Pioneer Cemetery
also known as
Campion-Wright Cemterey
Spencerport, New York


This cemetery was located on the west side of Union Street, in the Village of Spencerport (Town of Ogden), New York.

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied in July 1934 by Mary Douglas and Myrte Rice Haynes of the Irondequoit Chapter (Rochester, NY) of the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1955 the property was sold by Mrs. Marion Brown to to Mr. R. I. Page, who owned an appliance store in the Village. He had what remained of the cemetery bulldozed. Although there were protests by members of the community, it was too late to do any good. Mrs. Brown said in a newspaper article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (Apr. 3, 1955) that she characterized the uproar over the old cemetery as "a joke." At one time, she had offered the cemetery to the Historical Society and they failed to act upon it. So, all remains of the cemetery are gone although the burials are probably still in that place.


ALLEN Asa; d Sept. 22, 1828 æ 31

William; d Sept. 17, 1831 æ 56y 22d

Walter, son of Selden C. & Pamelia; d Jan. [illegible] æ 2

BREWER Betsey, wife of John; d Oct. 20, 1823 æ 36y 2m

Doctor John; b in Pauley, Rutland Co., VT; d May 8, 1832 in his 43rd yr.

Sarah, wife of Doctor John; b Sept. 1, 1789 at Grafton, Mass.; d July 27, 1844 at Buffalo, NY æ 54

DUDLEY Lydia, wife of John; d June 11, 1821 æ 65
Augustus; d May 23, 1832 æ 22
MINER James, son of Amos & Alcy; d Nov. 21, 1831 æ 18m 9d
ROWLEY Elizabeth, wife of Roderick; d Dec. 24, 1813 æ 27
WARNER Eleazer; d Sept. 9, 1828 æ 30

Ann, wife of Benajah; d Aug. 15, 1811 æ 66

Deidama, wife of George W.; d Apr. 2, 1804 æ 35 (First death in Town of Ogden)

Ruth, wife of Julius d Sept. 10, 1839 æ 22

George W.; dates gone; only remaining inscription says "Gave this half acre of land to the Town for a burying place in the year 1808."

YATES [illegible], wife of S. P.; d May 10, 1826 æ 25
unknown died March 2, 1819 æ 43



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