Information on NYMONROE
The genealogy mail list for Monroe Co., NY

Dick Halsey
"List Owner"


This is information on NYMONROE, the genealogy mail list for Monroe Co., NY. This mail list (as are others) is a method of exchanging genealogical information of Monroe County via email. Message that are posted to the list are sent to everyone on the list. Suitable message topics include (but not limited to) information from your own research and requests for assistance from others; reviews, criticism, and questions about software and hardware used in connection with genealogy; and messages about good places to find genealogy information, be those places bookstores, libraries, or the Internet. In order to receive messages, you must be subscribed. See directions below on how to subscribe. The most important rule is that enjoy your research and hopefully you can find that elusive ancestor.

This is one of many mail lists hosted by RootsWeb. The list owner is Dick Halsey. NYMONROE began on 17 April 1999.

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Quick Instructions

  1. To subscribe, send an email message to:
    In the body include only one word: subscribe

  2. To unsubscribe, send an email message to:
    In the body include only one word: unsubscribe

  3. To post messages to everyone on the list, send email to:

    You must be subscribed to post.


Two Versions to Choose From

You will first be subscribed to individual messages to be delivered to your email address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, you will receive a copy of the message. To subscribe send an email message to: with one word in the body of the message: subscribe

After you are initially subscribed, you can change to digest mode. That will accumulate messages before sending them to your email address. The digest is generated approximately once a day and delivered to digest subscribers. This option is handy for people who don't want multiple messages to accumulate in their mail box. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to respond to any individual poster.


Posting Address

To send MESSAGES to ALL subscribers on either version of the list use:

You must be subscribed to post a message.


Archived Messages

All messages to NYMONROE are archived on RootsWeb. To search through old messages for a name or topic, use the search page. You can search for a name or word. You can also view messages by date.


Helpful Hints

It is best to send messages to the list as plain text, without any formatting. Also turn off any signature lines sent by your email program. Signature lines are those lines added to the bottom of every mail message.


Other mail list information

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