Business Directory of Wheatland, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Wheatland are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory.

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number indicates his residence.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


WHEATLAND was formed from Caledonia, Livingston Co., February 23, 182l. It was called Inverness at first but its name was changed April 3 of the same year. It lies in the south-west part of the County, on the south border, having Genesee River for its east boundary. It has a gently rolling surface and a soil of loam mixed with clay in the interior, and with sand and gravel in some localities, the whole underlaid by limestone. Gypsum is found in large quantities. Oatka or Allan's Creek flows east through near the center of the town. At Mumford it is joined by the outlet of Caledonia Springs, forming an excellent water-power.

Scottsville, (p. v.) situated in the east part of the town, contains three churches, viz., Presbyterian, Methodist and Roman Catholic; three hotels, several stores, two flouring mills, a saw mill, a plaster mill and a population of about 1,000. Oatka Creek furnishes the water-power, through a race that has been constructed, affording one of the finest water-powers in the County. A new school house has recently been erected at a cost of $12,000.

Mumford, (p. v.) in the south-west part, contains two churches, a hotel, two dry goods stores, two flouring mills, two plaster mills, one woolen factory, a saw mill, a machine shop and about 500 inhabitants. The water-power for this village is furnished by Spring Creek, the outlet of Caledonia Springs, Which flows into Oatka Creek near this village. The stream is well supplied with speckled trout, supplymg several private ponds with this delicious fish.

Garbuttsville contains several mills and about twenty dwellings.

Wheatland Center is a hamlet.

In 1789 Peter Shaeffer, Sen., and his sons Peter and Jacob, came from Pennsylvania, and after stopping a while at Geneva and in Bloomfield, came in December to the present town of Wheatland. Ebenezer Allan was already located here and living in a comfortable log house, near the mouth ofOatka Creek, where the village of Scottsville is now located. The Indians had given Allan 300 acres of land, he had purchased 170 more of Phelps and Gorham and had fifty or sixty acres of the open flats under cultivation and twenty acres of wheat upon the ground. The Shaeffers purchased this tract for $2.50 an acre, including one acre of wheat and a pig. Allan was living with a white wife at this time, as his affections seem to have oscillated between the red and the white race. Mrs. Dugan, his sister, had been his housekeeper for some time. The Shaeffers shared the house with Allan until spring, when he went to Mount Morris. He purchased goods for the Indian trade and was the most extensive farmer in the region. In 1790 Allan had one hundred acres of wheat, besides considerable com. He employed Indians, paying them for their labor with rum or trinkets.

Joseph Morgan located on a farm joining Mr. Shaeffer's in 1792. Andrew Wortman settled upon the river in 1794 or 1795. Caleb Aspinwall, Peter Conkle, Frederick and Nicholas Hetzteller were early settlers in the Shaeffer neighborhood. Reuben Heth, from Vermont, worked for Mr. Shaeffer without a change of his buckskin clothing until he had earned enough to pay for a farm. The Shaeffers brought apple seeds with them from Pennsylvania and these were the first planted west of Genesee River, if we except the old French orchard at Schlosser.

The father and brother of Peter Shaeffer died within a few years after their settlement, and the improvements in his possession gave him the opportunity, which was improved, of adding to his large possessions. He was very kind to the Scotch settlers who came into the neighborhood, supplying them with the necessaries of life on credit, for which they never failed to pay him in due time.

Game was plenty, too plenty for the settlers, as the bears and wolves rendered it difficult to keep sheep and hogs, while the raccoon insisted upon harvesting their com before it was ready for the farmer. Pigeons were very abundant and were taken: in large numbers with nets, their breasts cut out, salted and eaten.

When the American troops were on their way up the lake to take possession of Fort Niagara, they were detained by head winds and put back into the Genesee, where their provisions failed. Hearing of Shaeffer, they went up the river, quartered in his barn and received pork and corn meal, for which the officer gave his note. Shaeffer then piloted them to Caledonia Springs, put them upon the trail for Tonawanda, from which place Poudry piloted them to Fort Niagara, where they were the first to raise the American Flag. The next winter Mr. Shaeffer drove cattle to Canada, visited the Fort and received his pay.

The south-west part of the town was settled by Scotch, under the patronage of Mr. Williamson, agent for the Pulteney Estate. Some of them settled in what is now Wheatland, and others in Caledonia, along the outlet of Big Spring sand Oatka Creek. John McKay purchased 200 acres m 1803, which included the spring and the site of Mumford. The purchase included a small mill which Mr. Williamson had had built for the use of the settlers. These Scotch settlers came in and at first erected wigwams, after the manner of the Indians, and subsequently erected log houses. Each family had a yoke of oxen, two cows and their calves. Isaac Scott settled at Scottsville about 1790, and Donald McVean soon after. Zachariah Garbutt and family settled at what is Garbuttsville, in 1803, and Powell Carpenter, in 1804, settled near Scottsville.

The first marriage was that of Peter Shaeffer, Jr., and a daughter of Jacob Sehoonover, in 1790. The first death was that of Peter Shaeffer, Sen. Jacob Scott kept the first inn; Philip Garbutt and Aram Hanford the first store; John and Robert McKay built the first grist mill, at Mumford, in 1808; a saw mill had previously been erected.

Donald McKenzie erected the first cloth dressing and dye works west of the Genesee River. He says he commenced hauling logs for his shop the 28th of June, 1807, "at John and Robert McKay's Lower Falls, now named Mumford, where there was not an inhabitant but the lone sawyer in that dense forest of evergreens, which I admired more than the dusty, crowded city of New York, with its yellow fever and other diseases." In August, 1810, he commenced work in the first woolen factory west of Genesee River. He built the first framed house in the village of Mumford.

The first church (Bap.) was formed in 1811. Rev. Solomon Brown was the first pastor.

A public Library was established in 1804. The first books were purchased of Myron Holley, at Canandaigua. John Garbutt carried them on his back to their place of destination. Peter Shaeffer was the first librarian.

The population of the town in 1865 was 2,675; its area is 18,998 acres.

There are nine school districts, employing thirteen teachers. The number of the school population is 919; the number attending school, 803; the average attendance, 343, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year. ending September 30, 1868, was $11,099.21.

Achard, Charles L., (Scottsville), dealer in drugs, medicines, groceries and provisions, Main.
Adams, William, (Mumford), lot 82, farmer 2¼
Adey, Henry, (Mumford), lot 101, farmer 88.
ALLEN, OLIVER, (Mumford), manuf. of woolen goods, double extra Genesee flour and farmer 85.
Annis, John W., (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.
Archer, Nelson G., (Mumford), lot 37, farmer 96½
Armstrong, Archibald 2nd, (Mumford), farmer 197.
Armstrong, Austin, (Clifton), (with Minerva), lot 25, farmer 86.
Armstrong, John, (Mumford), lot 40, farmer 348½.
Armstrong, Minerva, (Clifton), (with Austin), lot 25, farmer 86.
Arrowsmith, Nelson, (Mumford), farmer 4, and leases 70.
ASHBY, WHITMAN G., (Scottsville), lawyer and notarypublic, Main.
Austin, Julius, (Mumford), lot 14, farmer 196.
Austin, Paul, (Scottsville), (Colwell & Austin).
Baker, Samuel, (Mumford), lots 15 and 20, farmer 100.
Baker, Tyler T., (Scottsville), painter
Belleau, James, (Scottsville), lot 29, farmer 1½
Bennett, Frederick, (Scottsville), lot 42, retired farmer.
Bennett, Otto, (Scottsville), postmaster, watch repairer and insurance agent, Main.
Bennett, Stephen, (Scottsville), lot 41, farmer 150.
Bigford, Henry, (Scottsville), lot 35, mason and farmer 80.
BLACKMER, CHARLOTTE Mrs., (Mumford), lot 49, farmer 150.
BLACKMER, NEWTON, (Mumford), lot 19, farmer 100.
Blair, James, (Mumford), manuf. of thrashing machines.
BOWERMAN. ELMER S., (Scottsville), lot 69, farmer leases 50.
Bowerman, Luther B., (Scottsville), lot 68, farmer 60.
Brewster, James, (Scottsville), (Rodgers & Brewster).
Bristol, Jacob C., (Scottsville), blacksmith.
BROWN, CHARLES T., (Mumford), (with Chester H.) lots 8, 34, 35, 9 and 10, farmer 465.
BROWN CHESTER H., (Mumford), (with Charles T.) lots 8, 34, 35, 9 and 10, farmer 465.
Brown, D. D. Tompkins, (Mumford), lot 33, farmer 180.
BROWN, D. D. S., (Scottsville), publisher of Rochester Democrat.
BROWN, JOSEPH, (Scottsville), boot and shoe maker, Main.
Brown, Robert, (Mumford), retired merchant.
Brown, Thomas Jr., (Scottsville), lot 63, farmer 560.
BROWN, VOLNEY P., (Mumford), lot 4, supervisor and farmer 560.
BROWN, WILLIAM, (Scottsville), resident.
Brown, Wm., (Scottsville), shoe maker, Main.
Budlong, Isaac, (Scottsville), lot 66, farmer 1240
Burgess, C. & E., (Mumford), (Charles and Elwood) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes.
Burgess, Charles, (Mumford), (C. & E. Burgess)
Burgess, Elwood, (Mumford), (C. & E. Burgess)
BURNES, FELIX, (Scottsville), (with Lawrence) lot 55, farmer 100.
BURNES, LAWRENCE, (Scottsville),(with Felix) lot 56, farmer 100.
Burrell, Roger H., (Scottsville), lot 56, farmer 240.
BURTIS, SQUIRE, (Mumford), (Herman & Co.)
Butterfield, Louisa C., (Mumford), millinery and dressmaking.
Cain, Michael, (Scottsville), blacksmith.
CAMPBELL, JAMES A., (Mumford), lot 8, farmer 221.
Campbell, Thomas, (Mumford), lot 11, farmer 2¾.
Carpenter, Ira, (Scottsville), lot 62, farmer 100.
Carson, Thomas A., (Scottsville), physician and surgeon.
Carson William, (Scottsville), blacksmith, Main.
Christie, Alexander, (Mumford), lot 1, farmer leases of H. Christie, 142½.
CLARK, HUGH, (Scottsville), butcher, Main.
Colwell & Austin, (Scottsville), (Henry Colwell and Paul Austin) dealers in groceries and provisions.
Colwell, Benjamin S., (Scottsville), (H. F. Colwell & Co.)
Colwell, Henry, (Scottsville), (Colwell & Austin)
Colwell, Henry F., (Scottsville), (H. F. Co1well & Co.)
Colwell, H. F. & Co., (Scottsville), (Henry F. and Benjamin S.) dealers in lumber, coal and wood.
Connor, Patrick, (Mumford), lot 15, farmer 2.
COOK, MATTHEW, (Scottsville), miller.
Cooper, James M., (Scottsville), lot 62, farmer 33½.
Corrigan, William, (Clifton), lot 25, farmer 28½
Cox, Anna Mrs., (Scottsville), lot 70, farmer 150.
COX, FRANCIS E., (Scottsville), lot 69, farmer 125.
Cox, Henry, (Scottsville), lot 62, farmer 86.
Cox, Ira, (Mumford), lot 101, farmer 100.
Cox, James, (Scottsville), lot 51, farmer 42½.
Cox, John, (Scottsville), lot 70, farmer 110.
CRAIG, JOHN R., (Mumford), physician and surgeon.
CROFT, JOHN, (Scottsville), tailor, Main.
Cumber, George, (Scottsville), lot 70, carpenter and joiner.
CUMBER, PHILA Mrs., (Scottsville), milliner, Main.
Edson, Freeman, (Scottsville), physician and surgeon.
ELLSWORTH, ISRAEL, (Mumford), livery stable, express and mail agent.
ELPHE, ALFRED, (Scottsville), painter.
Estes, Thomas A., (Scottsville), lot 51, farmer 84.
Farley, Peter, (Mumford), carriage painter.
Faulkner, Thomas, (Mumford), lot 5, farmer 134¼.
Feely, Christopher, (Mumford), lot 19, farmer 177.
Field, Wm. L., (Mumford), boot and shoe maker.
Furman, Edwin S., Rev., (Scottsville), Methodist clergyman.
GARBUTT, JOHN W., (Scottsville), lot 48, dealer in plaster and water lime and farmer 150.
Garbutt, Philip, (Scottsville), lot 38, farmer 246.
GARBUTT, ROBERT R., (Scottsville), lot 28, farmer 110.
Garbutt, William D., (Scottsville), lot 34, farmer 235.
GARBUTT, WM F., (Scottsville), lot 48, justice of the peace and farmer 105.
GILMAN, ALBERT H., (Mumford), lot 31, farmer 125.
GOODHUE, JOHN M., (Scottsville), farmer 185.
Goodnough, Alexander, (Scottsville), lot 63, farmer 1.
Grant, Peter, (Mumford), wagon maker.
Grant, William, (Mumford), lot 82, farmer leases of Donald MeNaughton, 126.
Grattan, Robert, (Scottsville), lot 47, farmer 4.
Gray, Bennet, (Mumford), lot 15, agent for agricultural implements and farmer 100.
Grey, David B., (Mumford), lot 10, farmer leases 186.
HALL, HENRY L., (Scottsville), lot 62, farmer 66½.
Hanford, Wm. H. Jr., (Scottsville), custom and flouring mill.
HARMAN & Co., (Mumford), (Rawson Harmon and Squire Burtis) propagators of brook trout.
Harman, Eugene, (Mumford), manuf. of ground plaster.
Harman, Guilford, (Mumford), (Harman & Whitney)
HARMAN, RAWSON, (Mumford), (Harman & Co.)
Harman & Whitney, (Mumford), (Guilford Harman and Matthias Whitney) dealers in dry goods, groceries, drugs and medicines.
Harmon, B. Frank, (Scottsville), (E. M. & B. F. Harmon)
Harmon, Edward M., (Scottsville), (E. M. & B. F. Harmon)
Harmon, E. M. & B. F. (Scottsville), (Edward M. and B. Frank) props. of flouring mill.
Harmon, Eugene E., (Mumford), lot 14, farmer 450.
Harmon, W. Henry, (Scottsville), lot 39, farmer 186.
Harron, George D., (Mumford), lot 7, farmer 1.
HILBORN, HENRY, (Mumford), harness maker.
HOLLENBECK, JOHN, (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.
HOOK, WILLIAM, (Scottsville), lot 36, farmer 50.
Hull, John, (Mumford), lot 7, farmer 1¾.
Hutchinson, Lewis N., (Mumford), lot 28, farmer 200.
Hyde, Harvey W., (Scottsville), cooper and farmer 12.
Hyde, Milton A., (Mumford), insurance agent.
Irvin, Samuel, (Mumford), lot 86, farmer 190½.
Johnson, James M., (Mumford), barber.
JONES, JOHN N., (Mumford), manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes.
Jones, Napoleon B., (Scottsville), justice of the peace.
JUSTUS, CHARLES, (Mumford), lot 19, manuf. of boots and shoes.
Kelsey, Edward J., (Mumford), lot 12, farmer 110.
Keys, William, (Scottsville), boot and shoe maker, Main.
LAWSON, BENJ. F., (Mumford), lot 83, farmer 90.
Lear, George, (Mumford), lot 83, mason and farmer 2¼
Lewis, James B., (Scottsville), traveling agent.
Lewis, Zephaniah, (Scottsville), retired farmer 3.
Longley, Jossph, (Mumford), lot 14, blacksmith and farmer 1.
LOUGHLIN, M. J. Rev. D. D. (Scottsville), pastor of Roman Catholic church.
Lowrey, David A., (Mumford), farmer 55.
Lyons, Sarah S., (Mumford), milliner and dress maker.
Mallary, Sanford I., (Scottsville), lot 64, farmer 25.
MALLOCH, JAMES, (Scottsville), lot 47, farmer 135.
Mann, Donald heirs of, (Scottsville), (Catherine, Margaret, Eliza, Jane, Peter, Duncan and Donald) lot 37, farmers
MARTIN, JAMES, (Scottsville), lot 74, farmer 225.
Martin, Killion, (Scottsville), lot 68, farmer 115.
McArthur, Daniel, (Mumford), lot 5, farmer 110.
McArthur, John, (Mumford), lot 25, farmer 50.
McCall, Dugal D. Rev. (Scottsville), Presbyterian minister.
McCombs Joseph, (Mumford), lot 83, farmer 25.
McConkey, Samuel, (Scottsville), blacksmith, Main.
McCreedy, Thomas, (Scottsville), lot 47, farmer 13.
McNAUGHTON, DANIEL C., (Mumford), manuf. of plows, undertaker and justice of the peace.
McNaughton, Donald, (Mumford), lot 40, farmer 325.
McNaughton, Donald 2nd, (Mumford), attorney.
McNAUGHTON, JOHN D., (Mumford), farmer.
McPherson, Catharine, Mrs. and daughters, (Mumford), (Christine and Elizabeth) lot 67, farmers 180.
McPherson Daniel C., (Scottsville), lot 41, farmer 191½.
McPherson, John B., (Mumford), lot 67, farmer 100.
McPherson, John F., (Mumford), lot 7, farmer 205.
McPHERSON, MALCOLM, (Mumford), lot 3, farmer 185.
McPherson, Peter, (Mumford), lot 6, farmer 200.
McQUEEN, DOUGALD, (Mumford), liquor dealer.
McQueen, James, (Mumford), postmaster, dealer in groceries, provisions, crockery and Yankee notions.
McVEAN CAMERON, (Scottsville), lot 24, farmer 415.
McVean, David C., (Scottsville), lot 61, farmer 180.
McVean, Hugh, (Scottsville), lot 53, farmer 140.
McVEAN, J. JULIAN, (Scottsville), lot 49, farmer 200.
McVean, John A. estate of, (Mumford), lot 9, 200 acres.
MeVean, John C., (Scottsville), lot 60, farmer 160.
McVean, John Capt., (Scottsville), lot 49, farmer 268.
McVEAN, MALCOLM, (Scottsville), hotel keeper, dealer in live stock, land, produce and farmer 35.
McVean, Wm. R., (Scottsville), lot 53, farmer 82½.
Meehan, Andrew, (Scottsville), harness maker, Main.
MILLER, HERMAN H., (Scottsville), dealer in marble, Main.
Scottsville Marble
Miller, Romanta T., (Scottsville), lot 51, farmer 105.
Moody, Sarah G., (Scottsville), general merchant.
Morduff, Hiram, (Scottsville), hotel keeper, Main.
Morse, D. Rev., (Mumford), Baptist clergyman.
Muar, George E., (Scottsville), dealer in groceries sad carriage trimmer.
MUNSON, JOHN M., (Mumford), carpenter and joiner.
Murphy, Thomas, (Scottsville), lot 35, farmer 5.
Murrey James, (Mumford), weaver.
NEAFIE, JOHN C., (Scottsville), (Neafie & Shadbolt)
NEAFIE & SHADBOLT, (Scottsville), (John C. Neafie and Thomas Shadbolt) general merchants, Main.
Nichols, David, (Mumford), carriage maker.
OSTERHOUT, CHARLES B., (Scottsville), blacksmith.
Pope, Joseph, (Scottsville), lot 46, farmer 90.
Pratt, Ira F., (Scottsville), retired merchant.
Price, Ezra, (Scottsville), lot 47, farmer 113.
Price, Martin, (Scottsville), lot 56, farmer 141.
Quinlan, James, (Scottsville), blacksmith, Main.
QUINN, THOMAS J., (Scottsville), lot 172, farmer 45. 
RAFFERTY, PATRICK, (Scottsville), wagon maker and blacksmith, Main.
Reed, Henry C., (Scottsville), lot 52, farmer 90.
Remington, Deborah Mrs., (Mumford), farmer 65.
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM, (Mumford), lot 85, farmer leases 109.
Robertshaw, Thomas, (Mumford), lot 101, farmer leases of H. Cox, 100.
ROBINSON, ABRAM H., (Scottsville), hotel keeper, Main.
Robinson, William J., (Mumford), United Presbyterian clergyman.
Rodgers & Brewster, (Scottsville), (W. M. Rodgers and James Brewster) general merchants and druggists, Main.
Rodgers, W. M., (Scottsville), (Rodgers & Brewster)
ROGERS, BYRON P., (Scottsville), lot 64, farmer 50.
Rogers, Daniel E., (Scottsville), lot 39, farmer 287.
ROGERS, G. H. S., (Scottsville), wool and produce dealer, Main
Rogers, Sherman, (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.
ROGERS, W. H. H., (Scottsville), lot 39, resident.
Rowe, Albert, (Scottsville), delear in dry goods, groceries, hardware, watches, clocks and jewelry, also livery man.
Ruliffson, Philetus, (Clifton,) lot 19, farmer 91.
Rulifson, Willard, (Mumford), lot 26, farmer 236.
Sackner, Peter, (Mumford), lot 13, farmer 25.
SAGE, HENRY, (Mumford), lot 4, farmer 153.
SALISBURY, STEPHEN, (Mumford), merchant, owns saw mill, brewery and malt house.
Sandy, James, (Mumford), watch repairer.
SCANLIN, DENNIS H., (Scottsville), dealer in groceries and provisions, also deputy sheriff, Main
SCOFIELD, A. D., (Scottsville), manuf. of carriages and agricultural implements.
SCOFIELD, EZRA, (Scottsville), lot 54, farmer 198.
SCOFIELD, SAMUEL, (Scottsville), lot 58, farmer 225.
SCOTT, JAMES M. B., (Scottsville), (Scott & Sons)
SCOTT, JOHN, (Scottsville), (Scott & Sons)
SCOTT & SONS, (Scottsville), (John, James M. B. and William H.) tailors.
SCOTT, WILLIAM H., (Scottsville), (Scott & Sons)
Shadbolt, Lawrence, (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.
SHADBOLT, THOMAS, (Scottsville), lot 68, farmer 212.
SHADROLT THOMAS, (Scottsville), (Neafie & Shadbolt).
Shaw, Henry P., (Scottsville), prop. express wagon.
SHIRTS, WILLIAM A., (Mumford), lot 14, farmer 90.
Sboudler, Jacob, (Scottsville), lot 33, farmer 30.
SIBLEY, T. ROMEYN. (Scottsville), lots 57 and 60, farmer 109.
Sitterley, George H., (Clifton), lot 20, farmer 111.
Skinner, Almon, (Scottsville), lot 29, farmer 151.
Skinner, Newell, (Mumford), carpenter and joiner.
Skinner, Scott W., (Scottsville), homeo. physician and surgeon, Rochester St.
Slocum, George E., (Scottsville), dealer in stoves and hardware, Main
Smith, Daniel, (Scottsville), lot 40, farmer 180
Smith, David, (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.
Smith, Hiram, (Mumford), merchant miller.
SMITH, JOHN M., (Scottsville), lot 40, farmer 37.
Smith, Martin, (Scottsville), lot 45, farmer 65
Smith, Philip, (Mumford), lot 32, farmer 1¾.
Smith, Rawson, (Scottsville), lot 35, farmer 80
Smith, Robert, (Scottsville), lot 64, farmer 35
SMITH, SANFORD A., (Clifton), lot 35, farmer 72½.
Steward, Malcolm, (Scottsville), lot 95, farmer 167.
Stewart, Daniel A., (Scottsville), lot 47, farmer 100.
STEWART, WILLIAM D., (Mumford), lot 31, farmer 156.
Stokoe, Thomas A., (Scottsville), lot 69, farmer 100.
Strickland, David H., (Scottsville), lot 70, farmer leases 150.
Sullivan, Matthew, (Mumford), lot 107, farmer 8.
Taylor, Donald, (Mumford), lot 55, farmer 256
Tennent,David, (Mumford), lot 11, blacksmith.
Terney, John, (Mumford), lot 83, farmer 103.
Vallance, Henry, (Mumford), lot 54, farmer 166.
WALKER, WILLIAM H., (Mumford), lot 66, farmer 145.
WALTER, CHRISTIAN, (Scottsville), cooper.
WAMSLEY, CHARLES, (Mumford), lot 67, farmer leases 180.
WARD, THOMAS, (Mumford), hotel keeper and propagator of speckled trout.
Warren, Benj., (Scottsville), retired farmer.
Warren, Benj. L., (Mumford), lot 98, farmer 148.
Warren, Numan, (Scottsville), lot 70, farmer 218.
WEEKS, WILLIAM, (Scottsville), lot 51, farmer 100.
WEEKS, Wm. E., (Scottsville), lot 42 farmer 100.
WEINGARD, FRANCIS J., (Scottsville), cabinet maker and undertaker.
Wells, Mira Mrs., (Scottsville), lot 38, farmer 50.
WELLS, TALCOTT, (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.
WHITCHER, JOHN, (Scottsville), butcher, Main.
White, Chandler P., (Scottsville), harness maker, Main.
White, Ephraim, (Scottsville), basket maker.
Whitney, Mathias, (Mumford), (Harman & Whitney)
WILCOX, RENSSELAER W., (Mumford), carpenter and joiner.
WILCOX, WILLIAM, (Mumford), carpenter and joiner.
Willett, C. F., (Scottsville), physician, Main.
WITCHER, GEORGE, (Scottsville), lot 64, farmer 10.
Woodgate, Joseph, (Scottsville), miller and farmer 140.
Woodruff, Austin, (Scottsville), lot 56, farmer 85.
Zimmerman, Abram, (Scottsville), carpenter and joiner.



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