Smith Family Cemetery
Parma, New York


Smith Family Cem.

This cemetery is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Dunbar Rd. and Lake Ave. North (Route 259).

This cemetery has been copied three times before. One list was made in 1928 by Mary T. Douglas. Another list was made in the mid 1930's but it is not known by who. The third list was made by Mrs. Robert Dows on Sept. 24, 1978. These three lists were combined and then a visit was made to thecemetery by Richard T. Halsey on June 20, 1989 to check this list and one addition was made.



H.; b 1755; d 1830 æ 75y 7m 2d [a field stone next to BUELL family]


Hellen Maria, dau. of A. & M.; d Sept. 13, 1845 æ 4y 4m 16d


Almira; d Feb. 5, 1904 æ 88y


Ascenath, wife of Jonathan L.; d May 9, 1846 æ 28y 11m

Flora E., dau. of J. L. & Maria; d Sept. 16, 1851 æ 2y 2m 14d

Lucina, dau. of J. L. & Ascenath; d Feb. 7, 1845 æ 9m 12d


Lemuel; d Aug. 17, 1853 æ 55y 2m 11d


Jerusha M., wife of Joseph Jr.; d July 20,1858 æ 48y 4m 13d

Joseph; d July 28, 1841 æ 74y

Joseph Jr.; d May 15, 1849 æ 49y 2m 4d

Nathan M., son of Joseph & Jerusha M.; d Sept. 2, 1861 æ 20y 8m 15d

Polly, wife of Joseph; d June 13, 1837 æ 72y 2m 9d

Sabra, dau. of James & Emily; d Sept. 5, 1840 æ 5y


Alfred F., son of Merill & A. J.; d Aug. 29, 1827 æ 17m

Margaret A., dau. of Merill & A. J.; d Feb. 18, 1822 æ 1m 7d


Ira; d Jan. [illegible], 18*4 æ 77y

John; d Jan. 11, 1837 æ 72y

Julia Ann, wife of Ira; d Dec. 30, 1856 æ 50y 8m 18d

Lucy, wife of John; d Aug. 11, 1811 æ 45y

Minerva J., dau. of Ira & Julia Ann; d Nov. 19, 1855 æ 19y 6m


John S.; d Aug. 2, 1852 æ 52y 6m 20d


Clara, wife of Elihu; d July 29, 1849 æ 77y

Elihu; d Oct. 10, 1842 æ 72y


Charles Olin, son of George & Margaret; d Nov. 27, 1856 æ 5y 7m 27d

Eliza Ann, dau. of George & Margaret; d May 20, 1849 æ 15y 4m 3d

Elizabeth A., dau. of George & Margaret; d Sept. 6, 1843 æ 6m

Henry P.; d Oct. 16, 1849 æ 27y 3m 14d

Laura M., dau. of George & Margaret; d Sept. 7, 1850 æ 2y 11m 7d


John; d æ 11y

Mary; d æ 59y


Dolly E., dau. of George & Jerusha; d March 11, 1832 æ 2y 2m

George, son of George & Jerusha; d Sept. 4, 1840 æ 8y 3m 13d

George W.; Jan. 6, 1795 - May 2, 1867

Jerusha, wife of George W.; Jan. 7, 1794 - Sept. 2, 1872

Oliv, dau. of George & Jerusha; d June 5, 1827 æ 1y 9m

Olive L., dau. of George & Jerusha; d Nov. 10, 1831 æ 3y


Dewight, son of William & Margareta; d March 4, 1851 æ 1y 9m 13d


George C., son of Hiram & Pamelia; d March 11, 1831 æ 1y 11m


Siba Kelsy, wife of Jethro; d Apr. 14, 1838 æ 63y


Edward, son of Lemuel & Huldah; d Dec. 20, 1843 æ 18y 6m

George L., son of Henry H. & Malvina A.; d Apr. 29, 1846 æ 15m

Huldah, wife of Lemuel; d Sept. 3, 1882 æ 88y 11m

Lemuel C.; d Dec. 22, 1843 æ 48y

Richmond P., son of Daniel C. & Betsey A.; d March 18, 1848 æ 1y 8m 19d


Annis, wife of James; d Apr. 12, 1857 æ 54y 5m 10d

James; d Oct. 24, 1869 æ 70y

Matthew; d July 3, 1861 æ 43y

Phebe, wife of William; d Sept. 24, 1848 æ 82y

Sally; d Oct. 4, 1863 æ 50y 6m

William; [Rev. War]; d Apr. 19, 1846 æ 90y


Albinus L. of Ashfield, Mass.; d at Parma, June 16, 1838 in his 22nd yr.


William H., son of William & Mary; d Sept. 17, 1833 æ 15y 1m 17d


Isaac; d Feb. 21, 1866 æ 36y


David; d Jan. 10, 1849 æ 96y

Hannah, wife of James A.; d March 13, 1843 æ 37y 11m 15d

Mary, wife of David; d Oct. 2, 1845 æ 85y 8m

William H., son of J. & M.; d Jan. 31, 1847 æ 4m 6d


Israel; d Oct. 22, 1838 æ 63y


Alzina, dau. of Nicholas & Delila; d Aug. 25, 1840 æ 1y 11m 22d

Merrill J., dau. of Nichols & Delila; d Feb. 25, 1842 æ 6m 26d


Charles L., son of Cornelius & Elizabeth; d Nov. 7, 1847 æ 3y 2m 14d

Cornelius H.; d July 17, 1859 æ 38y


Gertrude, dau. of William & Eliza; d March 27, 1850 æ 2m 9d


Clarissa, dau. of George & Malinda; d May 14, 1855 æ 18y 8m 4d

Cynthia, wife of Reuben; d June 6, 1855 æ 52y

Reuben; d June 7, 1855 æ 60y


Alpheus K.; d Oct. 19, 1845 æ 24y

Rhoda, wife of Alpheus K.; d Nov. 26, 1868 æ 81y

William; Co. A, NY Vol.; d Aug. 1864 æ 82y


Charles H., son of [illegible]; d Oct. 15, 1841 æ 3m 21d

Elizabeth, wife of Nathan; d Dec. 27, 1848 æ 37y 5m 5d

Sarah E., dau. of Nathan & Elizabeth; d July 14, 1844 æ 1y 23d


Margarett, wife of Moses; d March 28, 1841 æ 58y 9d

Moses; d Jan. 31, 1841 æ 69y 4m 6d


Caty, wife of Hearmaunis; d Jan. 4, 1850 æ 69y 10m

Hearmaunis; d Oct. 23, 1862 æ 83y 8m


David, son of Henry & Lydia; d Feb. 16, 1845 æ 15y

Henry; father; d Oct. 19, 1886 æ 86y 6m 5d

Lydia, former wife of Henry; d March 30, 1838 æ 37y

Margaret, wife of Henry; d Jan. 16, 1876 æ 63y

Olive M., former wife of Henry; d July 24, 1851 æ 42y 6m 7d

Rachel, wife of Samuel A.; d Sept. 11, 1850 æ 60y

Samuel A.; d Sept. 7, 1850 æ 61y


Phebe, wife of Enoch; d June 9, 1844 æ 62y


Jane E., dau. of Peter & Clara; d March 2, 1837 æ 12y 5m 25d

Peter; d Dec. 26, 1852 æ 53y


Elijah; Apr. 21, 1799 - Aug. 23, 1866

Esther, wife of Elijah; Feb. 20, 1805 - Oct. 11, 1865


Esther, wife of John; d Oct. 21, 1885 æ 84y

John; d Sept. 10, 1870 æ 74y

Olivia E., dau. of John & Esther; d Apr. 17, 1866 æ 14y 6m

Phebe V., dau. of John & Esther; d Sept. 18, 1850 æ 6y

Sarah E., dau. of John & Esther; d Sept. 15, 1850 æ 4y 7m


Ezra; father; d May 17, 1826 æ 42y

Jane, dau. of Ezra & Laura; d Oct. 8, 1874 æ 56y

Laura, wife of Ezra; mother; d Nov. 29, 1874 æ 82y


Mary; d Jan. 12, 1880 æ 79y

Mary Ann; d May 26, 1882 æ 50y 5m

Nero; d March 6, 1840 æ 41y

Walter; Nov. 8, 1826 - Apr. 29, 1898


Mary J., dau. of Benjamin & Jane; d Sept. 6, 1853


Sarah, wife of Thomas; 1817 - 1899

Thomas; 1806 - 1880


Emeline Coe, dau. of Joseph & Emeline; d Aug. 4, 1847 æ 22y 10m


Clarissa L., wife of William F.; d May 12, 1852 æ 24y 9m 27d

William F.; d Jan. 10, 1853 æ 31y 5d



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