Will Book Number Two
Monroe County, NY


These records were copied in 1940 by Gertrude A. Barber from Will Book number "2" that was created by the Clerk of the Surrogate Court. Many years ago the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) filmed Will Books 1 through 66. Records in Book 2 (on this web page) contain early wills filed in Monroe County. The Will Books have not been seen for many years and are probably in storage. Monroe County has Surrogate Court records (called Probate Records in other states) filed in packets and the packets include the original will. The will books only included a copy of the will. It is best to view the whole Surrogate packet as occassionally there are other documents that may be of interest to genealogical researchers. Besides, the will in the packet is the original with actual signatures.

If writing to the Surrogate Court office, their price for researching a file is $90 per file and 25¢ for copies. That price is set by the New York State Court system. Instead of paying these outrageous fees, either go to the office in person or use a local genealogical researcher. The Surrogate's office have placed inactive files with a privately owned storage company. It takes at least a day to get these files from the storage company to the Surrogate's office to be viewed.

This will book is available from any local branch of the LDS Family History Library. Tell your local Family History Library that you want to order film number #1004286. You may also order individual wills from a company called Sampubco. That company makes copies from the will book filmed by the LDS. See their web site for prices.


  Daniel Worden of Gates
  Will book 2; p. 1
Dated ---
Probated Sept. 11, 1835
Mentions wife: Margaret
children: Mary Worden, David, Edmund and Eliza
Executor Fisher Green
Witnesses E. H. Grover
James E. Lee
Richard Pratt


  William Hicks of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 4
Dated April 20, 1835
Probated Sept. 14, 1835
Mentions wife: Lydia
sons: Alonzo, Alexander Hamilton and Nelson
daughters: Harriet Angeline and Eliza Almy
Executor Timothy B. Corning
Witnesses Northrup St.John
Charles Thompson
James Pettie


  Nathaniel Bangs of Sweden
  Will book 2; p. 9
Dated April 7, 1835
Probated Sept. 21, 1835
Mentions children: David, Diedama Winons, Lorenzo, Maria, Daniel Riley, Orange, Woodman and Nathaniel Jr.
Executor wife: Polly
Witnesses Josiah F. Willard of Ogden
James Hill of Ogden


  Joseph Taylor of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 16
Dated Aug. 5, 1830
Probated Sept. 10, 1835
Mentions sons: Joseph Luther and William Dunton
daughters: Elizabeth Ann, Amanda wife of Edmond Van Dake, Abigail Snow Taylor and Sally Celestia
sons: Lyman, Alva, James Watkins
Executor Jacob B. Bryan of Penfield
Witnesses Selleck Boughton of Rochester
Alexander S. Alexander of Rochester


  Garret Moyer of Ogden; (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 22
Dated Aug. 31, 1835
Probated Oct. 5, 1835
Mentions sons: Adam and Christian
grandson: Garret Moyer Jr., son of Abraham
daughters: Lana Moyer, Eva Bates wife of Elisha and Lydia wife of Jeremiah Garbet
Executor Austin Spencer of Ogden
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
William Webster of Ogden


  James Smith of Chili
  Will book 2; p. 26
Dated March 21, 1835
Probated Dec. 7, 1835
Mentions sons: Lyman Currier, James Hall, John Thomas and Ira Currier
daughter: Lydia Ann
wife: Huldah
Executors brother: Andrew Smith
brother: Robert Smith
Witnesses Ira Carpenter of Wheatland
Phebe Cushman of Chili


  David Hennion of Sweden
  Will book 2; p. 31
Dated Dec. 7, 1831
Probated Dec. 28, 1835
Mentions wife: Sarah
sons: David, William C. and John
daughters: Martha, Julia and Ann E.
Executor wife
Witnesses Samuel H. Davis
Peter Sutphen
Walter Phelps


  Mason Danforth of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 33
Dated May 7, 1835
Probated Feb. 22, 1836
Mentions daughter: Marion Amanda
wife Semantha
Executors wife
Robert Danforth
Witnesses Leanda and Aurelia A. Danforth


  Ebenezer Titus
  Will book 2; p. 34
Dated Oct. 10, 1835
Probated March 14, 1836
Mentions wife: Martha
daughters: Marcy R., Mary Ann, Martha and Luressa
sons: Horatio and John W.
Executor wife
Witnesses Elon Galusha of Rochester
Chauncey Hickok of Rochester


  Guernsey Goff of Rush; (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 38
Dated July 24, 1826
Probated April 18, 1836
Mentions wife: Sophia
sons: Lyman, Guernsey, Edmund and Sylvester
daughters: Lucinda, Philanda, Eunice wife of David Lyon, Aseneth wife of Isaac Wood, Syntha and Mindwell
Executor wife
Witnesses Peter Price
Socrates Smith
Rachel Force


  Noah Tyler of Chili
  Will book 2; p. 46
Dated Jan. 18, 1835
Probated April 25, 1836
Mentions wife: Chloe
grandson: Noah Tyler
granddaughter: Rachel Tyler
7 children: Albright, Zoa Holland, Harriet Brown, Peter Tyler, Sallinda, Anna Parkhurst and Heman Tyler
Executor wife
Witnesses Cyrus Handy
Daniel Franklin, Jr. of Chili
E. G. Munn of Wheatland


  William Little Hull
  Will book 2; p. 52
Dated April 19, 1836
Probated May 9, 1836
Mentions 7 children - named are John, Alexander and Cornelia VanZandt
wife: Lydia
brother: Lodowick Hull
Executor wife
Witnesses Lodowick Hull
Philander Tobey
Amelia Hull


  William Cumming of Wheatland
  Will book 2; p. 58
Dated March 1, 1836
Probated June 2, 1836
Mentions son: Archibald Livingston Cumming
Executor son
Witnesses M. Osburn
Duncan McNaughton


  Amos Worden of Gates
  Will book 2; p. 60
Dated Feb. 25, 1835
Probated July 2, 1836
Mentions wife: Alice
brother: James Worden
Executor wife: Alice
Witnesses Alden Smith
William Worden


  David Sherman of Riga
  Will book 2; p. 65
Dated March 28, 1836
Probated July 2, 1836
Mentions wife: Cloey
sons: Levi, Nelson, David B. and Danel R.
daughters: Mary, Lydia, Chloe, Careoline E., Drusilla and Abigail
Executors Timothy G. Baldwin
Herrick Brumely
Witnesses T. G. Baldwin
Abel Fowler
Nelson Sayles


  Heroine Talman of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 71
Dated April 14, 1836
Probated Aug. 1, 1836
Mentions daughters: Heroine J., Ann Eliza Whitney and Caroline M. Punderson
son: John
grandchildren: John T. Whiting and Elizabeth Whiting - children of John L. of Detroit
Executor daughter: Heroine J.
Witnesses Frederick F. Backus of Rochester
Ann Tompkinson of Rochester


  Joseph Jenness of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 75
Dated May 8, 1836
Probated Aug. 1, 1836
Mentions wife: Mary
Executor wife
Witnesses David M. Dudley of Rochester
John Dudley of Rochester


  David Sherman of Riga
"Will of Real Estate"
  Will book 2; p. 77
Dated March 28, 1836
Probated Aug. 1, 1836
Mentions wife: Cloey
sons: Levi, Nelson, David B. and Daniel R.
daughters: Lydia, Caroline, Drusilla and Abigail
Executor Timothy Baldwin
Herrick Brumley


  Joel Baldwin of Chili
  Will book 2; p. 81
Dated May 10, 1836
Probated Sept. 1, 1836
Mentions sons: Benedict, Timothy G., Joel and Eleazer B.
daughters: Thankful Evans and Sarah Harriman
Executor Carter Evans of Ogden
Witnesses Alfred Scofield
Ira G. Winans
Freeman Bacon


  Orson Osborn of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 86
Dated July 2, 1836
Probated Sept. 5, 1836
Mentions wife: Maria
son: Sirena
daughter: Elizabeth
Executors wife and Squire Goff
Witnesses Cholet Cady of Mendon
Ulysses Woodbury of Mendon


  Chauncey Porter
  Will book 2; p. 92
Dated April 17, 1835
Probated Sept. 12, 1836
Mentions wife: Sylvia
sons: Chauncey and James
daughters: Sylvia Richardson, Olive Ann Williams, Caroline Cuyler, Margaret Goss, Jane M. Porter, Mary & Sarah Porter
Executors brother: Tomothy H.
wife: Sylvia
Witnesses Stephen Lusk of Pittsford
Lorenzo Winslow of Pittsford
Anson F. Doud of Pittsford


  Van Rensselaer Reed
  Will book 2; p. 97
Dated Sept. 8, 1836
Probated Sept. 30, 1836
Mentions Isaac Welsh of Rochester
Executor father: Vincent of Rochester
Witnesses B. H. Brown
Seth C. Jones
Ambrose Cram


  Lewis Nichols of Ogden
  Will book 2; p. 102
Dated August 9, 1836
Probated Nov. 14, 1836
Mentions wife: Olive
sons: Barnabus A., Isaac and Oscar L.
daughters: Betsey, Angeline wife of James Woodmancy, Abigail wife of Israel Cash and Amoret Hart wife of Edward
Executor son: Barbabas A.
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
Isaac Nichols


  Charles Mosier of Rush
  Will book 2; p. 107
Dated June 7, 1836
Probated Nov. 14, 1836
Mentions brothers: Ambrose, Levi and Consider
Charles Newell of Dutchess
Sarah wife of Ambrose Mosier
Executors brothers
Witnesses Peter Price
John G. Bristol


  Asahel Barber of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 111
Dated Sept. 10, 1836
Probated Nov. 14, 1836
Mentions brother: John Jr.
father: John
sisters: Nancy Barber and Selina Burrell
Executors Lewis Brooks
William S. Bishop
Witnesses Jared N. Stebbins of Rochester
Henry L. Stebbins of Rochester


  Thomas Newman of Gates
  Will book 2; p. 114
Dated Feb. 22, 1835
Probated Nov. 28, 1836
Mentions wife: Mariah
Charles Graham
Methodist Epis. Zion's Church
Executors Jacob Smith
George Sampson
Witnesses Samuel P. Jones
Charles Graham


  Samuel Stone of Pittsford
  Will book 2; p. 117
Dated Jan. 16, 1832
Probated Jan. 27, 1837
Mentions wife: Eleanor
sons: Eber, Elijah, Zelotes, Simon and Theophilus
daughter: Lucretia Stone
Executors Stephen Lusk
Solomon Stone
Witnesses Ephraim Goss of Pittsford
Ira Buck of Pittsford
Harmans VanSlyke Brooks of Pittsford


  Levi Warren of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 123
Dated Oct. 10, 1831
Probated Jan. 9, 1837
Mentions wife: Rhoda
sons: Julius and Alvan
Executor wife
James and Alexander Kenada
Witnesses Betsey, Ruth and Jane Ann Miller


  Levi Crocker of Clarkson
  Will book 2; p. 131
Dated Dec. 7, 1836
Probated Jan. 16, 1837
Mentions wife: Elizabeth B.
Executor wife
Col. Melancton Lewis
Witnesses I. H. Bushnell
I. B. Parnell
Maria R. Parmelee


  John Wetmore of Chili
  Will book 2; p. 134
Dated Dec. 16, 1835
Probated Jan. 18, 1837
Mentions son: Ebenezer B.
daughters: Mitty, Mary E., Abigail Dewey, Mercy Castle and Betsey Davis
granddaughter: Nancy C. Niles
Lemuel Castle
Trustees Abner David
Spollos Dewey
Executors wife: Mehitable
Ira C. Winans and Jonathan Nurse of Chili
Witnesses Levi Campbell
Robert Fulton
James M. Gray


  Robert Kilton of Perinton
  Will book 2; p. 138
Dated Sept. 20, 1836
Probated March 27, 1837
Mentions wife: Eve
my wife's dau. Hannah wife of Peter Knapp
daughter: Lusipee wife of Otis Brown
grandchildren: Caroline and Cynthia Brown
Executors wife and John Wells
Witnesses Mark Cline
Jacob J. Wells
Alarism Woolsey


  Ebenezer Brown of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 145
Dated Jan. 27, 1837
Probated Apr. 17, 1837
Mentions brothers: George and Richard P.
nephew: Henry Shears, Jr.
sisters: Sally Cheney, Maria Shears and Anna Burritt
nephew: John Brown
Executor brother: George
nephew: Henry Shears
Witnesses Henry Brown of Rochester
John Groton of Rochester


  William Russell of Henrietta
  Will book 2; p. 149
Dated Feb. 27, 1837
Probated May 8, 1837
Mentions Russell Bowers
Executor brother: Samuel
Witnesses Elisha Gage of Henrietta
Isaac N. Daton of Henrietta
Lewis Pugsley of Henrietta


  Jonathan Mason of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 155
Dated Feb. 7, 1837
Probated May 22, 1837
Mentions wife: Mary
sons: Hiram and Seneca
daughters: Candiz Lafountain, Martin Disbrow, Joanna Allen and Periena Thornton
Executor wife: Mary
Witnesses Jonah Graves
Seth Antisdale
Wolcott M. Antisdale


  Thomas Ockenden of Pittsford
  Will book 2; p. 170
Dated Sept. 14, 1836
Probated June 19, 1837
Mentions wife: Hannah
daughters: Sarah Bolding, Hannah and Mary Faulkner
son: Samuel
granddaughters: Sarah Bolding, Elizabeth Ockenden and Hannah Ockenden
Executors son-in-law: John Gillum
John T. W. Hoath
Witnesses James Wilmarth
William Risbridge
William Chenyman


  William Lawrence of Rush
  Will book 2; p. 175
Dated Feb. 17, 1836
Probated June 19, 1837
Mentions wife: Sarah
adopted daughter: Nancy H. Gridley
wife's nephew: William Knight
children of my late brother Seth and late brother John
children of my sister Rebecca Johnson
sister Esther Bent and her daughter Jerusha and her son Elijah Knight Bent
William Bent son of Jerusha Bent
Mary Armstrong dau. of Jerusha Bent
sister: Nancy Wilder wife of Charles
wife's sister Betsey Bates and her children - Lydia French, Experience Hurd, Betsey Nichols and Hannah Hamon
persons who lived with me: Henry Galentine, Mary Elizabeth Cady and William Allgier
Executors Abner Pratt, David C. Monfort and Nancy K. Gridley
Witnesses Abner Pratt, Wm. Rush and Martin Smith


  Samuel Sherburn of Rush
  Will book 2; p. 183
Dated May 22, 1837
Probated July 10, 1837
Mentions wife: Eliza
mother: Sarah
sisters: Mary Warner Sherburn, Hannah, Maria, Sarah, Francis and Elizabeth Tombs Sherburn
friend: Rev. John C. Rudd of Utica
wife's brother: William Williamson
Executors wife
Thomas H. Rochester of Rochester
Witnesses Alfred Jones of Rush
Henry E. Rochester of Rochester


  Anson Colman of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 189
Dated April 22, 1837
Probated July 27, 1837
Mentions daughters: Sophia and Catherine Cornelia
son: Edward
Executors Jonathan Child
Nathaniel T. Rochester
Witnesses John Haywood of Rochester
J. H. VanEvery of Rochester
Willis Kempshall of Rochester


  Horace Brewster of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 195
Dated June 20, 1837
Probated Aug. 25, 1837
Mentions father: Josiah H. of Otto, Cattaraugus Co., NY
Mary Marks
son and dau.: Edwin and Laura E.
Executor Asa P. Tarbox of Otto, NY
Witnesses Robert Haight og Rochester
Caleb Melvin of Penfield


  Elizabeth Curtiss of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 198
Dated March 28, 1837
Probated Sept. 12, 1837
Mentions John B., Jacob S., Carlos G. and Elizabeth S.
children of my brother Abijah Curtiss, deceased
Executors Otis P. Sheldon
Russell Lockwood
Henry E. Rochester
Witnesses Elizabeth Mathews of Rochester
Nathaniel F. Bruce of Rochester


  Elias Smith of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 202
Dated Feb. 27, 1837
Probated Oct. 2, 1837
Mentions wife: Sally
children: Frederick Vincent, Rachel Caroline, James Dixson, Martha Jane, Sarah Sophia and Jacob Elias
Executors James Smith
Harvey Dixson
Witnesses Harry Allen
E. S. Rust
William A. Force


  Adonijah Skinner of Ogden
  Will book 2; p. 206
Dated Aug. 20, 1832
Probated Nov. 20, 1837
Mentions wife: Abigail
sons: Adonijah and Salmon
Executors son: Adonijah
Austin Spencer
Witnesses Charles Church of Ogden
James Burroughs of Ogden
Austin Spencer of Ogden


  Jacob De Garmo of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 210
Dated Oct. 10, 1837
Probated Dec. 22, 1837
Mentions wife: Eliza
Eli Woodbury
Abigail Sanford
brother and sister: John & Elizabeth
Executors Abraham Cole
Cornelius Treat
Eliza D'Garmo
Witnesses B. F. Graves
D. D. Shuart
Cornelius Treat
Abram Cole


  Ezekiel Bruce of Ogden
  Will book 2; p. 215
Dated Sept. 24, 1835
Probated Dec. 26, 1837
Mentions wife: Eliza
Executors wife: Eliza
John Beedle of Sweden
Witnesses Darius Cone of Ogden
Richard Beedle of Ogden
James Parmelee of Ogden


  Paul Auten of Chili
  Will book 2; p. 220
Dated Feb. 3, 1837
Probated Jan. 10, 1838
Mentions children: Fuleud, Polly, James John, Abraham, Hannah and Margaret
grandson: Peter son of my dau. Catherine
wife: Maria
Executors wife
sons: Fuleuf and Abraham
Witnesses Abraham S. Auten of Chili
Freeman Edson of Scottsville


  Peter Whelan of Swdeen
  Will book 2; p. 222
Dated March 18, 1836
Probated May 29, 1838
Mentions children: Silas, Eri, Farrand, James, Jirah, Ruth Wights, Olive Ford, Rebecca Hall, Sally Caldwell, Oliviah Murch, Mary Ann Murch and Elizabeth Collins
brother: James of Brandon, VT
Executors Benjamin Throop
wife: Sally
Witnesses Horatio Reed of Clarendon, Orleans Co.
David Fancher of Bergen, Genesee Co.
Jonathan Elmon of Bergen, Genesee Co.


  William H. Ward of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 234
Dated May 13, 1838
Probated June 18, 1838
Mentions children: Frances Maria, Joseph, Buell and William Hand Ward
Executor father: Levi
Witnesses Samuel L. Sheldon of Rochester
Levi A. Ward


  James Van Aukin of Parma, Monroe Co., NY
  Will book 2; p. 237
Dated May 26, 1838
Probated June 20, 1838
Mentions son: James
wife: Elizabeth
brothers and sisters: Allar, Rebecca Clark, John M. Archibald, Mable Stuart, Kelsey and Ruth B.
Executor George Curtis of Parma
Witnesses Philander Curtis of Parma
Orrin Sibley of Parma
Chauncey A. Knox of Parma


  Thomas Hunt of Parma
  Will book 2; p. 242
Dated March 18, 1838
Probated July 2, 1838
Mentions wife: Sally
sons: Peter, Truman, Horace, Harvey and Wm.
daughters: Orpha Hulbert, Sally Prentice, Polly Andrews, Harriet Shelton, Fanny Hunt and Jane Hunt
Executor wife: Sally
Witnesses Jeane Collins of Parma
George A. Sornberger of Parma


  Charles Wylie of Rome
  Will book 2; p. 245
Dated July 11, 1838
Probated July 2, 1838
Mentions wife: Lucretia E.
daughters: Abby G., Henrietta, Lucretia, Cornelia, Priscilla Warner, Eliza Keith, Janet Hubbard and Mary Eddy
sons: Charles R., Allen G., Joseph and Wm. D.
Executor wife
Allen G.Wylie
Benjamin P. Johnson
Witnesses Alexander Wilkes of Rome
Alexander of Johnson of Rome


  Moses J. Studson of Hume, Allegany Co.
  Will book 2; p. 249
Dated April 25, 1838
Probated June 11, 1838
Executor wife: Elsey
Witnesses Delanson Pratt of Centreville
Justin Bingham of Hume
John Cornell of Centreville


  John Hagarman of Brighton
  Will book 2; p. 253
Dated July 14, 1837
Probated Aug. 7, 1838
Mentions daughter: Abigail Riley and her children
sons: Charles D., Howland, David, Abraham and Calvin
Executors sons: Charles D. and John
Witnesses David Hagaman
Cyrus Phillips
James Town


  Nancy Willard of Parman and widow of Thaler
  Will book 2; p. 257
Dated May 12, 1838
Probated Aug. 30, 1838
Mentions sisters: Martha wife of Moses Chamberlin, Sarah wife of Andrew Luce and Mary wife of Moody Chamberlin
Alpheus Willard Goodridge son of Jason and Caroline
Executor Jason Goodridge
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
Joshua Tripp of Parma
Milo N. Smith of Parma


  William Billinghurst of Brighton
  Will book 2; p. 261
Dated March 8, 1838
Probated Sept. 3, 1838
Mentions wife: Julia
sons: Henry, Ray, William, Daniel, Lucien, Charles and John
daughters: Eliza, Julia Ann and Minerva
Executors wife
son: Ray
Joseph Sibley of Rochester
Witnesses Jacob Filmer of German Flats
Truman Bailey of Pittsford
Amanda Northrop of Brighton


  (Joser) Joel Fox of Henrietta
  Will book 2; p. 265
Dated Feb. 20, 1836
Probated Sept. 28, 1838
Mentions wife: Mercy
Executor wife
Witnesses Elijah Fox of Lorain, Jefferson Co
Peter Price of Brighton


  Daniel Philips of Wilson, Niagara Co.
  Will book 2; p. 269
Dated Dec. 31, 1836
Probated Oct. 3, 1838
Mentions brother: Dr. Philips
Executors Tracy Scott and Samantha Nobles Scott
wife: Lucy
Witnesses Samuel Robinson of Wilson
John Woodard of Wilson


  William Roderick of Rush
  Will book 2; p. 273
Dated July 1, 1833
Probated Oct. 22, 1838
Mentions wife: Polly
sons: George and Charles
daughters: Margaret and Sally
Executor Samuel Roderick of Rush, my son by my first wife
Witnesses Peter Price of Rush
Guernsey Goff of Rush
John P. Stull of Rush


  Daniel Blish of Brockport
  Will book 2; p. 277
Dated July 12, 1836
Probated Nov. 12, 1838
Mentions wife: Liba
mother: Hannah Risley of Glastonbury, CT
brother: Joel Blish
sisters: Hannah Stephens widow and Betsey Goodrich of Glastonbury, CT
Executor Peter Sutphen, Jr. of Sweden
Witnesses Henry P. Norton of Brockport
Charles J. R. Mount of Brockport


  John Dolbeer of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 281
Dated Nov. 1, 1828
Probated Nov. 22, 1838
Mentions wife: Mary
children: Eli, Amaziah and Achsah
Executor John Park
Witnesses Cornelius T. Browner of Mendon
Jeremiah E. Rogers of Mendon


  William Higbie of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 284
Dated July 14, 1838
Probated Nov. 29, 1838
Mentions wife: Abigail
daughters: Eliza wife of Willard Richards and Ann Hoag wife of Benjamin D.
sons: Nathan, Silas, Abijah and Alanson
daughter: Mindwell Higbie
Executors wife
Abijah Ross
Witnesses Henry Fellows of Penfield
Abijah Ross of Penfield


  John Michael Miller of Chili
  Will book 2; p. 286
Dated Oct. 16, 1838
Probated Dec. 3, 1838
Mentions wife: Barbary
sosn: Michael, George, Leonard, John and Samuel
daughters: Elizabeth, Parable and Mary Ann
Executor wife
Witnesses Moses Sperry
James Ballantine
Jonathan Kennel


  Ezra Butterfield of Gates
  Will book 2; p. 292
Dated June 18, 1838
Probated Dec. 10, 1838
Mentions wife: Nabby
Executor wife
Witnesses Moses Gage of Gates
Augustus Howard of Gates


  John Van Ness of Perinton
  Will book 2; p. 294
Dated March 26, 1835
Probated Feb. 2, 1839
Mentions sosn: Abraham D., Cornelius, John, Jacob, Peter and Henry
daughters: Lovina Circo, Sarah Blazedell, Anna Cronkite and Patte Barnhart
Executor Cornelius VanNess
Jacob VanNess
Joseph Ketchum
Witnesses John Scott
Hankline Collins
James Lawrence


  John Simmons of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 298
Dated Aug. 20, 1838
Probated Dec. 26, 1838
Mentions wife: Julia
Executor wife
Witnesses John Sowle of Penfield
Melancton Sutton of Penfield


  Nicholas Garlock of Parma
  Will book 2; p. 300
Dated Nov. 12, 1838
Probated Jan. 17, 1839
Mentions wife: Rebecca
sosn: Elisha, Andrew, James P., Nelson, Wm. Wesley
children of my son Elisha
Executor wife
Andrew VanZile
Chauncey A. Knox
Witnesses Chauncey A. Knox
Humphrey D. Taber
Andrew VanZile


  Alfred Pitcher of Parma
  Will book 2; p. 302
Dated Sept. 24, 1838
Probated Feb. 18, 1839
Mentions wife: Maria
brother: Albert
Executor brother: Albert
Witnesses John E. Peterson of Parma
Lucius O. Fuller of Parma


  Benjamin Chamberlin of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 306
Dated Nov. 5, 1838
Probated Feb. 25, 1839
Mentions wife: Sally
son: Newton
daughters: Sarah wife of Charles Merrett and Analiza wife of David Hanes
Executor wife
Benjamin Chamberlin
Witnesses Nelson Peet of Penfield
Mary Peet of Penfield


  Bill Colby of Brockport
  Will book 2; p. 309
Dated Jan. 1, 1839
Probated Feb. 27, 1839
Mentions brother: Sam
sister: Clara
wife Ruth and children
Executor wife
Witnesses John Colby of Rochester
William Sanders of Brockport


  Joel Wheeler of Gates
  Will book 2; p. 313
Dated Dec. 2, 1835
Probated April 1, 1839
Mentions Sylvia Kimball
only son and dau. of my sister Mary Ambler, deceased
brother: Gardner
son: Franklin C.
my half brothers and sisters by my mother Mary's second husband, Reuben Smith
my wife's father: Elezaer Cole
Executor Moses Sperry of Chili
Horace Gay of Rochester
Witnesses Samuel Campbell
Israel Phillips
Peter Hurder


  Abel Belknap of Riga
  Will book 2; p. 315
Dated Dec. 8, 1831
Probated Oct. 15, 1839
Mentions son: Abel
children of my daughter Hannah
daughters: Susannah, Polly, Sally and Clarinda Dewey
Elinda Baldwin son of my dau. Elizabeth, deceased
grandson: Linus Dewey
Executor Timothy G. Baldwin
Witnesses Levi Campbell
Robert Fulton
Franklin Cate


  William R. Brown of Greece, Monroe Co.
  Will book 2; p. 318
Dated May 13, 1828
Probated March 18, 1839
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
son: Wm. Bosworth Brown
Executor father: Bosworth Brown
Witnesses Stephen and Hannah Bartholf
William A. Holmes


  Laura M. Bly
  Will book 2; p. 321
Dated Feb. 27, 1839
Probated Apr. 24, 1839
Mentions brother: Salmon Shepard
son: James G.
daughters: Sophia C. Clark and Caroline E. Ely
Executor Lorenzo D. Ely
Isaac Moore
Witnesses Albert Chappell of Penfield
Mathias Lane of Penfield


  Daniel M. Chittenden of Riga
  Will book 2; p. 324
Dated Feb. 13, 1839
Probated Apr. 30, 1839
Mentions wife: Electa
Evena A. Rogers of Riga
Daniel M son of Hull Case of LeRoy
Daniel M. son of Elias Wilcox of Sweden, Genesee Co. [Editor's note: Sweden is actually in Monroe County.]
Hannah Ann, dau. of Laura Noyes
Executor wife: Electa
Norman Savage
Josiah Pierson
Witnesses Horace Gay of Rochester
Olin L. Angevine of Riga


  Abner Darling of Clarkson
  Will book 2; p. 329
Dated Jan. 8, 1839
Probated May 1, 1839
Mentions wife Sally Ann and children
Executor wife
Witnesses Selleck Boughton
William Blake
Joseph Lovejoy


  Orringh Stone of Brighton
  Will book 2; p. 331
Dated March 20, 1839
Probated June 3, 1839
Mentions wife: Lovina
daughters: Caroline Kingsbury, Eliza Stone, Olive West, Maland Beardslee, Elizabteh Hatch, Harriet Hagaman, Sally Hibbard and Eliza Stone
son: Enos Stone
Executor son: Enos Stone
Witnesses Harvey Humphrey of Rochester
Samuel P. Gould of Brighton


  James Weeks of Wheatland
  Will book 2; p. 333
Dated March 8, 1834
Probated June 24, 1839
Mentions wife: Susannah
sons: Caleb, James and William
daughter: Nancy Bassett
Executors George Wood
John Shadbolt of Wheatland
Witnesses John Shadbolt
George Wood
Isaac I. Lewis


  Silas Hardy of Sweden
  Will book 2; p. 336
Dated May 21, 1839
Probated July 20, 1839
Mentions wife: Dorothy
children: not named
Executor brother-in-law: Frederick Shafer of Clarkson
Witnesses Henry A. Mead of Sweden
John Needham of Sweden


  Solomon Aldrich of Perinton
  Will book 2; p.339
Dated April 6, 1829
Probated Sept. 9, 1839
Mentions wife: Suza
children: Adolphus, George, Moses, Solomon, Joshua, David, Hiram and Erastus
children of my deceased daughters, Suza Jennings and Sally Harwood
Executors sons: Adolphus and George
Witnesses Caleb McComber
David Baker
Betsey Baker


  Elijah Denison of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 341
Dated July 3, 1839
Probated Sept. 14, 1839
Mentions wife: Sally
Executor son: F. Jay Denison
Witnesses Mellison Marshall
D. Scoville


  Ezra Sanger of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 344
Dated Aug. 24, 1839
Probated Sept. 25, 1839
Mentions wife: Sarah Maria
children: Sarah Maria, Ellen, Sabina, Thaddeus E., Mary Ann and Benjamin B.
brother: James
Executor Abel C. Allen
Denton G. Stuart
Witnesses D. T. Hanna of Mendon
A. T. Clifford of Mendon


  Asel Tucker of Greece
  Will book 2; p. 348
Dated March 17, 1839
Probated Oct. 16, 1839
Mentions wife: Mary
Executor wife
Witnesses Silas Walker of Greece
Edward Walker of Greece


  Maria Foot of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 350
Dated May 2, 1838
Probated Nov. 18, 1839
Executor Milton Sheldon
Timothy Barnard
Witnesses G. S. Stone of Mendon
George W. Allen
Althea Allen


  John Coolley of Rush
  Will book 2; p. 352
Dated Feb. 18, 1822
Probated Nov. 18, 1839
Mentions wife: Magdelena
son-in-law: Henry Fishall
daughters: Barbara wife of Philip Fishall and Maria wife of Henry Fishall
grandson: David Cooley son of my son
Executor Peter Price
Witnesses Philip Price
David Stockslager
Peter Price


  Elijah Pound of Briten, Monroe Co.
  Will book 2; p. 354
Dated April 20, 1838
Probated Dec. 18, 1839
Mentions sons: Joel and Thomas
wife: Isabella
Executor sons
Elisha Coleman of Rochester
Witnesses I. Barthwait of Rochester
Henry Coleman


  Joseph Bloss of Brighton
  Will book 2; p. 357
Dated Oct. 7, 1837
Probated Nov. 25, 1839
Mentions sons: William C., Joseph B. and James O.
daughters: Sally Eliza Cogswell, Olive G. Bloss, Harriet Graves, Amy K. Moore, Celesta A. Bloss and Charlotte M. Rosebough wife of Ezra
sister: Sally Bloss
Executors Ezra Rosburgh and his wife Charlotte
Witnesses Justus W. Gale of Brighton
Henry Charten of Brighton
Justus Riley of Brighton


  Sarah Van Ness of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 361
Dated Dec. 1839
Probated Feb. 29, 1840
Mentions children of my dau. Jane Eliza Penfield
late brother Peter C. Tappen
sisters: Gertrude Tappen, Helen Overbaugh and Catharine R. Livingston
son: Theodore Van Ness
Executor sister: Helen Overbaugh
Witnesses Abraham G. Srorm of Poughkeepsie
L. Adams of Penfield
J. B. Bryan of Penfield


  Maynard Maltby of Henrietta
  Will book 2; p. 367
Dated Sept. 18, 1839
Probated Feb. 29, 1840
Mentions wife: Sarah M.
children: Henry G. and Wealthy A.
Executor wife
Witnesses David Olney and Isaac N. Daton of Henrietta


  Charles Smith of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 371
Dated June 23, 1834
Probated March 6, 1840
Mentions daughters: Eunice B. and Julia
wife: Phebe
Executor Charles M. Lee of Rochester
Witnesses Charles M. Lee of Rochester
Charles G. Lee of Rochester


  Warham Whitney of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 373
Dated Feb. 22, 1840
Probated March 28, 1840
Mentions sons: George and James
sons-in-law: William Buell and Isaac R. Elwood
brother-in-law; Jahosel Janes
grandson: James Elliott Williams son of my late dau., Caroline
brother: Samuel
Executors son-in-law: John Williams
Witnesses Selah Mathews of Rochester
Thomas B. Husband of Rochester


  Zechariah Younk of Penfield; (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 382
Dated Jan. 25, 1838
Probated Apr. 18, 1840
Mentions grandsons: Zechariah and Peter Wm. Makeley
granddaughters: Nargaret, Rheuamy and Amy Harvey
Executors Thomas Stratton
William Holt
Witnesses Ezekiel Beebe, Jr. of Penfield
Chester Holt of Penfield
Wilson Holt of Penfield


  Jonathan P. Gager of Parma
  Will book 2; p. 389
Dated Jan. 18, 1840
Probated Apr. 20, 1840
Mentions sisters: Martha C. P. and Josephine Antonette Gager
brothers: Lucien F., William and Ezra
Executor John E. Patterson
Witnesses I. G. Dabney
George W. Andrews


  William Ramsen of Riga
  Will book 2; p. 392
Dated Dec. 13, 1839
Probated April 20, 1840
Mentions wife: Mary
sosn: William, John and Charles
daughter: Mary
Executor Martin Bromley of Riga
Witnesses Robert Fulton
Zebulon Phillips


  Isaac Olmsted of Greece; (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 396
Dated March 19, 1840
Probated April 25, 1840
Mentions mother: Rosannah
brothers: Timothy and Gideon sister: Lydia Olmsted
Executors George C. Latta
G. H. Holden
Eluma Y. Wells
Witnesses George Keeney
Elisha Chapman


  David Gage (64 yrs.)
  Will book 2; p. 400
Dated Jan. 15, 1839
Probated May 1, 1840
Mentions wife: Cornelia
sons: Ebenezer L., Abial D. Stephen L. and David
son Mortimer (deceased) and his children: Hannah, Cornelia and Sarah
daughters: Elizabeth Soule, Martha Lapham, Lois Bromley, Cornelia Strang, Mary Gage and Anna Gage
Executors sons: Ebenezer L. and Abial D.
Witnesses Joshua F. Jones of Perinton
William Farman of Macedon, Wayne Co.


  Jonathan Parish, Jr. of Greece
  Will book 2; p. 403
Dated Jan. 24, 1835
Codicil: Jan. 12, 1837
Probated June 16, 1840
Mentions sons: Jonathan C., Levi H., Lee, Lewis H. and Philo
daughters: Alvira Wilcox, Esther Williams, Armelia Parish and Abigail Parish
grandchildren: William, Lyman and Alonzo, children of my deceased son Anson C.
Executor Abihial Parish


  Seth Stanley of Ogden
  Will book 2; p. 410
Dated March 19, 1840
Probated July 13, 1840
Mentions wife: Sally H.
sisters: Lydia Porter, Nancy Hurlburt and Amelia Hooker
Executor wife
Witnesses Amara Cady of Ogden
Henry Ball of Ogden
James D. Garnsey of Ogden


  Seth Stanley of Ogden
  Will book 2; p. 410
Dated March 19, 1840
Probated July 13, 1840
Mentions wife: Sally H.
sisters: Lydia Porter, Nancy Hurlburt and Amelia Hooker
Executors wife
Charles Church of Ogden
Witnesses Amara Cady of Ogden
Henry Ball of Ogden
James B. Garnsey of Ogden


  John McPherson of Wheatland
  Will book 2; p. 414
Dated April 15, 1840
Probated June 29, 1840
Mentions brother: Duncan
sister: Catharine McPherson
children of my deceased brother William
Executor brother: Duncan
Witnesses John Mallock of Riga
James J. Anderson of Wheatland


  Ely Day of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 418
Dated Jan. 13, 1837
Probated July 6, 1840
Mentions wife: Mary
Executor wife
Witnesses Erastus Cook of Rochester
William C. French of Rochester


  John Atwood of Penfield
  Will book 2; p. 421
Dated Aug. 3, 1839
Probated June 29, 1840
Mentions wife: Betsey
son: Rufus
daughters: Sophia Wilcox, Ruth, Rebecca, Susan, Silence and Ursula
Executor wife
Samuel Rich
Witnesses Asa G. Felt
Philester Felt


  William Johnson of Riga
  Will book 2; p. 425
Dated July 31, 1840
Probated Aug. 27, 1840
Mentions wife: Rebecca C.
daughter: Harriet M.
son: Albert S.
Executor Emmons Johnson of Greece
Witnesses Harvey and Helen Pratt
Elisabeth Johnson


  Abner Bond of Mendon
  Will book 2; p. 430
Dated Feb. 19, 1840
Probated Sept. 14, 1840
Mentions daughters: Emily G., Charlotte, Susan wife of S. C. Fuller, Sarah G., Miranda S. wife of George P. Satterlee, Emily G. and Betsey
sons: Zebedee, Ira and Ezra
Executor son: Zebedee
Witnesses J. Badger of Mendon
Josiah Babcock of Mendon
Parley G. Burton of Mendon


  Mary Randall of Perinton
  Will book 2; p. 434
Dated Aug. 28, 1932
Probated Sept. 19, 1840
Mentions heirs of Lucy Lapham late of Perinton: Nathan, Lavalette, LaFayette and Lucy Antoinette
heirs of Leah Harlow
Witnesses Hannah Ramsdell of Perinton
Sarah Egleston of Perinton


  Ann Doran of Rochester; (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 439
Dated Dec. 23, 1839
Probated Sept. 21, 1840
Mentions daughters: Mary Ann and Catherine
Executor Patrick Kearney of Rochester
Witnesses Bernard O'Reilly of Rochester
Jas. McMullen of Rochester
Garrit A. Madden of Rochester


  Spencer Davis of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 443
Dated April 20, 1840
Probated Sept. 24, 1840
Mentions wife: Eliza
daughters: Caroline Virginia and Adelaide
Executor wife
Witnesses Isaac Hills of Rochester
Clark Wilber of Rochester


  Matthias Lane of Perinton
  Will book 2; p. 446
Dated Aug. 11, 1840
Probated Oct. 26, 1840
Mentions wife: Hannah
son: Ambrose
Executors son
Bedent Baird
Witnesses Brownel Wilber
Simon V. Davis


  Benjamin Brown of Parma
  Will book 2; p. 449
Dated July 9, 1840
Probated Oct. 29, 1840
Mentions wife
son: James
Executor wife
Witnesses Julius A. Cleveland of Parma
Joel Bagley


  Lucy Branch of Henrietta
  Will book 2; p. 453
Dated April 8, 1840
Probated Nov. 9, 1840
Mentions daughter: Lucinda
to be buried in Churchyard at Rush
Executor Ira B. Lee
Witnesses Ira B. Lee of LeRoy, Genesee Co.
Jefferson Branch of Henrietta


  James Green of Irondequoit; (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 456
Dated Sept. 26, 1840
Probated Nov. 10, 1840
Mentions wife
son: James
daughter: Nancy
Executor James Schooly
Witnesses Hale Clements of Rocheter
Silas Briggs of Irondequoit


  Eliza Hagerman of Rochester
  Will book 2; p. 460
Dated June 27, 1840
Probated Dec. 5, 1840
Mentions mother: Catharine Hagerman
one sister: Maria Dyer and her son William
Executors Catherine Hagerman
William S. Bishop
Witnesses William S. Bishop of Rochester
Maria Huff of Rochester


  William Ferguson of Greece (75 yrs.); (signed with an X)
  Will book 2; p. 463
Dated Nov. 7, 1840
Probated Dec. 23, 1840
Mentions wife: Mary
children: John, George, Elizabeth, Mary and Rachel C.
Executors Silas Walker
Nathaniel Hall
Witnesses Jonah Doty of Greece
Andrew Donaldson of Greece


  Menser Doud of Pittsford
  Will book 2; p. 469
Dated Jan. 30, 1834
Probated Jan. 12, 1841
Mentions nephew: Menzer son of Anson F. Doud
Executor wife: Lettice H.
Witnesses Ephraim Goss and Alfred Doud of Pittsford


  Joseph Heath of Perinton
  Will book 2; p. 472
Dated July 18, 1838
Probated Jan. 19, 1841
Mentions wife: Sally
sons: Sidney, Daniel, Asahel and Joseph
daughters: Mabel wife of Charles F. Moore, Hepsebeth wife of Jackson Gifford, Polly wife of Alonzo Sibley, Sally Ann and Harriet Death
Executors Cornelius Conant
Alvarado Conant
Witnesses Darius Tallman
Reuben Wight
Daniel Wellman




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