoannes JonesD.J. Curran  
LawlerMartinusM26 Feb 189626 April 1896Maria JonesJacobus LawlerRosa BerleJoannes WattersonD.J. Curran  
LawlerPatritiusM20 Feb 190410 April 1904Maria JonesLawler JacobusAnnetta DeBergerThomas WelchJ.J. Bresnihan  
LawrenceGratia MariaF11 Dec 188531 Jan 1886Teresas DuffGulielmus LawrenceD KeenanGeorgius KeenanD.J. Curran  
LawrenceMargaritaF4 March 188414 April 1884Teresa DuffGulielmus LawrenceMaria WardJoannes WardD.J. Curran  
LemmonMargarita Dolores LorettaF24 Sept 18901890Lillia TimmonsJoannes LemmonD TimmonsJacobus TimmonsD.J. Curran  
LetaJosephenaF14 March 190826 July 1908Francesca MuscardPillippus LetaJosephina GeracciVincentius LetaJ.J. Bresnihan  
LetaRosinaF27 July1908Josephina GeraccaVincentius LetaRosalina MaggisFilippa BasileJ.J. Bresnihan  
LetaCroce 29 May 190617 June 1906Josephina GeracciVincentius LetaRosalina MaggioFelippe BasilaJ.J. Bresnihan  
LetaJosephinaF14 March 190826 July 1908Francesca MuscardPhillippus LetaJosephina GeracciVincentius LetaJ.J. Bresnihan  
LettaLouisaF15 Apr 187012 Jun 1870Barbara AspenleiterJames LettaLouisa BerleThomas Ki ngWilliam Purcell  
LewisBertrandrusM25 Dec 188129 Jan 1882Lilia ButleyFredericus LewisMargarita ButleyPetrus ButleyAngelo Lugers  
LibettiFranacaes 1 June 190821 June 198Pasaia PringiAntoncini LebettiNoneJosephus YachettaJ.J. Bresnihan  
LiebeckLaiva LouisaF19 April 19028 June 1902Teresa GeilFranciscius LiebeckJulia ConroyFarrell BradyJ.J. BresnihanNotes on microfilm, but can not read.
LiebeckOtto AntoniusM31 Jan 189916 April 1899Teresa GeilFranciscus LiebeckAnna McDermottJosephus BradyD.J. Curran  
LynchJacobus PatriciusM15 Feb 18787 April 1878Maria FlanneryMichael LynchCatharina DuffyAndreas CunninghamG. Morrin  
LynchJosephus LaurentiusM15 Oct 187011 Dec 1870Maria FlanneryMichael LynchMaria BodetteJoannes KeenanJacobus F. O'Hare  
LynchMargarita AgnesF27 Feb 18754 April 1875Maria FlanneryMichael LynchMaria CunninghamJoannes MurrayG. Morrin  
LynchMichaelM11 Jan 187313 April 1873Maria FlanneryMichael LynchMargarita FlanneryFelix HanlonM. M. Meagher  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
MaherChristopherusM29 Dec 187516 Jan 1876Birgitta MackinJoannes MaherCatharina O'BrienMichael O'Brien`G. Morrin  
MaherGualterius JosephusM22 April 187311 May 1873Brigitta MakinJoannes MaherMargarita GreenPetrus GreenM.M. Meagher  
MananaRosissaF22 Feb 19081 March 1908Angela FrisoneGugliando MananaJulia PanzarellaMarcellus PanzarellaJ.J. Bresnihan  
MartinCarolus HerricusM18 Nov 188414 Dec 1884Elizabetha HaleyJoannes MartinJoanna McEvoyPatritius McEvoyD.J. Curran  
MartinCatharina LouisaF4 July 188312 Aug 1883Elizabetha HaleyJoannes MartinElizabetha HaleyJoannes HaleyD.J. Curran  
MartinEduardus Jacobusm31 Aug 189513 Oct 1895Elizabetha HaleyJoannes MartinElla SheridanFranciscus SheridanD.J. Curran  
MartinElizabetha AnnaF9 Sept 18905 Oct 1890Elizabetha HaleyJoannes MartinD. MartinJacobus MartinD.J. Curran  
Mc InteeMargarita JoannaF14 Jun187026 Jun 1870Julia SullivanMichael Mc InteeCatharina WelshThomas WelshWilliam Purcell  
Mc IntyreEmeliaF1 Oct 186924 Oct 1869Eatharina Mc DermottJames Mc IntyreHelena HealeyJames Mc DermottWilliam Purcell  
McBrideLillia AnnaF29 Sept 18876 Nov 1887M.J.ButterlyStephamus McBrideMargarita ButterlyJacobus BradyD.J. Curran  
McBurneyCarolus ThomasM22 Feb 187920 March 1879Margarita BrittonJoannes McBurneyJoanna MaherEduardus JonesG. Morrin  
McBurneyJacobusM17 Jan 18833 March 1883Margarita BrittonJoannes McBurneyCatharina KawnaghJacobus MaherD.J. Curran  
McBurneyJoannesM3 March 18833 March 1883Margarita BrutonJoannes McBurneyCatharina KavanaghJacobus MakerG. Morrin  
McBurneyMargarita TeresaF31 Aug 188014 Sept 1880Margarita BrittonJoannes McBurneyRosa JonesJoannes JonesGulielmus Morrin  
McBurneyMaria AgnesF31 Aug 188014 Sept 1880Margarita BrittonJoannes McBurneyMaria FarmerJacobus BrittonGulielmus Morrin  
McCannGeorgius MathaeusM12 Dec 189417 Feb 1895Margarita PriceJoannes McCannNoneR. BreartonD.J. Curran  
McCannMaria CatharinaF23 March 189126 April 1891Margarita PriceJoannes McCannNoneNoneD.J. Curran  
McCormackAnna ApolloniaF5 Jan 18799 Feb 1879Joanna KeenanJoannes McCormackCatharina MarionFranciscus MarionG. Morrin  
McCormackMargaritaF3 Nov 18805 Dec 1880Joanna KeenanJoannes McCormackMargarita Elizabetha GroconeyMichael BreslinGulielmus Morin  
McCormickCatharina AgnesF5 April 187715 April 1877Joanna KeenanJoannes McCormickAnna GroroneyJoannes BreslinG. Morrin  
McCormickJoannesM4 June 189029 June 1890Joanna KeenanJoannes McCormickB. DoreyEugenius BreslinD.J. Curran  
McCormickPatritiusM25 Feb 18832 April 1883Joanna KeenanJoannes McCormickMaria KeenanFelix HanlonD.J. Curran  
McDermottAnnaF26 Jan 188113 Feb 1881Maria McIntyreJacobus McDermottJulia BradyFarrell BradyGulielmus Morrin  
McDermottElizabetha F20 July 188312 Aug 1883M. McIntyreJacobus McDermottMaria McDermottPatritius McDermottD. J. Durran  
McDermottFranciscusM13 June 187714 June 1877Maria McIntyreJacobus McDermott Jacobus McIntyreG. Morrin  
McDermottJacobus LaurentiusM5 Aug 189024 Aug 1890Maria McIntyreJacobus McDermottD. KellyGulielmus KellyD.J. Curran  
McDermottMaria EllenaF31 March 188625 April 1886Maria McIntyreJacobus McDermottEmma McIntyreTruman MulheronD.J. Curran  
McDermottTeresaF9 May 187424 May 1874Maria McIntyreJacobus McDermottLouisa BerleJoannes BrennanGulielmus  
McDonaldArthur HenricusM11 March 18906 April 1890Maria Anna ShaneGeorgius McDonaldRosa BerleFranciscus DoreyD.J. Curran  
McDonaldJacobus CarolusM21 Aug 18878 Oct 1887Maria Anna McSheanGeorgius McDonaldMaria Berle`Josephus BerleD.J. Curran  
McDonnellEduardusM6 May 19004 Oct 1906Harrietta RenonfEduardus McDonnellNoneD. Joannes McKenzieJ.J. Bresnihan  
McDonnellJosephusM8 Oct 18721 Aug 1873Elizabeth McDonnellJesse McDonnellAnna BodetteNelson F. BodetteMulheron  
McEvoyGeorgius MM21 Oct 19071 Nov 1907Anna CodyJoannes McEvoyRuth CodyRicardus HassittJ.J. Bresnihan  
McEvoyGulielmus ArteriusM11 Oct 190127 Oct 1901Anna CodyJoannes McEvoyMargarita HaaittJoannes HassittJ.J. Bresnihan  
McEvoyPetrus ErvingM23 May 19006 June 1900Anna CodyJoannes McEvoyElizabetha McEvoyPetrus CodyJ.J. Bresnihan Can not read notes on microfilm
McGinnisThomasM20 April 187114 May 1871Christina BridePetrus McGinnisCatharina MeathEugenius FaheyJacobus F. O'Hare  
McGivernAnnaF21 July 18707 Aug 1870AunarckGulielmus McgivernMaria BerryHugo McSheanJacobus F. O'Hare  
McGivernCatharina AgnesF2 April 187712 May 1877Anna McLaughlinGulielmus McGivernMaria FoleyTimotheus FoleyG. Morrin  
McGivernDanielM5 Jan 187514 Jan 1875Joanna KehoeJoannes McGivernCatharina DiskinChester RoachG. Morrin  
McGivernElizabethaF22 May 18739 June 1873Anna McLoughlinGulielmus McGivernJoanna McGivernPatritius LawlessM.M. Meagher  
McGivernGeorgiusM25 June 187528 June 1875Alicia McGivernEduardus McGivernJoanna McGivernLorenzo LemmonG. Morrin  
McGivernJacobusM3 April 187915 May 1879Joanna KehoeJoannes McGivernEliza TimmonsJoannes MulcairnG. Morrin  
McGivernJacobusM3 Oct 187524 Oct 1875McLaughlinGulielmus McGivernRosa DeskinEduardus DeskinG. Morrin  
McGivernJulia AgnesF24 Jan 187724 Jan 1877-4 March 1877Joanna KehoeJoannes McGivernMaria Anna GreenThomas LawlessG. MorrinTwo dates for baptism.
McGivernLouisaF25 Sept 187227 Oct 1872Joanna KelhsJoannes McGivernLouisa McGivernJacobus McShaneMiller  
McGovernAnna HelenaF16 Aug 188012 Sept 1880Elizabetha CunninghamPatricius McGovernCatharina LynchAndreas CunninghamGulielmus Morrin  
McGovernFlorentia BrigittaF3 July 188415 Aug 1884Elizabetha CunninghamPatritius McGovernEmma CunninghamJoannes MurrayD.J. Curran  
McGovernJoannes BernardusM24 Aug. 188210 Sept 1882El;izabetha CunninghamPatritius McGovernJoanna CunninghamThomas KeenanD.J. Curran  
McGovernMaria JoannaF21 Sept 18786 Oct 1878Elizabetha CunninghamPatritius McgovernBrigitta CunninghamJacobus CunninghamG. Morrin  
McIntyreAgnesF3 Sept 187512 Sept 1875Catharina McDermottJacobus McIntyreMargarita SheehanPaulus SheehanG. Morrin  
McIntyreCatharina AnnaF3 Sept 187110 sept 1871Catharina McDermottJacobus McIntyreLouisa BerlePetritius McDermottJacobus F.O'Hare  
McIntyreFranciscusM16 Sept 187723 Sept 1877Catharina McDermottJacobus McIntyreMaria Elizabetha SheehanJacobus KellyG. Morrin  
McIntyreJacobusM25 July 187317 Aug 1873Catharina McDermottJacobus McIntyreMaria BodetteMichael RatiganMulheron  
McIntyreGulielmus JoannesM28 Feb 18807 March 1880Catharina McDermottJacobus McIntyreHannah DughanMichael ShehamG. Morrin  
MerkMaria CatharinaF25 July 188312 Aug 1882Rosa RemusJoannes MerkTeresa MerkFranciscius HarterD.J. Curran  
MillerCatharinaF12 Dec 18712 Jan 1898Carolina BrillAndreas MillerNoneD.J. CurranD.J. Curran Neo conversa conditional baptizatar
MillerHelena DorothoeaF30 July 190718 Aug 1907Maria FayWallace MillerCatharina KellyJoannes E. KellyJ.J. Bresnihan  
MillerLanis JosephusM24 May 18866 June 1886Lena MerkLeopaldus MillerMaria MerkJacobus MerkD.J. Curran  
MillerThomas Roy GarfieldM1 March 190527 March 1887Maria FahyWallace MillerNoneNoneD.J. Curran  
MillerMariaF25 March 18916 May 1891Maria FayWallace MillerNoneNoneD.J. Curran  
MoulthroupMaria LudovicsF14 Oct 187725 Nov 1877Emma CainLorenzo MoulthroupCatharina LynchLorenzo LemmonG. Morrin  
MoulthroupSusanna MargaritaF7 Nov 18797 Dec 1879Emma CainLorenzo MoulthroupSusanna FreemanJacobus FreemanG. Morrin  
MulcairnMargarita AnnF17 Aug 186929 Aug 1869Maria HolmesPeter MulcairnL. BodetteNelson BodetteWilliam Purcell  
MulherinSara AnnF12 July 187123 July 1871Sara KellyJoannes Mulherin Petrus MulherinJacobus F. O'Hare  
MulottAugustusM3 Oct 187210 Nov 1872Maria CainAugustus MulottMaria Anna CainDaniel CainMiller  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
O'NeillJoannaF28 June 18748 Aug 1874Catharina LynchJacobus O'NeillMargarita ShehanPaulus ShehanGulielmus
O'NeillMariannaF3 March 187311 May 1873Catharina LynchJacobus O'NeillMargarita O'BrienJacobus BrattonM.M. Meagher


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
PalmerJosephus FredericusM2 Feb 189023 Feb 1890Barbara AspenleiterJosephus PalmerFrancisca AspenleiterFredericus AspenleiterD.J. Curran  
PetersClara AmeliaF30 May 189015 June 1890Maria DeBergerCarolus PetersMaria ShurePetrus KregleD.J. Curran  
PetersEvaF24 Dec 188026 Dec 1880Maria De BergerCarolus PetersHelena De BergerGeorgius De BergerGulielmus Morrin  
PetersLucinda CatharinaF16 Jeb 190117 March 1901Maria A. DeBergerCaarolus PetersLavina PetersAugustus MyersJ.J. Bresnihan There are notes on microfilm about marriage, but can't read it too well.
PetersWania CeciliaF5 June 188817 June 1888Maria DiebergerCarolus PetersElizabetha SchurJoannes SchurD.J. Curran  
PocockCarlotta MariaF13 Oct 19073 Nov 1907Margarita McburneyThomas PocockRosa SheridanFranciscus SheridanJ.J. Bresnihan  
PocockFlorentiaF28 Oct 190110 Nov 1901Margarita McBurneyThomas PocockMaria EcBurneyJacobus McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan Married in Rochester, July 7, 1948 to J. Quigley
PocockFord BenjaminM20 Jan 190315 March 1903Margarita McBurneyThomas PocockElla SheridanJoannes McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan  
PocockJoannes WilsonM28 Sept 190428 Sept 1904Margarita McBurneyThomas PocockEliza LynchCarolus McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan  
PocockLes FrancisusM11 Feb 190921 March 1909Margarita McBurneythomas PocockAnna McBurneyGualterius McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan Must see microfilm for notes
PocockLes FrancisusM22 Feb 190921 March 1909Margarita McBurneyThomas PocockAnna McBurneyGualterius McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan  
PocockVincentius EarlM19 Oct 190512 Nov 1905Margarita McBurneyThomas PocockAnna McBurneyGulielmus McBurneyJ.J. Bresnihan Must see microfilm for notes
PringiCarolina CroceF8 June 190821 June 1908Gratia GeracciAntoninus PringiNoneLeonarb CiceraJ.J. Bresnihan  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
QuigleyBernardus JosephusM22 April 189617 May 1896Nellie SmithJoannes QuigleyJoanna WeldonJacobus SmithD.J. Curran
QuigleyVincentius JoannesM8 Jan 18986 Feb 1898Ellena SmithJoannes QuigleyMargarita AspenleiterJoannes WeldonD.J. Curran


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
RatiganFranciscusM8 Sept 187326 Oct 1873Brigitta DruryHugo RatiganHelena GarraghanJoannes CodyMulheron
RatiganGulielmusM28 July 187218 August 1872Brigida DruryHugo RatiganCatharina CurvinPatritius RatiganL.I Miller
RatiganJacobus LucasM4 March 188018 April 1880Birgitta DruryHugo RatiganMargarita DruryPatritius DruryGulielmus Morrin
RatiganMaria AnnaF6 Jan 187524 Jan 1874Brigitta DruryHugo RatiganMargarita CodyGulielmus RatiganG. Morrin
RatiganMichaelM27 May 18739 June 1873Helena DruryGulielmus RatiganMaria MulheronPetrus MulheronM.M. Meagher
RatiganRuth AgnesF5 Sept 190820 Sept 1908Eupbesina WitzelLucas RatiganDa J. SchurJoannes SchurJ.J. Bresnihan
ReillyJoannesMMarch 187529 March 1875Catharina BaileyMartinus reillyCatharina BaileyJoannes Jacobus BaileyG. Morrin
ReynoldsGulielmus GeorgiusM18 Sept 188010 Oct 1880Catharina HinesPhilippus ReynoldsMaria JayFedericus BerleGulielmus Morrin
ReynoldsLudovicus FredericusM20 Dec 18857 Feb 1886Catharina HinesPhilippus H. ReynoldsFrancisca BerleFredericus AzanleiterD.J. Curran
ReynoldsMaria IrenaF8 June 187827 June 1878Cathrina HinesPhilippus Henry ReynoldsJoanna GoughGulielmus GoughG. Morrin
RichmondAntoninetteF28 March 188028 April 1880Louisa HallSamuel RichmondJosephine Miller W. Trumper
RichmondMaria LouisaF18 July 18836 Dec 1883Louisa HallSamuel RichmondJosephina Miller D.J. Curran
RoachAlexanderM10 Dec 189825 Jan 1899Maria DuffyEduardus RoachD. Jacobus LawlerJacobus LawlerD.J. Curran
RoycraftFranciscusM18 Jan 188121 Oct 1881Joanna GarganSamuel RoycraftJulia SullivanThomas GarganAngelo Lugers
RyanEdmundus JacobusM7 Sept 18863 Oct 1886Birgitta CoxJacobus RyanD. GilespieUnknownD.J. Curran
RyanJoannes EduardusM19 Nov 188520 Dec 1885Emma WoodJoannes RyanCatharina McDonnellGulielmus McDonnellD.J. Curran
RyanMaria JoannaF8 Sept 188412 Oct 1884Maria WardJoannes RyanElizabetha SheanTruman MulheronD.J. Curran
Ryan  31 Dec 188221 Jan 1883Maria BreartonMichael RyanD SheanPatritius KowanaghD.J. Curran
RyanMaria AnnaF20 Oct 188014 Nov 1880Maria BreartonMichael RyanMargarita RyanLorenzo LemmonGulielmus orrin


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
SextonMaria ElizabethaF11 Feb 190025 Feb 1900Julia WardJoannes SextonD. E. ConnorGulielmus ConnorJ.J. Bresnihan Can not read notes on microfilm
ShannonMaria AliciaF19 Sept 18858 Oct 1885Maria QueigleyJoannes ShannonJoanna QueigleyMichael ShannonD.J. Curran  
SheaJoannes FranciscusM4 Oct 188821 Oct 1888Elizabetha BuckleyJoannes SDheaChristina Brearton Patritius HickeyD.J. Curran  
SheaLaura AnnaF3 Jan 188511 Jan 1885Elizabetha BuckleyJoannes SheaCatharina BuckleyJacobus BuckleyD.J. Curran  
SheridanCatharinaF2 Dec 187914 Dec 1879Margarita WeldonMichael SheridanMargarita GoughGulielmus KellyG. Morrin  
SheridanFranciscusM1 Sept 187229 Sept 1872Margarita WeldonMichael SheridanAnna McDermottPatritius GoffMiller  
SheridanHelenaF3 Feb 187613 Feb 1876Margarita WeldonMichael SheridanBirgitta Diskingulielmus GoffG. Morin  
SheridanMargarita MariaFunknown187419 Feb 1874Margarita WeldonMichael SheridanJoanna GougtPatritus WeldonGulielmus  
SheridanRosa CarlottaF14 Sept 18777 Oct 1877Margarita WeldonMichael SheridanMarcella GoughPhilippus ReyoldsG. Morrin  
SmithMildreda MargaritaF21 Sept 188730 Oct 1887Joanna Bruton Ferdinandus SmithMargarita BrutonMichael BrutonD.J. Curran  
SpitzmesserMaria Helenaf1 March 187117 May 1871Agnes BodetteJoannes SpitzmesserMaria BodetteV. BodetteJacobus F. O'Hare  
SpragueJosephina NormaF20 Oct 190829 Nov 1908Elizabetha CaseNorman spragueDa Carolus PetersCarolus PetersJ.J. Bresnihan  
SpragueJosephina NormaF20 Oct 190829 Nov 1908Elizabetha CaseNorman SpragueCarolus PetersCarolus PetersJ.J. Bresnihan  
SprossFranciscus JoannesM4 June 187210 Nov 1872Philippina HahnJosephus SprossMargarita HinesJoannes DornMiller  
SprossFredericus BaltazzarM22 May 187016 Oct 1870Philippina HahnJosephus SprossCatharina DornJoannes KeenanJacobus F.O'Hare  
SpruceEduardus PhilippusM1 April 187829 July 1878Philippina HannJosephus SpruceRachel BerleGregorius BerleG. Morrin  
SteereGeorgius LeslieM3 March 189718 April 1897Emma McIntyreGulielmus SteereAnna McDermottGulielmus McIntyreD.J. Curran  
SteereJoannesM10 Jan 190222 Jan 1902Ennia McIntyreGulielmus SteereElizabetha McDermottNoneJ.J. Bresnihan  
StewartCatharina JoannaF17 Oct 18781 Jan 1879Maria HackettCarolus StewartMaria McKeonMichael RatiganG. Morrin  
StoneElizabethaF17 July 18707 Aug 1870Anna ReynoldsEduardus StoneCatharina SheridanRieardus SheridanJacobus F. O'Hare  
StoneGulielmusM24 Sept 187229 Sept 1872Anna ReynoldsEduardus StoneLisa TimmonsPhilippus ReillyL. Miller  
SullivanMargaritaF5 Jun 187026 Jun 1870Julia SullivanThomas SullivanCatharina WelshThomas WelshWilliam Purcell  
SullivanMaria LuciaF18 June 189817 July 1898Maria SullivanMichael SullivanCatharina SheanDionpius SullivanD.J. Curran  
SullivanThomas VincentiusM7 May 18961896Maria SullivanMichael SullivanNoneJacobus LawlerD.J. Curran  


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher
TalmadgeTeresaF15 Feb 188619 April 1886Maria BurnsB. TalmadgeD Anna DoreyNoneD.J. Curran
TimmonsAna AliciaF2 Jul 187024 Jul 1870Margarita MoranPatritius Timmonsmargarita BoylePeter HoyWilliam Purcell
TimmonsPatritiusM26 April 187212 May 1872Brigida MoranJacobus TimmonsRosa CarolanMichael RatiganCarolus J.Tully


Surname First Name Sex Born Baptised Mother Father Godmother Godfather Preacher Notes
WardThomas EduardusM12 Jan 187923 Feb 1879Birgitta WardPatritius Wardbirgitta HendriehMarcus CunninghamG. Morrin  
WardEdnaF6 Jan 19004 Feb 1900Anna SullivanJoannes WardAgnes DuffyJoannes DuffyJ.J. Bresnihan  
WatersonEtta MariaF9 April 188921 April 1889Birgitta CunninghamEduardus WatersonMargarita CunninghamJoannes WatersonD.J. Curran  
WattersonEduardus RoyM13 Nov 18907 Dec 1890Birgitta CunninghamEduardus WattersonD. J. KeenanJacobus KeenanD.J. Curran  
WehnerEduardusM3 March 19083 March 1908Joanna McQuireGeorgius F. WehnerD. E. McQuireEduardus McQuireJ.J. Bresnihan Must see notes on microfilm
WelchEdna IrenaF5 Nov 190822 Nov 1908Elizabetha Sheehanthomas WelchJ. LawlessJacobus LawlerJ.J. Bresnihan  
WelchEdna IrenaF5 Nov 190822 Nov 1908Elizabetha SheehanThomas WelchJ. LawlerJacobus LawlerJ.J. Bresnihan  
WelchGulielmus ThomasM29 Dec 190211 Jan 1903Elizabetha SheehanThomas WelchD. Welchgulielmus WelchJ.J. Bresnihan  
WelchMargarita MariaF24 April 19015 May 1901Elizabetha SheehanThomas WelchHanora BreenPatritius SextonJ.J. Bresnihan  
WelchEleanora CatharinaF14 June 19052 July 1905Elozabetha SheanThomas WelchHelena SheanCarolus LawlerJ.J. Bresnihan Must see notes on microfilm, I can not read.
WeldonMaria EllenaF27 Jan 189823 Feb 1898Joanna QuigleyJoannes WeldonElla NugentJoannes QuigleyD.J. Curran  
WidenerJosephusM11 May 188025 May 1880Maria Joanna GoughAlfred WidenerMargarita PriceGulielmus GarraghanGulielmus Morrin  
WiesnerEduardus JosephusM8 Dec 19092 Jan 1910Lillian FaulknerJoseph WiesnerJulia DrexelJosephus DrexelJ.J. Bresnihan  
WiesnerHelena AmeliaF10 Jan 190829 Jan 1908Lilloiana FaulknerJosephus WiesnerAmelia HokeJoannes HokeJ.J. Bresnihan  
WilcoxAnna GratiaF14 Aug 188828 Oct 1888Margarita cutterlyElias WilcoxNoneStephanus McBrideD.J. Curran  
WillisDanielM15 Aug 186929 Aug 1869Margarita MilhausRicardus WillisCatharina Mc InteePatritius Mc InteeWilliam Purcell  
WilsonMargarita HazelF15 June 191024 July 1910Agnes CodyWinfield WilsonD P. CodyThomas J. CodyJ.J. Bresnihan  
WitzelBarbara JosephinaF3 Aug 188515 Aug 1885Francisea HarterJoannes WitzelBarbara J. WitzelNoneD.J. Curran  
WitzelEverecina BarbaraF4 March 188418 March 1884Maria HartelJoannes WitzelBarbara HartelBarbara WitzelD.J. Curran  



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