Locust Cemetery
Sweden, New York


This cemetery is located on the east side of the Orleans - Monroe County Line Road just north of the Fourth Section Road (Rt. 31A). It is in very bad shape and many stones have been knocked over and have grass growing over them.

The tombstones in this cemetery have been copied three times before this. The first list was made in 1929 by Mrs. Mary B. Wells and Frances M. Witmer. The second list was made in 1935 by Mary T. Douglas. The third list was made on Sept. 6, 1935 by Mrs. Edward D. Stewart. This list was made by combining the three previous lists and then corrected by a visit by Richard T. Halsey on June 27, 1989.

The * character is used for an illegible letter or number.



John O., son of Joshua & Clarissa; d June 5, 1822 æ 4y


Elizabeth Shappee, wife of Thomas W.; d Aug. 11, 1862 æ 50y 6m 19d


Benjamin; b April 9, 1775; d July 11, 1827 in his 52st yr.


Julia Ann, dau. of James & Elizabeth; d Sept. 29, 1848 æ 14y


Diantha, wife of Dimick and dau. of Nathaniel & Polly WARREN; d April 12, 1832 in her 21st yr.

Laura wife of Charles H.; d Feb. 9, 1834 æ 24y 3m 10d

Polly Warren; mother; d April 12, 1832 in her 21st yr.


Frances Caroline, dau. of Gilbert K. & Mary E.; "Yet again we hope to meet thee, when the day of life is fled; Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tear is shed."; d Aug. 25, 1845 æ 2y 1m 11d


Charles Henry, son of Alva & Lusally; d Sept. 7, 1836 æ 2y 1m

Rachel, dau. of Alva & Jane; d Sept. 11, 1836 æ 18y 8m 21d


Sarah, wife of Abraham; d Aug. 11, 1852 æ 62y 11m 11d

DENNIS Horace; d Oct. 6, 1834 æ 34y
Joseph; d Oct. 30, 1856 in his 82st yr.
Rachel; d March 12, 184* æ **y

Geray; d 17m

Harlow W.; d Oct. 8, 1837 æ 29y

John; d Dec. 27, 1863 æ 84y

Lucis Dwight, son of Jonathan & Orpha; d May 27, 1829 æ 10m 2d

Mary, wife of John; d Nov. 8, 1854 æ 72y

Mary J., dau. of Harlow W. & Sophronia; d Jan. 15, 1835 æ 6m 20d

Sophronia, wife of Harlow; d Sept. 15, 1835 æ 26y

GARDNER Joseph; d Sept. 29, 1826 æ 33y
Nancy W., dau. of Joseph; d Oct. 5, 1839 æ 18y

Percia E., wife of Leonard; "Our labors done, securely laid, in this our last retreat; unheeded o'er our silent deed, the storms of life shall beat;" d Feb. 3, 1837 æ 33y

Phoebe E., dau. of Leonard & Percia; d Sept. 27, 1849 æ 16y


Chauncey; d Nov. 15, 1838 æ 52y or 84y

Lavinia, dau. of Chauncey & Sally; d June 10, 1824 æ 8y 8m

Sarah, dau. of Chauncey & Sally; d Nov. 26, 1835 æ 2y 4m

HAMMOND Elizabeth; d Feb. 23, 1868 æ 85y

Mary, dau. of Henry A. & Prudence; d Aug. 6, 1838 æ 21y 7m

Reuben L., son of Henry A. & Prudence; d June 3, 1842 æ 11y 11m


Abel Asa, son of Ebenezer B. & Susan; d Aug. 25, 1851 æ 23y

Asa; [no dates]

Asa W.; [no dates]

Betsey, wife of Ira; d Aug. 30, 1833 æ 37

Ebenezer B.; d May 13, 1847 æ 50y

Ebenezer E., son of Ebenezer B. & Susan; d Dec. 5, 1845 æ 6y 18d

Elsa; [no dates]

Ira B., son of Ira & Sabrina; d Feb. 20, 1837 æ 9m

Lydia; [no dates]

Mary; [no dates]

Melissa; [no dates]

Susan, wife of Ebenezer B.; d July 17, 1849 æ 46y

HOLMES John, son of Louisa & John; [dates illegible]
HOOD Dorothy, wife of Thomas; d May 15, 1842 æ 48y
Hiram B.; d June 8, 1850 æ 32y 5m
Thomas; d April 19, 1865 æ 74y 3m 19d

Hellan C., dau. of Orasmus & Mary L.; d Sept. 24, 1851 æ 2y 2m 13d

LEWIS Samuel G.; d Sept. 5, 1828 in his 39st yr.

Mary, dau. of Josiah & Polly; d Feb. 3, 1855 æ 48y


Abigail, wife of Dan.; d Feb. 11, 1868 æ 85y 29d

Dan.; d Feb. 9, 1857 æ 71y

Sarah, wife of Prosper; d Oct. 13, 1833 æ 84y


Lovina, wife of William; d Oct. 5, 1828 æ 47y 7m

Stephen, son of William & Lovina; d Sept. 4, 1829 æ 6y 11m 1d

William; d Sept. 13, 1827 in his 53st yr.

ROCKWELL Ann; d May 17, 1854 æ 39y
SHAPPEE Elizabeth; see Elizabeth AVERY
Ira D.; d June 25, 1857 æ 48y
Nancy, wife of Ira D.; [dates illegible]
Nancy, wife of Robert D.; d Dec. 1, 1854 æ 66y
SHEPARD Eleanor M., wife of T. B.; d Nov. 9, 1847 æ 25y
SMITH Asaph; d July 29, 1836 æ 72y
Betsey, wife of Conrad; d Oct. 9, 1837 æ 69y
Joseph; d July 29, 1836 æ 73y
Vienna, wife of Asaph; d Sept. 1* 1853 æ **y

Anne, widow of Pelag; d March 20, 1863 æ 93y 4d

George W.; 1805 - Aug. 22, 1876

Georgette W.; d March 2, 1855 æ 19y

Ruth Kendall, wife of George; March 9, 1809 - Oct. 22, 1878; erected by her niece, Olive Crane Kendall DEAN

STORMS Eliza, wife of George; d Apr. 23, 1837 æ 29y

Mary, wife of Benjamin; d Apr. 16, 1836 æ 56y

Ophelia, wife of Sidney O.; d July 3, 1848 æ 89y

VARY Hannah, wife of Willet; d Aug. 4, 1835 æ 54y

Abigail, wife of John; d Sept. 27, 1837 æ 80y

Asaph Smith, son of David & Hannah; d Nov. 21, 1827 æ 17y 8m 24d

David; d Nov. 10, 1841 æ 61y 10d

Diantha; see Diantha BENNETT

Edwin L., son of Nathaniel & Polly; d March 22, 1842 æ 18y

Elizur; d Jan. 23, 1862 æ 72y 7m 2d

Emeline, dau. of David & Hannah; d Feb. 19, 1848 æ 22y 8m 6d

Hannah, wife of David; d May 11, 1854 æ 67y

infant dau. of Elizur & Sally A.; d March 9, 1831 æ 2y 6m

John Edgar, son of David & Hannah; d Oct. 9, 1827 æ 11y 6m 29d

Livonia A., dau. of Elizur & Sally A.; d March 9, 1819 æ 2y 7m 12d

Mariah, dau. of Elizur & Sally A.; d April 5, 1822 æ 2y 6m

Mary A.; d Jan. 15, 1864 æ 34y 9m 27d

Nathaniel; d Sept. 3, 1827 æ 39y

Polly, wife of Nathaniel; d July 9, 1861 æ 66y

Rachel Vienna, dau. of David & Hannah; d Nov. 11, 1824 æ 9y 6m 18d

Sally A., wife of Elizur; d Aug. 14, 1850 æ 56y 3m or 4m 11d or 13d

Sally, wife of Elizur; mother; d Jan. 4, 1863 æ 57y

Vienna, wife of Asaph; d Sept. 18, 1853 æ 88y


Abigail J., wife of Ebenezer; d Feb. 17, 1842 æ 32y 9m 11d

Ebenezer; d March 29, 1870 æ 70y 27d



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