Known burials in McCrackenville Cemetery
Rochester, New York


The exact location of this cemetery is not known but it was probably located near the corner of the present day Lake Ave. and Driving Park Avenue. Doctor McCracken who was buried here lived on the southwest corner of that intersection.

The burial records of this cemetery came from the earliest record book of Mt. Hope Cemetery which also includes records of burials in this and other cemeteries. Those records indicate that Miss Jane Godfrey, the Griffin child, Luke McCracken and Dr. David McCracken all lived on State St. (now Lake Ave.) in Rochester. The records also indicate that on April 29, 1846 the remains of all three of the McCrackens were moved to lot 88M in Mt. Hope Cemetery. It is possible that the other two burials were also moved at that time.



Miss Jane; died and buried Nov. 22, 1840; age 17y; died of consumption


child; buried Jan. 18, 1844 æ 4y; d of small pox


Doctor David; died July 16, 1842 æ 74y; d of apoplexy; buried July 17

Jane; no date of death or burial given

Luke; died æ 21y; d of consumption; buried May 24, 1842



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