Canfield Cemetery
Mendon, New York


This cemetery is located on the south side of MendonCenter Road (down a driveway), between Clover St. and MendonCenter.



Gifford H., son of W. R. & L. A.; d Aug. 22, 1859 æ 6

Hiland, son of Wm. & Julia A.; d June 30, 1865 æ 5y 3m 19d

Ida M.; dau.; d Mar. 24, 1859 æ 10m 24d

May Alida; dau.; d Oct. 15, 1852 æ 19m

William H., son of W. R. & L. A.; d Aug. 17, 1859 æ 4y 3m 3d


George; d Oct. 2, 1864 in his 86th yr.

Phillis M., wife of George; d Oct. 24, 1858 æ 64y; "I will lay me down in peace and take my rest for it is thou Lord only that makest me dwell in safety."

The stone of George Marsh had carved at the top thefigure of a plough and beneath the words, "God Speed thePlough." His stone, with this inscription, had been carriedabout one hundred feet, and was used as a hearth for awiener roast. The owner of the farm in 1939 planned torepair the stone and place it by that of his wife, but itstill hadn't replaced in 1988.



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