Burials in Oakwood Cemetery
Penfield, NY


The oldest section of Oakwood Cemetery.

Oakwood Cemetery is located in the Town of Penfield on the southwest corner of Whalen and Baird Roads. It is the largest cemetery in the Town.

Oakwood Cemetery began about 1812. The oldest tombstone in the cemetery is that of John Strowger, who died on September 8th, 1812. The oldest burial records date from 1837. The Oakwood Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1889.

The Oakwood Cemetery Association approved sharing their collection of burial records via these web pages. This collection of web pages contains over 16,500 burial records up until the end of Jan. 1, 2019. The amount of information collected varied over the years but most include the date of interment and who purchased the burial lot.

Notes are added whenever possible. The abbreviation "PC" that is use in the Notes section stands for "Perpetual Care Journal" which has entries prior to 1940.

Lot numbers over #5000 are in the mausoleum.


Other pages of Oakwood records; by surnames beginning with these letters
Aa - Be Bi - By Ca - Cz Da - Ey
Fa - Gl Go - He Hi - Ju Ka - Le
Li - Me Mi - Oz Pa - Ri Ro - Sc
Se - St Su - Vy Wa - We Wh - Zu



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