Whittier Cemetery
Ogden, New York


Whittier Cem.This cemetery is located on the west side of Brower Road about ½ mile north of Whittier Road in the Town of Ogden, New York.

The tombstones in this cemetery have been copied at least twice before. About 1930, Mrs. Herbert Smith of the Irondequoit Chapter (Rochester) of the Daughters of the American Revolution copied the tombstones. In 1966, Mrs. Pearl D. Smith copied the tombstone inscriptions. She also was a member of the Irondequoit Chapter of the D. A. R. At that time, she mentions that the cemetery is very overgrown. During a visit about 1985, the weeds were about waist high. A visit to the cemetery on 7 Aug. 1999 by Richard Halsey was much more productive as the grass and weeds had been trimmed very closely.

This list was made by combining the old lists and then comparing them with the tombstones during the 1999 visit.

A partial tombstone has this saying; "She was pleasant & lovely in life; And in death she was not forgotten." Also there are also these stones with initials that don't appear to fit with any of the inscriptions below: L. W., E. H. B., C. S., E. F. L., M. F. L., R. D., C. H. R., A. M. R.



Dr. Job; d March 6, [illegible] æ 72y

Philomelia, wife of Dr. Job; d Apr. [illegible but prob. 1811]


Julia M., wife of Albert and dau. of Richard & Harriet Whittier; d July 24, 1856 æ 25y


Aurelia Ann, wife of Charles C.; d Oct. 17, 1847 æ 37y 2m 22d

Marian A., dau. of Charles C. & Aurelia; d Apr. 3, 1849 æ 11y 3m 8d

Lottie, his wife; d Feb. 25, 1860 æ 40y 8m [not found in 1999]


Elizabeth, dau. of [James & Jane (1930 list) or John P. & L. Jane (1966 list)]; d Jan. 12, 1817 æ 1y 3m [not found in 1999]

Samuel W.; d Feb. 19, 1862 æ 74y

Mercy, wife of Samuel; d Sept. 22, 1839 æ 35y

Diantha H., wife of Samuel; d March 18, 1866 æ 71y

Lydia E., dau. of John & Fanny W.; d Jan.5, 1851 æ 2y 3m 12d

Philenda; d Oct. 22, 1853 æ 68y


Ansel; b Apr. 18, 1780, East Haddam, CT; d Oct. 6, 1849

Abigail Chauncey, wife of Ansel; b Jan. 23, 1796, Cromwell, CT; d Nov. 15, 1864

Elijah P., son of Ansel & Abigail; July 14, 1822 - Aug. 13, 1823

Sarah G., dau. of Ansel & Abigail; Sept. 13, 1829 - March 8, 1837

Manette, dau. of Ansel & Abigail; Jan. 25, 1833 - Apr. 28, 1843

Henry M., son of Ansel & Abigail; Dec. 2, 1836 - Nov. 9, 1849

Mary W., dau. of Ansel & Abigail; Apr. 12, 1827 - Apr. 3, 1852

Francis E., son of Ansel & Abigail; June 4, 1818 - Apr. 3, 1870


Jane Francelia, only child of Philip & Alvina; d Feb. 27, 1848 æ 1y 7m


Alonzo R.; d June 20, 1857 æ 36y

Abigail, wife of Alonzo; d [illegible] æ 21y 3m 10d

Abigail, dau. of Alonzo & Abigail; d Sept. 21, 1855 æ 3m

Robert; d Feb. 27, 1872 æ 89y 10m [Veteran marker]

Betsey, wife of Robert; d June 24, 1852 æ 76y

Lorenzo P.; d June 20, 1837 æ 36y [not found in 1999]


Donald McLaren; d Feb. 21, 1846 æ 25y

Cornelia M., dau. of Donald McC. & Charlotte A.; d Sept. 29, 1845 æ 3y


Linwood R., son of Orsemus & Sarah; d Aug. 1, 1841 æ 4m 1d


John; d Nov. 11, 1853 æ 46y 10m

George E.; d Sept. 2, 1871 æ 9m

Abigail, wife of John; d [illegible] 24, 1852 æ 43y 4m 3d

Emily F., dau. of John & Abigail; Nov. 16, 1854 æ 18y 7m

William; father; d May 22, 1875 æ 61y 8m

Charlotte, wife of William; mother; d Feb. 25, 1860 æ 40y 8m


Oliver; d Apr. 20, 1890 æ 87y

Jane C., wife of Oliver; d Apr. 16, 1883 æ 68y

Mary, wife of Oliver Sr.; formerly of Washington Co., NY; [no dates] [not found in 1999]

Albert D., son of Oliver & Jane; d Sept. 14, 1855 æ 12y

Oliver C., son of Oliver & Jane; d June 2, 1852 æ 3y 11m 17d

Theodore T., son of Oliver & Jane; d Dec. 25, 1850 æ 2y 3m

Oscar G., son of Oliver & Jane; d Feb. 10, 1848 æ 1y 7m 25d

Marietta Harris, wife of Ira; d June 10, 1861 æ 20y 26d


Milo; d Oct. 5, 1885 æ 86y [Veteran marker]

Emily, wife of Milo; d Jan. 28, 1846 æ 42y 2m 3d

Orin B., son of Milo & Emily; Co. I, 140th Regt. NY Vol.; d in Va. Dec. 3, 1863 æ 25y

Martha, wife of Ephraim; d Feb. 28, 1860 æ 90y 4m 6d


Elwood F., son of Waterman & Mary; d Sept. 24, 1844 æ 5m 4d

Francelia, dau. of Waterman & Mary; d 1842 [not found in 1999]


Mattaniah; d Feb. 21, 1862 æ 81y 2m 9d


Jeremiah Jr.; d Sept. 29, 1837 [not found in 1999]


Amelia S., dau. of Niram & Tirzah; d Oct. 14, 1837 æ 4y 10m


infant son of Joseph & Elmira; d Apr. 13, 1856 æ 14d


Henry; d Feb. 29, 1868 æ 72y 6m

Ruth, wife of Henry; d Jan. 12, 1864 æ 66y 4m 14d

George J.; d Jan. 9, 1862 æ 29y 16d

Martha, dau. of Charles; [no dates] [not found in 1999]


Elisabeth D., wife of Dr. John B.; d July 1, 1845 æ 34y 2m

Frederick, son of John B. & Elizabeth; [no dates] [not found in 1999]

Calvin; d Oct. 14, 1858 æ 78y 9m

Clarissa, wife of Calvin; d Dec. 21, 1868 æ 82y


Maggie E., only dau. of Lorenzo & Ellen E.; d Apr. 24, 1864 æ 2y 10m


Martha, wife of Ransom B.; d July 1, 1840 æ 28y 2m 28d


Elizabeth, wife of Eli; d May 20, 1852 æ 27y 7m 2d


George; d Dec. 18, 1841 in the 18th yr. of his age


Martha; d Feb. 27, 1833 æ 86y

Joshua; d Oct. 26, 1836 æ 53y

[illegible], wife of Joshua; d Feb. [illegible]

Edmond; d Oct. 1, 1828 æ 42y 9d [Veteran marker]

Sarah Bennett, wife of Edmond; d Oct. 28, 1869 æ 78y

Samuel; d Jan. 6, 1880 æ 73y [Masonic symbol]

Hannah A., wife of J. Newton; d Dec. 17, 1859 æ 33y 11m 24d

Emma M., dau. of Elihu T. & Maria M.; d July 18, 1842 æ 2m 6d


[rest of the stone is missing]; d 1852 æ 43y 4m 3d

Susa...., wife of William; d July [missing]

Andrew; [no more]



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