Civil War Diary of Henry M. Dryer


cannonflags     Henry N. Dryer enlisted on November 18, 1662 as a cannoner in Mack's 18th New York Independent Battery, known as the Black Horse Battery. He served throughout the war, being discharged on July 20, 1865.

The Diary begins June 1, 1864 while the Battery was stationed at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Following is a copy of an old newspaper clipping giving the members of the Battery.

Capt. Albert G. Mack
1st. Lt. George H. Numford
1st. Lt. George G. Curtis
2nd. Lt. George P. Davis
  1st Sgt. Archibald B. McConnell
Sargeant Frank B. Van Lake
Sargeant Stalham G. Williams
Sargeant J. Horace McGuire
Quartermaster Sgt. Abraham Cooley
Armstrong, Wm. W.
Ames, Albert
Burnell, David W.
Booth, Jas. M.
Bronson, Alex
Briglitman, Alonzo
Bryant, Alfred H.
Bascom, Calvin J.
Booth, Andrew J.
Baker, Richard
Barker, Benedict
Barton, John
Booth, Harry S.
Barry, Robert
Berk, Alexander
Baker, Thomas
Clubs, Alexander V.
Curtis, Patrick J.
Coleman, Joseph
Crowell, William
Champeney, Frank E.
Cummings, Benjamin L.
Clagne, William H.
Cromwell, William
Chapman, Ezra K.
Cook, Charles E.
Carnell, William
Carroll, John H.
Cager, Charles
Coffman, Charles H.
Carson, Marsh S.
Dixon, Benjamin L.
Doublas, Thomas
Dack, John
Dryer, Henry M.
Dixon, Charles H.
Donovan, Daniel
Douglass, Isaac
Ellwanger, C. B.
French, Marvin D.
Frester, Charles W.
Foster, Henry W.
Gundiba, Phillip K.
Gascoigno, Alfred
Gilbert, Thomas
Grover, George B.
Gould, William
Gardner, Henry R.
Green, Thomas
Hettler, John
Hodge, Benjamin
Haywood, Walter S.
Hill, William
Hall, Robert K.
Holcomb, Robert R.
Hart, Chauncey B.
Havens, William J.
Hine, Frederick W.
Haiqht, William E.
Hanah, William Phillip
Haskin, Daniel E.
Hamlin, Charles E.
Irving, John
Jones, George E.
Jordan, William L.
Jump, Walter V.
Kingsley, Truman A.
Lynch, Thomas H.
Lockner, John
Lucky, D. Foster
Lewis, Norman H.
Lewis, Melanethon
Leslie, James T.
Landers, Milton H.
Mc Connell, Thomas
Mc Connell, David W.
Morgan, Robert
Miller, John W.
Mann, Alexander
Munn, Edward D.
Mc Seth, William J.
Mc Intosh, John
Moran, William J.
Mc Mahon, John A.
Mc Garvie, Peter
Mc Guire, John L.
Meeker, John L.
Mc Guire, William D.
Marshall, James E.
Mc Mannus, Peter
Newcomb, Charles F.
Nichols, Charles F.
Parkinson, George
Petinger, David
Quinn, Patrick
Ray, John
Relyea, Fred H.
Reynolds, William D.
Reed, Charles
Robbins, Steven
Roderick, William H.
Rice, William
Rowhonthan, John
Rassney, Edward
Rafferty, John
Sweatman, Richard
Saunders, James
Sprague, Sam A.
Smith, Horace S.
Smith, Hiram
Stephans, A. J.
Smala, John
Smith, Amos
Sweetman, A. R.
Stone, George T.
Smith, Rawson
Stevenson, William
Schultz, William
Strunk, David
Spencer, Joshua S.
Skinner, Amiral
Sheers, George A.
Strong, Albert
Snell, John W.
Stone, Jeremy H.
Stocoum, Wm. H.
Townsend, Ed O.
Tibbet, Frank
Twist, Frank
Twist, William
Townsend, Charles
Vaughan, George H.
Vosburgh, William J.
Vosburgh, H. F.
Van Slyck, Hamon
Van Der Mark, William
Willson, George H.
Wheeler, Valentine
Wet, William
Wright, Jacob
Wheeler, Justus
Weaver, Valentine
Wimble, James S.
Wheating, Albert
Warner, George L.
Wood, Bradford C.
Wortfall, Charles B.
Whitehead, Edward
Zimmerman, Abram

Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
June 1, 1864

Wednesday. I received this blank book today from "Sister Frank" (Frances Athalia Dryer who married Horace May) and it is my intention to keep a diary in it hereafter. I also received 20 postage stamps. The day is warm and dusty, need rain very badly. It looks like it this afternoon. I also got a letter form "Frank" with this book. I went down town today. We are expecting orders to leave here soon. We drilled at the Manual of Peace this morning at 4 o'clock.

June 2, Thursday

This morning got up at sunrise and drilled at the Manual of Peace until breakfast time. Warm. Commenced to rain about 9 o'clock and continued all the afternoon to the relief of all. Nothing of note has transpired today. It is rumored that we have been transferred to the 13th Army Corps.

Friday, June 3rd

Got up early this morning and went out to drill but in commenced to rain and broke us off. Has rained more or less all day. Wrote a letter to "Frank" and went a blackberrying this afternoon. Got all I wanted to eat. Everything is quite.

Saturday, June 4th

Has rained thunder showers all day. Made it very nasty. Rawson Smith started for home today. The Captain went to New Orleans with him. It is reported that the Rebs have blockaded the river above Vicksburg. I am on guard tonight. Went after berries this morning.

Sunday, June 5th

This morning was very warm and lowry. Am on guard today. Had preaching this afternoon in camp by a Mr. Chittenden. It cleared off about noon and was quite pleasant but tonight it looks like rain. Had encouraging news from General Grant by way of Memphis paper of May 9th. The Rebs still fire into our boats above here.

Monday, June 6th

This morning was very damp and misty. Went down town this afternoon. Went a blackberrying along with Mr. Coffman and Twist. About 5 o'clock it commenced to rain a thunderstorm and continued to rain at bedtime. Have not had any news today.

Tuesday, June 7th

This morning was misty and has rained more or less through the day. Got the New York papers today. Not much going on in camp on account of the rain.

Wednesday, June 8th

This morning was cloudy and damp. Cleared up about 10 o'clock. Had sun shine and showers all day. The Captain came form New Orleans this morning. We got a mail today. Received two papers (rurals) from Emily. Nothing of important transpired today.

Thursday, June 9th

This morning the sky is clear once more. Everything is damp. Last night was very close and hot making it uncomfortable for sleeping. Had sprinkles of rain today. The 4th Wisconsin Cavalry brought in 22 Rebs from over the river this morning. Had Memphis papers today. Good news from Grant. Has been a warm day.

Friday, June 10th

This morning was warm and foggy. Has rained several thunder showers during the day. News that grant is pushing Lee very close. Went a-berrying again today. Very dull lying in camp with little to do. Am on guard tonight. A fine, moonlight evening.

Saturday, June 11th

This morning was cloudy and damp. Was on guard the latter part of the night and today. It has rained several thunder showers at intervals through the day. Lieutenant Van Dake with some of the boys went out on a scout with a party of the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry to see if they could find a span of horses that strayed form us yesterday. Didn't find them but a negro brought them in tonight. Weather warm. Lieutenants McConnel and Williams are sick and a goodly number of the boys complaining. News, none.

Sunday, June 12th

This morning was very hot and looked like rain which it did about 10 o'clock and kept it up through the day raining shower after shower. Had a very warm one last night, the lightning struck within a few rods of the camp. Didn't have inspection on account of rain. No preaching today. Had a mail but I didn't get anything. No news of account.

Monday, June 13th

Today has been cloudy with very little rain. The air is some cooler than usual. Tonight looks more like good weather. Nothing going on in camp. Not any news to be relied upon but several rumors of big doings by Sherman.

Tuesday, June 14th

Today has not rained for a wonder. Has been cloudy and sun shine at intervals. The sun shining very warm. The boys have been busy fixing fireplaces for cooking.

Wednesday, June 15th

This morning was quite cool and cloudy but cleared up about 11 o'clock and was hot the rest of the day. Our detachment built a fireplace today, myself being the mason. We had a drill this afternoon. We received some tents today in place of our old condemned ones. Had a small mail, none for me. Feel prettytired tonight.

Thursday, June 16th

Has been a very warm day. This morning Major General D. E. Sickles arrived here and the guns in the fort fired a salute. This afternoon he reviewed all the troops here. Our battalion was out. He has but one leg but rides well and makes a good appearance. No news.

Friday, June 17th

Last night we had a severe thunder storm, quite refreshing. Today has been hot but quite a breeze blowing. Heard today by St. Louis papers that Grant had been repulsed in a charge but in return drove the enemy. Has been quite a but day in camp in the way of police duty. Am guard tonight. It is a splendid moonlight night. We had a petition signed by most of the company read on dress parade tonight for Lieutenant Van Dake to resign. Said he would give us an answer soon.

Saturday, June 18th

It is a very warm clear morning. Am on guard today. A mail came today but I got none. Got ready for inspeciton this afternoon but was postponed by the Captain. Having a company meeting tonight in regards to Van Dake. No news of importance.

Sunday, June 19th

This morning was clear and very warm. Had plenty of mosquitoes last night. Had a meeting last night. Had the Captain there. Several of the boys made speeches on the matter. Talked over on both sides in regards to Van Dake. We appointed a committee of six to wait upon him for an answer. Had no preaching today. The day has been hot until 4 o'clock when it clouded up and a cool breeze with it and it threatened to rain. Van Dake gave his answer tonight, namely, he will not resign at present. Ed. Whitehead came to the company today. Been home on a furlough.

Monday, June 20th

Was a warm clear morning. Got St. Louis papers of the 11th inst. Nothing of any interest transpired today. Had a small mail. I got nothing. Went a blackberrying this afternoon. Wrote a letter for Mr. Coffman.

Tuesday, June 21st

It has been a very warm day. Last night the mosquitoes were very thick. We had monthly inspection this morning. Were highly complimented by the inspecting officer. It rained hard thunder shower about 5 o'clock. Got Memphis papers of teh 15th inst..

Wednesday, June 22nd

This been a rather cool day with several showers. Had a little drill today. Got New York and St. Louis papers with good news from Grant. Considerable speculation going on in camp in regards to our movements.

Thursday, June 23rd

Last night I sat up with a sick man, Drake, and today I don't feel too well. I expect to go on guard tonight. It rained hard showers about noon. Very refreshing. News that we have taken Petersburg by St. Louis papers of the 18th inst. Cloudy and warm.

Friday, June 24th

Was hazy this morning. Had a foot drill before noon. Some of the boys with Ben Barker have gone outside the line for berries. I felt better today. Had a drill at Manual of Peace this afternoon. Received marching orders today. Are preparing to leave. Am on guard tonight. No rain today.

Saturday, June 25th

I am on guard today (last trick). Have got our shelter tents and are preparing to move at short notice. Weather pleasant. Had a small mail today. All papers. The Captain is going to New Orleans tonight. We are ready to leave.

Sunday, June 26th

Has been a fine clear day with the exception of a nice little shower at 4 o'clock. Finished writing a letter home today. Been in camp all day waiting for to leave. Had no preaching and no news. The boys went to the woods for some wood. Warm.

Monday, June 27th

A warm day. Had our shelter tents issued to us this morning. I mailed a letter home this morning. A portion of the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry went off today. Tonight after 8 o'clock p.m. we harnessed up and had orders to bivouack by the guns and keep in quite large numbers. Warm.

Tuesday, June 28th

Today has been very warm. Last night we remained hitched up all night but nothing transpired. We traded a span of bays for black horses this morning.

Wednesday, June 29th

A warm day. Had two mails today. I got a letter from Jane and Mary, at last, also Mary's photograph. The last of teh 4th Wisconsin Cavalry went away today. We kept packed up. Am on guard tonight.

Thursday, June 30th

Has been a warm day. Had mounted drill in forenoon. This afternoon had a full rain and were mustered for pay. Was on guard last trick. Warm and plenty of mosquitoes. Don't move yet.

Friday, July 1st

Was very warm this forenoon but this afternoon clouded up and looked like rain and much cooler. Not much news. Had newspapers of the 24th inst.

Saturday, July 2nd

A fine day not so warm as yesterday. Had a slight sprinkle of rain. Colonel and acting Brigadier General Dudley were in camp this morning. Went to a horse race tonight but it proved a failure.

Sunday, July 3rd

Warm. Had a sort of inspection this morning, the rain interrupting us. The 118th Illinois Cavalry came from Port Hudson here this morning. Quite a brisk movement among troops. Went to the levee after dinner.

Monday, July 4th

A fine morning and very quiet all day. Nothing going on. A national salute was fired at noon from the fort. Had a good dinner and went out of camp about a mile to look around and see what we could see. Had a mail, I got none.

Tuesday, July 5th

Has been very warm here in camp all day. Curtis ran his horse tonight and got beat. Am on guard tonight first trick. Wrote a letter to Jane and Mary. No news.

Wednesday, July 6

Has been very warm. Rained quite a shower towards night. On guard first trick along with Corporal Wheeler. Lieutenant Chasgone outside the lines with a party of the boys on some particular business.

Thursday, July 7th

This forenoon was very warm. Afternoon not comfortable. Cloudy and nice breeze, showers of rain. Lieutenant C. came upon a lot of goods that had been smuggled through the lines last night and this morning went out and got the balance. Don't feel very well today.

Friday, July 8th

A warm day. A party of teh boys have gone out foraging. A part of the 19th Corps have gone to Fort Monroe.

Saturday, July 9th

This morning went out at sunrise on mounted drill. Warm. It rained during the day. Had a mail. I got a letter from Emily written at Barre (Hatch home near Albion, N.Y.). Mounted inspection at 8 o'clock p.m. Don't feel very well.

Sunday, July 10th

Stayed in camp all day. Don't feel well. Am on guard tonight last trick along with Townsend. Wrote a letter to Emily. Bought a bottle of extract of gum for dysentery. Warm and no news.

Monday, July 11th

Am on guard. Feel pretty sick. It is a very warm day. Got Memphis papers of July 3rd.

Tuesday, July 12th

Am sick today. Went to see the doctor this morning. Norman Drake came to camp tonight to see the boys and myself. He is employed on one of the Government boats, headquarters in St. Louis. Been more or less cloud today. In the evening had a thundershower. The Locust Point sunk today.

Wednesday, July 13th

A bit cloudy and cool with rain in the afternoon. Still keep sick. Plenty of bad news from Reb. sources. Not credited.

Thursday, July 14th

Been a very warm day. Still keep sick. Don't feel so well tonight. No news

Friday, July 15th

I feel a little better today. Has been very warm indeed. Had a small mail last night. I got none. Had mounted drill, this morning and I didn't go out.

Saturday, July 16th

Had a slight sprinkle of rain today and has been very warm. Had mounted inspection this afternoon am on guard tonight first trick along with P.J. Curtiss, Corporal and F. Hine, Sargeant. No news.

Sunday, July 17th

The forenoon very hot. Had a drill in the afternoon. On guard first trick. Things quiet. No news.

Monday, July 18th

Has not been as warm today. Had mounted drill this morning at sunrise. Got my hair cut this afternoon by Hugh Cameron. Feel well.

Tuesday, July 19th

Went out to drill at sunrise this morning. Hot in forenoon but cooler and cloudy with rain in afternoon. Went downtown. Very dull. No news.

Wednesday, July 20th

Has been a nice day. Went downtown this morning. No drill. The 77th Illinois Regiment left with other regiments tonight. Do not know where. No reliable news. Nice evening.

Thursday, July 21st

Nothing transpired today. It sprinkled about noon. Went to the levee this afternoon. No news. Warm.

Friday, July 22nd

Went out to drill at sunrise. Not so warm today. Had a light rain this afternoon. On guard tonight with first trick along with Corporal Wheeler. Have had no mails of late. Expect they have been captured by the "Florida". Not very cheering news.

Saturday, July 23rd

Morning cool and nice day. Am on guard. Had inspection this afternoon 4 o'clock. Not much news. Got Cincinnatti news of the 14th.

Sunday, July 24th

Fine cool morning with nice breeze all day. Had a mail, none for me. Saw by the papers that E. M. Barnes is dead. Went to church this afternoon.

Monday, July 25th

Had mounted drill at sunrise. Went downtown in forenoon. Weather more moderate. Cool nights. Munn, Booth and Baker were arrested for larceny this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 26th

Morning cool. No drill and St. Louis papers of the 18th, news favorable. The boys had their trial today and were sentenced to pay $40.00 each and 4 months work on the street. Fine day.

Wednesday, July 27th

Had a drill this morning. Didn't go out. Went over to the hospital with the sick. Cool and cloudy with a sprinkle of rain.

Thursday, July 28th

Morning cloudy, had a light rain during the day. Went down town in afternoon. Got St. Louis and Memphis papers of the 18th and 20th. On guard tonight last trick with Corporal Wheeler.

Friday, July 29th

Morning damp and foggy. Am on guard. Had mounted drill. Had a whiskey ration dealt out to the men by order of doctor for first time. Had general inspection at 11 o'clock a.m. upon short notice of an hour by a Lieutenant Colonel in 2nd Cavalry. Very hot indeed. This afternoon the General drove and ordered the battery to hitch up and move off as soon as possible. It took 20 minutes (slow time). We drove around town and came back making three times that we harnessed up today. Hot.

Saturday, July 30th

Morning hot. Had news that Atlanta is taken. We policed up the old Cavalary camp this morning. Battery went out on street parade at 4 o'clock p.m. Had a nice shower at dusk. Very acceptable. Hot.

Sunday, July 31st

Has not been so hot today. Was sick all night and today. Last night the Captain came form North Carolina also Champeny and Cozar from Rochester, been on furlough. Brought a box of things for the boys. Had a mail but none for me. No news, had a sprinkle of rain.

Monday, August 1st

Bit more comfortable today an ace of a breeze. Am still sick. Had good news from Sherman. Had street parade at 4 o'clock p.m..

Tuesday, August 2nd

Warm. Feel a little better. Had and are to have parade every day until further orders by the General.

Wednesday, August 3rd

Very warm. Feel about the same today. Heard good news from Sherman.

Thursday, August 4th

Very warm. Feel some better. Am taking persimmon bark tea. Find it helps me. Fasting and prayer today ordered. Some of the boys gone to church. The pickets were fired upon and the Cavalry went out on double quick but the skiddadled. After dark we hitched up and got into positions to be ready for an attack.

Friday, August 5th

Warm. The bcys slept by the guns all night. I didn't go out. Didn't feel well enough. Had a mail but I got none. Street parade as usual. All guiet tonight.

Saturday, August 6th

Morning cool. Had inspection and parade in one today. Feel better. Looked like rain last night but didn't. Very dry. We fired four blank cartriges SO a piece this afternoon. Just at night it rained and blew very hard, just what we want. Wet our bedding some. Feel better today.

Sunday, August 7th

Morning cool and damp. Went to church this afternoon it rained. Am on guard first trick along with Corporal Wheeler tonight.

Monday, August 8th

Morning clear. It rained about noon. Am on guard. Was sick in the night. Had orders to hold ourselves in readiness for attack or fight, Rebs outside. The 6th Missouri Cavalry and other batteries came tonight.

Tuesday, August 9th

Morning clear. Last night damp. We kept hitched up until 8 o'clock and then unhitched and went to bed. All quiet through the night. The battery was out this afternoon and got caught in the rain storm, the boys and everything soaking wet. A small mail. I got none. Sergeant J. H. Lynch died in the hospital this afternoon unexpectedly. Good news of the surrender of the forts and rams at Mobile to Commander Farragut and land forces.

Wednesday, August 10th

Morning warm and damp. We buried Sargeant Lynch at 11 o'clock with military honors. Tonight the general commanding the post and General Hersbon came to see how quickly we coult hitch up. We did it in 7½ minutes and ready to move forward in 10 minutes. Damp and cool. No news.

Thursday, August 11th

Morning damp with some rain about noon. Had a drill at pointing and sighting the piece at 5 p.m. Am on guard tonight along with Campeny. Last relief.

Friday, August 12th

Morning clear. Am on guard today. Had a mail but none for me. Rained several times through the day. Warm.

Saturday, August 12th

Warm and rainy. Washed the piece and caissons this forenoon to be ready for inspection this afternocn which came off. I acted Sargeant on Lynch's piece. Weather nasty.

Sunday, August 14th

Foggy morning. Don't feel well today. A lot of stolen property belonging to the boys such as clothes and revolvers were found boxed up and ready to go home withe Phil Drake the new recruit. Sent to jail for trial. Commence to rain about 3 p.m. and didn't stop until dark. About forty of the boys on sick list.

Monday, August 15th

Morning clear and damp. After dinner the battery went out and fired a national salute in honor of the fall of Mobile. Good news tonight that Grant had blown up Petersburg. Fine moonlight night.

Tuesday, August 16th

Morning warm and clear. Went out to drill after breakfast, very hot work. The captain divided the 7th and 8th dtachments amongst the others today. Am on guard first trick along with Champeny. It rains.

Wednesday, August 17th

Raining and misty. Am on guard. Don't feel well. Had a mail. I got an envelope from W. A. Hatch. It was never sealed and the contents were missing, taken out no doubt.

Thursday, August 18th

Morning clear. Last night was splendid moonlight. Was sick. Had general inspection this afternoon. Just two years since I enlisted. I didn't go to inspection. Fine evening.

Friday, August 19th

Fine morning. Had a smart shower about noon. Feel a little better today. I sent back the envelope to William A. Hatch.

Saturday, August 20th

It rained this morning and most of the forenoon. This afternoon has cleared off and the boys busy fixing up tents and cook houses. Wrote a letter for Mr. Coffman.

Sunday, August 21st

Morning foggy but soon cleared up warm. Had a mail, all newspapers but none for me. Am taking medicine and don't feel well. It rains a hard shower at taps.

Monday, August 22nd

Morning clear and fine day. Feel some better. It is said that an expediton against the Rebs at Clinton starts from here tonight.

Tuesday, August 23rd

Morning fine. Feel rather blue. We held ourselves in readiness in case called upon last night. Nothing of note transpired today. It rained about 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Wednesday, August 24th

Morning clear and fine. Had a light rain about noon. This afternoon the cavalry and light battery went out towards Clinton. Don't feel very well.

Thursday, August 25th

Morning foggy. The captain is having the boys move their tents into the form of a square. Warm. I feel better. It rained about 4 o'clock p.m. Am on guard tonight along with Carson last trick. They are fighting out towards Clinton. Some of our wounded have come in.

Friday, August 26th

Morning fine. Got official news of the surrender of Fort Morgan to land a naval forces of Farragut and Granger. Warm. Am on guard. The boys have been busy placing and fixing tents in camp.

Saturday, August 27th

Day clear and hot. The battery went out to a general review of all the artillery in the place this afternoon at 5 o'clock. Got news that our forces have got Clinton with heavy losses on both sides. We captured artillery and prisoners. Hod and Billy McGuire came to see us today.

Sunday, August 28th

Very warm day. Went to church this forenoon. Just at night we had a hard wind and rain storm.

Monday, August 29th

Morning fine and warm. Had very heavy thunder last night and the display of lightning grand. I went to the fort this morning along with Wells after bread. Been a nice day. No news. One of the harness horses died today, one of William Weathers'.

Tuesday, August 30th

A warm day. This morning we send down to the saw mill and got some lumber and fixed our tents along Twist's. Got a mail. I got a last two letters, one from Frank and one from Emily and William A. Hatch.

Wednesday, August 31st

Fine day but warm. Wrote a letter to "Frank" this forenoon. There is a Union mass meeting in town today. We were mustered for pay at 4 o'clock p.m. A very hard wind and rainstorm coming up at the time and broke us off when half done. It blowed down several tents.

Thursday, September 1

Morning damp and foggy. Was sick all night and didn't feel well today. We turned our shelter tents in today. Warm, had a mail but none for me. Was on guard by got excused.

Friday, September 2nd

Warm and clear. Was sick all night. Don't feel much better. Had orders for general inspection tomorrow.

Saturday, September 3rd

Morning fine. Feel about the same. Had inspection at 9 a.m. Very hot. This afternoon it rained and blew very hard which made it much cooler.

Sunday, September 4th

Morning fine but damp. Been somewhat cooler today. Don't feel much better. Billy Cloyn came back from New Orleans today. He went for type, etc. for small printing press he made. Had a mail. I got a letter from Father, Jane and Effie.

Monday, September 5th

A fine day. Not so hot. Don't get any better. The 11th New York Cavalry Scott's 900, came here today. They have election for congress in this district today. Charles Fenn, a Rochester man, formerly is up.

Tuesday, September 6th

Was real sick last night. Had a fever. Feel some better today. The captain got orders to go to New York immediately for a witness. Goes by first boat. Got news that Atlanta is taken. Warm.

Wednesday, September 7th

Morning fine. Still keep sick. The captain went this morning up the river. Had a small mail, got none. Wrote a letter to Emily.

Thursday, September 8th

A very warm day. I feel a little better. A darkey brought me some slippery elm tonight. A good many are sick, no news.

Friday, September 9th

I feel about the same. Has not been quite so warm. Cloudy and quite a breeze. Had a small mail, all papers.

Saturday, September 10th

Fine morning. Cool. I feel about the same. Had mounted inspection at 9 o'clock in the fort then an artist took a photograph of the battery. Very warm.

Sunday, September 11th

Very quiet. Had a fine rain last night but didn't make it much cooler. I feel a little better. Had a mail but got none. The took several boys to the general hospital.

Monday, September 12th

Morning foggy but cleared up and very warm. I feel some better. News good.

Tuesday, September 13th

Been a very warm day. I feel about the same. Just two years ago since we were mustered in the United States Service. No news, things quiet.

Wednesday, September 14th

A fine day, not quite so warm. Do not gain much. Had mounted drill this morning. Had a mail but none for me. No news.

Thursday, September 15th

Morning hazy and quite cool. Feel much better today. I got a package of envelopes printed by Clayne and Bascomb. Wrote a letter to Father and Jane. Fine evening, not much news.

Friday, September 16th

A very fine cool day. Feel much better. Had to recruits come last night from New York, three started but one skidaddled in New Orleans. Went for musdadines this morning with Twist. Got a few to eat.

Saturday, September 17th

Last night was cold and so is today. Cloudy today. No inspection. All hands turned in and built a fence around the picket rope.

Sunday, September 18th

Last night and today cool. Went to church this morning. Had a mail, none for me. Am on guard tonight, last trick with Reynolds.

Monday, September 19th

Last night and this morning cool. Am on guard. Went out to drill before breakfast. The second detachment went to the funeral of a doctor in the 4th Wisconsin Regiment. They took their caisson to draw the corpse upon.

Tuesday, September 20th

It is rather cool and cloudy. Heavy weather. Has looked like rain for several days and it commenced about 8 p.m. Had a mail but none for me. Rain stopped at night.

Wednesday, September 21st

Morning cool but day quite warm. This morning about 3 o'clock a fire broke out in town and burned a whole square of buildings west of the Catholic Church. Got a new harness for one section of the battery today. It still looks like rain. Went down to the levee this morning. No news of interest.

Thursday, September 22nd

Warm and foggy today. Had sprinkles of rain through the day. Quite cool. I went down town this afternoon. Got a bottle of sarsparilla.

Friday, September 23rd

It rained during the night and today had a hard storm of wind and rain. Had a small mail. I got none. Had a feever all night and today.

Saturday, September 24th

Morning foggy and damp. It rained hard before noon. Had inspection at 2 o'clock p.m. Feel some better, had no feever.

Sunday, September 25th

This morning was quite cool with a nice breeze. Sergaent Meeker went home on discharge today, also several of the boys on furlough.

Monday, September 26th

Last night and this morning were quite cool but today the sun shines warm and it is very pleasant. Battery went to drill this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 27th

Been a fine day and rather warm. Major R. Manderville died in the United State Hospital today, had a furlough to go home. Four boys went home on furlough and Corporal Bryant returned today from Rochester.

Wednesday, September 28th

A pleasant day. I feel pretty sick this afternoon with colic and dysentery. Had a mail but I got none.

Thursday, September 29th

Morning very foggy and damp. Was sick all night, had a feever. Feel some better today. I go to see the doctor regular. It has rained several times during the day. The boys are getting their voting papers prepared to send their votes in.

Friday, September 30th

Morning damp and foggy. I feel easier but very weak. Had my affidavit made out and sent home with my vote. Five or six of our boys were arrested by the picket guard for taking sweet potatoes without leave from a rented Government plantation. They were sent to jail for trial.

Saturday, October 1st

Morning very foggy and damp. I feel a little better but weak. Had a small mail and got a paper from Emily (Mrs. Dillon Bronson) from Barre. Had inspections this afternoon at 2 o'clock. I mailed my vote for "Old Abe" to father this afternoon. The potato takers were returned to the camp.

Sunday, October 2nd

Morning foggy and damp. Don't feel very well. Had quite a shower in the afternoon. Pretty warm. No news of account.

Monday, October 3rd

Morning damp and cool. Feel pretty bad. It rained about noon. Drew clothing today and the boys are busy policing and fixing up camp.

Tuesday, October 4th

Morning cool and rain. Rained during the night. I feel about the same as yesterday. I drew a pair of pants today. It is cloudy and quite cold. Had good news from Sheridan and Grant's Army.

Wednesday, October 5th

Morning cool and cloudy. Feel about the same. Had a drill at manual of the piece and mounted drill at 11 a.m. No news.

Thursday, October 6th

Morning cool. I feel about the same. Had mounted drill at 2 o'clock p.m. Had a mail but none for me. Changed my scales today.

Friday, October 7th

Morning cool. Don't feel so well. Was sick all night. I went down town and got some medicine of a citizen said to be good.

Saturday, October 8th

This morning was clear and cold with a northerly wind all day. Feel about the same. Had inspection at 2 o'clock p.m. Am on guard, last trick along with Reynolds.

Sunday, October 9th

Last night was cold. Morning clear. Am on guard. Feel better. Had an addition of 23 recruits last night from Northern New York, all strangers, one year man; and tonight Lieutenant Curtis arrived with 24 more from Rochester.

Monday, October 10th

A very cold night and clear morning. Warm in middle of day. Had a mail, got a letter from "Frank" and feel pretty well. Went down and got some more medicine this p.m.

Tuesday, October 11th

A fine day. Had a sad accident today in camp. One of the lumber chests exploded killing Corporal Champeney and wounding White. Buried Champeney this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Fixed our tent up today.

Wednesday, October 12th

A find day. Had a general inspection this a.m. at 9 o'clock. Had a mail got a letter from Chase and Martha (the Charles A. Chaces). Had a foot drill this p.m. of raw recruits. Fixed our tents. No news.

Thursday, October 13th

Fine day. Head of the extra squad of police. Moved and put up a large tent in front of Lieutenant McConnel. Had a mail, I got none. Got orders today to get ready for a march, or fight or seige operations. Called upon Lieutenant Curtis and wife this evening.

Friday, October 14th

Been cloudy most part of day with a light rain in afternoon. Had a foot drill in morning at manual of piece in afternoon. Wrote and mailed a letter to "Frank". Am on guard tonight first trick along with Corporal Clayne. Fine evening.

Saturday, October 15th

Morning fine. Am on guard, have no drill. Lieutenants have been busy issuing clothing. No news.

Sunday, October 16th

a smoky morning. Had a smart rain in the forenoon. We turned in our mosquito bars this morning. Wrote a letter to Martha and drilled at the manual of the piece four hours with the raws.

Monday, October 17th

Morning cloudy with sprinkling of rain this afternoon. Overhauled and packed our ammunition chests this morning. Went out on street parade at 12 o'clock noon. Drill at manual of piece this afternoon.

Tuesday, October 18th

Morning fine, rained during the night. Drill at piece three hours. Fixed over a pair of pants for one of the boys. Lieutenant Van Dake went to New Orleans today. Drew stable frock today at $2.87.

Wednesday, October 19th

Morning cold. Had an attack of diorrhea during the night. Quite sick today. Am on as sergeant of police. Had a mail, I got none. Had a drill at piece this a.m. and mounted drill at 2 o'clock p.m. Rained from 4 to 7.

Thursday, October 20th

A fine morning. Was sick all night and today. Mr. Colby (senior sergeant) returned form Rochester on furlough and Ray and Gascoin went home today. Had four hours drill.

Friday, October 21st

Morning clear and cool. Was very sick last night, feel some better this morning. Mr. Harrington of the 21st Battery New York State stayed with us last night on his return from home at Geneva. Had mounted drill at 9 a.m. A mail, got a letter from Effie (Mrs. Selma Holton) Em and Frank. We are attached to the seige train.

Saturday, October 22nd

Morning clear and cold, had a frost last night. I feel about the same. Had a fire in our stove last night for the first time. Had inspection at 2 o'clock. Night cold.

Sunday, October 23rd

Morning very foggy and cold. Feel pretty bad today. Wrote a letter to the girls. Had a mail, I got none. Lieutenant Van Dake came from New Orleans this morning.

Monday, October 24th

Morning fine and cold. I feel about the same. Mailed a letter to Em. Had drill at piece 4 hours this afternoon. Heavy, looks like rain.

Tuesday, October 25th

Morning fine. Last night was warm. i feel about the same. Had mounted drill this a.m. Slight rain in afternoon and evening.

Wednesday, October 26th

Morning cloudy and warm. I feel about the same. It commenced to rain about 7 o'clock and rained most of the day.

Thursday, October 27th

Morning clear and warm. It looks like Indian summer. I feel a little better. Made a pair of shoes for Martell. Had drill at 2 p.m. Mended my boots.

Friday, October 28th

Morning foggy and cold. I feel better. Had to hitch in for mounted drill. Didn't go today on account of missing two horse blankets. Eight more recruits arrived form Harts Island.

Saturday, October 29th

Morning cool and cloudy. I feel about the same. Had a mail. Got a letter from cousin C.W. Dryer, Army post office. My birthday, am 27 years old. Had inspection at 2 p.m. Wrote a letter to C.W. Dryer (Cyrus).

Sunday, October 30th

Morning warm and rainy. Cleared up about noon. This afternoon had a mail. Got two papers from Edm.

Monday, October 31st

Morning cloudy and damp. I don't feel so well. Were mustered for six month's pay this p.m. at 5 o'clock by Lieutenant Van Dake. Cloudy and warm. No news.

Tuesday, November 1st

Cloudy with light rain. We put a window in our shanty today. I drew a pair of drawers. C. J. Bascomb went to Washington by order on detached duty.

Wednesday, November 2nd

A dark rainy day with thunder. Had a mail but none for me. I found out today among the recruits one Ed. Ely an old school mate brother in law to Barton Fisher.

Thursday, November 3rd

Rainy morning, rained during the night. Quite cold. No news.

Friday, November 4th

Morning fair and cold, day fine. Quite a stur in camp tonight. The Rebs fired into our lines over the river and the long roll beat and boots and saddle sounded. We hitched up and got ready but didn't go out.

Saturday, November 5th

Morning clear and cold with a white frost. A fine day. Had mounted inspection this p.m. at 2 o'clock. Evening quiet. No news.

Sunday, November 6th

A fine warm day with a stiff breeze. Twelve recruits came last night. C. P. Bascomb came up also. Could not get his boat so went up the river this a.m. No news.

Monday, November 7th

Last night and this morning warm and cloudy. Looks like rain. Went out to drill at 8 o'clock but soon came back. Mr. Holcomb died at the General Hospital and is buried this p.m. at three o'clock. An order was read today for the detachment of the extra men of the battery to the 25th New York Battery. 102 still have to go. They had a meeting tonight to see about organizing a new battery. Drew up a petition to be sent to the Governor and signed by 85.

Tuesday, November 8th

A warm cloudy morning. Election to decide the contest for Presidency for the next 4 years. Wrote a letter to W. A. Hatch. Lieutenant Curtis came to camp tonight and desired the boys to have a meeting and see if they prefer him or Van Dake to be captain in case of a new organizations. Had a meeting and a petition was signed by a majority in his favor. A very fine night.

Wednesday, November 9th

Morning warm and rainy. Had a mail but none for me. Went down to see Lieutenant Curtis. Lieutenant Williams with 10 recruits came tonight. An order came to detach the recruits into three different batteries, 25th, 21st and 26th. Quite cool.

Thursday, November 10th

Morning cool and clear. I applied to the doctor today for a furlough. Said he would sign the certificate for one. Went down town. Saw Lieutenant Curtis.

Friday, November 11th

Morning cool and clear. Six recruits came last night. Had general inspection at 9 o'clock upon short notice. No news. Fine night, cold.

Saturday, November 12th

Morning clear and cold. Had mounted inspection at 12 o'clock noon. A warm day.

Sunday, November 13th

A foggy morning but a warm clear day. Had a mail but none for me. Stayed in camp all day. Don't feel well at all. Bad rumors for news.

Monday, November 14th

A fine warm day. Nothing of note has transpired. Had a foot drill this a.m. A fine moonlight night. No news.

Tuesday, November 15th

Morning warm and cloudy with some rain. The surplus men were transferred today, 60 to the 25th, 13 to the 21st, 14 to the 26th New York Batteries. They go by first boat, also a squad of ours detailed to go to New Orleans with Lieutenant McCan for horses. The cavalry and one battery went out in force. No news. Weather moderate. Cloudy.

Wednesday, November 16th

Morning wet and damp. Cleared up about noon. Had a mail. Got a letter from Emily and answered the same. An order has been commanded for a transfer of the men for the present.

Thursday, November 17th

Morning fine. Had a street parade at 10 o'clock a.m. Lieutenant McCann went to New Orleans with the squad of men for horses. The boys washed the gun carriages today.

Friday, November 18th

Morning hazy. Lieutenant Curtis takes command of the battery today. Was up to camp with his wife tonight. It rains tonight. No news.

Saturday, November 19th

It has rained all day. Very muddy. Had no inspection. Put pockets in my overcoat. No news.

Sunday, November 20th

A cloudy day with sprinkling of rain. Lieutenant McCann came back from New Orleans, brought 15 horses.

Monday, November 21st

A cold, windy day. I lined my pants today. Tonight the raiders came in with 300 or 400 prisoners and 3 pieces of artillery, the rebel General Scott and any quantity of plunder and niggers. Very successful and with slight loss. A volley was fired in their honor. Cold.

Tuesday, November 22nd

Been a clear cold day. The captain came this p.m. He brought me my shirts and other articles, cheese and peaches also a letter from Frank and Lydia Dryer. It is cold tonight.

Wednesday, November 23rd

Morning clear and cold. Had a heavy frost. The ground was frozen hard. A part of the Penetentiary burned last night with about 75 mules that were stabled there. Wrote a letter to Frank (Frances). Night cold.

Thursday, November 24th

Weather more moderate. Looks like rain. All quiet in camp. i drew a pair of sewed boots, $3.85.

Friday, November 25th

A fine day. Quite warm. I went down to the levee this morning. Signed papers for application for furlough. Osborn came from home on furlough last night. Large numbers of troops are coming here and on the other side of the river. They are mostly cavalry.

Saturday, November 26th

Morning fine and day very pleasant. Got ready but had no inspection. Went to see the doctor about getting a furlough. Large number of cavalry are in. Some are Preparing for a move.

Sunday, November 27th

A fine day, warm. The cavalry and artillery this morning took different roads East of here. Think there were ten thousand or more. I reported to the surgeon this morning.

Monday, November 28th

A fine warm day. The surgeon told me he could not sign my furlough yet. I had a letter from Mr. Cauffman. The paper with the names of those detached was exposed to view. Tonight they were told to hold themselves in readiness for transportation.

Tuesday, November 29th

A fine warm day. Went down to the post office with a package which I sent to Frank by mail. Went to the levee. The detached men had orders to get two days' rations ready. Had my hair cut by Ed Rosney.

Wednesday, November 30th

Morning fine and warm. The detached men left this morning at 9 o'clock for New Orleans on the Sally Robinson. Had a mail but none for me. Leiutenant Curtis and Sargeant Hine went to New Orleans. Had a drill this p.m. cannoners at the pieces and drivers foot drill. Been a warm day, tonight looks like rain. Heard from the expedition. A Major of the 2nd Illinois was killed the second day out by bushwackers. Everything goeson well.

Thursday, December 1st

Morning cloudy and warm, looks like rain. Had drill at the piece this a.m. It commenced rain this p.m. Had street parade in rain.

Friday, December 2nd

Morning cloudy and damp. Rain during the night. I went to see the doctor. Had a package of envelopes printed for myself. Had a drill at piece. It rained by spells through the day. Warm.

Saturday, December 3rd

Morning rainy. Cleared up about noon and is quite cool. Had a drill at piece this a.m. A medical doctor was shot dead by one of the 7th Kentucky soldiers last night in a saloon. Lieutenant Van Dake left for New Orleans today. He has been appointed assistant chief or artillery. Had no inspection today. Saw the doctor today.

Sunday, December 4th

A cool morning and fine clear day. A part of the battery turned out to the funeral of the doctor that was killed on Friday, minute guns whilst the procession moved to the boat. They sent him home. Had a mail, but none for me.

Monday, December 5th

Morning cool but grew warm and looks like rain. Drill at the manual of the piece this a.m. had mounted drill this p.m. Had a mail but none for me. Warm.

Tuesday, December 6th

Morning cloudy and damp. Had drill at piece this a.m. and mounted drill in p.m. Weather fine and warm.

Wednesday, December 7th

Morning cloudy and warm. Charles Robinson came from home on furlough last night. The right section hitched up and expected to go out on raid but didn't go. Had mounted drill p.m. Also a mail. Got a letter from Emily. Feel pretty sick.

Thursday, December 8th

Last night and this morning cool and cloudy. I feel some better. Wrote a letter to Emily. It rained in the afternoon. Cold.

Friday, December 9th

Morning cold and wet. Boots and saddles was blown at daylight. Hitched up and made ready for a fight by order of General. At breakfast time had a hard thunderstorm. Lightning was very severe, struck close by.

Saturday, December 10th

Cold and cloudy. Hitched up at daylight again. Had no inspection. Boys cleaned the piece for inspection tomorrow at 9 o'clock. Warmer.

Sunday, December 11th

Hitched up at daylight. Cold with a stiff north wind. Grew cold in the night and continued so all day. Had inspeciton at 11 o'clock. A small mail.

Monday, December 12th

Last night and this morning very cold, froze ground. Ordered out as usual at half past five. Had a mounted drill. In afternoon an accident occurred while going in on double quick as were racing with the Wisconsin battery. A caisson struck a stump and turned over and hurt several men pretty bad. Broke caisson wheels.

Tuesday, December 13th

Up as usual. Warm cloudy and warmer. Had drill this a.m. and p.m. Boys went out after wood.

Wednesday, December 14th

Hitched up early. Had mounted drill at 9 o'clock. Nothing of importance today. Wrote a letter to Lydia Dryer.

Thursday, December 15th

Morning cloudy and damp. Hitched up as usual. Vinton died in hospital last night, is buried this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Had a new doctor today.

Friday, December 16th

Morning cloudy and damp. Harnessed up at 5 o'clock. It is a fine warm day. Had a mail. Drill at piece this afternoon. Bought some medicine of J. W. Wheeler for dysentery. Paid 75¢ for it. Went down to the levee. Warm

Saturday, December 17th

Very warm last night with plenty of mosquitoes. Hitched up as usual. Just two years ago since we first saw Baton Rouge. Had inspeciton in afternoon.

Sunday, December 18th

Morning cloudy and damp. Hitched up as usual. Has looked like rain all day. No news, stayed in camp. Rained in evening.

Monday, December 19th

Warm and cloudy and damp. Rained during the night. Hithced up as usual. Drill at piece in morning.

Tuesday, December 20th

Morning little cooler, with rain most of the forenoon. Hitched up as usual. Dull in camp. Rained hard. Afternoon and night cold.

Wednesday, December 21st

Morning cold and windy. Hitched up. Cleared off and became pleasant about noon but cold. Had a drill in afternoon.

Thursday, December 22nd

Morning clear and cold. Hitched up. The inspecting officer was around early. Had a foot drill in afternoon. The boys went to the woods for wood. Been a fine day but cold.

Friday, December 23rd

Cold morning with a sharp wind, blew all day. The assembly was blown and we had roll call at 10 o'clock last night to see who were absent from camp. Hitched up this morning. Had a mail.

Saturday, December 24th

Last night at 12 o'clock the boys were ordered out. Hitched up and to into position to fight Rebs. Reported that they were coming to eat Christmas dinner with us. Stayed up until daylight but they came not. Warmer. A street parade at 2 o'clock. We put the guns in position this afternoon. Expect an attack tonight. Cloudy and looks like rain.

Sunday, December 25th

Merry Christmas! Hitched up at 4 o'clock this morning. No Rebs appeared. Cloudy, rained in the night. Went to church in morning. The boys are having a grand Christmas in the shape of roast turkey, pigs, pies, doughnuts, etc. Had street parade at 2 o'clock. All quiet. Warm.

Monday, December 26th

Morning cloudy and damp. Hitched up early, 4 o'clock. All feel satisfied with their Christmas. Heart that Thomas has whipped Hood and Sherman is at Savannah. Afternoon fine.

Tuesday, December 27th

Morning warm and cloudy. Hitched up at 4 o'clock. Boys washed the piece for general review today at noon. All the troops were out. Afternoon fine also evening, cool. No news.

Wednesday, December 28th

Morning clear and cold. Hitched up as usual. The raiders are coming back by way of New Orleans. Had mounted drill in morning.

Thursday, December 29th

Morning clear and cold. Hitched up as usual. Had mounted drill in afternoon. Had a mail. Billy Clayne got hurt, he was kicked by a horse while on drill. Pat Durmon had a fit, etc. Cold.

Friday, December 30th

A cloudy and windy day. Hitched up as usual. At 11 o'clock one of the 7th Kentucky boys hung in the presence of all the troops, hung for shooting a medical doctor some time ago. The troops went out on foot.

Saturday, December 31st

Last night it rained and the wind blew hard. Hitched up early. We are mustered for pay this a.m. Had a mail, got two papers from Emily. Tonight got particulars of Sherman's capture of Savannah.

Cheers, good bye old year!

Sunday, January 1st

All hail! A happy new year! A clear cold day. Got up early and went to the levee. Several boats came in with troops. Went to church. Cold, didn't stay long. Had roast fresh pork for dinner. Evening fine. No news.

Monday, January 2nd

Morning cloudy and warm. Hitched up as usual. It is fast day. No work done, boys playing ball. Captain said we might lay abed until sunrise hereafter. Hitching up early has flagged. Bought ten pounds of potatoes today.

Tuesday, January 3rd

Morning warm and cloudy. Had slight showers through the day. Not much going on. Boys playing cricket or wicket ball. A small mail.

Wednesday, January 4th

Morning cool and damp, day fine. Had a mail. Got two letters from Frank and Emily and answered one from Em. No news. Quiet.

Thursday, January 5th

Morning raining making it misty in camp. A nigger was shot dead this morning by the pickets for trying to take 4 stolen horses through the lines to the Rebs. No news of importance.

Friday, January 6th

It rained last night. This morning it cleared off and grew cold with high wind. Another man was hung today. The battery did not go out to the execution but went into position with shotted guns. Cold and clear.

Saturday, January 7th

Morning clear, still and cold. Ray and Cascoin came from home on furlough last night. Signed the pay roll today for 4 month's pay. There are 8 month pay due us. Had no inspection. Warm.

Sunday, January 8th

Morning hazy. We were paid this morning 4 month's pay. I received $108.80. Settled up my clothing bill up to the first of September, 1864. Paid Billy Clayne $1.00, gave Effie, Champeney's widow, $2.00. Commenced to rain about 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Monday, January 9th

Rained very hard all day with heavy thunder and lightning continuous all day. A large amount of water fell. Stopped raining about dark. Everything damp or soaking wet.

Tuesday, January 10th

Morning cold and damp. Cloudy all day. We put a board roof on our tent. The captain is having them all fixed so. Police are busy digging ditches around the camp. Cold wind!!

Wednesday, January 11th

Last night was clear and cold, fine moonlight. Today is clear and fine. Had monthly inspection this morning. Wrote a letter to Frank.

Thursday, January 12th

Morning clear and cold. Went down town and sent $75.00 home by express, paid $2.00 for charges. Bought a shoe brush, 50¢, sundries, $1.00. Gave I. W. Wheeler 50¢. Inspecitng officer came around and inspected the guns. Day fine, clear and cold. Busy day in camp.

Friday, January 13th

Morning clear with white frost. Warm in middle of the day. Had drill today at manual of piece. Looks like rain.

Saturday, January 14th

Morning damp and cloudy. Don't feel well, had a feever all night. Paid 75¢ to orderly sargaent for to pay cooks up to January 1st. Lieutenant Van Dake came up from New Orleans tonight and Bond and Willis from the 25th New York Battery. Cold.

Sunday, January 15th

Cloudy and threatened to rain all day. Had a mail. Feel some better. The cavalry are busy making their camps. Quite cold. No news. One or two light batteries have arrived here. Bond and Willis went back today.

Monday, January 16th

Morning rainy, cleared off fine at 9 o'clock. Lieutenant Van Dake inspected the battery this morning. A cavalryman was shot by another through the arm this evening in the Louisiana cavalry camp. No news.

Tuesday, January 17th

Morning fine, day hazy. Whitewashed our hut today inside. Had a street parade in afternoon.

Wednesday, January 18th

Morning cold, day fine and warm. Had a mail. No drill. All quiet in camp. Am on guard tonight first trick along with Corporal Wheeler.

Thursday, January 19th

Cloudy, damp day. Am on guard. They issued clothes today. Rumored in camp that there peace propositions proposed.

Friday, January 20th

Morning chilly, damp and cloudy, commenced to rain about noon. However, I got a 4 oz. vial of dysentery medicine of J. W. Wheeler, paid $1.00. Am taking it today.

Saturday, January 21st

Morning rainy, rained all night. Cleared up about noon. Got ready for inspection but had none. Warm. No news.

Sunday, January 22nd

Morning warm, cloudy and damp, commenced to rain about 9 o'clock. Stopped about noon and cleared, cold towards night. I went to the levee.

Monday, January 23rd

Morning cold and cloudy, cleared up about noon. Got news of the surrender of Ft. Farrow. Cold this evening.

Tuesday, January 24th

Morning clear and cold, ground frozen hard, water in vessels an inch thick. Am on guard tonight first trick along with Corporal Wheeler. Cold. I fixed a pair of pants for Lee.

Wednesday, January 25th

Last night was cold, froze the ground hard. Today fine but cold air. Am on guard, had a mail. The police are very busy today. No news of importance.

Thursday, January 26th

Morning clear and cold. Frost last night, cold air all day. Patched up our shanty and went down town. Bought a tin cup, fine comb and a can of milk for 25¢, 25¢ and 75¢. Bought of Coffman 20¢ worth of polishing paste. W. H. Claine was promoted to Sargeant, W. D. Reynolds and D. Pittinger were promoted to Corporals. C. J. Bascomb resigned.

Friday, January 27th

Morning cloudy and cold. Had a mail. Received a letter from Emily and one from William and Hon. This p.m. they took an inventory of all government property we had, namely knapsack, haversack and all property in battery.

Saturday, January 28th

Morning cloudy and cold. No inspecitno except of the harnesses. H. P. Vosburg fixed my scales. Gave him one dime. Went to the woods and got a bundle of wild roots. Twist went today. An inventory of everything pertaining to the guns and caissons.

Sunday, January 29th

A fine day. Had inspection in afternoon. Got oders to report to New Orleans soon. The captain gave orders to pack all extra baggage. Wants everything complete.

Monday, January 30th

Been a very busy day in camp making preparations for a march. Got $1.00 worth of medicine from J. W. Wheeler. Looks like rain tonight. Cool.

Tuesday, January 31st

Rained last night. Cloudy day. 35 more men have been transferred to the 26th New York Battery. Have orders to get ready to go by first boat. Had our chests made smaller today. Am on guard tonight first trick along with A. Strong. Commenced to rain about 10 o'clock. Rained all night.

Wednesday, February 1st

Cloudy and rained. Am on guard. Been busy with the ammunition chests. Had a mail. Reliable news that Richmond is taken and Mobile evacuated. Weather moderate.

Thursday, February 2nd

Morning rainy and muddy. The detached men went today. Packed our caisson. Rained most all day. Had a small mail.

Friday, February 3rd

A wet morning, rained all night with some thunder. Made me a pair of leggins. Inspecting officer of the unit inspected harnesses, etc. Rained most all day. Very muddy. Got most ready to move. Warm.

Saturday, February 4th

Morning very damp and foggy. It rained more or less through the day. Busy preparing to move. Had no weekly inspection. Warm.

Sunday, February 5th

Rained hard all day. Clammy. Wrote a letter to Emily. Quiet, no news.

Monday, February 6th

Rained all night and cold today. Had general inspection this morning in rain. Had a mail. Got a letter from Lydia.

Tuesday, February 7th

Morning cold, stopped raining. The men came last night. Been fine all day. We are packed up ready to go. Tore down and sold our cook shanties. Fine moonlight. Went to the levee tonight.

Wednesday, February 8th

Morning clear and cold, a fine day. Am on police. Lent Billy Stevens $1.00 until next pay day. Am on guard tonight, last trick along with Sargaent Smith. Moon light, cold.

Thursday, February 9th

Been a fine day. Am on guard. Boys have been out for wood and hunting for a stray mule.

Friday, February 10th

Clear and cold morning with a white frost. Water froze half inch thick. Heard that the expedition had gone from New Orleans and the Esses had blown up. Had a mail. It was a fine and moonlight night. Been a fine day, warm. Not much going on in camp. Boatloads of nigger troops went down the river. Peace rumors abundant.

Saturday, February 11th

Morning fine. The long roll at 4 o'clock a.m. We got into line of battle and fired 50 or 60 blanks. D. Campbell died in hospital today. Fine evening, moonlight.

Sunday, February 12th

A fine day. Been busy packing up and waiting for a boat just due in. The right and left sections went on the Gray Eagle. Rain and warm. Center section left behind.

Monday, February 13th

Morning fine. Center section have been waiting for a boat all day. Commenced to rain about 4 in the afternoon and continued all night. Am on guard tonight with Wheeler. No boat yet.

Tuesday, February 14th

Morning damp. Am on guard today. Boat here. Left camp at half past 11 o'clock, on board the Jessie Rogers at 3 p.m. Rain started at 5 o'clock. Arrived New Orleans at 5 o'clock.


Wednesday, February 15th

Morning fine around here this morning. Unloaded and got to camp about 10 o'clock. I got a letter from Emily. Poor headquarters.

Thursday, February 16th

A fine day. Moved into better headquarters. Washed the gun carriages for parade.

Friday, February 17th

A fine day. Had a drill at piece in a.m. Let Charles Reed have $2.00 last night. Went to the Academy of Music tonight along with Jordan.

Saturday, February 18th

Morning clear and cold. Fine day. Had a street parade this afternoon. Went out by the Marine Hospital. Am on guard tonight.

Sunday, February 19th

Cloudy and cool. Had a general review of the battery and siege train on Canal Street by General Canby, 36 pieces out and large baggage train. It reached three miles. Paraded through the city for three hours.

Monday, February 20th

A fine morning, rained last night. We drew shelter tents and mosquito bars. Charles Reed paid me the $2.00 I let him have.

Tuesday, February 21st

Morning and day cloudy. I let Dr. J. W. Wheeler have $1.00 borrowed money. We turned in and packed our jackets and baggage today. Went down town this afternoon. It rained and a thunder shower tonight.

Wednesday, February 22nd

A rainy day, Washington's birthday. A salute was fired at noon. Am on guard tonight Pottinger and Sprague.

Thursday, February 23rd

Cloudy and warm. Am on guard. Captain gave orders to keep 3 day's cooked rations on hand. Center and right sections got new harnesses. Mailed a letter to Frank. Had a mail, none for me.

Friday, February 24th

Rained all day. Nothing unusual has transpired. All mounted and keep close in quarters.

Saturday, February 25th

Cleared off today and looks like fine weather. Nothing new. They are building the railroad down Rochelle Road to the lake.

Sunday, February 26th

A fine day and cool. Don't feel very well. All quiet quarters. Looks like rain tonight.

Monday, February 27th

Raining and damp this morning. I feel better. A salute was fired today at noon when we received word of the evacuation of Charlestown, South Carolina by the Rebs. Am on guard tonight with Pettinger and Clayne.

Tuesday, February 28th

Warm and cloudy, no rain. On guard. The battery went to the lake tonight. I remained behind with the police squad, to look after extra baggage. Light rain.

Wednesday, March 1st

Morning cloudy and damp. Left New Orleans for the lake about noon. The battery was loaded upon 3 boats. We finished loading about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Went out into the lake and anchored for the night. 23rd Wisconsin Regiment came on board.

Thursday, March 2nd

Morning warm. Ran up to north pier to coal up. The captain of the boat Battle, was put under arrest last night, mate took command. Started at 3 o'clock, passed Fort Pike at dark. We anchored in lake or gulf on account of fog, sometime in the night. Had to rough it.

Friday, March 3rd

Morning raining and foggy, we laid at anchor. Started at 8 o'clock and arrived at Fort Powell today at 1 p.m. by way of Gaines pass. Arrived and unloaded at Fort Gaines at 5 p.m.


Am on guard with Sargeant Clayne. Windy.

Saturday, March 4th

Rained last night, and clear today. This is a sandy, bleak place. Put up our tents, arranged things for living while we stay.

Sunday, March 5th

Cold wind this morning. Had a good night's sleep. Boys have gone fishing oysters today. Had a stroll along the beach with Ralph. Had a good oyster stew for supper. Cold.

Monday, March 6th

Morning cold, fresh breeze. Done some washing. Boys after oysters and fish. Generals Conley and Austerhouse came here today. Had oysters tonight Fine evening, moonlight. Wrote part of a letter home.

Tuesday, March 7th

Morning cloudy. Had a drill in morning. Drew more shelter tents, boys busypitching them. South wind and looks like rain. More oysters today.

Wednesday, March 8th

Morning clear and warm. Had several thunder showers last night, plenty of sand flies. This morning mailed a letter home. Had drill in afternoon.

Thursday, March 9th

Morning foggy and damp. Got orders to keep three day's cooked rations on hand. Reduced our cooks to three and turned in all wagons exept ambulance. Rains tonight.

Friday, March 10th

Very windy, cold day. Rained hard last night with thunder. Am on guard tonight with Pettinger, first trick. Clear and cold.

Saturday, March 11th

Morning clear and cold. Am on guard. Had an inspection of the whole command today. Heavy firing in the direction of Mobile. General Steele said to be there.

Sunday, March 12th

A fine clear day, weather more moderate. Quite a movement of troops. Heard a little firing.

Monday, March 13th

Morning cloudy and cool, looked like rain all day, high wind. Nothing of note has transpired. Oiled the wagons. Boys after oysters.

Tuesday, March 14th

Morning rainy. Commenced in the night and has kept it up all day. Windy. Got a mail, first since here. Got a letter from Frank and Father and two papers from Em. "Acceptable, very". Very wet and gloomy night.

Wednesday, March 15th

Morning clear and fine. Rained hard with heavy thunder in afternoon. Had drill in the afternoon. Cold with stiff breeze tonight. Boys after oysters.

Thursday, March 16th

Morning cold and windy. Had rain in the night but clear today. Troops keep coming.

Friday, March 17th

Morning fine, cold night. Troops commenced to move away today. Done my washing. Had drill. Went to the wharf.

Saturday, March 18th

A fine, warm day. Mailed a letter to Frank. Gun boats went over and shelled Cedar Point.

Sunday, March 19th

Fine day. The 16th A.C. moved today. Greased the gun carriages. Am on guard tonight with Sargeant Cummings, last trick. Troops moving.

Monday, March 20th

Foggy morning and cloudy day with rain towards night. Am on guard. Troops been moving off all day towards Fort Morgan. Had drill in the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 21st

Rained hard all night and morning with heavy thunder. Cleared up about noon Am acting sargeant of police. Troops most all gone.

Wednesday, March 22nd

A fine day, stiff breeze. Had mounted drill. Drilled at sighting piece. The captain hurt his arm at the wharf.

Thursday, March 23rd

A fine day. Made an axe helm. Went out and drilled at sighting pieces. This afternoon looks like rain.

Friday, March 24th

A fine, warm day. Went for oysters with Whitehead. All quiet. Cool nights.

Saturday, March 25th

Morning cool with stiff breeze. Fine day. Jerome Grielsick came to see me tonight. Just arrived from North as cook in commissary department.

Sunday, March 26th

Fine day. This a.m. the 1st Indiana Battery went out.

Monday, March 27th

Morning very windy. Commenced to rain about noon. Fixed pants. Am on guard tonight with Sargeant Cummings. Night very dark and wet.

Tuesday, March 28th

Morning fine. Am on guard. Reported firing near Mobile.

Wednesday, March 29th

Morning fine. Rained during the day. Mailed a letter home. Very windy tonight.

Thursday, March 30th

A rough morning. Broke camp about noon and went to the wharves. Loaded the battery on the White Cloud #2 at 4 o'clock and laid at wharf all night.

Friday, March 31st

Started early for Mobile. Very windy and cold. Landed on West side of Bay about 8 miles from Mobile and went into camp for the night. Got a mail from Em.

Saturday, April 1st

Fine day. They were firing all night. Started for our breastworks at 5 o'clock and worked till late night getting into position.

Sunday, April 2nd

We opened fire on the Rebs at 9 o'clock in the morning. Got a sharp reply. We dismounted a gun for them in the afternoon. General Granger here today. Up and worked most all night.

Monday, April 3rd IN TRENCHES

Morning fine. Up late at work last night. Rebs opened sharp this afternoon. No damage. We keep at work strengthening our works.

Tuesday, April 4th

Morning cloudy. Worked last night. Feel rough. We advanced our skirmish lines 100 yards last night. Opened this morning at 9:30. Ralph Vosburg lost his right arm and C. H. Coffman his thumb. At 5 o'clock had a general bombardment until 7.

Wednesday, April 5th

Fine morning. Did not fire a gun today. Busy at work strenghthening works. Commenced a letter to Em. All quiet along our lines.

Thursday, April 6th

Morning fine. Fired a salute of 100 guns in honor of taking Salina by Thomas. Good news from Sherman and Grant. We keep steadily advancing up the enemy's works.

Friday, April 7th

Morning rainy. Opened on them quite briskly. They soon quit. We advanced last night. Rained all day. Cold.

Saturday, April 8th

Morning cloudy and cold. There has been heavy cannonading on our right all night. We opened on them at night for an hour, shelled the battery on the right. A charge was made by Smith.

Sunday, April 9th

The Rebs evacuated their works in the night and our troops took possession. We started off for Blakeley and got there about noon. At 5 o'clock we opened on, assaulted and carried their works with considerable loss to the charging party. We took 2 or 3 thousand prisoners and a number of guns. Got a letter from Frank.


Monday, April 10th

Am on guard. At night we went down to Blakeley and took position on the banks of the Kenesaw River to watch the Rebel gun boats. Near night a corporal of the 20th Iowa came and told me that Captain Chase wished to see me. I went and saw him forthwith.

Tuesday, April 11th

Have laid in our position all day. I went to see Chase. He came back with me to our camp. Reported evacuation of Mobile, heavy smoke in that direction and explosions were heard in the night and fire is seen. Some of our troops have gone up there.

Wednesday, April 12th

The Rebs evacuated Mobile last night. Steamer Lockwood came up here with General Bailey on board. We ran back and Captain Mack went along. Got back at night. The 13th Artillery Corps supposed to occupy Mobile. The stars and stripes floated over the city. Done my washing and H. W. Chase came to see me.

Thursday, April 13th

Morning rainy. We fired a salute of 100 guns in honor of our victories. Went into park and pitched our tents. Got a letter from Em and mailed one to her. General Canby made his headquarters here, etc.

Friday, April 14th

Morning cloudy. Policed our camp. The 20th Iowa Volunteers left for Mobile to do provost duty, H. W. Chase's regiment. Troops been going all day. Warm.

Saturday, April 15th

Warm. Troops transports running all day to Mobile. Had a thunder shower at night. Am on guard with Cummings.

Sunday, April 16th

Fine warm day. Am on guard. Got news last night that Lee had capitulated etc. and today is confirmed. Also the surrender of Jackson and Beauregard. Men jubilant tonight.

Monday, April 17th

Fine day. A salute of 100 guns fired at noon by our battery and the Massachusettes Battery in honor of the surrender of Lee and his army.

Tuesday, April 18th

Morning cloudy. Built a shade over our tent. Warm. Captain Mack went to Mobile. Cavalry brought in 100 prisoners and a cart of contrabands. Took a stroll.

Wednesday, April 19th

Warm. Am on police. The captain came tonight and we got orders to pack up and get ready to leave.

Thursday, April 20th

Warm. Troops on the move today. We left camp and loaded on the White Cloud #2 at night along with a brigade of niggers.

Friday, April 21st

Started early in the rain. Arrived at Mobile at about 8 o'clock in the morning. Rained hard. Got papers from Em. Troops arrived all day. On guard. Could not get a chance to see the city.

Saturday, April 22nd

Started at daylight up the Mobile River on an expedition. cold. Arrived at the junction of the Alabama and Tombisey Rivers at night and anchored for the night.

Sunday, April 23rd

Started at sunrise up the river. Arrived at night at Choctaw Fluff where the had erected and abandoned their fort. Anchored for night.

Monday, April 24th

Started at daylight. Thick fog. Soon cleared up. At 4 p.m. landed to wood up. Am on guard. Made a grand raid upon a plantation and stripped it of most of the edibles. At night went ashore and cooked plunder, namely ham, chicken and bacon.


Tuesday, April 25th

Started at sunrise. Soon stopped at a plantation and captured mules and men. Burned some old buildings. Wooded up. No one allowed to get off except by order. Anchored for night.

Wednesday, April 26th

Started early. Warm. Bob Morgan and several of teh boys were sick last night. Two niggers have died since we started from Mobile. We were fired upon by guerillas, killing and wounding 3 men. The troops landed and burned a splendid residence in retaliation. In the afternoon we landed at Bridgeport and got supplies and forrage. Went ashore at night and cooked rations. Warm.


Thursday, April 27th

Started early. Passed Canawba at 9 a.m. Arrived at Selina at half past three in the afternoon. Landed on opposite bank. Took off the horses and cleaned the boat. Number of troops went into the town which is in ruins. Said to be cessation of hostilities for 60 days. Am on guard tonight. High river banks.

Friday, April 28th

Fine morning. Am on guard. Stayed on shore all day. Was taken sick in the afternoon.

Saturday, April 29th

Don't feel well. Loaded the horses this morning and two regiments of niggers and started for Montgomery leaving part of the expedition behind.

Sunday, April 30th

Feel a little better today. Arrived in the city of Montgomery and tied up at opposite bank at 3 o'clock. Our flag flies over the city. At night we moved up and landed the niggers opposite the city. Our battery went into the city about 10 o'clock in the evening. Went into a park about a mile from the river.


Monday, May 1st

Fine day. Feel sick. We parked in a fine grove and are busy pitching tents and fixing up. Guns every half hour are being fired all day in mourning for the death of Abe Lincoln.

Tuesday, May 2nd

Clear day. Very fine. Took a good wash and feel some better.Busy fixing up the camp.

Wednesday, May 3rd

Fine day. Wrote a little in the letter home. Feel bad. Got a hard cold and gathering in my head.

Thursday, May 4th

Fine. Feel bad. Mailed a letter to Frank. Peace rumors are plenty. Busy policing camp.

Friday, May 5th

Fine. Feel some better. General Pillow came in today and gave himself up. Busy fixing camp, etc.

Saturday, May 6th

Fine. Feel Bad. Fixed our tent over. Drew soft bread tonight for the first time.

Sunday, May 7th

Fine. Feel some better. Took a walk. Reported the 1862 men are to be mustered out.

Monday, May 8th

Rained last night. Had an inventory of everything pertaining to the battery. Went down and polished the piece and caissons. Got orders to pack up and get ready to leave on short notice.

Tuesday, May 9th

Up at daylight. The center section broke camp and loaded on the Red Sheaf #1. Got loaded about 10 o'clock a.m. Left Montgomery about noon. General Steele left on the Jessie Rogers (down river). Passed Selina half past 2 o'clock p.m. Am on guard.

Wednesday, May 10th

Had a good trip so far. Stopped this morning to wood up. Am on guard.

Thursday, May 11th

Arrived at Mobile at 9 a.m. Unloaded in a rain storm. Got two letters from home. Camped on outskirts at night. Went down and saw Captain H. W. Chase.


Friday, May 12th

Cold last night and today. Stayed in camp all day.

Saturday, May 13th

Cold and clear. The other sections arrived this morning from Montgomery. Got six months pay, $108.00. J. W. Wheeler payed me $1.00 and Steve $1.00.

Sunday, May 14th

A fine day. Am on police and guard tonight with Relyea.

Monday, May 15th

Mailed a letter to Em. Am on guard.

Tuesday, May 16th

Warm, looks like rain. Done some washing.

Wednesday, May 17th

Went to town and sent $100.00 home by express. Didn't pay charges.

Thursday, May 18th

Rained last night and today.

Friday, May 19th

Warm. Am on guard.

Saturday, May 20th

Warm. Had mounted inspection at 2 p.m.

Sunday, May 21st

Fine and warm. Ben Hodge died at the hospital this morning and was buried at 4 o'clock p.m. The captain came from New Orleans tonight. Aaron Vosburg is dead. Died in the hospital at New Orleans.

Monday, May 22nd

Very warm. Sprinkles of rain.

Tuesday, May 23rd

Clear day. Stayed in camp.

Wednesday, May 24th

Am on guard and police tonight.

Thursday, May 25th

Am on guard. A teriffic explosion of captured ammunition occured this afternoon at 3 o'clock. It was stored at the dock. Estmated at over 1,000 are killed and wounded. It did great damage to the city.

Friday, May 26th

Fine day. Wrote a letter to Frank.

Saturday, May 27th

Went downtown and saw the ruins.

Sunday, May 28th

Cool. Had a mail. None for me.

Sunday, May 29th

Last night cool. Feel unwell, etc.

Monday, May 30th

Rained last night. On the 26th day of May, 1865 at 4 o'clock p.m. the rebellion ended. Documents were signed in New Orleans on the surrender of Kirby Smith. Am on guard tonight.

Wednesday, May 31st

On guard today. Fine.

Thursday, June 1st

Fine day.

Friday, June 2nd

Chief Justice Chase arrived here today. Salute was fired.

Saturday, June 3rd

Chief Justice S. P. Chase reviewed most of the troops here. A gay turn out. Warm.

Sunday, June 4th

Am on police.

Tuesday, June 20th

We turned in the 18th New York Battery today to the ordinance and quartermaster. Expect to go to New Orleans tomorrow.

Friday, June 23rd

Broke camp and started. Got aboard the White Cloud about 11 o'clock in the morning, started at 25 after 3 in the afternoon for New Orleans.

Saturday, June 24th

Arrived at Hesskock landing at 9 a.m. took course for New Orleans at 6 o'clock p.m. Took up quarters.


July 1st

We embarked on the U.S. transport Illinois for New York at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Started at half past 6 down the river.

Sunday, July 2nd

Crossed the bay this morning. Fine weather but warm.

Tuesday, July 4th

Passed the 7 at 4 o'clock a.m. Arrived at Key West at 1 o'clock noon. Stopped for coal. Fired a salute, Etc.

Thursday, July 6th

Coaled up and started for New York at half past 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Fine weather, bright and a fine breeze.


Monday, July 10th

We ran in here about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Left about 10 o'clock for New York.

Wednesday, July 12th

Arrived off Sandy Hook at daylight. Arrived at the dock in New York about 8 o'clock in the morning. Unloaded and embarked on board the Mary Martin at 3 o'clock in the afternoon for Albany.

Thursday, July 13th

Arrived at Albany about 6 o'clock in the morning. Got aboard the cars and started for Rochester at 3:45. Arrived at 7 o'clock. Got home about 9 o'clock in the evening, tired and sore.

Thursday, July 20th

Was mustered out of the U.S. Service at City Hall in Rochester and was paid off in full of all demands. I feel quite relieved.


Kicumber root put in whiskey is good for chills and fever.

C. W. Dryer, Company H, 24th Cavalry, Washington, D. C.

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