Bradstreet Cemetery
Irondequoit, New York


This cemetery was started about 1830. It was located at 4615 Culver Road in the Town of Irondequoit. All ten burials were moved to the Irondequoit Cemetery where they were placed in the west half of lot 144, range 19 in the old section. The Ewer and Woodman families were moved in November 1960 and the four Bradstreet family members were moved in November 1961.



Captain Samuel W. VI; b ca. 1815; d 1860

Lavinia Wild (Mrs. Samuel W. VI); b 1826; buried Feb. 15, 1911

Samuel W. VII; b 1855; buried Feb. 4, 1946

Lottie A. (Mrs. Samuel W.VII); b 1858; buried Jan. 28, 1942


Watson; b ca. 1800; d 1882

Susannah (Bradstreet?), wife of Watson; b ca. 1804; d 1875

Adelia, dau. of Watson & Susannah; b ca. 1833; d 1881

Susan, dau. of Watson & Susannah; b ca. 1839; d 1878


Sylvester; b 1771; d 1847 (according to stone at Bradstreet Cemetery) or June 10, 1845 (according to obit. in the Rochester Daily Democrat of June 12, 1845.)

Abigail (Maggie), wife of Sylvester; b 1768; d 1830



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