Civil War wounded treated in Rochester Hospitals


Transcribed by: Gary Welch

The following story about Civil War wounded who were treated in Rochester hospitals is from the Rochester Republican dated June 16, 1864. The list of soldiers in the original was not alphabetized, otherwise I made few changes. The letters in the second column indicate the company, the third column is the regiment. Regiments indicated solely by a number are probably infantry. Except for a couple of noted cases, all regiments are probably N.Y.

The Wounded Men at the Hospitals

The sick and wounded soldiers who arrived here yesterday P.M. were all safely transferred to the Hospitals in the street cars and hacks. - The hackmen who were not engaged volunteered to convey the wounded, and the cartmen generally came forward to convey baggage free.

Of the 375 [note: there are a few less than 375 names in the list] who came in the train, about 60 went to City Hospital [now called Rochester General] and the balance to St. Mary's. The latter hospital will have in a few days still more room for the reception of patients and they will arrive as fast as there is room for them.

The men are in good spirits. Some have taken furloughs from Dr. Backus and have gone home. These men belong to this and neighboring counties, and but few reside in this city.

Dr. Backus reports that all are doing well and none are in a critical condition though a few have serious wounds. Dr. Montgomery extracted a bullet from a wound last night. The surgeons of the Hospitals are going over the Wards carefully and will see that each patient receives all the attention and surgical skill he may require. Friends of the soldiers residing here or elsewhere may rely upon it that nothing will be omitted that can conduce to the comfort of the sick and wounded that will secure a speedy recovery. The soldiers who have been brought here are very fortunate and appear to understand this.

The following is a list of the men received yesterday with the regiments to which they belong:

Name Company Regiment
W.H. Acker B 117th
Rufus Adams I 1st Dragoons
Oscar L. Agan A 16th Artillery
Sergeant Hiram C. Agan C 122d
Geo. Aldrich G 75th
Andrew J. Allen E 93d
David Allen H 37th
John Allen H 100th
Isaac Arnold B 109th
Milo Arnold K 112th
Joseph Attridge H 140th
Geo. W. Austin E 3d
Samuel Avery L 10th Cavalry
R.J. Aweigh K 74th
Orlow Babcock A 108th
Frederick Bachle C 86th
George Bacon G 146th
Sergt. M.H. Bacon K 8th Artillery
Wm. A. Bailey F 117th
Geo. E. Baker D 1st Artillery
Harvey A. Baker K 14th Artillery
John Baker G 72d
Martin T. Ballard I 81st
Samuel Bargar H 3d
Geo. B. Barney G 108th
C.H. Barnum I 4th Art.
Orien Barron C 64th
James Barry I 5th Cavalry
Wm. H. Beecher D 81st
Geo. W. Bennett E 64th
Joseph Bentley B 1st Artillery
Samuel Beswick K 4th Artillery
H.C. Bigelow B 64th
John Bird H 148th
Almond Birdsey H 14th Artillery
Abram Blue F 148th
Conrad Bodenstein G 108th
Michael Boordway A 64th
Nathaniel Bowler A 61st
John Boyd B 147th
Henry Bradley A 10th
Joshua Bradley E 117th
John Briggs C 86th
Gilbert Brimmer A 16th
Sylvester Brock   16th Heavy Artillery
John Bronson I 147th
Geo. M. Brown H 1st Dragoons
Wm. J. Buckingham H 11th Cavalry
L.T. Burdick K 97th
John C. Burke A 59th
Corp.D.P. Burns D 148th
Henry F. Bushnell G 1st Dragoons
John Butterly M 16th Artillery
Reuben Butts E 157th
Corp. W.R. Caldwell G 151st
Charles Calkins D 76th
Henry Campen H 1st Dragoons
Orin Carpenter G 111th
Wm. S. Carpenter D 112th
Geo. W. Carr G 14th Artillery
L.B. Carrington C 112th
Richard M. Case A 94th
Noah Chapman C 112th
Frank Chappell L 1st Mounted Rifles (Bugler)
James Chittendon A 111th
Wm. L. Christeadon K 126th
Corp. Willard Clark C 100th
Enos Clark B 109th
Melvin Clark D U.S. Engineers
Nathaniel I. Clark H 140th
James Cleveland K 109th
D. Franklin Cole C 117th
Loring H. Cole E 1st Dragoons
Orson Collers D 151st
Abram Compton E 11th Pa. Cavalry
John Connolly F 148th
Peter Conrad I 108th
Jacob Coon G 10th Cavalry
John Cooper M 3d Cavalry
Barney Corbarry I 49th
Hanson Cronkite K 140th
D.B. Culler F 89th
Leonard Cummings E 94th
S.H. Curles B 64th
John L. Curtis   1st Sharpshooters
Geo. C. Davis H 100th
Wm. Davis E 3d U.S.
Frank Davy K 100th
Hezekiah Dawley H 86th
Sam E. Dawley I 81st
Marvin G. Day D 154th
Mortimer Dean D 148th
Edward Delany K 155th
Edmund Dennis B 109th
Joseph Dennis D 118th
Mark Devins K 118th
Mitchell Dokey F 108th
Thomas Dowd H 148th
Thos. Downy K 118th
Geo. Drought K 2nd Artillery
Napoleon Drowne E 10th Cavalry
James Duffy D 6th Cavalry
Henry Dutcher I 14th Artillery
Henry H. Dutcher H 140th
Geo. W. Dutton C 1st Dragoons
Henry Edmonds G 117th
Ira Eighmy H 94th
Silas Ellis H 4th Art.
Henry C. Ellsworth F 100th
Corp. G.W. Elwood L 10th Cavalry
John Evans B 57th
Orrin Evans F 94th
George C. Fales B 100th
Claudius C. Farr F 148th
William Featherly D 81st
Charles W. Ferr F 151st
Geo. W. Ferris   5th Heavy Artillery
Patrick Flannery A 124th
David Fleet G 10th Cavalry
Wm. Flynn I 108th
George Foster I 98th
S.M. Foster E 9th Artillery
Thomas M. Foster F 1st Dragoons
Geo. O. Fouts D 122d
Geo. W. Fowler D 111th
William F. Fox H 124th
Patrick Franklin A 43d
Richard Freer E 148th
L.D. French E 72d
Martin Friday C 117th
Sam Frier D 151st
Lewis M. Gage B 1st Sharp-shooters
John K. Giddings C 44th
Darius M. Gifford H 152d
Francis Gitchell G 104th
Harrison Goldsmidt A 76th
Harrison Goldsmith A 16th
Curtis Goodenough K 146th
Asa W. Goodrich E 147th
John Gowen B 72d
Joseph Grace H 140th
Issac H. Granger A 111th
Wm. Grant   11th N.Y. Battery
Thos. Gray K 111th
John Green K 117th
Veeder Green K 149th
Walter Green F 10th Cavalry
Edward Griffiths I 4th Artillery
Martin B. Grimstead K 98th
Milo C. Grover G 1st Dragoons
T.C. Guernsey D 76th
Louis Haag F 98th
George Hadley K 112th
Geo. Hadsell E 148th
Gilbert B. Hall H 14th Artillery
Joseph G. Hall C 97th
Royal A. Hall H 96th
Samuel Hall E 1st Dragoons
Aaron H. Hamil A 140th
Fred K. Hamming C 10th Cavalry
Edwin A. Haradon C 86th
Chas. Harch A 105th
E.A. Hart G 117th
Daniel Hartwell F 155th
Newell Harwood C 148th
Isaac A. Havens A 148th
John Hawk G 15th Artillery
James Hayden D 108th
Caspar Hebbaly I 117th
Benj. Hendershott H 4th Artillery
Robert Henderson H 140th
William Hennesey E 139th
Corp. Chauncey Hewitt H 140th
John S. Hildreth D 140th
Chester Hilsinger M 9th Artillery
Harvey J. Hilton C 57th
Philip Hilwig C 10th
Edwin P. Hoare I 140th
John Hodson K 4th Artillery
Harvey Holden E 93d
G.M. Holt I 112th
M.L. Howard L 1st Artillery
Edmund Howeth L 14th Artillery
George Hoyt B 115th
Thomas Hughes l 9th Artillery
M.M. Hunter H 111th
George W. Huntington D 148th
Henry Ireland G 117th
James Johnson H 1st Dragoons
Peter Johnson G 4th Heavy Artillery
Henry Jones H 10th Cavalry
John Jones   Substitute
Lester F.S. Jones H 4th Artillery
Richard M. Jones I 148th
Nicholas Keller H 126th
Corp. Thomas Kelly I 8th Cavalry
Edward Kelly B 1st Dragoons
John Kelly H 148th
Dan. Kerigo E 147th
John King 12th Battery
Chas. Kingcade E 157th
Serg't Wm. Kramer K 1st Dragoons
Thomas Lane B 57th
Henry Lang B 57th
James Lenafford H 3d
James Leslie I 76th
Corp. L. Lewis G 1st Dragoons
Marvin Lindsley G 1st Dragoons
Chas. E. Love H 126th
G.M. Love G 52d
Lafayette Lyon C 2d Artillery
John J. Madole L 10th Cavalry
Charles Mallory K 40th
Benj. C. Maricle B 109th
Henry Mason F 50th
Hugh McCabe M 16th Artillery
Patrick McCann C 146th
James McDonald C 42d
James McGuire A 100th
Thos. McIntosh G 42d
E. McIntyre E 109th
J. McLaughlin C 44th
Sergt. D. McLean G 76th
John McMahon G 147th
William McMuller D 89th
Geo. H. McNeill D 14th Artillery
Edward McNelly B 5th Cavalry
Daniel Menai   16th Heavy Artillery
Henry Meyer E 151st
William C. Miles L 4th Artillery
Robert Miller I 112th
William H. Miller H 76th
Peter L. Monroe E 89th
John B. Moore D 148th
Thos. G.W. Morey L 4th Artillery
A.B. Murray K 111th
Corp. Lyman Nearing L 1st Mounted Rifles
Wm. F. Neeman F 74th
Edward Newcomb D 1st Dragoons
Harrison Nichols H 147th
James Nixon G 1st Artillery
Wm. Nixon H 147th
Newton B. Norris G 76th
L.M. Norton D 122d
Henry Olds M 4th Heavy Artillery
Samuel W. Olmstead H 86th
Douglas Onley E 112th
Corp. Wm. Orr H 140th
Frank Ours G 1st Light Artillery
Alfred H. Palmer G 100th
Ira Palmer I 64th
Norton Palmer I 111th
Stephen Palmer C 109th
John B. Parker H 148th
John S. Patterson L 14th Artillery
John Paulson C 9th Heavy Artillery
Albert H. Pearson I 126th
G.W. Pecken B 117th
David Peek G 112th
Aseph Perriman K 97th
Ritter Jr. Philip I 100th
Thomas W. Piper H 3d Artillery
Albert Place B 81st
Benj. A. Porter H 89th
Cyrus Pratt K 111th
Martin Pratt F 4th Artillery
Matthew Quillman C 14th Artillery
Michael Quinn E 148th
Andrew J. Ralph G 126th
John Raymo F 1st
John Raynor K 16th Cavalry
Isaac Reynolds I 98th
John C. Reynolds M 5th Cavalry
Frank Richardson D 72d
Michael Riley E 47th
John E. Roberts F 74th
Sherman W. Robinson E 126th
Jos. Rochinstiner F 140th
Sam E. Roe D 44th
A.L. Root    
William Rouse G 148th
Charles F. Roygers F 89th
John Ruluff I 76th
Anson Runnyon F 147th
Walter Russell A 112th
Michael Ryan B 14th Artillery
William H. Safford F 20th Cavalry
Leonard Sage H 8th N.Y. Cav.
Israel Salmon D 76th
A.C. Satterly H 1st Dragoons
Geo. Schwendeman B 100th
Wesley Scott E 9th Heavy Artillery
Charles Semmel D 108th
Charles Service B 81st
Wm. H. Sharks C 108th
J.W. Shaw I 111th
Geo. W. Sheeley G 93d
Wm Sheldon C 122d
George Sherman A 97th
Wm. W. Shew E 81st
E. Shorts L 11th Cavalry
Serg't Nathan Sickles   89th
Wm. H. Sisson F 81st
Thos. Skulley   1st Oneida Cavalry
Samuel Slocum I 117th
Albert F. Smith D 76th
Barney Smith F 40th
Corp. D.L. Smith K 112th
George Smith A 16th
Jacob M. Smith K 155th
Major A. Smith L 4th Artillery
Nelson Smith D 47th
Rudolph Smith K 14th Artillery
Bringel Souseese H 98th
Joseph Stafford K 9th Cavalry
James Stanton K 98th
Chas W. Stark F 148th
Christopher Stedman E 122d
James S. Stone C 117th
N.S. Sturges K 111th
Samuel Sumner I 98th
Joseph Swart D 13th Artillery
James Tarbox B 137th
John Thompson K 40th
Chas. Thornton H 109th
Wm. Tompkins F 178th
Orren Townsend C 3d
John Traus B 164th
Joseph H. Truax G 49th
S.S. Tucker F 3d Cavalry
Jeremiah Tull   5th N.J. Battery
Geo. Tupelman G 126th
Fred Vandermark E 86th
John Vanderwash A 112th
Solomon VanEtten D 111th
Ray VanLoan A 2d Artillery
John VanVleek F 117th
G.T. Vosburgh B 51st
Sergt. A.B. Wagoner F 76th
Corp. Chas. B. Walker E 89th
Theodore Walter I 9th Cavalry
Hiram Wanning D 109th
Thos. Wannion G 64th
Alfred L. Wapes G 93d
Jas. J. Ward B 44th
John Washburn K 109th
Truman Watkins E 76th
Robert Watson L 10th Cavalry
Wm. Wave F 9th Artillery
Joseph Week F 81st
James Weeks F 81st
George Wella I 109th
John C. Wheeler E 93d
Robert Whisker D 102d
Horace White K 40th
James White A 86th
Addison Wilbur I 14th Artillery
Stephen D. Wilbur E 109th
Perry A. Wilder D 109th
John A. Williams G 109th
James Wilson K 126th
Sergt. Lyman Wolcott E 108th
Henry Wood K 86th
Joseph Woodley E 148th
Geo. Woolford K 151st
Robert Woolman C 147th
Nicholas Zangraw I 100th
Henry Zeigenfass B 1st Dragoons
Martin Zumkiller I 40th



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