Old Mendon Cemetery
Mendon, New York



This cemetery is located on the east side of the Pittsford - Mendon Road, north of the hamlet of Mendon. This is on Town Lot #30 of the 11 Thousand Acre Tract.

It is important to note that the old lists of inscriptions for this cemetery are not correct. In the Aug. 14, 1921 issue of the Honeoye Falls Times was published a list by Mrs. Anah B. Yates that said that it was from "Old Mendon Grounds." This was later written that all the persons on the list were buried in the Old Mendon Cemetery when in fact the persons on the list were buried in many small cemeteries in the Town of Mendon. Thus the list by Mary T. Douglas dated June 10, 1931 and the list done in 1939 by Mary Moulthrop and Myrte Rice Haynes both contain many inscriptions that are in other cemeteries. This list was compiled by Richard T. Halsey in October 1988 with corrections sent by Diane Ham, Mendon Historian, in 2005.



Kezia, dau. of J. & S.; d Aug. 5, 1845 aged 2y 6m


Lucinda; d Oct. 15, 1837 aged 17y


Dorothy, wife of Henry; d Mar. 19, 1824 aged 54y

Henry; d Jan. 24, 1826 aged 55


Samuel; d Oct. 31, 1867 aged 88y 5m

Dorcas, wife of Samuel; b Sept. 10, 1776; d Apr. 28, 1858

Edwin, son of Samuel & Dorcas; d Jan. 29, 1835 aged 16y

William M.; d July 26, 1825 aged 22y


Mary; d Jan. 7, 1875 aged 64 [stone missing in 2005]


Esther, wife of Henry; d Sept. 26, 1858; aged 69y

Henry; d July 22, 1835 aged 50y


Polly, wife of Abram [broken stone in back of cem.; this grave was moved to Mendon Cem. and a new stone erected.]

Edwin Augustus, son of Abram & Polly; d Mar. 4, 1823 aged 1

Sally, wife of Samuel; d Feb. 19, 1842 aged 46


Catherine E., dau. of S. & B.; d May 2, 1851 aged 2y

James, son of S. & B.; d Sept. 29, 1850


Catharine, wife of Matthew; d Nov. 5, 1823 in the 45th year of her age

Catharine C., dau. of James & Julia; d Aug. 16, 1831 in her 1st yr.

Harvy; d June 28, 1830 in the 18th year of his age

James; d July 1, 1834 aged 25y

John, son of Matthew & Catharine; d May 4, 1838 aged 20y

Julia, wife of James; d Feb. 23, 1837 aged 25y

Mary, dau. of Matthew; d Oct. 1, 1822 in her 21st yr.

Matthew; d Aug. 3, 1826 in his 47th yr.


Henry, son of Joseph & Eveline; d Oct. 22, 1845 aged 2y 1m 3d


Catharine, wife of Josiah; d June 5, 1842 aged 57y

Josiah; d Sept. 30, 1848 in his 74th yr.


Volney; b Aug. 19, 1806; d Dec. 21, 1858 aged 52y


Samuel; "Friend nor physician could save his mortal body from the grave;" d Apr. 6, 1817 aged 34


Duane A.; d Dec. 24, 1882 aged 38y


Sylvia; d Apr. 16, 1877 aged 79y


Abigail, wife of R. M.; d Dec. 12, 1841 aged 40y


John; d aged 65


Lydia; d Nov. 2, 1843 aged 52y


David; d Apr. 22, 1835 aged 32

Joseph; d March 15, 1835 aged 69

Joseph F.; d Sept. 8, 1830 aged 35y

Mary A., dau. of Truman & Sarah; d Oct. 20, 1837 aged 8y 2m

Mary A., dau. of Truman & Sarah; d Aug. 1, 1858 aged 16y 6m 20d

Nelson; d June 20, 1833 aged 27y

Nelson B.; d Dec. 1, 1862 aged 29y 2m 9d


Margaret, wife of Milo S.; d July 7, 1861 aged 36y 2m 5d

Mary E.; d June 2, 1860 aged 5y 5m 4d

Milton C., son of Milo S. & Margaret; d Nov. 9, 1855 aged 2y 2m 20d

no surname

Betsey; [probably Betsey DANN]

little Ada



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