North Greece Cemetery
Greece, New York


This small cemetery is located at 38 Peck Road in the Town of Greece, NY. The tombstones were copied on Aug. 19, 1931 by Mary T. Douglas and Myrte R. Haynes of the Irondequoit Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The inscriptions were corrected in summer of 1987 by Richard Halsey. He also made a visit to the cemetery on Sept. 24, 2005.

Grave of Jonathan Wilkinson
Grave of Jonathan Wilkinson



Catharine M., dau. of [illegible]; d March 18, 1858 aged 8y 5m 24d


Justin, son of Frederick & Balhama; d Oct. 23, 1864 aged 8y 7m 16d [not found in 2005]


Sarah Ann, wife of Homer and dau. of Amos & Ann McKENNEY; d May 20, 1858 aged 24y 8m 12d [not found in 2005]


John H., son of John & Ann; d Apr. 15, 1854 aged 6y 27d

William H., son of John & Ann; d Dec. 23, 1846 aged 7 weeks [only the names for John & Wm. are legible in 2005]


Lucretia, wife of William; d Feb. 5, 1831 in the 21st year of her age


John; d Apr. 5, 1848 aged 27y 2m 23d

Polly, wife of Samuel; d 1852 [illegible] [not found in 2005]

Samuel; d July 3, 1843 aged 48y 5m 23d


Maria L., dau. of J. A. & M. T. of Benton Centre, NY; d Aug. 26, 1864 aged 26y 4m


Polly, wife of Matthew; d Sept. 10, 1850 aged 75y [not found in 2005]


Chester; d Jan. 6, 1852 aged 45y

infant son of John & Malinda; d Jan. 2, 1852 aged 11m [not found in 2005]


Samuel P., son of Simeon & Lydia of Merrimac, NH; d July 24, 1832 aged 25y


Nancy Viola, dau. of Philip & Phebe; d Oct. 2, 1856 aged 2y 4m 1d


A. S.; d Feb. 25, 1852 aged 44y


Henry; d June 23, 1863 aged 72y 5m 10d; "Our father trusted in God"

Elizabeth, wife of Henry; d June 2, 1867 aged 74y 3m 12d

[first name missing], dau. of Henry & Elizabeth; d Sept. 30, 1843 aged 22y 2m 24d

Emily, wife of Samuel; d Jan. 28, 1851 aged 28y 18d [not found in 2005]


Simeon O., son of Rodney P.; d Dec. 31, 1831 aged 1y 2m [not found in 2005]

Susan J., dau. of Rodney P. & H.; d March 19, 1857 aged 16y


Isaac; d Sept. 6, 1870 aged 33y


Julia, dau. of John & Eleanor; d Sept. 21, 1852 aged 7y [not found in 2005]


Jonathan; [Rev. War soldier]; d Jan. 20, 1835 aged 87y

Lucy A., wife of Jon'th'n; d Sept. 13, 1850 aged 77y



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