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The genealogies on this page came from a newspaper column titled "Early Rochester Family Records" which ran in the Rochester Post-Express from July 9, 1910 to Apr. 13, 1912. The author, Anah Babcock Yates, was one of the founders of the Rochester Historical Society and an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She also was state genealogist of the New York Historical Society for many years. She died in August 1932.

Mrs. Yates was a good genealogist but she didn't include many references. You should check for primary sources to verify this information.

There are 2 scrapbooks with these newspaper columns pasted into them at the Rochester Public Library. One version is online here. It is missing random articles and the last 9 months of articles in the series. It also contains Mrs. Yates' handwritten corrections to the published articles.


Published November 12, 1910


Web editor note: This family actually spelled their name Scrantom; not Scranton. The original publication has the surname spelled wrong for about half of the article and it is re-published here as in the original.


"Back on the misty track of time,
In Memory's flickering light,
I see the scenes of other says,
Like meteors in the night.
The garden, with its low-built fence,
With stakes and withes to tie it;
The rude log-house, my early home,
And one wild maple by it."
   —Edwin Scranton.

1. John Scranton, the progenitor, came from England and made a settlement at Guilford, Conn., in the fall of 1639. He was born in 1611, made freeman in 1661, and died August 27, 1671. His wife, Joanna, died July 22, 1661. Married second Adeline, widow of Robert Hill, in 1663, She died in 1685.

2. Thomas, their son, was born about 1643. He married first Mrs. Deborah (Dudley) Thompson, widow of Ebenezer Thompson. She died in 1681. He married second Elizabeth Griswold. (Savage says Elizabeth Goodrich).

3. Samuel was born in ——. He died March 1, 1730. He married Elizabeth Bishop January 30, 1712. She was born October 14, 1690.

4. Abraham was born in 1724; died May 5, 1780. He settled in Durham, Conn. Married first Beulah Seward. She died in 1756. Married second Eleanor —— in 1760. She died in 1797.

5. Lieutenant Abraham, jr., was born December 3, 1749; died January 28, 1836. He served in the Revolutionary war and was a pensioner. He was member of the general assembly of Connecticut from Durham for several sessions. By trade he was a shoemaker and tanner. Married first Hannah Camp, January 1, 1772, She died April 18, 1796, Married second Louisa Fairchild Jan 1, 1811. She died in 1839.


1. Hamlet, born December 1, 1773; died in April, 1851, aged, 78.

2. Henry, born May 10, 1775; died in Nova Scotia in 1787.

3. Israel, born April 4, 1778; married first, Ann Curtis in 1800; married second, Clarissa Pardee in 1812.

4. Jay, born March 7, 1881 (sic.); died April 17, 1817; married Dinah, daughter of Abijah Curtis, Durham, May 5, 1802.

5. Content, born March 11, 1783, died May 28, 1839. Married Wedworth Wadsworth May 5, 1802. He was born July 3, 1782.

6. Amanda. born April 13, 1785; died in September, 1849. Married Robert G. Clark .

7. Abraham, third, born May 3, 1787; died September 8, 1802, in Louisiana.

1. Hamlet Scranton was born in 1773. He went first to Lewis county, N. Y. where he was justice of the peace and a County court judge. He removed to Rochester in May, 1812, and was the first white resident on the west side of the river, occupying the first dwelling in Rochester. Here on the 4th of July was held the first celebration and the first house­warming. He married Hannah, daughter of Daniel and Thankful (Merriman) Dimmick, August 20, 1794. She was born in Durham, Conn., May 22, 1774, and died (?). He died in April, 1851, at the home of his son-in-law, Martin Briggs, on State street, aged 78, "much esteemed and respected."


1. Delia, born July 29, 1795; married Jehiel Barnard (first marriage in Rochester).

2. Henry, born October 30, 1796; married Ardelia, daughter of Eli Moore, November 30, 1823, and had:

1. Edward, born (?), died in 1841.

2. Frances Ardelia, born July 23, 1837.

3. Theodore Elbert, born January 22, 1836.

4. Ellen Lauretta, born July 23, 1846.

3. Hamlet T., jr., born March 10, 1799; died 1804.

4. Elbert William, born August 21, 1800; died February 26, 1855. Married Elizabeth Child and had Henry. He was city treasurer in 1849-1851.

5. Edwin, born May 9, 1803.

6. Hamlet D., born June 24, 1806: unmarried. Was mayor of Rochester in 1860, and after proprietor of Congress hall hotel. Died in 1881.

7. Hannah, born July 2, 1811; married Martin Briggs.

8. Jane, born May 15, 1815; unmarried.

6. Edwin Scranton, born in 1803; came to Rochester when a little boy. He was educated to the printing business, in which he continued until about 1835. After that he became an auctioneer and commission merchant. He was an active and influential elder in the Second or Brick church. He married Mary Ann, a daughter of Asa and Irene Sibley, of Walpole, N. Y., October 26, 1825. She was born December 18, 1804, and came to Rochester when she was fourteen years old, and kept a school near the "Rapids," afterwards when her brothers Derick and Levi Sibley, purchased the Rochester "Gazette" she assisted them in setting type. She died in 1870. (Edwin O. Hall, the first missionary in the Sandwich islands and one of the king's cabinet, was a nephew of Mrs. Scranton. He died (?). [handwritten note: Edwin Scranton, d. Oct. 3, 1880 æ 77 yrs. + 5 mos.]


1. Stella Beatee, born January 12, 1827; married Galusha Phillips, born in Ashfield, Mass., October 3, 1828; (no issue).

2. Adrian George, born October 26, 1828; married Mary, daughter of Josiah Sheldon, a merchant of Rochester.

3. Cora Irene, born June 28, 1830; married John E. Sabine, of Fulton, N. Y., November 28, 1848.

4. Edwina Jane, born September 24, 1832; died young.

5. Beulah Mary, born January 15, 1835; married Isaac H. Weaver January 17, 1855, a merchant of Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

6. Hamlet Edwin, born in 1837; died in 1838.

7. Edwin Levi died young.

8. Clifford Sibley died young.

9. Melford Clark died young.

10. Bertha Sibley, born November 29, 1848; married James Poole.

The following was copied from the original manuscript:


Was born December 13, 1750. Was married when 22 years and 18 days old to Hannah Camp, aged 18 years and 8 days, who died September 11, 1810, aged 57 years. Was joined in marriage January 1, 1772.

Births of Children.

Hamlet Scrantom, born December 1, 1772.

Henry Scrantom, born May 10, 1776, who died December 21, 1788, at Manchester, N. S.

Israel Scrantom, born April 4, 1778.

Joy Scrantom, born March 7, 1781; died April 17, 1817.

Content Scrantom, born March 11, 1783.

Amanda Scrantom, born April 13, 1785.

Abram Scrantom, jr., born May 3, 1787; died at Natcbes September 8, 1820, aged 33 years.

January 1, 1811.

Abram Scrantom was again married to Louisa Canfield. As the above is birth and death, I would remark as follows: When I look around on the past and passing scene, it appears I look almost like the last survivor of a fallen forest or the hoary representative of departed generations. I am on this day 30,722 days old; am one of the four generations from my ancestors who came to this country, in the year 1652, or thereabouts, hoping here to enjoy the privilege that heaven has ordained for the happiness of the human family; was one of those that on board of the Confederation with my old Captain 76 and others, most of whom were of the stage where we pledges our lives, our property and our sacred honours to defend our country's cause against Great Britain. Seventeen different times I left an aged parent and a weeping wife expecting to meet the enemy of our country in deadly combat, where we, like Israel of old, waded through a red sea of blood, withstood the thundering of British fury, but at last arrived with the ark of our country's liberties safe on this, our favored land, and now I here present you this continental money I took for 40 bushels of wheat—the flour of which was used to feed the first troops that General Washington called from Connecticut to Boston, and the Continental bills I took, for my wages at the capture of Burgoine. The money I leave with the request to have it kept with some one of my posterity as long as it will hang together, that generations yet unborn may see what money was taken in payment where America gained a greater blessing than any other nation on earth now enjoys.

—Abraham Scrantom.

Published November 12, 1910


1. James the First, King of Scotland, married 1424 Lady Jane, daughter of John de Beaufort, Marquis of Dorat, and had:

2. Princess Janet Stuart, widow James, third, Earl of Augus; married second, James Douglas, created Earl of Morton, who died on 1458.

3. Lady Janet Douglas; who married Thomas 9th Lord Erskine, and had:

4. Lady Mary Erskine, who married William Livingston, of Kilsyth, and had:

5. William Livingston, of Kilsyth, who died in 1510, leaving only son.

6. William Livingston, of Kilsyth, who died in 1540, leaving only son.

7. William Livingston, of Kilsyth, father of.

8. Barbara Livingston, who married Rev. Alexander Livingston, minister at Monyabrook, Sterlingshire, and. had.

9. Rev. William Livingston, minister of Lanark, Who married Agnes, daughter of Alexander Livingston of Falkirk, and had:

10. Rev. John Livingston, of Ancram, born at Monyabrook June 21, 1603. died in Holland in 1672. Married Mary, daughter of Bartholomew Fleming, of Edinburgh. Their son.

11. Robert Livingston, born at Ancram in 1651, died in New York in 1728, He came to America in 1676 and purchasad land in New York and founded "Livingston Manor." He married, 1683 Alida. daughter of Philip P. Van Schuyler and widow of Rev. Nicholas Van Rensselaer, of Albany, N. Y. He was a member and speaker of the provincial assembly 1718-25.

12. Their sixth child, Robert G. Livingston, married Catharine McPheadres and had:

13. Henry Gilbert Livingston, of Harlem, who married Ann Nutter.


1. Catharine, who married Palmer Cleveland, of Rochester, N. Y.

2. Sarah, who married Daniel D. Barnard, of Rochester, N. Y.

3. Antoinette, who married John T. Talman, of Rochester. N, Y.

13. Gilbert R. Livingston (a brother or Henry G.) married Martha Kane and had James Kane Livingston, of Rochester, N, Y. He was sheriff in 1828, president of the Bank of Monroe in 1829, and collector of the port in 1841.

Palmer Cleveland was born in Pomfret, Conn., February 14, 1782. He was the son of Solomon Cleveland a Revolutionary soldier, and Hannah Sharp, the heroine of the Revolutionary "Pink Satin." He married Catherine Ann Livingston May 4, 1821. She was born in New York city June 25, 1795; died in Rochester June 28, 1849.


1. Caroline Antoinette, born December 25, 1822; married Lawrence Waterbury, of Westchester, N. Y.

2. Henry Livingston, born November 10, 1826; married Eleanor Josephine Bond, of Worcester, Mass.

3. Catharine Ann. born September 8, 1828; married Theodore R. B. Eldridge. She died October 16, ]883.

4. Louis Wilkins, born in March, 1840; died in 1851.

5. Valentine Nutter, born March 6, 1836: removed to the West.

6. Sarah Livingston, born April 6, 1838; married Robert K. Gregory in 1856. He was from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Palmer Cleveland graduated from Brown university, Rhode Island, in 1806. In 1821 was practising law in Rochester, where he passed the remainder of his life. He died September 23, 1851.


Published November 19, 1910


The Rev. Solomon Allen was born in Northampton, Mass., January, 1751. When the War of Independence was declared he was just 25 years of age and with four of his brothers he enlisted and served to the close. He rose to the rank of major and the following is related of him August 15, 1777: Informed of the presence of Indians at Cambridge and of their attack upon the party of Americans there, Colonel Symonds, with a body of Berkshire militia arrived. Among them was Rev. Solomon Allen, of Pittsfield, whose bellicose ardor was of the most glowing kind. Before daylight, and while the rain was yet falling, the impatient shepherd, who had many of his flock with him, went to General Stark, and said, "General, the people of Berkshire have often been summoned to the field without being able to fight, and, if you do not now give us a chance, they have resolved never to turn out again." "Well," said the general, "do you wish to march now while it is dark and raining?" "No, not just this moment," replied the minister of peace. "Then," said Stark, "if the Lord shall once more give us sunshine, and I do not give you fighting enough, I'll never ask you to come out again." Sunshine came with the morrow and "fighting enough" was given the parson and his men, for the battle of Bennington commenced. Rev. Solomon was also one of the number who conducted Major Andre to West Point and carried the despatches taken from him to the commanding officer at West Point. He was also prominent in quelling the disturbances caused by Daniel Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts. At the age of 40 he became interested in religious subjects and at 45 he was chosen deacon in his home church. He had a most ardent desire to "go forth and preach the gospel," but was discouraged by his age and lack of education. In his extremity he went to Dr. Timothy Dwight, president of Yale college, who aided him to enter the ministry. He was 53 years of age when he was licensed. For a short time he remained in Massachusetts, when he decided to come as a missionary to the wilderness of New York state. His was a labor of love, as he received no enumeration for his services, beyond the supply of his personal wants. For sixteen years he thus lived and toiled in this region, and during that time gathered and organized four churches and commenced the first Sunday school in Brighton in 1816. He first preached in Naples, where he was ordained December 5, 1805, and remained five years. He organized the church in Pittsford in 1809 and supplied it two years, at the same time holding services at Penfield, Riga and other towns. He removed to Brighton in 1816 and settled among his old neighbors from Massachusetts, and although not a great preacher, he was a most devoted pastor and endeared himself to all classes of the community. He and his faithful horse were familiar with every path or trail that led to the home of a settler for miles around, and he never passed a house without calling to leave a kindly greeting or to administer comfort to one in need. He closed his labors in Brighton in 1820 and died at the home of his son, Moses, in New York city, January 19, 1821, aged 70.

Published November 19, 1910


Captain John Cobb was born at Norwich, Conn., November, 1743; died at Orwell, Vt., 1815; married Mary, daughter of Joseph Fuller, 1782. She died at Rochester, 1849. He enlisted under Israel Putnam in Lexington Alarm, at Cambridge, Bunker Hill; joined Second regiment, General Joseph Spencer, 1776, fourth company, Canterbury, first corporal; fought at Peekskill, Germantown, 1777, in Major-General William Heath's wing on the Hudson, 1779, under Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs, Morristown, Stone Point, 1781, consolidated 1782, Captain Kimberly roll 1783; "enlisted 1777 for the war" of Pawlet, Orwell, Vt.


I. Henry Cobb, born 1783, at Pawlet; died at Moscow (Livingston county), 1811; married Esther Bennett in 1805.


1. Eliza Cobb, born 1806; married C. Buckland, of Rochester. She died 1893; he died 1892 at Albion. Their children, Henry, Eliza and Edward.

2. Mary, born 1808; married Benjamin Cowles 1830, of Brighton. Their children, Norman, Henry and Roswell.

II. Colonel William Cobb, born Pawlet, Vt., 1787; married Laura, daughter of Benjamin Fitch. First lived in Rome and then in Rochester. Here he established the first water-power factory for edge tools, farm implements, etc. He was colonel of his regiment, president of Rochester village, chairman of village council.


1. Lucy, born 1819, Oneida county,; married N. —?— Calhoun, of Rochester, in 1832. Removed to Michigan.

2. Julia Ann, born 1814, Rome; married William Hanford, 1834, of Rochester.

3. Mary Willard, born 1816; married David McCormick. Removed to California.

4. Weltha, born 1819; married Leonard White, of Buffalo.

5. Abigail Mayo.

6. Lora Fitch.

III. Gideon Cobb, born Pawlet, Vt., 1791; married Roxana Worden, of Rochester, 1819, He died in Rochester, 1864. She died in 1863. When volunteers were called for taking Fort Erie, he enlisted.


1. Lucina, born 1820; married N. Hagaman, 1838, Their children were John Gideon, born 1840; Roxa, born 1842; Virginia, born 1844, married J. B. Titus; Libbie Maria, born 1848; Frederick Oscar, born 1851.

2. Margaret Sherrill, born 1825; married Professor John Adamans, 1853, and died 1867.

3. James Dyer, born 1825.

4. William Henry, born 1829; married first —?—. Married second, Edna Buckland.

5. Maria, born 1830; married Liberty Hall.

6. Frances, born 1835; married William Coles, 1857.

[handwritten note: IV. Dr. John Cobb, an early physician of Ogden, 1816.]


Published November 19, 1910



Captain Joshua Cobb, brother of Captain John, born in Norwich, Conn.; married, 1781. Hannah Edgerton, a daughter of Captain Simeon Edgerton. Removed to Pawlet, Vt., and then to Vernon, Oneida county, N. Y.


1. Abigail, born 1783.

2. Maria, born 1785.

3. Polly, 1787; married Zachariah Remington.

4. Drury, born 1789.

5. Joshua, born 1792.

6. Hannah, born 1794.

7. Arthusa, born 1798.

8. Simeon, born 1800.

9. Clarissa, born 1802.

Imperfect as these records are there are some to whom they will come, who, I know will give them more than a passing glance,—some far along on the long list of names, will recall here and there the form of one now far distant or of another long since laid with his fathers; and memory with such will once more remember the old virtues, and the old failings, both alike, perchance, long forgotten. To the young will be given the names of their ancestors, of whom until now they may not be known, and whose resting place no man knoweth.

Published November 19, 1910



Harvey Boughton born West Stockbridge, Mass., February 4, 1782, was the son of Nathan and Rhoda (Curtis) Boughton; married Eliabeth (sic.) Boynton in 1817; moved by wagon from West Stockbridge to Brighton, Monroe county, arriving June 5th, and settled on a 100-acre farm. He died September 1, 1829, His widow died May 9, 1855, aged 69.


1. Charlotte Augusta, born April 18, 1808; married Charles Mulford. She died August 17, 1887.

2, Horace C., born October 15, 1809; unmarried.

3. John H., born November 6, 1811; died 1821.

4. George G., born October 24, 1813; married Julia Goodwin. She died in Rochester 1881.

5. Minerva P., born August 14, 1815; died in Brighton August 29, 1847.

6. Rhoda A., born at Brighton February 22, 1819.

7. Clarissa H., born at Brighton July 26, 1821; married John Warrant November 26, 1839.

[handwritten note: Claudius Victor Boughton was the son of Hezekiah & Huldah (Willson) Boughton, born in W. Stockbridge, Mass. Aug. 15, 1784; marr. in Victor, N. Y. May 17, 1802 to Betsey Boardman; born Dec. 30, 1782 & settled in Pittsford where she died Nov. 7, 1815, He marr. 2nd March 24, 1817 Clarissa Beecher Hotchkiss, born Feb. 2, 1784 & removed to Canandaigua. The town "of Victor" was named for him & N. Y. presented him with a sword "For valuable service rendered in the War in the Niagara frontier" 1813. He died at Phelps, N. Y. Nov. 10, 1831. There were 3 children by each marriage.]


Published November 19, 1910



I. Thomas came to the country about 1634 and settled at Dorchester, Mass. In 1639 he removed to Windsor, Conn.

II. Thomas, jr., born at Windsor, Conn., February 20, 1642; married Mary, daughter of Thomas Newell, of Farmington, Conn., March 20, 1667. He died at Northampton September 11, 1689.

III. Thomas third, born 1668. He inherited his father's homestead at Northampton, and died in that town February 3, 1714; married Hannah, daughter of John Catlin, of Deerfield. She died 1747. His will dated January 28, 1713.

IV. Jonathan, born 1706, at Northampton; married Mindwell King, May 5, 1736. He was one of the original petitioners for the formation of the town of Southampton, and one of its earliest settlers. He died at Southampton April 20, 1780. His widow died April 4, 1794, aged 89.

V. Jonathan, jr., born Southampton, 1737; married Freedom, daughter of Jonathan Clarke, of Southampton. She died 1773, and he married second, 1774, Esther Williams, and removed to Norwich (now Huntington, Mass.), and a few years later to the western part of New York, where he died about 1804.

VI. Calvin, born —?—; [handwritten note: Rev. soldier] married Mary Richardson and removed to Seneca Falls, N. Y. He died at Brighton March 22, 1826. His widow died at Rochester February 25, 1859.


I. Jane O., born March 9, 1808; married William Luther May 22, 1837; removed to Ophar, Nev.

II. Esther A., born January 11, 1811; married Wells Farr and removed to Minnesota.

III. William R., born July 7, 1813; married first, Janette, daughter of Peter and Mary —?— McCallum. He married second, Lucinda A., widow of Benjamin Kellogg, November 4, 1857. He died at Rochester June 10, 1863.

Children by First Wife.

1. Jane Ann, born March 1, 1839; married William W. Curtis April 1, 1858.

2. Mary Craig, born July 23, 1841; married M. H. Dailey March 29, 1864.

3. Calvin J., born September 8, 1843; married Jennie Leach October 22, 1863.

4. Daniel McCallum, born January 13, 1848; married —?—.

5. William H., born July 31, 1850; married —?—.

IV. Elizabeth, born May 8, 1819; married William E. Hassam December 20, 1849.

V. Freedom, born March 15, 1824; married John W. Smith October 21, 1847.

Published November 26, 1910

Boughton Family.

Jared Boughton was the son of Hezekiah and Abigail (Penoyer) Boughton, born in Salem, Westchester county, N. Y., February 19, 1766. He married Olive, daughter of Charles and Tryphena (Collins) Stone November 26, 1787, in Massachusetts. She was born January 2, 1779, in West Stockbridge, Mass. (taken from Bible records of Ens Stone).

Enos Boughton a brother of Jared, was clerk for William Walker, the agent and surveyor of the Phelps & Gorham purchase, and purchased the land now the township of Victor, and in 1789 Jared and Enos settled there, The father, Hezekiah, having purchased and named "Boughton Hill," gave the land for a cemetery and a public square, where the first school house was built. He died in 1798.

Jared's log house was the first one built in Victor on the site of what had been an Indian village.

Mrs. Olive Boughton was the first while woman in Victor and for some time the only one, and their son Frederick was the first white boy born there, June 1, 1791. She died January 17, 1849.

Jared built a brick hotel at East Bloomfield; afterwards kept by his son, Frederick. He died February 10, 1852. He and his his are both buried in the old ground on "Boughton Hill."


I. Selleck Boughton, born in Massachusetts March 20, 1788; married Clarissa Brace; she died June 29, 1857, aged 68; he died July 11, 1879. He was an early lawyer of Rochester. Their children:

1. Elisha, born in 1813; died in Rochester September 1, 1856; unmarried.

2. Edward Smith, born March 22, 1816; died in 1875.

3. Romeyn.

4. Minerva Caroline, born September 10, 1829; married Daniel A. Woodbury October 17, 1854.

5. Jared, born (?), died in 1857.

6. Mary.

II. Melania, born in Massachusetts October 11, 1789' married at Victor Dr. Archelaus Green Smith February 3, 1814, He was born in Otsego county June 10, 1792, and settled first at Pittsford; in 1818 at Victor; 1823 at Rochester, where he practiced until 1836, when he married and removed to New York. He died in Pittsford June 19, 1850, while on a visit to his wife's brother, Enos Boughton. She died in New Jersey, July 7, 1888. The above were the grandparents of Howard Augustus Smith of Rochester.

III. Frederick, born in Victor June 1, 1792; married Elizabeth C. Collins. She died in Pittsford May 23, 1846; he died February 14, 1860.

IV. Lyman, born September 6, 1793; married, first, Dinah Boughton; second, Juliana Turrell; removed to Michigan.

V. Olive, born December 16, 1795; married James Williams. He died in 1837.

VI. Minerva Caroline, born July 14, 1800; married Charles F. Dickinson. She died at Rush November 13, 1829.

VII. Charles Stone, born March 1, 1803; married Caroline Lettice Markham May 25, 1830; settled at Rush. He died January 16, 1841.

VIII. Eliza Collins, born August 15, 1805; married Bennett Lewis, removed to Ohio.

IX. Jared Hezekiah, born November 15, 1807; married Sarah Maria Martin, removed to Michigan.

X. Edna, born December 25, 1812; married Mortimer Buell in 1832. He died at Rochester January 28, 1885.

XI. Enos, born September 10, 1815; married Hannah Maria Stone, 2d, September 17, 1846. He died February 19, 1892, and was buried in Michigan. Their son, Enos Gilbert, born in East Bloomfield March 22, 1849, died at Pittsford in 1910, unmarried. Mrs. Enos Stone resides in Pittsford, aged 86.


Published November 26, 1910


The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God, Free and Independent: To all to whom these Present shall come, Greeting; Know Ye, That WE have nominated, constituted and appointed, and by these Presents, do nominate, constitute and appoint Elisba B. Strong, Esquire, First Judge of our county of Monroe hereby giving and granting unto him all and singular the powers and authorities to the said office by law belonging or appertaining. To Have and to Hold the said office, together with the fees, profits and advantages to the same belonging, for and during our good pleasure, to be signified by our Council or Appointment. In Testimony whereof, We have caused these our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seal of our said State to be herunto affixed. Witness DeWitt Clinton Esquire Governor of our said State, General and Commander in Chief of all the Militia, and Admiral of the Navy of the same, by and with the advice and consent of our said Council of Appointment, at our City of Albany, the 5 day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one and in the 45 year of our independence.

(Signed) DeWitt Clinton.

According to French's Gazetteer of New York State, Monroe county was formed February 23, 1821. I have verified this by the laws of the stare. The civil list of the state of New York, gives Elisha B. Strong as the first judge, appointed March 5. 1821. To verify this fact I went to the office or the secretary of state and found there in the "Proceedings of the Council of Appointment, 1821-2 (Civil) under date of March 6, 1821, the following record:

"In the county of Monroe (a county erected by a law or the present session of tho legislature): Elisha B. Strong, first judge: Nathaniel Rochester, clerk; Timothy Childs, district attorney."

Judge Elisha Beebe Strong was the son of Elisha and Mary (Beebe) Strong; born at Hartford, Conn., November 29, 1788; married, first, Dolly Goodwin Hooker June 24, 1813. She died at Rochester February 15, 1850. He married, second. Ellen O'Keefe of Detroit. He was admitted to the bar in Canandaigua in 1812; removed to Rochester in 1816, where he purchased with Elisha Bench 100 acres of land on the east side of the river, known as Carthage. Here he erected storehouses and an incline railway for passing freight from the port on the river to the bank above, and built a bridge in one arch over the lower falls. He was one of the constructors of the railroad connecting the city and Erie canal with the harbor at Charlotte. Member of assembly 1819-20 from Ontario county. First judge of Monroe county and supervisor in 1836, He removed to Detroit in 1861 and died October 14, 1867, aged 78.

Published December 3, 1910


Elder Daniel Brown was born in the state of Connecticut in 1758. He served in the War of Independence and immigrated to Western New York about 1804 in company with friends and neighbors from East Haddam to "the settlement of Fairfield on the town of Northampton, in the county of Genesee," now the town of Ogden, where he held the first religious services in the houses of his parishioners, Tradition credit him as preaching the first sermon in the county of Monroe, in Hamlet Scrantom's log house. He wended his way through the forest on horseback, forded the Genesee river, making regular trips to Pittsford, then the town of Boyle, where he was ordained the first pastor of the Second Baptist church October 20, 1809. (The First Baptist church was at Penfield, originally a part of Boyle). The first service was held in the old north school house, and the second at the home of Richard Priestly. The society had no home of its own until 1815, when mention is made in the records of "a log house on Thornell's Hill" as belonging to it. A year later it was "voted to give the Elder Brown $85.00 and all the fruit trees on the land belonging to the church's house." He asked for dismission in 1818 and removed to Ogden, where he died April 4, 1842, aged 84. His wife's name was Lydia (?). [handwritten note: Marr. at Pomfret, Ct. Lydia Pratt & Daniel Brown of Canterbury, Jan. 16, 1783.] She was born in East Haddam, Conn., in 1758, and died in Pittsford May 21, 1814, and was buried in the "old grounds." The first stone in the north end, facing the road, marks her grave. The inscription has disappeared.


1. Judge William Brown, born in Lyme, Conn., March 9, 1785, came to Ogden in 1803. While making a trip to Rochester with a load of wheat, in 1812, he was drafted into service with his team and wagon. He was not allowed to return home, his load of wheat was exchanged for one of salt and he was obliged to travel to Lewiston in company with other soldiers going by way of the "Ridge road." In the same year he was made colonel of New York militia, a uniformed company which turned out for "general training." He was one of the first judges of the county of Monroe, being appointed April 12, 1824, by Governor Yates. He was elected member of assembly in 1831. Died April 4, 1854. Judge Brown married, first Rachel Willey, born 1770, died July 18, 1848.


1. William, of Ogden, born November 3, 1809, died July 12, 1891. He married Clarissa M. Webster, born August 27, 1810, died November 27, 1876.

2. Maria, born March 26, 1808, died February 6, 1898. Married to Rev. Lemuel Brooks, of Churchville, in 1826.


Clarissa M., wife of Austin R. Smith, of Cleveland, both deceased.

Emma E., wife of George Savage, of Churchville.

Rachel A., deceased.

Harriet E., deceased, wife of W. L. Omrod, of Churchville.

Judge Brown, married. second, Sarah V. Toan, born June 21, 1821, died May 3, 1907.


3. Lydia, born November 24, 1849, wife of George M. Cole, Spencerport, N. Y.

4. Henry Harrison Brown, born December 20, 1851. Married first, Frances E. Brown, born March 20, 1851, died May 1, 1904.


Lulu F., born August 31, 1875; married to William H. Doremus, of New York.

Henry Harrison married, second, Grace E. Dimock, born January 9, 1877, died September 19, 1905.

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Zaccheus Gould was born in England about 1589. Resided at Hemel Hempstead and Great Missenden in England. Came to New England about 1639, and established himself at Topsfield, Mass., where he died about 1670. His wife's name was Phebe and she died September 20, 1662.


Four daughters and one son, John.

Captain John was born in England June 10, 1635, and died in Topsfield, Mass., January 26, 1709-10. Married Sarah Baker, daughter of John Baker, October 12, 1660. She was born March 9, 1641, and died January 20, 1709. He was made a freeman in 1665. He was the largest landowner in the neighborhood. He was made captain in 1693. He was lieutenant in command of the militia in 1684, and was fined and imprisoned for alleged treason against the government of Joseph Dudly, after whose overthrow with that of Andros he was made representative to the general court.


1. John, born December 1, 1642.

2. Sarah, born December 18, 1664; married Joseph Bixby in 1682.

3. Thomas, born February 14, 1660; married Mercy Sumner in 1700.

4. Samuel, born March 9, 1669; married Margaret Stone in 1697.

5. Zacheus, born March 26, 1672; married Elizabeth Curtice in 1702.

6. Priscilla, born November 2, 1674; married John Curtice in 1695.

7. Joseph, born August 24, 1677; married Priscilla Perkins in 1712-13.

8. Mary, born June 16, 1681; died May 2, 1689.

1. John, eldest son of Captain John and Sarah (Baker) Gould, born December 1, 1662; died November 5, 1724; married Phebe French, November 10, 1684. She was the daughter of John French; born May 8, 1667; died April 25, 1718. He had a second wife, Rose, but the children were all by his first wife.


1. Phebe, born July 7, 1685; married Thomas Curtice, of Middletown and Andover.

2. John. born August 25, 1687.

3. Mary, born May 11, 1689; married Thomas Standley, of Attleboro.

4. Nathaniel, born October 25, 1691; married Grace Hurd, lived at Harwich.

5. Sarah, born September 8, 1694; married Thomas Butler, of Attleboro.

6. Hannah, born June 19, 1697; married Gideon Towne, of Topsfield,

7. Daniel, born November 8, 1699; Lydia Averill and widow, Lucy Perkins.

8. David, born December 25, 1701; married Abigail Dodge, of Ipswich.

9. Solomon, born March 19, 1704; married Elizabeth Robinson and widow Rebecca Bixby.

10. Lydia, born June 8, 1707; married Samuel Standley, of Attleboro.

2. John, son of John and Phebe (French) Gould, born August 25, 1687; married, first, Hannah Curtice February 2, 1708. She died April 25, 1712, leaving twins 16 days old. Married, second, Phebe Towne, June 22, 1713.


1. Martha, born November 6, 1709; married John Pritchard and had twenty-one children.

2. Mary, born February 4, 1711; married Lieutenant Thomas Gould.

3 and 4. Twins: Hannah, born April 9, 1712; married Samuel Marston. John, born April 9, 1712; died at birth.

5. John (again), born June 20, 1716; died at birth.

6. Phebe, born September 22, 1716; married Eliezer Gould (his second wife).

7. Kezia, born May 10, 1718; married Jacob Dwinell.

8. John (again), born April 6, 1720; died in infancy.

9. Richard, born April 20, 1772; removed to New Hampshire.

10. Stephen, born July 6, 1724; married Hannah Perkins.

11. Ruth, born September 16, 1727.

12. Jacob, born February 6, 1728-9, lived in Boxford, Mass.

13. Esther, born August 10, 1732; married Jonathan Towne.

14. Amos, born August 13, 1735; married Huldah Foster.

12. Jacob, son of John and Phebe (Towne) Gould, born at Topsfield, Mass., February 4, 1728-9; married Elizabeth Towne October 27, 1751. He served in the Revolutionary war and commanded a company at Lexington. Resided in Bocford, Mass.


1. Jacob, born in 1752, died in 1753.

2. Richard, born June 15, 1753, died in 1754.

3. Ruth, born January 22, 1753; married Nathan Perley.

4. Elizabeth, born December 12, 1756; married Nathaniel Herrick, of Boxford.

5. Edna, born March 17, 1759; married Samuel Stiles and Jacob Flynn, of New Hampshire.

6. Susanna, born February 13, 1761; married Jacob Gould.

7. Jacob (again), born September 9, 1764.

8. Lois, born November 1, 1766; married Benjamin Perley.

9. Samuel, born in 1768.

10. Kezia, born October 24, 1770; married Joseph Smith.

11. Huldah, born December 21, 1774; married Moses Dorman, sr.

12. John, born July 11, 1778; married Polly Prince.

7. Jacob, son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Towne) Gould, born September 9, 1764. Married Ruth Peabody, May 25, 1790. She was the daughter of Bernsley Peabody and was born December 14, 1769.


1. Mehitable, born March 19, 1791; married Samuel Bradstreet in 1810.

2. Jacob, born February 10, 1794; married, first, Ruby Swan August 15, 1815; married, second. Sarah Thomas Seward in 1841; died November 18, 1867.

3. Samuel P., born December 21, 1797; died in infancy.

4. Samuel P. (again), born May 22, 1801; married Caroline H. Flower, of Palmyra, N. Y.

5. George, born August 23, 1803; married Rachel.

6. Huldah, born August 15, 1806; married Moses Dorman, jr. in 1828 and died in 1839.

Jacob, born February 10, 1794, died November 18, 1867; married, first, Ruby Swan, August 15, 1815 (born March 24, 1793, died November 30, 1840); married, second, Sarah Seward September 21, 1841 (born June 4, 1804). He removed to Rochester about 1820. Was mayor of the city and major-general of the militia.


1. Susan, born December 4, 1817, died in February, 1821.

2. Caroline, born May 4, 1819; married Henry Benton June 6, 1843.

3. Susan, born September 10, 1821; married Henry A. Tilden June 27, 1844.

4. Rhoda, born November 1, 1823, died in February, 1827.

5. Jacob, born June 1, 1825, died in July, 1825.

6. Jacob S., born September 6, 1826; married Elizabeth Johnson January 31, 1849.

7. George Clinton, born January 15, 1829, died in 1829.

8. Ruby, born May 5, 1830, died in 1830.

9. Sarah Ruby, born July 6, 1842; married Dr. Charles E. Simmons, of New York, June 29, 1865.

10. Seward F., born October 4, 1844; married Alice E. Hart January 9, 1868.

11. Anna J., born November 10, 1846; unmarried.

Samuel Peabody Gould, born May 22, 1801; married Caroline H. Flower, of Palmyra, N. Y.


1. Elizabeth, born ——; married Charles Rising.

2. Samuel Hatch, born ——; married, first, Fannie A. Baldwin; second, Mrs. Joseph Hall.

3. Edward Payson, born ——; married Louise Seward (same Seward).

4. Hattie or Harriet, lives in New Jersey.

Samuel Hatch and Fannie Baldwin


Elizabeth Rising Gould.

Published December 10, 1910


1. Lieut. Samuel Alling, eldest son of Sergeant Samuel 1st, and grandson of Roger 1st, was born in New Haven, 1668, and removed to Newark, N. J., about 1701, where he died 1732. Married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Curry, she died 1735.

II. Deacon Samuel, born 1698; married Abigail Prudden, grand daughter of Rev. John Prudden, minister of first church, Newark. She died 1758. Deacon Samuel in 1737 was appointed to see to the ringing of the bell and sweeping of the meeting house. In 1741, judge, by his Majesty King George 2nd; 1734 he was collector, and in 1748-9 assessor. He was also elder in Synod from 1737 until his death in 1793, aged 95.

III. John Alling born about 1723; married Martha Crane. He was collector and overseer of the poor in 1750. He died 1753. His widow died 1795.

IV. Lieut. John born April 2, 1746; married Abigail Young. He was lieutenant in a minute company, and the one who figured so conspicuously as a sharpshooter when the British pillaged Newark. He died December 2, 1795.

V. Young Stephen Alling (the officiating clergyman by mistake reversed these names at baptism) born March 1, 1775, at Newark, N. J.; married at Ballston, N. Y., March 18, 1798, Patty, daughter of David Cory, born Westfield, N. Y., April 22, 1780. He died at Sodus February 4, 1821, and his widow died in Rochester July 7, 1840.


1. Harriet, born, 1801; married Adam Tinckelpaugh in 1821; died at Sodus 1871.

2. John, born 1802; married Maria Gurner in 1826; died at Henrietta 1875.

3. David Cory; born 1807; married Sarah McKay; died 1891.

5. Prudden, born 1808; removed to Ohio.

6. William, born March 3, 1811; married 1st Martha Sparhawk May 2, 1836. She died January 3, 1852, and he married 2nd Clementine L. Tilden August 3, 1852. She was born in Rochester, Vt., October 24, 1828.

6.William Alling died July 13, 1890. He was a book-seller, publisher and dealer in paper; an elder in the Central church for forty years. "In the death of William Alling there passed away from our city a citizen who for the past half century has been one of the leading men of Rochester; for nearly three-quarters of a century an active member of the church, and for seventy-nine years a life without flaw or blemish."

Issue by first wife.

1. William Sparhawk, born May 9, 1827; died June 20, 1872; married first Emily Cray. She died November 21, 1862. He married second Ophelia M. Oviatt at Rochester June 20, 1865.

2. Louise J., born April 20, 1839.

3. Charles Henry, born November 10, 1840; died 1842.

4. Frederick D., born July 9, 1843; married Emily McKay May 14, 1868.

5. Samuel Young, born March 31, 1848; died 1851.

6. Flora Martha, born January 3, 1852; married John Weaver Goss September 23, 1874.

(By second wife.)

7. Joseph Tilden, born January 19, 1855; married Rose Lattimore 1881. Teacher of the "Alling Class" in the Central church.

Published December 10, 1910


The following is recorded in an old book, the possession of an old resident of Pittsford.

Died—March 29, 1847; aged 91, Timothy Barnard, born in Hartford, Conn., June 19, 1756. A soldier of the Revolution. Came to Western New York in 1809, and during the remainder of his life resided upon the spot first settled as a home. He unified with the Presbyterian church at Mendon when he was 71 years of age (1828). With the church at Pittsford 1829. He was universally esteemed by all who knew him.

Samuel Barnard came from England to Hartford, Conn., in 1720, and married Sarah, daughter of Caleb Williamson, of Barnstable, Mass., August 12, 1714, who afterwards settled at Hartford, Conn., as a merchant. Their children:

1. Sarah, born May 15, 1715.

2. Samuel, born August 9, 1717.

3. Timothy, baptized January 3, 1720.

4. Rebecca, born May 22, 1722.

5. Captain Ebenezer, born January 9, 1727, at Hartford, Conn., where he lived and died August, 1799. He married Thankful, daughter of Cyprian Nichols, of Hartford, in 1747. He was captain of a Connecticut militia in which his son Timothy enlisted. Was also called at Danbury alarm 1777.


I. Ebenezer, jr., born February, 1748; married Elizabeth Lane, no issue. He lived and died in Hartford May 8, 1827. He purchased half of the Wadsworth tract, but never became a resident of New York state.

II. Thankful, born in 1751; married Rev. Increase Mather, a grandson of Cotton Mather.

III. Cyprian, born in 1753; married first, ?; married, second ? Wilson, of Stamford, Conn.

IV. Hon. Timothy, born June 19, 1756—the subject of this sketch. He removed and settled in Mendon in 1809, where he became judge of the Ontario County court. He married November 26, 1784, Phebe, daughter of Daniel Dewey, of Sheffield, Mass. They had ten children, five of whom died in infancy.

1. Harriet, born in 1787; died in Pittsford July 3, 1847.

2. Judge Timothy, jr., born July 11, 1789. Resided in Mendon. Married Julia, daughter of Ashbell Hills, of Lenox, Mass. She was the sister of Isaac Hills, mayor of Rochester.

3. Hon. Daniel D., born September 11, 1796, An early lawyer in Rochester in 1821; elected to congress in 1826; plenipotentiary to Prussia; united with St. Luke's church and was baptized September 26, 1826. Married for his first wife Sarah, daughter of Henry Livingston, of New York. She died in 1829 in Washington, D. C., at the time her husband was in congress. Their daughter, Cora, baptized at St. Luke's June 15, 1828; died January 11, 1888. After his wife's death he removed to Albany, where he married Catharine Walsh and had one daughter Sarah. She died at Albany, August 17, 1903, leaving a large fortune to charitable institutions.

Hon. Daniel R. Barnard was the first representative to congress from the Rochester district, and took the journey from Mendon to Washington on horseback. He also delivered the address of welcome for the city of Rochester on the occasion of Lafayette's visit here at the opening of the Erie canal 1824. He died April 24, 1861.

4. Eliza L., born 1804; married Alexander, son of John H. Voorhees, of Florida, N. Y. She removed to Pittsford and afterwards to Iowa. She died 1901.

5. Ebenezer Henry, born September 28, 1803; died November 10, 1890; married, first, Sophia, daughter of Shubel Griswold, of East Hartford, Conn.; married second, Jane Ann Williams.


1. Sophia, who married William L. Reynolds of Enfield, Ct.

2. Julia H., married first, Rev. Ephriam Strong, who died in Joliet, Ill. She married second, Alfred Edwards of Dundee, Ill., their children— Helen H., now Mrs. Henry Thompson, of Springfield, Tenn.; Clara, who married Rev. Edward Doane, one of the first missionaries to Micronesian Islands. She died 1902; Sophia, married Rev. Jerome D. Davis, she died 1886; they were first missionaries to Japan.

3. Algernon S., born 1819; married Elizabeth, daughter of William Reynolds, and removed to Naperville, Ill. He died 1899.

4. Allyn Mather, born 1824; died 1902; married Sarah A. McIntosh; removed to California.

5. Francis H., born 1827; died 1902; married first, Teressa C. Sterling, a daughter of Lord Sterling, formerly of Lyme, Ct. Removed to Lima, N. Y. Marries second, Martha Hollister, daughter of Silas Hollister, of Batavia, N. Y.

6. Phebe Ann, born 1832; died 1909; married Henry C. Wood of Pittsford.

Published December 17, 1910



I. Deacon Stephen Hart, of Cambridge, Mass., 1632, freeman 1634. Removed to Hartford, Conn., thence to Farmington where he was representative from 1646 to 1660. One of the founders of the church formed by Thomas Hooker in Cambridge, 1633, Name of first wife not known. He married, second, Margaret, widow of Arthur Smith. His children were all by his first wife.

II. Captain Thomas Hart, the third son and youngest child, was born in 1644, He married Ruth, daughter of Anthony and Ann (Wells) Hawkins. (Ann Wells was the daughter of Governor Thomas Wells. She married, first, Thomas Thompson. He represented the town in the general court from 1690 to 1711. His wife died Oct. 9, 1724, aged 75. Captain Hart died August 27, 1726, aged 82, and was buried with military honors.

III. Lieutenant Hawkins, born 1677; married, first, Sarah Royce, September 7, 1701. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Lathrop) Royce. He removed to Wallingford. Sarah died January 31, 1733, and he married, second, Mary Street, January 20, 1734. He died May 24, 1735. He was representative to the general court nine sessions from 1714 to 1722.

IV. Thomas, born September 29, 1714; married Hannah Coe March 23, 1742. She was born April 12, 1712, and died November, 1783. He died at Bristol, Conn., July 12, 1801, leaving a second wife, Rachel.


1. Mary, born March 23, 1743; married Luke Gridley, of Bristol, Conn., in 1763.

2. Ruth, born October 1, 1744; married Daniel Hills June 2, 1768.

3. Jonathan, born March 22, 1746; married Lucia Clark; removed to Paris, N. Y.

4, Hannah, born October 10, 1747; married Jacob Byington.

5. Thomas, born September 10, 1749.

6. Esther, born November 16, 1751; married Zebulon Peck, November 2, 1769, of Clinton, N. Y.

7. Amasa, born June 19, 1754; married Phoebe Roberts, of Clinton, N. Y.

8. Abel, born September 5, 1756, a Revolutionary soldier, died at Milford, Conn.

9. Barbara, born May 24, 1758; married Zerubabel Jerome, of Bristol, Conn.

10. Benjamin, born March 20, 1761.

11. Lydia, born in 1770.

5. Judge Thomas Hart, born September 10, 1749; married Mary, daughter of Benjamin and —— Hungerford, 1772. He was a member of the New York legislature and judge of the County court. Removed Paris, Oneida county, about 1794. He died at Clinton, N. Y. Their son, Roswell, born November 21, 1786; married Eliza Pixley, born November 6, 1786. He died in Rochester, August 25, 1824. His widow died April 2, 1832. He commenced business in Rochester in 1816.


1. Charlotte, married Rev. Francis H. Cummings.

2. Thomas P., settled in Rochester in 1820.

3. Jane, married Henry E. Rochester.

4. George W.

5. Mary Elizabeth, born May 11, 1821; married Mortimer F. Reynolds.

6. Roswell, graduated at Yale college in 1843.

10. Benjamin, born March 25, 1761; married Mehitable, daughter of Thomas Jerome. He died at Bristol, Conn., April 17, 1828. She removed to Pittsford, N. Y., with her son Roswell, but died at Bristol, December 4, 1848, aged 84. (Pittsford records say December 10th.)


1. Ruth, born October 2, 1784; married Clark Carrington, November 26, 1805; removed to Ohio.

2. James, born September 18, 1786; removed to Brighton.

3. Orra, born May 28, 1788; married Moses Moss, jr., January 6, 1807, of Litchfield, Conn.

4. Mehitable, born July 6, 1790; married George Bulkley February 19, 1810, of Farmington, Conn.

5. Eber Jerome, born September 12, 1791; removed to Brighton.

6. Fanny, born February 7, 1793; married Moses Moss, jr., March 31, 1834.

7. Roswell, born February 21, 1795; married Phebe Johnson June 27, 1820.

8. Romanta, born March 19, 1800; married Ruth Cowles; removed to Brighton.

9. Emeline, born January 25, 1804; married Linus Wilcox February 13, 1825,

10. Thomas Coe, born July 7, 1806; married Emily Atwater, of Bristol, Conn.

2. James, born in 1786; married Betsey Johnson January 1, 1821. Removed to Brighton and had:

Jerome, born

Francis Grove.

5. Eber Jerome, born in 1791; removed to Brighton; married Sophia Root, of Plainville, Conn., born March 1, 1788.


Samuel Root



Elijah Root.

7. Roswell, born in 1795; married Phebe Johnson (sister of James's wife), June 27, 1820. Removed to Brighton. She died September 24, 1823, aged 27. Married, second, Polly Ann. She died December 10, 1841, aged 42.


Benjamin Blossom

Henry Francis

8. Romanta Hart, born March 19, 1800; died November 11, 1877; married November 2, 1826 to Ruth Cowles, born September 9, 1807, died December 17, 1882. Removed to Brighton.


(a) Charles E. Hart, born September 13, 1827; baptized at Brighton, N. Y., March 13, 1832; died June 16, 1894.

(b) Emeline Hart, born August 10, 1829; died June 16, 1832.

(c) Helen M. Hart, born October 19, 1833; died January 14, 1908.

(d) James Cowles Hart, born August 6, 1836; died August 16, 1905. Married Isabel Pond.

(e) Edwin M. Hart, born February 18, 1840; died April 4, 1892.

(f) Burritt Gray Hart, born June 7, 1845; died February 20, 1846.

(g) Mortimer R. Hart, born December 24, 1848; died February 6, 1908.

(a) Charles E. Hart, born September 13, 1827; died June 16, 1894. Married June 24, 1858, to Mary Elizabeth Potter, born January 2, 1831; died April 12, 1891.


I. Harriet Potter Hart, married October 5, 1793, to Charles Hastings Wiltsie.


Mary Emily Wiltsie, born October 8, 1897.

II. Howard Mortimer Hart, died December 9, 1905. Married June 14, 1892, to Eleanore Partridge Sisby.


(1) Charles Howard Hart, born March 18, 1894.

(2) Harriet Mary Hart, born November 17, 1895; died January 20, 1897.

(3) Silsby Potter Hart, born December 14, 1897.

(4) Eleanore Margaret Hart, born September 22, 1899.

(5) James C. Hart, born August 26, 1904.

III. Marabel Hart, married June 7, 1882, to Jacob Scudder Farlee.


(1) Hart Scudder Farlee, born February 20, 1889; married June 30, 1909, to Natalie Wildey.

Published December 24, 1910


Roswell Hart, son of Thomas and Mary (Hungerford) Hart, was born November 21, 1768; died August 25, 1823; married March 26, 1809, Eliza Pixley, daughter of David and Martha (Whiting) Pixley. of Kirkland, N. Y.


1. Charlotte, born October 11, 1810; died May 19, 1883; married April 6, 1831, Rev. Francis Higgins Cuming, born October 22, 1796, died August 26, 1862, son of Fortescue and Phebe (Harrison) Cuming.

2. Thomas P., born November 15, 1812; died in Rochester in 1850.

3. Jane, born July 31, 1814; died January 31, 1866; married April 17, 1833, Henry Elie Rochester, born January 7, 1806, died June 3, 1889. He was the son of Nathaniel and Sophy (Beatty) Rochester.

4. Jeanette, born April 27, 1817; died September 10, 1818.

5. George William, born April 4, 1818; died October 22, 1892; married October 24, 1855, Diantha Bunnell, of Ossian, Livingston county. Removed to New York.

6. Mary Eliza, born March 10, 1821; died August 7, 1879; married Mortimer F. Reynolds.

7. Roswell Hart, born August 8, 1824; died April 20, 1883. Member of congress in 1866-68. Married June 27, 1849, DeEtte Phelon, born August 4, 1824, daughter of Joseph and Alcena (Denslow) Phelon.


I. Rev. Edward Phelon, married September 21, 1901, Angelica Church, born May 7, 1870, died June 8, 1902.

II. Mary Eliza.

III. Anna DeEtta, married January 11, 1881, Willis Gaylord Mitchell, son of David and Cecilia (Clark) Mitchell.

IV. Florence Alcena.

Published December 17, 1910



Deacon Levi Ward was born in Killingworth, Conn., November 26, 1745 and died in Bergen, February 29, 1839. Married first, January 8, 1782, Mary, daughter of Josiah and Mary (Hand) Meigs. She died November 6, 1806. Married second, Jemima Hubbard, of Glastonbury, Conn.


1. John, born June 11, 1769.

2. Levi, jr., born July 29, 1771.

3. Deborah.

In 1907 Deacon Ward with his two sons and their families, removed to the Genesee country and settled at Bergen. It was Saturday when this little band arrived, and their first duty was to provide for religious services the day following; fourteen or fifteen were gathered together from their scattered homes, and prayer was offered and a sermon read by Deacon Ward, and the house led by his son, Dr. Levi. In the same year a Congregational church was organized, the second one west of the Genesee, and Dr. Levi Ward was the last survivor of the earliest members. He died at the age of 92, leaving three children, twenty-three grand-children, and sixty-five great-grand-children.

2. Dr. Levi Ward, second, born 1771, died January 4, 1861. Married Mehitable, daughter of Captain Daniel and Siba (Smith) Hand. (Captain Hand was an officer of the Revolution.)


Colonel William Harvey, born February 6, 1793; died June 6, 1838. Married Marian A. Buell August 16, 1823. First postmaster at Bergen. A Colonel of militia in early years. An early merchant of Rochester.

II. Siba Hand, born December 14, 1794; died May 4, 1884; married Silas O. Smith September 8, 1816.

III. Daniel Hand, born July 25, 1796; died September 6, 1846.

IV. Esther Maria, born December 11, 1798; died October 9, 1828; Moses Chapin, September, 1818.

V. Hon. Levi Alfred, born January 31, 1801; died August 6, 1881; married first, Harriet Barton, November 13, 1828. She died May 21, 1820; married, second, Harriet Kemp, August 21, 1834. She died August 24, 1906.

VI. Henry Meigs, born October 21, 1802; died December 11, 1894. a resident of Illinois. Married Eliza Chapin, a sister of Moses Chapin, September 12, 1824. She was born March 23, 1802, and died August 8, 1875.

VII. Elizabeth Mary, born July 23, 1804; died March 3, 1839; married Daniel Hand (no issue). Removed to Augusta, Ga.

VIII. Susan Matilda, born May 20, 1808; died April 2, 1862; married Judge Samuel Lee Selden July 27, 1831.

IX. Mehitable Eunice, born December 17, 1809; died May 3, 1897; married Charles Lee Clarke May 31, 1831.

X. Rev. Ferdinand D. E. Wilton, born July 9, 1812, of Geneseo; died August 11, 1891; married Jane Shaw.

XI. Henrietta Jacqueline, born October 2, 1814; died October 30, 1890; married Hon. Freeman Clarke.

Dr. Ward was a student at Yale and studied his profession with Dr. Jonathan Todd, of Guilford, Conn. He commenced the practice of medicine to Haddam, Conn., 1790. where he continued until his removal to Bergen in 1807. For nine years he was one of the active and prominent pioneers of his locality. In 1811 he was appointed one of the builders of the first bridge to cross the Genesee at this point. He was active in preparing arms for the War of 1812, and was commander of a company organized in Bergen, and although he never knew active service, it shows the patriotic spirit of the pioneers who were only waiting to be "called" to the defense of their country. He was for six or seven years supervisor of his town and one of the Genesee county judges. In 1817 he changed his residence from Bergen to the village of Rochester, thus becoming one of our earliest citizens.

Hon. Levi Alfred Ward, born in 1801, came to Rochester in 1817, with his father Dr. Levi. He was in the mercantile business for a time with his brother, William H., and then founded the insurance business which is still carried on by Levi Ward fourth, He held many prominent political offices, and in 1849 was elected mayor of the city, He was identified with all the charitable institutions and was a director of the City hospital from its foundation. For many years he was a trustee of the First Presbyterian church and superintendent of the Sunday school, and only due to his energies and generosity that St. Peter's church was built.


Children of Levi A. and Harriet (Kemp) Ward.

1. Harriet Augusta, born September 22, 1838; died February 9, 1889; married William Augustus Waters.

2. Levi Frederick, born May 10, 1843; died April 8, 1907; married Alice Smith.

3. George Kemp, born January 9, 1848; married Caroline Editha Pierpont.

4. Frank Addison, married Mary Hawley Douglas.

5. Herbert Livingston, married Minnie L. Pells.

Published November 19, 1910


(Anxious). Francis Brown married a daughter of Daniel Penfield (have failed to find her given name). He was in the mercantile business in a log store on the site of Frankfort Market. He removed to Mobile in 1821, where he died in 1824. I find mention of sons Daniel P. and Francis. There was a Matthew and a Daniel Brown, of Toledo, who owned land in Rochester, but do know if they were of Francis.

Published December 17, 1910


Brown Family.


In reply to your inquiry of November 19th, I would say that Francis and Daniel P. were sons of Francis, sr., and Matthew third, of Toledo, was a son of Dr. Matthew second.

Lieutenant Matthew Brown, of the Fourteenth Worcester volunteers, came to Rochester from Lee, Oneida county, with his three sons, Francis, Matthew and David, about the year 1810. Francis married Jane Mary, daughter of Daniel Penfield, and had issue Francis, jr., Daniel P. ad Mary. The former married Jane M. Griffin, daughter of the late Mrs. Jacob Anderson, at St. Luke's church in 1841. At the same time and place Daniel P. married Francis Wilson. Francis had issue: Francis D., James H., Elizabeth I. and Mary O., who alone survives. Daniel P. had issue, Amelia and George P., who died years since. Mary married Dr. Dwight and had only one child, Anna P. Both Daniel P. and Mary, as well as Matthew third, settled in, or near, Toledo.

Dr. Matthew Brown second, married twice. Issue of first marriage: Elizabeth, Matthew third, Henry Benjamin and another daughter, who I believe married Fletcher Haight. Only one son, David, was born of the second marriage.

Francis Brown, sr., was first president of the village and served two terms. Being afflicted with asthma, he went south in 1821 or '22 for his health, as well as on business for his father-in-law, which business concerned the freeing of slaves. He was taken ill with yellow fever in Mobile, Ala., in 1824 and died after a short illness. his widow afterwards married Andrew Young, a lawyer, of Toledo.

Lieutenant Matthew Brown's third son, David, exchanged his share of the Hundred-acre tract known as Frankfort, and of which Brown's square is a portion, with his brothers, for the farm at Lee, Oneida county. He had one daughter, Elizabeth, who married Jeremiah Ingersoll, of Albion. They had one son, Francis, who died without issue some years ago.

Daniel Penfield was commissary in a New York regiment during the Revolution.

Mary Olivia Brown.

Published December 24, 1910


Bloss Family.

James Bloss was born about 1730, died in New Rochelle, N. Y., in 1776. Married June 8, 1756, Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (?) Clough. She was born in 1733, died June 26, 1803. She married, second, Kilbourne.


1. Elizabeth, born September 24, 1757.

2. Joseph, born September 29, 1759

3, Sarah, born in 1762, died in 1840; married.

4. James, born March 27, 1764; married Rowena Kellogg.

5. Salome, born in 1766.

6. Eliza, born November 30, 1769. Married first, (?) Harrison; married, second, William Murphy. Her son, Mortimer A. F. Harrison, born in 1804; married Electa Cheney and died in Rochester, N. Y., December 9, 1861. No issue.

7. Anna, born in 1772; married Ephraim Hubbard. No issue.

Deacon Joseph Bloss was born in 1759 in Thompson, Conn., September 29, 1759. Married Amy Wentworth Kennedy October 4, 1790, in New Canaan, N. Y. They removed to West Stockbridge, Mass., in 1789, and came to Brighton, N. Y., in 1816 (and was one of the founders of the first church), where he bought a farm of his brother-in-law, Deacon Amos Graves. He died in Brighton, February 15, 1838. He was a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner and present at the execution of Major Andre.


I. Harriet Wentworth, born in 1792; married Amos Graves in 1836. She died in 1865. No issue.

II. William Clough, born January 19, 1795.

III. Sarah Elizabeth, born December 15, 1797; married June 16, 1817, Samuel Olmsted Cogswell. Died January 18, 1845.

IV. Amy Kennedy, born February 6, 1800; married Isaac Moore in 1823. He was the founder and builder of "Clover street seminary" in Brighton.

V. Joseph Bayard, born January 11, 1802.

VI. Olive Goodwin, born February 4, 1804; died in 1869.

VII. James Orville, born November 14, 1805.

VIII. Charlotte Maria, born July 11, 1808; died June 20, 1885; married Ezra Rosebrough February 3, 1836. He was postmaster at Brighton, and after his death in 1877 his wife continued in the office until her death.

IX. Celestia Angenette, born March 7, 1812; died October 13, 1853; married Isaac Brewster. She was principal of Clover street seminary—the author of "Bloss's Ancient History and Heroines of the Crusades."

II. William Clough Bloss, born in 1795 at West Stockbridge, Mass. Married Polly Bangs Blossom June 19, 1823, at Brighton, N. Y. He died April 18, 1863, at Rochester. Member of assembly from Monroe county in 1845-46-47. He was the publisher of the second anti-slavery paper printed in the United States, "The Rights of Man." When member of assembly from Rochester in 1845 he offered the following amendment to the constitution: "Resolved. That no other test or proof or qualification be required of or from persons of color in relation to their right of suffrage than is required of or from white persons." An early Rochester directory reports him as president of a "Benevolent total abstinence association" "numbering 4,000 members," and meeting Thursday and Sunday evenings in Monroe hall, corner of Main and Water streets, and assembling in summer in the beautiful grove on Washington square, east side of the river.


I. Harriet Wentworth, born in 1824; died in 1825.

II. Elizabeth House, born June 24, 1826, at Brighton; married October 24, 1850, George C. Buell, and died March 3, 1863.

III. Caroline Augusta, born September 6, 1828, at Brighton; married Charles H. Webb at Rochester, N. Y., September 30, 1849.

IV. William Wirt, born March 25, 1831, at Brighton; married Louise Kate Skinner, of Cincinnati, O., in 1855, and had William Wirt, born in 1856, and Harvey, born in 1860 in Rochester; second lieutenant, Co. A, 108th regiment; special mention in Congressional War Record for bravery at Antietam.

V. Henry Culver, born July 16, 1833; married Sarah A. Mackie, of Wareham, Mass., in 1867. Editor first daily paper in oil regions, and an early settler at Titusville, Pa.

VI. Joseph Blossom, born November 22, 1839; married Glen Hooker March 13, 1888. She died August 30, 1890. Married Ella Maud Welch at Port Hope, Canada, June 30, 1895.

V. Joseph Bayard Bloss, born in 1802 at West Stockbridge, Mass. Married Caroline A. Bush April 2, 1828. He died at Detroit, Mich., March 24, 1882.


I. Caroline Louise, born June 15, 1829.

II. John Brown, born in Rochester December 1, 1830; married Sarah R. Gilbert, of Washington, D. C., October 12, 1858.

III. Theodore Edwin, born March 3, 1832.

IV. Edwin Charles, born October 22, 1834, at York, Livingston county.

V. Harriet, born in 1827; died in 1839.

VI. Caroline, born in August, 1839; married W. H. McCourtie, of Kalamazoo, Mich.; died in February, 1907.

VII. James Orville Bloss, born in Alford, Mass., November 14, 1805; married at Brighton November 11, 1834, Eliza Ann Rockwell, daughter of Roswell Lockwood; died December 4, 1869.


I. Sarah Louise, born August 4, 1835, at Brighton; died November 22, 1852.

II. Henry Lockwood, born November 22, 1836; married Annie Moore, of Philadelphia, Pa.; removed to Dakota. No issue.

III. Charlotte Sophia, born September 16, 1838, at Masslion, O. Married Rev. James A. Daly at Rochester in 1868 and had:

1. Grace Bloss Daly, born October 25, 1869.

2. Merwin Taylor, born October 6, 1871.

3. Warren Cox, born July 19, 1874.

IV. James Orville, born June 19, 1840; died in 1847.

V. Charles Finney, born in 1842; died young.

VI. John Jay, born October 11, 1842, at Brighton; unmarried. He was quartermaster sergeant in the Eighth New York volunteer cavalry, and was killed at the battle of Winchester, Va., September 19, 1864.

VII. Celestia A., born September 1, 1845, at Brighton. Married Louis P. Gage, of Painesville, O. No issue.

VIII. James Orville, born in Rochester September 30, 1847; unmarried.

IX. Harriet Eliza, born December 28, 1849; married James A. Daly (his second wife).

Published December 24, 1910



The N. E. Gen. Reg., Vol. I, in regard to the Parsons, made a mistake. Refer you to Dexter's Yale Biographies.

I. Thomas Parsons, gentleman of Stortford, England. Knighted by Charles I.

II. Joseph, of Colchester, Essex, England. Cornet Joseph was born in 1618, settled in Springfield, Mass., in 1636. A fur trader. Married Mary, daughter of Thomas Bliss, of Hartford, (afterwards of Northampton), November 26, 1646. He died at Springfield October 9, 1683. Made freeman in 1669; surveyor in 1646. He was one of the forty-two land owners of Springfield and one of the richest men in 1647 (Savage). In 1662, with others, purchased "Noltwog," now Northampton, and remained there, where he was selectman many years. He was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery company in Boston in 1679, and served in the early French and Indian wars. Appointed cornet of the Hampshire troup in 1678. In 1686 he bought of William Pynchon a monopoly of the Connecticut river beaver fur trade and carried on an extensive business for those days. Owned valuable lots in Boston on the harbor, which his family sold after his death for a very large sum (History of Northampton and Springfield).

III. Judge and Captain Joseph, jr., called Gentleman Joseph Parsons, was born in Northampton in 1647; married Elizabeth, daughter of Elder John Strong, whose father was the ancestor of Governor Caleb Strong of Massachusetts. He and his wife lived to celebrate their golden wedding. He was captain in King's Philip's war; judge of the county court twenty-three years; deputy to the General county many times. Owned a saw and grist mill and was interested in the iron business.

IV. Rev. David, born in Northampton February 1, 1680; graduated at Yale in 1705. His name appears in both Yale and Harvard records, but he probably only received a master's degree at Saybrook. While in Springfield studying theology, he married Sarah Stebbins October 22, 1707. (This is where the mistake in the Register occurs. Had he died as stated he would have been 101 years old). He was at Long Island in 1708, and while there called to Malden, where he remained twelve years. On November 29, 1730, he became the first minister at Leicester, Mass. The inscription on his stone states: "In memory of Rev. Mr. David Parsons, who after many years of hard labor and suffering, was laid here October 12, 1743, aged 63." (His stone is now in the Historical society rooms at Leicester). His widow died June 17, 1759, aged 73. (see History of Leicester). He had four sons and a daughter. His eldest son, Rev. David, jr., graduated at Harvard in 1729, and was the first minister of Amherst, N. H.

V. Dr. Solomon Parsons, son of Rev. David, born in Leicester April 18, 1726; married Elizabeth Taylor September 6, 1752. He died at Paxton, Mass., March 20, 1807, aged 81. Taught school at Paxton in 1751, Surgeon in the army in 1761; a minute man and marched to Lexington with Captain Phineas Moore; was wounded at Monmouth in March, 1777. Served three years, His wife died of smallpox in 1761, aged 27. He had a second wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Sweetser, whom he married January 7, 1762, at Rutland, Mass. His daughter, Phoebe, born October 12, 1755; married Abijah Brown, October 12, 1775.

Published December 24, 1910

C. B. R.—The Currey family traces its ancestry to Richard Currey, who came from Scotland to Westminister county, New York, about 1700. (See Bolton's History of Westchester County). Had a son, Richard, second, born in 1709; died in 1806. He had nine children, and one son, Stephen, married Frances, daughter of Thomas Moore, of New York city, and had seven children. Stephen was in the Revolutionary war from New York city. He lived near Peekskill. One son, Daniel, went to Macon, Ga.; he died in New York August 17, 1887. Advise writing Arthur L. Currey, LL. D., of Chicago, for further information, or Josiah S. Currey, of Evanston, Ill.

Published January 7, 1911

First Families of Rochester.


I. William Montgomery came to Monmouth county, New Jersey, in 1701; name of estate, "Eglinton;" sold out of the family in 1906 or 1907. Had by his wife Isabel Burnett. (Their marriage settlement is in complete preservation and measures six feet in length).

II. Robert Montgomery, of "Eglinton," Monmouth county, New Jersey, born in 1687; died in 1766. Married Sarah Stacy, of Burlington, N. J., in 1710. "at ye house of Nathan Allen in ye preserve of Michael Newbold."

III. James Montgomery (their son) of "Eglinton," N. J., born in 1720; died in 1760. Married Esther, daughter of John Wood, of Burlington county, N. J., in 1746, and had:

IV. William Montgomery, of Philadelphia, born at Eglinton, in 1752; died in 1831. Married Rachel, daughter of Sampson Harvey, of Philadelphia, in 1781, and had:

V. Harvey Montgomery, of Rochester, N. Y., born in Philadelphia, October 3, 1789; died in Rochester in September, 1869. Married Mary Eleanor, daughter of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester, May 19, 1812.


1. William Rochester, born March 12, 1813. Married first, Amanda, daughter of Ephraim and Keziah (Harris) Mills, of Saratoga county, in 1845. She died December 1, 1849. Issue by first wife:

(a) Harvey Montgomery, deceased.

(b) Thomas C. Montgomery, married Julia Spencer, and had Nellie A., born July 17, 1872, and Hugh R., born August 15, 1874.

(c) William Rochester Montgomery. After first marriage lived in Hillsdale and died August 17, 1901. Married second, Rosamond, daughter of Lyra and Mary (King) Moltroup, of Attica, N. Y., in 1851. She died May 16, 1868. He married, third, Agnes Treat Williard. Issue by second wife:

(d) Edward Moltroup, born July 29, 1853.

(e) Mortimer, born November 12, 1856; died April 26, 1857.

(f) Lillie Louisa, born July 27, 1858; deceased.

(g) Mary King, born October 4, 1861.

(h) Rochester Meigs, December 29, 1863; deceased.

2. Sophia Harriet, born January 30, 1815; died February 14, 1836.

3. Robert Hall, born October 10, 1816; died October 17, 1817.

4. Harvey FitzHugh, M. D., of Rochester, born July 21, 1818. Married, first, Lucy Harris, daughter of Nathan Garnsey and —— Harris, of Saratoga county, N. Y.; died in 1848. Married, second, Eliza Ann, daughter of Dr. John Baltzell and Ruth Ridgeley, of Frederick county, Md., June 24, 1861. He died November 8, 1884.

5. Thomas Colman, of Rochester, born in 1820. Married Mary Griswold, daughter of Andrew G. and —— Whitney, of Detroit. Died May 29, 1905.

6. Mary Eleanor Montgomery, born April 10, 1922; died May 13, 1902.

7. Robert Henry, born April 26, 1824; died August 18, 1825.

8. Emily Louisa, born November 18, 1825. Married Captain Frederick William Backus in 1847. He died August 9, 1862. Married, second, Zina Pitcher. He died April 5, 1872.

9. Nathaniel Child, born December 26, 1827; died April 26, 1830.

10. Henry Meigs, of Detroit, born in 1829. Married Georgianna, daughter of James W. and Margaret (Caldwell) Sawyer, of Rochester, in 1854.

11. Charles Skinner, born December 5, 1831. Enlisted as private in Fifth regiment of New York volunteers in 1861; rose rapidly from ranks. Was captain of Co. C in that regiment; 100 gallant conduct in battle of Gaines Mills. Was killed while in command of his regiment in battle of Watchers Run, May 8, 1865.

12. Edward Beatty, born March 31, 1834; died September 5, 1862.

13. Cornelia R., born July 3, 1836. Married Adam Fulmer. She died May 9, 1865.

14. Josephine C., born November 24, 1838. Married Charles Atwater, of New Haven, October 8, 1868. Still living.

15. Louisa Whitney, born April 3, 1843. Married William S. Smith, of Denver—son Montgomery Rochester. She died in January, 1888.

4. Dr. Harvey FitzHugh Montgomery's children:

1. Ruth Ridgley. Married James Cummings Vail August 11, 1875.

2. Fannie. Not married.

3. Guy Rochester. Unmarried.

4. Alice. Married John Hill Kitchen in June, 1888.

5. Katherine. Married Howard Lawrence Osgood September 13, 1888. He died November 3, 1909.

5. Thomas Colman Montgomery's children:

1. John Talman, died March 12, 1850.

2. Mary Whitney. Unmarried.

3. Florence. Married Edward Boynton Angell, July 21, 1888, and had Montgomery Boynton Angell.

4. Hugh, Died February 11, 1873.

Ruth Ridgley and James Cummings Vail's children:

I. Ruth. Married Arthur Wilkinson, of Bermuda.

II. Jennie.

III. Pauline. Married Ormond Cox Smith, of Bermuda.

IV. Virginia.

V. Montgomery.

Alice Montgomery and John Hill Kitchen's children:


Alice Montgomery.


John Hill.

Captain Frederick William Backus married Emily Louisa Montgomery, born in 1825, married in 1847. He died in 1862.


1. Montgomery.

2. Rebecca Fitzhugh, married Silas B. Coleman, born September 18, 1859; died January 30, 1879; and had Emily M., born September 11, 1872; Frederick W., born May 17, 1874; Archibald, born May 28, 1877.

3. Frederick William, born December 6, 1852; died September 23, 1853.

4. Gerrit Fitzhugh.

5. Gerrit Smith, born June 11, 1861; died January 23, 1869.

Katherine Rochester and Howard Lawrence Osgood's children:

1. Howard, second.

2. Harvey Montgomery.

Published January 7, 1911



Peter Pixley, Old Mill, Stratford, Conn., born November 11, 1702; died August 2, 1788; married Mary Nichols, born June 7, 1707; died June 13, 1799; married February 13, 1724.


I. Eunice, baptized in May, 1729; married —— Wells.

II. Huldah, born in August, 1731; died July 7, 1803; married, first, Jeremiah Judson; married, second, Stephen Burroughs.

III. William, baptized in May, 1734; died May 8, 1800; married, first, January 1, 1756, Betty Judson, born February 17, 1736, died September 28, 1776, daughter of Captain David and Phebe (Stiles) Judson. Married second, Anna Lewis, baptized August 1741; died September 20, 1800, daughter of Thomas and Eunice (Booth) Lewis.

IV. David, baptized February, 1750.

V. Mary, baptized February, 1750.


1. Phebe, born June 2, 1757 at Weston, Ct.; married Abijah Summers.

2. Mary, born March 8, 1760; married first February 2, 1780 Agur Wells; married second John Van Kirk.

3. David, born March 5, 1762; died October 5, 1829.

4. Peter, born May 24, 1764; died May 6, 1836.

5. Mary, baptized 1776.

6. William, died October 1776.

7. Betty, died September 1776.

3. David, born 1762, of Kirkland, N. Y.; married December 8, 1782, Martha Whiting of Stratford, Ct., born August 19, 1759, died May 1840, daughter of Captain Samuel and Elizabeth (Judson) Whiting.


1. William, born Stratford, Ct., May 30, 1784; died June 20, 1853; married first, November 1, 1808, Abby Lewis, born February 12, 1784, died August 6, 1822; marred second, December 15, 1825, Polly Cook, born February 5, 1793, died Aigust 30, 1872.

2. Eliza, born November 5, 1786; died April 2, 1832; married March 26, 1809, Roswell Hart of Rochester.

3. Isaac, born July 6, 1790; died 1880; married first, Charlotte Morrison, married second, Ann Cutler.

4. Aristeen, born May 31, 1794; died August 29, 1876; married March 27, 1917, Hon. Benjamin Franklin Hickok, of Booneville, Mo.

5. David, born May 28, 1798; died March 20, 1884; married September 7, 1830, Charlotte Mygatt, of Clinton, N. Y., born March 27, 1805; died July 5, 1885.

6. Charles Whiting, born January 7, 1802; died September 2, 1856; married, first, Adelia Maria Latham; married, second, Maria Diantha Lester. Removed to Janesville, Wis.

4. Peter, born in 1764; died May 6, 1836; married May 18, 1786, Elizabeth Curtiss, born June 10, 1763; died October 22, 1825, daughter of Samuel and Huldah (Gold) Curtiss.


1. Huldah, born August 7, 1787; died May 1, 1855; married, first, February 1, 1807, Captain Daniel Lewis; secon, Nathan Thompson.

2. Betsey, born July 23, 1788; married Daniel Curtiss.

3. William, born January 2, 1790; died January 26, 1867. Removed to Kentucky. Married Margaret Owens.

4. Mary Julia, born November 20, 1792; died January 10, 1882; married January 1, 1816, Frederick Olmstead.

5. Peter Curtiss, born ——; married Mary Lewis, daughter of Agur Lewis.

6. Agur, born July 12, 1801; married April 22, 1827, Helen Whiting.

7. Elizabeth Jane, born September 8, 1808; died March 11, 1892; married February 5, 1832, George T. Ray, of Utica.

Children of William Pixley, born in 1784, and Abbe Lewis:

1. Ann Genette, born October 9, 1809; died January 23, 1841; married Allen Tobias Lacey, of Marshall, Mich., born December 12, 1802; died April 18, 1872, son of Isaac Lacey, of Chili.

2. Eliza, born December 11, 1810; died November 14, 1830.

3. John Lewis, born July 6, 1812; died February 4, 1893, of Gates. Married, first, Ann Eliza Forte; second, October 23, 1849, Fanny Munn, of Gates, born November 26, 1811; died March 17, 1893.

4. Martha Cornelia, born March 14, 1814; died July 21, 1878; married January 27, 1832, Edward DeWitt Lacey, born October 24, 1802; died November 6, 1862, son of Samuel Lacey.

5. Benjamin Franklin, born September 26, 1815; married October 24, 1848, Jane Eliza Lewis, born October 15, 1823, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Bowers) Lewis.

6. Aristine, born October 29, 1817; married October 28, 1834, Dr. Edwin George Munn, born April 7, 1804; died December 12, 1847, son of Jason Munn.

7. Jane, born ——; died October 29, 1901.

8. Abby, born August 4, 1822; died September 6, 1885, of Gates, N. Y. Married January 25, 1843, William Haynes Hanford, born January 23, 1819; died January 9, 1903, son of William Haynes and Ellis (Robinson) Hanford.

9. William, of Chili, Monroe county, N. Y., born January 22, 1827; died in April, 1849; married.

10. Charles Hart, of Chili, born October 2, 1832; married, first, March 7, 1854, Nancy Shaw, born February 20, 1833; died August 23, 1863; married, second. April 19, 1866, Matilda Mosher, born May 29, 1837.

[handwritten note: George Pixley d. Dec. 13, 1846.]

Published February 11, 1911


Pixley Family.

John Pixley, born —?—; married —?— Burr.


I. Charles, born October 18, 1811, Norwalk, Conn.; died December 29, 1864 at Springwater, Livingston county.

II. Eliza, born —?—, married Ruggles; removed to Michigan.

III. Augustus, married Clark; removed to Michigan.

IV. Isaac.

V. —?—.

VI. Clark.

I. Charles, born 1811, married June 1, 1834; Roxy, daughter of Zadoc and Tyrza (Allen), his fourth wife, Grover, daughter of —?—. "who came to Livingston county (when Roxy was two years old) from Auburn. Grover street in Auburn was named after this family. They intended settling in Rochester, but it was so damp and swampy that they went on to Livingston county." Roxy Grover was born December 17, 1816, in Fleming, N. Y., and died January 27, 1893, in Rochester.


I. Frances Marion, born April 20, 1838, at Springwater, died August 7, 1908, in Rochester; married Douglas Hovey, April 12, 1860.

II. Ann Eliza, born October 26, 1839, died January 6, 1841.

III. Emily Saloma, born November 29, 1841, at Conesus; resides in Rochester.

IV. Allen Scott, born July 31, 1847, at Rochester, died September 8, 1870.

V. Leonard Grover, born May 31, 1850, at Rochester, died August 31, 1852.

VI. Starr K., born February 26, 1856, died April 24, 1904, at Gates. Married Clara E. Kennel, November 16, 1882, in Chili.

(Zadoc Allen Grover had four wives: First, —?— Hemilton; second and third, not known, and foruth, Tyrza Allen).

Contributed by Miss Emily Pixley from Bible Records.

Published January 7, 1911


Anthony Angevine, in Mendon, August 25, 1828, aged 98. He was a soldier in the French war, was in the battle at Crown Point, under the command of General Johnson at the defeat of Abercrombie at Ticonderoga, at the taking of Montreal, and in the expedition against Quebec; also assisting in the Revolutionary war, both with property and services, until the disbanding of the army by Washington. He left a wife, aged 92, with whom he lived 72 years; had nine children (the eldest 71 years), sixty-four grandchildren (the eldest 49 years), the eldest great-grandchild 28 years. He died respected by all who knew him.


Published January 7, 1911


(Mendon)—John Taylor, of Mendon, was born in 1762; married Elizabeth Taylor in 1787; graduated at Yale in 1784; settled at Deerfield, Mass.; pastor of the church in 1787; resigned on account of ill health in 1806; afterwards lived at Enfield, Conn.; then removed to Mendon, N. Y., and finally to Marshall, Mich., where he died in 1849, aged 78.,


1. Elizabeth, born in ——; married Rev. James Taylor.

2. John.

3. Henry Wyllys, who lived in Canandaigua.

4. Nathaniel Tery, who went to Detroit, Mich.

5. Harriet T.

(Any further information regarding this family cannot be found).

Published January 14, 1911


Judge Addison B. Gardiner entered upon the practice of law in Rochester in 1822. Three years late he was appointed district attorney. Appointed circuit judge by Governor Thorp on the 29th day of September, 1829. "No trial judge in this commonwealth has ever surpassed him in qualifications of temperament, legal knowledge and lucidity of exposition which he carried to the bench. He served with the great acceptance to both bar and litigants for nine years, resigning his office in 1838 and resuming practice." He was elected lieutenant-governor in 1844 and re-elected to the same position in 1846, although Silas Wright, the candidate for governor of his party, was defeated. During his first term the senate was also a court, and he there discharged his judicial duties in the most admirable manner. He resigned this office on his election as a judge of the Court of Appeals in June, 1847, at the first election under the new constitution of that year. He served with the highest ability in that court the full term of eight years and declining the nomination of his party, which were tendered to him. He passed the remainder of his life in this city, and the trial of many and important cases referred to his decision by the courts. He died here June 5, 1883."—(From William F. Peck's History of Rochester).


I. Thomas, of Roxbury, was buried in November, 1638. "Our aged sister Gardiner was buried October 7, 1658." (Roxbury Church Records).

II. Thomas, born in England; married July 4, 1641, Lucy Smith. Member of Roxbury church in 1649. His wife was a member of Roxbury church in 1649. (Records of Rev. John Eliot, of Roxbury). He was freeman in 1646, His wife died November 4, 1687, and he died July 15, 1689. (Pope and Savage).

III. Thomas, born in 1645, of Roxbury, called Deacon Thomas. Married Mary, daughter of Elder John Bowles, November 19, 1672 (P. 143.) His name is one of the first on the petition for a separation of Brookline (or Muddy River, as it was then called), from Boston. He was a man of property and influence and a lieutenant in the Indian wars. They had seven children.

IV. Isaac A. M., born month 5th, day 25th, 1868; died in Brookline, Mass., March 11, 1767, in his 82d year. (Page 140 Roxbury Records). He married Susanna Heath, who died August 18, 1768, aged 76. He owned the covenant January 27, 1754. (Brookline Town Records). His only son:

V. Isaac, jr., born May 9, 1726—called Captain Isaac, of Brookline. Graduated from Harvard. Was justice of the peace. "On the morning of the battle of Lexington, the minute-men of Brookline assembled in front of the church. Their captain was Isaac Gardiner. Before night he fell pierced by British bullets while drinking at a well in Cambridge about a mile above the college on the Lexington road." He died April 19, 1775, aged 49. (Ward's History of Brookline). He married Mary Sparhawk April 26, 1753.

VI. Colonel William Gardiner, born in Brookline in 1761; married Rebecca Raymond about 1785, daughter of Dr. Raymond of England. Removed to Ruidge, N. H., in 1785. He was colonel of two military companies; three years member of state legislature. In 1809 he removed to Boston and soon after to Manlius, Onondaga county, N. Y., where he was a merchant and manufacturer. He died in 1833 in Manlius. His widow survived him several years.


VII. Adison, born March 19, 1797, at Ruidge, N. H.; married Mary, daughter of Jeremiah Selkrigg, and early settler of Rochester.


Celeste, who married George Welch Loomis, and has one daughter, Celeste G.

Published January 14, 1911



I. Lieutenant Samuel Smith with his wife, Elizabeth, and children, Samuel, aged 9, Elizabeth, aged 7, Mary, aged 4, Philip, aged 1 (born in 1633) sailed for New England the last day of April, 1634, in the Elizabeth of Ipswich. He and his wife were each 32 years of age. They went first to Wethersfield, Conn., where he was a leading man; then to Hadley, Mass., in 1659, where he held important offices both in the church and state. In 1663 both he and his son Philip owned homes in Hadley and were original proprietors. Town measures in 1663, He is supposed to have died about 1680, aged 78. His inventory was taken January 17, 1681. His wife died March 16, 1686, aged 84.

II. Lieutenant Philip was one of the first men of his time. He was lieutenant of Hampshire county in 1678. deacon and representative in 1680-84, and died January 10, 1685, "murdered with an hideous witchcraft," according to Cotton Mather. Married Rebecca, daughter of Nath. Foote, of Wethersfield. (She married, second, October 2, 1688, Major Aaron Cook), and died April 6, 1701.

III. Deacon John, born December 18, 1661; died April 16, 1727, Married Joanna, daughter of Joseph Kellogg, November 29, 1683.

IV. John, jr., born December 3, 1684; died December 25, 1761, aged 77. Married Esther, daughter of Ephraim Cotton.

V. Ephraim, born November 17, 1714, in South Hadley. Married Mary, daughter of John Preston, of South Hadley, born in 1718.


1. Ephraim, married Thankful Goodman.

2. Eli.

3. Darius.

4. Simeon, born in 1754, died March 4, 1843, aged 89. Married Mary (?) [handwritten note: Cooley, dau. of Aaron; b. Feb. 28, 1761; marr. June 13, 1782;] who died March 16, 1832, aged 71.

5. Luther.

6. Joanna, married Samuel Goodman.

7. Lois, married William Taylor.

4. Simeon, of South Hadley, went to West Springfield when a boy, aged 16, to learn the trade of joiner and cabinet maker of Nathaniel Gaylord in Tatham. During his apprenticeship the Revolutionary war broke out and he went into service. After the war he resided in West Springfield until his death, which occurred in 1843, aged 90. His home was in South Hadley Lane. He had a family of ten children. He was first lieutenant in Captain Charles Dibble's company of minutemen. Colonel John Patterson's regiment, which marched April 22, 1775, in response to the alarm April 19, 1775. He was taken prisoner July 15, 1778, of Lennox.

His son, Preston Smith, was an early merchant of Rochester (Director of 1827). He married Eunetia Newell, of Munson, Mass. His store was where Sanderl's restaurant now is. He was a prominent member of the First Presbyterian church and one of the founders of the Bethel church, which was organized for the benefit of the boatmen on the Erie canal, and stood at the corner of South Washington and Main streets. At the time of the temperance movement he was one of the most ardent supporters, and to show his earnestness he had all the intoxicating liquor in his store removed to the sidewalk and allowed the contents to be emptied into the gutter. Preston Smith was born in West Springfield December 26, 1785; died in Rochester May 4, 1871. Married in Rochester Eunetia Newell October 8, 1818; born in Munson, Mass., April 6, 1796. Died in Rochester March 30, 1854.


I. Henry Franklin, born November 4, 1819; died December 7, 1895. Married, first, Cornelia A. Barhyat, December 14, 1841. Married, second, Martha W. Brewster.

II. William Preston, born September 4, 1823. Married Frances Scofield, March 18, 1846.

III. Elvira Newell, born July 26, 1824; died August 16, 1906. Married in 1845 Isaac H. Allen. He died June 27, 1846.

IV. Emily, born January 7, 1830 [handwritten note: died 1819]. Married John H. Brewster June 1, 1849. He died May 17, 1906.

(Family Bible Records).

Mary Smith died May 16, 1832, aged 71.

Simeon Smith died at West Springfield March 4, 1843, aged 89.

Rudolphus Smith died in January, 1834, aged 50.

Almira Ashley died in September, 1834, aged 47.

Alice, married Dr. Todd, and second (?) Dickinson, of Amherst.

Published January 14, 1911



(E. H. E.)

Robert Roxbury [Web editor note: This should be Williams] came from Norwich, England. Freeman in 1638. Died in Roxbury, September 1, 1692: two wives.


1. Samuel, a deacon of Roxbury; freeman in 1850; died in 1698.

2. Isaac, captain of Roxbury; born in 1638, of Newtown. Settled at Newtown, Mass., which he represented in 1692, 1695, 1697, 1701, 1705.


Isaac, Martha, born in 1663. William, graduated from Harvard in 1683. Eleazer settled at Stonington. The founder of Williams college descended from this family.

3. Stephen, born in 1640; a captain. Died in Roxbury in 1720.

4. Thomas died without issue. The estate at Roxbury remained in possession of his descendants until 1826.

2. Isaac, born in 1638, had son, William, minister of Hatfield, born in 1664, died 1741. Married, first, Eliza, daughter of Rev. Seaborn Cotton; married, second, daughter of Rev. Solomon Stoddard. Rev. William Williams, Harvard, 1705; Rev. Elisha, Harvard, 1711; Rev. Solomon, Hon. Israel, three daughters.

Samuel Williams, son of Robert, 1st, born in 1632 in England; died September 28, 1898, aged 65. Came to America in 1638 and settled in Roxbury; freeman in 1658; deacon. Married Theoda Park, daughter of Deacon William Peake, of Roxbury. She married, second, Stephen Peck and died August 26, 1718, aged 87.


I. Samuel, born April 15, 1655; died August 8, 1735, aged 80. Married Sarah Mary, February 24, 1679; died December 29, 1712. Married, second, Dorothy Denison, April 28, 1720, a widow; her maiden name was Weld.

II. Elizabeth, born February 11, 1659; married Stephen Paine.

III. John, born December 10, 1664; died in 1729; first minister of Deerfield; Harvard, 1683. Married Eunice Mather, daughter of Rev. Eleazer Mather.

IV. Ebenezer, born December 6, 1666, at Stonington, Conn.

V. Deborah, born in 1668; married Joseph Warren. She was the grandmother of General Joseph Warren, who fell at Bunker Hill in 1775.

VI. Martha, born in 1671; married Jonathan Hunt.

VII. Abigail, born in 1674; married Experience Porter.

VIII. Park, born in 1676; married Priscilla (?). Removed to Lebanon, Conn.

Samuel (Robert 1st, Samuel, Samuel), born in 1671 (sic.); died in 1751, aged 70, of Roxbury. Married Deborah Scarborough. "She survived him ten years and was killed by the overturning of her chaise."


I. Theoda, born in 1682; married Samuel Scarborough.

II. John, born in 1684, married in 1709 Sarah Weld.

III. Sarah, born in 1888; married in 1705 John Polly.

IV. Rev. Ebenezer, born August 12, 1690; Harvard college in 1709; minister of Pomfret.

V. Elizabeth, born in 1692; married Samuel Ruggles.

VI. Eleazer, botn February 20, 1694; died in November, 1768.

VII. William, born April 24, 1698, of Pomfret, Conn. Married Sarah Stevens October 20, 1720.

VIII. Martha, born August 10, 1701; married Thomas Cotton.

Ebenezer Williams, son of Samuel, born in 1690; Harvard, 1709. Called to preach at Pomfret, October 28, 1713. (Page 200, Calkin N. L.) Son of Samuel of Roxbury and nephew of Rev. John (?), so noted for his captivity by the Indians. Was 25 years at the time of his settlement in Pomfret; died March 28, 1753. (page 522)

William Williams, son of Samuel, third, general; died in 1766, aged 70; born in 1696. Married Sarah Stevens, of Roxbury. She died in 1786, aged 80. Moved to Pomfret in 1720. Deacon of first church of Roxbury.

I. Samuel; had three wives; died in 1805, aged 89; by first, four children; by second, three children.

II. William, married Martha Williams.

III. Thomas Yale.

IV. Joseph.

V. Dorothy, married Samuel Sumer, of Pomfret.

VI. Sarah, married Rev. Joseph Sumer.

VII. Lucy, married Colonel Danielson, of Killingly.

Published January 21, 1911


Hon. Harvey Humphrey was born December 24, 1796, in Goshen, Conn. Married in Rochester, October 2, 1828, Elizabeth Rogers Perkins, of Norwich, Conn., born December 24, 1808. Came to East Bloomfield with his parents when 2 years of age. He graduated from Hamilton college in 1820, where for four years he held the first place in his studies, pronouncing the salutatory. He entered the law office of Nicholas B. Randall, of Manlius, and after two years was elected tutor at Hamilton, where he remained until 1824, when he removed to Rochester and commenced the practice of his chosen profession. He filled the office of justice of the peace many years, was one of the members of the first Common Council, supervisor many terms, and judge of Monroe county from 1852 to 1856, In 1851 his son, George, was admitted to practice, and the firm from this time continued to be H. & G. H. Humphrey until his death May 1, 1877, at the age of 80 years.


Isaac Humphrey, born in November, 1735, in Sisbury, Conn. Married Esther North, of Farmington, Conn. He was one of the founders of the First Episcopal church in Goshen in 1767 and "tything-man" for the town in 1772. He died in Goshen, Conn., October 13, 1788. After his death his widow removed to East Bloomfield, where she passed the remained of her days with her children, and died June 1, 1818, aged 80.


I. Samuel, born August 31, 1759; died in Victor, February 10, 1844.

II. Isaac, born June 26, 1761; died in Barre, N. Y., May 31, 1837.

III. Abraham, born March 12, 1763; died in Victor, August 30, 1835.

IV. and V. Ethan and Esther (twins), born April 24, 1765.

VI. Rosarmah, born September 14, 1767; died in Vermont, September 27, 1807.

VII. Eunice, born April 28, 1769; died in Goshen, May 6, 1786.

VIII. Jonathan, born March 21, 1771.

IX. Roswell, born June 22, 1774; died in East Bloomfield, May 31, 1836.

X. Elizabeth, born April 7, 1776; died in Perinton, January 28, 1844.

XI. Electa, born July 18, 1778; died in East Bloomfield, December 13, 1847.

XII. William, born June 5, 1783; died in 1788.

XIII. Guy, born July 29, 1786; died September 30, 1863, in Somerset, N. Y.

VIII. Jonathan, born March 21, 1771, in Goshen, Conn.; married Rachel, daughter of Sergeant John Dowd, who served with distinction in the French war, May 31, 1792. She was born September 15, 1774. They removed to East Bloomfield, where he was one of the pioneers. He purchased a tract of land from Phelps & Gorham, known as No. 10. Several of his brothers and sisters settled near him. He died in East Bloomfield, April 10, 1835. His widow died December 13, 1841.


1. Amaryllis, born March 4, 1794, in Goshen, Conn.; died May 31, 1820. Married Abiathar Culver, of Victor, May 10, 1815.

2. Harvey, born December 24, 1796.

3. Augustine, born February 15, 1799. Married Harriet Augusta Woodbridge, March 9, 1831. They settled in East Bloomfield, but removed to Indiana.

4. John Dowd, born November 25, 1801, in East Bloomfield. Married in 1827 Olive Maria Warren. Removed to Illinois.

5. Eliza M., born March 15, 1804; died in East Bloomfield, December 8, 1830; unmarried.

6. Theron, born June 9, 1806, in East Bloomfield. Married Jane A., daughter of William and Abigail Parker, of Geneva, N. Y. Removed to Wisconsin.

7. Rachel Maria, born in East Bloomfield, May 3, 1808; died July 29, 1875. She married Abiram Lewis Peet. Removed to Indiana.

2. Harvey and Elizabeth (Perkins) Humphrey's children:

(a) George Harvey, born March 21, 1840, in Rochester. Married Elizabeth Wells, daughter of General Lansing B. and Elizabeth Sill (Wells) Swan, of Rochester. She was born July 24, 1834, in Rochester.

(b) John Perkins, born August 3, 1836, in Rochester. Married January 12, 1864, Frances, daughter of Henry and Sarah (Dewey) Churchill, born August 7, 1839, at Stockbridge, Mass.

(c) James Brown, born December 28, 1841; died August 9, 1871. Married October 20, 1870, Frances E. Brown. No children. She married, second, John H. Fonda and removed to Brooklyn.

Published January 21, 1911



I. Colonel James Bellows, born on Long Island in 1756; died at Fairfax, Vt., September 10, 1813. He served in the Revolutionary war—six days at Lexington alarm in company of Captain Cheney; also in Fifth company of the Eighth Connecticut regiment from July 10th to December, 1775; also in Captain Daniel Chandler's company. Married Tryphena, daughter of Captain Daniel and Violet (Burnham) Chandler, of Ashford, Conn., at Hartford, Conn., in April, 1780. She died at Fairfax, Vt., August 14, 1825.


1. Tryphena, born in 1783.

2. Susanna, born in 1785; married Elisha White, of Ohio.

3. Diantha, born in 1787; married Joseph Holmes. of Vermont.

4. Ira, born in Lebanon, Vt., August 30, 1789.

5. Daniel, born in 1791; married Susan Northrop.

6. James, born in 1796; married Semantha Cheney.

7. Hiram, born in 1798; married Susan Barlow.

8. Sophia, born in 1805; married John Sutherland, of Pittsford, and William Sexton; had Hiram S., born in Pittsford.

4. Ira, born in 1789; died in Pittsford, January 5, 1855. Married in Pittsford, February 14, 1827, Mary, daughter of Francis and Lucretia (Thayer) Buck, born in Shaftsburg, Vt., November 29, 1805. She died in Mandan, N. D., May 12, 1889. Ira Bellows graduated from the University of Vermont in the class of 1813. Read law in Cherry Valley, N. Y., was admitted to the bar, and came to Monroe county in 1815, settling in Pittsford rather than Rochester, because he considered it by far the more promising town of the two. He opened a law office and continued in his profession until his death in 1855, at which time he was one of the oldest members of the Monroe county bar.

He represented the county in the state legislature in 1832 and was colonel and commanding officer of the Fifty-second regiment of state militia for more than ten years, when he was promoted to brigadier-general and was called the best officer in the brigade.

General Bellows was a warm friend of education and devoted much of his time during the last fifteen years of his life to the discharge of his duties as town superintendent of schools. He was a trustee and clerk of the First Presbyterian church of Pittsford for more than a quarter of a century, and for more than forty years a warm, decided and constant friend of the temperance cause.


I. James, born in Pittsford, December 30, 1827; died in Mandan, N. D., January 7, 1890. Married in Homer, Mich., May 9, 1850, Laura Emelia, daughter of James and Mary Worthington (born in Ogden, March 11, 1831; died in Rochester, March 16, 1867).

Their Children.

(a) Minnie Amelia.

(b) Ira Worthington.

II. Jane, born in Pittsford, December 6, 1830; married in Pittsford December 6, 1849, James Roswell Chamberlain, born in Troy, September 19, 1825; had one daughter, Jenny, who married William B. Dodds, of Cincinnati, O.

III. Mary Sophia, died young.

IV. Ira Chandler, born August 9, 1842; married Mrs. Adelaide Amelia (Smith) Phillips.

V. Mary, born September 22, 1844; died in Rochester, April 27, 1870.

Published January 21, 1911


(Mrs. I. G.)—The Denison family of New England was originally from Bishop's Stratford, Hartfordshier, England. John Denison living there in 1567. died there of the plague and was buried December 4, 1582. His wife, Agnes, after his death, married May 3, 1584, Gohn Gace.


I. Luce, born in 1567; died in 1582.

II. William. born in 1571; married Mrs. Margaret (Chandler) Monck, November 7, 1603.

III. Edward, born in 1575; removed to Ireland.

IV. Mary, born in 1577.

V. Elizabeth, born in 1579.

VI. George, baptized March 17, 1582; married Constance Glascock.

II. William came to New England in 1631, bringing with him his sons:

l. Daniel, baptized at Stratford, October 18, 1612. Graduated at Cambridge university.

2. Edward, baptized November 3, 1616.

3. George, baptized December 10, 1620.

William Denison brought with him a good estate and settled at Roxbury. Mass., where he died January 25, 1653.

1. Daniel, born in 1612; married Patience, second daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley, and removed to Ipswich.

2. Edward. born in 1616; married Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Weld; lived at Roxbury.

3. Captain George, born in 1620; married in 1640 Bridget, daughter of John and Alice Thompson, gentleman of Preston of Northamptonshire, England. She died in 1643. They had two children:

1. Sarah, born March 20, 1641: married Thomas Stanton.

2. Hannah, born May 20, 1643; married, first, Nath. Chesebrough, in 1659; married, second, Joseph Saxton, July 15, 1680. (Look April number of the N. E. Gen. Reg. at Reynolds library, 1892). Captain George married, second, Lacy Ann Borodell (date unknown).


1. John B., born July 14, 1646; married, Phebe, daughter of Robert Lay, of Saybrook, November 26, 1667. He served in the Colonial wars. She died in 1699, aged 49. He died in 1698.

2. Ann, born May 20, 1649: married Gershom Palmer.

3. Boradell, born in 1651; married Samuel Stanton.

4. George, born in 1653; married Mercy Gorham, daughter of John and Desire (Howland) Gorham. Desire was the daughter of John Howland, of the Mayflower.

5. William, born in 1655; married widow Sarah Prentice.

6. Margaret, born in 1657; married James Brown, jr.

7. Mary, born in 1659; died in 1671.

(Can give you further information if you desire it.).

Published January 28, 1911



Richard Goodman was born in England in 1609; died in Hadley, Mass., April 1, 1676, Married Mary Terry, of Wundsor, December 8, 1659. Proprietor in 1633. Freedman in 1634. Brought suit in Plymouth court in 1638-9. Removed to Hartford, then to Hadley, (Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts). (Judd's History of Hadley). "Hadley Militia—On the 11th of May, 1661. the town voted that there shall be a training on the 16th, and Richard Goodman was chosen one to view all the arms in the town and see if they are according to law." Sergeant of train band. Selectman in 1662. Slain by the indians and was buried April 3, 1676, aged about 67. (History of Hadley). "About the first of April, 1676, some inhabitants of Hadley went to Hockanum to do some work, having a guard of soldiers with them. Deacon Goodman went a little beyond the soldiers in view of the fence. A party of indians, lying in wait, killed Deacon Goodman and the soldiers and took Thomas Reed prisoner/" (History of Indian Wars , Hubbard).


1. John, born October 13, 1661; married Hannah Noble

2. Richard, born March 23, 1683, of Hartford, Conn.

3. Stephen, born February 6, 1664.

4. Mary, born November 5, 1665; married John Noble, of New Milford.

5. Thomas, born March 20, 1668.

6. Elizabeth, born February 5, 1671; married Jacob Warner.

7. Thomas, died September 16, 1673.

8. Samuel, born May 5, 1675.

Thomas Goodman, born September 16, 1673; married Grace Marsh, of Hatfield; died October 5, 1748, aged 75.


1. Mary, born in 1699; died unmarried in 1769, aged 69.

2. Thomas, born December 15, 1701.

3. Samuel, born in 1704; taken captive at Fort Massachusetts in 1746 and died in Canada.

4. Rachel, born in 1706; married Daniel Dickinson.

5. Abigail, born in 1709; died unmarried in 1795, aged 84.

6. Eleazer, born in 1711.

7. Nathan, born in 1713. He was selectman from 1732 to 1751.

Thomas Goodman, born December 15, 1701; married, first, in 1724, Mary Scovill, who died in 1736, aged 33. Married, second, Rebecca Shepard, of Hartford. Died November 4, 1761, aged 59. An early settler in Falls Wood and South Hadley.


1. Ruth, born in 1726.

2. Mary, born in 1728; died in 1731.

3. Miriam, born in 1731; died in 1732.

4. Noah, born February 9, 1734.

5. Ann, born in 1738.

6. Simeon, born in 1739

7. Rebecca, born in 1743; married Joel Moody, of Amherst.

8. Sussanah, born in 1745.

9. Thomas, born in 1746.

10. Thankful, born in 1748; married Ephriam Smith.

11. Enos, born in 1751; removed to Masonville, N. Y.

12. Elihu, born in 1753.

13. Ruth, born in 1755; married Jonathan Cook.

Noah Goodman, born February 9, 1734; married October 25, 1756, Abiel Smith. He was an inn-keeper in South Hadley in 1770. Owned a saw-mill. One of a committee on inspection relative to the drinking of East Indian tea November 7, 1774; also one of a committee respecting the consumption of British goods January 2, 1775. Ensign in the Revolution. Was elected to attend the Provincial congress at Concord, Cambridge and Watertown in 1774. and 1775. Representative to the General court whenever one was sent from 1776 to 1785. He was the first justice of the peace of South Hadley in 1775. Captain of a South Hadley company, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service 7 days; also major in Colonel Nicholas Dike's regiment; list of officers of two regiments raised for the defence of Boston; commissioned July 28, 1776; also official record of a ballot by the house of representatives, dated November 19, 1776; reported commissioned November 19, 1776; also letter dated Boston, November 25, 1776, signed by said Goodman, stating that he had been appointed major in a regiment raised to reinforce the Continental army, and declining to accept the appointment; in council November 26, 1776, read and sent down; also major in Colonel Nicholas Dike's regiment; pay abstract of field and staff officers for travel allowance to and from camp, dated Dorchester, November 28, 1776; credited with five days' allowance; also same regiment; list of officers; ordered in council February 7, 1777, that said officers be commissioned commissions to be dated December 1, 1776. (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, Vol. VI., p. 584.)


1. Ithamar, born in 1757.

2. Titus, born October 23, 1763.

3. Simeon, born ——.

4. Abiah, born ——; married in 1798, Ebenezer Bartlett.

5. Mary, born ——; married Bezaleel Alvord.

6. Clarissa.

(Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, Vol. VI., p. 584). Captain of a South Hadley company which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; also major in Colonel Dike's regiment.

Titus Goodman, born October 23, 1763; married in 1781, Sarah Moody. Died February 4, 1744, aged 80. Buried in Mt. Hope, Rochester. Was at Greenbush, Rensselaer county, N. H., in 1810. At the annual meeting of the board of supervisors of Livingston county held in October, 1821, he was elected and served in 1822, 1823, 1826, 1827 and 1830. Candidate for assembly in 1828. Kept a general store at York under the firm name of Peck & Goodman in 1818.

Mrs. Sarah Goodman admitted to church in Pittsfield, Mass., in 1810. Died February 22, 1847, at Rochester.


George W., born in 1796; married Experience Root, April 25, 1830. [handwritten notes: Experience K. Goodman, wife of Geo. W. was born in Pittsfield, Mass., Feb. 16, 1806, dau. of Roswell Root. She was out of a family of 2 girls & 8 boys. In 1822 the entire family moved to York. She marr. in April 1830, Geo. W. Had 2 children a boy & girl. Geo. H., the son æ 58 in 1890. They settled on the Goodman farm from which the St. takes its name. It was then out of the City & in the woods.] Died February 22, 1847, at Rochester.

George W., died October 23, 1866, aged 70. Buried at Mt. Hope.


Sarah P., born in Brighton, N. Y., in 1833. Married [handwritten note: March 1863,] Samuel Eaton. Died May 18, 1872.

First Presbyterian church records give:

Sarah Ann Goodman, 1827.

Myron S. Goodman, 1827.

George W. Goodman, 1833.

Experience Goodman, 1833.

Mary Goodman, 1833.

Sarah P. Goodman, 1833.

Published January 28, 1911



Thomas Lord, born in England in 1585. Of Hartford, Conn. Came to America in the Elizabeth and Ann, April 29, 1635, to Cambridge, Mass., with his wife, Dorothy, aged 46. She died in 1675 or 1678, aged about 87. (Pope's Pioneers). (Goodwin gives the list of children as follows:)

I. Richard, born in England in 1611; married Sarah in 1635. He died in New London, Conn., May 17, 1662, aged 51. (Caulkins).

II. Thomas, born in England in 1619; married Hannah. He died in 1662, aged 43

III. Ann, born in England in 1621; married Thomas Stanton. She died in 1688.

IV. William, born in England in 1623; married first, (?); married. second, Lydia Brown in 1664.

V. John. born in England in 1625; married Adrean Basey May 15, 1648.

VI. Robert, born in 1627; was a sea captain. He died abroad unmarried after 1670. His mother in her will mentions him.

VII. Aymie, born in 1629; married John Gilbert, of Hartford, Conn. She died January 8, 1691.

VIII. Dorothy, born in 1631; married John Ingersoll, of Hartford, in 1651.

(So, according to this, Robert, VI., left no children).

Published February 4, 1911



I. Elder William Brewster died at Plymouth in N. E., April 10, 1644. Wife, Mary. She died at Plymouth in New England, April 17, 1627. Elder Brewster, his wife, Mary and two young sons were among the passengers of the Mayflower, which dropped anchor in Plymouth Harbor, December 16, 1620. They were named Love and Wrestling.

II. Love married at Plymouth, May 15, 1634, Sarah, daughter of William Collier.

III. William, called Deacon, married Lydia, daughter of George and Sarah (Tracy) Partridge, January 2, 1672.

IV. Benjamin, born July 7, 1688; married, first, Elizabeth, daughter of Ebenezer and Dorothy (Morgan) Witter. She died 1740. Married, second, Sarah Caulkins.

V. Simon, born June 10, 1720; married May 25, 1742, Anne, daughter of John and Ruth (Gates) Andrus, of Norwich, Conn.

VI. Simon, born May 1, 1751; married December 20, 1770, Mehitable, daughter of Captain William and Desire (Morgan) Belcher.

VII. Elisha Belcher, born October 12, 1786; married at Stonington, Conn., September 10, 1810, Eunice, daughter of Latham and Desire (Williams) Hull, of N. Stonington, Conn. She died January 17, 1869, age 82. He died February 1, 1864. Elisha Brewster inherited his father's farm and fine old house, which was built in 1770 at Griswold, where he and his family lived.

1. Simon Latham, born July 27, 1811; married at Rochester, N. Y., October 14, 1844, Editha Chloe, daughter of Hiram Davis and Betsey (Barker) Colvin, of Rochester. She died February 19, 1898. He was president of the Traders National bank for thirty-six years, supervisor of Rochester, a church trustee many years.

(a) Hon. Henry C. Brewster married Alice E. Chapin. Mr. Brewster is president of the Traders National bank, and was a member of the Fifty-fourth and Fifty-fifth congress.

(b) Jane Eunice resides in Avon.

(c) Hiram died young.

2. William Williams, born December 24, 1872, resided at Brooklyn.

3. Henry, born January 9, 1815, died at Rochester, September 6, 1858, Anna Louisa, daughter of Amos and Anna (Pickert) Ives, of New Hartford, N. Y. He was a director of the Traders National bank.

4. Hetty Ann, born February 17, 1817, married August 9, 1841, David F. Gordon.

5. John Hull, born December 11, 1818, married at Rochester, N. Y., June 12, 1849, Emily, daughter of Preston and Eunetia (Newell) Smith, of Rochester. Mr. Brewster was a merchant. His children:

(a) E. Franklin, who married Sarah, daughter of Silvanus Jenkins Macy.

(b) John Hull, who resides in New Jersey.

6. Betsey Belcher, born October 31, 1820, died at Rochester, January 26, 1891. Married January 16, 1845, Robert Babcock, of Connecticut.

7. Amos Hull, born February 16, 1823, married, Phoebe Ketchum; residence, New York.

8. Horace Austin, born February 24, 1825, died 1903. Married, first, at Rochester, November 26, 1850. Married Ingham, daughter of Rev. Ralph S. and Tirzah (Ingham) Crampton. (Born in Penfield, June, 1830; died in Rochester, October 1, 1860.) Married, second, at Rochester, November 25, 1862, Helen Maria, daughter of Romanta and Ruth (Cowles) Hart. (Born at Brighton, October 19, 1833.) A merchant.

9. Martha Wheeler, born October 12, 1826; married, October 29, 1851, Henry Franklin Smith, son of Preston Smith.

[handwritten note: Wm. Brewster's wife died April 28, 1838 æ 39 (Fitzhugh St.).]

Published February 4, 1911




John Root, of Badbry, Northamptonshire, England, married Mary Russell in 1600. One son, John; born 1608, in the Parliamentary army under Cromwell to fight Charles I, and the Catholics. He had an aversion to war and chose rather to come to America with a company of Puritans. He arrived and settled in Farmington, Conn. One of the first settlers—1640. Married Mary Kilbourn, both members of Congregational church. Died, August, 1684, age 76, leaving an estate valued at £819.


1. John, second, born 1642, in Farmington; married, Mary Ashley.

2. Samuel.

3. Thomas, born 1648, in Farmington.

4. Mary, married Isaac Bronson.

5. Stephen.

6. Susannah, married Joseph Lankton.

7. Joseph.

8. Caleb.

Thomas Root, born Farmington, Conn., 1648. Removed to Westfield, Mass., with his brothers, John and Samuel. Married, first, 1670, Mary Gridley, who died in 1673.

Married, second, 1675, Mary Spencer, who died 1690.

Married, third, 1692, Sarah Dumbleton, widow of Josiah Leonard. Died august 16, 1709.

Issue—First Marriage.

1. Thomas, born 1671.

2. Mary, born 1673, married Isaac Meacham.

Second Marriage.

3. John, born 1676.

4. Samuel, born 1679.

5. Elizabeth, born 1681; married, Nathaniel Bancroft.

6. Sarah.

7. Timothy.

8. Ensign Joseph, born 1688.

Third Marriage.

9. Thankful.

10. Mary or Mercy, 1693.

Ensign Joseph Root, born June 16, 1688; married Sarah. Died January 24, 1758. Lived at Westfield, Mass. Died February 10, 1750, age 63.


1. Sarah, born 1714.

2. Joseph, born 1715.

3. Thomas, born 1717; died 1779.

4. Aaron, born 1720; died 1809, age 88.

5. Sarah, born 1726; married, 1750, Martin Ashley.

6. Azariah, born 1728; died 1777.

7. Captain Eli, born February 27, 1731.

8. Amos, born 1733.

9. Lucy, born 1738.

Captain Eli Root, born February 27, 1731; married, July 10, 1755, Mindwell, Sackett (Root General), removed from Westfield to Pittsfield, 1757, with his brother, Amos. Married, second, Experience Kellogg, [handwritten note: March 7, 1764 (First Church of Pittsfield)]. Died Pittsfield, 1804, (Smith's Pittsfield). Magistrate; 1777 to legislature; lieutenant and captain of Pittsfield militia.


1. Eli [handwritten note: married Sarah Fairfield, Nov. 1788 (First Church of Pittsfield)]

2. Louisa, married Israel Phelps.

3. Roswell, born November 29, 1759.

4. Azariah, removed to Ohio.

5. Abner [handwritten notes: bapt. June 2, 1765. Married Mrs. Abigail Lawrence, April 4, 1740].

6. Josiah.

7. Experience, [handwritten note: bapt. May 22, 1774], married Atwell.

Roswell Root, born Pittsfield, November 29, 1759; married Pamelia Dickinson, 1785 [handwritten note: Nov. 20, 1784]. She died March 22, 1837, age 70. He was a soldier in the Revolution and removed after the close of the war to York, Livingston county, N. Y., 1808, died January 27, 1827.


1. Israel Dickinson Root, born November 11, 1787, married, first, Emily Read. Married, second, Betsey Clark. She died December 3, 1873, age 78. he died March 25, 1853.

2. Chester, born September 28, 1789; died, April 29, 1887; wife Clarisa (?).

3. Roswell, born May 12, 1792; died, March 16, 1857; unmarried.

4. Pamelia, born November 22, 1800; married, Thomas Allis.

5. Oliver, born 1803; died young.

6. Experience, born February 10, 1806; married George W. Goodman.

7. George Washington, born January 8, 1808.

8. John Partridge, born December 12, 1794; died, 1852; unmarried.

9. Eli, born November 9, 1797; died, 1846; unmarried.

Published February 4, 1911


Rice Eaton, son of Ebenezer Eaton, settled at Brighton in 1804. Married Elizabeth Gould. He died in January, 1834. Buried in West Brighton cemetery; removed to Mt. Hope in 1893. (See History of Monroe county, p. 319), (Mt. Hope Records).


I. Rice, born (?); married Delia Fargo.

II. Joel Eaton, born in Massachusetts, February 2, 1800. Went with his parents to Washington county when he was 3 years old. When he was 10 he came to Brighton. Married Permelia Colwell, and they had three children. She died and he married, second, Sarah Sibley and had eleven children. One daughter, Rhoda Eaton, married Alonso Benson, of Mendon, March 17, 1852. (He was born May 2, 1826; died November 16, 1876). (History of Ontario County, p. 26).

[Web editor note: This whole section has been crossed out.]

III. Abel Eaton, born (?); died March 7, 1834 at Pittsfield; wife Catherine (?).

1. Benjamin C., born September 20, 1813.

2. Mary Jane, born August 24, 1822.

3. Charles Sylvester, born December 25, 1825.

4. William Henry, born May 16, 1824.

5. Russell, born ——.

6. Calvin, born ——.

III. Luther, born in Warren county in 1804 or 1805. Removed to Brighton in 1814. Married Priscilla Sibley, born in 1806, died about 1880. He was supervisor of Brighton and died March 8, 1881, aged 76.


1. Samuel, born in Brighton in 1837; married in 1863 Sarah Permelia, daughter of George Goodman, born in 1833. He died at Rochester, March 24, 1878, aged 41. She died May 18, 1872, aged 30.

IV. Willard Gould, born April 6, 1821; was in the Civil war and died in Michigan.

V. Phebe, born May 3, 1824; went to Michigan; married (?) Ross. Rice, Joel and Luther appointed guardians of the last two at death of father. (Probate Records).


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