Miller Cemetery
Mendon, New York


This cemetery is located near the corner of West Bloomfield and Bull Sawmill Roads. That is in Town Lot 34 of the 11 Thousand acre Tract. This cemetery is also called the Barben Cemetery.

Fenced off in the corner of a field, almost forgotten even by the oldest inhabitants, on the farm that origanally belonged to Salmon Miller who settled in 1794, are the remains of what was once a good sized burial place. In 1921 containing but a few stones and several of these broken down. This may be the old place that was under the hill, near the blacksmith shop, at the time that the Congregational Church was built one mile west of Mendon, but no one now seems to know anything about it and many removals have been made. These grounds are on the 11,000 Acre Tract, part of which belonged to James Wadsworth and Ebenezer Barnard, who in 1793 sold it to Cornelius Treat, Dan Williams, Benjamin Park and W. Hickox. In this neighborhood, Squire Goff Jr. settled in 1804, when he was 85 years old, also Salmon Miller. Samuel Lane, the blacksmith, came in 1802. John Newton of Vermont in 1808, and Vine Starr, Joseph Smith and Stephen Porter in 1809, and many others a few years later.

This list was made from three old lists. The first was made approximately 1920 and attributed to Mrs. Anah B. Yates. A second list was made Aug. 1939 by Mary Moulthrop and Myrte Rice Haynes. A third list was made by Marjorie S. Dows in Jan. 1978. Then a visit was made to the cemetery on March 5, 1988 and corrections made. Corrections sent by Diane Ham, Mendon Historian, in 2005.



Ann, wife of Henry; d Aug. 1848 aged 91y

Henry; d Sept. 14, 1838 aged 85y 10m 25d


David M.; d Sept. 5, 1822 in his 25th yr.


Henry; d Jan. 3, 1833 aged 49 years [tombstone found in a visit in 2011, mostly buried]


Elizabeth, wife of John; d Sept. 23, 1848 aged [illegible (poss. 79)]

John; d Aug. 30, 1849 aged 81y 4m [stone could not be found in 2005]


Catherine, wife of John; d May 25, 1828 aged 68y

Charles; d June 23, 1850 aged 65y 7m 20d

John; d Aug. 19, 1847 aged 76y

Sarah, wife of Charles; d Aug. 23, 1850 aged 63y 10m 18d


Abigail, wife of John; d July 5, 1827 aged 56y

Emma, wife of John; d June 19, 1816 aged 54y

John; d Dec. 31, 1824 aged 54y

Sylbia, dau. of John & Emma; d June 13, 1817 aged 9y

Tirzah, dau. of John & Emma; d Oct. 8, 1811 aged 11y


Mathias; d 1858 aged 78 [said to be buried here but stone could not be found in 1988 nor 2005. He does have a stone in Mendon Cem.]



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