Moore Family Cemetery
also known as
Hoyt Cemetery
Hamlin, New York


In an article in the Brockport Republic in 1890 was thefollowing article describing this cemetery and it also tellssome of the persons buried there. Then some otherinscriptions were added by a visit to the cemetery in July1988.

On the Redman Road in Hamlin, about half a mile north of the Sandy Creek, is an old and small cemetery that dates back to the early years of this century, and which contains the ashes of some of the pioneer settlers of the Town of Clarkson. The land embraced in this cemetery may be a little over half an acre, is sandy and dry, and was a good burial place in its day. It has, apparently been wholly abandoned for a burial purposes, and with its dense growth of weeds, bushes and trees is a forcible illustrations of how dismal a place an old cemetery may become. There are many graves without headstones; some with ordinary field stone; some with broken marble; and nearly all of the stones in good standing are greatly obscured by the rank weeds and bushes. There are no monuments in the ground. In this cemetery there are probably about fifty persons buried. As will appear further on, the earliest date of a recorded death is in 1823.



Elvira, wife of Hiram; d Nov. 20, 1852 æ 38y 18d

Sarah F., dau. of Hiram & Elvira; d May 1852 æ 15y 10m

COMSTOCK Benjamin; an early settler; d Aug. 16, 1823 æ 64y
HOSKINS Sarah, wife of Ira; d March 28, 1845 æ 53y
HOWARD Rebecca K., wife of Zadoc; d March 7, 1851 æ 24y

David; d April 1, 1859 æ 77y

Deborah T., widow of David; d Dec. 14, 1864 æ 81y 5m 11d

Martha; d Jan. 18, 1860 æ 51y


Howard; was one of the pioneer settlers, and he lived on the Redman Road where his son Howard now [1890] lives, and died there. He came from Massachusetts with two brothers. They came with three yoke of oxen, and were 22 days making the journey. No record of death.

Lois, wife of Howard; d Jan. 1859 æ 65y


Charles, son of Daniel & Charlott; d March 6, 1845

PEASE Betsey, widow of George; d Feb. 18, 1849 æ 64y
George; an early settler; d June 10, 1823 æ 43y

Edwin E., son of George L. & Mary Ann; d Jan. 30, 1846


Luther H.; a well known early resident; d May 6, 1865 æ 64y


Calvin; d Oct. 22, 1852 æ 77y

Nelson, son of Seth S. & Abigail; d Sept. 3, 1854 æ 1y 11m 7d



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