Beers-Billinghurst Cemetery
Pittsford, New York


stone plaque


This very small family cemetery was originally at 564 Mendon Road in Pittsford, NY.

Probably sometime in the 1920s, a boulder with a bronze plaque replaced the original tombstones. The plaque was donated by Zona Gale, a descendant of the Beers and Billinghurst familes.

Information received from Isabella H. Hart, (former Pittsford Town Historian and Secretary of the Pittsford Cemetery Association) states that: "A boulder now located in Pittsford Cemetery at Lot #337 was moved by the Town of Pittsford on October, 11, 1961 when the Vernon Welch farm was sold for a development and by court order the five bodies were placed in grave #4 on the last half of this lot, #337."

The bronze plaque reads:

Here lie
  • Edward BEERS; born March 5, 1780 in Nottingham, England; died April 19, 1862

  • Anne BILLINGHURST BEERS, his wife; born 1786 in Shipley, Sussex County, England; died January 1835

  • Thomas Cook BEERS, his son; born March 8, 1814 in Pittsford; died September 9, 1858 in Cuba, New York

  • Thomas BILLINGHURST; born 1759 in Shipley; died March 1845

  • Ann BROWN BILLINGHURST, his wife; born 1766 in Shipley; died April 12, 1842



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